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23 Videos (1h 46m)
    • Creative Reboot Week 1

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About This Class

Do you want to boost your Creativity?

It's said that 1 idea is worth a Million Dollar.

Learn the unique 7 step program to have more ideas, be more creative and in the long run much more productive as a professional.


Steven Spielberg is doing it,

Leonardo di Caprio is doing it and any other famous actor, artist or creative you have heard of has a special routine and exercises to be more productive.

Did you ever realize how you have good ideas in the shower or when driving?

Maybe you were meeting up with friends and they left you feeling exhausted and tired?

What happens when you Binge Watch Netflix? 

After studying and working in the creative field for over 20 years, this is my secret course with all the insights and lessons I have picked up along the way: 

NLP, Emotional Intelligence, meeting with Shamans and 'spiritual guides', staying in silence with the Monks, Brain - Training etc. etc. etc. 

Here in this course you will get the clear descriptions of what you have to do and insights into your own creative that will startled you and push you career forward. 

Have a look and share with your friend! 

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I think this video is a little hidden gem! Learned so much about psychology and creativity. Can't wait to apply it to my acting and to my life in general :-)





Ralph Kinnard

Director, Producer, Acting Coach

Ralph Kinnard has been directing and coaching actors and top stars for decades. 

He was mentored by Woody Allen, and worked alongside some of the most successful directors in the industry. He has trained hosts on E! Entertainment Television, and countless other TV shows. Most importantly, he observed the exact things producers and casting directors are looking for, things most actors don’t even realize. Few acting coaches are aware that these exclusive techniques exist, and for the first time Mr. Kinnard made them available online.

As a filmmaker, he is the winner of several prestigious awards.
His feature film, “RECIPE OF LOVE” participated in 12 international festivals and received several award nominations, winning three as “Best Director”.

Most recently he directed the legendary Burt Reynolds in his latest feature to be released in 2017. 

He is currently also the Director of the world-renown Miami Acting Studio. Over the last 7 years, it has produced over 1000 videos of scene studies, giving actors a tool to showcase their talent in a professional setting nationwide on move on to work on outlets such as HBO, NBC, Netflix, ABC, Telemundo, Venevision, Globo and many many more. 

Mr. Kinnard is excited about sharing his insights with actors and was recently nominated as #1 Acting Coach.