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12 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Course Preview

    • 2. About Me

    • 3. The Cost of Unhealthy Diets

    • 4. The Relationship Between Nutrition, Energy and Overall Health

    • 5. The 5 STARS Principle Model

    • 6. S Start the Day With Breakfast

    • 7. T The 80 20 Principle Approach

    • 8. A Adjust Portions Sizes

    • 9. R Remember 5 Meals per Day

    • 10. S Sip Water All Day

    • 11. Course Wrap

    • 12. 30 Day Challenge


About This Class

Welcome to The Diet of Common Sense - A common sense approach for active people to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power!

It's a common-sense approach for active people to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power! It’s the nutrition of entrepreneurs, busy professionals and other people who lack time but value their health and well-being.

It is a lifestyle approach for people who want to be the best possible version of themselves in their limited time as entrepreneurs, busy professionals, athletes, busy moms or other active roles that demand a lot of energy from your side. You can eat better just by focusing on 5 key principles you need to apply to your food choices. I want to help you, busy people, maximize your nutritional intake while minimizing your efforts. Design a lifestyle with The Diet of Common Sense!

Let’s do this!


1. Course Preview: welcome to the diet of common sense. Common sense approach for active people to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power with the nutrition of entrepreneurs, busy professionals and other active people like time, but value their health and well being. Do you struggle to understand the jungle of nutrition and still feel confused about this complexity? Are you an active person having to focus on many daily tasks and want the simple five principal models for improving your health? Energy productivity? Do you want to reduce stress, avoid mood swings and have better mental focus? Do you want to keep it as simple as five main principles to make the changes stick long term, then welcome to my idea. Lives like the diet of common sense with a diet of common sense. You just need to follow five key principles. Make smart food choices with your own pace, and first you make the habit. Then the habit makes you. I believe the fire stars principles off diet of common sense are the core of what a busy person should know and apply. Why should you consider died of common sense? What's the need for you? Well, everything. Everything in your life, start to the good health. The diet of common sense should give valuable information to help you manage your most important past your health, together with managing your business career, another priorities in your life. You win on multiple roles right from day one. Bad of common sense is practical, an action oriented and right from the beginning you will look great and feel amazing. The diet of common sense is about connection, education, inspiration and empowerment. To leave your best healthy life. Are we provide you with the tools to accelerate your results? Maintains a habit that makes a lot of common sense your ideal lifestyle to so dear busy entrepreneur, professional or other active people. You only have 24 hours in a day, so you need simple on actionable advice. If you resonate with these than congratulations, you understand your health is important and have a powerful reason to learn more. So you are ready to roll in this course. Let's do this 2. About Me: Welcome to the second videos diet of common sense, common sense approach for modern people to stay healthy, improved energy and under power. Who am I and why am I sharing this information? The short answer is to help you busy people making four decisions related to help get into a cab. It's considering your committee time to give you shortcuts to help you feel your body with real food for the longer answer, I'll tell you my story. I worked both of the corporate world funding a start up with the health care industry. I know the ever jam perform using mounds of both worlds and hung port. Anything to fuel your body right. I also have a chance to Dr Different people about their health off terms, but the best of my knowledge to help them make informed decisions. I'm not the traditional diet span. They prove your stick. So I kept looking for flexible solutions to work in the long term. Instead of looking condition and restrictive, I like to focus on the abundance of healthy foods. I'm not a cooking fan, I've so I need to find and create fast recipients to save time in the process. This made me a fan of superfoods and minimalist eating. They often unless approach. I can go days without looking and still enjoy healthy food options. I like to travel. Therefore, I need to find healthy solutions for my travels were experimenting and making the most of the local QC. Ultimately, I wanted to design my dear lifestyles with the main objective, invested my health on the long term and make it easy and low maintains its possible. In the end, the diet of common sense is my personal approach toe healthy lifestyle after years of reading boots, health websites, magazines, right in medical news and, most important, experimenting myself. So I know it works, even if I'm not always 100% there every single day. Sometimes sugar cravings make me cheap. Their days, mostly during winter when I don't drink enough walk. But overall I do my best to apply the five principles of tired of common sense they for many years now, even time practice. It comes naturally, but what really changed my perspective over time were the positive real life stories from other people I know and trust me relation for healthy nutrition there many successful stories from people who inspired me in Jordan with four better, healthier version of themselves. If you see we all make me space in our lives, we can't have perfect lives. I would smoke or were from stress and anxiety that come without jobs or have food cravings , for example, for bacon. Well, we're not physically active, spending too much time in our offices of computing. We can't read or write. But what I encourage you to do is to make a cautious decision to eat better and form healthy habits that can support your baby life and eventually become allies. That the that of Colin Sands follows a common sense approach says there's no need for rules counting calories and for Wayne food. Rather, it encourages more relaxed approach. If you're serious about your health and well being, you know the foundations of a good health. There are no Tal's Onley principles that you can implement at your own pace. It's what the busy individuals should know to feel positive health benefits and make them sustainable. You're the signs of life you want, but you only have one life. You better make it amazing. And health this part of the equation make it full of energy, month of power and tremendous help 3. The Cost of Unhealthy Diets: the cost of unhealthy bites. Next, let's see what is the cost of being unhealthy? I'll give you some figures just to raise awareness and give you one more motivation. Toe. Make your health your number one priority. According to data from the World Health Organization, over 23 adults are considered overweight or obese. Over 70% of adults across the United States already been diagnosed as a chronic disease. In terms of costs, 75% of health care spending goes to treating preventable chronic disease, most of which are diet related. Americans are not spending over $190 billion fast food each year. Healthier diets could save the United States $87 billion for a year over. Weak people have medical costs, almost double number of normal weight on average. This is the price we pay for our lifestyle mistakes including or bad food choices. Think of the statistics both in terms of health costs, individual of the public wants. They are red flag ecological meat consumption today contributes to global warming On environmental degradation. Beef production makes up to 4th 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Consumption of animal products in large quantities affect our health in the long term as proven by sites. There's also a human and moral side. Animal sacrifice. Do you agree that we can do better than this figure? Show off course we can. We have the power of choice in our lives. 4. The Relationship Between Nutrition, Energy and Overall Health: the relationship between nutrition, energy and overall health. The diet of common sense gives you valuable information to help you manage your most important. Pass your health together with managing your business or career another priorities in your life. You in multiple roles right from day one. Before we get more specific about how we can achieve that, the fire starts principal models that life of the foundation of the bad common sense. Let's look first of the relationship between nutrition, energy and overall health. You are what you need. Buddhist, their body like fuel. List your car. The quality of the fuel will give speed and protect the car engine like Weitz. The quality of your food of your fuel really turning your energy performance Mantle cleric in and your general well being. Think of your food is an input output relation. Healthy food for your input fuels your performance. Your out more energy means more things done. So you are what you eat and you cannot perform like a Ferrari. If your fuel this cheap gasoline, think about people do not realize how much value they can't get from food. Regular one of the 1,000,000 benefits you'll see when you start it, hopeful that your energy really explained and you will feel better and to be successful in hand your life, your beasts and other priorities. You need good health and tremendous energy making health. Your number one priority does not exclude the other things in your life. On the contrary, they go hand in 10 good health and well being. More energy and mental focus will fueling with performance. You'll get more things done. You feel that remember that even small acts can change the entire course of your day so, therefore, that have nutrients, real food versus food that lack nutrients and have playing calories The real foodies or Ferrari has made. It gives you energy and sustained your body's functions properly. Whole foods for this close is a natural state. Include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, some animal protein like vision, seafood, eggs, diaries, healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, spices and condiments. You should eat them as close to their natural state, which means choosing grow over steamed and stained overcooked. Avoid fried and processed foods. The benefits of real food include very good for your productivity and energy levels prevent stress and burnout. Impact. Brain's functions like creativity, mood focus, mental clarity. They help improve your sleep. Help you lose way. Protect against a modern lifestyle conditions. It's scientifically proven that eating real foods contribute your longer term health and well being. The number of studies showing positive correlations between healthy Eden and well being with increasing with a diet of common sense. You eat real food you eat for your health, energy and mental power. 5. The 5 STARS Principle Model: the Five stars Principal Month. Welcome back to the diet of comes sense. Common sense. Approach Mother people to stay have improved energy and mental power. Now we talk about 5/3 principal modern that lies at the foundation of the bad common. Says what duties on how you can get the most out of it. Briefly, the worst stars come from the highlighted letters s start every day with breakfast P 80 20 principal approach. Just portion sizes. Our remember five meals per day. Yes, safely quits all day kiss. Start every day with breakfast. Fuel their body right from the first meal of the day. This way you'll have more energy in the first half of the date when you can have them was done, Pete 80 20 Principal Approach it healthily 80% of the time. Can you won't have to worry about the other 20%. We'll find out why. Okay, but just portion sizes provide over Eat. It is smaller plates and eventually we feel our remember five meals a day. Three main meals plus through healthy. Next we'll see what is a value. How this next during the day s sip water all day proper hydration is important for all body functions will talk about it, too. This is a very pragmatic approach. Five key principles for a better nutrition. Let's explore them one by one. 6. S Start the Day With Breakfast: this start every day with breakfast. Some of us have a habit of skipping breakfast, don't we? However, no matter how big your schedule is, breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. Scenes. 10 12 hours after dinner, our bodies are depleted of energy and need fuel. It is a morning when you can have most done. Also being intentional about first Neil off the day when willpower is at its peak is a way to educate your healthiest habits and feeling power to people. Good habits strong during the day in the first half of the day, we work are very active and eat plenty of resource. Think of breakfast is managed Every time you have a healthy breakfast, you get your fuel, you feel energy. So associate ID in your mind with an urge. This way, you'll be more committed. The most successful people started they early the morning 5 36 AM exercise and have a healthy breakfast. Many of them are very health conscious, like incorporate many cereals, proofs and watch the both in their balance lifestyles. To keep things simple, some people stick to the same healthy breakfast every day, varying your breakfast options during the week gives your body better nutritional balance. However, it's better to eat the same. Healthy breakfast everyday, packed with nutrients isn't just keep breakfast. Regular has breakfast. Examples include cereals or granola with low fat yogurt, nuts and fruits, hard boiled eggs or omelets. Biggie's. But how's this sandwich Smokies with superfoods here putting superfoods, so s start every day with breakfast. Make breakfast a habit, even if it means eating the same thing every day. Breakfast is an urge. Don't skip it. Get your daily pack of nutrients. 7. T The 80 20 Principle Approach: Let's dive into the second principle off a diet of common sense. P for 80 20. Principal approach for the parade of principle. Do you know the spirit of principles that lies for the bases of productivity? It is named after the Italian economist Wilfredo Polito discovered in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was only 20% of the population. What's interesting about her? It was finding that state 20 distribution happens frequent. For example, 20% of your customers generate 80% of your sales. 20% of your time produces 80% of your results. It applies a lot in business. How to apply the 80 20 principal healthy 80% real foods, Whole foods, nutrient Dems, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds make the other 20% is the best of service, meaning thean healthy food options. Your cravings also go here to help you better visualize which for the good and bad for your health and in what quantities Think of the traffic light matter. Green girl Green varied in virtually unlimited uncle foods like fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and healthy oils does here. Yellow potential limit quantities several pounds per week basically, or animal protein going disco. Thackery Rent views them as occasional treats here. You can include the best off the rest, so you will want to eat more of the green category many of the yellow category and makes the red category an occasional treat. The green category includes food with fibre, vitamins and healthy oils. You can have virtually a limited amount of these foods. Just fish allies your bundles of healthy foods you can eat on a plant based. It's an explosion off place and colors like a rainbow vegetables such as peppers, pumpkins, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach you converse tomatoes, green salad, garlic, ginger, peace, soybean, peanuts, landed mushrooms, fruits like apples, oranges, avocados, Berries. Kind of Berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, mango, melon fire, red fruit, peaches, grapes, whole grains found in bread and pasta like wheat, rice, maize, oats, barley came north healthy. Oise found me nuts like ailments. Can shoes, pecker nuts, hazelnuts found in other car. The old lips and all the boy coconut oil. Focus on variety on a plant based diet for right is key, and remember wedding doubt. Beat the rainbow, meaning a variety colorful plate of fruits and vegetables. Yellow attention limit quantities several times per week, basically or any month. 14 goes in this category. Fish Selman tuna fish coat tax diaries. Low fat cheese, High quality lean animal 14 30 could be ideally from ecological parts. Red meat like beef and work should be read this to even a few times per month. Ideally read use them as occasional treats. Here can include the best of the rest, like refined carbohydrates on the white pastor. Buy bread, biscuits, sugar, all kind of pastries. Streets, junk food, bacon, hamburgers, defined bread, sweets can foods frozen meals. Give lots of calories with little or no nutritional value. So you will want to eat more of the green category. Limit Bigelow category and made red category and occasional treats. However, in the long term, 20% of the best of the rest will not even count. Because by eating 80% of Healthy Foods Day, you would have made a deposit of happens a long term. You're building your health fast, but time the benefits of real foods include they're good for productivity and energy levels . If people stress burnout, impact your brains functional creativity. Move focused member clarity. Help improve your sleep. Help you lose weight. Protects against the mother. Lifestyle condition. Remember that on a plant based diet varieties keep on winning about. It's a rainbow. This means including a variety of colorful county. Falls in sales. 13 8 20 Principle. 80% Real food. No limit on the green category in moderation of the yellow category, 20% The best of the rest make them occasional treats. A good rule of thumb is ideally, to have at least half of your plate full of vegetables and fruits and talking about quantities. Let's move to the next principal, just portion side this. 8. A Adjust Portions Sizes: a adjust portion sizes. There's no need to count calories away for your food selections, right? 80% of their food choices are grieving here. Look a table, but you need to make your meals count with smart food choices. When it comes to portion sizes, our bodies are designed to feel better and live longer. Will stop even before we get full or stomach should be about 80% full. Also, the 50 minutes time today for our stomach and bring to synchronize. This'll do that only after 50 minutes after start eating doesn't realize that our stomachs , so it's slowly any smaller plates and eventually feel after 15 minutes to make sure people too much and feel this camp. Let's call. These animal is eating little and often approach portion sizes. There's a visual presentation to get an idea of how much a portion size should be. They're healthy foods spent in nutrients and five so you can have any smaller quantities we feel is meeting after 15 minutes. You may need more time to remember exactly what foods to eat them. What a boy. But a good full of thumb is to eat at least 50% leg is vegetables and fruits Here in the bay. This single change should have so much energy and so much positive change in your life. What about snacks? Which is the right portion sites? Well, we talk about nuts. A handful is the best portion sites the serial for protein bar, but banana Vegas sticks help sandwich, so a but just portion sizes begin smaller plates for refill. If maybe which will lead us inexpressible. Remember five meals a day. 9. R Remember 5 Meals per Day: our remember five meals per day. One of the most common statement date is that it soars. Three having yes, but they practice calories. We end up eating too much and feel sluggish because our body uses energy today just all that food, instead of helping others something more productive. She's where we feel that after the pirates, after they have a new the optimal number is three palace meals, plus still three house. It's next. They say it like a king in the morning like a princess, the afternoon like a beggar in the evening. This means of breakfast and lunch can be work. A system dinner should be life, especially if you want to go some way to between the three main meals to three houses next to your energy levels. Balance. It's important to follows a little and often approach to keep your black sense index alot and constant optimizer energy savings obey. Also, you want experience this innovation of its thing hunger. You will also keep your Creighton's in check. So how can you balance or limited time is busy people with things arrived. Food choices more specifically, what it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, too simple and quick recipes. Nexen. Certain minutes that our taste and nutritious Let's that is, but healthy breakfast choices include fruit and vegetable juice. It's like for inch apple. Just mix like that. Both Carrollton or injures a cup of coffee or green. A small thing. For example. You can put blueberry banana. Spinach is blander. It's a powerful super cocktail for a green smoking from green vegetables, coconut yogurt with Berries and nuts, cereals or granola, Berries and yogurt. Here putting with Berries, nuts and honey boiled eggs. Toast with tomatoes, avocado slices and crowds. Fruits on toast. An interesting combination. Avocado themselves. Rentals always made perfect breakfast choices. Lunch and dinner. Can have similar dishes with a difference of lunch and includes soap stool soaks like broccoli slope carrot soup, tomato soup, Selman mashed potatoes, ness periods. You know brown rice is Selman mushrooms, lettuce or salad Turkey with vegetable, such as voted particles. Spanish. This broccoli whole week passed with Vegas. Several. Sadie. She's like the patrons mushrooms, grilled vegetables. When you want to avoid any one person, you can make a part of cereals. You know, Brand brought down guys very continues a side dish in the next space for your meals. House is next healthy portable snack and include fresh fruits like banana, apple, orange, handful of Berries, handful of train months, Ellman's stature, vegetable food sticks like sliced carrots, cucumbers, peppers, apples. Preppers is 1% holding hard world at that chocolate 75 85% cocoa off savage. You can download the PdF with house of recipes from this course printed contribute handling . It is easy and fast, Maxine, 30 mins. Recipients of that delicious and nutritious. So our remember five meals per day, three balanced meals healthy and very plus two healthy is next. 10. S Sip Water All Day: Yes, seep water only. Proper hydration, consistent drinking, about 23 liters of liquids, daily water juice, lemonade, soups and other liquids. Also, the freshest juices from big carrots, celery, parsi, another fruits and vegetables. Whether you go for all your body, all yourselves benefit from one washed arise their city and complexion prevents wrinkles. What the importance of proper hydration. It's good for your brains. Have things and concentrate. Helps to eat less. Acting appetite suppressant. Boaster metabolizes and helps you lose weight box. If I was your body flushing of toxins out of your body, it's toxins are no to promote the Xavi's. How can you make sure to drink at least two liters of block a day? Some people may find difficult to drink two liters of water or liquids today. A solution is to make infused water with lemon line leader foods running Harris Space with a two later startle every morning on your desk toe. Have a sense of fun. So this seek water form a quits Kobe. Proper hydration, consistent drinking about toast, really liters of liquid state. As a rap, the fire starts principal model consisting S start every day with breakfast. Your morning fuel the stars a day right de 80 20 principal approach it 80% healthy foods, 20% The best off the rest. Hey, just portion sizes fit in smaller plates and eventually feel far. Remember five meals a day. Three million years was two healthy stacks s seek water all day. Both. Really? There's a big hits per day. This five stars Principles off the diet of common sense are the core of what the busy person should know in the flight for optimal health foods related So many other factors of difference. Helping will be stress management. See physical, nervous size but here before with penetration pillar. 11. Course Wrap: here we are at the end of the diet of common Sense. Course designed for busy people. Want to be the best possible version of themselves in the limited time? Is entrepreneurs, busy professionals, accurate busy moms or other liberal that demand a lot of energy from their side? A. Course suspected valuable information to help you kick start your healthy eating habits or make them your lifestyle earlier. This course is about simplification maximizing your nutritional intake while minimizing your efforts to highlight the key points force objectives. We talk about the relationship between nutrition energy on overall health, for this to your body like fuel. This your car. You are what you eat, and you cannot perform like a Ferrari if your fuel is cheap gasoline, so you need real food to feel their energy and performers the cost of being unhealthy cost and impact When healthy diets, both with individual governmental levels. For the environment, the fire starts principal model that is the foundation of a diet of common sense. This start every day with breakfast. Think of breakfast has ended As your fuel started. They write T. The 80 20 principles approach 80% real food so food in gen dens like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds make the other 20% the best of the rest, meaning the in healthy food options. Also with a traffic light matter for you. Visualize what food to eat, frequenting in moderation on what minimize or try to avoid. Also, remember here that on a plant based diet, variety is key. And when in doubt, the rainbow, meaning a selection of colorful on diversified baggies and fruits. A just portion sizes it slowly any smaller. Place a refill if need be. Our remember five meals per day. Three balanced meals, plus two healthy stacks. This seek water all day Does really leaders frequents day as it is safe to drink. More water is to hydrate, created, reading, fused want and more flavor with your foot of choice. What it For each Meals day attached to this course, you have sample mere plans to help you get started. You have recipes for all meals off the date. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, health. It's Max. Here is a course for happen over you. I encourage you to view it will never knew, take notes and start applying the information 12. 30 Day Challenge: and to make it even more practical. Here is our 30 base challenge with a bath of common sense. Our 30 day health challenge. Have a goal to kick start your healthy eating cabbage. Applying information from this course. Here's what you need to do. Prince. A recipe booklet attached does this course and keep it handy in a place where you can see. Prep your meals accordingly. Looking larger quantities for several days at least three days and keeps the food in the fridge. There is a piece of take 30 minutes or less for each meal of the day. Breakfast, Lunch. The parents next, which are easy frustrations and delicious, too. You will see that breakfast on health this next, have many dishes in common, and lunch and dinner are pretty similar to. To keep things simple. Set daily reminders for your three meals plus two. Health. It's next on your smartphone or commander, and take maximum action. Action is key to make the transformation happens. Make it sustainable by making it simple and fun. Experimentalist Ingredients recipes After he will try furious piece to get used to them In time, we'll feel free to create your own customized meals with ingredients have hand. If you're ready to go when you are because you have information. Now, please download the PdF attached to this course and let's get started. Thank you Indian A big thank you for staying with me until the end of the course on Congratulations for your making your health and well being a priority. Get back to me with any questions, challenges or need for support. You can also access my other resources for updates and news by following my blawg died of common sense. Dot com is the grump died of common sense. Stop about my instagram account to drink your coffee with me in the morning for your help success, Sarah.