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Jeff Staple, Founder, Staple Design

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class

    • 2. T-Shirt Design Contest- ENTRIES DUE 12/18/15

    • 3. Your Assignment - Make a T-Shirt

    • 4. Power of the "Tee"

    • 5. Production Processes

    • 6. Types of Shirts

    • 7. T-Shirt Manufacturing

    • 8. Pricing

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Between his global streetwear brand Staple Design and renowned retail store Reed Space, jeffstaple has designed and sorted through thousands of t-shirts over the past two decades.

In this class, he celebrates the power of the "tee" by providing insights on how to concept, design, and manufacture a shirt that can form the foundation of your business. 

This class is perfect for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, designers, and everyone looking to spread a message in one of the most effective ways: a t-shirt. Learn everything you need to know about the types of tees available and what to expect when you dive in to making them.

As an added bonus, students who submit their actual t-shirt creations in the class have the opportunity to get purchased and placed in jeff's store, Reed Space.