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The Confident Leadership Masterclass

Jonathan Ely, Leadership that changes you

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19 Videos (1h 37m)
    • Introduction Part I: Your Why

    • Introduction Part II: The 3 Types of Chaos

    • The 1st Principle Introduced: The Story of Captain Jones

    • The 1st Principle: Control What You Can

    • The 1st Principle and Situational Chaos

    • The 1st Principle and Organizational Chaos

    • The 1st Principle and Personal Chaos

    • The 2nd Principle: Honesty With Ourselves and Others

    • The 2nd Principle Applied

    • The 3rd Principle: Act, Don't Just React!

    • Applying the 3rd Principle to Chaos

    • The 4th Principle: Open Yourself to Help From Others

    • The 4th Principle: 3 types of people you need in your network

    • The 5th Principle: Take Charge of Yourself

    • The 6th Principle: Inspire a Positive Difference

    • The 7th Principle: Concentrate on the Bigger Picture

    • The 7th Principle and 3 Types of Chaos

    • Conclusion

    • Bonus Lecture: Additional Resources!


About This Class

If you're tired of doubting yourself, or not knowing what to do, you need this course!!

Entrepreneurs and startup founders are a powerful group. They are also the group of working professionals most likely to live in a perpetual state of chaos and uncertainty. We all deal with periods of uncertainty and self-doubt. We all go through times of chaos. Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, this class will give you some tools you need to break through normal doubt and uncertainty, and keep moving forward toward your goals! In this class I'll show you step by step how to defeat uncertainty at work, and keep your business on the path to success.

This class is for anyone who has ever felt like things were spinning out of control. It will change how you handle chaos and uncertainty forever!

  • Stop letting circumstances control you and control them!
  • Stop the cycle of reactivity and start directing your own path!
  • Take charge of your situation and yourself, and lead confidently!
  • Inspire others and make a positive impact, even in the midst of chaos!

In this comprehensive course, I give you the seven secrets (expressed by the acronym CHAOTIC) to achieving victory over uncertainty and self-doubt. I will give you the secrets to overcoming chaos and creating success for yourself. These principles are the most powerful tools you can have to become a more confident, capable person. Once you've completed the course, you'll know how to create more success, and overcome the uncertainty and chaos that swirls around you.





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Jonathan Ely

Leadership that changes you


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