The Creative Log: Craft Your Brand's Presence | Erica Gilliand | Skillshare

The Creative Log: Craft Your Brand's Presence

Erica Gilliand, Create Your Brand's Story

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2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. The Creative Log Intro

    • 2. Branding Typography Guide


About This Class

This class can be used if your just starting out and need help with crafting your new brand OR if your ready for a brand rehaul. Often times putting that special touch on your company's brand can make a meaningful impact for your customers. Learn how to create a branding guide in 4 weeks by hand selecting the right components that will make the biggest impact on your customers. 





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Erica Gilliand

Create Your Brand's Story

Brought up in the world of Theater, Erica Coronado-Gilliand began her career majoring in Literary Theater, and minoring in Costume Design. Working alongside industry professionals in the Florida Theatrical Association, Erica began working with touring Broadway performances as a wardrobe assistant in shows such as: The Jersey Boys, Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein, and Disney on Stage.

While assisting in wardrobe, Erica set out to also work in the real world and majored in Business Marketi...

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