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The Cryptocurrency Masterclass For Beginners

Grey Jabesi

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13 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction.

    • 2. What Really Is Bitcoin - Introduction for Beginners

    • 3. How to Buy Your First Bitcoin?

    • 4. Understanding Altcoins

    • 5. How to Buy Or Sell Bitcoin For Beginners - Coinbase Step by Step Tutorial

    • 6. How to Secure Your Cryptocurrency.

    • 7. Ledger Nano X - Step By Step Guide (Hardware wallet)

    • 8. What is Bitcoin Mining?

    • 9. Understanding Ethereum.

    • 10. How to Earn Cryptocurrency.

    • 11. Trading Cryptocurrencies

    • 12. What are Stable Coins?

    • 13. Final Thoughts


About This Class


In this course you will learn the Basics of Bitcoin Investing and other cryptocurrencies. The course is provided by Grey Jabesi; a seasoned Cryptocurrency investor and Trader from Crypto University.



1. Introduction.: Hello, Seo Share. My name is great. Jobless amid Cryptocurrency, investor and trader for a very long time right now. And I made this video to make it easier for you as your entry into Cryptocurrency. I will make this very practical so that by the end off this course you know what to do to get started with Krypton you're now gonna have. By the end of this course, you have some Cryptocurrency in your wallet. You will know what types of different while its means and how to secure your investments and so on and so forth. And you're also gonna learn about trading and portfolio management in a very basic way. So it's short and sweet, but if you wanna get into the death off investing and trading, I also have a seven course here where you can go and check it out and really become well versed in those in those aspects. Otherwise, I dont wanna waste too much of your time, that's for myself. Like I say them a trader investor and I've been in the space for a long time. I started pretty much with nothing, and I've been growing my my sort of my investments over time. I also on my own exchange. I am also available on YouTube as hardcore crypto. Maybe some of you know me from my YouTube channel or already otherwise, thank you guys for watching and let's get this started right now. 2. What Really Is Bitcoin - Introduction for Beginners: So what is Bitcoin? I'm gonna take my time on this one to make sure that nobody is left behind. Make sure that everyone understand. So I have also created model videos on this subject to make sure that we all you know, you can watch different videos with different examples and you'll be able to understand it . So instead of answering what Bitcoin is, I can give you a technical explanation, but you probably will not get it because it doesn't make sense of the beginning. But I will give you the history of it. So in 2000 and nine, a fellow called Satoshi Nakamoto launched Ah Bitcoin in 2009 right? The guy lines to be coin and he made himself anonymous. We can only hear from him based on the white paper that he wrote about Bitcoin and some of the emails that were found with people who were involved with a Bitcoin project at the beginning, right? But the idea was to make Bitcoin and decentralized and censorship free Cryptocurrency, meaning that it's on the computers that are will be controlling Bitcoin, and those computers will be connected through the Internet. And that means it does not matter where the computer is or who owns it. That that's the censorship free part, right? The bank have the power of freeze your money today they can say, Hey, we don't like you anymore. Maybe you have done something wrong. You and then they can say we you know, we freezing your account Bitcoin was meant to not even allow anybody to have that control Power Governments can do whatever they want with money, they can change money, lows and you can see good or bad things happen. We have seen what happened in Zimbabwe. We have seen one happy to Venezuela because the governments were bad. They affect the monetary policies and then the money can go to trash. Bitcoin was created with a set of rules that cannot be broken. It doesn't matter who you are. You gonna be a president. But you not gonna control what what has to happen within Bitcoin and you cannot. You cannot destroy Bitcoin or stop it because it's in like a safe. It's digital. It's not money you can attach. It's not gold where you can go and, you know, digging away from people you can ban Bitcoin in China. But people in America, we still use it. You're gonna buy Bitcoin America. Africans will still use it and agents, right? So that is where it's the sensitive free and the decentralization part of it. So he doesn't care about borders much like from not like how Fiat currencies. When I say Fiat currency Fiat currency means all the other currencies in the world the dollar durand, the yen. You know, the you want All those currencies are feared because they issued by government and the dictate what value they hold, at least with to a certain level. So if you traveling from, um say America, you're traveling to Europe in men that you have to exchange your money from dollars to euros so that you can buy things with it the same a few more from Europe to Africa you will have to change your exchange your dollars into the currents of that can't refute Botswana. You change into the but too, due to the baton and currency to make sure which is the polar to make sure you can buy things with the money, right? Where's Bitcoin? Does not need that it's digitally stored on your phone or when he had were, well, it or you can even write down the private keys on a piece of paper, which makes it very easy to transport or to transfer. I can walk away with $1 billion worth of Bitcoin, pretty much the same as I can walk with $10 worth of Bitcoin. It's exactly the same. It's digital money. I hope that part you guys understand. Another thing that's worth understanding that's makes a lot of people curious about Bitcoin is the pricing point. Why be corn is going up because it is going upwards going down. It's so volatile. Why is the volatility part of because, oh even for to begin with, why this Bitcoin started from nothing? Two way it is now we're at the beginning. The only way to get Bitcoin was to mine it because nobody had it. It was launched. The only personal had it with predict the guy who created it or the girl created. Nobody knows for the rest of the world they had to mine it. So I do have friends who used to mind Bitcoin way back. That's how they used to get Bitcoin and It means there was a very small number of people that were using Bitcoin right. But the more people were getting knowing about Bitcoin and started mining it, the community started to grow to grow to grow and that people who didn't want to mind the big corn right, they just wanted to use it for something you can use be corn for a lot of things. You can use it to make online payments, send money across with countries because, like I said, it doesn't see borders, and it's not controlled by anyone. So people were using Bitcoin for all sorts of reasons. If you have an online store into in the country where credit cards are not really a thing or don't even allowed, you can use big contract payments. So that's what people were doing. So they would buy Big Corn use in the U. S. Dollars, and then it started growing from there. So because Bitcoin has a very important element off a limit, its limited as a cap there will only be 21 million Bitcoins to exist in the world. And the more people buy Bitcoin then went in, the network becomes larger. The blue ocean off beacon becomes larger, which means it becomes increasingly difficult to mind the Bitcoins right, then the cost off people to get involved in mining and what it takes. It became incredibly expensive and difficult to manage because you needed, you know, our special machines to mind with in a very cold environment. Because, you know, those miners could weaken, get hit up, right? So people were like most people, they don't want to get involved in mining. They just want to use the beacon so they would just buy it on and do whatever they want to do with it much like we do today, right? So because they demand for Bitcoin Gibbs on increasing the price of Bitcoin also increases the demand off supply and demand and supply business right. The concept of demand supply, which is basic economics. When you have more buyers than supply things go up in price. Right When you have more people selling than more people wanting something, the price goes down. That's why you see the price of Bitcoin going up and down. So, yes, the price of Bitcoin has been volatile from 3000 to $20,000 in one year in 2017 and reversing back to about the 3000 levels. And now, as I speak, it's at about $8000 right? You know, we have seen those volatilities in a very short period of time, but in the long run, you'll see that the projector of Bitcoin is that has been increasing it going up, right? So that is one of the things that attracted people because they so others who make money from Bitcoin just by investing early. And then eventually they became, ah, some mirror near its. Some just made a couple of thousands on Do some people Butte build companies around the concept of Bitcoin. So, you know, in a shell, Bitcoin is just like any other currency, like the US dollar or gold. Oh, the South African rand. Except it's not controlled by government. It's sensitive free. Nobody really stop will tell you what to do with your Bitcoin, and nobody knows really how much corn you have. That's thing, and a lot of people say our Bitcoin is anonymous. It's not really anonymous, it's students. It's synonymous. That means the wallet that you use on a really under a name off a person, but they cannot can. They can be traced if needed. So Bitcoin, especially because, like I say, cannot be destroyed with the government. They cannot really ban it entirely. It's impossible to van it and you cannot fake a big con transaction. You can't make a fake Bitcoin. There's no such a thing. So those things are the reason why Bitcoin is very attractive and it's a very big thing, right. From the technological point of view, it is a very it's a gently in technology. It was a really, really great moment in your history. To be ableto have to occurrence now in our modern history that's not controlled by a government, and it cannot be reversed and you cannot fake it, which is very interesting because the traditional Fiat currency system is full of people who like to change things around, and then they make mistakes and the economy's collapse. What happened is mob way. What happened to Venezuela? Bitcoin has rules. Nobody can change those rules unless the community agrees to change those rules. That is the only way you can change it, which is incredibly difficult as you have so many miners across the world, right? Miners are people who help you and I facilitate that facilitated the big contraception. If I send you the Bitcoin computers have to verify that transaction. And the person who owns that computer has to get paid. Right? So Bitcoin, in a nutshell, is a digital currency. You can't touch it, but is a form of currency that really looks like it will be a pivotal and the model off what currency will look like in the future. Where we going? Right? Because the world is becoming more globalized and becoming a so one unit. We already have the Internet. It connects all of us. It feels lovely. All one people these days, and it doesn't even matter where you are. You we access the same websites, share the same information we share music. We share fouls and photos every day. Why can we not exchange money the same way we do with pictures and photos? Right? It's incredibly difficult for you to send money from one place to another, especially when you're doing you sending money through different countries. I mean, it's already difficult to send money from one bank to a different bank. It's never instant right. But so let along. Transferring money between countries is just crazy. So Bitcoin solved voice kind of problem. So it's not as complicated as people make it to be, but it is an incredible leap in in human history. It is a really, really a pivotal moment. So I hope this video solved I'm in answered your questions off what Bitcoin is and what it can do. What you can do. You can buy and sell things with it, right? And in the next video, our explain something else that is very important. Thank you. 3. How to Buy Your First Bitcoin?: Hey, guys. So in this video, we're gonna look at how do we actually, by the big corn, right? Because And we use big corners an example, because once you have the Bitcoin, you can simply convert it into any other occurrences that you would like to have. So we buy Bitcoin from what we call Bitcoin exchanges or Cryptocurrency exchanges. This place is are sort of like banks. You can think of them as banks or foreign currency exchanges, or you can think of them as marketplaces. So they're different types of exchanges. But the ones that we're gonna look at now pretty much works almost as if they are exchanged . Viewers exchanging currencies. The these ones allow you to deposit your money meaning cash US dollar, euro, South African rand, whatever it is, depending on where you are in the world, you deposit the funds into their the wallet of your account, and then they allow you to take that money and buy Bitcoin with it, and then their other exchanges that allow you to trade, which I meant for trading. Those are the ones that show it. Sure, you A chart on different type of information that is relevant, relevant for trading. But in this specific video, we're just gonna look at buying your first Bitcoin. So all you need to do is to sign up for a Cryptocurrency exchange that allow you to buy Bitcoin in your country. In the course material you see have different types of links for point for exchanges that I personally recommend that our views and I find them very helpful and very safe as well. So if you're in the United States, for example, you can use Queen based That works also view in the UK If you're in, say, Nigeria or South Africa, you can use Luna. If you are in somewhere else in the world, you could use Bitcoin dot com wallet. It also allows you to buy, because so they're different ones for different countries and in the document in the course material I have indicated, depending on where you are in the world, which extend is recommend. So your first task in this video is to go out there by a fresh Bitcoin on the changes. I do have editorial that shows you to buy Bitcoin from, say, coin bears because Coinbase is the biggest and the most popular cripple exchange in the world and trusted by so many so Coinbase tutorial that I have also have editorial for Luna , which is also popular in Europe and Africa. So let's go and get started by the next video. I hope you have some big corn in your wallet. Then we're gonna continue with our session. Thank you. 4. Understanding Altcoins: in this video, we're gonna talk about art coins and diversification off your portfolio. So you might be wondering what our art coins art coins are any other coin that is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original Cryptocurrency right, meaning that is the 1st 1 And it was the only one for some time until the other ones started coming into the space. And those those ones that, um, are not Bitcoin are simply hot coins. Art men's alternative coin is for coins, so it's kind of a hybrid word of alternative and coin mixed together. It's our coin, and you might be wondering, So what do all these other coins represent? Well, you need to remember that each coin is simply think of them as stocks, right. Different stocks present different companies, different companies that do different things. So in a guest of Bitcoin or Bitcoin is a currency. Let's imagine it's a dollar right almost, and then you can imagine other currencies like Ethereum being Google because the the job or the task of Ethereum, it's meant to act as a platform for beautiful, decentralized applications, right smart contract platform, and you have other coins that also like storage that I meant for decentralized courage. So in the entire block in space, there different applications for Blockchain and you realize that each one of those projects have their own coin on or their own talk. And depending on how the model off their talking works and that coin, if it's not Bitcoin than that, it makes AH list on the art corn and when will you find out coins to buy them? You buy them from several exchanges. Peter much or extended. Our have different types of art coins, and if you want to diversify a portfolio a little bit, you go out there and buy some coins. Otherwise, you can also buy art coins in your exchanged in your wallet that you're using a lot of what it's have a function that it allows you to exchange the coins or to swap them so you can convert. If you have big coin, you and 1/2 some big cash. You can convert that Bitcoin into some big cash or into some ethereum into some X R P. Different types off coins, depending on what you I want to do. I hope this mad it clear for what art coins are. Thank you 5. How to Buy Or Sell Bitcoin For Beginners - Coinbase Step by Step Tutorial: Hello. What's up, guys? It's great here. What's up? Or the new investors and traders who are just getting into Cryptocurrency in this video, I want to show you guys how to buy your Cryptocurrency or to exchange it or traded to send or receive it on Coinbase Weyco. Invesco Invest is the largest and the most trusted crypto currency exchange out there, and while it meaning that you can buy Cryptocurrency. But you can also store your paper currency on Coinbase and use it to send or receive cooper currents from others. And most important thing if you don't have the corn based app or you haven't your end of the Coinbase account, make sure you use the link in the description of this video. Or if you're watching this and skill share, make sure used the link in the show notes. Make sure you get yourself verified and add some funds into your corn. Buswell let you do that through your bank account. You just cook connect coin base in the bank account. Then it allows your transfers of money from your bank into coin best, and you use those dollars to buy Cryptocurrency or those euros or whatever. One thing to keep in mind here is that coined based works everywhere in the world as a block a block shin on a Bitcoin wallet, right, meaning that you can store Bitcoin wherever you are in the world and send it to others. It doesn't matter, because the Big Cornwallis or keep the wallet cryptocurrencies are global in nature. So it doesn't matter where you are, but for you to deposit funds from your bank account, meaning US dollars directly from your bank to corn based, you have to be in a few countries that are that Coin based operates with banks like the United States. For example, if you're in the US, it's easier just gonna connect your bank account with Coinbase deposit funds if you're in the UK and if you have the countries in Europe is the same process. Whereas if you're not in those places, it's it's not gonna allow you to deposit funds directly or connect with your bank account. So if you like, one better than just use it as a wallet if you want to. Otherwise, if you're in different parts of the world, just find what works for you in general, I tend to go more for exchanges that are that works anywhere in the world like violence, which the link is under sending in the description. But if you're in Europe or in Africa outside, you know the link is in the description as well. So I just make sure you pick what works in the country to make things easier for you. So this is the homepage, and this is my put for your balance right here in this wallet. I have $9 and this chart here represents your assets and how your portfolio is growing. This is a watch list. It can be coins that you're holding in this portfolio. And obviously this kind of represent that. So you can see it's been growing. And today I withdrew, like, 284 today. And then it went all the way down here, as you can see here. So I don't really I'm not bears in the United States, so I don't really use Coinbase. That's why I just don't use as much like that. But it's a beautiful what it love it. And this is a watch list off different assets. And if you scroll down here. You see? It says earn crypto. You can earn Kryptos here with queen bees just by if you go, it takes you replied from court. Coined this, Erin, you answer. If you watch a few videos, answer a few questions and it gives you free money. And I have a video dedicated to that on my YouTube channel where you guys can go and check out how that works and below here, showing you your portfolio, the corn that you sort of you had and the trunk the recent transaction that you have made. So, like I told you, today is the May 16th with, um I received some Bitcoin here a little bit, and also I send some Bitcoin here, as you can see, which is what I was showing you here and also received some big cornea. So, you know, it just goes on and own. And I only have big coin in my portfolio here. So that white saying 100% right here And if you want to send or receive Cryptocurrency, let's just be called it an example cause it's popular. You click on this asset and you're gonna click send and you can have to pass the address off the person that you trying to send, so there's multiple ways to do this right. You're going to use an email address here, for example. But I don't recommend to use an email address because if you're using an email address, it requires the other received recipient to also have a queen. Bee's account in the Cryptocurrency sort of ecosystem will use these things called wanted addresses. They look like this, right? This is a wallet address. Ah, it's an often America got. I think it's about 6 26 digits, also which we used to send or receive. Cryptocurrencies. So this is kind of like your bank account wallet, but it's disposable because one wanted can have so many Ouellette addresses. So if you're trying to send some Bitcoin to your mother, make sure they send you there. Well, it or BTC address, and then you're gonna press it here and you said the amount that you want to send, let's say $5 then you're gonna go continue and you will be able to send. You can do this, but with any other currency, by the way, within assets you can do it with, um you can do it with, say, Ethereum. The same applies. You can do it with pickle in cash. The same applies because my wallet is empty. You can not allow me to send, but it can now allow me to receive. So if I want to receive bighorn cash by the way this applies for any other currency, I go understand. Now you can see it's giving me this wallet address. And while it address is unique for one coin so you're gonna use the same be cornered race or this beacon catch address to receive Bitcoin BTC or to receive Ethereum. If I want to receive Ethereum, I need a any theory, um, address. If I want to receive a big corn cash, I need to use big coin catch address Or if I want to send some money from my phone into eso say you're with your friend right now, you want to send you a Bitcoin in front of your computer or you have your Coinbase app on your phone. It opens up this QR code where they can scan from their wallet and you don't have to send them the address specifically. But if you want to send it through a what's up message or, you know, an SMS so that they can send you you just copy this, then you pest the chat so that they can send you the money. And this is not private. This gonna be public. Nobody can steal your money by seeing your your Cryptocurrency public address. There's a public address. Another cool thing we can do with Quinn. Bet is to trade our currencies. So let's say you have a lot of Bitcoin, but you're like, I think Ethereum looks promising in the next in the next few weeks. Oh, in the next month in the next years, I think I want to buy some ethereum with using some of the beacon that I have. You click your trade and even I see a pop up screen you're gonna choose trade, say, $5 worth off my Bitcoin into a theory in and out preview the trade and I will trade. Now your order was submitted was send your email when the order is done, but basically it's done. So look, this is a very basic way to trade a coin or the trade Cryptocurrencies. You pay the highest amount of fees because this is what record market order but coin. But there's no really good for actual trading trading. You know, this is kind of like very basic on. And if you trading with a lot of money, you exchanging coins with high, big amounts, you actually lose a lot of money by paying exorbitant fees. There is a better way to do this. Using other exchanges have links in the descriptions where you can find all this platform. 6. How to Secure Your Cryptocurrency.: Hey, guys, In this one, we're gonna talk about how to secure your cryptocurrencies, whether that's Bitcoin ethereum in different types of cryptocurrencies that are out there, they're two different tops off Cryptocurrency wallets. Number one is what we call a custodial wallet, and they're also otherwise that record in noncustodial while it So let me break this to into different scenarios. So the custodial, while it almost function like a bank account If you have an account with Coinbase over a UN account with, you know, you have an account with Jimmy night, whatever exchange did you used to back up the currency of the APP admits that they are actually in control off your coins. Remember, in the cryptic kinds of community we say, not your keys, not your coins. Right? So what is a key? So for every Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency that you have on the Blockchain itself, it's represented by a key pair. A key pair is pretty much two different characters that represent a coin. The number one pair is what we call a private key. A private key is the coin itself. If I have your private keep in mind that I can steal your money, whereas the public he is what you used to receive the money into account the public. He doesn't matter. That's what you share with your friends when you want to receive. Or so we want to send Bitcoin. But the private key is the coin itself. So if you're using a custodial wallet like coin bays and all this popular well, it's that are simple. You're saying that you use your email to reset password and stuff. Those are castle, while its there keeping your money, meaning that if they had to get hacked or something had to happen to them, then you would also stand a chance of losing or your money. This has happened before in history. We used to have an exchange back in the day Kornman box. It got hacked, and a lot of people who had their money on that exchange lost money. So I don't really recommend you keeping your money on a Cryptocurrency exchange or a wallet . That is Custodio, right? Those are good for buying and quickly, um, selling if you need to. But the most important way to go about this is to use a noncustodial wallet and noncustodial while it means that you are keeping your coins on your own, okay? Meaning that your private keys are with you and nobody else has them. You're in control. You become your own bank almost immediately. The risk, however, is that if you're not careful and you lose the access to your keys, then you lose all your money. That because you know Cryptocurrency makes you your own your own bank. But there's ways to secure this so and in custody. A wallet that I recommend, for example, is Bitcoin dot com wallet. And when you're downloading this app, you need to make sure that you downloading the actual right one. Because if you don't know the wrong one, you could also get scam. So the big 100 come while it also have a link in the course material. Another wallet are recommended is the Blockchain wallet, But the ultimate wallet is the hardware wallet, so the hardware worry that I recommend is called a Legend wallet because it's a piece of hardware that you actually keep at home in your own. Your own it had were while it also means that you cannot get hacked, meaning that you know you're not putting men on an exchange, so your fans gonna get hacked. But also, nobody can really hacking because the Cryptocurrency is not online. That money is now offline on 100 while it just make sure when you buy the hardware wallet, the legend on X, it gives you a small piece of paper with a bunch of words that you would use to back up your wallet, meaning that even if you lose that piece off us mystic, you would still be able to to back up your wallet on a different wallet and recover your coins. And that is the one that I recommend. I also have a link in the in the documentation of the course where you guys can go and buy it for your own. It only cost you $100 maybe, but it it it saves you a ton of money. If your guys follow my YouTube channel. Hardcore crypto, You would see that I've made several videos of people who actually got hacked or the lost money when exchanges or something ridiculous happened, they lost their phone or their phone get hacked for you to avoid all those kind of scenarios. Get yourself a had. Well, it another way to do this. The cheapest way is to use a paper wallet. I've also put a link in the description that shows you step by step on how to do that, meaning that you need to get to put your private keys in a piece of paper. And whenever you want, access you according to send them to someone you need to punch in one by one. All those keys when a computer to make them accessible and then you're going to send or receive. You can also use a Q R codes to pretty much back them up and things like that. But I have several videos that shows you step by step. How does this work? I just hope in this video I've made it clear what it means to have a big Cornwall. It you need to understand. Now what? What? What are you using? Is it Custodio? Is it a noncustodial wallet? I recommend noncustodial wallets, especially hardware. While it's are the best, thank you 7. Ledger Nano X - Step By Step Guide (Hardware wallet): So this is the ledger. It's stuck in here and it has this little plastic wrap. Your paper. You can actually unwrap this. There you go, and it's shiny. It's how. And there's a screening here, but you can see because the the screen it's pitch black. It has two buttons, just like the previous legend, Anna, which had the Paterson top. This one has left Button actually thought it's only one button because this one didn't know that it's important to. So it has to one to left and right for them back. Right. So to stretch it on, you have to press Boston both bottles like this. You can see now we have ledger and it say's to welcome to legend and ex pressed the right button to continue, which I'm gonna press this one here. Top don't know, ledger wallet at ledger the calm. Then start on and then start than press right, which I've already done that on my computer and my phone. So I hope you got do the same. The link to downloading the app from your website is down below. If you're using iPhone apple, you're gonna have to go on the app store and download the app. If you're using Android the same, you go to the place. Oh, yeah, On android, you call it placed. Oh, I'm an apple guy. So this is the most important book. This is your will. I guess you happen to die, which I know you don't like to hear about that, but you will. You can have to leave some off the money that you collecting to your kids or your family or whatever. So this is where you type your pass phrase. You know, they giving you the recovery ship it is numbers 1 to 24 is 24 phrase, right. It's 20 forward for is that you use. So it's gonna be giving us different numbers from 1 to 10 in different words, and it will say word. One is apple word to his camera. What threes. Whatever. So you have to keep this safe or if you want to the memorizing and this is very, very important, because if somebody gets hot off this, they can steal your coins on another device. So this is how to be secret, and it's good that they're three of them. It depends on how you want to do it, you can write, you can cope alone or you can make one original and just then sit down and corporate the same one this one and cover the same on this one. Then you have three of them and give them win three different spots if you want to. Now we're gonna go in the computer, fire it up, and we start the tutorial on screen. So let's continue. The next thing I'm gonna try to do here to download ledger life I've already downloaded and started on my computer in my ledger is not ready to go. It say is now dashboard. So if you want to continue, all you have to do is downloaded now, and here you can see it's on mobile as well. But for this tutorial out, do it on a desktop, but the procedure is the same. One more bowl as well, or you have to do, is to connect your ledger to your phone. So first you plug in your ledger apply applied in Malaysia on my computer. If we have a laptop that has a blood with connection, you can connect it using food with Well, I'm gonna put my my past cold. I'm one Malaysia right now putting my pass code done. Now it's telling me in store app and you can see my computer just beep to say so. Your device is ready to go. And now I installed my ledger life. That's what it looks like it's installed. There's nothing in there. This is the first launch over it on my computer. And now I'm just gonna say, get started and now stays initialized. New device restored device from recovery. So here, I'm gonna click initialize a new device. Hey, legend, No exes. Obviously this works with Ah, you must be on Lee. So say continue. And it's a seven recovery friends Bobby Block and all that stuff. You guys already warned you about that next security check list? Did you choose your pin code? Use by yourself? Yes. Is alleged device general check now, and ledger has a way of checking you if your device is really gentlemen. And now I have to go on my ledger. Allow legend manager have to confirm. Remember to confirm you have to press both buttons, The left in the lot. Right button. Here we go. And It's all confirmed. Your device is genuine. So we're gonna go continue And I would choose whether you want to use the password or not. When you're looking into your ledger alive, this is this appear using the desktop for the second story. I'm not gonna border do this. This is up to you. Really? If you don't care, you might just say continue Button analytics. I think this is British standard. You can just go ahead and say your device is ready. Pumping poon confetti from the air open ledger live So here. Tread safely before sending or receiving crypto. Educate yourself to make for decisions. So what we need to do is to open ledger manager and you see, it's already showing me a meal on a legend and ex running this version of the software or the firmware. And this is these are perhaps remember you getting still up to 100 so I can start installing APS by clicking Install already. Bitcoin obviously must be the 1st 1 and it says installing Bitcoin. It's already happening on Malaysia is showing processing, but now we have big coin on the ledger Nano, There we go. We can install Ethereum. If you want to make sure your ledger is on the dashboard, because when you look into a coin or an app within the ledger, it's not gonna allow you to in store. So when you log into your ledger, make sure you don't open any coin to be able to install stuff, you need to be on the dashboard level of the legs. So right now, let me see what's So I'm on the dashboard of showing me theory, um, is showing me a settings icon and Bitcoin icon because I'm still Bitcoin. But it guys you're gonna install or all these kind of coins you want, whatever you have you can, is to as many coins they want. If you're going your portfolio here, it doesn't even allow you to click it because you don't have anything. You don't have no portfolio right now, right? Uh, or by crypto, it kind of allows you to go there, and it shows you what other platform chicken used to buy crypto. Now, if I want to log into a coin, for example, to go into account, write or say and accounts off my coins, for example, if you have a big coin inside the Bitcoin wallet. You can have multiple accounts and you can choose which ones you want to be viewing with this legend with this ledger life app. So let me give you an example. I'm gonna go in my ledger right now. It's on Bitcoin right now. Selected Bitcoin to enter the beak on Apple would have to click both buttons for you to switch. So you want to go into the Ethereum? You have to click the left and right and navigate through. But now we're going to the Big Corn. I'm going to double click and say application is ready Now a gun Say out accounts. What kind of account? What What crypto us is Do I want, uh, that Khan for Bitcoin and say continue And it's gonna kind of add the account synchronizing And on the ledger, it says your account, your application is ready so you can name the wallet. Uh, whatever name you want, your Bitcoin, you Bitcoin account like this one. I'm gonna name it One boy. One boy. 11 Right. And I can say, Yeah, I want this one to go and I don't have another one, and that one has been successively created. You see, he is showing us, Um, you can see showing us the Bitcoin account that we created or the Beacon wallet has zero u . S. D. That means whatever. Wherever you have your big corn, with only on an exchange on another device or in a different wallet. If you want to receive the big coin and put it in this wallet, you just go receive, and then you select which account you want to select for. So, for example, if you wanna go, you can have multiple accounts, remember? So if you go account to see how the moon by 11 Well, it if I want to receive Bitcoin into this to just click here and say receive and is gonna synchronize it means I have to go inside my Bitcoin, um, app on my device to be able to get an address on for this account. So I went in, you can see checked in, then a click. Continue verification continue. And it gave me my address here that I consent to someone to receive some b t. C again. Just cooperate and I can send you over All right. So it's showing me the same address here on the ledge device. I have to double check the 21 on the wallet, one on the screen to make sure they match. They match again. Confirm. If you ever see them different in Miami that you're being hacked, someone is playing around with you with your computer. So you might wanna counsel that if you want to send is the same thing you go send from which account do you want to send? So if you want to send big corn, you select your Bitcoin wallet, you put the address at which you want to send the Bitcoin to here and the amount, and you can choose to input the beak on amount or the U. S. Dollar amount, and you can choose your fees. You want standard. It's pretty much fine. And here click Continue, and the Bitcoin is sent right now that we have created our account. Moon boy, Wanna one using Bitcoin. What if we now want to create another one? Say this is now your Bitcoin wallet. Now you wanna add another account where you're gonna keep your light coin or ethereum, you can go back here and say, Add and choose Ethereum and added like that, and you can navigate. You can go to your theory, um, app on the device and click. And now it's a good continue. Now you have on ethereum account, and you can actually give it a name just like you did with the other ones. So this one say you're gonna call it my dog wallet. My my dog, either. Right. And that's your theory. Um, wanted for your dog. And maybe you want to add another one for your cat or whatever. It just depends on whatever you want. Okay, So you're gonna call this my ether? My experience if you want to make two different Wallace. So you have to make sure you check and confirm me when? This year. Otherwise, it's not gonna work. It's gonna close. So for you to confirm your wallet, okay, confirm and add account and account successively added. And if you want you can ADM or not accounts or I don't put four years. So you see, it's telling you Yuri can add a new account before you receive any on your my theory. Um, account. So you see for you to add another one. Another Ethereum wallet. You need to receive some ethereum. That's what it seems right now. So Okay, that's fine, Regan. Close And you can just go on and on and add or the other coins that you want for now. So that's pretty much how Ledger live works here on the portfolio. What it means is it shows you the total amount of money you have in your wallet, including all the coins inclusive. And then here it actually shows you a chart off how your portfolio has been doing. Maybe it's been growing or shrinking. This includes withdrawals and deposits. So if you if we add money, you see that today this is today, then that means the graph years gonna the child's gonna go up there. In this point, you put for your winner because you put in more money. When you withdraw your going to see it going down or when the market is going up and down, it fluctuates, and you can also you can also be able to show you the chart weekly monthly and, uh, there and um which really is interesting. And he assures you the asset distribution you have. What asset? What prize Distribution amount value shows you the distribution off your portfolio in total . So I hope I mean, in the sense that you guys for watching. 8. What is Bitcoin Mining?: Hey guys. So this video will explain what mining is. What what is mining in Cryptocurrency? I'm sure you have heard so many good success stories about mining people making so much money from mining. And you have also heard that you know, you're gonna simply just get paid every day when your mind look. That is true. But you also have seen some online cloud mining companies selling you the idea of mining. But the idea really is that Bitcoin of the first to pick currency it use this this consensus mechanism called proof off work. No, that might sound complicated, but it's not. Bitcoin was modeled bed on the idea of gold, right gold and like paper money, which is simply printed board needs to be mined for you to hit tohave it. You dig the ground, look forward to invest money and resource is west. A lot of energy to make sure that you can dig some gold. That's why it's so valuable because it's rare you nobody can just decide to print more of it, right? That's what makes gold very special. So Bitcoin has the same mechanism, but using computers what the beak or network does is that for every transaction, say, if I want to send you some big coin, then there's a need for computers to verify if my transaction is legit. Model computers around the world and anyone can be a minor. Now for all of these people that are mining Bitcoin when they get when they successfully verified transaction in the beak or network. By solving a mathematical problem that the network gives them, they earn some Bitcoin. Currently, miners are ending 6.25 bighorn block A block happens every 10 minutes and block. It's simply, say, a box off transactions put together and then being processed on the Bitcoin network. Now that bloke does not always have to be mined by one person. It can be mined by so many different minus from around the world who belong in the same pool. They also just group together to mine block, for example, right, and then it gets distributed to anyone who was involved in tow, that, uh, block reward. Now let's say you wanna get into Bitcoin mining. It's a very interesting idea that you know, if you're minding, you just earned money by your computer's working for you. That's true. But now the mining difficulty so high because the network of Bitcoin it's too big now. So it costs a lot off energy and computational power for you to be able to successfully mind in a profitable way. So unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars to invest into mining, I don't really recommend mining Bitcoin to earn Bitcoin. Maybe you can mind other cryptocurrencies other art coins for you to actually gate some cretins. Otherwise, I would recommend just investing in the right cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin itself or dollar cost averaging. For a lot of people who don't have big budgets to invest into mining, it's That's pretty much the better option, thank you guys watching. 9. Understanding Ethereum.: Hey, guys, In this video, we're gonna talk about Ethereum and Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, ethereum is much easier to understand if you think about Ethereum is a block shin based operating system in very simple words that allows people to build APS on top of it. Right, meaning that if you wanna build your own adapt or the decentralized application you don't need to necessarily create your own Blockchain from scratch. You can simply just beauty it on top off the ethereum Blockchain. A good example again, given this is that Ethereum is much more like Windows right Windows operating system. It allows people to build on top of it. So if you wanna create, say again or an app for for Windows for people to use, you don't need to create your own windows and say People say to people like, Hey, if you want to play my game, install this operating system and then you can play no right You build it on windows so that if people have the windows, they can simply just play the game on top off windows. So Ethereum is like the windows, and then people will be building the abs on top of it. Or in other words, you can say it's like IOS. You've been built various APS and they ran on top off the IRA Ace operating system. So Ethereum is sort of a second generation Cryptocurrency after big corn because big going only has one your skates. One function we can only send Dutra. You can only use it as money, percent transactions back and forth. Whereas Ethereum, you can now build on top of it right, which I think is a very good proposition. And in the world off Web three point orderly entering Ethereum stands a good chance off success. It's already a leading Cryptocurrency in that space, but also its second toe Bitcoin, even though it was not the second Cryptocurrency to be created after because there were some of them that were like, long created early after beyond even right after Bitcoin. But Ethereum has managed to accumulate a market car over about $22 billion as I speak right now, so I hope this video give you a good overview of what Ethereum is all about. So if people are building APS on Ethereum for every little function that they have to do on the network they have to pay in either to the network. And that is how the the theory, um, becomes more valuable. Because if more people are beautiful, top of ethereum, it means that more people are gonna need ethereum to run the functions or the contracts. So what kind of applications would we need to use Ethereum for? Right? That's a good question. But if you if you think about it for things that we cannot trust human beings or companies to do, like voting, for example, right, we can use ethereum for that because it's decentralized. Let's take it. Issue a voting you cannot trust. Google or Facebook toe handle avoiding structure because even though they can technologically, they're culpable. We cannot trust them because they're a centralized company, their business, a company meaning that if they decide to go into the data and manipulated they can they have that power. What would stop them if they want it right? We have already seen before in the United States elections where our first book was kind of . Facebook's data was used to manipulate information which laid to somebody distortion off the vote. It's sort of affected the voting process right? And we wouldn't want a company like that to hold an election. So would use something like Ethereum because you cannot reverse transactions, you cannot stop transactions. And when I say transaction, you can be a financial transaction or any other information. When you write a smart contract on the three induction, it's written in stone and it's gonna be there forever. So those are the top off things that win. If you're running a contract right on agreement with someone, if you If you say if a is B, then X must happen. It means that if you do that in a smart contract on the ethereum Blockchain, it will happen on its own without any human interference. So you can think of things like supply chain. I think you can think off things like management, and you can think off things like lower themselves legal. The legal space will also be highly destructive because for things that we need lawyers for essentially just gonna do it on the Blockchain by writing small smart contract and the smart contrite will make sure the things happen accordingly because, you know computers are much more efficient when it comes things like those you know, it's input and output. So if you put conditions on the on the input, then you will get the expected outcome on the output because off the conditions were met. If those conditions are not made, you're not going to get your expected outcome. So it is a sort of the most solid way to secure data because the data is also the central last, meaning that it's not in one place like Facebook. Data is where they can go into your account. They can take it down, they can delete it. They can change the information they can look into your photos even though you have them privately saved on your Facebook account. On the block shin, everything is hashed and is secured by what we call a private key, meaning that for someone to access any piece of data, that is, ah, heist into a sudden, um, that is secured by a sudden key using encryption method. You would need that specific key to access that information. And if you come from a place like I come from in Africa, you would see that for the majority of the land, there is no title deeds, right, entitled deeds ever important. But that's also they kind of boring and very old and complicated right? Things like those can be done is live on a on an ethereal election in which, if you own a piece of land, that piece of land can be identified on the function using a private key right and you can be It can be converted into tokens, meaning that if you have those tokens, it means that that land is really yours. And if you want to sell that piece of land, you have to move those tokens, send them to someone else. Or if you it is the number of people that own a piece of land, say, business partners or family. You can say purpose of land. Let's generate 100 tokens. Whoever contributed MAWR on buying that piece of land will have, say, 60% of the Turk in the others would distribute. The other truck is meaning that for one asset, you can now sort of break it apart into very small pieces, meaning that everyone can own a little piece of something. I hold that mixing it since guys, but that was my attempt to make sure that you guys get a glimpse off what it really is all about. It's a great platform. I'm personally invested in it. I believe in it as an investment, Thank you guys for watching and stay awesome. 10. How to Earn Cryptocurrency.: Another question that I get quite a lot is about earning cryptic currents so great, where do actually earn some Bitcoin? I mean, that's a very valid question, because when I got very interested into crypto, I didn't hide the money to even buy some Bitcoin, even though you were cheaper the time. So I started by working for someone who could pay me in Bitcoin doing some website related stuff, right? And that kind of worked out for me. So I can recommend the same thing for you to work for people or companies. You can work for people like me. I compare in Bitcoin work for people who actually pay you in Bitcoin or companies, especially crypto related companies. Right now, if you're going linked in there, so many Blockchain companies that are looking for to hire people and there is only a few amount of people that actually know more about crypto or who are even interested to get into Cryptocurrency doesn't you don't have to be an expert in two Cryptocurrency. I mean, if you're a marketing person, if you're a business developer when we were sales guy, you can get into crypto and continue with that row and earn in Cryptocurrencies. Another way to do it is that if you're a freelancer and you work online, you can actually register for Cryptocurrency freelanced side. There's so many of them here and I have put a list of them in the in the course material you can. You got them going there. Check, check. Check the mount, Sign up. You get work and you get paid. Other unusual sciences where you can find a lot of work in the crypt of space are read it in the pretty much every Cryptocurrency project has a ready and they're very active community and people pretty much give each other's work on there. I used to do that myself also in the early beginning, and you can earn good money doing that. Another way to do it is through Could currency earning sites, For example, Coin based has a platform that they call coin biz earn meaning that they give you micro tasks. You do a little bit of work like the popular one. Right now, you watch videos about a seven Cryptocurrency and then they ask you certain questions. And if you get those questions right after watching say two minute video. You get paid in that currency, which is great. And it's up to you whether you want to keep that trooper currency or you can convert it into Bitcoin BTC, your beacon cash, ethereum, or you want to sell it into U S dollars and get your money out. Another way to do it is through using, say, Cryptocurrency social media platforms like Steam it. There is another one now could hive. I have a video on my YouTube channel Hardcore crypto that would actually show you how to do this. You get paid by when your post and people like you like your content. You get paid or you can use the breath browser also give you some cryptocurrencies by using brave and you avoid adds if you want to see and they pay you to see that. So that's one way of doing. But most importantly, just be proactive, and the easiest way is pretty much dollar cost averaging. You know, your by with a little bit of money that you have say I used to buy every month when I get paid, I used to buy a little bit of paper currency. I used to take 10% of my money, put it into crypto, but also I was earning it on the side just so that I can accumulate faster. Another way is through. Trading, which has been very for me, is pretty much the best, but it's a skill, something you need to learn. So if you can learn how to trade out, recommended, you learn how to trade and you can accumulate Bitcoin. And this takes us into our next video, where I explained exactly what trading trip occurrence means and how it works. Thank you for watching. 11. Trading Cryptocurrencies: Now in this video, we're gonna talk about trading. How does trading could be currents work? You know, Like I said in the other video, that it's one of the most efficient or profitable ways to accumulate your Bitcoin or to actually make money for living right? I do that four time. So it's essentially pretty much like how stocks work or forex markets work your trading price, differences on the markets on different assets, meaning that if you're in cryptocurrencies, your trading, say Bitcoin with Ethereum, right? There's always a volatility on all this and assets, and what you want is to make money through the differences. Or you can trade your feet currency say U S dollar, the Nigerian currency din IRA or the South African rand or the Indian rupee with Bitcoin right, most to period. There's always a difference. So let me give you a scenario of how you can make money. Let's say, and I also give you another one where you can lose money. So let's say Bitcoin is $9000 today for one because and you deposit money into your exchange by one Bitcoin because you think that it will go up it will go up in price, and three days later it actually goes up in price. Erdrich's $10,000. It means that now you have 10,000 dollars with a Bitcoin, but you only paid 9000 for it. You have made $1000 profit okay, and that can also be the opposite. You buy it a 9000 and then three days later it's now when you're worth 1000 you have lost 1000. That's how people make money. Now, a lot of people, when they think off trading, they always think about charts and complicated numbers and so many other screens around them. Look, that is true. That is trading. That's pretty much what I do in my personal life. But the reality is that you don't always have to do that. There's so many different strategies or methods off trading because one of them, for example, is peer peer exchange. Witches peer to peer trading right, meaning that I buy big corn from an exchange, and then I sell it on a peer, a peer platform, like, say, local, becomes calm or pack school or local Bitcoins. I sell it as a vendor in they say on the streets, To someone on the Internet, you can be in real life. You're sell it to your friends at a higher price of your boarding. Before there's I'd be tried, for example, right? Uh, I'll give you an example. In Africa, Bitcoin is more expensive than in the U. K. Or in the United States or in Asia, right? I mean that if I buy a Bitcoin in those countries and I bring it down to Africa, I'll sell it for a higher price. And important, I could make a much as high as 25% or more. Even being depending on which countries are doing this for, that's another form of trading. Another way to do it is through training the markets, like now with the chart spot trading, which means you're trading with no leverage, just acid for us differences. But also you can trade derivatives things like big corn futures or ethereum futures, or whatever futures meaning that you can now leverage or margin trading right. You're trading with more money than you have, with only $100 leverage. Trading gives you leverage to trade with $10,000 but you only have $100. But the thing is, you're risking your $100. You can lose it in a win if the market goes against you, which is more like gambling on one side. But these are all things that you can learn. We just have to take some time and do it. 12. What are Stable Coins?: another important concept in the trip. Recurrent suspects to understand is the idea off stable coins. So I'll give you back, sir. Of what? Why these exists, right? But stable corns essentially are corns that represent theater currencies on a 1 to 1 ratio , meaning that one stable coin like the most popular stable corn. Right now, if tether is called us DT for us, dictator means that one tether represent $1. It's backed by dollars in the background and you're my bill. So why does that exist when you can just simply use dollars? The men issue was regulation. Most governments are skeptical about cryptocurrencies, so they cannot give Cryptocurrencies a license to operate as a financial institution. Right? They think it's too risky or whatever problem did they have. And this poses a problem in which, if you're trading, say Bitcoin right, you're as an example. I give him one video where your trading you bought because at $8000 you bought one Bitcoin and the now it has reached $10,000. You have made 2000. Now you are You think that big corn actually walk crashed again, maybe toe go back to 7000 for some reason, right, and you need to convert that Bitcoin back into dollars. Most exchanges don't have that feature, meaning that US stack in Bitcoin and that you could watch the market falling in front of you without any sort of protection. Right, because because it is very volatile. So creating this table coin presented another Cryptocurrency that acts as a hedge or a stable currency, where you're going to skip the crypto market a little bit servo protecting, limiting your exposure to the Cryptocurrency market but still being encrypted. Because once the encrypted nobody can touch you. Can you have control over your coins? You can send them the way you want. We don't have to worry about the government so much and things like that. So the stable coins. Actually, if you're training especially, you'll meet a lot of currency stable coins. And if you that I can name is tether dye pack, so's I think Brian's the own violence typical in its war, so there's so many of them, and if you're trading, you gonna encounter a lot of this. And in places like Africa and Asia, where people have terribly efficient rate, people like to buy foreign currencies like the U. S dollar, and it's still difficult for them to get access off the U. S. Dollar. So what they doing these days is that they buy stable coin because there's no regulation for banks, dem acorns. And they're very easy to acquire than, say, the rial cash US dollars. So you know, they're finding their own use cases, and I think they're very important to the recurrence of market. 13. Final Thoughts: thanks for taking your time to learn about Cryptocurrency the basics and really taking the first hinge to get started. A lot of people are stuck, you know, They always think these things are complicated, but you took the first leave and get yourself into the game. And now you understand it more if you're and if you want to really get into the desk, make sure you take my my side project on this course which also help you to understand more in practice when you have learned and into this from this course, I don't appreciate it. Make sure you check out my other courses, have a training course and investing course that are more in depth. And this one was more like this course was more like a very talky talky, which it was she kind of thing simply because is the basics. I'm trying to make things easier by creating narratives and examples, imaginary examples, right. But they're also grounded into reality because the things that I'm telling you, I think that I do and have been doing. But the other courses are much more practical, right, where, as I show you how I'm doing something and you also just follow through doing that, they're more tutorial best. This one was more for you to get your mindset right. When you understanding the most important things into the Cryptocurrency market, don't forget to check out the course material where you have all the links of everything that I've recommended because this is very important. You need to use the links that I'm recommending that I have in the course material because there's a lot of phishing scams out there going on. So if you go in, type on your own and go go and end up on the wrong side, I hope you don't blame me. Otherwise, thank you guys fortune and stay awesome.