The Creative Guide to Selling Your Art - Confidently | Sonya Paz | Skillshare

The Creative Guide to Selling Your Art - Confidently

Sonya Paz, Creative services, art marketing & branding

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15 Videos (41m)
    • Sell Your Art - A Creative Guide to Sell your art with confidence

    • The Creative Guide to Sell Your Art with Confidence - Intro

    • Step 1 - Who is Sonya Paz?

    • Step 2 - What's it all About?

    • Step 3 - What will I Learn?

    • Step 4 - Getting Started

    • Step 5 - Understanding Goals

    • Step 6 -Building Trust and Confidence

    • Step 7 - The Conversation

    • Step 8 - Tell Your Story

    • Step 9 - Qualifying Customers

    • Step 10 - Be Your Favorite Customer

    • Step 11 - Power of the Handshake

    • Step 12 - Homework

    • Connect with me!


About This Class

Welcome to my online course on selling your artwork in person and being confident in the sales process.

Be better with engaging with your customers with more confidence, authority, and comfort!

Do you get nervous when talking to customers?

Do you wish you felt more confident while making the sale?

Do you end up saying the wrong things and talking yourself out of a sale?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the perfect course for you. This mini-course will help you feel more confident, build relationships, foster trust and set goals for yourself.

Who is this course for? You – you are an amazing artist and creator no matter what your skill level or experience whether you are a crafter, maker, designer, quilter, photographer, etc.… This is for all you artists and creative people that want to sell more art and gain more customers and a respected business person.

Learn from an artist who had been selling their art for a living for close to 20 years.





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Sonya Paz

Creative services, art marketing & branding

My passion is teaching and mentoring creative people through personal, online resources and courses.

My name is Sonya Paz and I am a full time professional artist, designer and entrepreneur who loves to help businesses thrive and I am proud to teach this course on my creative approach on selling and promoting your work. I've been helping other creatives and small business people like you for several years. Welcome to my new online course series to help you be amazingly succes...

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