The Digital Pinhole lens - DIY Photography | Michal Ďuriník | Skillshare

The Digital Pinhole lens - DIY Photography

Michal Ďuriník, My cameras pay for my cameras

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5 Videos (2m)
    • Digital Pinhole Project

    • Building the Lens

    • Using the Lens

    • Troubleshooting

    • Thank you and goodbye!


About This Class

Build your own pinhole lens for peanuts and explore the vintage look in your photos!

You're a good photographer and you love creating. But when is the last time you built something with your hands? Do you remember the sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing your project. The warm feeling of well-deserved pride. What if what you built could be used to shoot photos? Read on!


Pinholes were around long before the first glass lenses entered the scene.  With this course, we take pinholes digital and bring them to 21st century! 

This lens will be likely be:

-The cheapest one in your arsenal (think $7)

-The only one that you built yourself

-The most lightweight lens in your bag

-THE lens to put on to go undercover

-The one you'll be the most proud of - you built it, after all! 

-Not the sharpest lens you have

Cheesy Insta filters to impress your followers? You know you deserve better. Get the vintage look for your photos with #nofilter, explore new (well, the oldest actually) way of taking photos and have fun building your own lens today. 

I'll see you in the course!

"The best Fun/ Price ratio of all my lenses!" (Martin)

"I love the feeling of softness this lens brings to my portfolio. And it also shoots videos!" (Sarah)





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Michal Ďuriník

My cameras pay for my cameras

Currently living in Sydney, Australia, I split my time between research, university teaching and photography.

I've been selling my photos online for 7 years now - starting this side gig was one of my best decisions. Ever since, my cameras and lenses pay for themselves, and for my flight tickets. I'm excited to share with you, how you can do the same!

Fun facts:

- President of MQ Photography Society

- Lectured to hundreds of students and professionals on co...

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