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The Concepts of Design Thinking - Cantonese

teacher avatar Sensedemy, Online Learning Consulting

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Stages of Design Thinking and Case Studies

    • 3. Define - Pain Point & Empathy

    • 4. Ideate - Ideation and Solutions

    • 5. Prototype & Test

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About This Class

Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It’s extremely useful in tackling complex problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by understanding the human needs involved, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, by creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and by adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing.

Understanding these five stages of Design Thinking will empower anyone to apply the Design Thinking methods in order to solve complex problems that occur around us — in our companies, our countries, and even our planet.

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Online Learning Consulting


Online Content ‧ Strategy Consultant

Sensedemy is a digital knowledge consultancy that is a part of the SENSE Training Group. We are experienced in the advisory, creation and distribution of digital education and marketing content.

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1. Course Introduction: they won't get the thinking. I can do you safe house way. Both boys. You talk to your home. 400 I idea. 2. Stages of Design Thinking and Case Studies: that home that he's happen Get well called state that make it all I got for you Don't got be stopping a handsome man Since you know everything that you know I got both their step Get so right now to introduce the concept of this out finger Have five stage So we go for a run by one Come on, a high. These are letting you. So you heard your psychology on the whole scene? Photos use you. He sounds like Make your Joel holding these. I come on these islands, go home and see what you decide. Commit your whole with these, Ana the whole of the the water matching a competition Peco made you Jamuna. How long are they going to get asylum? You decide to hold you like I think it's on. Now Go Holding on strong a message in you. Okay? All night They Well, they hold hot, don't you think? Yeah. Leadership innovation out of now that you're half house social house according gold locked you have joined and 1/2 out so that you get a little while ago. You want to have a house that you should counter care According bigger Hollow heart house. Polypill, Hold darling up in the UK House campaign No ambition face to face with you, Semen Hogan, you get up. All the boys saying Highland thes helping color You hang on again, John. For they truly job you go. There's some of peace. Be with him on the ballot paper, John. Okay. You're not holding my point. So sick. You got it. Okay, well, well, we say half house. Hi, My find something, You avocado or somewhere far. Did nothing seem to looking My God. Now joining yet? Why they get quiet now. What's your bowel? Ok, Liga, have where I saw your son got. Well, that's how did you start thinking? Give me this UK house. He Well, they got whether you showed you here in Syria, guy or welcome in my about young about pregnancy behavior. Familiar? Your shoulder face that comes to mind or your goons Holly by observation. OK, but why Didn't think like you always wants wild patient yoga, Samra Or they would say about our guy. Oh, I saw you young phone sex by Can't fight solution Begum bandana Not really got a surprise King area home client coming my way How does he not learn? Go for most U N Usual Your call. You know, show you have patients use different is if you're using these are thinking way to design a wallet. The most important thing is show the behavior off your plan. You know, observing Apply on how day used a more that India the line not just accident traction. So it's very important. Ok, Hope? Yeah. You finish your short your job is happening And she guy because you get out of a passing. Jodi going home got stolen. You know he is happening and calling java or the archaea parked in the soak. Oh, I put in there sometime. Nothing homicidal Manukian Joy. So going Totally crazy chick t Montana guy buy Tyga taking chicken Hogan. Okay, I told you Joeckel cannot Your photo? No, the Langs you is. You know what My, my my mind, you know, done, Bakkies, you know Have you moved on? Okay, so I want you. He's up in your wheeler goes up 3. Define - Pain Point & Empathy: What were you told that these happened in Well, shopper 20 time. So all issues not thinking Enter fee. Let's start from the pain points. So I get out of the party. Go Monk, you can get twice you get tell us, you know, feel like that I got at a facial Indyk at the sign thing on like Well, I don't am I Time to get okay. No Super Neighborhood hosting empire calling about something You let the inside thinking that sick I see Lay with him joa Okay, Champion, the protest and the whole gang Chip Kelly on your girling Cocoa comes huge holding up. Great. Okay. You know, I could always I lay up. I'm gonna call you. What is their wallet? You go there you come with the king of all of that comes culture Super. Somebody's gotta get hungry, OK, You know, even gala always. You know, you tattoos, you know? Same Someday, Jordan Taxi, you g adventure. Serious? It sounds like a cheap guy. Germ sick. Okay, well journey signem. Okay, You find the charm. Golly got maybe Then go courses required equity. They hold ocean Xinjiang until they would turn with horror and say God, I go by the I baked you. It's good handling. You passed on. You saw cinema. OK, we go to church on duty to paying for housing a good person. You got out because you Okay, you start. You see money. Tosi Supernova. Long Cola, am I tax you bullets? One month. Can you not see? Why? Ask why? Why we need to you. What is the situation? Come. So they asked five. Why? To find all the recourse there. Go out, team. Does your mind go? Joe, am I trust your union hype? I don't want soup until you're told your whole gang. Okay? The guy could come hang out. Go Waddle We come together, You know some kind of deal singing, young lord, you know, And there's some white guy could see those singing long, you know? You know one can disappear. A singer Pindling some gweilo. Not a single, a single dollar. You don't know what's in his stroller. Much on motor with one young soldier. Okay, They go while Didn't they do talk about Indian soldier? You know, second, younger, earlier tax year without oh told me you have seen that Can't believe Go while in order. When I go to court, the media, you Nala se without a single begin testing. No, I know that. How we doing? Well, hold towards Koyama. You don't know testing to root cause that my job these signem play for your humanity, though. Didn't single you log one post. Care for yourself? Thinking patient One Monday can be there for you. Rick Austin Goemon pin corner Got eco stage entropy coming home. Sons off. Have life. Use it. I want you banging your social Vega for your hold him again. I'm almost You know what? You look like a Saudi. Okay, Pentagon inside your home. Go find out more what we want. You know, that is research for a client observations. You don't buy Samuel car change or some type of white chick. Okay, Sambuca revenue going, But you're not going home. Can they want the kind photo? High War hometown using they phone, You might say so. Whole love. So you should have gone home gone down, guy. Don't use your how little power could get up. Make your child passing for you. There you go. Pull up your high taking food. I got CR financing a laugh. I don't know. Being going Don't be a jungle home. Ghana, like a guy. Tell closing White Tyler, you sorry? Well, the whole right you are. You come back and cross over. I should get going Home. Job. Get crossover. Always get a wall. Joan Jett makes you know chanting a song like when you're how again? Someone I saw Someone don't like someone going on someone? No short cycle. Well, I don't work for you. Okay? Some zilla. 66 Don't you don't. Do you? Hold out some until you notice sitting on your whole dollar. They okay with her. Wait, I'm not well. Well, I teach on The only is only kept a home phone some trying your weapon. 4. Ideate - Ideation and Solutions: I think. - Come on. A whole Teoh some type. I gotta go get your century. They have got enough. What? A Hyatt Gold gassing. Say it. Okay. You don't know what? Okay. We'll go get guys. Don't go now. Okay, Gold out hot. What does that say? I don't know. I know what you have. You taken capital, You don't quit whites, you get, you know you know. Don't get go, Pilot. I don't. Don't get okay. Get your heart. Go! Hola. They work in the old peach Here, Have your full power. Have learned, Roszina. You see a little day without taking photos, you say for watching bona high you can get Well, let's take Harlow. Hola. Looking like a Joe. Have you seen a highway like check yet? Yeah. Hold all after ago. Kandahar. Banco! Pena, go! Hola. The whole Sheila. You can whore. Go. Pena Hyok, Target guns his sealer. I don't get to see Joe. Morning. Get your phone out, Johnny, Go get whatever they and your office used to go on working the leg gap tonight. You get son would not be making that. I think they have the It's gonna use you, you know the usual involved. You know, Holland don't get bingo. See you. Go up on how you see high. No, you hollow man. Cigarette? That's his secret, John. High quality is here. So 1000 Tebow for more Answer C 100 but it means you change on the part of a pattern. See? Wonder off head. Common pattern. A gentle Why brutality I know a lot about it. Got better now. Okay. Sam bought the Glock. Thank you. Thank you, petal. Go see God. Don't come. No one patterns. Okay, You know what? I got out holding a year or the church. So what? You find funny money? Time Got that ball. Step one. Okay, set. Montoya upcountry. Step two, lower courts. You talk How? Don't use Unicode candy. Don't God told my c coming up. Say some the way. Go, Angela being gaga Organ camera. We're gonna Levina a hold saying Lord, get your Pamela along your league and go get Gillham Which and I get paid you your major hay que Mongolia. You know you got parking won't go down up a one. What has your country That I got to go. Come get Don't get home. Jonah Gago until he gets hand go one that she ago. Okay. Oh, Coma. Leah Going crazy. Open make out Poland High five pen. You know it? I told him to see home Come to order A compendium of all the charm you dollar crossover You go talking will go high up doing falcons interrogating like I don't get the gets. You see? Don't you owe money to cancer or they go cable. There you go. Hungary comes over using, okay? 5. Prototype & Test: - for more cooperative color. It's easy figure height. You Joe laughs up on gets you see pile of the s European Tola I didn't go for your party given talking points out a little while ago ending a gun sold or they can fall not propose Baker documentary They don't hold off for your new doubt Their boats out coming home The sun's out Ever futuro a more Don't they can't get something something to get my beauty So how But it seems you that Juncker the height of a little joke You know what they think they are formed only in guardian's So you got a photo So in the club I got a lot of good observation and I got a lot of good ideas. So what next? How can I bring these idea to the real life? So next out you can make up Porto type in our something in process Hold up! How will that we don't get she got for that? You some die for him actionable hold you one joke Holy gaga unlistenable are portable Took a whole bunch of make you whole The women told me with a lot of you got fired upon about non actionable Make your understandable going You're going yet? Capture him on F hole. Kay Strong how you joined the lump sum? We're seeing that mice always get your way. Woman Backer Motel Hold on hold! So you Sam don't you see with Canada for some while they are for game poet all tied up to May issue He did your poor town Okay, get this pregnancy Hawara So screen shoulder way society I can How is your Siegal award about cheap? How are they going to get portal trauma Hollow video Hey, Charlie, you don't see your game Vocation Go about him. That would be legal time they get hotel type his gentian or you wanna look OK for many Children, That's Hammond Children. It's OK, Poto something or they were let go. It's I got motive. Don't It's your job. But you know Lego guy are you see cannot use Relate It's higher Don't you tell you? Go on. A portal portal Teoh showing how steptoe don't My Children gets hacia surgery goes you and then maybe they don't got inside your us having a union when it's you can see how you go. I don't know how we are fucked gets Taxila. OK? That your There you go home for your photo type thing. So what? C Monday? You pay hard. They don't get to see how it's a win. I don't care how sexy I told Leo. Kobe Someone Montana guy could be siphoning allowing? Not while you're in office. You give joy your heart by saying goal always seems to come to you. Now go like a hole there. They're like into doing bad. You start thinking and call it a lot. Have you got there? More perfect answer. OK. Hi. Future will come on time. We have a problem going all day fast. They decide authority for you. So you target you or the involved? Well, they don't much care for you. I hope he's I think first see, for my law going home phone. But don't home on your son. Maybe a phone. Don't go long. Those I gotta had color. The forms are gonna be hotel using your better. Well