The Creatives: Get Going, Get Unstuck Action Plan Guide | Skye Berger | Skillshare

The Creatives: Get Going, Get Unstuck Action Plan Guide

Skye Berger, Executive Creative Coach

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9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Creative Process

    • 3. Overcome, Embrace, Face

    • 4. Moving Forward

    • 5. Gather your Thoughts

    • 6. E.M.T. & M.A.D.

    • 7. Necessary Steps

    • 8. Delegation, Barriers, Solutions

    • 9. Celebration


About This Class


In this class you will learn how to create a Project plan without feeling like you are overwhelmed.


This is the class to take if you have a peculiar addiction to jotting ideas on post it notes and collecting them, or if innocent napkins have been subject to your creative thoughts being scribbled on them. You will create a project plan for future execution.

 What you will learn

Creatives will discover a system for planning to take acion on creative projects that are waiting to happen. 

What you will create

For this class, you will create a project plan my friends! We will start with an overview of embracing and facing your creative self. Then we will get down to the specifics you need to ensure the project will be completed. There is a project plan worksheet included in the action guide. This project plan can also be an outline, or an infographic. You are the creative so be creative with the representation of your project plan.