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The Comprehensive YouTube Channel Marketing Growth Course

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

The Comprehensive YouTube Channel Marketing Growth Course

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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28 Lessons (3h 51m)
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    • 25. Bonus Lecture 1 10 Tips to Get Your YouTube Videos to Perform Better

    • 26. Bonus Lecture 2 8 Mistakes that Will Kill Your YouTube Channel Growth

    • 27. Bonus Lecture When to Use the Comment Method & Why I Stopped

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About This Class

This is NOT some basic Course on YouTube Marketing or growing a YouTube Channel.

This is LITERALLY everything I know about growing a YouTube Channel, getting more views on your YouTube Videos, & leveraging YouTube to grow a sustainable Business that you can turn into a career (not a hobby).

I spent over 3 months organizing this Course into a well thought out & organized outline that I believe would be the best way to present this information to you.

I consulted other successful YouTubers I network with to get their input. I purchased Courses from top YouTubers & applied the information to see if it worked or not. And I did all of this with one end goal in put together the best YouTube Course out there for you.

I put the information & lectures into the exact order that I felt would give you the best understanding & chance to replicate my results (& theirs!).

If you take this Course, you can expect the tools & strategies to become successful on YouTube spoon fed to you. I know this can change your life...just like it did for me!

I challenge you to enroll in The Comprehensive YouTube Channel Marketing Growth Course today.

You have nothing to lose but time. Enroll today & learn the secrets the Top YouTubers will never tell you.

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. YT SS Intro: What's going on, guys, Welcome to the comprehensive YouTube channel marketing growth course. Now I want to give you an outline in an overview of exactly what's gonna be taught in this course and in what order. So if you are specifically interested in the topic or you know something that I'm gonna cover, you could skip ahead to that lecture. Now, it did kind of structure it the best of my ability in the order that I think is the best and easiest to consume for you that will make the most sense. That said, if you do want to skip ahead, obviously that's why I'm gonna outright that. Obviously, you know, furthermore, to this kind of just this is, you know, a working kind of ah, you know, outline. Essentially, I might move stuff around. Or if I come up with something new, I might add that as a lecture. So this is what it's starting as it might somewhat shift. But this is what will cover. So first things first things first and keep in mind to this is one of the most if not the most comprehensive courses I've ever put together. There's a lot of really valuable information inside in this course, if you want to grow on YouTube or you want to turn that into a full time career or, you know, really just just you utilize it, whether it's marketing or you want to utilize it for your business to kind of grow that there's a lot of insight in here. And it took me years of actually uploaded to YouTube and months of actually organizing all this information to get what you see here in all of these lectures. So there's a lot of valuable insight. I really hope that it helps you out. First things first. We talk about Knee Shing down, which is super super important. I thought it for so long. It's one of the best tips I could give you on how to grow fast and grow in a particular niche. Then we'll talk about coming up with content ideas that you know ahead of time will work. So doing half the battle ahead of time before you even create a piece of content. So you're not playing guessing games and you're not sure or sorry you are sure you're not guessing if ah video will or potentially has a market out there on YouTube to get you views . Then we'll talk about the quality versus quantity debate. Very. You know, it's something that all creators space, and it's really important to understand where you want to end on air on that side of the spectrum. We'll talk about the Importance seven upload schedule. We'll also talk about not click baiting and why you don't want to do that, especially when you're new. Also, talk about kind of like the quality quantity will talk about the broad verse niche topics when you're new, depending on where you're you want to go with your channel and how big you are when you're starting. If your brand new, obviously you want to start a little bit more niche if you're a little bit of, you know, kind of seasoned or you have a bigger channel already. Or maybe you went out and purchased a channel already that is, you know that's already monetized. Then you know you might want to air on the broadside, so we'll talk about that a little bit more in depth and break down exactly when he might be the best approach for you. We'll talk about front loading your keywords for maximum results to get your videos. More views. Long term, we'll talk about, you know, evergreen content and you know why you should even go after keywords in the first place. We'll talk about finally, your opportunity to click bait, which is in your thumbnails. It's really, really easy to click bait in your thumbnails. You don't want to do it in your titles. We'll talk about probably one of the most and, you know, the the most insightful honestly lectures in here, and they're all extremely insightful. Trust me, I put so much jam packed information in here. It's gonna blow your mind and really, really help you. But I would say this is probably one of the biggest algorithm ranking factors. If you focus on all those and improving all those, your videos will do a lot better over time, I guarantee you. So. We also talk about a commenting method for growth that a lot of people do, and you can utilize right from day one to continue to grow, get more views, get more subscribers and get more notoriety on the platform slowly over time, it will really help you out, especially if you're new. We'll also talk about not buying anything. You don't want to buy subs. You don't wanna buy views. You don't wanna buy anything, period, and I'll break down exactly why and why that will actually hurt you going forward and not help you. Then we'll talk about why subs don't actually matter. So even if you don't believe me, maybe that will kind of, you know, and you decide to go the Bayrou. Because even though I tell people not to buy subs or reviews or anything like that, for whatever reason, some of them, you know, decide to anyway. But at the end of day, sub count doesn't matter. It's not what you should focus on, and we'll talk about why I want to talk about making a little bit of you know, some of the ad revenue types of things so adding multiple add bricks. Obviously, that will increase revenue, but more importantly, it will increase your views, which obviously is a snowball effect into revenue. But it will increase your views, getting more subs, and there's a specific reason for that, and it's counterintuitive, but we'll cover it there, then we'll talk about the optimal description for you to rank more and get more views. We'll talk about optimal tags, optimal title length. We'll talk about writing down your keyword phrases so you can say them physically. You know in your speech when you're actually creating your video because that's one of the things that you tube uses to rancor, video. And, you know, basically they're running subtitles and seeing what you're saying in the video, not what you're necessarily writing all the time in the description of the title those matter. But more importantly, they're focused on what you're saying to actually get a good idea of what your videos about . OK, so that's important. Then we'll talk about, you know, just asking for subscribers. It's easiest way to grow. We'll talk about building a community and, you know, really kind of inspiring people to continue to comment more by responding to them. And like I said, building that community in that community feel around your channel. We'll talk about scripting your videos and why that super super important Wall Street talk ? Hey, whoa! We'll also cover Excuse me. Three different things that you need to focus on and you can't overlook at all costs. If you're starting a channel, then we'll talk about tips for more ad revenue. Will talk about having fun and why that is going to show through in your videos. And at the end of the day, it's probably one of the most important things that you can dio because it's gonna come off , you know, really, really well, honestly on. And it's gonna be infectious. Your subscribers will be able to tell and cover three different bonus lectures that were really kind of get you more insight into you know how to grow faster when it's all said and done. So I hope you guys are really excited to, you know, for this there's a lot of content and content value Jim that packed into this. If you're interested in YouTube, this course, this course will really, really help you out. 2. 3: So this is one of the best tips that I could give you whether you're new or your established creator already. And you have some traction, and that would be too mish down. Now, I've made this mistake, I don't know. Five times in my you to journey and every single time I make it stunts my growth and my progress in every time. Every time I go back to this, it really helps me build momentum and build traction, and I grow a lot faster. So I recommend that you niche down, especially if you plan on starting out and you're below like 1000 to 5000 subscribers. Definitely niche down. You can obviously brought in your topics when you get a little bit bigger. But if you do go to broad when you're a new channel, you're gonna be fighting an uphill battle that you don't need to fight everybody that grew and basically blew up for lack of a better works. I'm not promising you that you're gonna blow up, you know, immediately or anything like that. You want to build momentum built traction and you'll grow an audience fairly quickly if you niche down one of things that they did is they all started with a relevant neech, right? They they stuck to a niche, are in each type videos and made videos surrounding that stuff. They want a mixed in and the occasional video here that wasn't about that. But for the majority of their content, they built in audience around that niche. And that's what gave the momentum and keep people coming back for more. Right? If you create a channel that's like for me for a specific example online arbitrage and create a channel based surrounded surrounding all around, like the online arbitrage niche and you every single video that you're released for like a month or two is all mine arbitrage. Well, that means that everybody that subscribes and watches in Orland arbitrage and, like Cedar comments is gonna be more interested in the next videos. Well, because guess what? That's also about online arbitrage and someone and so forth. They're gonna build build momentum by doing that. So same goes for any nature, any topic. But for example, if you did the opposite and you just did like, you know, something like Instagram how to become an Instagram influencer right and then you got some traction. You got a couple of subs and some some views and some engagement. But then your next video was on, like how to make money with Shopify, right? They're not very related. So some of the people that came and subs from this video and some people that came and sub from came and watched from this video might indeed coming. Watch this video. But it won't be a majority of that audience, I promise you that. And if you continue to do that and you continue to do videos that aren't related at all, back to back, you're never gonna build that momentum. You're never gonna build that targeted audience that you need to grow and grow quickly. And it's really gonna be like I said, fighting the uphill battle. You won't ever build enough traction to grow and trigger the album. So one of the best, if not the best tips that I could give you it is niche down. Everybody fights this, and if you just embrace it, you'll grow a lot faster. So my suggestion would be like a said to me. It's down and make consistent topic videos. I highly recommend that you take this into consideration and do it. You're gonna build momentum. You're gonna grow a lot faster. You'll get a lot more views, every single video, because everybody will be coming back to watch the next video cause it's on the same related topic, and you can mix in and Sprinkle the occasional video that's you know, slightly different, slightly being the key word there still related. Still relevant. But you can mix that occasional video in, but you want to have the majority of your channel around the same topic and niche for at least a long extended period of time. When you're trying to grow, you'll get you'll grow a lot faster, get a lot more views. It will bring a lot more subs and a lot more targeted growth in your bit of community around that topic that you can then morph into another topic. If in the future you want to branch off slightly and then you can slowly decide to branch off once you grow and build some traction, and then you branch off into another related topic in the future. Keyword is somewhat related there, right? You don't want to go. You know the complete opposite direction because then your audience probably won't follow you there or a majority of them won't. The key is related, but the majority of you should focus on teaching down in the beginning, building audience, build momentum. And then in the future, you can branch out to slightly related but other topics. 3. 4: So now we're gonna move on to coming up with content ideas if you need some inspiration, or you really need some video ideas that are related to you. You know a lot of us will start out on, and you'll probably run into this as well. You start out with some good content ideas or, you know, maybe you've come out with some good, constant ideas yourself. And once you start making those videos, you'll find that it's hard to sustain that. So you need other examples and other places to pull content ideas. You will run into this problem. I promise you that if you plan on creating content for an extended period of time. So some of the best ways that I found to get other, you know, inspired inspiration or content ideas that have a good opportunity to, you know, do well on my channel are as follows. So obviously you can use other similar channels, then there most popular videos. So to give you an example of this, let's pull up my channel right here, and we go to some of the other people that are related and have related channels to mine and what I would basically Dio is I'm not gonna go ahead and look at other related channels that air to too much bigger than me. So, like Alex Becker makes like marketing any commerce content, right? He makes entrepreneurship content, right? So it's That's a very similar niche. The issue with that is I'm not gonna go to his most popular videos because he's got 373,000 you know, subscribers, right, and gets a lot more video video video views per his channel in his videos. So that's a bad indicator of you know, something that would might work for me because he doesn't have the same amount of subs and therefore it's not. It wouldn't if he ranks a video, it doesn't necessarily. It's not the best indicator of a bit of a potential video that I could rank. So what I wanna dio is I want to go to another channel and you can find other channels very , very similar to yours. It's not difficult you could just use the search bar. Warsi would suggest it to you as well, and what you want to do is you want to find another content creator that has a relevant channel makes relevant content to you, but it's also somewhat close. It doesn't have to be like right on par, but somewhat close to the amount of subs that you have and that will get be a better indicator of a channel in a video that you could replicate that will perform well, right? So let's go like Bo Kraybill, for example. He's got I got like I'm approaching 18,018 16,000 subs I wish I was 18 already on by the end of the year, it should be like, hopefully 20 to 30. We'll see. Got a long way to go. The goal has always been 50 but we'll see. So he's got 33,000 subs you doing it for a little bit longer than I have, right? So a good indicator, if I'm looking for content ideas, would be me to go to his most popular videos, and I do that by going to videos and then sorting by on the top right? Most popular and what that's gonna do, it is going to show me all his most popular videos, and I'm gonna basically get an idea of okay, his most popular video right here. $70,000 a month selling on Amazon FDA off one product, his next most popular videos. Why job shipping does not work for most people, then he someone so forth. So what I would do in this situation is I might look at some of his most popular videos and see. Is this something I want to make a video on? Is this something that's related to my channel in my niche? And is this something I could make a video on, Meaning that I wouldn't copy his video. I would literally watch his video for inspiration, see what he was basically saying and then put it into my own words, if that's something I could basically teach. So 70,000 month selling 11 Amazon FBI product is not something that I could replicate title wise because I've never made 70 grand in a month selling one product that said, I could make a very, very similar video with a very, very similar title and basically teach very, very similar stuff because I have sold on Amazon FDA I have done. I don't think he does privately, but I think he does like he does like wholesale manufacturing or something like that. But I could make a very, very similar video. And the reason that that's a good example is because that means that he's got a very similar channel related to me in size. If I, it would be an indicator that there's an opportunity in the marketplace for a piece of content like this, and I have a very, very similar channel, an audience. So if I made a video that's very similar than that, it would be an indicator. It's not a guarantee it being indicator that I have a good opportunity to rank and have a video like that do well as well, because we have very similar channels and very similar audiences, Right? So let's try another example, and we'll find a better one. So let's go to Bill Stansell. So this is a good example. Okay, so Bill's got a great channel. He's got a few more subscribers than me. He's got, you know, twenties approaching 24,000 now. So if I go to sort his most happy or videos right and I sort by most popular, I can check out his videos, he's got a very similar marketing and like e commerce and make money online Channel like me and you'll notice that he literally the same thing, is me, Right? So one of my most popular videos on my channel, if we go to my most popular, is Alex Becker. What Alec Specter doesn't want you to know about Shop by Drop shipping, right? So 42,000 are 42,000 views on my channel. So he did the same exact thing. He literally saw that and replicated a very similar video to mind. And because we had very similar candle audiences and very similar subscriber numbers, he was able to rank a video that did very, very well. Now he's done that because he's a friend of mine and I talked to him a lot about these types of things, and he does that for a lot of other content. Creators as well doesn't always do it, but it is a strategy that he uses and literally a lot of other content creators use all the time, and it works. That's why people do it. So it's the reason that it works is it's a very good indicator of an opportunity in the marketplace, and you can go search other related channels and see what's work for them so that you can replicate it with entrepreneurship. This is a common misconception. You don't need to reinvent the wheel, do what works and replicate what's already working, so that's a great way to do it. Just check out other popular videos to content creators and channels that are very similar to yours. Just make sure that the content and the video is related to a topic and that you're not copying their actual video. So then another way that you could do is basically use the search bar to come up with topics around a niche. I don't know why this is jumping ahead. That's weird, using the search bar to come up with topics related around a niche that people are already searching for, Right. So what I mean by that is, if we go back to YouTube, we can use the search bar here. So if I were gonna create an online arm shot video for you to write, that was the topic that I wanted to create a video. What I could be basically do is online arbitrage and type that into the search bar. Then you'll see that other things get suggested to you right here, right, so on arbitrage, eBay on another truck for beginners, online arbitrage for FDA on that. Our trust sourcing. These are examples of things that people are searching for right here right now in real time. And that's why they're ranked there, because YouTube is basically suggesting that that's what you're about to tight. Because a lot of other people have taught. Type that in the search bar fairly recently. You know, whether it's a year or a couple months or whatever, but there's clearly people searching for these on YouTube already. So another example of that like that might be like If you're gonna create, like eBay reselling video, you'd be like eBay reselling and then see what people are typing in. EBay. Reselling 2019. Even reselling business. EBay reselling for beginners eBay reselling electron ICS and you could basically Taylor a video very, very similar around a topic like that and potentially rank it for you. A. Rank it on your channel, right? So obviously, the higher up you go, the more frequently people seem to be searching for that right now, but these were just giving you channel, giving you video ideas that people are clearly searching for on YouTube right now. The search bar super underrated and not a lot of people use it. And I highly recommend that you do from time to time if you need to come up with some content ideas. And another great want to is Google trends. So what you basically want to do is you want to go toe, go to Google trends. And if we pull up Google trends really fast, you can either search for topics that are related. Or you can what I like to do from time to time. I actually have the app on my phone to I'm gonna recently trending and I'll just look at all the trending searches right, And I'll see if there's a happens to be a trending search for, you know, something that's related to my channel or a video that I could create or you know, something like that, because clearly a lot of people are searching for this right now and you want to catch the trend and a lot of people. Alex Becker to give you an example with somebody that does this masterfully. He's constantly making videos on trending topics and capturing and capitalizing off the organic views of the people in the world searching for that. Currently, it's a great way to get a lot of views on a video. Just make sure my suggestion would be to make sure that it's still related to your to your topic or niche somewhere, some in some way, shape or form. You don't want to just make something that's completely unrelated just cause it's trending . So I obviously wouldn't make anything about this. I wouldn't make anything about Lou Williams. Love Ben Simmons. We want to make anything about that. I'm basically looking for anything slightly related to what my channels about. So, uh, Bernie Sanders doesn't look like there's two too many a great example of this, though you can take some of these things and tailor them to your channel so you won't see it now. But a couple months ago, I thought about doing this and a great example of this would have been Black Panther. So the movie Black Panther came out right and what I was gonna do, it was trending very, very much like millions and millions of views at the time that it was about to release and I was about to create a Black Panther video. But obviously Black Panther and Marvel and superhero movies movies are not related to my channel of entrepreneurship and, you know, making money online, right? So what I basically was going to do is I was gonna basically create a video that was something like what Black Panther can teach entrepreneurs about all my marketing. And I was gonna show how they were basically pitching Black Panther to the majority of people in the world and generating a buzz to make money in the box office. And I was gonna taylor that and relate that to entrepreneurship. An example of this, like I said, is Alex Becker. He does that masterfully, especially with, you know, Star Wars and stuff like that. He talked about how Star Wars is related to entrepreneurship and just building an audience and stuff like that so they don't have to be exactly related. You can relate them to your content and your and your videos in your niche, but ideally, you're gonna look for something that is related. So I could make like an I. R s video. Clearly, a lot of people are searching for I arrest right now and taxes because it's about to be. It's I think taxes are due today already did them, Thank God. But so that's something I could relate to entrepreneurship. That's a good idea that, you know, might that I might not have thought off. And this is just gives you another idea of, you know, some video topics that you could basically take that you know, people are searching for and you can capitalize off the organic traffic that is around right now. Now another great example. And one of the ways that I do this as well It's simply to use YouTube as a viewer and yourself see what's being suggested on the platform. See what's going around currently. Obviously, if you're gonna watch, if you're gonna be a YouTube viewer and you're gonna subscribe to other similar related niece channels like yours, so you're creating, like, entrepreneurship stuff, you might not be, but I have a c m. What I would do is I would go to subscribe to another all these other entrepeneur channels , right, and I already do that. But what I would do is I go watch a couple of videos and then I look at the sidebar or below with a more mobile and see what's suggested to me what seems to be blowing up right now watch a bunch of videos, see what continues to get suggested to me. And then that would give me good ideas. Because if they're constantly being suggested, or topics like that or related videos are constantly being suggested, well, that's obviously an indicator that YouTube is trying to push those types of videos in that type of content right now because it's working. So a great example of this I'm gonna give you in a second eyes the mystery box videos that I did. But obviously you. There's a lesson to be learned there, and we'll talk about that one second. But if you see those other suggested videos, so if you're watching it as a YouTube viewer, then you want to make other videos very, very similar like that. Assuming that it is the same content and it is your same nation, it's relevant right now. Obviously there's an opportunity. Like we said in the marketplace, for a video like that. If you're suggesting right now to give you an example of these mystery box videos like I'm talking about. What I was doing is I was watching a bunch of entrepreneurship videos one night, and I happened to notice that these mystery box videos kept getting suggested me. This might have been, like six months ago, maybe even like 8 to 10 months ago. And what happened was I kept getting suggested all these mystery box videos, and I was wondering why they were getting suggested me all over the place because I've never been interested in, like, mystery box videos or anything like that on YouTube. So I clicked. 11 of them finally peaked. My interest in a quick one happened notice that the mystery box video was created by somebody with 10,000 subscribers, and it had gotten like, two million views in like, a month or like, two weeks or something crazy. And I remember thinking that isn't saying this guy's about 10,000 subscribers. How this you have a video that went viral in like, 2 to 3 weeks or whatever. Clearly the answer was the topic. It was the mystery box videos. So what I did is there. There is a lesson to be learned from eso state. Make sure you watch to the end of this. But what I did is I went ahead and I created to mystery box box videos to see if they had work. So I created the 1st 1 and it got it blew up. That got forward 16,000 views on my channel, right, which is very, very big for my channel of this current period of time. It's big for any channel and that very that worked a lot of work very, very well. And then what I did is I created another one and that one blew up about a week or two later and it got 238,000 almost 240,000 views. So clearly there was a market for that. That nation that topic at that current time in the YouTube marketplace. Right? So I capitalize off a great trend, and YouTube started suggesting my videos because they were looking for content that was very, very similar to mystery boxes. Hence why I created more mystery box videos. So what? I recommend that you Dio is that is a good and a bad example. It's a bad example because mystery boxes are not related to my content not related to my channel. And so anybody that came to my my channel subscribe for mystery box videos. I didn't care about any of the rest of my content or any concept that I create in the future. Hence the mistake. But it was good because I did capitalize off a trend and I got almost 750,000 views. So 3/4 of a 1,000,000 views in, like two weeks on two videos, because I capitalized off of a trend. So what I would recommend that you dio is use all these to your advantage, especially this. Use YouTube as a viewer yourself method and use the strategy that I'm teaching you here. Look for training videos and trending topics that you could basically capitalize on. But make sure don't make the mistake that I did. Make sure that they're related to your niche and the videos that you're currently making don't just capitalize on off a trend because it's being suggested that that might actually torpedo your channel in the long run and It's not beneficial to do that. You want to build an audience around a niche topic like we talked about. So yes, capitalize off this strategy and do it for yourself, but only if it's related to your videos currently. 4. 5: We won't talk about the quantity versus quality debate, you know, and this is a big one, and there's no one size fits all. You have to play around with it and figure out what's right for you and your channel and mawr. Importantly, this is straight from YouTube themselves. What's best for your audience. So if your audience tunes in every single day, and obviously that's gonna change depending on your niche, the content that you make you know and different you know some people can make if you're making like animations, you might only be able to put a video out every week or every month. But if you're making you know Wagner News, you might be able to put a video out every day. So it's best for what's best for you and what's best for your audience. A. Z well, as there is the baby. Okay, well, if you make more quantity of videos once you're channels monetized, then you're gonna get hit with that that video or in ad every single video, thus increasing your overall address. Right? But then you also have the plane effect. Well, if you spend time making on the adverse side on the other side of the spectrum you have. If you spend more time editing and making a video, maybe every other day or every couple days, that's more high quality. One of that attracts more viewers, thus increasing your subscribers. That's, you know, blowing you up that way and that that video gets more views than obviously more views as post more videos equals out. So there's a balance there. There's two sides of the spectrum. My opinion on that I tried the quality of trying to quantity, and it could be kind of discouraging when you spend a lot of time, especially when you're starting out, you know, really putting. Ah, high level at it. Together you put all this emotion into a video, and it doesn't get the traction that you hope for. Eso what I would suggest, especially for newer channels, were talking like 10,000 below, maybe even above that are realistically I've seen, like channels with 100,000 that still make you know, complete garbage edits, but it works for them in their audience. My channel, you know, I have the best that it's but but it still works for me as well, and I'm improving on that. So my suggestion would be to, you know, don't do quantity for the sake of quantity, but try to do quantity when you're first getting started. And don't worry so much about the quality because you'll start to get better at it. You start to get more comfortable in front of the camera. You start to notice what works with your nation, your your followers in your audience. All that is very, very important. You can't make quality without first learning quality through quantity, if that makes any sense. So I would say lean this'd spectrum and this is quantity and this quality when you're newer and you're first starting out, don't you don't want all the way over here with quantity. So you don't want you pushing out videos just for the sake of pushing out videos. But you want to be closer to the quantity side than you do to the quality because you can't you're not. You don't know how to make walk quality concept for lack of a better way to put it most of time initially. Now, if you do bio me and still you know you could do it both, and there are people out there that do both as well, but just something to keep in mind. 5. 6: So I really briefly want to talk about the importance of an upload schedule and whether or not that's something that you should actually pursue and whether or not it will help you on your journey to growing faster and obviously monetizing for passive income. Right? So, in my opinion, in up loading schedule is not necessary. But it's something you should strive for if you can, because it can certainly help you, right? So you should ask yourself a few questions. And there's some important things to keep in mind when you're focusing on an upload schedule for yourself. Okay, so you have to ask yourself, should you do at the same time every day? So you know, even if you're not doing it, you know the same time every single week, like every Monday, where every Wednesday or whatever that case is, you can often upload the same time every day. Now you can obviously go to your channel home page at the top. So if we pull up mind really fast, you can literally put that, you know, release videos at two PM boom done, or you don't have to say anything like that. You can literally Let me just pull it up really fast to show you exactly what I mean. Right? So when people hit your your channel home page, they're gonna come over Teoh this page right here and obviously new people. A lot of new people are going to see your channel home page. You'll see mine. Just very, very simple. Online entrepreneurship, very broad, right? But you can like I've seen a lot of people here say, you know, new videos every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 2 p.m. But if you're not planning on doing it and upload schedule every on certain days of the week, potentially you could do it. You know, generally speaking, or you could make a video and then schedule it to release at the next. You know, two PM that comes around or the next five PM that comes around or whatever time you elect to you know, when you've identified to be the best for your channel and, more importantly, your audience, right, cause it's all in audience game, so that's something to keep in mind. You could put it here or you don't have to, and you could just basically do it Your you know you could just start doing it at that time and then slowly, you know, people are smart. They'll pick up that. Hey, you release the video every single day at 11 a.m. Right were, Hey, you release a video and it's not. It's sporadic on the days, but it's every day it's or its on those days at 11 a.m. Right? So that's important, you know, you might want to think about should I do at the same time on the days that I upload, even if those days are sporadic, or should you try to do it? You know the same time every week in the same days every week, some of the most successful people that have built audiences that I know of a network with do it on the same times and every single days of those specific weeks. So, like the example I talked about before with the Channel home page, you're going to see some people say I release the video every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at two PM, right boom. Very self explanatory. Now there's there's some benefits and drawbacks of that, because obviously that means that you have to produce a video 33 days a week, which can be hectic, especially when you're starting to improve the content value of what you're doing. And like I said, different channels and I touched on this before. Different channels are gonna be able to create, you know, videos very quickly. And if you're doing like an animation channel or something, that obviously requires a lot more production value, it's gonna be very, very hard. So keep those things in mind. I can't answer those questions for you. Only you know your niche. Only you know what you're good at. Would you know what you want to base your channel around. So these are questions you have to ask answer for yourself. But obviously consistency matters and different, you know, scheduling matters, but it's not necessary. So some things to keep in mind, like I said, are the same times a day every single week or the same times on certain days. So that way, your audience knows, went to expect your content, and they'll start to that will start to improve your initial watch time. Because obviously one of the benefits of YouTube now is people can hit that bell. Notification. If they want to get notified when you upload, that will increase your initial watch time. But everybody doesn't do that. And I would say that a vast majority of people that subscribe to you will not have the bell clicked on. Right? So low caviar obviously want to get them to click the bell. You can suddenly mention that in certain videos. But even if they don't hit the bell, if you upload with a consistent schedule, they're gonna know that that's when your videos, you know, generally come. So I don't know what to look for. New videos potentially, and that will improve your initial watch time, which will improve your overall results and YouTube because the algorithms gonna love that . So examples of these, I mean, the pretty self explanatory. But you know, like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, like we talked about maybe once a week, you know, I used to try to do it like twice a week. I would you like Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that got a little hectic, too, so I just I started out with an upload schedule when I was first starting, but now I just produce content because I'm focused on like creating good products like this product right here. You have to ask yourself what fits your schedule all depending on what you can, you feel like you can go ahead and produce. I would say Start slower. Don't spread yourself too thin because then you're gonna get burnout. And that's not something that you want. You know, it's all about consistency. Build momentum and do it consistent over the long term. And it will pay off So once a week, like it said. Or every other day, only you can answer those questions. But the key take away is yes, it's not a must. The upload schedule is not a must, but it will certainly help you. So just try to keep it consistent. If you don't plan on trying to have a specific upload schedule with whatever you would like to do, whether it's, you know, the day of the week or the time a specific our right, just try to keep it somewhat consistent. It will help you, uh, and it will go a long way. So some other things to keep in mind as well are your ideal audience. Okay, so your ideal audience means where do they live in the world number one. So there's gonna be a lot of different people in a lot of different time zones watching your potential content. And if you obviously start a unity chance for you to meet, you know, instructor Page, then you start a YouTube channel. Those people are gonna more poverty. Region Channel is well, okay. So yet to keep in mind where your ideal audiences now, if you're strictly producing English content to, you know, around, like the English Premier Li, which is like a soccer, you know, if you don't know if you guys don't know, it's like soccer league in England. That's a random example. It's just the first thing that popped in my mind cause I love soccer, and I actually just watch a crazy game yesterday completely off tangent. But that's what got me thinking about it. So the whole thing that I'm trying to draw, the conclusion there right is if that's what your specific audience in your niches and the videos that you're making around, well, then a large majority of your audience is gonna be strictly in England or that surrounding area, right? So you know your time zone, So that's a benefit for you. Obviously you want to schedule or, you know, basically upload your content to fit that time zone better. So that's important to keep in mind. Where do you Where does your audience live In the world, or where does the majority of them live in the world? And how can you pander your content towards you know their schedule? Also, you need to ask yourself when will be accessing YouTube. So ah, good example of this, you know, might be if you're going after people working like a 9 to 5 job. You know, obviously, depending on the time zone again you want you want to structure your content when they're gonna be have the ability to access it, right? You don't want to put something out at two PM on a week day, because the majority of your your audience around that Mitch is going to be in work and not able to access YouTube, right? So maybe you want to drop it at, like in the mornings, like early on, so when they wake up, they can watch it. It gives them a better opportunity to watch it right, as opposed to like two. PM Maybe you want to do it right at lunchtime like 12 o'clock, or like 11. 30. So it's it's getting some traction once they're out there, you know, hopping on the phone on at lunch, right? Or maybe you want to do it after dinner. So, like, maybe like you're 78 oclock because you know, they're gonna be home sitting on the couch and looking for something to, you know, watch or something like that. Right? So these are all questions that I can't answer for you. It depends on your niche. It depends on your audience and more importantly, and I guess the most important thing is it depends on what works for you. Consistency matters. Overall, these are just little things that give a slight edge to you and something that keep in mind . But more importantly, just as yourself. Ok, where's my audience? What nation? How do I How do I put my content in the time zones that is going to affect them the best and what works for me in my schedule 6. 7: now, Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually want to click bait on YouTube most of the time. Especially especially when you're a new channel, right? So I get this all the time. I look across the board and other people say, You know, Brian, I see X Person doing it. O'Brien peut pie does it or Brian, My favorite use uber does it right. They have already built an audience. And if you look at anything you know across the board, any channel, we've talked about this before in the past lecture they've needed down. They built their channel on a niche first and then build their audience to the next level. And they're at a point now where it's the same thing on Instagram. It's the same thing on YouTube, right? They're at a point where they have a general audience that is gonna see and love their content anyway because they built their channel up to being, you know, x amount of subscribers and x amount of viewers per the the average video, Right, So they're at a point now where they can click bait. So what I'm trying to say is a bad example of a title would be like, You'll never believe what I just did today because to be quite honest and quite frank, I'm sorry, but it works for me to people. You know, I should say this to myself as well. This thought this title won't work for me either. Because guess what. Nobody cares about us yet, right? Like I have 15 16,000 subscribers currently while recording this, not enough people care about me and my lifestyle yet, right? So click baiting a title. That's like you'll never guess what happened to me today. Yeah, sure. You might get some views, but it's not gonna have the same effect as your top tier YouTuber or your peut pie is gonna You know, that's why it works for them, right? So instead, what you want to dio is you want to pick titles that are gonna rank in search results, right? Yeah, it's not gonna give you the most. It's not gonna be like the most innovative and lucrative way to entice futile Quick too quick on your video. Right. But it will be very neech down and a specific search result that people are going to be searching for so you're gonna cut, try to rank your titles and search. That will be the best benefit to you as a smaller channel while you grow. Because it'll be evergreen and evergreen basically means it will continue to bring people and continue to bring viewers and subscribers into your video and into your overall channel . Right? So this is specifically what we're gonna talk about the next lecture picking titles that will rank in search, and I will show you exactly how to do that and exactly how I do that. It's very, very, very beneficial. And I've taken like a said countless you tube courses and they all say the same thing. And there's a reason for that. You want to try to rank titles in search results. Even the top YouTubers now still do that to a certain degree. You know, if you're looking at like niece channels like, you know, like a Ryan Scrivener or like, you know, like a ah Graham Stephan or something like that right there, still trying to rank titles and search. They're still trying to rank totals and suggested, and there's a reason for that. Obviously, if you're looking out like entertainment channels a little bit different, but I'm assuming the majority of us that are creating content and if you are more power to you. But the majority of us creating content are not going to entertainment based channels. It's gonna be a niche topic because you're trying to make money with your content and passive income, right? That's what I would be suggesting. The entire next lecture will go into how to actually rank your titles and search correctly . But more importantly, you'll get a lot of traffic and evergreen traffic from your your traffic from search results specifically with your titles in your description. Right? But mawr importantly, you're gonna get as you grow. Ah, lot more traffic from suggested content. That's basically YouTube suggesting your content across the board. So that's if you're like on mobile or your home desktop to give me an example, and we click on the video right, and we let's pause the video really fast. This is suggested over here, right? This is suggested up next. All these right here suggested, and obviously there's, you know, this using usually here for most people because I have analytics going so like, let's see if we can. Ah, we hide this. There we go. So that's what suggests. It looks like on the right of most people right now, if you're on mobile, it's literally just gonna be right below the video, which obviously people scroll down, they will get the comments. They also look at other videos while they're bored, and they're losing attention on the video. So that suggested you want the whole key was suggested as you want to show up if I'm making , like, a video on uber. Right and other people are watching this video. Look, 84,000 people have watched this video in past couple days, roughly on uber. Right? Well, my whole goal to get suggested within uber video is to be on the side or below. You know, other uber videos. Because obviously people that are interested in uber or that type of nation, that type of topic are gonna be potentially interested in mind. Right? So you want to get YouTube on your side, suggesting your content next to these videos and below these videos, And the way that you do that is by giving it a definite topic. So you're gonna do you're gonna knock out two birds with one stone, right? You're not click baiting. Instead, you're going after a rank herbal title in search, but also a definite topic when you go after that rankle title because it gives YouTube a certain you know, 100%. This is what this video is about so that they can better suggest your content. Two other people that are more interested in right cause YouTube has trap has literally data on everybody. So they know ahead of time. What other people are gonna be more inclined to want to watch, right, and their whole goal? YouTube is your best friend when you're creating a channel, because their whole goal was to keep people on the platform longer so that they can watch more ads. Right? And the whole thing with that is, if you're creating content and giving them definite topics and not click baiting, well, you're giving them a better opportunity in a better chance to suggest your content to more people and then you both win. So I highly suggest that you don't click bait instead, go after rang Kable titles in search results, which will be the next lecture specifically on how I do that and you could do it as well. And then also more importantly, think you know you want to be clear. So YouTube knows what your videos about. 7. 8: So now we're gonna talk about ranking for niche topics and why that's important, right? So you want to meet down? You want to get really, really specific. You don't want to stay two broad when you're creating your title or your video topic, right? And the reason being is you're gonna be fighting an uphill battle against larger channels that you can't win necessarily. Why would you fight the uphill battle when you can each down and fight a battle on a smaller, you know, battlefield essentially and have a better chance to come out on top, Right? Makes a lot of sense, because if you're standing 22 broad, especially when you're starting out, you don't have that channel. You know that that channel notoriety. Yet you don't have that channel push. You're not gonna. Rank is high in search results for certain things against other bigger channels. So you're just setting yourself up for failure. So I want to give you an example of this. So we're gonna go over to YouTube and actually go into the search results right now, an example of a very broad topic, right. Bitcoin right. You would have a very, very very tough time ranking for a topic like Bitcoin, and the reason being is a lot of these other big channels right here. And these are like brand new videos that are just getting suggested. YouTube's trying to give them a little push, but if you scroll down slightly to the ones that are actually ranked here shameless Maya. 1.2 million views. Immersive Tech TV 362,000 views. Simply explained. Sob, sob, G. Whatever. It's 12.8 million views, right for 11 views. Now let's just check out these actual video or these actual channels. 1.1 million subscribers 22,000 So that's actually pretty. You got this person actually rank fairly well for that. But they're obviously their videos. Already ranked 22,000 subscribers. 129,000 subscribers, 17,000 subscribers. So actually, this actually doesn't look like that that, you know, competitive of ah, too broad keyword. That's a bad example. But let's let's just run with it because I guarantee you, if you did that and like, you know ah, bigger. Uh, what's the word I'm looking for? Like a bigger span of things. You would see much more competitive results in search. So instead, what you want to do is you want to go Nishi down, right? So you don't want just go Bitcoins. That's way too broad. You're going to set yourself up for failure. You're gonna be fighting an uphill battle against bigger channels that have already ranked videos on that topic, right? Instead, you want to go really niche down. So let's say you're doing like Bitcoin mining, right? Obviously, one of the suggested things here that's I would argue that's even still too broad, right? Especially. And this is for brand new channels where you're like looking at, like 1000 subscribers to realistically or even like zero subscribers. Zero subscribers to like, you know, 5000 or 10,000 subscribers. You don't want to stay to two broad, right, so you'll see literally over here on the key word score. Very, very poor. Let's go back to Bitcoin and all to show you the keyword skirt score. Also very, very poor, So Bitcoin mining is very broad as well. It's still not Neech down enough. Yeah, it's a longer tail keyword. Longer tell meaning that's just, you know, Mawr. a central small keywords in the big key word. So to teach down a little bit more. But what instead you want to do is you want to go like the best, the best. Bitcoin mining. We'll see what pops up software, right? The best Bitcoin mining software is much more long tail and niche down than Bitcoins, then just Bitcoin mining, right? So that's something you want to go out and target. Now that's still poor, but it's a little bit better. It's a 13 instead of a nine, right? So then maybe you want to say the best Bitcoin mining software of 2000 and 19 and that's even improving. Still, so fair. It's getting 31 so you'll see that there's not as much competition to match it. But there is a decent amount of search volume. Obviously, Bitcoins gone down. This probably a lot more competitive back when it was like 2018 and early on. But that's just the general idea. You don't want to stay too broad. You want to go very, very niche down when you're starting out, give you another example, because clearly that was a bad example. I literally just ran through to give you an example. We're gonna give you another example, but what I do want you to focus on more importantly is you want to get specific and you want to teach downright clearly. There's a lower risk, obviously, with you know, when you're going broad, there's a high risk, high reward, right, because your video might not get seen by anybody in search. And it might not get suggested because other videos that are already ranked and proven are getting suggested. Right. That said, if you're going very, very in each down, you're competing against a lot less videos that are very, very niche in that in that specific needs, right? So you're gonna get suggested a lot more on other related videos, which is gonna bring you great targeted traffic that targeted traffic is going to be caring about your video a lot more. Therefore, it's going to be watching your video for longer and thus increasing your metrics overall. And then it's a spiral on snowball effect. You get the picture. So what you do want to subscribe us, you know, basically strive for when you're a newer channel is the snitch and specific topics that are more long tail keywords on. There's a lower risk, but it is a more consistent reward. So what you want to do is you want to think, like targeted and evergreen niche topics that are going to sit there for you. That's a mouthful targeted evergreen niche topics. It just means something that's going to sit there and continue to earn your views over the long haul and rank for you, right? So let's go through another example. Let's say you're gonna do online are just one thing that I'm very familiar, right? So online arbitrage is, you know, very, very broad keyword. You'll see here there's a There's a decent house search volume about 21,000 per month roughly, but it's very, very competitive. Even worse than Bitcoin. It's four out of 10 overall now, and this is Ah, this is too buddy. If you guys don't know Teoh, I'm gonna suggest this in the next actual lecture. I'm sure you exactly how to used up to Buddy and rank something on and use the keyword explorer very, very valuable stuff. Okay, So what I would want to do is I want to go. Okay? online arbitrage A little bit more niche down, right? So just give the general idea. So what we're gonna say is like online arbitrage software. Ah, what's going best if my my mouse works Best online arbitrage software for 2000 and 19 right ? A little bit more niche down. Same overall, you know, idea. And you'll see this is a little bit better. So it's It doesn't have as much search volume, but the competition there is almost green. It's pretty solid. So that's a decent one that you want to go after. Now. I'm not even be ranked on one of these videos, and I am right here. So a month ago, I rank the video right here for 1.4000 views. Almost said 1,000,000 that me crazy, right? So you'll see here that this is great stuff and you really want to stick longer tail keywords. You don't want to fight an uphill battle and go to too broad, too fast 8. 9: So now I'm gonna give you a run through of two buddy and using keyword Explorer And why you should use this to front. Load your keywords in your title and also front. Load your keywords in your description. Now, this comes right from YouTube. If you go into the new beta studio, it will literally tell you word for word, front loading your keywords. And this is straight from YouTube front loading your keywords, basically meaning if you put them in, the more more towards the beginning of your title and more towards the beginning of your description, meaning probably like the first like couple words of your title. Obviously, if they're in your title, they're gonna rank anyway. But the more they give more weight to the actual keywords that are more front loaded in your title and the keywords that are more front loaded in your description than they do overall in the overall title or overall description, right? It still helps rank, but obviously they're talking about front. Looting means more so for specifically that means, like the first couple words of a title and maybe like the first paragraph or first line or two of your actual description. So what I like to do is I'll use to buddy, especially for my title, but also to throw keywords in my description. If we go back to some of the videos I created before, let's go look away and like secrets of scaling any business that didn't do that well. But obviously it's it's evergreen. So it will pick up a bunch of Vegas a bunch of views over the long haul. Right? So you'll see, like one of the I forget the exact keyword that I was looking for here, but I wrote a ridiculous amount of you know, of keywords in my description, right, with a lot of them being front loaded in the 1st 1 And this is something I learned from Graham Stephan. Actually, by taking his his premium course on YouTube, he really talks about why would you not go after potential keywords ranking your description. So the whole reason I'm telling you this and I do that here is well, if you want to look through that one and a lot of my newer videos because you want to give yourself the best chance to rank, right? So what? I'm trying to say is used to buddy keyword Explorer to find those keywords that are more waited in your advantage, right? So let's go back to Let's think of a random example, right? Let's go to like, uh, like diet food. I don't I don't know why. Diet food. That's later the first thing that popped in my mind drinking Diet Coke right here. So not that diet Diet Cokes. Not It's not diet food, but I don't know. Let's just roll that that popped in my mind. So we'll go like diet food, right? And that's probably gonna be bad cured. Okay, it's gonna show you exactly what pops up and says Poor. The same thing that we're looking through in the search results on the side. Same thing popped up. Only this is exactly targeted, and it's also going to suggest you other you know, good examples. So this is 100 sent free by the way to If you guys want to grab to Buddy, the keyword explorer is 110 free. You don't have to actually pay for the two body service. You could just sign up for free and then use keyword explorer. If you do want to upgrade later, I'll drop an affiliate link directly above this video, and that will obviously invite you to join to Buddy. Like I said, you can go through that affiliate link. You don't have to purchase it. And then if you decide to purchase in the future, I get Affiliate Commission. Obviously, that's much appreciated, but you can just stick with the free service. You don't ever have to pay for it, and you still can use to keyword explore. So what I'm trying to say is, this is going to show you exactly. It's poor, right? So there's, Ah, high amount of search volume for diet food. But the competition is ridiculous, although you can optimize it for optimization strength if you go a little bit better. So let's go some of the other related keywords. So it's trying to diet food. Uh, let's go. Best diet foods bet best diet foods for summer, obviously a little bit more targeted, right? So let's find out for this. So this is still very, very poor, right? It's got a little it doesn't have as much search volume, and it's also very more very much competitive. Let's go like the number one diet food this year, and you can play around with this and finding good waited keywords and start to notice that some of them really, really hit. And there's a lot of search volume and not as much competition for them and those air keywords that I'm gonna put in the word right and then try to figure out maybe I'm gonna go through 10 to 20 keywords and don't sleep on this guy's. I know a lot of people focus on spending like an hour to creating their video and an hour editing their video, right? And then they don't focus on the title or the thumbnail or any of the keywords in the description. And it doesn't make any sense to me because it's yes, I get the fact that you made the video. You want to get it out there. You're excited about it. I trust me. I go through the same process, but you need to take a deep breath in you to go through these these exact things because it's going to give you a lot better chance to rank your video, which is gonna do so much more for your video over the long haul, you gotta bring in that evergreen traffic, and this is the way to do it right? So let's try to find a little bit better. Dia Foods. Probably a bad example, cause it's super competitive, I'm sure. So let's go back to the online arbitrage. I know I always do that, but it's something that I know a lot about. So let's go online. Arbitrage is obviously gonna show you. It's a bad example. It's fair, right? Somewhat search volume. But it's pretty competitive, and there's not that much optimization strength. So what you want to do is then you want to go online arbitrage with Amazon F B A very, very good boom, and there's a decent on the search volume. There's barely any competition, and there's a great amount of optimization strength. So what, then I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna copy that, right? And I put that in my word document. I'm just gonna come down and add, like maybe 10 to 20 of these really good waited. Sometimes I'll go with like, medium ones that Aaron like yellow light green, obviously, but more ideally, you want them all the way up. And then what I do right is I go through and basically this was perfect. I hit on it. So I'm gonna make my title with this, probably in the beginning, right? And then what I'm also gonna do is I'm gonna come up with, like, 10 to 20 other ones, and I'm gonna put them all in the description like I showed you those long descriptions. I'm gonna write out a description like that takes 5 to 10 minutes of your time, Max, and it's gonna do a wonders for your videos over the long term and bring in targeted traffic because you don't just want subs. Especially when you're trying to monetize your contact for passive income. You don't just want subs and you don't just want views, right? You want targeted subs and targeted views the whole point being if you're gonna potentially sell your in your in your YouTube description or you gonna potentially sell any other content were monetized for that. You want quality subs and quality viewers and this is the way to do it. So what I'm gonna do then is I'm gonna come out. Let's come up with one more just give an example. I won't waste your time with it. I'm not gonna Can you continue doing this? I highly recommend that you go through the link above, download the two body and use keyword Explorer. Start playing around with it and you'll find out for yourself just how valuable this Let's go. Like online arbitrage tutorial. Uh, we'll go. Amazon online arbitrage tutorial. Amazon Online arbitrage tutorial. Right, A little bit more longer. Tail some other key words in there. Excellent. Right? So decent amount of search volume. It's It could be a little better, but there is literally no competition for this. And the organization strength is 100% there. So then what do we do? We come in, we copy this and we're gonna put it right here, right? And then we're gonna continue to go down and find a bunch of other good ones and very good ones and put them all into a We're gonna figure out which ones Probably the best. And then we're gonna, depending on if we can create a video around that based on the title where the key word that we're talking about and that's a suggestion that I'm gonna suggest you in the future, right? You want to create your titles and your thumbnail first. You don't have to, but it will really go a long way to help you out. And we'll talk about that more, more so in the future. But let's say already created your video, then Obviously, you're gonna select the best moment, fits the best with your video and then make just make a title around it. Right? Then you're gonna take all the other ones that you came up with. Put them in your description. Obviously, don't just, like list them there. But you want to kind of just write them in your description. Doesn't have to read like a freakin you know, book. And it's gotta be well written. It just just the makes sense. And then, you know, you want to fit your keywords in there as best you can write, and then guess what you're also gonna do, right? You're also gonna take these keywords and you're gonna put them in your tags when you're uploading your video. And that's how you do it, guys. That's how you get the most bang for your buck. These are two great keywords. They're gonna bring a lot of traffic because nobody is. Nobody's competing over them, right? So if anybody at any point time this entire year comes through the start of our own Amazon or not on that on YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world, just behind Google, guess who's gonna pop up for that for that search term. The video that I create on that right, so that's how you use it. That's how you use it to your advantage. I highly I can't stress this enough. I highly recommend that you go ahead and use the keyword Explorer. And don't just create a video or a piece of content and throw it up on YouTube and hope it works. Give yourself the best chance to rank for it, and you will do a lot less work and your garner a lot more video views and a lot more targeted subs that will buy your by and watch your other content to make you more money and will continue to return back to your other content. Assuming roughly around the same niche because you're getting quality subs and quality viewers with targeted keyword phrases that are front loaded in your tar in your title and your description 9. 10: so I know a lot of people are still fascinated with a whole click baiting right. I get it. It's constantly brought up to me and questions. And when I do consulting, people are like aren't so where do I click bait? It's like I would recommend that don't necessarily Clickbait, especially your titles. But you can rank and click bait in certain ways. So here's how you do it right, So you want to think bankable titles book Lick baby Thumbnails. Okay, so you want obviously rank your titles like we talked about Hit that home in the past, like three lectures or so is very, very important. You don't click bait in your titles. Instead, what you want to dio is you'll get the best of both worlds if you click bait in your thumbnails and then you rank your titles right. So think that think of your thumbnails is the opportunity to click bait, but the opportunity to click bait your title right? So you want to still make your title really, really rank Kable and good and long tail so that you can bring that evergreen content because that's what YouTube's gonna use to basically suggest your video and figure out what it's about. But your thumbnail, the actual picture in your thumbnail and what you suggest and how you actually click bait. That's your opportunity to do so, right? That's your opportunity to generate interest. That's your opportunity to capture the eye and capture someone's attention. So use your thumbnails. The Clickbait that said Don't abuse it. Don't get a little crazy with it. You still wanted to be relevant and still wanted to describe your video. Maybe just leave something out. Maybe just tease the audience a little bit about what the video could potentially be about , what they could gain. Think of pain points number one and you know solving a problem, and this is basically your opportunity to get innovative and use your creativity. But think thumbnails for Clickbait and titles for ranking. Don't click bait in your titles. You can potentially Clickbait a little bit in your thumbnails, right, But just make sure it's still relevant and describes the video That's very important 10. 11: All right, so now a fun lecture. Now this is like the This is like the secret sauce that everyone's after, right? This is literally like everyone to know, Like what goes into the out rhythms so that they can better, you know, basically create their videos around, you know, ranking on the algorithm right now, before we get into this, I want to preface this by saying that nobody actually knows exactly what's in the YouTube out of rhythm and exactly what makes it tick. Obviously, you have never releases. That's people. And if people didn't know, that would make give them a huge, massive advantage over other channels. So nobody actually knows these things. That said, I feel like this is a great representation of what is most likely in the algorithm and what Mu Shin most likely focus on if you want to basically appease the algorithm the best. Now, where is this information coming from? Where am I getting this right? Am I just making this up? Have I just watched YouTube videos? No. Obviously, this is anecdotal experience over. I have about I've created about three channels now. One was a creative comments, but I've had two channels and I've uploaded almost, you know, probably upwards of 500 videos onto the platform. So this is my own anecdotal experience. Furthermore, I've taken like I said, about five courses now on other you tubers, so this is exactly what they say. So this is also information from people that I network with that also have, you know, other. There are also other content creators and also have YouTube channels of their own. We always network. We always give information back and forth what works for us, what doesn't seem to be working. And then we find your commonalities between everybody that seems to be working. So this is not just speculation. It's exactly my anecdotal experience. It's people that I network within their experience and their videos and what their videos have shown and the facts behind it. And it's also information from other YouTube and YouTube courses that I've taken and people that they network with us. Well, right. A great example of this would be Graeme Stephens took its course right? That was probably the most recent use. Of course, that was the most recent course I took on. He basically talks about networking with, like, five other YouTubers, which is basically what I do as well. Although the new tours that he networks with our like very good. YouTubers So we're talking like people in the millions people in, like, the hundreds of thousands of subscribers. So it works for them, and it works on a high scale on a high level. And it also works for me and other people that I network with that are sitting like, you know, below 100,000. So we're talking like, you know, some of them are like 55,000. Some of them are like 25,000. Some of them were, like 16,000 like me. And then some of them are, like 2 3000 just starting their challenges. Right? So it works across the board from up and down. Let's jump in to the algorithm. Ranking factors now, first and foremost is watch time. Now, watch. Time is the accumulation, obviously, of how many minutes and, you know, basically seconds your your video is watched over. All right, So somebody comes your video and they clock 30 seconds. Then your video accumulates 30 seconds of watch time, right? Somebody comes your video and the next person clocks in two minutes and 30 seconds. Well, now you have three minutes of overall watch time, right? It's a metric that they used to show how long people are watching, and it's obviously a major ranking factor now, I have said, and this is not not getting this from anyone else but longer. Videos obviously do better most of the time, so that is coming from other people. That's just a known fact. Longer videos, assuming the same quality as a shorter video. So that's key. Assuming the same quality as shorter video, long readers tend to do better most of time. Why, it's plain and simple what they accumulate more wash time. Right now, I'm saying that ideally, you want something that's in between 10 minutes and one second in 19 minutes and 59 seconds to get the most bang for your buck. Watch time wise. Why am I saying that? What does that mean? Well, we're gonna talk about this a little bit more in the future, but your video needs to be over 10 minutes, specifically, at least 10 minute and one second to be ableto put. Multiple ad breaks on it once you're monetized, right? So this obviously goes once you're monetized. If you're not monetized yet, then you know, let's keep it under 1959. But for people that are monetizing are focusing on monetizing the future. Obviously, because if you monetize the video in the future or if you create a video now and you monetize in the future, if it's longer than 10 minutes and one second, you could monetize that video in the future. So what I'm saying is the ideally length 10 minutes and one second comes from, you know, being able to put multiple ad breaks on that video. Now we know we don't know, but it's been proven practically by other anecdotal experience. And other people that I network with is Long is like I said, Graeme Stephens Network. And basically, if you put more ad breaks on a video, YouTube is a business right. So obviously it makes sense for YouTube to suggest videos that are going to make them more money, right? So if you put multiple ad breaks on your video tastefully, of course, we'll talk about that in the future lecture. Then guess what YouTube is gonna be more inclined to suggest your videos across the board, because why will they make them more money? And at the end of day, YouTube's a business. Now I've seen this debated on YouTube and across the board so many times, and it blows my mind. I don't understand if people out there think that YouTube is not going to give themselves the best chance to do the best as a business by suggesting other videos that have more ads on them. Well, quite frankly, I completely disagree with those people. It just makes sense. At the end of the day, YouTube is not. It's not a content platform. It's out of this sort. It's not a that it is a business that serves content, right? So, ideally, you want your videos to be over 10 minutes and one second, because that way you can add multiple ad breaks and get them suggested more. You make more money, YouTube makes more money, and YouTube suggests your videos a lot more. Everybody wins. Now. You do want to keep them below 27 20 minutes of 1959. Ideally, the reason being there's just something about that, too. Oh, number people see a 20 minute video. People are gonna look at that 20 minute YouTube video and be like, I don't know if I have 20 minutes right now, like maybe I'm into that topic so I'll just table it and I hit it and watch later and I'll watch it later, right? But then they might never come back. You'll never accumulate any watch time. So there's something psychological that I've noticed. And like I said, it comes from my network as well. And the people I talked to, as well as other networks I've taken courses with it comes across the board. P. There's something about that, too. Oh, number that videos like that tend to not do as well as videos that are like 18 minutes, or like 17 minutes for 12 minutes. There's something about that sweet spot in there were capturing enough watch time, and you're getting as many ads on your videos as you potentially can tastefully. Of course, you're getting suggesting more, but not crossing the barrier to 20 minutes where people are gonna be turned off by that to zero. That's my suggestion, but I highly take highly recommend that you take it into account. So some key takeaways here, obviously, like I said, more watch times better. Longer videos tend to do better. That said, don't make longer videos just for the sake of making longer videos and stretching them longer. If you have to, that's probably the worst thing that you can dio Like I said, This is just that this is not like a and don't be all. It's not a prescription. It's just a tool in your tool belt that you can use. Oh, you happen to make you know you happen to come up with a topic that you feel like you could make a 12 minute video on more power to you, that that video has a better chance to rank algorithm wise because you're accumulating more . Watch time, right? That doesn't mean that you force everything into this tiny boxes, just giving you better ideas and better tools for your tool belt to use. So don't force it and don't sacrifice quality for length, right? So obviously a two minute video to give you an example a quality two minute video, most people would say, Oh, that's not gonna humiliate that much. Watch time but a very high quality two minute video with an average watch time of one minute, 30 seconds will do a lot better than a 20 minute video with an average watch time of a minute or a minute, 30 or a minute. 40. Right? So quality don't sacrifice. Want length for quality? Obviously, in a nutshell. And in a perfect world, if both had the same quality, the longer video would have the potential to accumulate more watch time. Ideally, you want to keep it in between 10 minutes and that 19 minutes and 59 seconds. Right, so the next hour of the factor that you know goes into ranking a video is click through rate. Now this is super super important and one of the best ways to get click through rate. Obviously it's gonna titles and thumbnails, but thumbnails focusing on your thumbnails is the best way. And I made this mistake literally for like, the 1st 1 year and 1/2 to 2 years that I was on YouTube. I didn't focus on improving my thumbnails right there. They're literally the number one thing that people use to demonstrate or determine if they want. If they're interested in the video, right? The title matters, and it matters a lot. But the title matters more for ranking and search results. The thumbnail is what's gonna capture attention and mawr often than not allow the person to decide. This is a video I want to click on. This is a video I don't want to click on, right, So the thumbnail is the biggest indicator of your click through rate and the easiest way to improve your click through rate. Improve your thumbnails, right? So people, how often people click your thumbnail compared to other similar thumbnail options that they're given essentially is quicker rate. So to give you an example, if your thumbnail a your videos thumbnail a right and what YouTube's algorithm is gonna do is it's going to start putting you in. Suggest in places that it's gonna start suggesting you right. And it's also going to suggest other videos that are very similar to yours, with other similar thumbnails, inventors, other similar titles and what it's doing is it's always a B testing. It's always split testing. It's always seeing which videos doing and performing better, right? So if you're to give you a very similar simple example. If your video has is going up against video be that's also getting suggested, suggested and also started about a week or two ago. Well, and your video outperforms video be through click through rate. Well, your video is gonna start getting suggesting more than video. Be clearly because you're click the rates a lot better, right? And then what it's gonna do is maybe a video be drops off and it doesn't. It stops getting suggested cause your video outperformed it. But then what they do is they bring in video, see right. Another video completely. So now you're competing against another video for those same suggested slots that are basically like digital real estate. So now you're competing against video, see, and maybe your video outperformed video. See? So now you're getting suggest more in those other spots and you're getting a lot more traffic as well. But then what they do is they bring in video de and your video completes against video D for suggested right and a video de knocks you off. Then you know it's the same overall process. You're always competing against other videos for ranking. Click through rate is major and the best way that you can import prove your click the rate . Obviously title plays a factor as well. Slightly fact, a slight factor, but in my opinion, it plays a better factor in ranking. Search results were giving YouTube the best idea of what's in your video to suggest it. But the thumbnail is what's gonna capture people's attention and basically allow them to decide. This is the video for me, where this is not the video for me and just capture their overall tension. So the easiest way that conclude improve your thumbnails is to use a good software. Now can va, In my opinion, there's a bunch out there can vote, in my opinion, is the best free software. I personally used photo shop. Now I love it. You'll see it down here. It gives you a lot of other integrations that Campbell obviously doesn't Campbell being free. If you're starting out on a low budget stick with camera, it works great, and I built my entire channel, you know, for the first year with just using can va and it's very, very easy to use and very beginner friendly. Now, photo shops a little bit more advanced, but it gives you so many more features, and you can watch tutorial after tutorial on using photo shop. Also, I highly suggest there's a video. There's, ah, link to photo shop. That's an affiliate link. Obviously, if you want to go out and grab it, you don't have to. If you're on a budget, you don't have a lot of money. Just use Camba initially when you're starting out. But if you're serious about this and you want to give your your video is the most bang for your boxers. Compete against the other radios. Better. I highly suggest you invest in Roberta Blake Starter Kit as well. That link will be an affiliate link above as well. Now, just to give an example, I use a Roberta Blix affiliate for birth defects affiliate. Roberto Blakes, YouTube starter kit. It is phenomenal, and it basically comes through. You'll see it's 100 bucks here It's 99 99 99 bucks, but basically what I did when I bought his YouTube starter kit, which is like 34 months ago and made a ridiculous difference in the bin. My ability and ease of creating thumbnails. Explain why in a second and the production quality of the thumbnails. So I've been seeing seeing a hot, ah lot higher click through rate on my new Photoshopped thumbnails with his starter kit than the old thumbnails that he's create that were complete garbage. I obviously have a lot of improvement to go and a lot longer to Dio. That said, It is something that you want focus on. Okay, so if you just Google Roberta Blake starter kit coupon code, that's exactly what I did. And it pops up with a $40 coupon code that works and it still works. I also suggested it and one of my courses fairly recently, and other people have used it. So at this point in time at the end of April, it still works 40% $40 off. And that's exactly what I did. And then you just pop that in to the starter kit right here and then it's only 60 bucks is not 100. So if you like, I said, if you're on a budget, just use camera. Don't need to use photo shop or you don't need the starter kit. But if you're serious. This has made a huge difference in my literally creating content for me. It's made it super, super easy, and the reason being is it comes with I thought you could scroll down and see it, but it comes with like like 100 50 or 200 pre made thumbnails, And he's obviously got a graphic design background, and he's very good with photo shop. So it comes with pre made thumbnails that you can literally just use the design that's already created for you. Switch out the text to what you wanted to say and then switch out a picture. So you're getting like the ability to create thousands and thousands of thousands of high quality thumbnails that are already pre made for you that are pretty much just drag and drop a picture in and switch out the tax for what you wanted to say. I highly recommend that you use this to increase your click through it. Like I said, YouTube starter kit above and also the photo shop link above. If you're on a budget, you don't need a spring for them. Just use can va. It's free, and I also still use it from time to time when I want to do something really fast. So another major ranking factor with the YouTube algorithm is audience retention. Now, audience retention is major factor. It's basically how long you retain the audience is awareness and how long you can keep them on their video for, you know. So if you if you get them started and they leave like 30 seconds in, well, then your audience retention is gonna be a lot worse. Right then, if you keep them from 0 to 3 minutes, then you have a three minute on average audience retention. Everybody YouTube tracks everybody, that's that's visiting your video. And the longer audience attention, the better your video's gonna do. Metric wise and the better it's gonna rank in the hour. So what, you want to dio couple tips. You want to capture your audiences attention right away. You don't want to, you know, get I did. I made this steak so many times when I start starting out, you don't want to beat around the bush. You don't want to like, you know, talk about your day. You don't want to talk about No, you want to give them right away. You want to reinsure there? There dis police about clicking the video. You want to capture their attention with an audit with an attention grab and you might have , maybe people have suggested that you have about 3 to 20 seconds, Max. To do this, I would say it's even shorter than 20 seconds. I'd say you have about three to maybe five, maybe 3 to 10 seconds to literally capture their attention. And they're gonna make that split second decision of my staying Or am I going right? So the way that you do that essentially is you have to remember that YouTube is a competitive place first and foremost, and you have to make sure that you have a compelling hook that's gonna keep them, you know, wanting to watch more. And if you don't have that compelling hook and you think that I'm just making this up, try it. And what will happen is people will just click off your video and go to a different video that's being suggested on the sidebar or below their video. If they're on mobile because they're gonna click on something else that captures their attention and then they're gonna play that same 5 to 10 5 to 12th guessing game of Does this? Is this what I want or is this not what I want? And this could never be more true than right now when thumbnails are super competitive So you want to capture their attention with the thumb now and then basically click bait them essentially into clicking. But then you want to drive home the point that hey, they are right in the, uh They are actually in the actual the place in the video that they wanted to click on, right? So what you want to dio is immediately right away. To do that to get the hook is you want relate to them and their interests, right? You want to tell them immediately what they're gonna get? Why should why they should care about watching and make sure you want to make sure that you let them know and reiterate that they are indeed in the right place, right? The video that they clicked on and they're expecting is exactly what they're about to meet . Those is gonna be spoon fed to them, right is exactly what they're getting exactly what's gonna be delivered right to. So the whole reason being is if somebody clicks on online arbitrage tutorial video, right to give an example and you start the video out in the 1st 20 seconds talking about how you know, you're really excited to get in on arbitrage. But, you know, you wanted to make this video an hour later or an hour earlier, but some dude cut you off in traffic and nobody cares. I'm not saying that to be mean. I'm just saying the whole those first 32 20 seconds are the most important 3 to 20 seconds of your entire video. People are gonna make that split second decision. Is this valuable video that I'm going to stay and watch? Where am I going? Somewhere else. And you need to make that answer yes, for a vast majority of people that click on it. Right. So, like I said, you want to reiterate that they are in the right place. Maybe you hop on the video immediately. Like, welcome to the online arbitrage tutorial guys today I'm going to and then you're gonna tell them what they get right today. I'm gonna run you through an exact tutorial How to use online arbitrage to make five grand a month right from your computer boom. You're gonna tell them what you're gonna get, what they're gonna get and why they should care about watching through. That's must be washed watching, not waving or what? We don't even know what that is. Wapping. But that's a great example of an attention grabber right in the beginning. What's going on, guys? Welcome to the online arbitrage tutorial. I'm excited to bring this to you today so that you, too, can make five grand a month, right from the computer doing online arbitrage with Amazon. Boo. Don't superfast. They know exactly that. Hey, they clicked on the on the online arbitrage. Victoria, all They got the online RHS tutorial. We're gonna run through all that here in a second. So they should continue watching. And you're telling them exactly what they're gonna get. 5 to 10 you know, five grand a month, right from their computer doing online arm charge. That's the outcome, right? Keep that in mind. It's super super valuable. Now, Another ranking factor is engagement. So that we're talking like simple things. Like likes, comments, dislikes, even are actually, you know, barely good. Now you don't want your dislike. Fact your dislike metric to ever go above your likes. So if your likes or above your dislikes, then you can keep you come accumulating more, and it still helps you rank right. But if ever your dislikes get over your likes, they have said, you know, people have it's speculation, but it's pretty much proven essentially that. Then you to will subject stop suggesting your video. So within reason, if I think it's like one this like, it's that doesn't do that. But if you want your likes to be more than your dislikes, obviously, but this likes actually help. Your video, if you're likes, are considerably more so. That's also things like shares, and the best way that you can go about increasing your engagement is just ask for it. Suddenly, you know, don't always in the beginning do it. But, like one way that has been suggested to me that really, really works well is like, you know, if you're going through a list of 10 things, right, well, what people will do a lot of times will be like number one is this number two is that Number three is, you know, hit that, like button. So that you and then they joke around with it, right? It's like a subtle way to kind of say, Hey, I'd appreciate it if you do this now. Another way to do is just be genuine. Be like it means a lot to me. If you guys would go ahead and like this video, it does a lot for the algorithm. And I put a lot into this, and I want to deliver you value. So if you hit that like button, I really, really appreciate it, guys, that go a long way and people will do it for you. Now, the last thing we're gonna talk about this session starts in session time. Now, what does that mean? Well, essentially, what you want to dio is sessions start times are when you bring people to YouTube. So if you bring the outside traffic to YouTube, your video and your YouTube channel is gonna get a bonus for doing that right. And session Time is, once you bring them there or they start on one. Your videos. How long do you keep them on YouTube? Overall? So most people do this on and you'll see this cross the board and something that you're gonna be doing as well, and I do it as well. So you're going to suggest them outside links like your YouTube, like your unity courses or your website or anything like that. Your email list right? Captured him on the landing page, and that's OK. You can do that from time to time. But the whole key here and YouTube is has said this before we talk about here in a second is YouTube rewards channels that keep viewers watching longer, right. So if you can increase your session start times and you can increase your session time, it's gonna be a major factor and ranking for the algorithm. So you want to bring people to YouTube and keep them there. I put a period there for emphasis. Bring people to YouTube and keep them there. That will give you a major boost on that specific video and your channel overall. Now that doesn't mean that you can't link off YouTube. I do it, everybody does it. But just keep this in mind. Like I said, it's just a tool to your tool belt so it has been suggested that less links are better. Now that makes sense for a number of reasons. Whether YouTube literally scans for the video and sees Oh, this video as 20 outside links. So we're going to suggest that lasts or this you only asked to. So it's not that bad. What it does make sense for is regardless of if they scan through less links means more chance for somebody to click off off YouTube. So a way that you can do this. You first and foremost want to make the links that you're suggesting off YouTube account. So you don't want to suggest a bunch of affiliate links I used to make this mistake. Don't just suggest a bunch of affiliate links that are gonna turn you like 2% commission. It's not worth it, in my opinion. So make them count if you're gonna suggest off YouTube, so keep them watching longer basically right, because straight from YouTube, straight from their terms of service and straight from the stuff that they release, they literally say over and over and over again in every con piece of content, every wording that they release YouTube rewards channels and YouTube rewards videos that keep viewers watching longer, plain and simple. So bring people to YouTube and keep them there. If you're gonna link off YouTube, that's fine. But just make your links count. Don't abuse it, right? So to continue that really fast, a way to do that is you can use cards to keep them on you tube. Obviously suggesting the mother YouTube videos, you can use YouTube playlist to keep them watching continuous videos in a row, thus increasing your session time. Obviously same thing with cards can also link related videos in description and and let people know when you're actually going through a video. There's also I also did a video on X. If you're interested down to the description, it's a second link. Boom done. Another great example is an end screen so you can use end screens. You can get these on five or super super cheap, and that women people endure video. They have the opportunity to click another video that suggested to them. So I highly recommend that you go back through this and you check out all the hour than factors. This is a very, very, very valuable video go back. Watch this. Understand this. Watch it again. Take notes, Watch it again and then implement it. Right. Watch time. Click through rate audience retention and then engagement. Right, That's important. And then, obviously session starts and session time. So watch this video again. I'm serious. It's very, very important. I'm gonna watch this video again. This is all the algorithm ranking factors that people know of. If you improve all of these by default, your videos will dio a lot better. 11. 12: All right, So now I want to talk about the commenting method to grow. It's a growth strategy that a lot of people across the board used both small and big channels, especially the big channels when they were starting out. A lot of them talk about using this commenting method to grow. It's something that I used initially to gaining a lot of, you know, a lot of free traffic and a lot of potential early on subs and views someone explain what it is and how you can implement it. Right? So what is it? First and foremost, basically, the common in method means that you're just commenting on other related channels to get more visibility and free traffic. That's gonna bring you potential views and potential subs. And you might be asking yourself, How is that gonna bring a potential views in potential subs by commenting on other channels while you're commenting on other related channels, right and whole ideas. You want to rank your comments on those related channels, and I'm gonna show you how to do that here in a second and talk about it. But you have to understand that if you can get more visibility and you'll get more eyes on your comment and you're constantly showing up under a channel. You're constantly showing up in a certain community that's related to the videos that you're creating and the niche and the topics that you know, your bill your channel around. Well, then people that are always on those videos. People are always on those other related channels. Guess what? They're more inclined to be interested in also your channel because it's related to your channel, right? So if you're commenting and you're constantly being seen by the audience that frequents a channel that's related to your content, well, then you have the opportunity for them to potentially see you in those comments. Eventually click your profile and click your little comment and say, Oh, wow, this person has, you know, X amount of subscribers. Who is this? And they click your channel. There they click on you. They come over your channel and they see that Hey, this person makes related content. This person makes a lot of similar content. Let me check a video out. Now it's basically it's gonna get you an audition. It's not that that's the way I like to put it. It's gonna get you an audition. It's not gonna get you. It's not gonna, you know it's gonna get into the dance, right? It's not gonna make sure that the girl's gonna dance with you and that makes sense. So what's gonna do is it might bring traffic to your your channel, bring chap traffic to your videos, But then you have to do with your videos and do with the main channel home page. You have to capture them right away so that they're willing to suck, right? So it's It's like I like to say it just it's just an audition. It's not an actual foregone conclusion that is gonna bring you new subs, but it will bring potential traffic that's targeted and related to your nation content to your channel, right? So how do you actually implement it then? Well, what do you do? Essentially is you're gonna hit the sub and the bell notification for literally I would say that I would recommend do, don't get overwhelmed with. And don't get crazy with it when you're starting out. But maybe like 50 to 100 channels, Maybe if you really have time and you're really serious about growing them like 200 channels, right? And the key here is you're not trying to do it on just any channel. You want to find related channels to your niche and your topic. So for me specifically, I have a lot of pull some of these up for you. Specifically. Let's go to my channel right here, and we'll go to probably go to youtube dot com and we'll go to the subscriptions that I have, right, so you'll see all the subscriptions that I have. A vast majority of them are related to my niece, right? Alex Becker. Bigger channel makes marketing and, uh, you know, like controversial content. Reagan profit does a lot of same with Jonathan Jones. He's a little bit. He's a little bit newer, but Reagan profit basically makes you know online arbitrage and reselling videos. Same with these guys. Drop shipping videos. Um, Alabama pickers is like online arbitrage in retail arbitrage. Ah, Alec Wilcock makes like a bunch of marketing videos as well. Let's see Andy Slam ins, private label, also Amazon, and obviously I do online reselling. So we go down this list and show you a number of other people in another number of other channels that are all related to my content. And if I'm subscribed and I have the bell clicked on all those, I'm gonna constantly get notifications as soon as they upload, right. So then as soon as they upload, what I want to do is I want to go there comment immediately on their video. But it has to be something thoughtful and it has to be related to their video. So I would recommend going there immediately because you have the bell turned on right, watching about, you know, maybe maybe skipping ahead. So, like, three or four minutes into the video. So you're not just commenting on something that's like, right in the beginning and then, you know, commenting something thoughtful, watching it for, like, a minute or two and coming up with something relevant, something thoughtful, something related to the video that's a gonna draw people's attention and potentially get you up, voted in the comments section, hence giving you more potential eyes, but also so it doesn't look like you just spamming. You know, a certain comment I literally hate when people come in my video and it's so obvious that they're just trying to comment on my stuff. And they didn't watch the video. It's like it's It's the comments that are, like, great stuff, dude. And like, wow, valuable insight. Like stuff like that were, you know, another another home run, Brian, Like, did you actually watch the video at all or just commenting, trying to get seen, right? So you don't want abuse it? Because what you can do is if you keep commenting and going in, those what could happen potentially is they might just drop you in the spam folder and then you're wasting your time because you're not even aware that you're in the span border. So go there immediately, skip ahead a little bit, watch a little bit of the video and then comment something thoughtful and related. So the Content creator is appreciative of your comment, and they know that you're not just not spamming in there, right? You don't wanna bring it to their attention and comment something that's completely irrelevant. It's gonna it's gonna completely turn them off, right? And plus, the audience isn't gonna notice you. So that's what I recommend that you do now. You can also use these little stars to stand in the out in the comments. And what that's gonna do is it's basically gonna bold in your your text, which 99.9% of comments are not bold. But you can bold in your text by using a star in the beginning and a star at the end of your text. Right? Show you how to do that in a second. But don't abuse it. You don't always want to do that. You only want to do that in certain situations. You don't wanna be always the guy trying to bold your stuff out, because then it's It's just it's not gonna be the same, right? So, uh, let's try this, for example. So we're on. I don't know why this just suggested me, but if I wanted to bold in my car like this is a normal comment. This is This is my comment. Boom, right? Is my comment just normal comment? Everybody else's is normal comments. Right this. Now, if we do the star, this is a bold comment, right? And then a star at the end Boom. Now it's gonna be a bold comment right boom Very, very easy. It's a lot easier to see on mobile, but it just helps you to stand out. Now there are other comment tricks that you can look up that will help you out. I only personal use the bold one, but that's something you play around with and get used some more attention on some videos. Like I said, don't always use it. You don't always want to be that person. Now you do want to do this on a balance, so you want to do it on bigger channels for sure. And you also want to do it on smaller channels that are a little bit more nation a little bit, you know, that have less views in less traffic. So by doing it on the smaller channels, those smaller channels, we're gonna appreciate your commenting as well. And they potentially might come back and start commenting on your videos as well, thus increasing your engagement to also smaller channels have target audiences so you can basically leapfrog and capture their audiences because anybody that's gonna come down and comment and their videos are also, I would say, 90% of people that watch YouTube videos don't comment. So you're getting very highly engaged people in that niche to see you in the comments constantly as well. And you're basically piggybacking off their traffic. And there were people that watch their video and bringing that that traffic and potential getting you an audition. Like I like to say, that doesn't necessarily mean there gonna subscribe because they might not like your content or they might not like who you are, is a creator. That's all right. You can't please everybody, be yourself. Some people like you, some people won't right. But it's basically gonna get you an audition with a lot of targeted people that that content Creator has worked to build up the audience with, even if it's not very big. Now you want to do with, like, midsize channels as well and then big size channels as well. So the bigger the channel, the faster you do have to be because a lot of people will be competing with you in the comments sections. Ideally, if you could rank on a bigger channel and get your comments seen, that would be a great example of bringing, you know, targeted traffic and very, very in a lot of traffic, actually to your channel, right? But you have a lot better chance of commenting and so on something with a bell on a channel that's a lot like more Mintier and smaller and seeing and getting consistent ized same overall message as like the YouTube search, right? And using, like, niche down and very, very targeted keyword phrases. Same thing with the smaller channels. It's gonna bring you consistent growth and consistent eyes. Whereas if you want to try it every once in a while with the bigger channels, by all means, go ahead and do that. You just gotta be really fast because other people are doing it too. So I challenge you to try this. This can help you grow. When you're when you're just kind of starting out on gaining some traction, it's gonna bring you other engagement from other channel creators that you're basically doing it with. It's gonna bring you other potential eyes from their videos, and it's also going to help you rank higher in search results because you're increasing your engagement best, bringing other organic traffic, you know, to your videos, also giving you social proof because nobody wants to be just like the one lone comment on, like a 50 viewed video most of the time. So if they see a couple of other people commented that they're gonna be more inclined to comment on your video as well, so use this. It works and it works for a reason. Use it to your advantage. 12. 13: All right, So this is a simple lecture, and it's gonna be very straightforward. Don't buy subs, don't buy views and don't buy engagement in the form of comments like shares. Whatever it is, don't do it. Okay, now there's a number of reasons that you don't want to do this. Number one being first and foremost if for whatever reason, you even by 10 subs or 100 subs for whatever reason. And then you go about your life and you start ranking, you're channeling. You blow up eventually, and YouTube happens to see that you bought something like like sub counts in the future. When they go ahead and do their purge, your channel is at risk pretty being deactivated. We're at risk for being de monetized because you have a history of purchasing or, you know, trying to game the system. Essentially, I've heard of it happen to other people. I've never seen it personally or anybody that I know of specifically, but it has been reported for happening, so don't risk your channel just to buy some subs. Mawr Importantly, even if let's assume that in a perfect world you could go to a website and that website was reputable and they weren't trying to scam you. They were they were actually legitimately going to deliver you. Quality subs were legitimate people and legitimate views that aren't bots and, you know, maybe potentially give you invade gauge mint as well, right? In a perfect world, even if you did that and you went ahead and bought subs and you went ahead and bought views , it's not gonna do any good for your videos or her channel. And even if you buy subs, it's actually going to hurt your channel. Ah, lot more than if you didn't buy subs and the next lecture were actually specifically talk about why subs don't matter. But to keep it simple without getting too too much into that right now, it's gonna hurt your metrics overall, because if you buy subs, they're not actually legitimate targeted people that are interested in your content, right? So now you have a bunch of dead subscribers that are on your sub count. What is the algorithm dio when you create a video just like the instagram algorithm, just like the Facebook algorithm, just like any hour of them out there currently, what YouTube does with their algorithm, right? Let's say you have 1000 subscribers, right? And maybe you know you. Let's just play with play with this example. Let's say you have 1000 subscribers, right? Well, you create a video, you're under the impression that you're get your video is going to be suggested it in the feed of all 1000 subscribers. But that's not how it works anymore. That's not what YouTube does. What YouTube does is nobody knows the specific actual number or percentage. But they might just suggest your video to 10% or 20% of those 1000 subscribers, right? So maybe 100 people, or 200 people of the people that generally interact with your content more frequently were has shown a proponents like that video in the past, right where that type of niche. So what they're gonna do is they're gonna show your content to maybe 10 to 20% of your subscribers. And based on that information, if your subscribers respond well and all your other algorithm factors and metrics air up there, then they're going to suggest it out to the rest of your audience. The rest of the 1000 as well as potentially outside your subscriber network, right? That's how the outward them works to weigh videos. Small test. Okay, prove the test. Now you're getting all the room and then potentially outside your your network. Right? But if you buy subs, how does that affect the algorithm? Right. How does that affect your videos? Going forward? So now let's say you have 1000 subscribers. You have 600 of them are riel, and 404 100 of them are purchased. Well, what's gonna happen? Well, now there's a bigger chance that when your videos created and uploaded, YouTube is going to suggest it to, ah, lot of the other people that are dead subscribers, as we like to call them because they're not really interested or targeted around your content. So if they get suggested that video, they're not gonna click it. That's gonna kill your click. The rate they're not gonna watch it. That's gonna kill your watch time. And there's no audience from retention metrics. If nobody's actually clicking on your video to actually watch it, right, So all and obviously you're engagements going down as well. So all your algorithm factors are riding on good quality people. YouTube is smart, right? That's why the all these factors air in place. So the worst thing that you could possibly dio is try to game the system by buying engagement, buying views and buying subscribers not only because you run the risk of deactivating or did monetizing your channel in the future, but more importantly, it's actually gonna hurt your channel. Ah, lot more than it will help your channel, so it might make you feel good in the short term. But in the long run, you're literally torpedoing your growth, and you're really putting handcuffs on your channel and you won't be able to grow as fast at all. So keep that in mind. I'll say one last time. Don't buy anything, especially subs. But don't buy views, engagement in the form of likes or comments or anything like that, either 13. 14: So now I want to talk about why subs don't matter, right? We told I told you not to buy subs. I told you not to buy views. I told you not to buy engagement. Now, more importantly than me just telling you that I want to explain why these things don't actually matter, right? So subscriber count does not matter. What does matter is the amount of subscribers and the quality of those subscribers that you have. So I would personally rather have ah 1000 really, really high quality subscribers than 100,000 garbage ones. Right? Because if you're on YouTube, your your whole idea behind you to maybe it's a passion for you. But chances are if you're watching the and and it's a passion for me to, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to say it has to be one of the other right. I will. I love creating content. I love editing. I love the process, so that might be you as well. But chances are you're not just doing this for fun. If the money got taken away, you probably wouldn't be uploading for to YouTube or if the potential to market or any of that got taken away, you probably wouldn't be uploading to YouTube. I'm gonna go out on women, assume that that's the majority of people. I know that that's true for me. So the reason I do it is obviously a put my content in front of other people to market potential courses. The market, you know, and get my my content out there and stay in front of my audience as well as make money and all the forms of ways that we've talked about before, right? Your affiliate links your ad revenue and so on and so forth, right, your products. All that. So subs don't matter. And the reason being is what What actually matters is the quality of the subscribers. How much how much How many people of those subscribers air actually watching your videos? How many of those? How what? The strength of the relationship is probably a better way to put it what the strength of the relationship that you've built with those subscribers are right. So I would much rather have high quality subscribers than sub than sub count. A lot of people get wrapped up and getting to too focused on growing their subscriber base , growing their views and they don't focus on, you know, And they try to basically do all these click baby things like how I grew on instagram 100,000 overnight. That's not gonna bring equality subscribers. It's not gonna bring you quality views because everybody that watches it is gonna go through the video and know that it's BS. So what I'm trying to stress here is subs don't matter, especially the reason I'm suggesting this is because everybody goes through this process where you hit You know that point and you realize, OK, should I buy subscribers? You know, I'm not really seen that much growth, and you get discouraged because you might only be out like 300 subs where you might only be at, like, 600 sobs when you might only be out like 1000 subs 10,000 subs or whatever it is. Whatever that bar that you set yourself is, you get discouraged. Everybody goes through it. Every content creator goes through it literally. Everybody does. I know I did, too, and I still do from time to time. But the reason and the whole reason trying to hit this home is subs don't actually matter the quality of the relationship and the ability that you have to put your content in front of people that actually like you and our interest in your content is the most important thing, right. If you get quality subs, you'll sell more. If you get quality subs, you'll get higher view count. If you get quality subs, everything else will fall into place and your videos will start to snowball. So don't focus. I know everybody says this and it's easier said than done. I totally get that. That said, Don't focus on the sub count. It doesn't matter. Okay, you will make more money. You will sell a lot more. You will convert a lot higher on your products and your affiliate links and all that other stuff. If you focus on quality and serving your community and serving your audience around the niche and topics that you go after, right, don't focus on subs. They don't matter just arbitrary number at the end of the day. But focus on quality of subs do not focus on the amount of subs. Overall, an ideal world. I always like to do this in a vacuum, right? If they're both the same, obviously you want higher quality. You want Ah, higher number of quality subs. But if you could pick between both focus on quality and not quantity. 14. 15: So now I want to show you how to add the multiple ad breaks. Now this is huge for a lot of creators. It's huge because it's gonna increase your revenue. You know, depending on how many ad breaks this is probably the number one thing that I did that is increase my revenue. And obviously, like we said, I haven't uploaded that much consistently or any quality content and like the past month or two, realistically. So it started to go down, but at one point it was pretty sitting around like 6 50 almost approaching 700 pretty consistently. And as soon as I'm done creating this course and, you know, making sure that all the values in it I'll be uploading back frequently and that should go back up. That said, one of the best things that I did for my ad revenue and one of the best things overall that I did to get more views on my videos, which is what you're gonna do as well is like we talked about before, adding multiple ad breaks. Now I shouldn't have to convince you that YouTube is a business and YouTube's gonna do what's best for YouTube and YouTube is bottom line, right? So the best was best for YouTube, and YouTube is bottom line is suggesting more videos that are have more ad breaks on them because they're going to make more money, right? So that's that's a little caveat. A lot people don't talk about that, but it's so true. So keep in mind that that's it. Basically have multiple ad breaks on a video. You have to be above 10 minutes. So your video has to be at least 10 minutes and one second long to actually admit will add breaks. I'm gonna show you how toe add multiple ad rates on specific videos that are 10 minutes long, that air 10 minutes or longer on both studio beta and classic studio. So I'll show you how to get there in Studio Beta and also show you how to get there in the creator studio. That's the original, right? So creator studio classic, whatever they call it. So in creative studio beta, it actually takes you to classic creator studio. Eventually we're going to do is you're gonna go to your videos, pick the video that you want to monetize, obviously with multiple ad breaks. Keep in mind, it has to be longer than 10 minutes. So this one right here wouldn't be good. Eight minutes, 23 seconds. I can't put an extra add on that. Were any multiple ad breaks because it's not longer than 10 minutes. This one right here, 18 58 is definitely longer than 10 minutes. So I'm gonna go and I'm gonna click that video right? Then what you're gonna want to dio to get to there is you're gonna come down the monetization and monetization is going to show you all these different things. Now, display ads is always clipped. You can unclip that, Uh, unless you basically click one thing and then click everything else, At least one thing has to be selected. So you want to turn your mountain station on if it's not already on. And you if you aren't monetized, that's all right. You'll get there eventually. But the way that the way that you basically do this is you hit before, and then this will be the only one originally checked right before the video, right? You're gonna have all these enabled and you're going before the video ad. It's that ad that you see that you can skip it five seconds usually, or sometimes the ad that plays all the way through and you watch the video after the at right. But what you're gonna want to dio is always suggest that you walk that you click the after video. Why would you not? So the best thing that you could do toe literally double your ad revenue right away on videos that are longer than 10 minutes is to hit the after a video check mark. Because what that's gonna do is it's gonna add in an ad at the end of your video when somebody's done. So this is not gonna always get you, you know, revenue. But it will get you a lot of revenue a lot of the time. And the reason being is, if you're actually a viewer on YouTube where you've ever, you know, basically watched or binge watch any content. You'll notice that if you put yourself into the shoes of the of the actual viewer an audience, what happens is people will finish the video, and then what usually happens is just goes blank or the end screen will stop right and if they're not getting suggested, another video immediately from YouTube, which isn't all the time. The video will stop dead right there. Right? That's happened. All of us. And then you get, like, a little, you know, replay arrow. But instead of that video to stopping dead, which was what happens with a lot of people the video stopped at and then they're just scrolling kind of through the bottom, trying to figure out what else they wanna watch. Well, while that time is going on, you could be having them watch your ad, right. You're collecting more money because not only are they watching us and add that they're gonna skip, but they're actually watching the ad through longer. So you're gonna get a lot more ad revenue for that. So always hit your after video. There's no there's literally no drawbacks to it. And Onley immense benefit always hit after the video, right? So that's the first thing that you're gonna dio Now. The next thing is, you're gonna hit during the video as well, so that we can put ad breaks in the video and then you're gonna hit managing the editor a couple things here when you're adding multiple ad breaks. Okay. You don't want to abuse it. The the worst thing that you could do is try to get overzealous with it and add like, a bunch of them in there. So the general of thumb and I pretty much agree with it is like every 6 to 7 minutes, potentially, you can add an ad break. Now, you don't just want to throw those ad breaks in there. You want to? Actually, that's a mistake. People make a lot. So you're not just gonna come and be like, OK, this minute this this videos about 19 minutes long, So I'm gonna add one right at you right in the middle. Okay. I'm gonna have one right at nine. No, that's a mistake. So what you want to dio is you want to go from, like, eight minutes to about like, 10 minutes? If you're planning on adding it at nine. Right? And then you're gonna watch from eight minutes to 10 minutes and you're gonna find a place where the video hooks the viewer more. So if we're watching it, maybe you're about to reveal something. Or maybe you're like you're going through a list, right? You're like number one, and then you talk about number one. Number two Islamophobia and number three is boom insert ad break, right. The reason you're gonna do that and you're not just gonna put it randomly in your video is because you might have it and you might not have it at an attention grabbing or inattention capturing point. So if they get hit with an ad all of a sudden in the middle of the video and their attentions not captured, a lot of people might click off your video. So you obviously want do that. It's better than not doing it, in my opinion. But in an ideal world, you're gonna want to capture their attention. Like I said So Number one is Wahba blah, and you talk for two minutes. Number two is blah, blah, blah, and you talked like, for, like, two minutes and then you're about to be like and number three is. And before you let number three go, you put an ad break in there right away. So the way that you're gonna do that once you've identified what it is and where you actually want to put it right is it doesn't have to be like a list. The whole idea there is. You just want to put it in a place where they're gonna want to stay through the ad toe. Continue watching the video, right? That's all you're basically doing. Just don't throw it in there willing nilly. Make sure that you're capturing their attention. So they're gonna want to stay through the ad, right? That's how you make more money, and it takes, like, an extra 30 seconds of your time. Right. So the way that you're gonna do that is you're gonna figure out exactly where you want that at that time. And if it's easier for you can just watch through and figure out exactly what time you want to put it in. Right. Then you're gonna watch with this little at this little line right here, and you're gonna scroll down a little bit. You can drag this up to if you need Teoh and you're gonna add add break on. What that's gonna do is it's gonna put one of these little bars in there. And then when you click on the bar where you click on this bar, you'll see the ads start time. You can literally just adjust the ads. Start time in there. So what you're gonna do is like, maybe you want it. You watch the video and you open it up in another tab. You realize that? Hey, you wanna put the ad break at exactly, like, 10 minutes and 20 seconds, right? So then what? You're just gonna dio you're gonna go 10 minutes and 20 seconds and then boom, let it go. And that'll put in that 10 minutes, 20 seconds, and then you can just watch the video and preview it and see how it looks adjusted accordingly. It's literally that simple. Now, keep in mind you don't want to get you know too aggressive with this. You don't want to add, like one every like three minutes or one every like, two minutes, because then nobody's going to stay and watch the end of your the rest of your video, which is gonna kill your overall algorithm in your engagement and you're over a watch time and you're not gonna get all those other ads that you put in there are gonna be completely irrelevant anyway. So the whole idea is Do it tastefully doing spaced out. Don't get too overzealous with it, but also put them in places where you can continue to capture the attention. So right at it, Right At a point where you know that the viewer could wants to continue watching. They grew out good points in your videos to do that, and it will make a world of difference. Now if we go to create a studio classic, let's go to that same away tutorial and you're gonna get at it. I actually kind of still like the classic, but I'm playing around with bated to kind of get a little better at it. So right here with this, the way you're gonna do it is in classical and hip monetization right here, below the video and same thing you're gonna want to make sure that you're after video. Is Clifton checks? I went through why, as already, and then with the ad breaks here, it's you can basically just you play around with your little your little bar and you can watch the video like I said to test it out. And then basically, when you're at the point where you want, if you let's say you wanted at like 10. 35. Okay, get as close to 10 35. That was a good example. I got lucky there. Let's say you wanted at like 10. 35 right? You can't get close to 10 35. Insert the ad and then you type in 10 35 Boom, and then you can click back on it and just preview it. There's a so obviously that's a bad ad break, but that's how you preview it. Mute that for a second. That's how you preview it to make sure that its optimal. You might have to adjust it like a second or a millisecond here and there, depending on the Studio Beta or the Classic. But that's how you add multiple ad breaks. This will make a world of difference for your videos. YouTube will suggest them a lot more, and you'll make at least double or triple the money. If you're adding in after the video and you're obviously adding multiple ad breaks, just remember guys, I know I already said this a 1,000,000 times. Don't abuse it, or your audience will not like it. So key. Take away only do it about six every six or seven minutes less is probably more. You can always get away with an after video ad. That's number number to take away, and number three is. Make sure that you put it at the right times in your videos. That's gonna keep the audience watching through the ad. 15. 19: So now we're gonna talk about the optimal description. And a lot of people, especially on YouTube, for whatever reason, don't use their description, and they don't use it to their advantage. There are only certain tools, kind of like that saying, like, everybody has 24 hours in a day, you know? But not everyone uses them, right? Same thing with YouTube, right? So everybody gets ah title. Every everyone gets a thumbnail option. Everyone gets a description. Every bits, tags, and everyone can create their own video. The resource is and the things that you can use our finite. So you might as well use your description. Because I promise you a lot of other people are not. So by doing so, by default, you will give yourself the edge, right? So what I mean by use your description and what are the ways that you can use your description? Well, perhaps the most important way that you can use your description outside of selling, Obviously, which is something we'll talk about here in a second is with S E o. And in putting keywords. Now, I see literally nobody doing this pretty much. Not nobody but like when people do this, it might be like a sentence or two instead of capitalizing off the long term organic traffic. And the reason that I don't see people doing this as much is because you're not going to see the most bang for your buck. You're not going to see the highest return view wise right away, because with S E o or keywords, it's a long game, right? It's evergreen content. You want to rank for certain keywords so that every potential time somebody puts that in search. If you have, you have the ability to show up for that keyword. Right. So you want to show up for multiple keywords all throughout YouTube. So you have obviously a better organic chance to bring in other people from all over the place around those related keywords, right? So that's basically s CEO in a nutshell. In and keywords and description. More importantly, if you had a bunch of description and you add a bunch of, you know, weight to your description, he added, much keywords prescription. You're gonna give you two more information on who to suggest your videos to. So I'm not just saying this. I know It's easy to say that, but actually put this into practice. So good example, right here. And I do this constantly and this is not something I'm just making up either. Like, you know, just spewing on you guys like you should fill out your description. This is something that literally a lot of the top creators dio And when I top courses from people like, you know, Graham Steffen and other people when I took took like, $1000 courses and stuff, this was one of the tips that a lot of the top youtubers do that you know, I didn't do as as as a little or creator And I look around the border across the board. I see not that many other people doing as well, But yet a lot of the top creators talk about using Etzion their descriptions to build their channel. They might not necessarily do it a lot right now, even though a lot of them still dio. But this is a technique that they all did for some reason that a lot of other a lot of other people over a book. So I highly recommend that you don't be one of those people that overlooks this and instead it uses it to your advantage. So, you know, think about you might not see that initial push or that initial review return on your investment for the time that you wrote right now or within the first week, Right? But let's say like, hypothetically, you do, Ah, 100 videos over the year. I don't know how many videos we're gonna do, but let's just say honor, right? And for every single time that you do Ah, YouTube Or you do a well written description with a bunch of different keywords in your description that are related to your video and you do a well called out are thought out like kind of, you know, synopsis of what the video is, and that brings you an average of 100 100 to 200 more views per video. Well, that's gonna be a lot of other potential viewers and a lot of other potential strivers over the long year that your that your contents going viral Right now, I would say that that that's even ah, lower amount. Maybe 100 to 200 is a little bit lower, but these this will pay, play a massive dividend both in search results and and suggested, If you give more information and put keywords in your description, So right here you'll give me. You'll see example of eight mistakes new creators make that will kill your channel. And then I literally wrote out a thoughtful description. So I'm not just ranking for, you know, eight mistakes new creators make. I'm making for ranking for creators are mistakes. Creators make Creator's creator mistakes that will kill your channel. You know, new channels getting killed, stuff like that. I'm also ranking for, you know, YouTubers Um do's and dont's for new YouTubers I'm ranking for, um, you know, lose subscribers, lose views, lose watch time starting your channel. You know, you could basically read through starting my YouTube journey. That's another one. And then another technique that I use here is when I'm going to be like lists. Another example of that is right here with 33 quick ways to make money online in 2000 and 19. I actually list out what I'm saying. So this is something I saw Jeff Rose doing who's also another top creator. He does it and he does it in his description. And there's a reason for that. He wants to rank for the S E O. And he also wants to be suggested so that and give you tomb or information on what the video is about and the actual topics in the video. Right? And you do that by writing it out in your description, as well as doing the close captions. So you'll see here those eight mistakes. I spent this entire thing some giving a summary and basically say those eight mistakes to avoid that will kill your channel. Growth are, and I literally list them out. So I also rank for those potential keywords, right? Copying what? Big YouTubers dio not focusing on thumbnails, Thumbnails Trying to be original, picking an itch, stuff like that, right? So broad audience stuff like that. I'm also ranking for that sub for sub ranking for that, but I wouldn't rank for an easy potential keywords or bring in any organic traffic where any suggested traffic if I didn't spend the 10 minutes to write this out. So I highly recommend that you do that and I do that for literally all my videos. Now I did that for here, right here. Don't stare at the Summit Road out along Synopsis of what? The video waas. I also wrote it out for 33 quick ways to make money online. Little summary. And then I wrote every single one out with a time slot. Now, you don't have to do time slots if you don't want to, it will help increase your watch time. I recommend doing it if you want to, but I highly, highly, highly recommend that you don't skip the description. There's a lot of great stuff to do in the description. S E O and keywords are one of the most underrated things that you could potentially dio for your description Now moving on. Obviously, you can link your affiliate links in there or you can link to your own products, whatever that is, that's where you're gonna link. Obviously I do that as well. Then I actually linked to consulting here and there. So I have consulting on my own website. You'll see if you scroll down. I have, like course links here else have affiliate links to Robin Hood on dweeb alone, and when finance, which are, you know, stock trading platforms because this is obviously based on one of the things I talk about and here is doing, you know, investing in the stock market. That's why that's linked there. But then also, you'll see I sell consulting so beachy meeting innovation to my website. Now you can do it on your website as well. And obviously, you know, a lot of people that are interested in this want to talk to me specifically and get a little bit more insight about it. And I make a mark up on that consulting. Now, if you don't want to specifically do it with your actual website, you can just sell consulting from clarity dot FM and register on their Ah, lot of people are on clarity dot FM, and you can see just to give you example like marketing and what people are charging for. Marketing right. $83 per minute, $2 for minutes. Still really, really good. That's 120 bucks an hour, 16 $67 per minute, right? So a lot of people use this and a lot of people are comfortable buying on clarity. So if you're not really comfortable setting up your own website like we talked about before , and you don't want to offer consulting, then don't offer consulting. But if you do want offer consulting, then you could do it on your website. Or if you don't have a website, just use clarity dot FM, and you can link there now another thing that you'll see that I do. Is I linked to, you know, my Facebook, my instagram, my twitter because I'm trying to. I'm trying to gather audiences on all the platforms. I don't want to attach toe one. That said, I focus about 95% of my effort on growing YouTube, and I also link and grow on other platforms as well. Now another thing that you could do. So we talked about consulting. We talked about the links to your social media. If you want to put those and then we can talk about email capture. So I showed you how to do that with when we talk about adding your website as a card, specifically. But just to give you an example, I obviously capturing emails right here. Free Entrepreneurship accelerator program. That's the exact link that we were about to add in the card right, So that's always, in my description, capturing emails for me as well. And that's another thing that you could do in your description. Now keep in mind before we talk about emojis and how to add those. You don't want to go overboard with this. I made this mistake. A lot of people make this mistake. They add, like 30 affiliate links in the bottom of the description, they add, like they're consulting that email capture without, like, a free course. They add, like links their social media and then, like links to all their products, even if they're not relevant. You want to keep the linking to a minimum, so I would say keep it probably below 10 below five would be ideal. The reason being, if you add too many links, it can get overwhelming. And then basically you're not. You're not giving any attention to any link. You're getting all this attention to so many links, and you don't want to confuse the person that goes in your description. You wanted to be very, very easy for them to recognize what's what. Where's what, where each thing is and what they're going to get by clicking the specific links and what's through them, right? So the reason that you don't want to do that like to too much, and you want to pick and choose your battles with what you're actually linking in that specific video is because you want to make sure that you don't overwhelm them so that they won't just be like Oh, well, that's too many links. I don't even know what's going on there, right? So I would recommend staying between zero and 10. Ideally, zero and five would be better. But if you have more links, it's not the end of the world. Just don't abuse it and don't add, like, 30 now with Emojis, I like to use Emojis and a lot of people using Moses to kind of focus on certain links and how to actually, you know, if you look at this on mobile, you, it's clear that this is like a graduation cap symbolizing, Of course, right, This is a telephone symbolizing consulting. This is Ah, let's connect symbolizing like that's like my social right. So there's a lot of different ways where you can use emojis to kind of draw attention to certain links in certain spots in your description and basically the way that you could do that as you upload your video. And then you basically go onto YouTube on the APP hit, Edit your video, and then once you scroll down, you can either use the creator studio app or you can actually specifically do that in the YouTube app as well, and then just add it from your phone. It's that easy, so or you can simply add it to your phone and email it to yourself and add it before you actually upload your video. But I always, you know I would. I'll do specifically is I'll do it once and I'll get it in my description. And then what I'll do is I'll come back and just copy it for my other description to add it in. That's how I do it, and that's how I use Emojis. But I highly recommend I don't want to beat this horse dead, but it's very, very important. Guys, obviously these other things go without saying, but I highly, highly, highly recommend that you take the S e o seriously. I know specifically because when as a content creator myself, when you're done creating a video. You just want to get it out there. You're excited, right? And so a lot of people don't focus on the thumbnail, which is crucially important. A lot of people don't focus on good tags, which is also important. And a lot of people don't focus on description and writing out there keywords which you won't see the net, the necessary, like immediate return like we talked about. But it will play a long term role in your growth on YouTube, so use it to your advantage, and I highly recommend that you try it out. 16. 20: So in the last video, we talked about the most optimal description and how you should basically use everything that you can in your power to, you know, s e out your description so that you rank in search, you know, both long term, obviously. And it also brings you suggested traffic cause you're giving YouTube more information on what your video is, right? That makes the most sense. Now, the same thing goes with tags to so a lot of people don't use their tags and they don't, you know, basically go after them, right? They'll just kind of describe what their video is in the tags or, you know, do it. Super Super Broad, which doesn't work for 99.9% of people. And the reason is all the top videos and all the top creators are already ranking for those that was really, really unleashed tags. Right. So, like your business tips, you're entrepreneur tips your shop. If I drop shipping, hope those Maine tags, you know, content, you know, content marketing, affiliate marketing. If you're just going after broad tags like that, you're setting yourself up for failure. And the reason being is you can't rank for that video unless you're already established and you have a top channel. And so you need to go after longer tail keywords a lot of the times and mix them in. We're gonna talk about the best approach here in a second, but before we do that, I highly recommend that if you haven't downloaded to Buddy already, right already talked it up. It makes a huge, huge, huge difference when you download too buddy, and you're actually able to see a bunch of different things. And, you know, basically do your own research on your tags, so that can bring you the most traffic, but with organically and obviously it will snowball your traffic. Once YouTube sees that it's bringing in organic traffic and people are liking the video, then we'll start suggesting it more right. So there's so many different benefits. This I'm not going to talk it up anymore. There is a link above one more last time if you guys wanna grab to buddy, but it basically runs you through. So when you are going through typing in your your limit there, a lot of people don't realize that there's a 500 character women, and YouTube doesn't show you what you're at out of that 500. But if you download to Buddy, it will show you all your at 4 83 so you can barely fit another tag in or, you know your at 350. So you have, you know, a lot of room to add more tags so you can potentially rank for more tags in YouTube. Search right, so that's a very, very easy benefit of it. But it's actually very, very important. It also shows the ranks and also shows related keywords when you're typing those in. And it will also give you key word Explorer. Now we talked about keyword explore before it's very, very valuable stuff. We port to body. You can use table keyword, explore to come out with great titles. So, like great YouTube titles and then say, Oh, wow, that's a very good topic. And there's decent non search volume. The competition. Maybe you're doing like online arbitrage 2019 and tell me that's a pretty good one as well . The search volume isn't really there, but there's not that much competition. You play around with keywords and obviously you can use this for with your title, your description and then also your tags as well, Right? So this is a highly highly highly valuable tool Post is going to show you, You know, other tags that are very, very related that you might be able to rank for. So that's a great part of that as well. Now, one of the other things that you'll notice here is it shows you when you have to body. It shows you your rankings for certain things, right? So this video, my most popular video. Right now it's starting to rank for its ranks. Second in YouTube, search for by subscribers. Drink second for by subscribers on YouTube during a three by subscribers. APP. It's ranked third for how to buy subscribers and so on and so forth. You get the picture it now it's a snowball. As this brings in more organic traffic, YouTube is gonna start to see that it's bringing more organic traffic, and people are finding it for that. So they're gonna start suggesting it more to other people looking for that all over the platform as well, like hence the snowball right now to give you an example of another video What Alex Becker doesn't want. You know about Shopify Drop Shipping ranked 11th for the Death of drop shipping. I'm ranked 10 for Alex Becker. Scam. I'm ranked third for Alex Becker Shopify. All those air probably hell. Expected shop Fine. Alex Becker scam are probably pretty high Targeted keywords If you don't know Alex Becker, is he just another entrepreneur that you know talks about online stuff and in this video, I'm not bashing him. But those are just the tags that I knew I could potentially rang for, So it's very, very valuable to actually use to Buddy and highly recommend that you do so now, more importantly, if you don't want to use to buddy and you do need that 500 character limit, what I recommend that you do is you just goto word counter dot net and that will basically count your tags for you. You'll see here it literally counts your your characters. As I'm writing a description right there, it'll count your characters. So if you're going like, you know, YouTube subscribers comma and then space and then that's one tag, right? And then how about, um, you know, YouTube subs common space, YouTube. Uh, how about ranking for YouTube videos? Right? And I'm just This is these are bad examples of, you know, these are actually very unlocking term keywords, but I'm just trying to be an example of how you can use the character limit here on word, counter to kind of tally up is close to 500 characters as possible. And then once you go to actually put those in your your your tags on the back end of your video when you're actually up loading it, you will know exactly what is close to 500. What's over so you can upload it and what's not right, so it's very, very valuable to do so I highly recommend that you do that for your tags. If you don't want to use to, buddy, if you do have to body it will literally tell you what your limit is as you're typing them in, which is very, very valuable and will save you a lot of time. Now, like I talked about the long tail keywords, right? So what are longer tail keywords first? Well, short term, a short tail key where it would be like drop shipping. A short tail keyword would be like Shopify, right? It's super super broad. It's very, very small and there's not that much. There's a lot of search traffic for it, but there's a lot of competition to meet that search traffic, right? So the chance that you're gonna rank for that is not very high. It's not very ideal to try to rank for that, because a lot of the other other channels with a lot more views in a lot of subscribers are already by default going to rank for that. And you really don't have that much, you know, opportunity there, Right? So instead, what you want to do is I recommend going with a mix of, you know, General wants to potentially try to rank for them and longer tail. But you obviously wanna go mawr longer tail. The smaller you are right. So instead of like Shopify, maybe you go like what Alex Becker doesn't want you to know about Shopify or Shopify. Drop shipping is dying, right? That's longer tail Then then you know, just drop shipping or just Shopify right? I have a better chance. A smaller channel to potentially rank for that, then just something very, very broad, like Shopify or job shipping, Right? So I highly recommend that use the longer tail keywords. You know, when you're small and you can kind of mix in one or two big ones here and there. But the key to keep in mind is go more longer. Tail the smart bar and then front load your most important keywords first. So just like your description, what's at the top? Your description has more weight. S E o wise, what's in the beginning of your title has more weight. S E o wise. Same thing with tax, right? What's what. The first couple tags, you know, I don't know if there's an actual limit that that says, like the first X amount of tags. But generally speaking, the more important keywords should go in the beginning of your keywords when you're actually putting your titles, right are your tags. Sorry. So that's something to keep in mind a lot of important stuff, but one of the other message methods that I like to do to if you don't have time for this. And sometimes when I was reversing content and I just don't have a lot of time where I was looking for inspiration. I didn't really know what tags to go after. What I would do is, let's say I wanted to create a video on, like, online arbitrage tutorials, right? I always go back to that. But we're gonna We're gonna use that, for example. Right? So what I would do in that situation to find good tags if I didn't want to come up with myself or I didn't want to do keyword research on tags is I would literally go to YouTube and I would search online arbitrage tutorial. Right? And I would see what videos pop up. Obviously I pop up, Chris Macaulay pops up Amazon and eBay guru pop up. Right? So what I would try to do is I would try to find a video that had a lot of used from a channel very, very similar to mine. Right? So this one would be pretty good. This one might be pretty good. And this one probably is pretty pretty good, too. And obviously unranked twice here as well. So he's got 37 37,000 views, and he made it 10 months ago. right. So if this video was very, very similar to what I was trying to teach in my video, what I could basically do is by having to Buddy downloaded. I can see what tags he's ranking for, right. I can also see what tags he's. He's, you know, put in. And I can also copy those tags, specifically also my keyword keyboard, and then go to my video and add them in my as my tags right. So basically steal other people's tags on related videos. I know that if this work for this video specifically with a channel that's very, very similar in size to mine and a video that's very, very similar niche and topic wise to mine, then there's a good chance that my video can also use those tags and rank for those as well , Right? So that's another little strategy that you can use that's very, very valuable and kind of saves you a lot of time. But once again, you need to buddy to do this, and I highly recommend it 17. 21: So now we're gonna talk about the optimal titling. Now this is important, not just like ranking keywords wise, but also visually to stimulate, stimulate and basically grab the audience's attention and draw them in right. Obviously, we know that the number one thing that's gonna draw them in is the thumb now. But you also want to have a good, catchy title that is, you know, stuffed with keywords so you can rank for it and search and suggested, but also, you know, read streamlined enough so that it's gonna capture attention as well, Right? So the optimal title length is you know, it's it's debatable, and you have to really play around with and find what works best for you. Now it's important to keep in mind that the limit of the character limit for your title on YouTube is 100 characters. But when you're a smaller channel just like you trying to want to use, like you know all the tricks that you can potentially dio you also in your tags, right you want, like long tail keywords in your tags. Well, with the title, you want to go on the longer side of that right if you're a new channel Now, if you're a more established channel, you can go with, like, a short title that looks, you know, really streamline and good, because you already have an established audience that is going to see your stuff when you're when you're of smaller channel. You want to rank for a longer potential title because that's gonna give you a better chance to rank for more keywords. Assuming that you're putting a bunch of keywords or you've done your keyword research for your title, right? So you don't think the thing that you want don't want to do here, though, is you don't want to go too far. So there's like a sweet spot, right? You don't want like to short of a title like if your title was on the optimal title length , you wouldn't want to say optimal titling. That's too short of a title, right? It looks great, but it's way too short. You're not only gonna rank for one potential key where it is optimal titling threat instead , What you might want to do is you don't want to go to to too far, but you do want to add a little bit more to rank for potential. More keywords there. So maybe it's like the most awful title length for a YouTube video in 2000 and 19. Boom. A little bit more longer tail right, so don't go too far. Well, you do want Air mawr on the longer side of the keyword spectrum with your title than on the short side. Right now. A good example of this might be like all my arbitrage tutorial 2019 and then in brackets like the best e commerce business for beginners right now to tips before we go into the bad one, people have suggested. Now I haven't looked into this myself, but people that I trust have suggested that either brackets or parentheses do tend to convert higher. So if you're trying to space things out brackets or parentheses, you know, as long as you're not getting carried away with them all the time, can help to generate more traffic and more clicks. Also, they've said that, you know, putting the year in there can also help generate more clicks. Now, this is their dad, and this is not my data. This is what I heard from people that I trust now, two things to keep in mind with that, you know, obviously you want to use them, but just don't abuse them. And number two, if you're going after evergreen content, which means you don't just want it to be 2000 and 19 you want it to be, You know, in the next couple years that I highly recommend that you don't use any years or any dates or anything like that. Because if you do that, then obviously it went. Once it becomes 2020 you won't get as much traffic on your video because it will be 2019 and everybody will know that, right? So I've made that state plenty of times, and I highly recommend that you take that into consideration before you put anything like a year in your title. Now, another bad example of that is obviously you for the good example, you're gonna get all nine arbitrage. You're gonna get like, online arbitrage tutorial. You're gonna get arbitrage 2000 in 19 all nine armored trucks. 2019. An example of a lot of key words. You're also going to get, like, online arbitrage, e commerce, e commerce, business best e commerce business. Best e commerce business for beginners. Best big. It best business for beginners, right? All those potential keywords, but it reads streamlined. It's very, very easily relatable. And the audience that is exactly what the titles about, right? A bad example will be just trying to stuff a bunch of keywords in there and get, as you know, the optimal 100 characters, right, because it doesn't read as good. So bad example might be like all mine arbitrage. Keep a tutorial if you don't know what keep is it just a program for online? Are Josh online arbitrage? Keep a tutorial for a beginner entrepreneurs in 2000 and 19 that want to start e commerce right? Both of them can rank for a lot of different keywords. One of them is a lot better because it's more streamlined, and they didn't take it too far. So just keep that in mind. Remember that you have a limit of 100 characters. You do want to air a little bit more on the longer side when you're smaller channel of your title length, but you don't wanna go to too far to abuse it, and you're not trying to stuff all your keywords in your title like you potentially are for your YouTube description. With Seo, right, You don't want to be like, visually obvious that you're stuffing keywords in your title. You just want to read, streamline and obviously also play the benefit of having potential keywords in there. 18. 22: So just like you're going to get the most benefit from YouTube. When you index a lot of S e o and keywords in your description and also use your title to your advantage so that you're getting the most bang for your buck you know it with suggested an organic search results across the platform. You also want to actually focus on what you're actually saying in your videos. I know this is kind of crazy, and I know a lot of people don't do this, but this goes a long way to a help. You rank higher in search results for certain keywords and also get suggested and let you to know what your video is about. So what do I mean by actually saying keywords and how can you basically implement it, right? Well, first and foremost, I want to say that you don't have to get crazy with this. You don't have to have, like, a list of 100 and make it so like every single video you're doing is you know, you need to make sure that you hit on these certain key words that you've written down, right? Well, basically, you want to find a good sweet spot. So what I like to say is you want to write down maybe like 5 to 20. You don't have to go crazy, but you do want to do this because it's really gonna help you rank and index for certain keywords and search, like I said. And also make sure that you know when you tube goes through because YouTube is smart and when they go through and they look at exactly the words that are that are being set in your videos. That's the biggest indicator outside of the title. You know what your video actually is, right? So just get off on a tangent really fast, right? Let's say that you go through and you write out like an S e o description that your videos like a vlog video, right? It's about like you and your family in, you know, You know what at a flea market or something like that, I don't know what it is, but let's just hypothetically say that, right? And then you put the title like you know, me and the kids at at You know, someone SOS on a Saturday afternoon, right? Random examples Super super random right? And that's what you put in your description. That's what you put your tags, and that's what you put in your title. But then you realize that you know your video isn't necessarily index under those types of things. Instead, YouTube thinks that it's a different type of video. And the reason is because you actually did have a different type of video, right? So what I'm trying to say is, if you try to game the system by adding a different title, a different description and different tags, then YouTube still smart enough to know exactly what the video is about Because what they're actually doing is they're doing closed captions and looking at exact the exact words that air coming through audio wise in the video and then basically using those the information that they're getting in the data that they're pulling from the words that you're speaking on top of the title, the description in the tags, right? So it's It's four things, mainly, but more importantly, it's what you're saying in your videos, right? So what I'm trying to say is, if you try to game the system, if you made like a marketing video and then try to index it with your title tax and description for, like a vlog video, YouTube would still know exactly what the video is about. It would confuse them a little bit, so you probably wouldn't rank for anything. But it definitely wouldn't rank you for a vlog video because that's not what the videos about, right, That's not what's in the video. And when people came and watch your video and thought it was about blogging or whatever, nobody would stick around cause that's clearly not what it is, right? So the whole reason that I'm telling you this the whole reason relating this to you is because you want to actually say keywords also, not just in your in your description, which is also important, not just in your tags, which is also important and especially, you know, in your title, which is also important as well. But you actually want to write down a good 5 to 20 keywords and physically say them in your video now, Like I said, you don't have to get crazy with this, but I would recommend just like 5 to 20. So just like we used the example before of like online Army trash, Right? So let's say we made that that online arm trust video that was like the online arbitrage tutorial 2000 and 19 for whatever, Whatever. Whatever. Right now, that's the keyword that's gonna be in our title. We're also going to want to do a little bit of keyword research, maybe like 5 to 10 minutes worth ahead of time so that we can No, exactly what tags we're gonna write down so that we can say them. And I like to use word and then I'll just simply print it out and I'll keep like, a paper kind of like I'm keeping like the outline of exactly what I'm saying here. I'm not reading this in the, you know, in this in these videos, by any means, but I know exactly a recount kind of recap so that I make sure to hit certain points home like we've talked about. Well, same thing with that, with the the tags that you want to say write the same thing with the key words that you want to say in your YouTube videos. What I'll do is I'll print them out and I'll just have them, like behind the camera or I'll have them, like, hanging up behind. So I'm constantly reminded. Okay, these air, Certain key words that I want to actually go ahead and say in my video Now you can basically, you know, kind of integrate those keywords better into your script and then make sure that you kind of talk about them and hit those points home. So to give you an example, let's just reverse engineer, let's start from from, you know, step one. So we're gonna use the example of the online arbitrage tutorial. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go online arbitrage, you know, online arm charge, Jungle Scout, which is also a south of software for Amazon. Right, that I use in a lot of my jungle, a lot of my own land arbitrage courses. So that's a fair keywords prize, something we don't necessarily go after. Let's find something else out. Let's to use using Jungle Scout for arbitrage. Also fair. How about let's go using keep for online arbitrage. Also a software program. He don't know what Davis, that's good. So that's not the best. But what we're gonna do is We're gonna put that in there anyway, just in case, because we could potentially rank for that. We're gonna put it down closer to the bottom. Now let's go back and find another one. Let's say, like using what's another, uh, viral? It's using viral launch for online arbitrage. That's a good one. It's not the best will also put that down at the bottom. I might have actually not type to keep it in right. So let's check this really fast. We're using Keeper for online arm shots. Not using Keep for online are trash. That's fair. So that's actually a bad one. Let's erase this woman. Then let's go through him. Will say, Um, let's try. Is online arbitrage more profitable than retail arbitrage? Something that somebody might actually type into the search bar? Right. And that's us. Fair. So that's not good as well. And like I said, you might want to spend like 5 to 10 minutes doing this ahead of time And these air, the little things that a lot of people don't do that make a vast difference in how your video performs. And like I said, these this is evergreen stuff. Guys, this isn't like gonna show you like immediately. You're going to get 1000 views added to your video. I'm not trying to hype it up or say like, you know, you're going to get some ridiculous return on your initial investment of time. You know, right away I'm trying to keep it honest with you, and I'm trying to be as transparent as possible. These air, the little evergreen things that if you do and you just spend like an extra half an hour implementing these types of things like five minutes 10 minutes with this, an extra 20 minutes on your thumbnail an extra 10 minutes, potentially writing out a good eso description. Stuff like that. It will over the long haul over the year that you're implementing YouTube over the next six months that you're implementing YouTube videos, it will make a massive difference not just in you know, the views in the sub count, but the quality of the people that you're bringing in because it's gonna be around these targeted phrases that you that your videos about right. It's not just mere about random subs or random views. It's gonna be about targeted potential viewers that are more importantly than anything, potential customers for you. So let's go ahead and find two good ones really fast. It's a like retail. Arbitrage is dead. Retail are precious, dead, half good. So we'll put that one in there. We'll say, Is online arbitrage dead on Amazon? Is online arbitrage dying? That's good. We also put that one in there we can find a lot better. Um, I don't waste too much time, so we'll try to find Well, we'll give, like, two more tries here. Uh, let's go online Arbitrage tutorial 2000 and 19. That's a very good one. We're gonna put that at the top. Then let's go online. Arbitrage secrets. That's good. It's right on the borderline of very good. So we'll teach will take that one as well. We'll find one more really fast. So online arbitrage, uh, you know, online arbitrage. Best places to source. That's gotta be good, right? That seems like a pretty solid keyword to May. But let's find out. So it's good. It's not the best on. And obviously, if I were doing this realistically for a really YouTube video, not just trying to show you I would sit here for 5 10 minutes and kind of just type things out in the search bar on. Figure out exactly what I wanted to go ahead of potentially rank for. Like I said, you want to write down about 5 to 20. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. I just want to make sure that have a couple key words to hit home. Because then if you go ahead and say these a lot of people if, like, I go ahead and I want to make the video title like online arbitrage Chitauro 1019 blah blah , blah, blah, blah. Right. Well, I'm just gonna be talking to the camera a lot of times, and I'm just gonna be talking to, you know, the computer A lot of times, even though I might have a script, I haven't gone ahead and identified potential good keywords to rank for, So I haven't integrated those into the script, so I probably the chances of me actually saying a keyword like online arbitrage secrets or online arbitrage, best place to the source are not very high. And so I probably will not rank for anything like that because I'm not saying it in the video. So by simply taking this step and writing down 5 to 20 he words, you want to physically say these things in your in your videos and that therefore YouTube will see that and start to ranking for these organically and search and also suggesting for these types of topics and videos related to these steps. Topics in suggested all over YouTube. Right? So it's huge, huge, huge to do this. And this isn't just something for me. This is something I've learned from top other you tubers. I always reference Graham Steph because he talked about this a lot. One of the examples that I saw this from two as well was raise the entrepreneur who also does entrepeneur content and literally blew up this past year a t end of 2000 and 18. And in the beginning 2019 he went from like 50,000 subs like all the way up to, like, 200,000 or something ridiculous. And this was one of the best things that he said that he did and implemented. He would write down keywords and make sure to say them in his videos because YouTube is smart, so you know, give them something to index your stuff with, right? I highly recommend that you do this. This is this is super super, super underrated. And nobody out there is doing this. I promise you that. And if they are, it's like one or two people here and there. Take this. Use this to your advantage and, you know, basically get a leg up on your competition because nobody else is gonna be saying there there keywords constantly in their videos. 19. 23: So now I want take a video to talk about how to actually prompt more engagement, right? How do you prompt more likes and how problem or comments? How do you get more subscribers someone and so forth? So let's move on first and foremost to getting more subscribers now the best way, in my opinion. And the easiest way is actually the simplest way to get more subscribers. And that is just to simply ask for subs in your videos, right? You'll get more subs on average if you just subtly ask for them. The key here that I want to emphasize is subtly Okay, so you want to make a point to say in your video, but make a point to say it's subtly. There are certain ways to go about, do that. Doing that. One of the best ways that I found is actually either to just be genuine and honest to be like, if you like this contact, you know, I really enjoy creating content like this, and I have a bunch of other great ideas on the back burner that I want to create. If you like this kind of content, make sure to hit the subscribe button. Or you can basically say something like, You know, we may. You know, I'm pumping out videos on homeland marketing every other day of you. If you're interested to hit the subscribe button So you don't miss any tips, something like that. Obviously, I'm just making them up on the spot. You could do a better job of coming up with, like, a sentence or two. Script yourself around your topic and niche. But I would just be either be genuine or be funny and make it into a joke. Right? So the other best way that I found is to give you the other example of, like, the lists, right? So if you're going through, like, a tip list or, like, maybe you're going through, like you know already is the example of, like, a tip list like eight tips and then like giving the, like the seventh tip for the six theft or whatever would be to smash the like button, right. And then you're joking. Then you move on to the actual seven tip, right? So that's a good example of one. But to give you another example of how to actually implement that Let's say you're doing like I don't know, like the top the top 10 soccer teams in Europe. Right? And you're going like the top. The number one is this Number two is that number three is real Madrid. Number four is Manu. Number five is, you know, whatever. And then you're going like number six. And to find out number six, you're actually gonna have hit the subscribe button, and then you wait a couple of seconds and then you're like, you did hit. Describe on, you know, do you do not want to find out number six and then you, like, move onto Okay. There you go. All right. So number six is and it's just like a little joke. Obviously, you have to have self awareness here. You don't want to go out of your way to be something that you're not. I'm not necessarily like that. I've tried to put that in videos before myself, and you can kind of see if you like, rewind back like, like, half a minute. To what? I'm actually doing it. That I'm not the best that communicating that more straightforward. I'm Lesley kind of entertaining, To be honest, I try to be a little bit more entertaining. But, you know, it's just not in my personality a lot of time. So you have to have some self awareness there and understand is that you know the route you want to go. Do you feel comfortable doing something like that, or is it kind of force? Literally. I've recorded videos where I try to force it before. And then I go back and edit the video in in like, career pro, and I completely cut it out. And I've done that like, three times now because it just doesn't come off when I'm rewatching. It kind of organically kind of feels forced, like I wrote that in there and I don't think it looks good. So you have to have self awareness there, but those are just two examples of ways that you can suddenly do it the best way. In my opinion, if you're not comfortable, doing anything like that is to just be genuine, just simply asked for it. Be like if you guys hit the subscribe button, you know, I'd really appreciate it. You're gonna get this is what you're gonna get, right? This is what I'm gonna give you by doing So s so The key here is obviously subtle. Don't bag, Please don't Don't be the person that's like plea. Please, guys, I really want to get 200 100 subscribers. Please, guys are really close to that 1000 Mark. Just hit that. Subscribe on because nobody's gonna do it. That's psychology. Wanna want? If you beg and plead, nobody's gonna want to help you. I'm just being honest. So you definitely don't want a bag or plead and you don't want to be the person commenting on other videos saying, You know, check out my channel or sub to me now We did talk about and we definitely will talk about later on because I added a video on the actual commenting method that's gonna help you grow . So we did touch on that already. But there's a key. There's a key difference with commenting method and commenting on video, saying Subscribe to my channel or commenting on video, saying sub sub for sub or subbed to me guys, I have great content. You don't want to do that. You wouldn't be subtle about right. You want to comment something thoughtful and give value to the video in the comments section and let people organically find out that you have a channel you don't want to ask them or tell people. Hey, I make videos to OK, so don't do that. Don't bag. Don't be the person commenting saying Check on my channel now. Same thing with likes you want Just ask for likes, right? You're going to get more likes on average if you just ask for them every single video that I ask for likes and I don't do it every single video but every single video I ask for likes and I basically, you know, suddenly say, If you, you know, if you guys appreciate the content value in today's video, hit that like button and really appreciate it, something was simple like that will actually remind people to hate the like button because a lot of times I'm very conscious of commenting, and I watch a lot of videos, and I'm also a content creator, right? You obviously are. If you're watching this as well, and there are plenty of times where I'm watching the video and I completely forget to hit the like button just cause I'm not constantly thinking. Okay, What's the video like? Can comment right? Watch the video, like in common. Sometimes I get in the viewer mentality where I'm just watching the video because I want to enjoy the content and not thinking about engaging for the sake of the Creator. So if you asking, just remind them from time to time it's gonna go a long way to actually help you out and get more likes, which obviously increases your engagement, which obviously will be a snowball effect. With the algorithm, you'll get more views and potential drivers and someone so forth. So you want to be real and genuine allowed times, In my opinion, now you can definitely by all means you work in something funny here as well. You can just like the last thing we like and you hit that like bun. You throw it in like that. Just kind, like this. Described as well. So I like to be real and genuine that that kind of fits my personality and the way that I create videos a little better. But you can also, you know, make it into a joke. If you communicate, you know, overall on your real and genuine or you communicated as a joke. As long as you're basically communicating that you know, the engagement helps and you really appreciate it. People will go out of their way to help you. Don't you know, a lot of people have kind of gone in the marketing and e commerce And like all mine entrepreneurship kind of world where you're creating content right now, which is what we're talking about. A lot of people are trying to market to people, and a lot of people are trying to gain people and like you, send them through this funnel that's going to make them opt in. And then you get them on the back end to 10 x the revenue with that customer. You know what I mean? Like, we all know what I'm talking about. So if you are just riel and honest and genuine and straight forward with with your audience , it's gonna be a breath of fresh air for them. They're going. They're not not gonna want to think that you they're not gonna think that you have some ulterior motive or some hidden agenda. Instead, you're going to breath fresh air because you're literally telling them Hey, guys, if you hit the like button, I really appreciate it. You know, you're not begging, you're not. You're not doing anything like that. You're being subtle and just being honest and genuine. And it will go a long way. I promise you that. So say something like, you know, Hey, if you guys got value from this video, hit that like, button Or, you know, if you enjoy videos like this, make sure to hit that like button. So, you know, I know to make more of them something simple like that communicates riel, genuineness, straightforwardness, and that you appreciate it. Stuff like that, right? So moving on to asking for comments. Now you can ask open ended questions for comments. And you can also ask people their opinion on a topic because people love to give their opinion. Now, those air two of the simplest, easiest ways to prompt comments. And they work very, very well. One of the other ways that I've that I've been seeing and kind of testing out myself to prompt comments lately and obviously haven't created any good YouTube content like we talked about recently with them, like the past month or month and 1/2 because I've been working all on, you know, actually scripting and making sure that I have all the tips and tip, like little tidbits of information in this course for you guys because I want to make this the best. YouTube could take a back burner for me right now. I want this course to be great. But before I actually started creating this course, one of the things that I was playing around with a lot with comments to a problem or engagement was actually making mistakes, like little tiny mistakes on purpose. Right? And what I would do is to give you an example. Remember as creating a video and I was running through like it was like things that rich people do that you know, poor people don't. And how you can implement those the things that you know, both poor people and rich people do because a lot of people talk about the benefits of both . Like how how you can implement the benefits of both of those into growing as an entrepreneur. Right. To put simply, I was That's just what the video is about, and one of the things that I did is I'm showing a picture on the screen of a Lamborghini, right? We all know what a Lamborghini looks like, right? And I just made the simple mistake of being like And if you look on the screen right now, you'll see this this Ferrari. And obviously it was a full on Lamborghini. And 99.9% of people watching the video are going to know that that's a Lamborghini, right? But I said Ferrari and I said Ferrari on purpose. And the reason being is I wanted to see that could prompt engagement in common section. I wanted to see just how many people were gonna correct me in the comments section. And guess what there is. I think it was like 30 or 40 comments on that video overnight, which usually I get, like 10 to 15 max overnight, and it sounds like if the video is viral, but we're trying to say is that prompted a lot more engagement, probably like 300% engagement that I'm used to, right? So what I'm saying is you can implement that or little get innovative little kind of mistakes here and there, or, you know, asking people toe open ended questions or kind of stirring up controversy in smart ways. Obviously, you don't want to get a little crazy with this, and you don't want to make if you're gonna make mistakes to, You don't want to making mistakes like that. Every single video, right? You don't wanna be calling the Lamborghini Ferrari every video or Ferrari, a Lamborghini ever video or, you know, saying that an outline is ah is like a you know, a book or something like that. Something simple, right? You don't wanna be doing that Every video extent. People are just gonna think you're stupid, but you can play around, you can get innovative, and you can prompt engagement in fun ways. Just use your brain. I know that you guys can come up with stuff because we're all very, very smart room ways. And that's just an example of one of the ways that you can get innovative and, you know, basically use the, you know, people's egos to comment more on your videos. Right? So these are just some simple ways that you can prompt engagement. Obviously, the more comments you get, the better your channel on your videos are gonna dio more comment or the more likes you get . Same thing. And obviously the more subs is a snowball effect as well. So hopefully you implement these topics, they go a long way to help your engagement and then grow your channel. 20. 24: so one of the mistakes that I see new content creators making is not really taking the time to respond to all their comments, and it blows my mind. I don't understand why they don't do it or why that's not their priority, especially once you release a video. Now I'm not saying you have toe release a video on YouTube and then sit there for 24 hours and make sure that every second that a comment comes in, you're right there to respond to it. That's not what I'm saying. What I am saying is, when you're released a video, you want to be cognizant of the potential comments that you're going to get because it really will improve your video and your organic community and outreach just organically. If you do so, there's so many benefits to doing it. But what, instead of what I want you to do, is not just be at your computer waiting for people to comment to respond back, but check it you know every hour or two and respond to the comments that you do get when you're under 100,000 subscribers, which I'm assuming is the majority people watching this video currently right? There's so many good reasons to do this. First and foremost, it's gonna double your engagement rates. So if you get a common on video and you respond back, obviously we know first hand that YouTube uses about the 1st 24 to 72 hours, roughly to figure out whether or not they're going to push that video out to the masses. Kind of like Instagram. Now, don't get me wrong. You can pick up traction later on. If you know YouTube, start to see a spike with their algorithm and you know, potential engagement or watch time or whatever. Any of those other metrics that we talked about, you can obviously get a push later on. So this is not the be all end all. It's not that, like, if you know your video doesn't get pushed out and doesn't do well in the first 24 to 72 hours, that it's complete done and it's gonna be dead for the rest of its life. That's not the case that said, you always want to give yourself the best opportunity to, you know, really hit home your videos and give them the most potential outreach as possible initially , right? So the way that you could do that number one is respond to all your comments. Like I said, it's gonna double your engagement rate. Why would you not do that then? It's also gonna help your videos rank better like we talked about because it's gonna increase engagement. Which is one of the key factors that YouTube uses to measure the success rate of your video and how well other people you know both subscribed and unsubscribed are basically receiving that piece of content More importantly than all that And that stuff is very, very important is it's going to develop a relationship with your viewers, right? You want to respond to them. You don't just want to, you know, you be the creator, and they're like the commoners and viewers know instead you want to kind of create a community. You want to build a community that should always be your goal. Wherever it is, you want to build a community where people feel safe and inspire them to comment. So by doing so and responding back, like I said, you're going to double your engagement rate. You're gonna rank your videos better, but also, more importantly, you're going to develop a relationship with your viewers, build a community, and that's going to inspire them and reinforce them essentially to create, you know, comments in the future and and come back to comment again because they're going to feel like you. They have a say, everybody wants to be heard. And if you respond back to them, it's gonna go a long way to inspire them to comment again on a future video, which obviously is a snowball effect, like we talked about right here. So this is a huge way to build a more personal connection with people spending their time to watch your videos. Do not take this for granted. If people you know comment on, you know, coming on your YouTube video, you should treat that the same. Take a little bit of time, respondent. Genuinely back. Give some value in there. People are gonna go are really, really, really going to appreciate it. And it's gonna go a long way to inspire more future engagement and really help you out. 21. 26: So now I want to talk about scripting your videos and why that's so, so important. Now most people don't do this, and I'm not going to spend a lot of time specifically talking in depth on scripting your videos because one of the bonus lectures that I've actually added to this course will go pretty much in depth with that. It's one of the YouTube videos that I did. I believe it's like eight things or eight mistakes to avoid as a new YouTube or something or eight mistakes that kill new YouTube channels. That's actually a video that I put you know, 3 to 4 hours and creating. So I put that video at the end with a couple other bonus lectures really, really help you out and go more in depth of that. That said, I do want to cover the main points right here to make sure that I hit them home and make sure that you understand them right. So why do you want to script your videos? Well, first of foremost, you don't want to waste your viewers time, Okay, that's that's literally the most important thing that stripping your videos will do right you're gonna make sure that you have a plan and that you have points to touch on and hit so that you hit those exact points. Those value points, right? So that your giving them exactly what they came there for. If you wing certain things, you might potentially miss out on a key, important point. There's been so many examples of times where I've wing something, just kind of doing it off memory. And I miss one crucial thing that I wish I would've put back in my video, right? And if I would have just had a little outline there that I could potentially look over to everyone around, make sure that I hit home a point right? Then I could I could just cut that little out. Take it. But I could say something. Take a break. Make sure to hit a point home. Remember it. Come back to the video, start speaking again, right then I could take a break, and I could just cut those rules out in my editing software. And nobody would know you don't want to waste your viewers time. You want to make sure you have a plan and and have points to talk about. Now. Don't get me wrong. You can wing certain videos and, you know, if you're more comfortable winging videos and by all means, go ahead and try it and see what what works for you best. And it depends. Niche Danish. Obviously, in certain things, certain videos can be done. Better wing wings like, for example, tutorials. So every time I'll do like an online arbitrage tutorial, It's something that I know a lot about. And I could basically to show and demonstrate like the value of me actually going through the process, right? There's no way to really script that fully so. What I do is I wing it that said, you want to make sure that you understand the concepts a lot if you are gonna wing something like that. But the best example of something like I said, the wing would probably be a tutorial If you're just doing like a talking to the video type of thing, like I'm doing right here where you're doing like you know, you're standing in front of a camera and explaining something. The best thing that you can do, in my opinion, is have at least if it's not a script or like a full out running thing like I keep referencing here, you want to at least make sure that you have little points like this to remember to bring up so that you hit those those points home and you can make sure to give the most value in the shortest period of time possible. Another thing that I recommend that you do is simply cut the rolls out like we talked about where things that aren't important. So if, for example, if I'm creating the YouTube video right now, right and I go back and I put this actual raw video in my editor and I go through and I start editing it, I'm gonna cut certain point points out of this where I might stumble or, you know, have different words that you know, don't come out correctly. Or, you know, maybe I might have, you know, alone in the thing. Or I might say something completely. That's that's, you know, just waste of five seconds. I'm gonna cut that out because on YouTube, those little walls matter now for a specific course like this. Obviously, that matters. In a certain degree, but I don't get graded on the watch time. I'm trying to give the most raw related value piece that I can. I'm trying to communicate it as clearly and as authentically as possible so that you understand right, But on YouTube, you need to do that. But you also need to focus on not having any wolves not losing any audience retention, not losing the interest of the viewer. Essentially, because it's a different platform, right? You're kind of trying to entertain in a lot of ways. Then, you know, just create a course that's educational. So on YouTube, you really need to focus on cutting out your Lowell's. You don't wanna waste of your time. And that's a super, super, super important reason why you should have a script, especially for YouTube videos. But on YouTube Specifically, it's a major, major, major ranking factor for the algorithm, and you're going up against so many other videos. So you really need to take advantage of this if it's not like a tutorial now, another thing is, you know, I've noticed personally that when I win videos, if they're not, we're not talking about the tutorials, because obviously a tutorial I can't I don't have any specific examples of a tutorial that swing versus a tutorial that's like not winged. But in general, if I'm doing like a talking to the camera type of thing, and I like and I make sure to hit home points and I make sure that I have a script and I make sure that a number one hey, Number one number one of most importantly, that I do have a scripted intro because that's the number one thing that you definitely need. You definitely need to scripted intro. The worst thing that you could do is try to wing in Intro, because then you're not to be able to capture the attention as efficiently, right? You won't have a plan, especially for your insurer on YouTube. But one of things that I've noticed, you know, is the videos that I have a plan for, especially with the intro Pretended perform, you know, a lot better than the ones I just wing or, you know, the ones that I don't edit as as cautiously like that. So, you know, I know it's easy to just say this, but if if you don't you know if you're not sold on it yet. I would recommend that maybe you test out both and see what works for you. But chances are I'm willing to bet that the scripted videos were will perform a lot better than the unscripted ones because all these points that I hit on now lastly, I want to talk about giving more important, giving more value to your audience in a short period of time. So the majority of people on and I love the quote, basically where it's like when everyone else's eggs use at right Well, on YouTube, everyone's trying to capture attention, right? Everyone's trying to game the system. Everyone's trying to accumulate that longer. Watch time. Everyone's trying, and there's nothing wrong with that without when I'm trying to say is everybody's trying to kind of click bait and kind of dragged the video on right. If they click bait you with, like the most important instagram tip that you could do in 2019 right? Chances are they're not gonna give you that tip until, like, 8 to 10 minutes into the video, right? They're gonna try to drag the video on and capture your watch time as long as possible. You know to then give you the tip so that they get good metrics on the video, and that's understandable. There's nothing wrong with doing that. I suggest that you do that to a certain degree. To that said, Sometimes when everyone else zigs, you want a xag. So instead of just, you know, capturing attention or dragging a video on which people literally hate, even though it hurts or helps that videos metric potentially, I would recommend that you just keep it simple. The reason being if you have a script, you keep it simple and you give value. You give more value in a short period of time. People will remember that right and one of the things these air two completely unrelated things, although it works for content or just general entrepreneurship. Two of the things that I've been reading really recently that have made a huge difference in the way that I perceived my business and the way that perceived giving value to my customers. My audience are the Thank you economy by Gary V and Amazon letters to shareholders by Jeff Bezos. Obviously, it's literally all the stuff that he ever wrote to Amazon shareholders about their strategy of the company from back in like the 1997 I think all the way up to, obviously last year and both things the two general themes in both of these, which are crucial, is basically giving Mawr to your customers, focusing on the long game, the long game and letting that play out over time, right? The reason that I'm drawing those conclusions and I will make sure the link both of those above and you know the thank you economy will be an affiliate link. I think I make like a dollar on it, so it's not a big deal. You can just google it if you want. But the Amazon letter to shareholders I've actually accumulated all of them in like a read me file. So if you want to go ahead and read them, it's 100% free. It's just like a digital Pdf. You can print it out and put it in a binder like I did. If you want, go through and highlight which I recommend that you do, and you will see that common theme in there both of long term, and you literally just relentless, relentless, relentless focus on customer satisfaction. That's the reason, in a nutshell, and basically says it literally like 1000 different times in the ship and the shareholder letters that Amazon successful right over the long term. So the reason I'm telling you this is because if you focus on long term and giving your customers more value now in a short period of time, you might not necessarily accumulate that watch time or that you know that audience retention or you know you might not Clickbait, as well as other potential channels that you're competing against right now. But I promise you, people remember that and come back to your channel in your videos as you being the person that gave them most value and straightforward answers. And they will stick with you long term. So always play the long term game. Never play the short term game, and when everyone else zigs, you zag. And that's the main reason why I suggest that you script your videos 22. 27: So now I want to talk about three things that you should not overlook. That a lot of YouTubers and, you know, just content Creators in general definitely do, and you should not be one of them. So what are that? First and foremost, we're gonna talk about what you know, why backdrop matters before we actually get into that? I do want to talk about the facts and reiterate the fact that not only with any content, but especially YouTube lighting matters and audio quality matters they, if anything matters the most is probably lighting quality and audio quality. Right now, I'm not gonna talk too much about these, because in the intro I went through and suggested a bunch of, you know, the inter module I went through and I suggested a bunch of lighting, you know, answers for you that you know, some cheap options. Some more expensive options, like the ones that I potentially use or so audio quality options. Some cheap ones, like a mike. That's like a lot earlier, Mike. Or like a shotgun. Mike, if you're recording, certain things were like a mike like this. Like a blue snowball, which is, you know, I think this was only like 80 bucks, one of the highest quality months that even get that plugs into a computer. There's a lot of different suggestions there. Or you can simply just use like a microphone, you know, like your your the one that plugs into your iPhone and record their or simply use your iPhone. I talk about a lot of examples in those lectures, and you know why they're good and what they're good for. So I highly recommend that if you need to reference them again, you go back and watch the specific lectures in the intra module because there's a lot of great tips in there. You can go full out in spring for an expensive one. That's really gonna make a difference where there are some really, really, really high quality and good suggestions for low budget people or, you know, even free. So that's super super crucial, and I want to hit that home, especially for YouTube. But that said backdrop matters as well, right? So backdrop is huge and backdrop. Just to put simply is literally what, in my opinion, is what the audience sees right. So if your gaming and you're nervous, you're recording your screen on the game, then obviously, you don't really need to worry about your backdrop to too much because the audience is engaged watching you know the game. And if you're just screen recording your game or, you know, whatever it is, they're not. There really isn't a backdrop, right? The game becomes the backdrops. You don't worry about it. That said, if your screen recording like this right or urine your urine like the little corner and you're actually recording your screen, or maybe you're not even in the corner and you're just simply recording your screen, then it becomes even more important. And that, in that case, backdrop basically is the screen and what they see, right? So your backdrop currently is obviously my face talking in the little right right here. And then, obviously that what you see on the screen now that could be two different things that could be right now like a power point right here. Or could be me, like online somewhere, showing you like the how to actually go through and, like, do something on a computer and, like the click patterns and how actually go through it right. The keys here with backdrop on your screen recording, is it's very, very important. You want to keep a moving, or at least in engaging screen. The worst thing that you can dio is literally be sitting there and just kind of talking in the corner with nothing going on. And this is for YouTube specifically. But obviously this goes for, you know, just overall engagement. So I'm doing a bad job of doing that right now because I'm just simply talking in the corner and nothing is necessarily moving on the screen. So at worst, and at the very least you want to show things to keep I engagements. Now, this is a special course, obviously. So I want to make sure that you have to understand all this stuff, and I'm going through and hitting points so that you can take this information and apply it . It's not necessarily for, you know, entertainment so much that it is educational, and for that reason I'm not too focused on the screen and moving stuff around that said, the entire courses, not just me sitting here and showing you and reading certain things to you. You know, I'm trying to do my very best to keep it engaging screen and keeping it as entertaining assed possible. But I do want to offer value. And to be honest, you know, the most people that are gonna get the most out of this course are people that are already interested in serious about content or growing their YouTube scale share or, you know, me and, you know, making passive income with content so their interest should already be driving home watching these lectures. That said, with a YouTube video, you really, really, really need to be engaging and keep people focused and watching, so the worst thing you could do. Like I said, it's just sit there and talk in the corner and have nothing going on in the screen at all. Like if I were just sitting here on like Google, right and talking in the corner on a YouTube video and explaining why Google is good and why you need to use Google and this and that you're gonna lose so many people's attention and their attention span is already low to begin with, so if you're not engaging them on the screen, you're not engaging them visually. chances are they're gonna leave or they're gonna be Hi. There. Gonna be a higher risk to leave then if you're doing something and actually moving around on the screen to keeping keep them visually engaged, right, And a great way to do that if you don't want to focus on that right now on the screen, obviously, like this is a good example of things. So you could even have, like, you know, special effects in your You're not special effects, but like like effects on your power point, right. So, like things flying in and like, we all know how to do that with power point. I'm sure I'm not focused too much on this for this course specifically, but you could do that. But another great way to do that would just be adding B roll. But it's just basically putting another video or another image on top of this layer so that people aren't actually seeing this in the background. They're going to see, like, a picture or a video or something else while I'm talking in the background. So great way to do that and keep it engaging would be the ad bureau in Post when you're editing. Now, if you are in front of the camera, then a backdrop becomes the most important. Stop flash a little video of me up on the screen and now talking in one of my latest videos on YouTube And you could see the backdrop here is you know, I'm sitting in front of my desk while I'm basically going over certain things to the camera . This is structured this way on purpose because it looks like, you know, hey, I'm sitting in front of my desk. This is where I get worked on, which actually is true and just communicates, You know, in my opinion, subconsciously that Hey, this guy's about business. He's getting stuff done that said, I need to improve this a lot, considerably myself. So I highly recommend that you take this into consideration yourself to one of the worst things that you could do is not focus on your backdrop because it is the number one thing that people are gonna be looking for. I'm looking around at while you're engaging them. If you're talking in front of a camera, right, so a lot of people will get, you know, just get in front of a white board and I do this from time to time to. But that in a lot of ways, can be kind of boring, and you'll lose a lot of I attention that way. So if you look at any of the top YouTubers, there's always a good backdrop. Look at Graeme Stephens. Papa video up of him up on the screen, right? Look at you know some other people are pop videos of them simultaneously up on the screen right now to to give you a couple of good examples. Dan Locks a great example of this. He always has a different backdrop. He's always moving around so that shop definitely matters. You don't want to lose people's attention. You want to keep their eyes visually engaged on YouTube because at the end of the day, you can. Like I said, you wanna be going long term and long game focused and giving value. But you also want to entertain. You need to do both on YouTube and one of the most important things that you're not focusing on lighting your audio. What you are you should be doing is your backdrop. If you're talking with a screen recording or a camera, you need to focus on this 23. 28: All right, so now we're gonna go over tips, form or ad revenue for you. You know how he can implement these to increase your ad revenue and basically either double it or triple it. Now, we've already covered multiple ad breaks and how you implement them both on Beta and Creator stereo Classic. Right. So that's obviously that goes without saying that automatically is gonna double or triple your ad revenue, assuming that you obviously are monetized. And if you're not, it's okay. These are things you can implement once you get monetized. You probably realistically can get monetized anywhere from 2 to 3 months all the way up to a year, depending on how much content you're creating, how fast you're growing and how and you know, really the production quality and quality over all of your content. So there are other ways to obviously monetize er channeling we've covered. But this is strictly for ad revenue. So the most what ad breaks would be number one, then another great idea. And another great example of what I do personally is just check what videos air paying you more, and then simply make more of those videos and that in each contents or two examples of this really fast are if we come to, uh, you know, and my analytics for for my my creator studio. Right. And we come into the top earning videos recently. What I notice if I go through all my analytics and look, is what tends to pay Mim or are you know, things that that, you know, have programs attached to them. So we're talking like make money online with atomic email. Hunter is always one of my top videos because guess what? Atomic email Hunter likes to run ads on that video makes sense, right? The videos about it, Why would they not run ads on it? So that's why I rent went ahead and created multiple versions of that video and you slapped it up. And did you know multiple different videos on atomic email? Hunter knowing full well that I generally earned Maurin ad revenue on videos like that, right. That's how I could increase my ad revenue if I know that I'm making money with atomic email 100 videos. Well, I can make more of those simply and then I have a bunch of videos that are gonna make good money with atomic email Hunter. Another example of this is what Alex Becker doesn't want to know about. Shocked by drop shipping. Now, this is not my most successful video. It's actually my second, but it constantly and consistently earns me anywhere from about 50 to 100 bucks every month because he loves to run ads on videos that are based on him, right? What Alex Becker doesn't want to know. Well, guess what? Alex Becker is running ads on that video so that people that are watching that video about him can see his ads makes a lot of sense, right? So this is actually a video that I've had on the back burner for a while and because I haven't created let's pull this up really fast so I can show you and because I actually haven't created a ah YouTube video in a while, actually haven't gone ahead and done this and created this yet, but it's literally here, outlined and ready to go. Whenever I want to do it. I have an entire video breaking down, why he's successful and how he grew his channel. The reason I'm planning to create this video is a because I have a lot of value and insight into what actually made his channel grow. But more importantly, it's because I know full well and full heartedly that I'm gonna target that video. Because guess what? It pays me a lot in ad revenue to talk about outs Becker. So if I create another video on him, guess what? That video will most likely also pay me a lot of ad revenue, and that's how I can increase my address, right? Another good way to do this. If you know you kind of need to look through it a little bit easier, because in my I'm still 900 used to Studio Beta, you can play around with it, and it's easy to see certain things, although in my opinion, if you're trying to figure out, Hey, what videos Air working for me currently on what are paying me the most in ad revenue? What I like to do is out going to create a studio classic. I'll goto analytics and revenue, right, and then, obviously you can go through and look weak toe week or, you know, overall and see Hey, what's been paying me lifetime overall. But more importantly, like I like to go like what's been paying me this week in this month. So, you know, if people are still spending ads on that now, what do you know? Alex Becker shows up again here. You can obviously sort it from, you know, your your overall revenue here, you consort it there and you sort of up and down. Same goes with all that. Now, this is a bad example. Because usually if I go this week, I can see a lot better results because I'm actually creating videos. Right? So I haven't created really any videos that are good within the past month, month and 1/2 roughly like we've talked about. So this is a bad example of analytics that are gonna demonstrate what the gives air paying me the most recently. But normally, if I'm just creating videos and I come to like this week, we're like, the last couple of days, right? Then what really I start to see is a lot of my most recent videos pay me a lot more and one of the trends, and you'll be able to see that to it, Just like I said, I haven't created content like this in a while, so these are older Videos tend to pay me a lot more right here this week. But normally what you'd see is a lot of your most recent videos paying you a decent amount and then you can buy by default. Look at which ones pe ume or and which topics pe ume or and then make more of that niche topic content, Right? So to give you an example of one of the things that I noticed that was paying me a lot more is if we go down to, like videos really fast and I show you what I've created, you know, not recently, but most recent videos. So the opposite of focus hasn't really paid me that much and have revenue. I know that because I looked at my analytics same thing with, like, YouTube, stuff like that and, like mindset stuff, none of that stuff really pays me that. While an address that said all nine arbitrage and whenever I do online arm charge, it seems like that always pays me more in ad revenue. Just just to be give you a random number. That's kind of close to what it is. I think it's like 10 to 20 bucks overnight in ad revenue. I want an online arbitrage Victoria, where? Online arm trash video, right? Whereas something else that might even get like 1000 views in a couple of days is only gonna make me about 5 to 10 bucks overnight, so that if you extrapolate that over time, basically, what I'm trying to say is the almond arbitrage, and I know this from looking at my analytics both in Classic and in beta. The online arbitrage tutorial videos pay me a lot more in ad revenue because there's a lot of other online arbitrage programs like Keep Up and Jungle Scout and, you know, viral launch and other things that could be used for online arbitrage. And, you know, companies that do that are running a lot of ads on online arm charge videos. So I see that through my analytics that these 10 to pay me a lot more in ad revenue, so I make a lot more online arbitration. Tory's Whenever I want to make more ad revenue, right is very, very simple, and you could do the same thing now, something like to give you an example, something that went viral fairly recently. If we can find it, I probably can't do it there. But if we look right here like YouTube, I guess it was Facebook. But one of the videos that I dropped recently in this actual module showing you about Facebook. So Facebook pays creators ad revenue. Now this literally went viral very, very fast. But even though it went viral and only me and I think it got, like 7000 views and like the first week, which is pretty solid for my channel, actually it's still made less than an online arbitrage video in ad revenue, Right? So got more views. What made a lot less in ad revenue? And that's just an indicator of what videos pe ume or so Pay attention to that in your analytics. If you're simply trying to increase your ad revenue than literally looking your analytics, look at your videos and look at your ad revenue and see what videos they're paying you the most and then make more videos like that. That's one of the best tips that I could give you honestly, increasing your ad revenue that's outside of ad breaks or multiple ad breaks. So another great tip would be creating playlists to keep people watching more. And the reason that that this is gonna increase your ad revenue was obviously, why's that? Keep doing that is obviously because you're gonna get the benefit of each video to rank higher in that playlist. So if you have a bunch of different playlists are a bunch of different videos in the playlist, all those videos, we're gonna get a little boost and ranking because a bunch of people are watching them and that it's accumulating more watch time. Plus, they're gonna be suggestion suggested mawr with each other. So if you have, like template videos and playlists, well, chances are a lot of those other eight or nine videos they're gonna be suggested next to and below on mobile on that video that you're watching. So the whole benefit of that is you're gonna accumulate more watch time, and you're also gonna accumulate more people watching Mawr ads because it's running through as a playlist. So you have a potential to show them, you know, 10 ads instead of just one right. So that's another great way to increase your your ad revenue overall and then, lastly, is to just check in your analytics and see when your average audience retention is so you can look at this just overall on your channel, and you can also look at this an individual videos. The reason that this is important is because if you happen to notice that your audience only retains, usually for about four minutes or three minutes or two minutes, well, then, generally speaking on overall on your channel, you could drop a card up in the right hand corner at that period of time during your videos and then potentially capture them into another video and restart the cycle, right? So if you can only generally speaking, retain your audiences attention for like 2.5 minutes or three minutes. Then if you want to go ahead and drop a card at that time in your video at two and after three minutes were even a little bit before then. Basically, what I'm saying is you can capture their audience attention for 2 to 3 minutes, then send them to another video. Capture that audience to retention for another 2 to 3 minutes, then send them to another video and so on and so forth. So a great example of how you can do that we pull up the creator studio beta again is you're gonna go analytics, and then you're simply gonna interest viewers, right? And that's gonna show you what your average view duration per channel is. Now I'm down 4% which makes sense, cause I haven't really, you know, watching recently good videos like we talked about. But you'll see here my average audience retention in view duration is about three and three minutes and 33 seconds. Right now, I can see that overall in my channel, and I could just generally speaking, drop like a card at, like, three minutes and 10 seconds or something like that, a little bit before to retain my audience and keep cycling them through videos at three minute segments. Right? Or I can simply look at video the video. It's pull up another example. It's public YouTube subscribers, and I know his firsthand that this one's very, very low, right, so average view duration of two minutes and 10 seconds. So then, on this one, I might want to drop a card at two minutes. Now, if we go back, I might want to drop a card on this one at, like at, like, three minutes. Right, So that just gives you an example of you know, you can look at your analytics and use them to your advantage to increase your ad revenue, right? You can use them to your advantage for a lot of different things, but especially to increase your ad revenue. Two ways to do that would be looking your average viewed aeration and audience retention, obviously, then drop cards to keep cycling them through at at those amount of times. Um, and then another one would be simply Look at your analytics, see what videos, air, paying you more and then make more that content and videos like it. 24. 29: So one of the last tips before we actually get into some of the bonus lectures that have added on is just what you see up on the screen are now, and that is to have fun. Now, this goes back to picking your niche and really doing videos that, you know, you enjoy creating about topics that you love and you enjoy, right? If you have your having fun, if you're enjoying creating the videos in the content that is gonna be conveyed and related through the video, people are gonna be able to fuel that energy. They're gonna be able to enjoy it more with you. If you're having fun, they will, too. If you're relaxed, they'll be, too. If your uppity and you're kind of you know, I definitely get up because I get excited when I teach. But if you're uncomfortable because you saw a video that somebody else potentially did and you decided I need to make this video so that I can basically rank for that as well if you're gonna have a hard time, if you're not enjoying it too, you know also relate enjoyment to the audience. So one of the best things that you could be doing is just have fun with it. Take a break. Relax, you know, enjoy it. Take a deep breath and at the end of the day, remember that you can always edit something in post. You can always edit it out, so make sure that you're having fun, and that will convey through the camera more than you think. And your audience will also feel that energy and the love watching the video because they'll have fun with you. 25. Bonus Lecture 1 10 Tips to Get Your YouTube Videos to Perform Better: YouTube is an extremely competitive place. Nobody wants to spend hours creating a piece of content that they put their hard work sweat and tears into, only to find out that it doesn't perform like they'd hoped. You want to know ahead of time that your video will perform before you put a massive amounts of effort into it? Am I right? Ok, well, in that case, today, we're gonna go over 10 tips to get your YouTube videos to perform better Tip number one is to create your thumbnails, entitles ahead of time and to understand why this is actually very important, you have to think of it from the perspective and psychology off the viewer. What process do they go through when they click on the video and actually decide if it's worth watching or not? Usually a farm Naylor title interests them. Then they click. Then they might spend a short period of time deciding. Okay, Is this video what I clicked on and am I actually getting what I bargained for? And if you create your thumbnail entitle first, it's so much easier to them after go and create the video that the viewers expecting but if you create them after a lot of times, the video won't be paralleled exactly with the title and thumb now, so it might turn people off when they click it and then find out that the video is not exactly what they came there for. Now I am still bad, believe it or not, creating my own thumbnails. I'm still learning, but there is one tool that I suggest that everyone uses if they're just getting into it. And that is Roberto Blakes, YouTube starter kit. This has been a lifesaver for me. If you look down at my channel right here. I used to make thumbnails that were like this. They were branded. And while I was slowly, you know, kind of piecing together ways to create thumbnails. This really gave me the advantage, essentially to create better quality thumbnails that pop more and you know it gives me more freedom to create thumbnails that I think are good. And the best part about the YouTube starter kit is it comes with 100 and 50 pre made thumbnails where you can pretty much just plug in a picture and plug in your own text over the other text and it swaps it out. So the thumbnail is already readily made for you. This has been a lifesaver for my channel. It saves me a lot of time creating thumbnails. And I still get the most bang for my buck from somebody that understands photo shop. Ah, lot better than me. Now, the YouTube starter kit does usually cost $99. However, when I purchased it myself, I was able to get a coupon code. If you just searched the web for you to our Roberto Blake YouTube starter kit coupon code, my guess is you can find one. I think I found one that was 40% off, and I end up paying like 60 bucks instead of 100 you can do that as well. Now tip number two if you're struggling to find good content ideas, but you want to ensure the videos you create have the best chance ahead of time to succeed would be to search for proven content. So what you want to do and I'm sure you really fast here is you want to go to other YouTube creator channels that are very, very similar to yours. You want them to be, ideally being the same nations yours and roughly the same size as you, For example. Right here, Right now, I'm sitting at about 15,000 subscribers. So I'm not gonna go to a channel that has 200,000 subscribers because they're going to rank a lot better in search and suggested than I will. So it'll be a bad indicator. Ideally, I'm gonna find somebody that is below maybe 100,000 or more, ideally even below 50,000. But, you know, maybe like 10,000 to 50,000. And if I can find somebody like that, then that's pretty much ideal. So what all ideally do is I'll go find somebody that has a channel that's very, very similar to mine in both niche and size, and I'll go to their most popular videos. So let's go to their channel. A good example of this is Adam are Fisher. Hey makes also arbitrage videos and also private labeling videos, so it's very, very similar and nish wise to mind. It's like make money online that also Amazon, and what I'll do is I'll go to their videos like I said, and I'll sort to through most popular now you'll notice here that I made a video just like this. His most popular video right here is my first Amazon product. That true results. Well, I'm made a video exactly like this with my own spin and my own field, private label products, and literally copied his same exact, you know, title and thumbnail idea and put my own spin on it with my own experience. Now, you could do this with a number of other channels, and you're not always gonna hit. You know, just cause he got 100 60,000 views doesn't mean that I will on my video. But it is a good indicator that there's an audience for that topic. So it basically just gives you a little bit better, you know, reassurance essentially ahead of time that hey, there's an audience for this kind of topic and somebody with a similar channel, size and niche hit on this video before. So maybe you will as well. Now, general thumb is if you make you know, 5 to 10 of these videos where you're seeing other most popular content creators that Aaron , the same niche and same subscriber count roughly. I'm gonna hit that home, cause that's very important. Then if you make about 5 to 10 these videos, at least one of them is going to hit like you'd hoped. You might not get 160,000 views. You might not get 300,000 views, but you should do pretty well. Considering your channel size, you might get 50,000. You might get 100,000. This is a very good tactic that you can use to, you know, essentially, really grow your channel and ensure your videos have success ahead of time. Moving on the tip number three now And that is to front load a smart, targeted keyword phrase. Now I have a tool that I use for this. I'm gonna show you how I use it here in a second. But if you look right here, this is what the video title was going to be before when I got the idea. Essentially create this video. It was how to give your YouTube videos the best chance to perform well. But then, after a little keyword research and finding that YouTube videos to perform was one of the best keyword options for me, I decided to change the title. Two X tips and obviously I filled in the 10 tips there. This is pre, you know, 10 tips that I laid out 10 tips to get your YouTube videos to perform better. That's a great keyword phrase. It's not necessarily front loaded, but ideally, you'd want that closer to the front of your title. And that's gonna basically give you long term search results on long term traffic, you know, so that you can build momentum over the long haul. Now, here we are with the keyword explorer and to Buddy. I'm sure you exactly what I mean by this. So let's assume that I was making a similar video like this. What would be a good, targeted keyword phrase? Let's just kind of go through some examples and see, You know how this this to works and how you can use it to your advantage. And remember, guys, you want to do this before you create the video, you're not trying to, you know, title something. This is why it's important to do this ahead of time. You're not trying title something afterward because it might not be extremely parallel with your actual video Ideally, you want to find the title first and then make the video about that exactly what I did with this video. So let's say we're making a similar video to this. You know, let's say small YouTube creators, and that's the key word phrase that we're looking for. Now we'll see here. It pops up with a fair score. So, yes, there is a decent man search volume for it, but the competition eyes a little bit high right there, too. Now there is optimization strength, but ideally, you want to get something in the green, and that's what you're gonna go after now. This doesn't necessarily guarantee that your video will hit, but you know, or that it would be success. But it does give it the best chance, essentially to succeed long term. And, like I said, build long term momentum because it will be an indicator that there's search traffic out there for that and not the competition to match that search traffic. So let's find some other similar targeted keywords phrase like this starting on YouTube is also very poor, So a lot of search volume the competition is very, very poor, so that means there's, ah high amount of competition, although there is high optimization strength. So how about starting starting to create content? Now? That's a very good one. See, that's just that's how easy it is to just play around with keywords. And what I would essentially dio when going to create a video like this is maybe I would say something like 10 tips to 10 tips to have a successful YouTube channel when you're starting to create content, boom through that keyword in there. Like I said, it's not front loaded. Ideally, you want it front loaded in the beginning. But maybe you know things to keep in mind when you're starting to create content would be another example of this, and that's a great way that you can use to buddy. Now you know there's an audience for this, and you know that the competition is not necessarily there to match that potential served treff search traffic, hence why It's a great tool to use. Believe it or not, this is 100% free. Don't have to pay for two buddy to get the key word Explorer so you can just go through my affiliate link and then For whatever reason, If you decide that you want to upgrade in the future, as you see here, I am still using the free version. There's a lot of other great tools, and you know why you might want operate in the future. I don't personally use that. I just use the personal Ah, the free version. And I used the key word Explorer to do searches. But you can if you want to, but you don't have to pay for it. Staying in the keyword Explorer now for tip number four and that is to actually physically say your keyword phrases throughout the video. So what I like to dio is I'll write them all down and then I'll try to make sure that I kind of integrate them into my video. And I'm actually saying them throughout the video. Ah, lot of people worry about you know, the description and the tags. And yes, they're not as important now in 2019 but they're a little bit important, but not as important as actually physically saying the words in your video. YouTube is constantly scanning your audio for your video. To best, they can determine what your video is about. So if you say your keyword phrases over and over again, you're gonna rank higher for those in search results. And YouTube is gonna have a better idea of what your video is about so that it can suggest it to the audience that is basically more inclined to want that. So say your keyword phrases. Now you can use keyword Explorer as well to find good keyword phrases. Ideally, maybe you want to write down 5 to 20 of them, and you don't want to just kind of throw them in there and spew them all over the place. You want to kind of make sure to hit on points. Tim Number five now is very, very, very important. And that's having intro that captures audiences attention almost immediately. YouTube is competitive. We all know this, so it's very, very important to capture your audiences attention immediately. Because if you don't, chances are they're gonna click off your video to another video that does. Now it's been said that you only have about 3 to 10 seconds to capture your audiences attention. But on the at max, at most, you might have 20 seconds, so make the most of it. Those first, about 3 to 20 seconds, are the most important over your video. That means you need to get right to the point and basically reassure them that, yes, they are exactly where they want to be. And the video that they clicked on is exactly what they're about to get served. Also do your best to relate to them as well. Why should they care? What are they going to get out of? Staying and watching the video through? Tip number six now is about the ideal length for a video. Now I think that the ideal length is about 10 minutes and one second in between that and 19 minutes and 59 seconds. Anything 10 minutes plus, you can add multiple ad breaks in your video. Multiple ad breaks are There's little ads that you see either at the end or in the middle of your video. We're all familiar with those firsts capable ads right in the beginning. But if you have a video that's over 10 minutes and you're monetized, you can add multiple ad breaks in there as well. Now, multiple ad breaks obviously mean more money for you the creator, but they also mean more money for YouTube as well. And if you don't think that YouTube is going to suggest and serve and give more visibility on the platform two videos that make them more money well, quite frankly, I disagree with. Also, the 19 minutes 59 seconds maximum comes from the idea that you want as much watch time on a video as possible. So you want it to be over that 10 minutes to get multiple ad breaks. But you also want accumulate as much. Watch time because watch time is a major factor, among other things as well. That will help your video rank longer and search results not. I'm just gonna keep that in there. Saying It's funny will help your video rank, you know, higher and search results and suggested video as well. For some reason, when people see that to zero in front of a video for the time, it just kind of turns a lot of viewers all. So instead of getting that five minutes wash time or, you know, maybe even that three minutes watch time you get zero. Tim. Number seven is to script your videos now This is a mistake that I made quite frequently when I was first starting out, I would just wing a lot of videos. You don't want to waste your viewers time, and you want to make sure that you hit on the points that are the most important. If you wing it and it doesn't matter how good at winging it, you potentially are. You can forget important points and skip over that. I'll pop my plan for this video specifically up on the screen right now, and you can see just how comprehensive it is. It's not written out fully, but there are targeted points there, and I do want to make sure that touch on all of them. And I literally outlined it in order ahead of time. So I knew exactly what I was gonna talk about before I made it. So you wanna have a plan? But you also want to outline the key points going forward. And yes, I still wing videos going forward, and I will continue to do so here and there. But I do notice that the videos that I have a plan for and I basically cut around and touch on the points that I no need to be touched on perform vastly superior to a majority of the videos that I just wing and kind of blindly talk with those videos. I can kind of waste people's time from time to time and, you know, kind of get lost and carried away speaking like tangents like this. Like I'm talking right now. I'm wasting your time. But if I hit on specific points that I know I want to hit on, well, then you get all the value out of it, and I keep the video as short as possible. All right, tips number 89 and 10. Now, I'm just gonna hit you with rapidly. Are you ready for him? Backdrop matters. Lighting matters and audio matters now, backdrop isn't crucial, especially when you're getting started. But if you're filming a video in front of a camera, this could be a huge, you know, indicator to people just how serious you're taking YouTube in general and whether they should stick around or not. This is something that I'm seriously considering trying to improve in my own videos going forward. Now, if you have a gaming channel within you, don't necessarily need to worry about this. And if you're doing screen recordings like I am here, then basically you need to focus on improving. You know how much you're moving around, how much you know engagement there is on the screen and you want to keep people engaged with the viewing of what's actually on the screen. Ideally, you want to be moving around and showing things on the screen. You don't just want to be talking in the little corner like I'm doing right here. When you're recording on a screen or, you know, using your computer record. I personally suggest using a blue yet eat microphone. I'm recording with it right now. Um, and I find that that's the best thing because it plugs right into your computer. Super easy is easily Plus, the sound quality is pretty good. Now, if you're according with a camera and blogging that, I suggest he was a shock on Mike a lot like this. But if you're kind of talking, you know, in front of the camera and just kind of sitting there, maybe you're like a finance channel. Maybe you're talking about you know, your experience in business or something like that. Then I suggest using a lava Lear mike like this. I order order this about two weeks ago, and I've been testing it out and has vastly improved my audio quality. And I plan to implement this. You know, a lot going forward. So audio definitely matters you want to maximize your audio quality is one of the most important things. It's also one of the biggest turnoffs for people when they come to your video and the audio quality sucks now for lighting, I suggest two things I'm mainly use a ring light. That's the little ring light that goes literally around the camera. You put the camera in the middle of it, and you kind of adjust it. I find that it's literally the best like that I have ever used. I suggest that light to a lot of new content creators or people just looking for lighting advice in general. And it also suggests using umbrella lights if you're just getting into it because you have a lot of flexibility with those and they're very, very cheap. And because I love you guys, I'm gonna give you two more bonus tips, not just 12 So the first tip don't want talk to you about is to comment on other relevant channels. Basically, what you're gonna do is we're gonna find other relevant channels that are either the same size as you or a little bit bigger or slightly smaller. And you're gonna want to turn on post notifications on what that's going to dio is every time that you get hit with a notification that they uploaded a video right away, you're gonna want to try to go run to their video, find something thoughtful to say Don't just spam by something something thoughtful to say about the video. Give a little bit of insight and comment below. That's gonna give you potential exposure and is literally one of the best free methods that I know currently to generate free traffic to your videos and captured potential views and also potential subscribers. And if we just scroll down here on the left, you see just how maney video just how many channels I'm actually subscribe to now, I don't suggest doing this as much as I do necessarily, and I don't always comment on other videos. However, you ideally want to be subscribed to a bunch of them because that gives you a bunch of opportunities to hit this home. But finally, the last bonus tip and perhaps the most you know, important tip of all is just a have fun. Have fun. Guys enjoy creating the content and enjoy the creative process and going through the entire motions of creating the video. If you're enjoying yourself, people are going to that's going radiate through the camera or wherever you're filming, or however your recording and people are going to notice it, and they're gonna enjoy it more as well, if you enjoy it avail. Enjoy it, too. 26. Bonus Lecture 2 8 Mistakes that Will Kill Your YouTube Channel Growth: today we're going over eight mistakes that new creators make. That if you make any one of these mistakes to, it will completely kill your YouTube channel. So the 1st 1 that I see a lot of new creators making is they're dropping their links and just kind of it makes sense when you're first starting out to, you know, you want to drop links just wherever you can. You want to get traffic. You want to get views going to get potential subscribers and just more eyes on your content . You don't just want to rely on the organic reach of your YouTube videos and the YouTube search right? It makes sense logically. The problem with that is when you drop your links in random Facebook groups to show you an example of some of them right here. YouTube subscribers. YouTube Subscribers got 41,000 people. It's got 82,000 people. You two buddies Scott 2,549,000 roughly people. It sounds good. And it sounds logical that okay, why not just drop my link in one of these groups? So the more people see it, the more potential I have and the more potential viewers I can bring to my actual video. The issue with that is a lot of those people that frequent those groups are there for the same exact reason, and a lot of them are not going to be interested in your contact. You spent more time initially trying to attract, even if it were smaller amount of people. You would rather have 20 loyal, dedicated subscribers and viewers that care about the content that you're putting out. Then you would rather than have 1000 that don't and the reason being is because the more you wanted when he was just starting out, you want to try to build traction. You want to kind of grow go up on a compound curve. You're looking at it like that, actually, and the reason being is, if you can start building traction with 20 people, well, then that's gonna turn into 25 30 and 50 and 100 then 1000 dedicated people, and you're going to start snowballing faster. That's why you start to see people that just start their channels, and in a year from now they're hitting 100,000 subscribers like that. It's because they built a legitimate channel in a legitimate viewer base off people that actually cared about the content that they were creating. They didn't try to go after any of those secret hacks were strategies like dropping their links and groups where people aren't going to actually care what that's actually going to dio. And it's counterintuitive I get it is YouTube's actually going to see that you're dropping these links in these videos and that they're not going to see that you're dropping the links? That's a bit, you know, even YouTube can't do that, but they are going to see the people that come through those links aren't watching. Your videos aren't staying, which is gonna hurt your watch time. They're not gonna care. And it's really gonna hurt all your metrics. So even if they subscribe and even if they watch for a portion of your video at all, it's actually gonna do more detriment than you think it will. And it's gonna do a lot more negative to your channel and to your videos than it actually is going to do positive. So that's a very, very big one, and that ties me in the point number two here, which is why I kept this up is, you know, dropping your links in these groups and doing sub for sub. So if you come here, it says YouTube subscribers, you'll notice that a lot of these you know, if you drop a Lincoln here, people just want sub for sub sub for sub sub for sub, suffer some. So if we actually check out my most popular video, which is how toe by YouTube subscribers the right way and basically that says, don't buy YouTube subscribers. Obviously, it basically talks about you know, a lot of different ways and tactics that you can use as well. It's an older video, but you'll see that a lot of people in the comments suffers up one like U equals one sub. I'm fast sub me. That is the complete wrong approach. If you actually really want to grow your channel. The reason being is a lot of those people, same with the with the dropping links are not gonna care. So even if you build up a channel of 100,000 subscribers all doing sub for sub, a little bit unlikely. But let's just hypothetically say it was possible. The chances of you either buying subs were doing supper sub and building a channel is completely diminished the moment you start doing that, because you're not building up an audience that cares about your stuff. If you get some for sub and you even get 1000 people, not only will you probably not keep those because YouTube does like annual purges and monthly purchase of just dropping those types of accounts and deleting them, but also, even if you could keep them, it's gonna completely kill your engagement metrics. It's the same thing on INSTAGRAM. It's the same thing on Facebook, and it's the same thing on YouTube. If you post the video and let's say you have 1000 subscribers, Well, what YouTube is gonna do is it's not going to suggest your video out to all 1000 subscribers right off the bat. No, no, it's gonna take maybe 100 maybe 200. I don't know the exact algorithm, but it's going to suggest it to a small portion of your viewers first and then if it starts to gain traction and it proves itself with that, the most dedicated viewers, then YouTube's gonna suggest it to more of your following more of your subscribers and mawr outside your subscriber network. That's how all the algorithms air currently working right now. So if you actually do some for sub or drop your links just like the first example, it's actually gonna completely kill your metrics overall. And it's gonna do a lot more detriment to your channel than good. I'm not gonna elaborate on that too, too much, but it's very, very important. Don't drop your links and don't do sub for sub please for all out of 3rd 1 there. Please don't buy subscribers either, moving onto number three now. And that is really something that I've just kind of figured out in the past, maybe six months. And it could not be more important now when I do consulting with certain people that are just starting their YouTube channel, where I talked to friends or network with other people, that air don't going YouTube, the importance of niche ing down and really identifying what it is that you want your channel to be about is super important, especially when you're first starting out as a new content creator. The reason being is if you go too broad and I made this mistake, That's how I know it. If you go too broad and you're creating videos on INSTAGRAM videos on email, marketing videos on HT, melon, email, marketing videos on drop shipping videos on how to, you know, buy YouTube subscribers, these are all my most popular videos on my channel. And yes, they all are individual okay videos. But I've done so many different things that I didn't need down in general, all right, I kept it, General, I didn't need down enough when I first started out, and that basically made. It's such an uphill climb rather than just kind of gaining traction on one niche, starting very, very niche down and building an audience around that niche or specific topic and then using that platform and audience to, you know, maybe branch out a little bit and then building there and then branching out a little bit and building there. That's how the majority of people grow. They start really, really neat down. They pick something like maybe drop shipping and they build up a 50,000 subscribers, drop shipping and then channel, and then they basically branch out to drop shipping and then creating content or drop shipping and then private label and something else. But they don't. They definitely don't do what I did, so don't do that as well. You don't want to start out to too broad. You really want a niche down? Pick a topic. Maybe that's personal finance. Maybe that's, you know, email marketing. Maybe that's instagram marketing. Maybe that's Amazon private labeling. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. You'll start to notice that I realize this, and it's actually helped a lot of my metrics recently. So if we go to my more you recent videos I have been creating recently videos on, like making money on how to make money online and, you know, I still create videos on what I care about, but I've started to notice that I pick up traction a lot more when I do consistent videos, online, armed trash. That's what a lot of my viewers like. That's what a lot of my viewers care about now. It's not just online arbitrage. It's also things about like making money online and how to actually make money from your computer. What I make videos like this and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it right now. It's probably not gonna perform that well. The reason being here is a perfect example of the video that I spent a lot of time to create. A lot of great info just like this video and put it out there and nobody received it that well because just like the suffers up in the dropping links, my audience isn't built around how to grow on YouTube. So videos like this right here 10 ways to get your YouTube videos to perform better aren't gonna perform that well on my channel because the audience doesn't necessarily want to see that what they do. Want to see all nine arbitrage how to make money online. All nine armed trash make money online. Let's see other ones that are performed well recently. All nine armed Josh affiliate marketing online businesses. You could start online. Basically, with zero money, you get the picture. If I'm niche down and I continue to start building up traction, creating the same type of content, it's a lot easier to grow and everybody, if you talk to any top youtuber, anybody that's growing really in general in any of the online marketing platforms. What they will tell you. It's the same thing for Instagram same thing than for YouTube, literally same thing across the board. Pick a very specific niche and then build an audience around that niche. And once you do build an audience than obviously, you can start to branch out once your audience is built and you gain some traction now, you might be sitting there saying, Well, I see all these big you know, YouTubers, all these big instagram accounts and they post you know, video on how to make money online one day, and then they're logging the next day, and then the next day it's It's like a travel or like a try on video of, you know, uh, I don't know, like a bikini hall or something, literally anything across the board and you're like, What? They can do it? Why can't I? It's because they if you went back to their channel and you started, you know, and looked at their original content, they built it around something very, very niche, most likely first or they've been doing it for a long time. so it doesn't work anymore. You can't just start creating general content. You have to niche down. The next one is very, very important to. And this is something that I really actually just started realizing in the past six months . And, you know, I still like toe wing videos like this. I get off on tangents because I like talking and I like I like talking. That makes me sound like so arrogant and egotistical. But I didn't mean it like that. I like to talk and relate my ideas to the camera So you can better understand who I am as a person on where I'm coming from with the actual idea. I don't want to be too too scripted. That said okay, that said, you know, you need that. You can't win your videos. You need to have a plan in mind. You need to have some kind of script that will allow you to do so many things. You will have plans in place. You will have things that you want to talk about. You will have points that you know you need to make. You can't see it right now, but literally right behind the computer right above the This is the camera here right above is this script that I'm reading off my computer. That's behind this, and I do that for a reason. It's not that I'm literally trying to read off the script behind me. It's that I want to make sure that I hit on the points that I've outlined that are important to hit on. And I've done this across the board it gives structured of your videos. It basically here's the example of this outline right here. That's it's the not the full complete one. But it's the outline of what all the things I want to talk about. Here's another one of one I'm gonna do in future video. I'm an outline how Alex Becker Builders Channel. And it's basically things that I'm, you know, trying Teoh outline and make sure I touch on Instagram followers how to grow its $2800 a day. And I outlined that. So you wanna have a plan? You don't have a plan in place. You wanna have a script? You don't have to read from that script. You don't have to be a robot, but you want to make sure that you hit on important point, so you don't miss points and you want to make sure that you're going after targeted keyword phrases. So you want to write them down to make sure that you say them. Now I've done a video like this, like I said right here, because one of the ways to get your videos to perform better is to actually say the targeted keyword phrases in the video, so that when YouTube indexes your video and they do the close captions that they dio, it's gonna index your video for all those keyword phrases, and you will appear in search a lot better. And you will also be suggested for those other types of similar videos like that. So it's very, very important to have a planet doing outline. You don't have to read from it word for word, but I would say, and it doesn't matter if you go across the board, I would venture to assume a lot of top YouTubers, and a lot of top content creators do something very, very similar. It's going to allow you to hit those points home, and more importantly, it's gonna give you some structure Like I said, I don't have to read from it, but it will be important. And it will make a difference in your end product moving on to number five. Now, Now, this is important, and this one's trying to be original. So, you know, as creators were all naturally creative. You know, we enjoy creating videos and making stuff that we enjoy making. And if you're your entire goal is to start creating content that you love and you enjoy, then more power to you completely disregard this one. But if you want to grow the fastest and you want to stop approaching it as like you know, you're gonna throw shit at a wall and seeing if it sticks type of thing. What you want to do is you want to go after proven content. So what I will dio and I've talked about this before is I will go to other YouTube channels that are very similar to mine. If I want to make a video on, for example, can I flip books $100 a day flipping books? I got this this video idea from two different people. I got that. I'm not nail idea from Graeme Stephens. He literally created the exact same time. They'll all pop it up on the screen right now because I need help with thumbnails and I want to see what works and what's converted clicks. So I basically stole that from him. Full disclosure. He's got a great channel. Go check it out. But that said, I also steal video ideas from other content creators that have similar content and similar channels as well. It's not that I'm stealing their video. I'm not going out and literally copying their video word for word. But if I go after and I see like raise, raise the entrepreneur, whatever his name is has also a great channel. He created a video that was like, Can you make $100 a day or how I make $100 a day in my vending machine business or something like that? Well, that got, like, a 1,000,000 views. And yes, he is a bigger channel to me. But I want basically took the same exact idea and did it with Amazon Books and, you know, online arbitrage, which is something I'm very familiar with and that decently performed on my channel It's gotten a little bit over 400 of use in a week, which is actually pretty solid metrics for my channel, and that could indicate that that can go over 1000 in the future. Now those are just ideas. You want to basically go after proven content. Another example of that is 33 quick ways to make money on 9000 in 19. Created this about a week ago, a little bit over, and it's gotten on with 600 views already, which is great metrics for my channel. I saw the video I forget who actually did it, But one of the ways that I actually came up with that video idea was I saw, like, 20 ways to make money online in 2000 and 18 from some other creator. So go after proving content, have given accounts examples of how to do this. But if you want another example, let's say hypothetically builds a good buddy of mine. He's got a great channel on on my marketing, right, So if I wanted to make a video, I was looking for video ideas. I would go to his channel if you haven't gone to his channel. You want to go over his channel, hit the subscribe button because you got a lot of great content. But what I would do is I would soar, buys most popular. And you could do this across the board with any other creator. That is in the same niche as the video that you're trying to create and obviously hypothetically the same needs just in general. And more importantly, you also want to go after somebody. That's the similar sub numbers and similar view numbers ish to you. Now he's done this for me. So I created now Inspector Video that went really viral on my page. If we sort my channel one more time, most popular he sold it went and went viral my page right here, and it got 41,000 views. So he what he do, he went, made the same type of video and it blew up on his channel so I could do the same thing. If I wanted to create free paper money, which seemed to blow upon his channel, I could literally go create a free PayPal money video, make a very, very similar video with my own spin on it. It's basically YouTube screaming at you saying, Hey, there's an audience out there in your niche for this topic Now Number six and moving on now is worrying about what other people think too much. Now we're all victims of this. I do it myself from time to time, and I still catch myself doing it from time to time. And this might seem completely contradictory to you know what I just said, because in number five, I literally just told you to make sure that you have a proven plan before you ever post the piece of content that said, You know, if you're letting the fear of what other people might think about, you know your content or what you post basically, you know, how would your video is going to stack up any of those things? It's gonna prevent you from ever actually posting enough content and getting a roll on and getting your gaining traction and momentum. You know, everyone starts at the beginning, and my content can still be improved a lot. Chances are YouTubers and content creators out there that you look up to the most in whatever niche that is. Guess what their content probably sucked in the beginning to now I can look back at my old your YouTube videos, and it literally makes me cringe. Watching what I actually used to put out there, I can't think to myself, you know, it's literally horrible. I can't I can't even think myself And imagine how I thought that that was a good piece of content. That said, if I never actually went through that, I never kind of went through the fear of actually posting that stuff and posted bad content , I would have never improved. I would have never looked at that. And the fact that I'm looking at that kind of cringing now is a good sign that I've made progress. So don't be afraid to post. You might not be the best at it right now. I don't care if you're on YouTube. We're specifically talking about YouTube or wherever you're creating content. The key is to post yes, you wanna have a proven planned first. That's a mistake, but it's also a mistake of you over analyze and think too much. And even though those old videos sucked of mine, guess what they paid me ad revenue. They helped grow my channel. They brought in views and subscribers, and a lot of the content actually helped other aspiring entrepreneurs, even though the video quality and production wasn't that great. So if I didn't post those, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. Chances are six months from now, I look back and this video will make me cringe as well. But that said, that's a good thing because it means I'm growing and I'm improving. And the same goes for any video that you post right now moving on to number seven. And Number seven is copying what bigger creators dio. So it doesn't matter if you're copying a bigger youtuber in your niche or you're copying your content creator. That's outside your niche that you look up Teoh. You don't want a click bait with your titles, and I learned this the hard way. I got really heavily into, like, you know, basically running headlines and kind of doing copyrighting, and I still have a copy writing passion. For those of you that don't know, copyrighting is just like the ability of to sell in written form for lack of a better way to put it I got really into into copyrighting and every single title of mine would read like a headline. You don't want to do what other big youtubers do. You can't click bait with your titles when you're a new creative. For example, you can't put out a video about how you made 1000 you know today online. Entitle it. You'll never guess how much I made today. The reason being is because nobody knows who you are. Yet you haven't built up the audience to click bait yet. So instead of using Clickbait titles, what you want to do is you want to use your titles to a have a targeted keyword phrase so that people understand what the videos about. But you also more importantly, want to use that targeted keyword phrase to rank in the YouTube search results That would basically create an evergreen video that is always bringing traffic to your video, your channel and any future pieces of content that you go out there and create that consistent, targeted search. Traffic is crucial when you're just starting out in just building a channel. Now, if you want a free tool that I actually use, I used to Buddy right here. And basically what I do is I go through keyword Explorer to kind of find good keywords to actually do that. So well, Do you like YouTube creator? And it's gonna told me that that's a bad keyword. So if you do want to get this, I'll make sure the link to Buddy they don't have to pay for the service. It comes 100% free. You will see here that I haven't even upgraded, and I still get the keyword Explorer. It comes in the free version of the software and can really really help you out when you're trying to rank videos. Now, if you do want a Clickbait, there's a place for that. You can use Clickbait, but use click bait in your thumbnails. Just make sure word of caution. If you do click baiting your thumbnails, make sure that it's not a lie and it's still relevant to the video. Use your creativeness and click baiting in your thumbnail, but instead I caution you to use your title not to click bait but to rank for search for targeted keyword phrases in search. Now, number is also a big one, and This is arguably the biggest one. They're all very, very important. But number is one that I'm still kind of Ah, you know, Ah, Victim of essentially. You'll start to notice one thing about my channel. If we scroll down, what do you noticed? It's different. Well, I used to basically create thumbnails like this, right? They were branded. So the people that subscribe to my channel could basically on the side bar or, you know, below. If they're on mobile, kind of see Oh, that's another one of Brian's videos. I might want to watch that. And those those thumbnails didn't pop. They didn't compete well against other videos that were very similar, and there wasn't anything good about that. So the number one problem that I see across the board and I'm a victim of this to you know , I'm guilty of this as well, so I'm not above anyone is not focusing on thumbnails now. I still spend time when I can, learning a little bit more, just a little bit every single day about photo shop and different skills that I can use in photo shop to improve my thumbnails. Because click through rate is a massive, massive, massive metric on YouTube that YouTube uses analytic wise to measure your video success rate against another video. For example, Affiliate Mission Commission results. How much affiliate commission can you make with Amazon associates? If YouTube puts my video a video A up against another similar video that talks about Amazon associates and guess what? They're both very, very similar in a lot of things. But this one of the other video has a much higher click through rate. Who do you think it's gonna get suggested and shown to a lot more people? Who do you think soon get suggested and rank higher in the search results? It's gonna be the other video with a higher click through rate, because that indicates the YouTube that people searching for that topic or people interested in that topic. If they're suggesting it are more likely to click on this video and watch that one, that suggests that my video is not that great. You know, basically for that topic and the way that you can improve, that is super super sample, and it's just focusing on improving your thumbnails. Now you could definitely do what I do and you can take courses. Or you can watch tutorial videos on Adobe Photo Shop. Just get a little bit better every single day, and that's a great way to go as well. Or you can also do what I do and just buy a pre made pack of thumbnails that come readily made for you so that you could basically switch the text out with your actual words instead of what's actually in there. Switch the pictures out and kind of use pre made thumbnails. They make it super, super easy to put your own content in them. And, like I said, actually do this myself. So a lot of my recent thumbnails not all of them, but a lot of them, you know, have a lot of the stuff in them from the pre made thumbnail packs that I bought. And I actually bought Roberto Blakes YouTube starter kit. I highly recommend that you check that out if you're into it and you really want improve your thumbnails. It's, you know, full heartedly made a huge difference in my creation of thumbnails and just certain things that I'm able to do that I wasn't able to do in the past with my other thumbnail creation tactics. Canvas a great free place to make thumbnails. But I highly recommend learning photo shop. If you're getting you're really serious about growing on YouTube, it will make a huge, huge difference. That YouTube starter kit comes with 100 pre made thumbnails, roughly and basically. Like I said, it also comes with channeler. But like I said, you could basically just plug and play certain words and certain pictures to customize a thumbnail that's already ready readily made for you. And if you want to grab this for yourself, I'll make sure the link his YouTube starter kit. But there you have a guy's that's eight really important things and really, really big mistakes that new creators make that if you make any one of those or a couple of them, I know I'm still guilty of some of them here and there, they will completely kill your channel growth 27. Bonus Lecture When to Use the Comment Method & Why I Stopped: So I know that the comment method is something I usually recommend, and we're gonna talk about the benefits and the drawbacks of the comment method and more importantly, what it is we're gonna touch on that. But I want to talk about a lot of why I stopped the comment method and really, you know, decipher where you are in your journey and whether you should use it. Why or why not? So more importantly, to touch on the comment method, what it is essentially, if you forget or, you know you haven't heard of it before. Uh, the comment method is basically when you just subscribe to relevant channel, right, you hit the bell so that you get notified when they released a new video. And then as soon as you get notified that they released a new video, you're gonna run over to that video, you're gonna comment something about the video or something, you know, funny or something relevant to its, you know specifically so that your comment gets ranked potentially and you get noticed by other people watching. So when you have means, when you go to a video and you see you scroll down in the comments section and you see, like those top three comments. That's what ranking a comment basically is, right. You wanna up here higher on the comments so more people see you now, The reason that this is effective is because you could do this for a lot of related channels and that will basically give you exposure in a lot of other channels that clearly have similar audiences to your right. So if other people are watching those videos and care about that type of content, they scroll down and eventually see you Enough. Hopefully one of the times they're gonna click on you come to your your channel, see that you make similar and really the content and potentially subscribing. Watch your videos, right, So it can work. Don't get me wrong. So in my opinion, it certainly works in the beginning. And it can certainly help you when you're growing. And, you know, I think you should start doing it. But for me, specifically, the benefits just did not outweigh the drawbacks anymore. And I say any more and that start there for a reason. That does not mean that you shouldn't do it. I just want to talk about what? I don't do it depending on where you are at your journey so that you've got to understand. Okay, it's good for me. But now it's not when to make that transition. Okay, So, like I said, it can certainly help. In the beginning, that is 100% for sure. And I did it for I think, up to, like, 10-K subs roughly. And then I kind of stopped and pull back the reins on it. I believe that there comes a point after, you know, maybe 5 to 10-K subs depending on you know what your audience looks like when there's a diminishing point of returns. Okay, so that means that there's a point where you're gonna be less stressed, less distracted and better off. You know, simply put, just just putting your energy into something to creating better content. You don't creating better videos, creating better thumbnails, learning more editing techniques, potentially you know, some transitions or something like that. Then constantly trying to grow using the compound. The comment method. So for me specifically, it worked to help me grow because it got me some exposure and brought me some outside traffic from other related channels that would have otherwise found me potentially, organically, right? But it got to be way too much. It was way too stressful, and it was very, very distracting, and I could not get anything done At the height of it, I was probably subscribe to maybe 152 at least maybe even 200 other channels and literally every single five seconds I'd be trying to get worked on. I'd be trying to record a video where I've been trying to do something else relevant and I would get notifications and literally the whole point of the method and why the method works is you've got to run to that video really fast. Figure out something comment and comment, right? So you can kind of imagine the stress that you're under when you do that to so many channels, and you're trying to grow at that pace with, you know, really getting the most bang for your buck. So what my suggestion would be is you really have to pick a middle ground that's beneficial to you, and we're going to talk about that a second so it can hurt your videos, and that's something that I want to touch on. It can actually hurt your videos. Yes, it could bring you outside traffic. And yes, you can pull in some other potential subscribers and viewers from those other channels. And it's also good for social proof because you do get likes in, like, immediate views and immediate comments so it can. It can pad your ego a little bit to inspire you to make more content. So if you create a video and you know you see all immediately, there's 50 views on it and 20 comments are going wow, like my mummy was pretty successful, you know, pretty cool. But, you know, if you're not doing that and immediately your video gets, like, 20 views and to comments, you know it can be it can be hard to deal with that sometimes. But it can hurt your videos to. And the main reason, because is it's just gonna bring a lot of other small content creators through channels. Well, that realize you have a similar channel, and what they're gonna do is they're gonna try to do the same exact thing that you're doing to your videos, right, so they're gonna try to do that. Same exact thing there, meaning that they're not necessarily gonna care about your content. Where the videos, they're not there to watch. And, you know, basically enjoy your content. Or basically, you know, you digest your content essentially right. So what that basically means And what I've seen is there gonna wait, like, five seconds, maybe up to like, a minute. If you're lucky. Realistically comments something in them leave, they don't care. They don't care about your video is they don't care about what you're creating. They're just there to be seen. That's what they're trying to dio. And that is bad for the hour of them. It is terrible for the algorithm because the algorithm weighs a lot of different things. And one of the things that the algorithm weighs like we talked about, is watch time an audience retention, right? So that's gonna basically kill your audience retention. And it's going to send signals to YouTube that Hey, you know, 50 people watch this video in the first hour and 30 of those people. Hence the other content creators that air commenting on your channel Yes, it increase your engagement slightly but audience retention is also a very big metric. So if they see that 50 people came to your video and 30 of the people that came to your video watched for 20 seconds, it's going to send a major signal to the YouTube algorithm that this video isn't that good because it's not retaining the audience for that long. So it could hurt your videos as well, too. And my suggestion that's supposed to be a space they're not a. My only note, that is my suggestion, honestly, would be that it works. Don't get me wrong, and it's great to grow, and you should definitely use it. If you're very, very new and you have a new channel, it's a great way to bring outside traffic and get your name out there and be seen right So it works to grow, and it's better than sub for sub or anything crazy like that Little caveat. Don't do something for sub. Don't do it. You're gonna literally torpedo your channel. It's like I'm handing you a gun and by you agreeing to do some for sub. You're pulling the trigger on your entrance on your own channel. Don't do it don't do some for sub, but the comment method works. But there is, like I said, that point that you hit where there's diminishing returns and you're just gonna get frustrated, stressed out. And it's not worth it anymore to continually doing that. So I use it to grow to about 10-K subs, and I kind of pull back the reins a little bit and slowed it down. Um, you know, instead of spending the money, that would be my suggestion and spent Senate spending the time and energy Excuse me that you spend basically, you know, going out there and commenting on other channels. I would basically recommend that you go ahead and spend that energy on simply improving your content and finding better topics to make videos on. You might see that initial. If you're doing this for a while, you're doing the comment method. For a while. You might see that initial dip in like engagement views, right, because all those people are going to stop commenting on your videos because you're not commenting on there's anymore. But what it's gonna do is it's gonna increase your metrics. Overall, you're slowly going to come back up on that compound curve, and eventually it's gonna kick on. And if you're making better content and you're making better topic videos like top topic based videos, you're going to accumulate more viewers and were washed time organically. So use the comment method to grow when you're very, very new and you have a smaller channel. But then when you get some legitimate momentum, you kind of want to stop and just focus on creating better content and improving your content in a number of ways and better topics and better topics for your content. Obviously. Right, So that's just gonna organically bringing more traffic. But that traffic is not gonna be there to comment on your radios and leave right? They're gonna actually be there because they care about your content and they're interested in those topics. So that would be what I suggest. But for me specifically, that does not mean that you have to stop altogether and I have not stopped altogether. Like I said in the height of it, right down here, you see, it was probably about 150 to 200 channels, which meant that I got absolutely nothing done because I got a notification on my on my phone every five minutes and it stressed me out. I had to run over my phone and be like, Oh, I got a comment on this video to get scene and then I would come back and start trying to write like another, you know, blogger article, or come back and start filming another video. Get another notification over there in the meantime, and you have to run back on my phone and I literally get zero down and I was stressed out all the time and it wasn't worth it. But I do still do it with about 10 channels, and these channels are other people that I actually like their content and respect them as aspiring entrepreneurs. And I want to help support them because they have good info. So I want to go there and I wanna watch and I want to comment on them. And what they do is they. Actually, they're genuine people, So I've noticed that they appreciate it as well, and they come back and they do the same for my videos. They watch and they comment something insightful, and it's like a smaller community where you're not so spaced out over, like 150 to 200 channels, or maybe like 50 to 100 channels, which is still a lot. It's about. It's a much smaller number, and I found a number of people that I actually respect their content. They seem like genuine aspiring entrepreneurs, and I do it for them and they do it for me. So that's what I would recommend that you do find a middle ground there did me to hit that . Find a middle ground there and, you know, basically, you could do. You could do it to grow, but then pull back the reins and focus on improving your content because that's the only thing that will last over time. 28. YT SS Outro: So there you have a guys that is the comprehensive YouTube channel marketing growth course . In a nutshell, I really hope that all those lectures really, really helped you out. If you implement them and you take action on the information in them, it will pay dividends over the long haul, and it will make a difference right away. But you do have to actually implement those tips now for your course project. What? I want you to dio all of these. Honestly, all the lectures have a lot of valuable insight in there that you can utilize immediately to make a big difference. That said, I do want you to go back and focus on the algorithm ranking factors. So I want you to write them all down. This is your course project. I want you to write them all down, maybe on a piece of paper or, you know, maybe like a post it note and put it on your computer or on your desk right where you upload your content and your videos, right? And then what I want you to do is every single time you're about to create a video every single time you're about to upload a video to YouTube. I want you to use those factors that you wrote down as a checklist. Did I do this? Did I focus on this one? Does this video cover this specific ranking factor? And once you have them all checked, then you can go ahead and upload the video or create the video based around those if you you know, obviously, if it if it checks all those boxes, so go back rewatch algorithm Ranking factors as your course project. Write down all the factors for yourself and use that as a checklist for when you upload. That will make the biggest difference for your videos over the long haul. So I hope you enjoyed the course. Hope you got a lot out of it, and I'll see in the next one.