The Copywriting Gym: Strategic Copywriting - The Beginners Workout | Kaylia Dunstan | Skillshare

The Copywriting Gym: Strategic Copywriting - The Beginners Workout

Kaylia Dunstan, Writer and strategist

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7 Videos (40m)
    • Getting sweaty with strategy

    • Why do we need heavy lifting?

    • The strategy for strategy

    • Zoom out - context

    • Zoom around - analysis

    • What's next - strategic application

    • Sum up


About This Class

This workout is all about how to get strategic about your copy, which is one of the big time skills that sets great copywriters apart from average or rubbish ones. You’ll learn: The key rules of strategic copywriting The challenges inherent in copywriting from a strategic viewpoint A strategy that will transform your copywriting practice and thinking How to apply this strategy successfully The benefits of the strategic approach This class is for anyone who is looking to think and write more strategically.





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Kaylia Dunstan

Writer and strategist

Hello, I'm Kaylia. I've worked as a national marketing and communications manager in Australia and directed large-scale national and international campaigns. I've worked extensively with the media and industry and love applying my years of experience to help entrepreneurs, companies and passionate people to grow their brand and markets. I'm currently living in bonnie Scotland and am working as a freelance writer and strategist. I'm also an energetic creative writer and blogger and primarily w...

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