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The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

teacher avatar Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Yoast Promo

    • 2. Connect with Me

    • 3. First things First

    • 4. Yoast Configuration

    • 5. Registering with Google Search Console

    • 6. Yoast Features

    • 7. Search Apperance Part 1

    • 8. Search Apperance Part 2

    • 9. Using the Search Console

    • 10. Creating Redirects

    • 11. Social Media Configuration

    • 12. Import and Export Tools

    • 13. Bulk Editor Tool

    • 14. File Editor Tool

    • 15. Update

    • 16. Optimizing Content for SEO with Yoast

    • 17. Improving Content Readability with Yoast

    • 18. Keywords Analysis Tools

    • 19. Introduction to Cornerstone Articles

    • 20. Yoast Premium

    • 21. Yoast Conclusion

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About This Class

** Updated April 25th 2018 with the latest version of Yoast SEO plugin - version 7.3 **

The Yoast SEO plugin is considered by many to be not just one of the best SEO plugins but also one of the best WordPress plugins in general.

The main objective of this course is to show you how to use this incredible plugin to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website and also help you write better content.

Curriculum Overview

We will first start with the basics. I will show you how to install and perform the basic configuration for the plugin. 

We will then move on to cover the following topics

  • How to verify web master tools

  • How to write page snippets and meta descriptions

  • Indexing

  • How to create and submit a sitemap

  • How to bulk edit posts with the bulk edit tool

  • Fixing broken links 

  • How to optimize content for SEO

  • and much more

By the end of this short course, you will be able to use the Yoast SEO plugin to improve your SEO drastically and write much better content.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. Yoast Promo: Yes. Yost used s e o plug in one of the great test WordPress plug ins of all time. In this video, you're going to learn how to master this bad boy plug in to help you optimize both your content and Europe site for major search engines. Enjoy that. All right. Welcome to the web, monkey. Welcome to this tutorial. We're going to learn how to use the Yost s e old plug in. Now, If you are a what press user, you have it. What press website? The Yoast Seo plug in is absolutely one of the very best plug ins you can use to help you out with your search engine optimization. And in this tutorial, we're gonna cover everything about this point in from the basic installation and configuration to show you how you can use the plug into light snippets for your home page. When your posts how you can edit your criminal links and enable social media sharing using the plug in to more advanced features like how you can fix broken links using the plug in. And of course, I will also show you how you can use the plug in to write better content for your audience and the blood and can actually teach you to become a better writer. So I hope you have a little form taking this tutorial and let's get started. 2. Connect with Me: thank you so much for enrolling in the course. But before we continue, I wanted to provide you with four different places where you can connect with me outside off the platform where you're taking this course. And the very 1st 1 here is going to be on a link then. So if you have an account with linguine and you want to connect with me just such for Alexander only and that's me right there. Just send me a connection of requests and tell me that you're a student of mine would be more than happy to have you in my network. I am also on Facebook for my what press students just search for Monkey online. I invited to like my page. I do post constant updates and tutorials and there so you can learn more about what press. I also have a YouTube channel called the Monkey. And again, this is for my wordpress students. So if you're interested in learning mawr outside of my courses, I invite you to subscribe and hit the bill so that you notified whenever I upload in new tutorial. And finally I also have my own blawg, the Web monkey Olindo calm. I invited to subscribe to my newsletter, where I send out tutorials, discounts on my courses and so on. So all you need to do is just to click on any of the block posts. And at the bottom of the blood post, you will see the box where you can subscribe to my news letter. So these are the four different places where you can connect with me outside or you to me or skill share wherever it is the particulars Course. So thank you for watching. And now let us continue with the course. 3. First things First: Well, hello. Thank you for enrolling in the course. And before we get started, I wanted to spend a few minutes to introduce you to a few tips on how best to take this course here on skill share. Now I've pulled up one of my courses, which is the absolute beginners Gate of Cybersecurity. Just as an example. So don't worry if you taking a different course this video festival event to you. Now, if you go to the main course page, you should see a few tabs down in here. You should see the about tab, which is basically a short description of what it costs about reviews. If this class hasn't reviews, you'll find them in here now. Community is very, very important. This is where you can either aesthetic conversation. You can ask a question. So please, if there's anything that took the boat in this class that you're not comfortable with, maybe you didn't quite understand. This is exactly where you can ask a question. So please make use off this future. You can also share a project. So if have access to do something, maybe quitted project to do something like that. This is where you would be able to do so. All right, and then finally under Thank the teacher, which is under the committee tab. This is where you can leave a review for the course, and I really hope that you will enjoy the course and you will be motivated enough to leave a review. Just click on thank the teacher, and then you'll be prompted to write a review about the course of Please do that. If you really like the course now, your project is also a very, very important tab. This is where I will provide you with an assignment that you may have to do dependent on the course you're taken. Not all causes on Scotia will have in a 7% but if there is a product that you have to take for this course, this is where you would find the description of that project. Now, to the white, you can see I have attached files. This is very, very important because in this cause she about to take I will make a reference to the resource is or the downloads. Whenever I say seven things like that, I'm referring to the attacks files here on the your project. So please go right now to your project and then download all the attached files. That could be pdf's files that you'll have to read to improve your knowledge on the topic just discussed. Or you would also have zipped files contain images or logos or your father, maybe even video files. You can download them in all likelihood you'll have to use them and this particular course . So please take a moment to download all the attached files that you have in your pocket and finally, under all projects, have other students have done the project or something like that. This is where you would find such our products. That's of course, if they chose to share their projects. So that's basically how to make use of the features here on skill share. Now, if you'd like to connect with me outside of school share, I'm on LinkedIn. You can sit for Alexander only send me a request to connect, but just please make sure that you what time is it saying you a student of mine from school share so they know who you are? I'm also on Facebook. I have a page for my Web monkey, which is the monkey online. So if you're taking any of my what press or Web development courses all the commitment, you like this pitch because in here I upload tutorials are shared lots of useful information about what? Press some of development. So if you're interested, you can like my page on Facebook. I'm also on YouTube have YouTube channel, which is the Web monkey. I upload tutorials on the weekly basis, so as regularly as I can anything regarding website creation. What prayers With development. You will find such cereals in hip. And finally, I also have an about me page if it interested in learning more about me both as a person and as an instructor. I have an about me page on my period platform, which is the Monkey academy. Calm. Just go to the mechanic will come four slash pages for slash about and here you can basically read my life story about my family, my education, my work experience, how I stayed teaching online soon and so forth. So that's it. Just wanna learn more about meat, so that's basically it. Thank you so much. Full choose into in wool in this course and ah, let's get started 4. Yoast Configuration: already welcome officially to the course. And in this video, I'm gonna show you how to install the Yost S e old plug in. So let's jump over to the back end and let's go to plug ins at New, and we're just gonna go ahead and install the Yost's just like any other plug in Yost S e O by Team Yost. Let's look install. Now it's installed. Let's actively the plug in and all right, so you might get this message saying notifications to notifications. Let's click in there and all right, so you can see right now it says, good job. We could detect no serious S e o problems. Hopefully, you would also have the exact same message. If you do have problems, don't worry and position. By the end of this course, you will have zero problems. But we're going to do it now is to click on the Yost S e o conf figuration Rees. It's to go ahead and click on the consecration wizard. And OK, so basically there are two different ways how you couldn't stole yours. You can do it manually, or you can get the Yost him to do it for you, but then you have to pay them. So let's just go ahead and click on the very first option in here. Configure Yost S C o. All right. So, for instance, first here is the environment. What kind of sites do you have visit life, or is it on the construction? Now, some people might argue that you can install yours at any time. It doesn't matter now. Personally, I like to install Yost on a side that's life and run in. And the reason is because Yost, as a plug in needs data toe walk with it, knits posts. It needs to have a site that's already built in other for to be effective. So I'm gonna go ahead now and zoom that you already have A said It's built and you're simply trenchant. Stole the ghost on it. So I'm gonna go ahead now and click on options A. My set is live and ready to be indexed, so let's go ahead and click next. All right. So what kind of site is yours? Isn't a blogger on online shop? Mine is a block. I'm gonna go ahead and choose that. Blawg. Let's go ahead. Now. So there's just represent a person. Oh, a company minds a person. And the name of the person is Alex. That's me, Alex. Let's click next. It's over here. If you do have searchable files for your business, your website this is where you'd like to paste them, OK, so you can go ahead and pays them. I don't have any fun. Now, something's gonna go ahead and click next. You can add the profiles later on. By the way, you don't have to do so right now. Now, this is gonna be a very, very important part of the solution to search engine visibility. Now, depending on the complexity of your site, you may have other options available. For example, if you've installed or created costume post types, you will have the options for custom post times and other things like that. However, by default, you definitely want such engines to show your posts in search results. This is an absolute must. Now, pages is a little bit if he and it is why I say that is because sometimes you may not want your pages to show up in search results, because what's the point? If your pages are the standard types of what perspectives, like the about page, the contact US page, the terms and conditions page, the policy page you may no longer speeches to shop on. Such is also from me. I'm just gonna go ahead and click. No, but again, this is completely up to you. It doesn't matter. You can either go with yes or no. It's really up to you. I'm gonna get and click. No. And I'm gonna go ahead and click next now, multiple authors. So mine is just a single author. If you have multiple offers on your side and you definitely choose yes, I'm gonna go ahead and stick with No and all right. So here we have to add the Google such consul code. By the way, if you don't have your Google account, you'd unity critical accounts walk over the Yost S C o. And if you don't have your google such console, if you don't have an account with them, here is the link right here. But you have to open it in new tab. Don't click on the link directly because it will take you straight to the site and you'll have to start all over again. You can simply right click open this in a new tab. And over here you can read the article on how to create your account with Google Search consulates go straight forward and you really shouldn't have any problems with it. So does come back over here, and I'm gonna go ahead now and get my Google authorization code. That's my email address. I'm gonna go ahead and allow. I'm gonna go ahead and companies court right now and I'm going to paste it in here. Authenticates. She's a profile. I'm gonna go with my s Uta's kapita click next. All right, so for the title sets in as well, you can change Europe site name, but I already has. Um you have a purple website name? I'm gonna change months. U S CEO task SDO tasks tell separate. I'm just gonna stick with default. Go to next so you can sit up for the newsletter if you want to receive updates and news and how to walk with s CEO your Stacey on So you can add your name, your email and set up for the newsletter. I'm just gonna go ahead and click next and Of course, we have come to the very end where you can, of course, upgrade to the premium version of use tissue. If you want to, you can undergo. Undergo that. Training is also just copyright training in the U. S. State, your plug in training and so on and so forth. I'm gonna go ahead and click next and you've done it. Congratulations. You've installed Yost s CEO successfully on your water's website. 5. Registering with Google Search Console: Now that they've installed the Yost s equal plug in it, it's time to show you how to connect your site with the Google Search Council. Remember, in the people's video wearing stole the Yost, there was a particular section where we had to authenticate a site. I using the Google search console. Now, if you very done this before and you're familiar with this, you can skip this video move onto the next one. However, if you have no idea how to connect your site to the Google such counsel, I am here for you. So what you want to do here? Is this all right? Go to google dot com four slash web masters for slash tools. All alternatively, can just typing Google such console in your Google search engine. Remember that you have to be signed into your Google account. So for me right now, I'm gonna go ahead and click on add a property Note that I already have the S e o datos capital dot com body. Start with the go such counsel already. That's why it is. Video only used a different site. This one is going to be the movie characters dot com just to give you an idea of what it's like to register a site for the very first time with the Google search Consul. So let's go ahead now and click on add a property. And they were going to do here is to simply copy my u R l. Let's copy. That's jump back over here, pays that. I'm gonna go ahead and click. Add. Alrighty. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on the alternate methods. All right. Click on alternative methods. What's one of those? You want to click on the HTML tag? Let's click in there. Now. What's gonna do here is to go ahead now and copy this code. You see? Right here. Let's copy that code. Let's copy that. And then from here, I'm gonna go back now to my website. Let's come down here to s C o. Click on general, and I never make the controversy master tools. And then in here, where we have the Google Verification code, I am going to paste everything inside. Then I'm going to remove all the additional letters that are outside of the double coats. So I'm going to remove this. We move that from of the double cut as well. Let's keep over here to the very front, and then we move all this additional letters. We don't need any of this. So it's just the actual code that was inside the double cause that's what we need. Let's go ahead now and safe are changes. Awesome. Now let's go back in here and let's go ahead now and click on verify If I and the ego Congratulations. You've successfully very fight your ownership off your particular site so familiar against publicly can continue. And then this is where I can begin to get some information about the statistics off my sight. A bullhorn vista decide call arrows and so on and so forth. So that's how to adjust. I go site with the Google such console. Thank you very much for watching. I will see you in the next class 6. Yoast Features: Now that we've installed the Yost s CEO plug in, it's time to take a look at the features that comes with this plug and so from the General Dash. But I'm gonna go ahead and click on features and by default, you can see over here that we have every single feature turned on by the plug in. However, you might not need to have all these features stormed on. So let's take a look at them on by want. First of all, we have the S e o analysis. Now, this is what applicable. Analyze whether or not your article has been optimized for search engines. This is probably the single most important feature this plug in offers and you absolutely must make sure this is turned on at all times. Second is the readability analysis and guess what I am Good. It on this off. Now what does this exactly do? What is those Is the plug in will analyze the way you have written your article. It will check your grandma, your sentence structure, things like that. Then there will provide you with tips on how to better improve the way you right now on the surface. This sounds like a really awesome future, right? You're going to learn how to become a better later. However, the problem is that you might become way too mechanical in the way you light Your natural style of lighting will disappear because now you're thinking OK, I have to pass this analysis. I have to pass through the ability analysis. I have to make sure my sentences are short after. Make sure much in in the in the active voice and not the passive voice things like that. Your natural style of writing could disappear as a result. And I wanna show you an example. This is a real article I have written on my blawg and it was basically an article about the best web hosting company was pretty extensive Over here, you can say I have the ability analyses on green, which is good and also the s analysis on green as well, which is awesome. However, take a look at the requirements to pass the analysis for the readability test. By the way, this was just a coincidence that I happened to have passed his irritability analysis because I never light to pass through the blitz announces the only wet surpassed the keyboard. The S U analysis. But take a look at this. I actually have one problem. It stays Feder. 3.9% of the sentences contain mawr than 20 words, which is more than the recommended maximum of 25% tried to shorten the sentences. So now I could be thinking. Okay, well, I want us to be green, so I'm gonna go back to my article and stats. You check out all the sentences that arm or than our 20 words after the shortened them stuff like that So you can be calm, very, very mechanical. And take a look at the other requirements. Like, for example, let's see, none of the paragraphs are too long. 32.8% of sentences contain a transition would phrase. So in all honesty, personally, I typically don't recommend turning this on. However, it's up to you. If you would prefer the readability analysis, then by all means, you can keep this on. However, if you prefer to write in your own style, then please turn this off because you don't want to become too mechanical in the way you let your articles now. Constant contents will talk about this a bit later. But you definitely want to keep this on. Basically, your constant content is the best contents you've written on your blog's. Like, if you were acts to present your best articles, your best articles will typically be the cornerstone content. So keep this on text. Like counter. I'm gonna turn this off this physical accounts, how many links you have in your articles, and I really don't care about that. XML site maps. Absolutely. Keep this on. This will generate setups for your set, which is awesome for Google and other major search engines. Next is divide integration, and I'm gonna go ahead and turn this off. What is those? Is that it basically checks to see if your site has been indexed on a weekly basis. But this is not a very useful service, because if you've installed your steps, you plug in any apply everything I teach you in this course, your site is guaranteed to be indexed at all times. So you don't need this service telling you that your site has been in the excess. That has been an indexed and so on and so on. you don't need this service. The admin bar. Many of these were basically, show your your settings up here and add mean bar. You can keep it on it and turn it off if you want, I'll keep it on. And then finally, we have the security. No advanced settings for authors. What is those is it Prevents authors that you might have on your site from removing posts from such results, So you can either decide to keep this on or keep this off. If you are the only person writing articles on your block, then you can just turn it off because you don't need the service. However, if you do have other people who write articles for you, and you don't want them to be able to remove their posts from such results, danger absolutely keep this on. But mine is just a block, and I'm the only writers. I'm just gonna keep this off, all right? So that's I'm gonna go ahead now and save my changes. And there you go. So it's kind of interesting that it's on. Off, on, off, on, off, on off. This is nothing coincidence. This is actually how I like Teoh said of the features from I Used s e o plug in. So if you have any questions about this, feel free to return to me. Thank you, Fortune. I will see you in the next class. 7. Search Apperance Part 1: The next task on a list is to walk on these such appearance. And this is where we're gonna make some major changes as to how the plug in walks with our posts, pages and all contents in general. And it's going to see right now we do have seven tabs. Stand off with the general tab. Now, on the general, we have the title separate. Oh, I don't need to. Change is I'm just gonna live this as it is, and then we have the home page. You definitely want to make sure that your homepage is optimized and you can see by default . We have the title tax filled out. We have the site name. We have the page title, which in this case will be homepage. Or however you choose to name your home page and then we have the separate all. And then we have the site description. I typically like to remove the page. I don't need that. So my title is going to simply read right now is going to read the site, name the separator, and then these site description. That's exactly how I like my home page title to be optimized now for the meta description. You definitely want to spend some time filling out your meta description. Make sure you use the keywords which Europe's that is all about as an example. Right now, my site is a CEO tosca ph dot com So you can imagine my side being all about S c o. How to rank up on Google stuff like that. So I can say, for example, that we focus on search engine optimization and key word analysis is so you can see another May meta description has the keywords search engine of the musician. It also has cured analysis. And this is just a very, very short example. You may want to make sure that your meta description is filled out very, very well will be very descriptive, Which a meta description and make sure that you use the key was the key was that define your website. Make sure you use them in your meta description. Now, for the knowledge graph, actuals person because I am an individual wasn't for my personal blawg. However, if you are a company, you will have the option of a violent your complete name and a company logo. Make sure the logo is at least 200 pixels by 200 pixels. That is the recommended minimum size for your company. Local collections is back to person. I let Siva changes. Awesome. Now let's go to the content hypes now for posts. You definitely wanna show posting your search results Now for the tackle tempered and meta description. Temperature can fill this two out. However, you really, really need to customize the title and the meta description for each of your posts individually, this is all the reasons why I don't spend time editing the title template here or the meta description because I always customize each title animal description off everyone off my posts. What does those here is if you don't customize your titles or your meta description for your posts? The plug in the U. S s Biblical simply used the former that you've laid out over here. So for a minute description, you can just go ahead and say something like, Let's add the percentage percentage and then you can say something like except right and then presented percentage. So this is just in case you decide to be very lazy and not add the custom made a description for a particular post. The U. S s applicant would use this as the meta description, which you just displayed the accept and also is known as the title for that particular post . All right, now date in snippet review. I am good to click on show and reasons, because if you're someone who writes posts regularly, you definitely want to make sure that the date your post was written and published is shown in the snippet preview because people are more likely to click on your link if they know that just that post was written recently. So that's one of this is where you want to show the dates in your snippet preview are used . Estimate a box? Yes, I'm gonna live that down show pages. I'm going toe click on No for that one and then hide as well. And then for the Yost estimates of books, I'm going to hide that as awful pages again. Keep in mind that you might have all the available options in here, depending on the kinds of plans have installed or if you've created our cost on post types as well. But you typical on the make sure that your posts are set up to show into such assholes. And then your pages are served, not show in your search results. So I'm gonna go ahead, then save my changes. Now, let's go down to media, the media. You don't need to change anything in here. Redirect attention year olds to the attainment itself. Yes. Just live this as it is. There is no need for you to change this. Let's not jump onto texts on Amis. Okay? Now show categories in such results. Yes, I'd like to show my categories in my search results. And then for the title temple. I'm actually gonna edit this one out, and I'm gonna show you what I like to use Incan competence if you want. So it's gonna be term on the score title. This will display the category's name, the name of the physical category, percentage percent age. And then let's have a dash and then percent age percentage. And then cites name and then percentage percentage. So this will simply show the I'm sorry term not turn. All right, turn on the score title and then this site name. So this will show the categories Denham of the category and then my sights name as well in the our search results and also to make sure there is a space. Actually, there's a space after the last percent age and then space between the dash and the first percentage. So awesome, I So that's gonna be for detective template for the meta description templates. Very simply, I'm gonna save percentage percent age and then category on the school description. All right, so you also want to make sure that your categories have proper descriptions And just to give an idea what I'm talking about, Ahlam just quickly John down here to my posts and show you one of the categories I have here is an example. So you can secured optimization. I have a category called Killed Optimization. And then the description here say's this category of posts focus on cute optimization and how to optimize every post for major search engines. So you want to make sure that all your categories have proper descriptions and make sure that the key ward that defines that category is included in your description very, very important. So that's it for categories. The Yost instrument of boxes. Yes, let's show that for tags. You don't need to show tags in your search results in a long distance. I'm gonna turn this off. I'm going to hide this one as well. I don't need to display my tags. Right. So next up, we have the format post format. I'm gonna go ahead and disable this one as well, because there is no need to have your from outpaced archives show up in your search results . There is simply no need for that. I'm going to disable this and finally we have the category. Who are else? I am going to remove this. What is does is it was simply removed. The world category formed the U. R l off that actual category itself. You don't need to show the ward category in your you are else. So I'm gonna go ahead now and save my changes. And that's it. For the very first part off such a parent's. We've talked about the general content types, media attacks on Amis, Germany. Next class we'll take a look at the archives, breadcrumbs and our process 8. Search Apperance Part 2: or come back to such a parent's part two. And here we're talking about the archives, breadcrumbs and our S s so standard for the archives. What I'm gonna do here is I'm going to go ahead and disable my date archives. I'm gonna keep both the author archives and eight archive disabled. And the reason why I do this is because this actually helps to prevent the possibility off duplicate content. You really, really do not want to placate content on your purse trips, And that will be really bad for your search engine rankings. So by these Ireland, both the author and date archives, you stand a better chance of avoiding duplicate content. Now, for the special pages, the search pages and 44 pages, I'm just gonna go ahead and leave the template as they are, because in all honesty, these do not really country with that much to your search engine rankings. So I'm just gonna leave these s they are Let's server changes and let's move on to breadcrumbs. Now, breadcrumbs tend to be a bit controversial because people who like breadcrumbs and there are those who do know, like bread comes now. Those who like breadcrumbs, claimed that, well, breadcrumbs served two major functions. One they help the stores and users better navigate their way through a whopper strip site. And second, such engines are cruel. Engines are better able to index a site when breadcrumbs are used. Now, both to a certain extent are true, but they're not necessarily true. And when I mean here is this. If you're talking about users being able to better navigate their way through a whopper, strip science through the use of bread comes Well, guess what. If that site has a well designed menu system to begin with, there comes a redundant if you. If you have a well designed, functional Manu navigational system on Europe s website, you're gonna need to use breadcrumbs and second, talking about search engines. Been able to index a sight better when it comes are active. If you've could have a site map and you quit content regularly, such engines will still be able to injection site regardless. So in all honesty, breadcrumbs can be redundant. As long as you do the other things right so personally for me, I'm gonna leave them disabled. However, if you insist on using bread crumbs. You can a number of them, and then you'll have to come in here and feel the perfect separate. Or and elections like that. You also have the option of adding, but come specifically for the different kinds of taxonomy that you might have on your what perception is also an article on how to add but comes to your press thin could see off the Yost SC or tutorial so you can click on the link right there, and this will take you to the article. All right, I'm just save my changes. And actually, it is a little bit crumbs intensive. My changes I don't want that comes What So last monopolist. I don't use RSS either, but if you do, then you can come in here and add your sentence for the contents of put before each post, as well as going to put after each post in your RSS feed. And you can see these are the variables we have Author link, post link Blawg link, as well as Block description Link and these arts descriptions for each variables. It can come in here and customize the template to your own needs, so that's pretty much it for this search appearance with used S e O. I hope you've learned a lot. I hope you enjoyed the course. If you have any questions about any of these, please let me know of more than happy to assist you in any way that I can think so much fortune. I will see you in the next class. 9. Using the Search Console: Let's not take a look at the such consul for the Yost S E O Plug in and it's such counsel. What is those is it basically shows you all the data, the different kinds of data, whether it's a page or opposed to an image of a video on your site that has been called by a search engine and that you had are some issues with. There's an example. Right now you can see I have an image image underscores your seven for two image in the school. Feifei for zero. I have Page, which is our courses. I have a link it to my set map and so on and so forth. All these links have some issues, and you can see to the extreme right where we have divestments cold. It is full full. So basically a respite is called refers to the status off a page of an image or post whenever it's visited by either an individual or in this case, it's such engine four or four is the code for that particular page or image not being found . And for a complete list of all this coach, you can simply go to Google and just type in the http status codes, and there are quite a number off them. 44 is one of the most popular ones, and that means not found four or three is also very, very public mints forbidden. So these basically are the two you need to know for three and four or four. So right now you can see the most of the links. I have it that issues are all full four. And let's see. Yep, it's basically all full for full for four or four. So what is means is all these pieces of data, oldest pages or images they no longer exist on my side. Possible that deleted them. However, the links still remain. So if you have stuff like this showing up there, a few things you can do. First of all, you can create something called every direct. In this case, if anyone visits this particular link or the old link that has the issue, when you create a redirect, that person will automatically be transferred to the new U R L that you've created here with the redirect. Unfortunately, this particular feature is only available, but the Yost SC, or premium plug in. But don't worry. I will show in the very next video how you can actually redirect broken links to off normal functioning links. I'll show you how you can do that using a free plug in, so don't worry about that. So if you don't liquid everyday to can actually view and video links, and this could let me view our courses, let's see are causing concern. Right now. It's not found. It's it's been it's been deleted. So this is just a confirmation that indeed this page is not found its delete head. It's if I don't create a redirect and I want the plug in to ignore this particular link, I can simply say just mackett as fixed. So when you make as fixed, you're basically acknowledging that, OK, it's broken, and I don't want to do anything about to just leave it as it is. You could also just tick the box for the particular link and then come up here and then also just click on Mac as fixed there. Any number off links in here that join to MCAS fix that once you can simply just click on the boxes and then just come over here and then mark them as fixed and that's all you need to do. All right. Under school all the way down here. Just make sure that that is all. OK, so 15 items were not found. That's okay. This, by the way, is for the deck Stop. Oh, here we go. I was looking for this. So we have 15 not found. But guess what? There's another one here, which is other. Let me click in there. So this is a different one. This is the response code off 400. Let's talk about 400 means 400 in this case means a bad request. The server cannot or will not process the request due to an apparent client. L don't worry about this. This is perfectly normal. So if you have any links like this that involve your are WP dish admin folder and you have Westminster to 400 that's perfectly normal. Don't worry about this. Let's go back to not found and let's go to a smartphone. So again, such interest will also call you upside, using a smartphone's screen size and then see if there any book and links in this case right now, we do have videos that since the broken let me view that and see. Yep, It's not found on mobile. That's fine. Feature phone. Nothing has been found in here. And then finally, we have settings where you can simply we authenticate your profile with Google if you haven't done so already. But going back to the deck stop. I also just want to talk about the difference between last cold and first detected. Now you might notice some dates here are kind of interest in for our courses. I have. It was first detected May 12 2017 and it was last called March 26 2018. The reason why we have 2017 here is because this particular domain SC Odo tosca ph dot com I created his domain last year, and I used this same domain to make the very first division of this particular course you're watching, and this was over a year ago. So there's such engines will remember to remember that I wait a minute. I called the same domain about a year ago or two years ago. That was the first time I called this particular domain. So that's where you can see it was first detected May 12. 27 cents to Don't be considerably surprised that Wait a minute. You have 2017 here, and then you have 2018. What's happening? This is the reason why basically, this was first detected back in 2017. Because I built this site back in 2017 and I also installed the USS You're blowing it back then and it called my website. So that's why you have made 12 are 2017. All right, so that's it for this such console, Jimmy, defendants class. Well, and I'll show you how you can redirect the book feelings that you have in here. 10. Creating Redirects: already, as I promised in the previous video, I'm gonna show you how you can create redirects use in a fantastic free plug in known as the redirection. Plug in It is by John Godley. So please go ahead and download, install and activate the plug in. Now, once you do that, you will see onto the or tools tab. You will see re directions. You can click in there and this will be the tap for the actual plug in itself. Over here, right now, we can add a new redirection. We can add the social real and that the target U R L So as an example, let me go back to my S CEO such console. And let's take a look at his broken link right here, which is our course Islam. Click on the view, Just see, So it's definitely broken. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna copy the U R. L Not everything. Just your will after the actual domain. So I'm gonna copy our courses. I'm gonna copy that, and I'm gonna go back to my redirection tab and I'm going to pace that as the source Uriel . It pays that in here. And then I'm going to redirect this particular linked to our sample post as an example. So let me go to all posts. Let's view this post. I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna copy this right now. I'm gonna copy of this once again. That's copy that. And then I'm gonna go back to my redirection. I'm gonna paces in the target you are. Well, that's pays that. Now let's add all redirects and there you go. So right now, whenever anyone visits are courses, it will be redirected to the post. So let's try to see this Limerick versus page and you go right now, you can see we can now city of a directional walking. Whenever anyone goes to our courses, they will be redirected to the post on categories. What press resource is at side ground? So this is how you can create redirects using this free, fantastic plug in known as the redirection Plug in. There are other things you can do with the PLO gain do with groups, full force, import, export, e of options and other things like that. But I don't know spend so much time talking about this plugging If you're interested in lending more, you can simply visit the actual plug in page and can go down to installation. And you can read more on how to use our the partner. They do have the full documentation here on David Direction pages click on this link and his articulating actual website. It's survey can read more about this plug in Another. Plugging you might want to consider is also the broken link. Check a plug in. This is by Yanis ELTs and Vladimir Vladimir up fellow vetch, and this is another very popular plug in for fixing of the directions and other things like that. So with this book and you can do maybe even a bit more, you can do things like Let me show you can edit your well you cannot link. You can set a Brooklyn to be not broken manually. You can also dismiss broke killings and so on and so forth. So this is another plugging you might want to consider it using. But my personal favor ites would be the redirection plug in. So that's how to create redirects. Using these fantastic reporting on us, we direction thinking fortune. I will see you in the next class 11. Social Media Configuration: welcome back. And now let's talk about how we can set up social media with the host s e o plug it. And I'm pretty sure you're well aware of the fact that with social media, if you are able to get your audience your subscribers to share your content on social media , well, that can only be good for you because that means lots of traffic for your blawg and for your business. So to set up social media with used S e o, I'm gonna click on social right here in the social tab. And from here on the accounts, this is where you can add the different your bills for all the social media platforms you are active on. As you can see, I have avoided added one full Facebook. This is my Facebook page about the way If you are interested, please give me a like on full and physical. Appreciate it. So that's if my facebook you are l you can add yours at for Instagram blinged in my space and so on and so forth. One should dawn. You can simply save your changes and you're good to go to the very next tab which is going to be face book now by default. The open graph metadata is enabled. What is those Here is this. It allows you to customize how you want your individual poster appear on Facebook whenever they are shared by a subscriber or a read up. Now because this is enabled. If I go to any one of my posts and Haskell old way down here to the U. S s P O box under the social, I can you can see we have Facebook and Twitter enabled. And I would Facebook, for example. I can decide to add a costume title for this particular post whenever it shed on Facebook. I can add a description, and I can also use an image as well. By the way, you can see that the recommended image size for Facebook is 1200 by 610 pixels. So you can decide to use one featured image for this particular post and then use a separate poll image for Facebook whenever it shed on Facebook, Sentinel a place to Twitter as well. For Twitter, it's 10 24 by 512 picks. Also, make sure you use the recommended size field images will make them look really good whenever they shared on Facebook or on Twitter. So that's what the open graph meta data does. Make sure it's enabled. Now the Philbrook EP I D. This will give you access to something called Facebook insights. Facebook insights with will delay to know how many people came from Facebook and things like that. The problem, though, is that at the moment inner to have access to Facebook insights, you need to create a Facebook app. And to do that, you can go to develop us at facebook dot com and then from here, click on my APS and then can click on Add a New App. The problem here is this, and I'm going to show you as an example. I'm just say, Ah, sample my sample app. I'm just creating app i D. And I'm just feeling this capture real quick. That's a Q G p. Why? Let's submit that now. I don't know if you've been following the news recently about Facebook, but Facebook has been under a lot of backlash. Recently. There was this huge scandal where it turns out that Facebook waas I'm not sure about selling the data, or there's a shaming device during the data off the users with foot parties. So you can see right now, Facebook says, We're not leave you in APS at this time due to changes were making to the Facebook platform . So at this point in time, there is really no need for you to configure the Facebook app. I d on us because it's not going to walk, and I don't think I'm not sure if they will ever work in the future. I don't know, but just in case it works, this is where you can see your app. Ideas nosey, full of the steps of showing you. You will see the APP idea in here. Simply click to copy that, and they can come back here and then paste it under the Facebook app I d. If you wanted to again fingers crossed, I don't know if this will work in the future. Now for fun pics settings again, you can add a custom image for your phone page. You can add a custom title, and then description can simply click on copy home meta description, and then this will copy the descriptively you've copied Alia in the previous video. And then finally, we have the default settings. Now this is the image will be used. Whenever you write a post or published, a poster doesn't have its own featured image. Now, I know that's very highly unlikely, because every post you light should have a title should have a future image. But just in case, just in case you were having a really bad day and you forgot to add a featured image for a post, whatever image you upload in here will be used as the backup. There's an example I can click on, upload the image, and then I can use this one as my backup used the image, and that is that I'm gonna go ahead now and save my changes for Facebook. And then we have the same thing for Twitter as well. By defaulted to the cat. Meta data is enabled and and you can choose the default kind of card to use. You can go with the summer, the large image or just simply the summary. If you wanted to pincers, I don't use pins. Arrest. If you do, please click on the link right here that will tell you how you can confirm or claim ownership off your upside via Pinterest, and they will show you how you can connect your site to the Pinterest social media platform and then finally, off course for Google. Plus, if you have a grupos page, simply add the publisher paid in here and then save it changes and you would be good to go . So that's it for the social media with Yost s. Oh, thank you for watching. I will see you in next class. 12. Import and Export Tools: Now, let's take a look at some of the tools that the Yost s e o plug in offers us. And to do that, I'm gonna come all the way down here to the Tools tab. And by default, we have three major tools. We have the import export, fell it it all. And in the book editors, let's take a look at the import and export. Now, this is where you can simply import the Yoast Seo settings off another website to yours and vice versa. So let's if example, you have multiple websites and you simply don't spend time doing the same configuration over and over again. You can simply export the settings your Yoast seo sentence from this particular sexual walking on. Simply export that, and then this will be a zip file. And then you can go to the next website and then import to sentence by simply choosing to file that you've exported from your contracts. That so that's how the import and export works. And finally we have the import from other S e o por gins. I do not have any other s your plug ins on my website, and that's why it say's Yost S C O did not detect any plugging data from plug ins it can import from. If you have other s il plug ins on your site, you go through the list of them. Let's sit down here and then you'll have the option of choosing or the important sentence from them. However, let me be crystal clear it here. I do not encourage you to have multiple SC or plug ins on your purse upside. Simply choose one major essay or plugging, which in this case would be used CEO and stick with your essay. Oh, when you said having multiple s your plug ins on your science, you can have clashes is kind of like having two captains on one ship. You typically on the truths one major. You want me to see a plug in this case used, and then just stick with it. So if you have any other issue plug ins on your set out to commend you deactivate them and uninstall them, you don't need to want them. When you have used s CEO Joo's s your competitors do everything that you need for your S e o. So that's it for the import and export settings, things much fortune. I will see you in the next class 13. Bulk Editor Tool: All right, let's take a look at the final tool, and that's going to be the bulk. Edits Horner. This allows us to make changes to the titles and many descriptions of our posts at a glance without us having to go to each individual post to make those changes. As an example, let me click on the bulkhead. It'll and now over here, you can see on my sample upset here only have one post. So what are we don't want to do here is to jump over to another side over here where it can give you a better idea of how this works. Right now, you can say I have two posts. One of the five best WordPress s you plug ins in 2017. The 2nd 7 top tips for WordPress security. Now this is under the description tab. By the way, you can see I have already written meta descriptions for each other's posts. However, if I feel like this description wasn't optimized enough, I can simply coming here and and type in the new description, make it more optimizing and I can save it. Okay. Sent in a place with a title as well I have titles for all of my posts. So if I feel that one of those titles isn't optimized enough, I can simply go to the corresponding box and then make the change. To make it more optimized, add more keywords and then simply save. That's what the bulk it'll allows us to do. It allows us to make changes to our posts at a glance, the content of titles enters the meta descriptions without having to go into each individual post to make those changes. So that's it for the Book 80 Tour. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 14. File Editor Tool: welcome back. And now we're talking about the second tool, which is going to be the file edit. Or now what this does is it allows us to make changes to some really important files on our purse website and those two files audibles the txt file Andy dot txt access file. Now, first things first. I'm going to go ahead now and click on Crete eight robots Txt file. You may already have Everybody texted fell. So if you don't see this option that makes you already have one, if you don't, it's best you simply click on the button and create your robots. Txt file. Now, the natural question might have is what exactly is this robot start txt file? Well, this file is what gives instructions to search engines whenever they want to call your what purse website. So you can tell such engines not to call set in parts of Europe. So just pages you can tell them to crawl polls things like that and the way to do that is by making changes to yellow. But still txt file how ever I was stronger commanded, unless you know exactly what it is that you're doing just leave this file as it is. This is all you really need for robots. Txt file. If you want to go deeper, please do your research before you begin tampering with Roberto Texted file. Same thing goes with adults 80 Access file. This file is used by what press to handle your Perma links. So this is an extremely important file as well. Out recommend You do not make any changes to this file unless you absolutely have to. And if you're going to make sure you have proposed guidance. So that's been much it for these particular tool. Thank you, Fortune. I will see you in the next class. 15. Update: all right. We hope you're enjoying the course so far. Now, before you proceed, I just want to give you a very quick update Now, So far, the vision off Yost issue we've been walking with has been diversion 7.3, which is the letters vision as off today, which is April 25th 2000 and 18. No, these course you're watching is this is actually the second version off the course. The very first vision of the course. I used version 5.0. Point warned this was about a year ago. So because there's been a major difference between five points opened, worn, and vision 7.3, I had to redo all videos that you've watched so far. However, the next few videos they're gonna watch will involve how the Yost issue plug. It actually optimizes your content for your posts. The reason why these videos are going to be from the previous vision of the course is because Yost s C O hasn't changed in the way it analyzes your content from the people's vision of 5.0 point 12 this conversion or 7.3. So most of walking on the same website, which is essential. Task a peter dot com But please keep in mind in the next few videos belong to the first version off this course. You can watch the videos and apply the same principles because, like I said, the way the U. S s CEO analyzes your with ability analyzes your optimization is still the same. It hasn't changed from version 5.0 point 12 Visions visions some 120.3 if in the future, maybe invasion 7.5. There was a change to how the Yost analyzes your content. And of course I will make an operate to that. But for now, you're good to go. Just what's next for the next few videos. But just keep in mind that these beaters belonged to the first version of the course. But you are still good. They're still our update, a civil event for two days, most recent vision or just S e. O. So thank you for watching and let's proceed 16. Optimizing Content for SEO with Yoast: All right. So welcome to what is technically a brand new section. We're going to focus on how we can optimize our content for S e old. And now, over here, you can say you have an article title. Seven top tips For what? Press security. And, ah, this is a real article with real content, but you will notice it to the right over here. I do have something called the readability score from Joost, which is okay. But then I have the old score, which is not available. And there isn't why the score is not available is because we haven't provided a focus keyword or key ward side. So that was the very first thing we need to do. So I'm going to do that. But coming all the way down here and you're going to the books here that's asks you for your focus, keyword. All right, I'm gonna go ahead now and type pain. Let's see, uh, Tips full would press security. This would be the long tail keyboard freeze for this particular article. All right, so now you can see that the score has no Tord to orange against over here as well. It's not an orange. And typically with Yoast Seo, you have three different cholera in that will indicate different levels off atomization. Where'd means very bad arrangements? Okay, while green will mean good, All right. So we should be able to get this article to get to Green. Right now it's an orange. So let's see what we're doing long. First of all, it say's no meta description has been specified. Are such engines will display copy from the page instead? Now, I know you can see something about here that say is the focus Cuba contains to stop ward. This may not be wise. Ignore are things like whenever you see the lucky having stop wards in your our focus keyboard isn't important anymore. Stop words are usually words like in at off for conflict propositions and stuff like that. Don't bother yourself, animal, because Google and other search engines are very flexible. They're very adept at reading off because he was that contents top word. So don't worry about this at all, Okay, let's because on the ones that are lead So over here we have no meta description has been specified, and of course we know how important meta descriptions are. So what I'm gonna do right now is over here. I do have the snippet preview so I can go ahead now and click on edit snippet, and I wouldn't want to do right now. Is there's gonna copy something of a from what we have over here. Let's see what we have is gonna go ahead now and copy this particular sentence. I'm gonna come all the way down here going to pace that, Then, of course, we know that in our meta description, we should have the figures. Keyboards. All right, so what we have, Let's see, What do we have? Actually, you can see right now that the school has actually turned to green already. So just simply copying that particular sentence that contains are keywords and a planet to a meta description has now made our score turn to green. But nevertheless, we can still improve on this. I'm just go back again, and that's what we have. Well, I never mind lumbers come over here right now and say in this book post, we're gonna offer you seven negatives. What? For? Security? See, You can see we still have a lot more space to write some more words. And Alan, just say cybercrime is a big deal. And that is why, in this blood post, we're gonna offer you seven major chips. For what? For security. That's That's okay. So I can close a snippet in tow little right now, and you can see right now that tips Ford for security has not been bold. And we have that intimate a description. Awesome. So what else is in lead? No Internet links up here. And this page consider adding some as appropriate is one of the best ways how you can improve us. Your score in general is by keeping people on your site, don't let them leave. And, of course, one of the best ways is is to add Internet links to your articles whenever applicable. Trata link your coin article to another article that you may have written. So let's go over half over here. Ah, I must say, there's gonna go ahead now and highlight this particular our centers over here. And I am going to link this my mental link this to another one off my articles. How to make what person upside issue offended with plug ins Let's do that. Open link in new tab as well. Add the link. OK, now, off course for this particular example. This thing doesn't have anything to do with s e. Oh, I'm just telling you that whenever you're writing articles, try to link them two previous articles that you may have written in the past. So we've don't that. And now you can see that we no longer have led for that because we've actually introduced Ah, one normal Internet link, which is awesome. So if your love is that we can do is to add the old attributes for our images. Okay, so right now, I don't have any images in here, but I do have the featured image over here. So what I can do right now is to click on it. And I am going to add an alternative text, and I'll just say tips Foreward. Press security generally, whenever you're using featured images for your posts, try to add here, focus Keyboard. Your keywords asked the old text for the featured image like and for the title of them, just say tips for one for security as well. Although this isn't technically important for a CEO Still good to have Ah dis entitle. Let's do that. And let's see what we now have here. Okay, so the remaining ones are mean necessarily that important. And I need to let you know that you should not become obsessed. Okay? We're trying to get everything here to turn green. It is not important. Isn't as your score is now green, you are OK. All right, us? Your school is good. It's good. Don't bother about trying to get everything to green. If you can't get him to green, then don't bother. I like, for example, if I here and now it's a Z Ah, the Cuba density is 0.4% which is too low. The figures keep what was found three times what they're basically what does this is basically saying right now is that we haven't used the phrase our top tips for what? For security in North times in the article. So you know that you get this two tone green will have to apply the phrase top tips for security a few more times in the article. And it may not make sense because anyone who's read in the article will keep on seeing topless for workplace security. The next paragraph They'll see top. Just for what? For security. It's just become too obvious that you're trying to optimize your content for the Google search engine, as opposed to optimizing the content for the user experience. And that's a big mistake. You should always read your articles for your audience first and then by the articles for your search engines. All cape. So that's pretty much it. We have optimized our content for S E O. I can go ahead now and save the draft because we still have to try and optimize it for the readability as well. So thank you for watching the video. I will see you in the next class. 17. Improving Content Readability with Yoast: All right. So the papers video with successfully optimized our content for Air Sea Oh, and as a result, we've got the green score for the S for the S E O. But our readability is still set to orange, which means Okay, so let's see how we could possibly improve this. Let's come all the way down here. You're going to see the readability section so you can click in there. And now what we have here is the analysis. So we have some green and then we have some lead. So what do we have? A very we have ah, for the 3.2% off. The sentences contained more than 20 words, which is more than the recommended maximum. Often affect percent try to shorten the sentences. Okay. The next one here is tuna. 5.6% of the sentences contained passive voice, which is more than the recommended maximum off 10%. Okay, Now, if you click on any one of these links like click on passive voice is an example, this will take you to the US to blow. Gray can read more about passive voice and how you can write better. How you can change it to an active voice. Also, when you click on the I next to each result, it will highlight where in your article you are making that particular aero end. So as an example, if I click on the I for the sentences contain more than 20 words and I scroll back up, you can now see where we have paragraphs and sentences continued more than 20 woods, something with the passive voice analysis as well. Now here's the thing. Locate my personal advice to you is don't let these kinds of analysis affect the way you light. Sure, yeah, when it comes to the issue of passive voice and active voice, maybe you can do a better job of trenches lights in the active voice as opposed to the passive voice. But in announces like, Oh, this sentence contains more than 20 words. Unless it's very extreme, maybe where you have maybe 50 words me 40 awards in a single sentence, then, yeah, maybe you might want to try to see how you can make that better. However, in instances like this, where we have possibly this might happen. Meat maybe 21 or 22 words don't bother yourself as long as your content is really good and it's makes sense and people actually learning no one is going to care without your sentence has 21 awards or if it has 25 woods. No one is even going to count. Okay, remember that your rights in your articles for people as long as you can read the article and an average person can actually read the article and understand what's going on your fine okay, again, don't obsess with trying to get your credibility. Scorcher Green There are many of my articles that are set to orange, and people still be deep used to love the articles because that schools still makes sense again. No one is going to bother about. Oh my gosh, these offer. Go to this sentence and the passive voice so I'm not gonna read it. You know, it's a horrible article. No, no one cares about that. As long as your content makes sense, the information is useful. People will overlook things like that. Okay, so it's really it's really up to you. I can't say whether it's all it's bad. Good for you to try and fix this things. My only concern is that when you have a particular style off lighting and people have come to recognize that style from you really begin getting all very analytical. With the cans awards you use, how many words are contained in a sentence, It might affect your natural way off light. And so be careful. Okay? Don't get too obsessed with trying to get your credibility is core to our green. All right, so that's basically it for the dwt scores with the U. S S C. O plug. And if you have any questions, of course, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you so much. Fortunate video, and as always, I will see you in the next class. 18. Keywords Analysis Tools: I want that I should mention before we begin to random is that you can also do your key ward analysis and research right from your back end. Over here, you will see the Y Aiken on top here. So when you hover over that, you will see the keyboard with such to. And we do have three different services. We have the AdWords external. If you want to pay for Edwards, you can do your research with the Edwards External Service. We have the Google trends, which you can click on. Then, of course, you can do your analysis of how popular your cures are going to be. And then there's also the S E o book, which is actually a free and ah, it's a free alternative to the Google AdWords keep on their tool. So if you haven't heard about it, it's pretty good. Um, some people don't like it. Some people like it, but you can come over here right now and read more about it. You'll have to quit, and that comes with them, first of all, and they do actually have a video old way down here where you can watch more on how to use the services. It's a bit old, though. This was made back in 2011 but I think the service is still pretty relevant. And you can still do some pretty are cool stuff with it. So that's it for the Cuban analysis services for Yost S E. O. And, of course, you also have access to the S E O settings from here as well, Just in case. You know, if you want to change anything, you have excess overhead as well. All right, so that's it. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next class. 19. Introduction to Cornerstone Articles: All right. So one last thing we should talk about before we round up is the use off something called the cornerstone content. It's got all the way down here to the bottom of your block post under the focus key Ward Tab, you will see this check box asking if this article is cornerstone content. Now, this is a relatively new feature that ah used a CIA provides. And a cornerstone article is basically one of your very best articles. It is the article that you want to be ranked highest on Google now it. And the idea behind this here is Let's say, for example, you've written 10 different block post about a very similar topic. You would typically want one of those articles to be your best article, the one that you want Google to choose. Otherwise, all those your tenants goes with the company with one another for space in the search results. So menu select a particular article to be your cornerstone article. You're basically telling Google that Hey, this is one of the very best articles my entire block has to offer. So it goes without saying that you should choose your cornerstones very carefully think of them as maybe the 45 pages that you want visto to read. If they first visit your website. Which articles are the most pressures to you are which articles at the most complete end Authoritative. These are the kinds of articles that you should select as your cornerstone content. And if you click on the link right here, it will take you to the yours. Blow break and actually read more about what the Coniston content is and how you can actually write some really good content and then selected as your corner storm are content article. So that's basically it. Thank you so much for watching the video. As always. I will see you in the next class. 20. Yoast Premium: Now that you've seen what you can do with the free vision of the Yost s Il plug in a question might have Is it actually worth you buying the premium version of the plug in? Well, on the here, where we have two ppm tab. If you click on more information over here, you will see the comparison between the premium version off Yost and then the free version of Yost. Now, before I give you my honest opinion about this, let me festival say that the premium version off a any plug in not just a Yoast Seo plug in the premium vision off any applicant is always better. Then the free vision off that plug in. There is a reason why your pain to get the premium vision to people. Vision always has more features. It's more powerful than the food vision that is always the case. In my humble opinion, in my experience, the real question you should be asking yourself is this difference. This additional features your painful? Is it actually worth the price in the Krays off Yost SC or you'll be pain it $9 a year to have the problem vision of this plug in. Now here's the thing. If you are on a budget, okay, If you're on a budget, a tight budget, then in my humble opinion, I don't think the vision is worth it. I don't think so. With a free version, you can do a lot. You can do quite a lot for your S E O as long as you float all the steps of shooting in this course, and then you do other things, like improving the speed. If your website you write regularly, you will be fine. You will be fine. You can save that money and buy yourself maybe a really awesome premium theme or by some other poor implements out there. I don't think the mandalas is worth it if you are on the budget, However, obviously, if you have the money, if you can afford to pay it mandalas for years, CEO Premium, then by all means, go ahead and buy because you will be gets in a more powerful vision off the Yoast Seo plug in and over here you can see the difference is you can optimize for five keywords prepared with the human vision. The free version you'll get one key word per page. You can be your page in Google being physical tweeter with the Pima vision, you can get really time suggesting suggestions for your Internet links. You can get to the 47 supporters will from the Eustace your team on no edge. You can get an overview of the issues cause and much, much more futures. So once again, if you are on a tight budget, I would not recommend you buy the human vision. However, if you have the money, if you can afford it them, by all means, go ahead and buy the human vision off. The plug in the proven vision is always better than the free vision or the plug in. So that's it. My Home Bowl opinion about the Yost s European plug in thinking fortune. I will see you in the next class. 21. Yoast Conclusion: and I'm not going to see the next class because that was the very end off the tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you've learned a lot. And I believe that you and now a used S e o experts. So thank you so much once again. And until next time, keep Houston your content and your 1% slide chairs.