The Creative Thinking Club For Designers: Practice The Random Image Technique | Yoshi Raz | Skillshare

The Creative Thinking Club For Designers: Practice The Random Image Technique

Yoshi Raz, A Thinking Designer, Founder of BTN

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6 Videos ()
    • What Is The Random Image Technique

    • Step 1. Generating a Random Image

    • Step 2. Answering Three Questions

    • Step 3. Picking image properties and generating ideas

    • Your Project

    • BONUS Video: What I learned from my mothers face


About This Class

In this class, we're going to practice the Random Image technique, and share our experiences.

The Random Image is a great technique for generating creative ideas.

This class is part of "The Creative Thinking Club For Designers". Creative thinking is a skill. To improve it, you must practice it, Train your creative thinking for one hour a week, and stay tuned.

Now you have a place to improve your creative thinking and practice your creative skills.





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Yoshi Raz

A Thinking Designer, Founder of BTN

Hello, I'm Yoshi.

My name is Yoshi Raz;

My main profession is a Thinking Designer.
I learned it and I have a master's degree. In recent years, I have been dealing with the connection between the design thinking and the inspiration and spiritual motivation at work.

Also, I'm a Certified Reiki Master Teacher since 1999.

In 2000 became a Certified Karuna Reiki Master and Japanese Reiki Master, and a Certified chakra healer teacher.


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