The Daily Hunt- Capturing Your Everyday Moments

Courtney Pure, Your Friendly Neighborhood Animator & Dirt Nerd

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Welcome to The Daily Hunt - A Slice of Life Photography Scavenger Hunt!

    • The Daily Hunt - Rules

    • The Daily Hunt - Tools

    • The Daily Hunt - The List

    • The Daily Hunt - Lighting Tips

    • The Daily Hunt - Photography Demo

    • The Daily Hunt - Conclusion


About This Class



THE DAILY HUNT is a photo scavenger hunt documenting your daily life. This exercise to meant to increase ones awareness of their surroundings and photographic eye. Taking photographs of our seemingly “mundane moments” can push us to look differently at common objects.  

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For beginning photographers or those trying to get back into the field, I feel this is the perfect class to try. It's a simple challenge that you can do daily, weekly or even monthly have you have already finished the class. The rules are easy to follow and don't restrict your creativity but insure guidelines too follow so you don't feel overwhelm. The choice of topics to shoot are simple and the tips are easy to follow and really helped.
I think this is a fun project that can get anyone out of their bed and make things happen.
I like the creative ideas and concepts to go out and challenge yourself to grow.





Courtney Pure

Your Friendly Neighborhood Animator & Dirt Nerd

I love working with my hands.  I have a passion for art and science, specifically sustainable agriculture.  I work on a 40-acre farm that stewards and preserves endangered, local varieties. My plan to share my findings visually through animation and illustration!

C. Pure at a Glance

Farming for four years

Previously an Associate Producer in NYC

Went to the School of Visual Arts for Traditional Animation

Studied Permaculture Design with Andrew Faust

I love all the fungus among us. They are strange and beautiful

When I’m not farming I love longboarding, climbing, or hiking

I love comics and also draw comics!

Fusing art and science wherever I can