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The Complete WordPress Guide for Beginners - 2021

teacher avatar Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

71 Lessons (7h 45m)
    • 1. WordPress for Beginners Promo

    • 2. Introduction to the Beginners WordPress Course

    • 3. WordPress vs WordPress

    • 4. Introduction to Domains and Web Hosting

    • 5. Buying Hosting and Domain Names

    • 6. Installing WordPress Quickly

    • 7. Installing WordPress Locally with Local

    • 8. The WordPress Backend

    • 9. WordPress General Settings

    • 10. Pages vs Posts

    • 11. Creating a Page

    • 12. Cateogries vs Tags

    • 13. The Media Library

    • 14. Creating our First Post

    • 15. Introduction to the Admin Bar

    • 16. Editing your Profile Account

    • 17. WordPress User Roles

    • 18. Working with Images

    • 19. The Gutenberg Page Builder

    • 20. Assingment Create 7 WordPress Posts

    • 21. WordPress Themes

    • 22. WordPress Plugins

    • 23. Widgets and Sidebars

    • 24. Choosing our Theme

    • 25. Setting up the HomePage

    • 26. Creating the Main Menu

    • 27. Building the Header Part 1

    • 28. Building the Header Part 2

    • 29. Building the Footer

    • 30. Styling the Footer

    • 31. The GetWid Addon Plugin

    • 32. Building the Home Page Part 1

    • 33. Building the Home Page Part 2

    • 34. Building the Homepage Part 3

    • 35. Adding an Instagram Block

    • 36. Setting up the Blog Page

    • 37. Setting up the Post Pages

    • 38. Adding Social Share Function

    • 39. Creating our Contact Form

    • 40. Setting up the Contact Page

    • 41. Creating a MailChimp Account

    • 42. Creating our Mailing List

    • 43. Contact List Tips and Finishing Touches

    • 44. Quick Update

    • 45. A Simple Trick to fool Hackers

    • 46. Site Health and Updates

    • 47. Fighting against Spam

    • 48. How to Hide the Default Login URL

    • 49. WordFence Security Plugin Part 1

    • 50. WordFence Security Plugin Part 2

    • 51. Optimzing Content for SEO

    • 52. Adding Google Analytivs with Monster Insights

    • 53. Adding the Cookie Notice

    • 54. Creating the Privacy and Policy Page

    • 55. Creating an FTP Account

    • 56. Accessing our Web Directory

    • 57. How to Back up a WordPress Website

    • 58. Beginners WordPress Course Conclusion

    • 59. Rank Math Introduction

    • 60. Rankmath Installation

    • 61. General Settings

    • 62. Tiles and Meta Part 1

    • 63. Titles and Meta Part 2

    • 64. 404 Redirections

    • 65. SEO Analysis

    • 66. Status and Tools

    • 67. Google Search Console

    • 68. Optimizing our Content

    • 69. Bulk Edit Tool

    • 70. Optimizing Content with Rank Math

    • 71. WordPress 5

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About This Class

** One of the most comprehensive WordPress courses you will ever take **

Build your very own website with this complete WordPress course - no experience, programming, or coding necessary!

Are you looking to build your WordPress website for personal use or maybe even for your business?

This course is perfect for you. This complete course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter). You are going to learn how to use WordPress to build your website and best of all WordPress is FREE and you do not need to write any code to achieve this.

2 Courses in 1

I know that there are two main reasons why people want to have their website. it's either they want to have a blog where they can write or share their opinion about a subject or they have a business and they want a website to promote the business. Either way I have got you covered .

What skills are you going to learn in this course?

Okay you already know you will learn how to build a full website but to be more specific, here are some of the skills you will learn

  • Install WordPress either locally on your computer or live on the internet

  • Install SSL encryption on your website

  • Choose the right web hosting company

  • Create a professional web mail account

  • Work with themes and how to choose the right one

  • Configure a wide variety of WordPress plugins

  • Create and edit image galleries

  • Publish content with pages and posts

  • Create user accounts

  • Create privacy and policy pages

  • Integrate social media functionality into your website

  • Build your mailing list using Mailchimp

  • Back up your WordPress website in case of emergency.

  • Optimize your website so that it is noticed by Google, Bing and other major search engines

  • Set up comments and contact pages

  • Prevent spam comments

  • Speed up your website with caching plugins.

  • Export and Import content

  • Protect your website against hackers and malware

  • and much much more :-)


Plugins are programs that you can use to enhance both the functionality and design of your website and in this course you will learn how to work with the following plugins

  • Akismet

  • Happy Forms

  • Word Fence Security

  • Social Buttons by Adder

  • Optin Forms

  • WPS Hide Login

  • Cookie Notice for GDPR

  • Recent Posts Extended Widget

  • Monster Insights

  • Rank Math

  • Smush

  • UpDraft Plus

  • Gutenberg Editor

Why learn from me?

Unlike a lot of other instructors with WordPress courses I am a real WordPress developer. I have been building websites with WordPress for almost 9 years now and during this time I have built hundreds of websites including some for very popular institutions like Johns Hopkins University.  I love WordPress!  and I am also passionate about teaching people how to use this wonderful tool.

Who is this WordPress course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who has never built a website before. Its for individuals who want to build a website either for personal reasons or for their business but do not have any programming experience.

I can't wait to help you build your own WordPress website!

Enroll today and let me teach you how to build your WordPress website.

Alex aka 'The Web Monkey'

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. WordPress for Beginners Promo: are you looking for the perfect course? Tell teacher had a build your very own What press website? In a phone and organized manner. The answer is yes. Then you've come to divide place high minimums, Alex, a k a. The bed monkey. And I'd like to welcome you to this work. First course for beginners. This is, of course, I have designed specifically to help you build either your personal website or maybe even a website for your business. Now I know what you're thinking because I can read your mind. You're thinking there are so many other WordPress causes out there. Why should I angle in your course? Well, I'm glad you asked that question because I'm going to give you three reasons why you absolutely need to involve in this course. The first reason is the simple fact that I am an actual genuine reward press developer. I have been working with war prayers and have been building websites with WordPress for almost eight years. Now endure. This time I have built hundreds of different kinds of upsets, including websites for famous institutions such as Gold's gym and even Johns Hopkins University. I also have a thriving YouTube channel where my WordPress tutorials have been viewed over a 1,000,000 times already. In other words, I'm an expert at using WordPress, and what better whittle and in new skill than by learning from an expert? The second reason is that this course is going to be one of the most intensive what press courses you will ever enroll in. I'm going to start from the very beginning by showing you how to install what press. I will then proceed to show you how to build out the structure of your website and also how to display content. I will also then show you had to protect your website against hackers and malware, and also very importantly, I will show you how to optimize your website. So it's noticed by Google and other measures. Such engines I will even go to additional is to show you how to build your mailing list and also how you can integrate social media into your website. So, basically, think of this course as an all in one package that will show you how to build a full what this website from start to finish in the third and final reason is the fact that if you're taking this course and you end up having any questions or challenges along the way, I will always be here to help you and assist you in any way that I can. So, as you can see, this is the perfect course for you. If you've ever wanted to learn how to use what Chris So what are you waiting for? And wall in the course today? And then how you can build your very own what purse website? I hope you're in wool, and I hope to see you on the inside Abi. 2. Introduction to the Beginners WordPress Course: Well, hello and welcome officially to the course and limiters first of all, say thank you so much for choosing to enroll in my course. Out of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of other options that you had. And I sincerely hope and believe that my costs will help you build your very first Wordpress website. So what exactly are you going to learn in this course and what should you expect? Well, in the very first section, I'm gonna introduce you to host in and domains. This is very, very important if you want to launch your website live on the internet. Now because you are a student of mine, there's gonna be a very special deal for you that you will find interesting. And one that you might want to take full advantage of what I'm talking about. Of course, you will also learn how you can install what Chris, on your website. And then in section two, I'll introduce you to the backend of WordPress. How do you configure what Perez, How do you create categories and look with tags? How do you create yourself a post page? Of course, I'll introduce you to what purse themes, plugins we did. These are all the necessary ingredients that you need to build yourself. What pursue upsides. And then section three, this is where we're gonna get our hands data because you will now learn how to actually begin to build out your website. You'll learn how to build your head out to a logo, your menu, how to build a Fu Ta, how to build your homepage or post page or contact page. You will learn all of this and by the end of this particular section, you would have gotten yourself a full website. Will then move on to cover how you can further enhance the functionality of your website. Like how can you add social media functionality to your percept side? How can you grow your mailing list with military? But I'll show you all of this. How can you add a contact form and so much more? Now, security is extremely important because well, you have lots of hackers out there and malware just waiting to destroy your website and all its content. And of course, it's very important that you learn how to protect your contents against these bad guys. So section five will all be about booby, all about water security, how you can keep your website's safe and secure from hackers and Malda, olden Coval, WordPress, SEO, search engine optimization. Very, very, very important. We'll cover that. And then of course we'll talk about the speed and performance. How can you maintain the performance of your WordPress website? How do you ensure that it loads as quickly as possible? And then there's going to be a very special section called basically rank mathematic math is one of the most powerful plug-ins for SEO. So you will find a section down below. It's basically almost an hour and learned about in there, I show you how you can configure and make use of rank math from start to finish. So be sure to check out that particular section and then there's going to be a bonus section called updates. And the reason why I have this particular section is because what verse is ever evolving, it's always changing. And even though I made this course, this particular course in August of 2020, you may be watching this in December of 2020, and I can guarantee you that there may have been a few changes. So in my attempts to keep this course fully updated, I'm going to be posting new videos and that Updates section. So if for any reason you discover that you've started the course and then you notice that something's a little bit different. Maybe there's a new change, the Wordpress backend and you see that change on your one but what was upside? But you don't see that change on mine. You can go to the opposite section and I guarantee you all that had a video Coven exactly what that change is and how you can make use of it. So don't worry, I will kill this course updated as often as need be. So once again, welcome to the course. If you have any questions or you run into any challenges, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm your instructor, I'm here to help you and I really want to see you succeed and build your auto subset. So without any more time, let's get started. 3. WordPress vs WordPress: well come back. So if a popular question amongst about press use as is what is the difference between what craze dot ogg and ah, what press dot com? Because both of them have What press? Right. So what's what's the deal here? Well, limiters expense you very, very quickly. What? The differences between these two now, what does that or what does that come belongs to the same company? Automatic. The difference here is that what does not calm can actually offer you hosting. They can offer you hosting that you can host. You're upset with them but the problem with bottles that come is that you do have set a limitations as to the kinds of things you can use the kinds of plans that you can use. We'll talk about those a bit later, but just know that what does that come? You do have some limitations now with war President Ogg. This is basically then providing you with their software, which is what press with what was that all. You're able to install bold prayers on any ah platform out there with any hosting company and you're able to make as many changes as you want you can install any kind of theme, instill any kind of plug, and basically you have full control on what happens on your website. But once again, with what does not calm, you are limited. They'll advantage what does the promise that they will offer you are hosting. But in all honesty, Ouled always always 100% of the time recommended you go with what? President Ogg. Don't bother about what we are calm now. The rest of the instances where some plug ins that you might want to use will require you to have an account on what President calm I created. An account on wordpress dot com is free. You don't have to pay for it. So just keep in mind that there are seven plug ins like, for example, the jetpack plug in. It's a plug in that would require you to have an account on what press dot com. So all you need to do in such a scenario would be to go toe workers the calm, create an account and you'll be good to go. So you don't have Teoh worry about pain for anything and like that. So that's basically the major difference between what Kristof Orc and what press 4. Introduction to Domains and Web Hosting: All right, So it is very special section we're talking about web hosting in domains and working with WordPress locally on your computer. Now if you're already familiar with this topics and you don't need a web hosting, you already know how to install WordPress locally in a computer. By all means you can skip this entire section, move on to the next section. Don't waste your time here. However, if you're brand new to web development, web hosting domain names, then this session is going to be for you. In order to take this course, you need to be able to walk with WordPress. Now, this could mean either walking locally on your computer or you actually go the live world where you buy yourself a domain name. You get to sell some web hosting, and then you walk with WordPress live on the Internet. Now there's pros and cons to both sides. The major pros with working locally on your computer as well. It's completely free. You don't have to pay any amount of money. And then second, you don't need internet access so you can walk on your website anytime. It doesn't matter where you are. The major downsides though, is that you're not going to get the experience of working with an actual web host. So you're not going to know exactly how they protect your website from hackers and malware. You may not be able to do certain things like maybe install SSL certificates and so much more. There are basically things that you need to be live on the internet before you can actually do them. So your work and experience with working with what does locally on your computer will be limited. Now on the flip side, the major pros of walking that live on the Internet is that, well, you're going to get all the experience. Your website is going to be live on the Internet. Plus, if you want somebody else, like say for example, me, take a look at your website is going to be very, very easy. You just have to share the link to your, to your domain. And I'll take a look and it's going to be as easy as that. The major downside though, is that it costs money to buy yourself a domain name and also get yourself are some web hosting. But without being said, if you want own personal recommendation, I would always recommend that the live route, get yourself some hosting, get yourself a domain name. I just personally prefer that. But regardless, if you want to go the local route or you want to go with the live route. I have sped no efforts and introducing you to as many options as possible. Let me first of all talk about the live route. Now when it comes to web host, because you need a hosting company to host your website live on the Internet. I have two main options for your site ground and then cloud ways. These are two web hosting companies that actually personally host with our b would say gone since 2012, I joined Cloud ways are 20, 20. Now the major difference between both of them as that Saigon offers you something known as shared hosting. And then they also offered you offer your Cloud host. Now cloud hosting is superior to shed host. And because we've shared hosting, your website is basically sharing resources with websites are across the world. But with Cloud hosting is just going to be your own website. Having a particular amount of resources specifically used by your website, you're upset isn't going to share those resources with other websites. So basically cloud hosting is more superior. With that being said, though Saigon offers you both shed horse and, and cloud hosting, cloud was offers you only cloud hosting. They don't offer you shared hosting. So as a result, with side ground, you can get slightly cheaper alternatives. Like if you go to web hosting, for example, on safe ground. These are the prices, okay, So it starts from $7 per month, 2 all the way to $15 per month depending on which plan you go with. And then with Cloud ways, it's going to be a bit more expensive, like I said, because they only offer cloud hosting. But honestly, in terms of Cloud horse in itself, there among the cheapest that you can find on the Internet. Adele plants that from $10 per month all the way to $80 per month depending on the amount of resources that you want to buy for your website. Now in the very next video, I'll walk you through briefly how you can by yourself, domain names and web hosting with both Cloud ways and sad gone. But let me also mention that I have written extensive articles on both side ground and Cloud ways. I have also made videos comparing both said gone and Cloud ways. Here is one right here, SiteGround versus club who is hosting, which is better. You can check out my YouTube channel, the Web Monkey. I'll recommend that you subscribe as well. So I've made videos comparing site ground and Cloud ways. I have also made extensive tutorials on how to walk in the back-end of both SiteGround and Cloud was this is the one for SiteGround. So I showed you how you can take advantage of the features they offer you like speed, security, or services and so on. Everything is covered in the video. I've also done the same for Cloud ways as well. I've made a full tutorial walking you through the entire back-end of cloud ways. So regardless of which one of the two you choose, I have you covered, I have all the necessary information for you. I have also written articles on my blog and my girlfriend or chronic and check it out where a comeback, a compare both of them. And also by my honesty views about both our web hosting companies in shorts, I can stick my reputation on both Cloud ways and setting up because I walk with them. And the good news here is that if you decide to go with Cloud ways, if you want to buy yourself some cloud hosting, you want to go with Cloud ways. They've actually partnered with them to provide you with a very special discount that you can get to an effect percent off. For the first three months, you simply use the coupon code, cloud 125. But you also have to use my link, which I'll provide in the resources attached to this video. If you can't find the link to let me know and I'll send you another one, but you have to use the link and then you use the coupon code cloud monitoring and 5 to get 25 percent off for the first three months. Now, that's for the livelihood. If only goal law called wanna walk with what is locally on your computer. I've also made extensive tutorials. You can check out my YouTube video titled How to install WordPress locally week samp sample is one way how you can walk with WordPress locally on your computer. But I've also made another video for our local by flywheel. I am so Local by flywheel the S, It's another way how you can work with WordPress locally on your computer. You will find the video. I think the next one is going to be the second one after the upcoming video basically. So I'm going to show you how you can install what is locally on your computer with fly will end. Personally between exam and fly will, fly will fable is a bit better because with flywheel, you can actually generate a live link for your website installed locally on your computer. So if you need somebody to take a look at your website, you can do so with flywheel. So I'll recommend you use fable of a exam. So again, you can check out the video I'll have is going to be further down. I'll walk you through how you can work with flay will Hey, can install WordPress locally on your computer. So with that being said, that's basically the introduction to web hosting and domain names. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how you can actually purchase web hosting, which say ground. And also with Cloud was and also how you can buy a domain name from a site called, named Chip. Thanks so much analysis in the next class. 5. Buying Hosting and Domain Names: All righty. So like I said in the previous video, let me show you how you can buy assault web hosting and domain names with both our Cloud ways and side ground. Let's start off with SiteGround, and you can go to And then right here on the host and you will see web hosting. What hosts in WooCommerce hosting. It doesn't matter. They're all the exact same thing. I'm going to go with what race horse in and innovated. They have three main packages. Startup, grow big, and then go geek. Now, if you are non-personal recommendation, you wanna go with grow big because we'll grow big, you can actually install as many websites as you want on that single hosting account. With startup, you're limited to just one single website. So keep that in mind. Now with Colgate and grow big, obviously you see the differences. With Gauguin. You have access to more resources, more speed, more disk space, and so on. So it all depends on how much you can afford. And I'm going to go right here, click on Get plan. And then if you have a domain name that you've already bought from another website, you simply go with, I already have a domain and then you proceed from there. But let's just say, for example, you don't have a domain name. You want to get yourself a domain name. Well, you come in here right now and you type it out. So I'm just typing something ridiculous because I know no one in the world has this domain name right now. So I'm going to go ahead now click on Proceed. So Saigon will check to see if it's available. And of course it's available because no one in their right mind would buy such a domain name. So you simply fill out information right here, put out your email information. Now, very, very, very important. Let me show you something right here where you have the data center. Automatically, it will default to your physical location, but you want to make sure that it's actually accurate. Now it's sediment to Asia because I am actually in Asia right now. But depending on where you live, you have several options. You want to choose the datacenter that is closest to your physical location. So for example, if you were in India, the quizzes would be Singapore. Asia does the closest star to India, and so on. The reason why is because the closer you are to the datacenter, the more, the faster you'll be able to access your website. So simply choose the correct data center. And then of course you can go with 24 months, that a six month and so on. Right here. They do offer additional features like domain privacy and also the side-constraints. Can I in all honesty, you don't need them, okay, just just ignore those two and just buy your domain name and web hosting. And then you'll receive an email and then you can proceed from there. Of course, don't forget to check out my YouTube tutorial on how to access and use. All the features are Saigon offers you in the back end. Now with Cloud ways launched and I need to mention is our big cloud ways. You can have buy yourself a domain name. They only provide you with cloud hosting. Our speaking of cloud hosting, I nearly forgot with SiteGround. They do also offer you cloud hosting. Don't get me wrong. It's just that their own cloud hosting is a bit more expensive than that of cloud way. So if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, cloudless is your answer. And yes, they are actually quite good with their Cloud host and as well. So in Cloud ways, you're gonna go over to price in and you will see the different options that they have. Cloud-based themselves don't actually offer you the cloud service. They partner with other companies. So right here you have digital ocean lymph node vaulter, AWS, which is Amazon and then Google. And of course, Amazon and Google are the most expensive as you can see, I mean, with Google you can go as high as $225 per month, which is insane. Digital Ocean is by far the most popular. It's also what I use. So if you're gonna go with cloud hosting, our command Digital Ocean and innovator. You choose whichever one you can afford our document at the very least, go with the 22 dollars per month at the very least. And then you can click on Start free. They'll offer you three days free trial. But don't forget though, why here you have to fill out your name and all that. You have the link for God, a promo code when I click in there and then add your promo code cloud monk 25 to get unfavorite and represent off for the first three months. Don't forget to use my link inlet to take advantage of that promotion. And then I believe with Cloud wisdom, you'll have to verify your identity. So you may need to take a picture of your ID card. But as your line says to Java's line sensor, your passport, things like that, you send it to them and then within an hour or so they'll confirm your identity and then you get access to the host. And of course, like I said, don't forget to check out the YouTube tutorial where I walk you through how to use the Cloud ways back end. Now I know you said earlier that we can do is you cannot buy a domain name, the only offer you cloud hosting. So what's the alternative? You could buy your domain name fungicide ground, but a cheaper alternative would be named Or you can buy domain names for really, really inexpensive of hormones in here. So as an example in here, again, I'm going to type in something ridiculous. Hdf is Let's go ahead now search for that one. So of course named tuple check and verify that it does. It's available. So let's wait. So, let's wait, let's weightless weights. Okay, So you can see right now it is a Ford. It is available and it's only a dollar per year. So I'm gonna go ahead now, add down to the cart and then proceed to checkout. I buy the domain name and get my e-mail and I am in. Now, the question you will have here obviously is you bought yourself a domain name from named cheap. You've gotten yourself cloud hosting from Cloud ways. How you connect both of them, right? Well, it's very, very easy in the YouTube tutorial, I show you how to do so, but Cloud ways also have an actual document of ITA. Explain to you the entire process. You have to create something known as an a record on your named Chip account. They show you all the steps in here. It's right there. It's very, very, very easy. I guarantee you it's not going to take more than five minutes. You simply do whatever you do, what they tell you to do right here. And then the rest is history, as they say, you will easily propagate your domain name from them, shipped over to Cloud ways. Of course, if you run into any issues, if you run into any difficulty, you can contact how the ways their support is also very, very good and I guarantee you that they will be able to help you out. So if you have anymore questions about SiteGround, Cloud ways are named ship, of course do let me know. I'll do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible. So hopefully I've been able to give you enough guidance on how to get started with web hosting, domain names, southbound, cloud wars and so on. Thanks a lot fortune. And of course, I'll see you in the next class. 6. Installing WordPress Quickly: I'm making this video to quickly show you how you can install what press on the website on both side, ground and Cloud ways. Now, of course I covered both in my YouTube tutorials, but I think there's a lot faster for you. Or you can watch you to, to, to ask for more information like backups, security, ssl certificates and so on. But let me show you how you can quickly get to set up and running on these two platforms. Now if you're with SiteGround, once you've logged in, you will see websites up here on your main menu. You click in there. And then right here, just click on new website. Up here, you click in there, choose your hosting plan. Let's continue. Now a writer, you have three options. You can go with the new domain where you'll have to buy a new domain name again and then proceed. Or you can go with your existing domain, click on select, and then choose your domain in that you bought from site ground. Or you can go with temporary domain where safeguard will create a temporary domain for you. It's free. You can see right now it's good at this one for me. I'm going to click on Continue. And by the way, the process from this point on is the same for either the temporary domain or the existing domain options. Right here you're going to click on Start a New York City. Click on select right here to install an application and right-click and go with what quiz? Or if you're taking a WooCommerce course, you can go with what? Woocommerce as well. But our community, those COBIT WordPress right here, you click on Select, and then you just set up your login details, you enter your images right here, your password. Click on Continue. And I should have entered an actual email address in here. My apologies or kilometers quickly fill that out. K. Click on Continue. And you don't need to add the sides, can I? You don't need them and just click on Finish. And there you go. So right now said God will create the site for you. Let's move on to Cloud was on. Let me show you how you can add your website. From here, from servers you want to go over to applications on your main menu up here. Okay, So from here you click on Add Application, the green button. Okay? And then from here you're going to choose your server that you have with them. You click on Add Application. And then from here what you're gonna do is you select the application. You want to go with WordPress version 5.6. It may be an updated version dependent on when you're watching this video, but currently it's 5.6. So 5.6 now you can name your website, so I'm just going to call my own test website just as an example. Test web site project. Just leave that as it is and then click on Add Application. And there you go. So psycho, I'm sorry, Cloud who is right now, is installing WordPress on the website. And so you can see right there, it'll take approximately two minutes. Are Saigon has already finished. So for me right now you can go to the Access WordPress admin. You click on the button right here, and it'll take you straight to the backend. So you might, you might see this one and telling you that, hey, this site is not secure. That's because you've not yet installed an SSL certificate, but it's fine. You can go ahead and proceed to the website. Okay. So you can you can ignore the LL1 in and there you go. So with segment specifically, they do have the STL wizard. You can just click on exits to exit the wizard and take you straight to the back end. And there you go. So from, from here right now you have what was installed on your website. You can then proceed with the course, are with Cloud ways. Let's see. Okay, it's gonna take about a minute and I'm just wait for this one to finish. Now once again, my YouTube tutorials on both side, ground and Cloud ways. We'll cover everything, everything they need to know from Kuwait. An e-mail accounts are insulin, SSL certificates taking backups are, and so on and so forth. Then go ahead and close this too. And there you go. So fortunately, cloud, which has finished installing WordPress, so you're going to go back to your applications. And then right here you should see the name of your website. Right here you click on Test Website right there. Just click on the link. And then from here you will see now the application URL right here. You will have the button to launch your website. And there you go. So for me right now you can see Claudius has a soul bought quiz on this temporary domain. You can now simply from here, go ahead and access the backend WP dash admin. And there you go, you simply login, provide your username and your password, and you're good to go. So hopefully, this video has shown you how you can get Wordpress installed on the website with both sat down and cloud is you have any questions? Of course do let me know. I'm more than happy to answer them. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the next class. 7. Installing WordPress Locally with Local: All right, it let me show you how you can install WordPress locally on your computer using local by flywheel. So you can go to local and it's free for the most part. So what you wanna do is you simply click on the download button up here. And then you can choose your platform whether you're working with a Mac, Windows, Linux, and so on. And walking with windows, I'm going to choose Windows. And then they can simply go ahead and provide my firstName, lastName, walk email, and then phone number and then get it now. So I've already done this before, so I don't need to do so again, just simply go ahead and provide a first-name, all these details. Then click on Get it now. And then you will get your download link to download local on your computer. And it says a consumer, it now I have already downloaded the local application. It's about 416 megabytes for the Windows PC. So I'm gonna go ahead now and install it by double-clicking on the file itself. And it may take a while for you to see this particular window popup. Just be patient, but it will pop up eventually. So right now you can install flywheel for anyone or just to you on a computer. I'm going to go with our only for me, so I'll click on Next, click on Install. And there you go. It's very, very, very straightforward. Let's just wait for a few more seconds for this to finish. It's a little bit larger. It's going to be about 1.5 gig once you've finished installing the application. And it will only get bigger and bigger with the more our local websites that you create on your computer. Because keep in mind that you will be storing all the files, the themes, the plugins, everything that make up your websites will be stored locally on your computer, so make sure that you have enough space in your hard drive. Okay. So this is taken a little bit longer than I expected. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to pause the video and it seems to be picking up right now. Okay. Okay. So I knew it's usually doesn't usually take that long to install, But for some reason maybe because it knows I'm recording, it decides to take it bit more time. I don't know what I'm going to go ahead now and simply click on Finish and we can run our local as well. And I'm going to show you how you can now begin to create websites using local on your computer. So right now, I'm just come down here, you will see the local symbol right here, that's for local down there. So this is basically the main interface. And now we can create a new site by clicking on the green button right here. Let's go ahead create a new site. Allergists call this one. Blog are just as an example. Okay, This is going to be the name of our website. You do have the advanced options right here, but you can choose that local site domain, the local site path, and then whether you want to quit aside from blueprint, you don't need any of this other command, you just ignore them. Just go ahead and click on Continue. And anyway it here you have the preferred options or you have custom. This is where you can indicate the kind of database software you want to use and so on. Again, if you click on costume. Or you can choose your PHP version, your web server, your database. Unless you know what you're doing, I would recommend you simply go with the preferred option. Click on Continue. And now you can provide your username. I'm going to provide my Islam as Alex. And then the password, I'm going to provide a strong password all the same. And our WordPress email, I'll just go ahead and add my official e-mail vide here. One kilogram book com. And of course you also have advanced options where you can indicate if this is a sub-directory or a sub-domain. Where do they live? That's all those click on. No. Let's go ahead now and simply add our site. And right now, local is 18. The website locally on our computer. It's not going to take that long. So let's see. I'd say studying up the side services. And so you might get in all warning signs like this in Hey, you know, this program is trying to access your process or things like that. Just say yes. Okay. Make sure you Gwen permission. If you have a firewall that's also active on your computer, on your Mac or your PC. The firewall might also say, Hey, you know, this particular application is trying to access to files and make changes. It's safe, Don't worry, just go ahead and grant access to the application. So you can see right now it is downloading WordPress. It's now add in WordPress. So I'm gonna pause the video right now and simply resume on what person has installed and consumer hit now. Just as I said, I was going to pause the video. It quickly went went ahead to finish installing. So there you go. We have WordPress installed successfully on our blog or website. And then right here where you have your overview or you can make certain changes. So right now you have the same domain in here, blog of the local. You have the SSL, auto committed, go ahead and click on trust. So that's your browser, will trust your local upset too long. It's DPS. It may not always work, but in all honesty, it's not going to matter for the most part because you're still working with files locally on your PC. Alright? You don't need to change anything, any HIV or web server PHP version, the one-click admin, it's kinda disabled or recommend that you enable it. Let me show you what it does. So right now, right here, if I go to the Admin button right here, I want to access the backend of my site. You can see right now I have to provide a username and a password. But let me go back to fly. If I go ahead now and enable this for myself, who's the admin? And I say Alex, if I go ahead now and click on admin automatically right now, you will see that I have now been logged in. So this will depend on whether or not you're the only person who uses your computer, even if there are other people who are competent and you trust them. This is perfectly fine. You don't need to provide your username and your password because you're still working with files locally on your computer. So I'll highly recommend you go ahead and activate the one-click. Adamant is just, it just makes things so much more convenient in easier for you, okay? Right here you have your database, okay? And you've ever need to access the database for your website, you simply click on the Open. Add me now. Okay, I've clicked in there and right there you can see I have access to the actual database for my website. So if you ever need to access your database, this is how you would do so with local. And then you have utilities as well, which yeah, we don't need to walk with these. You also have tools where you can buy things like live links instantly load link check Athens like that. You also have the image Optimizer option that will allow you to optimize images are with local. But in all honesty, there are plugins that you can also use from what epistemically that can help you with this. Okay, Just a few more things to mention with you are the Connect button right here. This walk. Specifically if you're hosting our width WP Engine, you can easily transfer your files to WP Engine. You simply login with your oldest and then follow the prompts is very, very, very convenient. Unfortunately, it's only, there will be ending right now and that flow will, is partnered with hopefully in those future that will partner up with other very popular web hosting providers like an Cloud host and Alonso Cloud ways and siteground and so on. And then right here you have the add-ons again. You don't really need to walk with any of these. And then right here you have the GitHub button, and so on. Down here, of course you have the plus button to add a new site. If you want to optimize your account, you're going up good Two Pro or login to the hub if you want to. And then of course you have your menu buttons right here. You can add a new side. You can import a site as well. And you can also check for updates. Okay, let's go back to the blogger site and I wanna show you something very, very, very important. If you need to access the files that make up your website. I'm not talking about the database now. I'm talking about the actual files themselves. Right here underneath the name of your site, you will see this link, this arrow. You simply click in there. And this will take you to the folder containing local and all your files for your websites. And then from here you want to go to the app, open up public. And now right here you have access to the core files making up your WordPress websites. If you go to WP content, for example, right here, you will have access to your plugins, your themes folder, and so on. So if any, to access the files off your website locally, this is how you would do so. All right. If you more things, you can choose to stop at the website if you want to go on a break and resume later, is simply click on stop site right here. Now let me show you one not a very, very cool feature or with local writer, you can actually enable a live link for your site that will allow people to access it on the Internet. So right here where you have the live link, you can go ahead and I'll click on Enable. Okay? So what this does is that it's going to create a live link for your sign. I'm going to go ahead and click on Copy. And then I'm going to go back to my browser icon right here. And I'm going to paste and go. And right now you can see, I can now access my blog or website via the Internet. So if you ever need to access your site via the Internet, you can do so by creating a live link. But of course, keep in mind that you will need internet access in order to do so. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead now and stop everything. And if you want to delete your website or you've created, you simply re click right here on the name of your website. And then right here, you will have the Delete button. You can rename the button. So you can rename the side as well. You can clone the side, you can start the science, can open up the folder for your site as well, and so on and so forth. So that's pretty much how to install WordPress locally on your computer using local. Thank you for watching, and of course I will see you in the next class. 8. The WordPress Backend: Okay, so the time has come for us to explore the back end off our what press website. And to do that, I'm gonna go ahead now and add 1/4 slash right there. I don't mean to do that. Sorry. This is what I meant to do. Alright. Afford slash. And then WP dash admin. So now we're trying to get access to a back end. And so right now I'm simply going to provide the user name and password that I used to install. What purse? To get access to the back. And And there you go. So you can see I have access to my dashboard and won't referred to as the back. And you can see we've got on the dash. But we have home. We have updates, posts, media pages, comments and so on. Now, now, down here. I do have something called the side ground Optimizer. If you don't see Saigon Optimizer and yours, it could be that maybe you're using a different posts, so don't worry. If you don't see it, it's not important for now. In fact, I'm not going to use this particular tool, so don't worry about it at all okay, but basically and the back and is where we can begin to make different kinds off changes to all website. We can change the way it looks. We can add some function now, LTE we can add new use as we can do basically anything we want to do. You can create content and so on. And I wanted to inform you that the back end will begin to change as you start at in new functionalities and so on. As an example, I'm going to show you the back end off my own personal blawg Biblical Lendl calm and right now you can see that I do have additional items like elemental have templates. I have my theme shop. I have rank math, So all these are additional functionality. So the problem's gonna make here is that this right here is as simple as your back end. It's great you get it's only going to get a bit more are congested from this point on because we're gonna be added functionalities and so one All right, Linda's work you to do very, very quickly what these are. So basically the home page in your dashboard is just what you see right here. Welcome to what press? You'll see what person events and news around you and someone nothing really important. The updates section is where you will find if there any objects to your themes. Plug ins, which we'll talk about it later, even toe What press in general, you will find all the available updates in here, but we'll talk about that a bit later. Our posts. This is where you can create new posts articles or talk about that. Of course later. Your media library. This is where you would add things like your images, your videos, documents and so on. And then you have pages which are similar to posts. But a bit different will talk about that a bit later as well. Comments. You'll find them in here. Appearance. This is off course. You can change the design off your website are plug ins will talk about them a bit later and then users this week and add new users to your site. Maybe you want to add a new ad mean on EDI tor and so on. You've got tools. We can perform some advanced functionalities like important data exporting data and so on And you've got the general settings which will take a look at very, very, very soon. And then as you optimize our which I won't talk about because I am not going Teoh, use it. Soap. This is a general introduction to the back and off. What press? Junior Venezuela. Where will now take a look at the general settings? I will see you then. 9. WordPress General Settings: well come back. So let's talk about the general set sends for what? Press And of course, to access them. I'm gonna come down here to settings and then click on general hold of guest. All right, so I hear I've got site title and then the tog line. These two are very important and they need to be changed because right now as it is, take a look at my tab. Basically, it's just saying my blawg and then what press are blawg? These has nothing to do with what The website Billy's appellate judges about traveling around the world and so on. So you really want to make sure that your side title is the name off your site? So I'm gonna change us right now to loan Nomad. And then the tagline basically would be a description of what the website is about. And this is actually a good opportunity to try some S e o. Basically some key words. Some words that are our cost timeto watch what water website is about. So in this case right now, I'm going to say ah blawg about nomadic traveling Trav Lin and let me just make the blawg capital beat. So Yeah, There you go. Ah, blogged about nomadic traveling. So right now if I save my changes, okay? Now you can see that it has changed in here. Now it's Cesar loan. No matter which is, of course, now the name of website and then the tagline which, if people begin to find articles on such engines, they will see the tagline blogged about nomadic traveling are somewhere around there. So again, make sure your site actual is inimical website. And then the tagline basically would be a favor. Short description off what your website is about Now what with actress side address. These two are fine. There is no need to change anything in here for the administration email address. Make sure that the email you have here is an email that you actually have access to in my case. Well, I don't have access to admin at the loan amount of home soldiers coming here right now and changes to my actual email address. And I will receive an email From what place? Asking for confirmation, which I'll do Ah, bit later. Let's keep this as it is now. Membership. This is very, very subjective. It depends on what kind of website you all building it make is it's a blawg. And I'm not going to require people to be members before they can write comments and so on . However, in your situation, if you want to pull to log in or having account before they can make comments, then you can come in here and take our anyone can register. But in my case right now, I'm not going to make the compulsory. So I'll just live this our box blank new user default wall. There are several of them will talk about this a bit later. Lift that as it is. And then, of course, the site language. English is my first language. But hey, if you speak seem similar ago, Bosanski Oh, whatever these languages are, which I've never heard off, you can always call me name and change them. I think what per supports over 100 different languages, which is just amazing. So choose whatever language you want to walk with. And then, of course, the time zone, the date former time format week starts on, all that stuff is right there. So I'm gonna go ahead now and just implicates, save changes. And then right here. Of course, because I've changed the admin email address. You can see I do have the Not the same. There is a pending change off the admin email to this one, so I'll have to go to my email and then make the confirmation, which I'll do later. Let's jump down here to rights in which, for now, there isn't anything that we need to address in here will come back later and change the default post category when the time comes. So we live that as it is now, reading this is interesting because right here you can decide how many blocked pages you want to show on your pages. Right? So the default here is 10 posts. You can come in here and make them smaller or increase them for now. We'll live that at 10. Ah, syndication feeds show the most recent again 10 items. Let's just leave that as it is. Ah, for each post interfered include full tax fine, such engine visibility. You want to make sure that this box has never checked unless you don't want your upset to ever appear on Google and other search engines. Basically what this means is that if you say discourage such engines, then you're basically saying, Hey, Google, go away. Don't Don't you ever come in here and come into my sights to two people, like So you don't want to do that, so make sure this box is never checked. Let's just ignore reading. Let's head on about your discussion right here. Basically, this pretends to comments on your articles. So you do have several settings in here, most of which are very, very subjective. There is no right or wrong answer. Inhale It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish. So by default, you've got the attempted in defining block cling to from the posts on it. Notifications this you're perfectly fine. I wouldn't want to on take them allowable to summon comments on new posts. Fine. Absolutely. Why not? I'll go ahead and take that. And then right here you've got the other comment setting. So right now you can begin to restrict who actually has the ability to post comments on your articles. So by default it say's comment, author must fill out name and email. I think that's perfectly fine. Use as most veg instead and looked into comments. So this, of course, is very, very subjective. Again, this depends on what kind of blood you are trying to create. Our live mine blank automatically close comments on posts older than 14 days again. Subjective. It depends. You could extend us two, maybe three weeks, which in betweens, one days or maybe even seven days. Which one week. All these again. I'm just gonna leave them in our state are the prettiest effects When a tree. Now, over here, you do have the before a comment appears. Comment must be manually approved. This, of course, world and show that you never have trolls or through the kinds of comments. You don't want a pin it on articles, but it's also gonna be very time consuming, especially if your articles are very popular. You're getting lots of traffic. Hundreds of people are commenting so personally, I'll just take this one and that people just opposed whatever comments they want to do. Because you do actually have the ability to moderate comments in these two boxes. So right here you can decide to hold a comment in your moderation. Cute. If it contains two more links This, of course, is very, very common with us. Pam comments. When I commend, usually has more than two links. That's usually Spammy. In my case right now, I will just come in here and say if he contends Warner molding So basically no links are allowed, but again, it depends on your articles. Maybe you won't use us to be able to post links. So again, it's very, very subjective. But in my case, I don't want any links. I'll just go ahead. Actually, let's let's go with one link. Let users post, want link anything more than bowling. Then our comment will be held for moderation. And then in here and these books, you can type in the words that if any user uses those words and their comments, the committee will be held for moderation. So this is where you can add things like maybe ah would like abortion. Maybe, You know, maybe you're trying to avoid people use in words pertaining to very, very sensitive topics. You can come in here and add them in moderation. And in here, of course, you've got the comment blacklist. So if any comments contain any of this would automatically just put them in the trash. So ah was like this. For example. You want to put them in the trash, are instantly, so ah, one word are pro line, by the way. So that's how you can work with this to our boxes. And then finally, you have access to the avatars, which, yeah, it's the default. What persons they really provide you with that much options. Mr. Person is fine, I guess. Maximum rating, Honestly, in my in almost 10 years off using WordPress, I've never actually found the use for this. Ah, maximum weight. And so how just live this on G. It's suitable for all audiences, I guess. And, um, they go. So I'm just gonna go ahead now and save my changes. Let's have a head on over to media now. The thing here is, whenever you upload a new image to your media library, waters automatically will create three different variations off their particular image. So you're gonna have a thumbnail sized just just across the smallest medium size and then large size. So in here, you can choose to change the proportions or the dimensions for these sizes. But in my experience, it's best. You just leave these as they are. There is no need for you to change anything in here. Criminal links Veii favor. Important this refresh to how the u r l's off your articles, your posts. Pages will be are constructed now. Thankfully, in the good old days, it used to be that the default setting here would be plain. So basically, you will have your websites address and then four slash and then a very ugly representation of what your article is what your post is. This used to be extremely bad for Seo, but thankfully, right now, post name is the default and this is actually highly recommended. So basically, whenever you write an article and you publish it, you're about to find out article and your websites name and then the actual our title off that Oscar will talk about this a bit later. So post name is perfectly fine. There is no need to change anything in here, so live that as it is and and finally the privacy page, which is important. We'll talk about this a bit later, so don't you worry. But this has bean. The general introduction to the general settings. For what? Purse? Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 10. Pages vs Posts: Let's talk about pages and posts because these are the two default content types that what press automatically provides for you and whether you've got posts. And you've got pages over here. What exactly? All of the differences between posts. Pages When she do you use a post. When should you use our page? And I'm gonna use my block as an example right here. I do have this article basically describing why Side ground remains the best our Web hosting company in the world for shed hosting services. And in his article I go into great lands describing why I provide reasons and so on. But down here you will notice that I do have, ah, a couple of people commenting, right? I've got one from Richard. There's another one from our pressure and why they've added their own opinion on my article in this case that now you would use posts for this. Posts are great for content. Where you expecting questions you're expecting fit back from your audience? That's what you would use posts for. However, if I show you another in this case right now, a page. This is basically the affiliate disclaimer paid on my block where I say things like, Hey, on my blawg I use a few links. I make money through a fillip markets and someone in this goes right now, I'm not really looking for feedback from people. I am just stating the fact that on my blawg I use the feelings are gonna make money for Philip Marketing. So this goes right now, uh, a page would be far more ideal than using a post other kinds off content way you would use the page. Would be things like the Our contact page, for example are in here have provided the form. If you want to contact me coming here, fill out your name email and then send me the message and I'll receive that There is no need for questions in here or things like that. So it's just basically a page where you can go there, fill out the contact form and get in touch with me. Your privacy and policy paid, for example, would be an example of where you would use a page and so on. But again, posts are for your actual articles where you're expecting fit back Now, another great waits to different shapes and pities and posts Is that with posts you can actually category lies. Then you can put them in categories as an example right here. Yolanda's. I have what? Predatory ALS I got. What? Press security. I have war purse speed. Now, if I clicked on war per security in here, I've got three articles or three posts that fall on the the general topic off. What press security. So again, we're gonna create content. You can ask yourself, All right, Is this content that that I can actually put in category because it touches on a topic that is similar to other posts that would, you know that. Okay, I can use a post for this. Bought for pages you can't categorize. Ah, Page a contact pages, a contact page. It's not gonna fall on the any other kind of category, right? A privacy and holds the pages a purpose. Samples a page. And about those page is on autos page and so on and so forth. So that's another way to differentiate between pages and post with posts. You can categorize them, and in fact, honestly, over 95% of all your content probably would be posts if no more while for your pages you would have maybe your home page about page Contact us page Ah, Phillip Disclaimer Page Paris Implicit page and so on. So those all the two differences between pages and posts again, If every quick recap with pages you're not expecting feedback and other expecting comments and you kind of categorize them with posts you won't fit back. You want questions, you want to have a discussion and you can also catty Go rise them. So that's it. Germany Vendex video bail will not take a look at how we can could eight a page. I will see you then. 11. Creating a Page: well, comebacks. And now that we know the difference between pages and posts, it is time for us to create our very first page. And to do that, I'm gonna come down here to pages click on Add New and let's add the about us page. So I'm just gonna right about in here. But you have the title, and that's it. You condone right shows is about also about me. It depends. I'm just gonna write about right. And then in here, where you have the stuff writing all type. You can come in here right now and begin to type in the content for the pig. So very briefly, I'll just say, Ah, the loan. Nomad is a blawg about traveling around the world. Welcome. My name is Alex. Okay. Very, very, very basic. Nothing much, don. So far. Now, you could decide to change the view for our quitting your pages Basically right here where you have the three buttons. If you click in there by default, you have the full screen mode. But if I uncheck pit and then go to top Tobar now, you will have access to your back end items again. But you also now have access to what we call the tool bar, where you can begin to make changes to the actual content. Like make, maybe detects bold, add your links and so on. So it all comes down to a personal preference. I prefer the top toolbar, but you could check out the spotlight mode. You could check out the full screen mode if you if you feel comfortable with those ones, I'll just stick with the top tool bar. All right, I'm gonna check outside. So this basically is all we have. We have the title about and then some text, right? I could decide to save this as a draft. Come back later, make some changes. If I wanted to, I could click on preview and take a look at how the page would look like if it was published. And right, As you can see, it's a K nothing fanciful. I'll just go ahead and close this one, and finally you have published. I can decide to publish the page right now and make it life on the Internet if I wanted to . Now, over here, London's make sure that you actually have access to document on block. If you don't say this to just click on the gear button right here you have set it is clicking there and then you'll have access to document and then block. The difference between this too, is that document would be the settings for the actual article itself. Do you want to make the article live? You want to add a future image, and so on Block, on the other hand, I will deal with the actual content in side off your article in this case right now. This right here, This is a paragraph block by half typed in the text, right. I could decide to come in here right now and add where you have the close button. I could add another block, and this goes right now, I could add maybe an image. I could add a heading gallery. So basically, blocks are like containers for different types off content. So when you come in here and you click on block, you will be able to make setting changes to the particular type off block in this case right now, because I have selected the paragraph block which deals primarily with text on the block, right here I can change the size of the Texas. Wanted to make it large. Add my costume size. If I wanted to, I could change the collars, maybe make the text read. For example. I could change the bagman Coehlo for the textbook if I wanted to and so on. So that's basically the difference between block and document will be dealing with Block are quite all Lynda's with sets everything back and head back to document. So on the document this deals with the actual article itself. First in suppose, we have the status and the visibility. Do you wanna make this article public to the whole world? If you click in there, you have to other options. You could make it private so that it's on Lee add Means and editors that will be able to access the page all. You could even make it past what protected so that Onley people that have the password will be able to view this page. And right here you can add that secure passage people have to type and so this could be ideal. If you want, it may be members or particular sets off people to build again access to that page. Maybe your family, your best friend, something very private. You could use this particular option in here. But more than likely, you would want to make a public. So I'll stick with public for now. And in here you've got published. You wanna publish it immediately. When you should the publish button up here. Or you could you could schedule. You could provide a particular date and time when Waters will automatically published the article for you. Now you've got pending review. If you haven't read it all that you would like to review the article before it gets published in common. Right now, I'll take the box and then your editor will go into the back end and then he will see the notification of Hey, this particular page has been set to pending review. Then he or she can go in their review The page before it now gets published. Alright, I'll check that one permanent link again. This refers to the U. R L structure. There is no need to change anything in here. You can see right now. This would be the default you are well, you have the name of our website and then four slash and then the name, the title of the page. So this is perfectly fine. No need to change anything in here. You've got the featured image. This would be the image associated with the page. Now. An example here would be on my blawg right against have got my future articles. These are posted, by the way, not pages, but it's basically the same thing. All these images in here are the featured images for each respective posts. So that's how are featured images work. To be honest, most of the time, you will not be dealing with featured images with pages you be dealing more all with posts . But again, it's it's all subjective. It'll it'll. It'll depends discussion now if, for some reason you wanted people to to make comments on your page, you could allow comments for the particular page, one that I didn't mention previously when I took the ball to pages and post. Is that one situation where you could what I want so everybody could use a page for an article where you want comments could be maybe an essay. So maybe if it's if it's a standalone article, it's all on its own. You could technically use a page and then our allow comments for that page if you wanted to . So you do have that option. But very rarely will you ever need to you to do this in my in my humble opinion and finally the page attributes which we'll talk about it later because this is a its technical. We'll get there, Don't worry. So that's it for the document block. Again. We'll talk about this much, much, much later. Let's head back to those three buttons in here where you have access to mortals and options . So after the about these views, you now have the editor as well. By default, you have the visual editor, but you have the code editor, which is, of course, for the nerds. So you know, if you know how to code with HTML CSS things like that. This might be more ideal for you, but I'm just gonna stick with visual editor because it's much cleaner block manager. If I clicked on block manager, I will now have access to all the default blocks that comes with what press again. Think of blocks as ways of adding different types of content. So you've got paragraph blocks, image blocks, headings, galleries, lists and so on. In here, you could decide to uncheck the blocks that you will never, ever use. In my case right now, I am not going to use the verse block. I will not use pre formatted limit. Come over here to come on blocks and see. Uh I think all those that might use layout elements we jets. Okay, I'll just leave all these as they OK? I'm not going to use Soundcloud. I will not use Spotify. I will not use Flicka. I might use vim you and we're going to use the word press block, so I will check that one Twitter. I'm not going to use Twitter. Ah, and Emoto cloud up all these ones. I am not going to use them. So let me just go ahead now and and check them. Uh, Stata made up Mixed cloud Man, there are a lot of blocks in here which varied maybe verb nation. No screen cast, no script. No ho Wow! Tic tac. No, I don't use six AQ. Maybe you younger folks are They might be using tic Tac Tumbler video press. What? Press TV? Amazon Candle G's. That was a lot. Actually, I did not prepare for this. Anyway, the good news here is that these books will no longer be available force to use and will just make it easier force to add content and manage our blocks in general. So I will encourage you to our until any of these that you would not be using. Okay, so that's that. I'm gonna go ahead now and simply close this and back here. I still have access to manage all usable blocks, which we'll talk about later. Keyboard short chords, guide capital content help will refer to this a bit later. Finally, we have options. So in here again, you can choose to on chek particular kinds off our panels, which you might not be using up criminal laying featured image discussion, in my case, because I am never going to allow comments on my pages. I'm just gonna go ahead and check this particular panel because, like I said again, I'm never going to allow comments. So that's what does disable the discussion tab completely. And I will also go ahead and remove the institute help panel. I don't need that one and that is that Okay, So, finally, I'm gonna go ahead now and simply hit, Publish. And, of course, confirmation. You won't make it public and would like to publish it immediately. Yes, I'm gonna go ahead now. Hit. Publish. And then you go. I can Now go ahead, view the page and Voila. Congratulations. We have successfully are created. Your very first page. On what press? 12. Cateogries vs Tags: now that I've shown you how to create a page with what press, and it's time to take a look at how we can create a post now question, The Post is very, very similar. You come down here to post on any click on add new now on the back end for creating the post. It's very, very similar to that of a page, except for the fact that you now have access to being able to stick the particular post to the top off the blood, which I will show you exactly what this means a bit later. And then over here you can also write an excerpt, which is basically a short summary or a description off what the post is about. But then you also have now have access to categories and tags. And if remember when I said that the differences between pages and posts one of the differences is that with posts, you can catalyze them while you cannot categorize pages. What exactly is a category? What does he do and what exactly are tags and how are they different from categories? No news, my blawg as an example once again, Now, over here you will notice that for the main menu or even over here on the on the main page . I have access to what Prez guides, right? This is like a major headline or a category in this case. And then right here I have access to what, Chris Speed. These basically are categories also have what for security. So all these articles you see under these headlines, they fall on that The same topic, Which would be in this case, what press speed in this case, what per security and so on. So basically a category is a way to group posts that have similar content discourse in a very similar topic together. That's basically what categories do. So in my case right now, I could decide to let me go over here and just add categories of Cuban categories. So right here, I'm going to click on a category called South America. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead now and add that category. Let me add another one. Asia. Let's at that one. And let me add one more, Which is going to be Are you up? Okay. So because my blood is all about traveling, I have not created three categories for Travels Around Europe travels around Asia and then South America. Now you would notice that by default, what press has this on categorized category? That's because a post on what Chris must belong to a category. If you don't choose a category for a post, what person automatically assign it to the on categories category. But on categorized is not that type of category you want to have on your wordpress website , so we have to get rid of it. So what exactly I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna head out to sit ins and I'll go to lights in and invite here where you have default post category. Let me changes to Asia instead of Cape save changes. And now if I go back to posts categories now, I can go ahead and delete these own categorized category. You can delete it can ago when it's the default. That's why we had to switch from Uncle to Grace to Asia as the default. And now I can come in here and delete on categorized. OK, so moving forward right now. Every time you create a new post and we don't assign that poster category, it will be a central Asia automatically. So right now, if you're building a real website, I will encourage you to spend some time. Think about the categories for your posts. If you're waitin blogged about cooking, for example, you could have a category on the Let's A recipes. For example, you might have won on the Let's even Say Your Tablet is about recipes actually could have. Maybe French recipes will be one category. Italian recipes will be another one Thai recipe will be another one and so on and so forth . So spend some time and create your categories, so I should also mention that you can create sub categories. So basically categories on the one particular category. In my case, for example, let's say Asia Ages. It's a big continent, lots of countries. I can come. I can come in right now and create a category for Thailand. So basically any posts that are related to Thailand as a tourist destination, they will fall under the subcategory off Thailand and then under the main category off Asia . So after Thailand and then right here you have parent category. I can simply choose Asia and go out now and add the new category. Let me do one more. I'm gonna add Russia and I will make this you up at the category and limited. Add one more for good measure Brazil. And of course, this will be on their South America. Let's go ahead now on at a category. And there you go. So I just want to point out point Point that out. You do have the police to create sub categories on the our categories. OK, what about tags Right by now you know what categories are they basically away to group content together under the same topic? Wait, what exactly are tags? And we'll do? They do. Tags are a way for you to associate particular words with a post as an example. Have a company right now and I go Teoh, Let's go with what? Per security. Right? Six Best What persecuted plug ins you're clicking here Now a tag I can use for this particular post would be something like I could use six. As a tag, I could use best war press security plug ins as another tag. I could use tags like how What fence, which is a topic and his post I could use tags like a kismet, secure security and so on. The idea, once again, is that tags are like keywords that describe board. It poses about so that if a user wants to go to my search bar, for example, and then type in a word like, let's say, Ah, what fence that happened. What fans? The press enter? Boom. What purse will automatically pull every post that has walked fence as a tag in other wards ? It makes it very, very easy for use us to quickly search for content on your site. Now you might think that this is wonderful. This is very, very good, which, yes, it's actually good. However, the truth of the matter is that tags have been getting a lot of hate recently. Personally, I don't even use tags on my block and the business, because tags have been known to create duplicate content issues. Now, if you don't know what I'm talking about Google and other search engines, they hate it when they find duplicate content on your website. Google expects of every content on your side should be unique. So here's the problem, right? If you stack Ritan tags and this gets, For example, Levi created attack for war defense for this particular post. When Google comes to my sights and then audits my side, it will see this post The six best were persecuted plug ins. It will see that what fans is part of the content red. Okay, awesome. But also, Google will now see a tag called What Fence? And then when it explores that Tiger voters, it will see this exact same post pop up again. Now Google has no way of knowing that. Oh, this is a tag that belongs to this post, which I have already identified. So it's not exactly duplicate. Google doesn't think like that. So the problem here in there is that Google could be confused into thinking about all you're simply quitting. The same content are twice when in reality is just the exact same. Time is the exact same our post. So the point I'm trying to make here is that our recommend you don't use tags on the website tow. Avoid duplicate content issues if you're going to use tags. Probably maybe 23 tax proposed. Nothing more, but again out Hannibal Command. You don't use tags on your WordPress post played safe use categories. And if you create yourself a very good navigational system, which, of course, all she had to do so later on your audience. Your subscribers will well defined content easily, so don't worry about that. The command once again that you don't create tags. All right, let's go ahead now and exit this So lumbers. Point out that by default, because I am hosting with what press what purse has automatically create ated a sample post , which is hello world. And if you view the post, you can see right here was just, ah, some text. Welcome toward prayers. And then there was the reply. There's a comment as well, which is all just a favor generic. So if you're forced to recycle and you might see this if you've if you're hosting another company, you might not say sample post. But don't worry, because in the next video I am now going to show you how you can create your very own what press post Also, you then 13. The Media Library: now. Previously, I said we're going to create our very first post. But since we're gonna be walking with images, I think it's best I introduced you to the media library. First are before we create our post. So right here you have access to the media library, where you can upload Deol videos, images, files, documents and so on, letting click on library. And as you might guess, it's empty because nothing has been uploaded so far. Let's change that. I'm gonna go ahead now click on, add new. I'll click on select files and it right here. I do have some images, but I also have a pdf file and a video. I'm gonna go ahead now and I was selected video and I will select this two images specifically and then also the pdf document. Now, in all honesty, I'm not gonna work with the PDF document a tall, but I'm just uploading it just to show you that it's possible to upload Pdf files. You can also upload Excel files, Microsoft. What files as well. You can pretty much upload most types of files MP falls, MP threes and so on. But there are other types of files that you cannot upload. So our war press will notify you if the particular failure trends upload eyes incompatible with what does. But for most kinds of files J. Pegs, pings and before MP three and so on, you will be fine. So you can see right now that it has taken some time for the images that are command and video to upload. Because the video is a bit heavy, it's almost 100 megabytes and speaking specifically about videos Ouled very strongly commend itude. Don't upload videos to your media library. I know I am uploading mine, but again, this is just to show you that it's possible. Ideally, you want to upload your videos to external sites like maybe YouTube or Vimeo and then attached a link up a vital link to the video. In your post, it's much, much better are that way, all right, And ah, there we go. So we've got two images and we have a pdf file, and then we have a video. Now, if you're uploading real images to your site as you're taking this lesson, please don't upload more than two. Because when it comes to a pulled in images and working with images. There are several things that you need to be aware off, which I'm going to discourse later before now just upload videos to walk with when it comes to creating the post. And there it is. All right, so in here you do have access to the least view, but you can see all the community of uploaded and invited. You've got the degree of you where you see them in this particular style. And of course, you can sort by all the old video documents. You can start by the date you uploaded them. And you can also do like a bulk select where you choose more or more than one particular kind of file, and then you can choose to live in permanently. If you wanted to do so, we will be working with the media lab. You as we progress. But this was just a very small general introduction to the middle library and how to upload file. So Germany Vendex video Bobby will now are used are two images to create our very first What press post? Also, you then 14. Creating our First Post: all right. It is now time for us to create our very first what press post. And to do that, I'm going to employ the use off the loan ipsum generator. Basically, this is a way off generating sample text that we can use to build our static and goto ipsum our generator. And this will bring you to this particle la page. What I'm gonna do is I will simply go ahead now and generates two paragraphs or click on generates and then click Copy. Okay, then from him gonna head back in here. Let's go over to posts. Click on add New and now for the title. This is where we now need to begin to apply some s e o techniques. Some search engine optimization techniques whenever you deserve the title for your post. Try to include the keyword of the key freeze that you're targeting. In this case, I am going to say hike in to mount to Mount Fitzroy. All right, now the two images I had him in my media library. Those are images off Mount Fitzroy. It's actually in El Callao, fatty in Argentina. I was fortunate enough to go there. Last state of that 2019 and it was amazing. It was really, really also evil of hiking. Hello? Recommended You go. It's It's simply beautiful. So the reason why I very specifically said hiked him on Fitzroy is because if people go to Google and are looking for content about hiking two month featuring its very likely they will say hiking to Mount Fitzroy or something like that. So I am. Isn't those keywords specifically for my title? So this is your very first s e o tip. Try to use the key words that your target in in the title off your post. Okay, fine. Right here by default. What press would have the paragraph block ready for you? So you don't have to click on the plus button right here and then choose our paragraph right here. You don't have to. You can just simply coming here and begin typing. Or in my case right now, simply paste. The Tupac goes off, copied from the lower if some generator. Right. So right now, if I click on the first paragraph, notice that over here to the right on the block, it say's paragraph. If I scroll down here And then I click on the second paragraph. You can see again a lighted say's paragraph right now. How do we add an image? I'm gonna add one of my images. And to do that, I'm gonna click inside all the very first paragraph and invite year. You will see the plus button asking you to add a new block so I can add a block for my image. I'm going to click on Adblock and invite here. You now have access to different tensile blocks with dealing with an image specifically. So I'm going to click on image right now and in light here. We now have the option. Do you want to upload an image from your computer? We'd like to apply for middle library Or would you want to insert for me from your Well, I'm gonna go with the media library and invite here. I'm gonna click on Media Library and then right here and now have access to the tree images . I'm gonna go ahead now and choose the very 1st 1 right here, and I'm gonna go ahead now and select. And there you go. Now notice. I can write a caption for the image second, clicking it right now and then say, Ha ha, That's, uh, that's me smiling just Yeah, whatever. So that's the caption. And there you go. So again, just like with the paragraph block over here to the right, you can customize the content in my case for the paragraph blocks, there is no need to change anything in here. I'm not changing the color. I'm not changing the background color. I'm not changing the size for the image right here. I could decide to add what is known as an alternative text, which is also great for S E. Or the reason why alternate text is wonderful is because people who are blind they used tools like screen readers. For example, when the software gets to your image, it has no way of describing what the images about by, you know, describing you know what's in the image want. What will try to do is to read the alternative text for that image to the blind person. That's what it's used for. And Google loves of any use alternative text images. So in Mike is right now I'm going to say a picture off me at Mt. Fitz voi. Okay, that's good enough. And invited. You can choose the image size thumbnail medium large. Remember that, I said where we're discussing are what press settings on their media. When you upload an image to your media library, war press automatically will create three other versions of that image, which would be the thumbnail size, medium size and then large science. And of course, you'll still have access to the original full size off the image. So when this goes right now, I'll stick with large because lodge is good enough and invite here on the advanced. I can add additional teams like a title attribute and add, some seen says. But But I'm gonna worry about that for now. This is all we are interested in. OK, that's basically it. We have a title, we have two paragraphs and we have an image with a caption. Wonderful. Right now I'm gonna click on documents over here, and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on Fitted image and in right here I was like my featured images which will now be the actual image off Mt. Fitz where without me in there, let me say that image right here for the categories. I am going to select South America and we don't have Argentina because, well, l clafoutis in Argentina. So let me go ahead and add a new category. Let's just call this one our Jen Tina and then also the parent category at South America and then let me on Chek South America and just choose Argentina. You don't wanna have the parent category and the child carry so like they just choose one category, which would be, in this case, the child category. So Argentina selected. And there you go. All right. One thing I should mention before we hit publish is that your content for your post should have something called head owes. Basically H ones H two's all the way to age 61 Am I talking about? Think of headers as like topics within your particular article. So innocent school way. I'm talking about hiking to Mount Fitzroy. I could have a topic like get into Mount Fitzroy, the weather and on Fitzroy and things like that. So let me add my very first header and I'm going to do so by clicking on the close button over here and now I have access to the heading block or clicking there and let me add of a first topic Gets in to Mount Fitz Lawyer. Now, I'm gonna push this to the beginning. So up here where you have the are move up button are clicking day and now get into Mount Fitzroy is now on top. Awesome. But notice that over here to the right where we have block the level h two has automatically been selected. These are the six head hours that you can walk within What press? H one all the way to age six. Each one is reserved for the title off your post and you never want to have more than one each warn on your article So each one is reserved for the title which is, of course, hiking Damonte Fitzroy. And now the major topics in this article will now be aged twos. If I was going to have, like, a soap topic under get into Mount Fitzroy, I would use an H three. And so on 99% of the time you will be dealing with H twos and H threes. H fours are extremely. There might be certain situations where you want to have a sub sub topic or something like that? R H five and H six hour almost never used. They're there, but they're almost never used. So once again, you want to have your age twos and you h threes in your articles because they provide structure and try as much as possible to never skip. Don't skip H two and start using H two Bs instead. No, go with the hierarchy. H one is your title. Start with an H two and then if you need to create sub topics, then you can use the H three tax for those. We'll talk about that a bit later, but I want to introduce you to the head as so this looks pretty good. We have two paragraphs. We have a topic. We have an image with a caption. I'll go ahead now and simply hit. Publish and ah, you go, Let's hit, Publish and well, let's go ahead now View the post And there it is. We have the featured image. We've got the topic right again. Intermont! Fitzroy The paragraph. We have an image with the caption and then we have the second paragraph. So, congratulations. We have successfully created our very first wordpress post 15. Introduction to the Admin Bar: Let's talk about the black admin bar that you see on top of your page right here. And this is basically the bar that will be available to users who are looked into the site now because I'm logged in as an admin. I have access to it. But also, if you are running any kind of website where your subscribers or users have to log in by default, they will be able to see the same admin baugh as well. Now you might be thinking, if they can city at me and body and surely they can go to the back end and begin making changes to the site. Don't worry. If you've given your subscribers a particular kind off wall, which would be the subscriber of all, which is actually the default role, they will not be able to make admin changes. There will only be able to make changes to the pool file. We'll talk about that later, but for the admin bar, basically, you can access the back and you can customize the appearance off your website ritual. Take a look at a bit later. You can manage the comments and then from here directly, you can add a new page opposed ad items to your media library. Alaeddin you kind of user the purge SG cash Ignore this. This is basically because I I'm hosting with side going. They do have a particular tool, which is useful Kachin pages. But so don't worry. We'll ignore that want for now and then over here to the right. This is off course where you can log out and it can also edit your profile War north information before around this video up is that by default this bar, like I said, we'll always appear to use us who are looked in bit. You can choose to hide the admin ball if you want to. There are plug ins which will talk about leads up that you can useful hide in the admin But so just keep that in mind. So that's it. Thanks for watching. I will see you in the next class 16. Editing your Profile Account: Let's talk about your user account on your what? Purse website and how to make some changes. Not first and first is Remember when we talked about the general settings and I came in here and changed my email address to Alex at the weatherman Kill mental calm. Well, it is now time for me to confirm that. Indeed. I want to change the add mean email address. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna log into my email account and, ah, verify this change. And here it is, right now. You can see I do have is the email From what press? Saying that asking if once confirm, that changed. I'm going to go ahead now and click on the link right here. And there you go. I have to log in again. So I'm gonna do this because I'm using a different browser. I'm using chrome here and there you go. So now you can see that because I have confirmed the change. Now, my admin email address has been ah changed to Alex at the butt monkey. Lendl comes a once again. Do make sure that the email here is a real email that you have access to. All right. So switch back to my brave browser and what I'm gonna do here. I'm gonna head over to users, and I'm gonna click on your profile, which is basically my profile. And then right here, let me go ahead and refresh this page. First of all, so right here you will have to also change the email in here. So I'm gonna come in here and then repeat the process. Change this to Alex at every Monica Lentil calm. Let's go ahead. Now hope that the profile. And then again I will have to go to my email account and then very fine that I want to change my profile. Immel address to Alex. Add lemon culhane dot com. All right? It says you can see I have really gonna hit two. Very fine. The email. So now my email once again is Alex and the woman Kalinda, come. So you do have to change your email twice the general settings, and then over here, where you have your profile. So basically in here, you can make a few changes to how you will be presented to your read ezz. Because right here you can change your first name. I can change your last name. You can also change your nickname, which would actually be displayed publicly. So right here. You could changes to something more personal. If you want to use your may be on first name, I'll just took a with nomad. But then over here, you actually do have the option of also displaying your first name, your last name and maybe a combination of your first name. Last name or last name? First name. So you do. You do have those are options in a him. I'm gonna go with Alexander. So right here. You do have the ability to add a biographical info. Now, why is this important? Well, it could be that maybe you want to show some information about yourself at the end off every post that you create on your cursor. Upside an example is over here on Forbes. You can see at the end of this article you can see the author Anthony carts. That's this profound picture. And then here is a short bio about him. So it could be that you want something like this to appear at the end of every post that you light. So this Israel, what press would pull that kind of information from? So I'm gonna come in here right now and paste some text I've already written before. So basically my name is Alex. I love traveling blah, blah, blah, blah. So we'll keep that one. And right here I can add my profile picture not to do this. We could click on the link right here that Cesar, you can change the prefer picture on gravel top. But I'm not gonna recommend this because it's ah, it's It's very inconvenience. And you'll have to go to an external side. And it's not the best way to add You're our profile picture. I'll show you later how you can add your profile picture in a much better and cleaner. Wait. And then, of course, finally, you can generate yourself and you password if you wanted to. Or well, if you flogged in different places, number on your phone on other computers out there, you can look out everywhere else. I'm gonna go ahead now and simply update the profile. And there you go. So, John, even eggs video where I will now show you how you can add a new user as well as the different kinds of roles that what press provides you by default. I'll see you then. 17. WordPress User Roles: well, come back. So now let's talk about how you can add a new user to your what prescription, right? It's very simple. You come down here to users, you click on add new and of course, you will fill out the user name, which is required the email address for them, which is required. And then right here you can either. You can either create your own costume password for them if they if you want to, or you can let what press generate a password for them now, they would be ableto change the password as well once they log in. So it's not compulsive that this password, it will be the one that they will use. They can always changes changes, and right here you can choose to send the user identification that hey, off created this account for you on the website. Here are the details and then they can log in and do whatever they need to do. And finally, which is the most important. You can choose one out of five default user roles for the user. It is extremely important that you select the vital for them and to give you a better understanding of what these rules are. Lemon, I'll give you a presentation about the what press user rules celestic about the five default bowls that comes with War press, and the very 1st 1 is going to be that off the administrator. And as the name suggests, this is the most powerful rule in the book press, and this role grants Supreme Howard. I want I mean, here is that the admin has complete control over all content. They can create new content, publish, delete, edit. They can do whatever they like with contents. Plus, they can also perform all technical tasks. What this means is that can install new plug ins. They can change themes that can create new user accounts that can do just about anything on the WORDPRESS website. So be very careful before you Grant. Are anyone the wall often Adam? Because that wall is extremely powerful. The second was palpable is that of the editor and the editor has complete control over all content and comments. The different between the editor and the admin is that the end ital can not perform technical tasks, which means they cannot change themes that can't installed your plug INS, they only have control over content and comments. The third goal is that off, the author and the author can create, delete, publish and modify their own content. They cannot modify or delete all the people's content on the water's website. They can only manage their own particular content so that the difference between an author and editor next is the contributor. And the major difference between the contributor and the author is that, unlike the author, that can publish their own content, a contributor cannot publish their own contradicting, create content. They can deliver the gamble fight, but they cannot publish their own content. So this kind of all is typically a science to force time content. Creators on the website when basically the admin or the owner of the website just wants to try them out and see how well they can write content. And last but not least, we do have the subscriber vel and ah well, the gentleman. They look very happy. Maybe it's because the subscriber can vel Riedel posts, but that's just about it. The subscriber. I cannot do anything. I'm guessing the man is very happy because he's got no responsibility is all he has to do is just we'd put so this discovery role is very, very limited, and it's really ever used now. One thing or two things to take note off is that one ALS and capabilities can be modified. So just because what is by default makes it so that an editor cannot perform technical tasks. You can actually change the default options and give technical abilities to your editors. And second, custom rules can be created. You can decide to create your own custom rules, like King or queen or developer or something like that. So you're not restricted to the five default walls that comes about press. So that's it for the five default. What personal? Think of watching and that Wilson, the next class. 18. Working with Images: all right, so we're about set to begin adding some more content to our work said. But before we do that, I want to talk about images and how you should manage them. Because images are very, very important. They constitute plenty of the contents you will have on your website. Well, of course, that depends. If you want to use purely text, you could do that. But most websites rely heavily on images, and it's important that you understand how to walk with images on your WordPress website. Now I'm gonna come down here to media and let's explore the Mount Fitzroy image of having here. You've got some information where you can see right now that the file name is Mount Fitz, but and take a look at the file type. It is a J peg, not a paying, not PNG. This is very important because typically you want about 98% of all the images on your site B J pegs and not pings. The reason is because J pegs are smaller in terms of the foul size, they're smaller and a searchable lord faster than pings. Pings are heavier. They have better quality. Yes, but they're heavier, and the search will take just a little bit longer to load. So for one or two images, that might not make much of a difference. But then, if you start adding images to you upside, your content begins to grow those extra milliseconds it it takes to load. Each paying image will eventually add up. So as good practice, make sure that whenever you're uploading images to your purse upside, they are J pegs and not pings. The one situation where you might want to use a ping would be for your local and the business, because pings also have the transparent background. So typically, we would want to look good to be on your navigational bar out of a very top like what I have over here. So if you use a J peg, there is a possibility that the logo will not blend into its background. Right now, I'm is nipping for my monkey logo right here. And to prove this, let me try to change the background very, very, very quickly for the head. Our society it's black. If I went with red, for example, you can see that the image still blends in If I go with gray, you can see it's still blend blends. And if I go with ah Blue as an example, you can see it's still blends in. If this was a J peg, it will have its own background, which would be either a white or black end. It would not look quite as nice. So for your logos, you can use pings before any of that kind of image on your website. It's highly advisable that you use J pegs. Okay, that's the first and second here is the file size now noted that my foul size here is 570 kilobytes, and this is not good. This is quite big. Ideally, you want your foul says to Bill less than 100 kilobytes. So one away. How could we use this false as would be to reduce the dimensions? Right now it's 2014 by 1365 This is This is very, very, very large. I'm sure I could bring this down to Maybe you want five by 800 the file says will not be quite as large. So and sure that whenever you're uploading images to your media library, they'll less than 100 kilobytes. In fact, if you can make them smaller, by all means, make them smaller. That's another thing you should be aware off now. A question might have Here is Alex. What exactly would be the optimal dimensions for my images? That's a very difficult question to answer, because a lot is going to depend on how small or how launch you want to actually display the images. For example, over here, my blawg notice that the images in here are quite small. This is roughly about, let's say, 400 pixels by 2 70 maybe, but then over here on my academy notice why here? The images are displayed a lot larger, so it's going to depend on how you choose to display your images. You want to display them in small containers, a lot content as so. For now, that's going to be a question will reserve for the future. Once you have the most, you've chosen that the design for the website. We have a content, then we can decide on the optimal die mentioned, so we'll worry about that later. But again, good practice treasure ensure that the final size is less than 100 kilobytes and that you're using J. Pegs. One final thing to mention is that your images should also have the alternative text already talked about this earlier when I said Alternative text is grateful S C. O. So make sure that all your images have a description off what that image actually is by adding the alternative text and then also for good practice and show that you're images have good titles. A swell. So whatever news in genetic names like a K nine q V 9 10 whatever. Just make sure that your images have real titles that give some context where the images and of course, are the images Have alternative text. Okay, One final thing to mention is that you can also edit images directly on your work is back. And so when you choose an image over here, you will have the edit image button. You can click in there, and our from here you have the ability to scale down the images, work here. As you can see, I can scale them down if I wanted to, so I could bring this down to 1920 by 12 80 and right now, of course, the image would be smaller. You can crop the images as well. You click on crop right now, and then you simply choose which part of the image onto crop. And then you do the business. You can rotate left if you want to rotate lights, flip, vertical, horizontal. You have those options in there. And then, of course, right here. If you decide that you know what have tampered with this image and I don't like what I'm saying. You can simply come in here right now and restore the image to its original are size if you wanted to, so you could make some changes to your whoppers. Images from the what press back. And so that's it for image management. Join me in defending video. Bell will now begin to add some content to a website. 19. The Gutenberg Page Builder: let me. Now take some time to walk you through the Gutenberg page. Build out what exactly is a good number? Page builder. Well, it is what I used to create this post with the image text and so on. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on the title right here to go to the actual post and then up here, I'm gonna go ahead now and simply click on Edit Post to visit this post all over again. The other way to go to the back end for Post is simply to go to all posts and then right here, you will see edit when capes. I'm gonna click on edit right here. And this will bring me back to the exact same pitch. That's another way how you can edit a post that's already been published. Okay, so what exactly is there's good notebook page building? Well, it is what we use for adding blocks, blocks of content. But it's images, videos, text and so on. And the good book pitiful days actually knew up until about a year and 1/2 ago. It didn't even exist. We used to use something known as the classic edit all but it was kind of limited in that you could only add text images and you couldn't really do things like add columns with it unless you sought help from plug ins, which we'll talk about a bit later. The point being here that with Gutenberg, you can now Kuwait actual real content and apply structures as well on your posts. So how exactly does it work? When I'm gonna do here is I'm going to school all the way down here. Okay, Now I'm at the end off this post over here. I have access to my tool bar. And this is because remember, I chose the view. I'm sorry. I chose the top toolbar view. Now, if I uncheck that one and I go with maybe the full screen mode, I won't have access to the remaining functionality in the toolbox. So everyone access to all the functionalities. Go with the top tool bar inside that now you'll have access to these functional XYZ in him . All right, over here, the way it works as that you simply click on plus to add a new block. And then we do that. You now have access to a wide variety of different blocks under most used, you'll have your paragraph blocks. You'll head as gallery audio and so one. And then on the common blocks, U will have pretty much the exact same thing. But with lists you'll have file video and so on. Let me close that one on the formatting you can now, from at your content as maybe code your coat Adam into its cable and so on. You've got layout elements, or you can add columns, buttons and someone. And then you've got widgets, which will talk about a bit later. And then you've got embeds where you can embed videos from YouTube, Facebook, genial instagram and so on. So the idea is that you simply go there, too, plus choose whatever content you want to add and then added. So in this case, let's go with gallery, for example. Light have clicked on gallery, and now I'm been prompted to upload images. Two D Gallery. I'm gonna go to the Middle library and let me just choose this to as an example. Okay, create a new gallery and said the gallery. And now there we go. So over here to the right. Remember that whenever you're walking with a block, you will have access to modify the content inside off the block and dependent only kind of look you're walking with. You will have access to specific kinds of functionalities. So because we're working with a gallery in here, we could change the columns and his gala Be now it's too, because of treason to images. But I could go with one. And now you can see we have won Colombo where an image takes up an entire low. We could make it even small out by going all the way. Actually, we can't go more than two cones because when you have two images, so we'll stick with that you can crop your images. If you wanted to, you could link the images to the media file itself. Altria about took a lot page if you wanted to. And then, of course, the image size you have access to all of these divide shows the paragraph block, you can see the sentence here have now changed in here I can deal with fun size, color and so on. So again, it all depends on what block you choose and the content within that block. All right, up here, I've talked about adding new council blocks I could choose to on do and edited have made if I wanted to. All I could We do that edit. That's what is to do in here. You have the content, structure, information. So if I click in there, it would tell me everything about the post. How many words are included? How maney headings. How many blocks? How many paragraphs and so on. So this is useful if you want to just have at a glance how much content is within your post and then in here you can navigate two blocks. We've in your content very, very easily. You have the edit button chosen by default in here. Or you can go with this select navigation and just simply select particular blocks that you want to walk with. But in most cases, you will be working with the edit to anyway, So he might no need to change is all that much now in here, of course, you can change the position off your blocks. You can either move them up, move them down. All you have to do is select the book by clicking in science. Of example. If I wanted to move this image up, I would click on the image, and now I can choose to move the image up or move the image down. So you select and then you push either up or down. And now in here you will have access to special functionality, depending on the block. In this case right now, because I'm walking with the image block, I could change the block style from the defaults to rounded, and now you can see that my image now has a rounded design. Let's go back in there. I could also choose to transform this particular block to similar blocks. Notice that I could transform it to a gallery because gallery deals with images carve are also deals with images. I could convert it to a file because an image could be a file. I could convert it to a group oil in media and text. So again it's going to depend on the kind of book that you choose. Let me give you another example. Okay, if I clicked on the first pack of blocking here and then if I came in here right now notice the cancel blocks I could transform the paragraph block to I could transform into a header to a list to a coat or even group it. Because these three also deal with text, you will not see the option to transform texture and image, not because it takes an image and not the same thing. So again, depending on the kind of looking walking with, you'll have access to specific and functionality in here while I am within the paragraph block, I have access to our line in the text, either to the left center, the right. If I wanted to, I could make the text bold. If I wanted to. I could make it a Talic. I could add links as well, both internal and external, and then for the drop down arrow. I have access to add an in line code. I could change text colors well, if I wanted to. So let's if example. I wanted to change the color for Mount for its specifically I would first of all select it going here. Click on text color, and now I can choose any of this close iPhone. Click on custom color, which will bring out this block and then choose that particular variant end. Yeah, I'm just going to go with this one and let me click outside. And there you go. So now it now has this particular color. That's how that one works are over here. I'm sorry. Over here. I could also choose to duplicates a block if I wanted to. So if I click duplicate now, I have the duplicates off the exact same block. I'm going to remove this by going back in here and then simply remove the block. If I go back in here again, I have access to in certain blocks before this particular one or after. If I wanted to, I could edit the book as HTML and I have a click in there. Now you will see the actual real. It's simple code behind the sins. If you're familiar with HTML, then you will understand what's going on in here. If you don't know its stem, l don't bother. Don't worry. Just stick with it. It's in visually and you'll be fine. Let's go back in here. I could choose to add particular blocks to what we call the usable blocks. The point being here that if I like the content of created and I like the styling and I want to use that same block on another post, I could save the book as a reusable blocks. As an example, I'm gonna click on add to Izabal blocks and let's give it a name off our special Hedda Block. I'm gonna go ahead now and save it, and we'll take a look at that a bit later. If I go back again to the more options tab again, I could choose to grip the block with other blocks if I wanted to, or just remove the block up. If I don't have any use for wheat again, so pretty much that's the introduction to the good book page builder. The point here again, being that are you simply click on the close button right here. You add a new block at some content, modify the contents if you need to and basically create content. That's how it works. I'm gonna go ahead now and simply updates this post. All right? Now, if I want to add a new post, I click on add new Okay. And now in here, let me show you how I would add the reusable block, which we just saved previously. I'm gonna go back in here, click on plus and then down here, I will now have access to a new category called Reusable Blocks. Because we've created one click in there. And now I have this special head that block. I'm gonna click in there and that you go Now, I have access to the exact same amount. Fits head up blood. That's how you would work with are usable blocks. So that is it as an introduction to the good notebook pitch bill that don't worry, we're gonna be doing lots of, uh, gonna couldn't. Lots of content with the Gutenberg. Pitiful that. So you will understand exactly how it works to the fullest extent. So that's I think, Fortune. I will see you in the next class. 20. Assingment Create 7 WordPress Posts: already. It is time for an assignment. And for your assignment I want you to create seven posts on your WordPress website and they must have different categories and featured images. Now, just to show you I have already don't mind. You can say you have an article here Vista in a Buddhist temple in Thailand. I have another one here. Fashion and instable. I created a new category called Turkey because this was in Istanbul and in over here. I've got one mystery of Easter Island for South America. I have one here. Ramble Mountain. I chose Brazil. This is actually in Peru. But I just didn't want to go ahead and quit another category. So there's that. I could have one full day's incident. Put his Berg and Russia as well. And then over here. Amazing Chiang Mai Thailand Been the category. And then, of course, the Huygens among fits by which I created initially. So if I had about to the back end and I come down here to posts, I click on all posts. Now you can see all of them. Now I'm gonna go ahead and delete the hello world, which is the default post created when you install what person are simple, click on trash and there you go. Now, while I am on this page and I'm just show you very, very quickly If you things you can do when you publish a post and you hover on a title, you will have access to the quick edit button. And when you click on a quick edit button right here, you can change the category, add tags. You can choose to disable comments if you want to, and then, of course, change the status as well. So there's a few things that you can do in here. Let's just cancel that. And there you go. So these are my seven posts. So I want you to go ahead now and have create seven posts only what reserve side? Because we're gonna be walking with them now. If you're looking for ways to create content, of course you can use the little ipsum generator. You come in here. I used to paragraphs on all my articles. They can create two paragraphs, click, generate, copy and then simply paste. And then, if you're looking for images, I would love to share this images with you. but I mean the ones I used in here, but there, my images. So it's gonna be kind of odd having lots of people using the exact same images over and over again. But what you can do is you can go over to pick Subait dot com, and this is one of my favorite websites for getting images for free. You can go in here and simply type in. Let's say, for example, are travel. That is, of course, if you're also creating articles on the travel, click on Travel Press. Enter, and now you'll have access to different images that you can grab for free. If you see one that you like, for example, this one right here, you click on the image, and then right here you can free download, and then you can choose the size you want to go with. I'll recommend you go with the second size, which is usually 12 80 by another sign, so doesn't recommend that you go with, and that's pretty much it. So please go ahead right now. Create your posts. Make sure they have unique titles. Two paragraphs for each of the post. They must have their own featured images and then try to ensure that you have at least limits. A four categories are for your posters for because we're gonna walk in with them. So that's your assignment. Thank you for watching. Go ahead. Now do it and I will see you in the next lesson. 21. WordPress Themes: Welcome back. Hope you're enjoying this. What, Chris, for beginners. Course those far. And we've come to a very, very important point where we're going to talk. About what? Press themes. Now, when it comes to what? Those websites, there are two fundamental blocks. You have plug ins, which we'll talk about later. And of course you have. What? Press themes. What exactly are Ward press themes? Well, I'm gonna use this analogy. Okay? Lets it, for example. You want to build your house, your dream home like you have the money. But you don't wanna build any kind of house like you want it to be special. So what you do is that you hire architect, civil off them. You tell them Hey, go and design my gym house for me and let me know what you come up with. So now the architects that go out there and they begin to design, you know, the house. And eventually they all come to you and they presented their own unique designs. And then you decide, OK, I like this design the best. I'm going to go with this architectural design. Let's start building my dream house. Think of that house your house as your water's website and then think of those architectural plans that the architects presented you as what with themes. So another was what those things are like. Pre built our designs with functionality with layout that you can simply pick and apply to an existing what press website. Now if you go to what President Ogg four slash themes writer. You'll have access to a whole bunch of things over 7000 of them, by the way and right at the very top you also we have 2020 2019 and then 2017 2018 should be somewhere around there. But I think this is based on popularity anyway, the 20 themes 2020 2019 18 17 So on these ones are designed specifically by what press themselves. Okay, But then you also have thought parties, developers out there who build what press themes also one of which is going to be our astral, which is one of the most popular what person themes you have. Astra, you have hello, elemental by elemental. If you've never heard of them, they make a very fantastic page with a plug in. Check it out. It's awesome. You have Ocean WP another very, very popular theme. You've got Nev A and so on and so forth, so like you. When you begin to take a look at the images of all these themes, you start, you see differences. Wait. For example, if you take a look at 2016 and gold 2016 looks more like a film, you'd useful regular blawg. But in goal looks like a thing that you would use for, like a personal branding. Because right there, you can see it's a is high and my Amelia business coaching strategy consultant for small businesses. So basically, you have themes that have been designed for different types of websites. Now, on this page, if I go to ah, future filter right here, you can filter based on the subject. So what kind of upset you want to build, right? You wanna build a website for photography, for example, Let's go ahead, take photography and then they were applying the filter and all right here you can see we now have themes that have been designed specifically for photography websites. You have sharp entertainment, grid view, travel, joy, and so on and so forth so you can filter out what Chris names based on the subject I can filter based on the features, the cancel functionality that the same provide you may be the theme has in built social media integration. Maybe it has the ability to do transitions for you and so on. And, of course, layout as well. Do you have the ability to add two columns for your content, maybe three columns for clubs and so on? So these are the various ways how you can select your dream theme. Basically, now, just to give you an idea of what seems can you really do, I'm gonna head of its you, my website. Now the theme occur in the user right now. Is the default 2020 our press theme. If I go to the back end and they come down here to appearance just a second and then you'll see themes is very first option. If I clicked on themes right now, you see, I have 2020 and and 1/2 2019. Let's take a look again at the core insight as it is, so this is the front page, and you can see the way it's designed you have the category appearing at the very top, you will have the title of the post and then the meta information, the offer. The data was published. A number of comments. Then you have the featured image, and then you have are basically the entire text. So no point if I go back in here and I switched from 2020 to 2019 by clicking on activates , you can see Right now, it says New team, new theme activated visit site. If I go back in here and I refresh the page, do you know see the massive difference? Right now, the background has changed its now white, and right now you consider the featured images now projected a lot bigger, and you can even see that the images now have like a blue. How overly right you can sell them. It does not have this blue overlay, and that's basically the design off of the 2019 thing. So the things you choose will determine to a very large extent how your content will be presented. But not just that. See, if my head of a to the back end and from themes I go to customize vehicle can customize. This is where you can now make yourself setting functionalities. This right here is the customized panel specifically for the 2019 theme. You don't really have that many options. You have something called the site identity where you can change the title. The tagline which you could also do on general settings. But you can add a logo right here. Okay. Can I get logo? Are colors You can choose a primary color if you want to. You can just a custom column. So, for example, you could go with maybe something like green. And now you can see that the green becomes the overlay applied to the featured images. Not many options in here, right? So let's go ahead and let me close this and I'm going to switch back to the 2020 theme. And let's see ive the 2020 theme is any better. All right, I'm gonna click on activate to go back to customize. So now for the 2020 theme you begin to see, we have a few more options. We actually have a new panel called the theme options where you can decide to now show search in the header, which is the search bar. Whitey can decide to not show it and now it's gone. You can show the author bio if you want to. Or you can also decide to show me the full text. Maybe a summary off all the postal right now. You can see, for example, on the front page where no longer saying the two paragraphs, which is basically the entire content of vegetables. But now you're seeing a summary which is usually the better option, right? So you can see right now the 2020 provide you with a bit more options. You have a cover templates. You have the ability to add a background image as well and so on and even out with the colors. You actually have a bit more options have been able to choose a Hedda our colors. Right now the default is white. But if we go with black, for example, maybe even orange. So basically you have access to beat more options with the 2020 theme now in comparison, let me show you to other websites. This one right here is using the ocean WP thematic incivility Active being ocean WP right here. You can see this guy has, ah, whole more options available. Ah, lot more. There's another one here, which is the Astra theme, which also has a lot more options than the 2019 or 2020 20 themes. Not quite as much as the Ocean WP but you still have access to ah, lot off options for customizing the look, the feel and so on and so forth. Now let me also just mention very, very beautifully so that I don't take anything for granted. In the instance of the Ocean WP theme where I have access to the topography panel, if I click in here, I have the options of customizing my H one tax. Remember, we talked about H one text h two h two b. I can customize, for example, my h one tag. I can give it a phone family. So maybe I wanted to be every l times new amount. Whatever. I can change the phone signs, the column and so one and then simply apply those changes, right? What is those is that it basically will affect every age one on my website. The changes you apply on your theme options, your customized options in here are universal. They will cut across you entire website. However, keep in mind that with the good book page builder already shown, you can also customize how your age when you look like how your ages would look like. But those changes you make with the Gutenberg will be specifically for that particular post . It's not gonna cut across the entire website, So if you've maybe one of your posts, you've designed the age to to be read Coehlo 34 pixels in size, and you like the design. You will have to apply those changes a gain on another post where you want to have the exact same design. That's the difference with a good book page builder. The changes this time you make isn't universal. It's for that specific our post bought with your theme options. When you come in here, you customize h one. H does whatever it caught Cotsakos your entire website, that is the difference. So one month initially mentioned before are around this. I'm gonna have another video about themes coming up, but one month, and I should mention is that when it comes to WordPress themes, you do have the option of going with free themes or going with paid themes, now paid themes. Obviously, I usually have more functionality. They have more features. You'd also have support from the developers off the theme. So if you have the money, I would always recommend that you go with the paid vision of a theme. But if you're just starting out and you're trying to get your hands dirty, you learning what press are going with a free theme is perfectly fine. But just keep that in mind that you do have paid themes and they usually better than, ah, the free themes. So this has been an introduction to what press themes think, if watchin, I will see you in the next class. 22. WordPress Plugins: welcome back. So now that we've talked about what press themes, it is time to talk about their partners in crime, which is going to be what, press plug ins. What exactly are they? What do they do? Let's go back to the analogy. Off the house, right? We've talked about what Chris themes, being architectural designs, the layout of the house. But like we said, this is a dream house where it is not just any ordinary house. We wanna have a swimming pool, the letter security system. Wanna have a tennis court, many theater bar and so on and so forth. Now think of all these lugs Cheerios Ad owns as plug ins because basically plug ins extend and enhanced the functionality and design off your war purse website. Now, just like with your house where you want to go for the little security system with plug ins , you do have plugs of specialized in security that can protect your upset from a mile away from Hack says you have plug ins that can help who market your site. The basically markets in appliance, but specifically for marketing. You've got plug ins for collecting people's e mails. You have plug ins for moderating comments, basically almost any kind of functionality you can think off on the website. There is a plug in for it, and with over 57,000 plug ins available, I can guarantee you that you will find a plug in for whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish. And I'm gonna give you some examples off some of my favorite plug ins. Elemental is one off them, and elemental is basically the walls leading. What press page builder? It's very similar to the good book page builder, which people do walking with, except for the fact that element or is way more powerful. It's a far more powerful pickled, a plug in ah than Gutenberg. Why are we not using elemental? Don't ask. I do have another course. I do have several tutorials on how to use elemental. Let's show Goodman bug some love in this course, so that's 11. So you do have all who commas, which is basically the number one plug in for creating online stores. So if you wanna build an online stuff for selling services or products, you typically would go with ah commas. Welcome us. It's just a fantastic amazing plug in for creating and selling products. And then you also have this. Companies that specialize in create simple against the developed them. One of my favorites will be my theme shop. No, my team shop. They have this fantastic plug in for SC or which is rank Matthew. We'll talk about that a bit later, but they have other kinds of plug ins. For example, they've got plug ins for writing reviews, plug ins for short colds, plug ins for real estates, our content loca, which basically would lock access to content unless the user decides to share that content on social media. They have other examples that have plug ins for quick and quizzes. They have plug ins for quit identifications for writing estimates and so on. So again, any kind of functional today can think off. There's gonna be a plug in for it now, Of course, in this course we will be dealing with several plug ins. But there's some things you need to be aware of when it comes to dealing with plug ins. Are probably will talk about this later on in this section for a workplace management. But just because blogging is available doesn't mean that you should just begin to install them all. No, you don't want to do that. You are very, very, very careful. We will talk about plug ins a lot more, but I wanted to give you an introduction to what they are and what they do now. Even interested, I do. You have an article on my blog's of, um, Uncle Mental calm. The article is called The Guide to What? Press Plug ins. And in here I basically go very, very, very in depth, discussing everything you need to know about what press plug ins. It is very ever extensive. So if you're interested that Helen encourage you to check out the article, and we'd all everything into new about what press plug ins again. We will talk about plug ins a lot more in this course, but this particular article is very a very in depth. It's very, very detailed, and it's a article that it's an article that's guaranteed to provide you with all the knowledge that you need to know about what purse plug ins. So that's fo plug ins. German a vending development. I'll take a look at something called sidebars and which it's also you. Then 23. Widgets and Sidebars: welcome back. So now they've talked about what? Press themes and plug ins. It is time to talk about what press rejects and side bonds. Now, unfortunately, I don't have an analogy to describe what these are so long does go straight to the point. Okay, I'm gonna head over here to our parents, and then I'm gonna click on widgets over here in the back end. Now you ignore it. Is that on the left? We have available widgets. We have archive's audio categories gallery and so one and then to the fight. We have two sidebars. We have foot on number one, and then we have Fouda number two. So what exactly are we looking at here? Basically, widgets are like blocks of content. It could be any kind of content. It could be text, image, audio video. It could be a form. Could be anything. Those that won't be jets are sidebars Are now the containers or the locations on you upside where those witches can be applied to. So right now, by default, when you install what press, what press will provide you with its own widgets? The themes will determine which side balls you have access to that because we're using the 2020 theme quietly on the num outside, we have access to two sidebars. Foot the number one and then foot are number two. So let's see where this information will be displayed. We have currently six widgets. You might be thinking right now that okay, Because these two sidebars are called footer number one and then footer number two. It should only makes sense that these widgets will be displayed at the footer off the website. So now if I go back to my site and Linda's refers this page, okay, and then I school all the way down here. You're now notice the widgets been displayed in here. We have the search bar within post comments categories. And of course, our archives fight is there. That's because over here this is red that been displayed at. So let's make some changes. Okay, I'm going to remove meta by simply clicking and dragon to the left. I'm going to remove archives categories. Let's also removes and comments. So now we only have to search any recent posts. You don't need to say this is automatic, by the way, whenever you add rejects or than you, or you move rejects it saved automatically. So there is no save button when you're doing that. So I go back in here and then you first the page. Now notice that in the foods that we now have access to only the search bar and recent posts. So there you go. Now you can see the relationship between widgets and sidebars, But let's go back to the back. And because we have foot on number two, some curious. Where exactly will the theme display this widgets? And for the number two, is it gonna be signed by side with the widgets and foot A number one? Or will it be below the widgets? Off footer number one? Let's Let's try that. I came. I'm gonna add a text widgets or click and drop it in here. Let's add a title off. Hello And Alan, just having some text. Hello? It's me now for this. We do need to save. When you're walking on the widgets inside, you don't need to save, so let's save that one. Okay, let's also add Ah, let's add an image widget. Lets drop it in there. Lets out an image limit choose myself. Add to re jet, and then let me save that one. Okay, there you go. So let's see exactly where these two will be displayed. Let's go back in here. Let's refresh the page. And now all right. Now you can see it's actually to the right, so it's not going to be below the witches of foot. A number one is going to be to the right off the widgets in food number one. So keep in mind that again the theme that you choose will determine the number of sidebars that you have access to. Let's take a look at another theme. This one is the Ocean WP theme. Now this one has a default sidebar. It has a left sidebar. A such results side by it has full sidebars in the footer. It also has a woo commas sidebar. So ah, lot. The pains are again like like I said, anything that you choose if I go to another thing, just one is the I believe this is the Astra theme. So Astra has a main sidebar. It has a head aside, but it actually has a Futaba section number one if What about section number two and it has four. What are our sidebars? Actually, don't even know where this conservative group displayed. But you know, whatever. So again, the thing that you choose will determine the kind of sidebars that you have access to. Let's take a look at the actual Astra theme. It's still because if I view opposed on the Astro upset, which is the victory does not come notice that on the this post right there there is a side bar to the writer. You have the recent posts and then you have our categories. You have archives. You also have, like, a tag cloud. Well, that's because over here, this is where those abandons plate right here. The main sidebar. The main sidebar has recent posts. It has a tag loud. It has categories archives and so on and so forth. Now, going back to the widgets. Keep in mind when you install what press WordPress by default has its own set off widgets. In fact, all this was just just seen white now will be given to you by default when you install what twists. However, when you begin to install plug ins, some of them will not provide their own types off widgets. As an example. If I came over here to the Ocean WP website, notice there is a mill chimp with that right here. That's because I've installed the Milton plug in. So because the motion plug in is activated, it's given us the ability to add a widget specifically for milk Chimp, where you can display a subscription form notice. There are other widgets, like Instagram ah, social share. There's Tweeter that is flicker. That's because we have some plug ins that have really been installed to provide these widgets for us. So a quick recap themes will determine which side bars you have access to. The plug ins will determine which we jets you have access to. But keep in mind that what place by default gives you its own set of widgets and also, in certain times, alerts. It's a bit rare. Themes can also even provide their own widgets as well. So it's not just plug in stems can also because the money is to provide their own our custom widgets for you to use. So that's basically it for widgets and sidebars. Bubble off course. Be walking with them. Ah, lot more as we progress in this course. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 24. Choosing our Theme: Oh, already it is now time for us to choose the theme we're going to be using to build a what for Swept signed. And I have decided to go with the Ocean WP theme for several reasons. One is the fact that it's been around for quite some time. It is very, very, very popular, and it's also very well maintained by the developers, so you don't want the risk of installing this thing using it. And then a year from now, you suddenly hear that the developers no longer opted the famed if abandoned it. That's not gonna happen with Ocean. Our WP team. I have made this mistake in the past with some other themes where I would use the thing building up sign and then six months later that developers have abandoned the theme. It's it's really, really online. And with Ocean WP, I believe that's not gonna happen. Plus, it's over on its nearly three million downloads at this point. So this is a very well meant in theme is very, very popular and plus it's free. There is a free version. There's a pay division off the theme, but the free version is fantastic. there's a lot of inbuilt functionality which we will be able to use. So overall, this is a very, very safe and a very, very, very good choice for, ah, walking with the WordPress theme. So let's go ahead now and install the theme. And to do this I'm going ahead of us to the back end and quite simply, come down here to a parent's click on themes. And then right here, I'm gonna click on add New seem and then very simply, right here, where you have this such box. I'm gonna come in here and type in ocean, and we should see the theme right now. And okay, here it is. So it's ocean WP. Okay, keep that in mind. It's not ocean cream. Ocean s CEO, but Ocean WP I Let's go ahead now and stole the theme. And I'm just gonna go ahead now and simply activate the theme. And there you go. All right, so that's not head of up to the front end and see the change now in all website. And uh okay, so there you go. This is the very, very first start to building all what Chris website now let me just go back and give you some very quick points as all right. Now that we've installed the theme you might it is notice saying that this thing recommends the foreign plug ins are elemental ocean extra and then WP forms. Elemental is the page with a plug. And I talked about that you can use to build content boatman attorneys elemental. And this course will be using the Gutenberg our page buildup plugging because I've already created courses and several tutorials on how to use elemental ocean extra. We will install this plug in because it adds even more functionality to the theme. And then there is WP forms which is used for creating our contact forms. So let's do this. All right, I'm gonna go ahead now and simply click on begin in stolen plug ins and then right here, I will check ocean extra, and then I'll also check WP forms will ignore elemental and then right here, where you have the job down clicking then and click on install and then click on apply and let's wait. Okay, So right here we do have a rather unexpected law. Wow. Wow. Wow. All right, So it stays Plug in Activision failed. An error occurred while instilling ocean extra. Whoa. Okay, we'll see what this is. Let's go back to return to required pluggers and started. This is something that didn't prepare for. But this is what happens when you install plug ins and themes you might want into. Issues like this is actually not too bad. They're actually seen this. Ah, occur now. You actually have ah, real experience of what it might look like when you walk with the themes and plug ins. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and simply click Skip set up right here and let's head down here to plug ins. I'm gonna click on install plug ins and let's take a look at what's actually going on. All right? Okay. So for some reason, I don't understand what happened, but you can see Ocean Extra is actually active. It's active because we have the option to de activate. If it doesn't active, you'll see the option to activate. So I'm not sure what happened there when we got the whole message. Anyway, it's fine. We now have ocean extra, and we have WP forms which which will walk with a bit later. So now that we've installed Ocean WP, we have access to the theme panel that you'll see right here. When you click in there, you will have the ability to connect your website to Ocean WP where you'll be able to get updates. However, this isn't something that it's not compulsory. You can always a bit. Your themes are manually and outers. Go ahead and simply are skip this process. We don't need to worry ourselves about that. Let's wait for a few seconds. All right, so we've skipped down one. But now we now have access to the actual real thin panel where we will be able to make lots of different kinds of customization is and we will begin to do this in the very next video . But one more thing on you mentioned before around this video up is that when it comes to the things that you have installed haymakers Right now I have Ocean WP which is, of course, the active theme and then we have 2020 and 2019 as backups. Some people might say that Hey, you shouldn't have any other thing installed. Just have only your active theme installed That's very, very bad practice, because sometimes just like you saw earlier, you might have a was you might have conflicts when you install a plug in and the plug it isn't walk quite well with your theme. Or maybe there's a new update and something breaks. You want to have at least one backup theme for troubleshooting, so they're trying to discover whether or not it's the Corinthian that has the issue. You can simply swap themes and then see if the Evo has been fixed, which is why it's always recommended that you have at least one backup theme. And not just any backup theme, but have themes form what present themselves. Basically the 2020 2019 2018. Those are the kinds of things you should have as backups. So in Mike is I'm gonna keep 2020 and 2019 as backups. I'm not gonna go ahead and let them, however, if in the future you want to delete a theme, First of all, you need to ensure that it's not the active fame. And then to deliver the theme, you'll click on the thing details right here, you click in there and then right here you will have access to the delete button. That's how you would delete a non active theme on your WordPress website. So that's it. Thanks so much for watching German Avonex video well will not begin to customize what purse upside. 25. Setting up the HomePage: well, come back. So now we're getting set to begin to customize are what first name. But before we do that, there's a couple of things that we need to take care of. First of all, we do need to set up the home page right now as it is. If you go to your front end, you should see something like this. You will see your latest posts being displayed. Now, this is because by default, what press will display your latest block posts on your homepage? Now, there are two ways how you can set up your home page. Let's go over to the back end, head on over to settings and then reading So right here by default, your home page is set to display the latest posts. However, we also have the choice of choosing a static page, which will basically be a manual creation of a homepage. And then there will. We will be able to add whatever content we want to add. But before we can do that, we do need to create an actual home page. So let's head on about two pages. I'm gonna click on add new and then or does Go ahead now and type in home. Okay, go ahead. Now and hit. Publish, Publish again and let's add one more pages will, which will be the contact page. So let's add contact and let's go ahead and publish that one as well. And then one more page to add will now be the Blawg paid itself this This will be like the landing page for our block posts. So we'll call that simply blawg. Go ahead. Now he published once again and there you go. So if you've been falling long, you should now have full pages and about page Ah, blocked page, contact page. And then, of course, the home page. Let's not head back to sit ins leading. And now here I'm gonna set up my static page to be home double for the home page. And then the post page, otherwise known as the London pitch for the Block posts, will now simply be blawg. And then from here, just come down here and then save my changes. And there you go. So now if I head onto the home page, you will now see that it looks completely different because, of course, we have changed the layout off off the home page from displaying the recent posts. Teoh it now being, Ah, a manual. Our creation of content Basically. So that's the very first thing we've done. German of an exhibit available Now create our menu. I'll see you then. 26. Creating the Main Menu: Welcome back, sir. Now that have set up the home page in a statue, create our menu and your menu is one of the most important components off your website. Because basically, it is the navigational system with which your users your subscribers would use to find content on your site. So you want to make sure that you create really, really outstanding menu. Now, to do this, I'm gonna head on over to the back end, as usual, come down here to appearance are go to menus right there. And OK, so now we can add a menu name. How would we like to name our menu? I'm going to call this one of the main man. You Okay, So if time that and I'll click on Queen menu, So that's the first thing next Now we have to add, I attempts to the menu and of course, I'm gonna go ahead now and add all the pages of was created with exception of the home page . Now, the reason why you typically don't want to add the home page to your main menus because it's out of fashion nowadays. Your logo itself should be a link to your home page. So if your users are on another page and they don't go back to the home page, although when it's just click on the logo and it will take them back and most of them are days already know that so adding home to your main menu is kind of old fashioned. So how will ignore that? So add blawg about an out contact. All right. Now let's add the categories and the sub categories off our posts. I'm going to come down here to categories, go to view, all click on select all and now add them to the menu. Now, here's the thing, though, as it is right now, Look over to the left where you have the categories. Notice that Thailand falls on the Asia, Russia and Turkey on the UUP. But if you look at the structure off menu right now, you don't see that. Ah, what kind of clinic? Right now That indentation. So you want to push Thailand just slightly to the right off Asia. So I basically clicked on town right now and then I drank just a little bit to the right. And there you go. So now you can see that Helen has now been called a sub item. We subcategory under Asia. I'm going to do the exact same thing for Russia and then Turkey and then Argentina and then Brazil. Okay, so this is exactly how you will create the category subcategory structure in your main menu . One more thing I'm gonna do is to drag contact all the way down here because ideally, contact should be the last link in your main menu. Okay, two out of three. The last step right now will be to tell our theme where this menu should be displayed. Now, this the pains on the theme that you're using some things will not give you are more than one option. Usually, Muslims would just say, Hey, this many are going to display is going to be in your header. However, with Ocean WP, we have four different places where we can decide to display this menu because displayed in the place called Top Bar, Main footer, or even as the mobile menu. What I'm gonna do right now is click on Main because this will be the main menu and then hit, save and voila. All right, but im gonna do right now is I'm gonna view the home page and let's see what it looks like . And there you go. So now we have, ah, main menu, but let me just show you very quickly where the order display locations are. Let's just call this one a, uh, test menu. Okay. You don't need to create this. I'm not going to use this. I'm just going to use this to experiment. So I'll click on Kuwait menu. Let's add contact and about to the menu. And then now I will choose Top Bar and also FOTA. Okay, so let's see the exact locations off this menu. I'm gonna hit. Save many right now and then if I had back to the home page, let's refresh. And there you go. So right now you can sit atop bar will. Basically the many for Taba basically basically be displayed above the area for the logo and then the main menu, and then down here, this is where the food time and you will be displayed. So I'm already thinking I had we might create it full time menu and display or the lynx like the practice and policy, things like that we might. Let's let's wait and see what happens. But now you can see that you have the option of displaying are up to three different menus on your website if you wanted to. But again, there's the pens on the theme that you choose. Some things will not give you the option to display full time manual talked about menu. You'll just have mean as as the menu. I'm gonna go ahead now and simply click on delete menu. And there you go. All right, It's so at this point, we're getting up in shape now to begin, create in our content, starting a content. So German event Eggs Video, where we will now begin to walk on the header for our website. I'll see you then. 27. Building the Header Part 1: already. It is no time to begin to create eight Ah header. And when it comes to designing the head of your website are two main components involved. You have the logo which typically would be on the left and then you would have your main menu which typically would be on the right and by default. The WP ocean theme already has is that lay out. You can see we have the low noma text as logo 10 very logo. And of course, our main menu with a search are Aiken as well, which is actually quite useful. But we're going to make this a lot better. And to do that, I'm gonna click on customize and this will take us to the back end where we can begin to make some serious our design changes. The first I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna click on the site identity and in white, you can see we've got the site title tagline already written out. But like here, we've got the site I connected it with a side icon is it's also called the foul icon. Take a look up here. You can see I've got my bills a tab. I have the what press icon the w represented on my website. But in right here there's another website here called Can Va and you can see their own five icon. You have the sea and then the blue bag on call. So basically any professional website will have a five icon. It's not the most important thing for a website, but it's great for Brandon now. Why did I open up the can of a website? If you don't know what is upside is, it's basically the simplified vision of photo shop. You can come in here right now and create images, logos, five icons, presentations offer free. You can creative for account, and they have temples that you can use to just create all these things. Now I used can va to create my logo and my five icon, so I'm just putting that putting it out there. If you've never had a convert, it is really an awesome upset that you should check out because, well, it is also upset for designing our stuff. All right, I'm gonna go back in here. I'm gonna click on Select Side icon and I have already uploaded my side I can, which I created on canvas. It is the one right here. I'm gonna click on select and I'll click on skip carpet because I don't want to crop anything in here. Skip cropping. And now you can see I now have my five icon already being used. By the way, if you follow the step and you don't see off, have I can appear And it could be that it's gonna take a while for your browser to level. There's effect that you now have a fire. Reckon so. Relax. Check back in a few hours and I'm pretty sure your bustled will begin to exit Beat thief African that you have chosen. I'm gonna click on the back L in here and we're going to do here is we're gonna jump down. First of all to general options, let's make a few changes in here before we get to the head of itself. Now, I think you've got general styling and let me just tell you right now that in here you can make different kinds of changes in terms of color in. You can add a background Kahlo for your page if you want to, but I'm going to stick with the default, which is white. There's really no need for change Anything in there you can add your background image. You can also change your links color. The default here is black And when you ho over on the links like for example, right now take a look at the recent posts. The titles are links themselves, but they're black. But then when you hover on the link, you can see right now it turns to blue. That's what you can change right over you have color and then over. I like this default choices by WP ocean theme, so I'm not going to change them. But if you have your coloring scheme, you can come in here, click on the bar and then simply choose the color that you want to go with. I'm gonna go back right here, click back again and come over here now where you have typography. This is important as well, because I'm gonna click inside and we're going to choose a general Ah, fun family for text. And I'll do that by clicking on general actually not general. But in here you can choose to disable grew phones if you wanted to, but I would not recommend that What we're actually gonna do is I'm gonna click on Body in here. And then this is where you can choose the default font family for our website. And I really do like Mont Surratt. It's one of my favorites funds by Google. So I'm going to come down here and it is the war. Invite him on several. So choose that as the default from family. And right now you can see that if one family has already changed and then the phone sizes for 10 pixels, which is fine. The phone style is default. Extract some default. Front weight is I'm going to go with book for 300. We might change that a bit later. Ball will keep that as it is. And then, of course, in here you've got the phone call. Oh, which is this particular variant off? Greyish black. Oh, whatever this is, I'm gonna live that other days. I'm not going to change it. But of course, you can come in here and choose your own phone color if you wanted to. Okay, that's for the body. But when it comes to design, Do you typically want to go with two different from families? One for your general text and then one for your head as not for a head as I'm gonna go with Mobutu. Okay, so Boonchu will be for the head as one for the general text. I'm gonna use our months ahead. By the way. These off course Very, very subjective. If there are other fun fun is that you like to use. By all means, use them. You don't have to go with the ones ham is in right here. The front. Wait. I'm gonna go with semi Bold for 600 just to make the headlines a bit more pronounced. And there it is. Okay, let's skip the topography. And now let's head of r two. The head are right here. I'm gonna click inside. Let's click on General. So right here. First I'm gonna do is I'm gonna change the background color for a header from White, which is the default to now. Black. Okay, I'll go black right there. And now for the height, I already have the benefit of hindsight, and I know that 90 pixels is going to be the ideal height. You'll see why in just a second, but now I'm going to click back and then right here, where you have logo, I'm gonna click inside, and now I'm gonna choose the logo I'm going to go with it. Is the one right here. Notice I've already created logo off, designed it. It's white text with the white icon as well. And of course, it's a pink. It's a PNG. So I'm gonna click on select. And then there is no need from two crop anything because I really cooked it perfectly before I uploaded the image. So I'm gonna click on Skip Cropping and well, there you go. So now we have this very, very massive logo showing up, but she reduced the size. I'm gonna come in here right now, and I'm gonna bring this a little bit down to ah, 19 909 pixels. So I'm just coming here and add the one and that you go. So logo is 109 pixels. No need to touch the max height. I'll just leave that as it is. So there you go. We've got the logo all showing up. Next, I'm gonna do it now would be to tackle the main menu, which is what we have right here. And to do that, I'm gonna click on menu like here, just underneath the logo. And then right here. The position has really been set to rights, and I will leave that as it is. But then I'm going to school down here. Am I gonna change the link culo? Because what you have down here on the main styling So Lynn Color, I'm going to change this. Of course, to our white in case of gold white text. Let's call that a bit more. And then for the link background noticed that we're me over on Asia and Europe. You have, like, the white bag on right there. I'm going to change that to Black. Okay, so we have linked background or click inside and change that to black and ever go back in here. Hopes. Sorry. That did no work. Ah. Oh, I'm sorry. That's not what we should have touched. Is the one vital? You have the drop down job down styling. Okay, so under job done. Stolen. You have background color here, which is said to white all come in here and change that to black. So do forgive me. All right, so now that we've changed to black, you'll notice that we now need to change the default text for the job down from black to white stuff. You can actually see what's going on in there. So let's head back right here. But you have top down style in. We have the link hollow right here, which is that the black which is that two white Visit my go back right now. You can see we now have it in white and then when you hover, you have the white background, which is fine. A guess boat. I'm going to keep it on black. I really don't like the white background on Have a So let's change that one by going back to the drop down styling and then back. Uncle is black link background HOA va. This is we're gonna change it from white to black but you have linked background hover. So now when we hover on the text, you can see the background color does not change It still kept on black but and noticed that when we hover on the actual text itself, it goes to blacks only to keep this on white as well. So it's gonna be the one right away. But you have link color HOA va clicking there. And, of course, keep this on white. So now if you go back in here, you can see it no longer changes. So I know this May might might have been a bit confusing, but are some things we did it in here? First of all, we change the background color for the menu to black, and then we also change the color off the text to white. And then we also tackled the hover effects. When you hover on a drop down, the background should be black. And even when you have a on the sub categories, they have at the back. Uncle remains black, and then it takes you remain white all the time. So right in here. Just keep in mind that you've got Maine style in which is the default, and then you've got the drop downs Stylin. So apply your changes in here carefully. All right. One more thing we're going to do is we're gonna head back in here, and we're gonna go back to topography and then you have main menu. I'm gonna click inside, and then right here you have the the text transform. I'm gonna changes to upper case. Okay, We're going to keep this in upper case, and then the front this fun size from 10 pixels will make this a little bigger, will make it 14 pixels. And there you go. Maybe one more thing. Maybe the front weight. We could make this the big, bold, maybe 600. There you go. I think 600 is perfect as it is. So that's a four part 14 crew. 18 are here that Germany in part to well, we will continue to design the head. 28. Building the Header Part 2: welcome back to part two or creating our header. And I hope you are not too overwhelmed with part one because we covered quite a lot over there. So so far, so good. We've gotten our five icon created. We have a logo, and then we have ah, main menu as well. Now, let me point out that by default your logo right here. When you click on the logo on another page, it will take you to your home page. So I just want to put it out there In case you're wondering why we don't have a link on the main menu pointed to the home pitches because the logo are takes care of that. And nowadays, people already know to do that. When you go on the Web site, they're on a different page and it wouldn't go back to the home page. They already know. Okay. All I have to do is click on the logo and it will take me back to the home page. Okay, Now what's next for the head are well right here under the general sentence, you have your top bar just above the header. Now, this is very subjective. You could easily come in here right now on the general and just simply disable the top R. And you don't have any top at all. Okay, You could go about it this way. But an advantage off the top bar is that you can actually add social media. Aiken's just above your main menu. So to do this, I'm gonna head back. But you have social. Okay? We're in Topa social and then click on social and then round here where you have the boxes for the social media likens we can begin to add them. So for Twitter out, Just use hash tag. Hashtag for Facebook as well. And ah, let's add two more I'm gonna add for YouTube and our instagram. Of course, I'm gonna add that. So we've got Twitter, Facebook, instagram, and then YouTube. Okay, let's make some design changes. Let's see, for the fun signs, we're gonna make this a little bit bigger. Make the inevitable pronounce eso 20 my tent when the pictures would be too big. Let's go with 18 pixels. Okay, so it 10 pixels, the social links Coehlo, Let's keep this as it is. Let's go back in here. Go to general. And of course, we're gonna change the background color from whites to black as well. Okay, fine. But then we've got these annoying border but the white line. So let's remove their one by going to Bada Koloa and what does make it black as well? Okay. And then for the pad in right here because we're trying to create some space between the edge off the top bar right here. And then the actual social media icons will increase the pad in top, make it make it a bit bigger, 16 pixels, and let's reduce the petting from the bottom. So there isn't that much space between the main menu and then the social media icon so walkabout on ze evil, actually, and I think this is fine. One thing I like to do, though, is when we hover on the social media likens Let's also add the same blue Kahlo that appears when you hover on the items in Ah, in our main menu. So let us do that. And to do this I'm gonna head in here to social and then, ah, social links Kahlo. When you hover, it's going to be this blue collar right there. So one e 7th 3 b e. That's the value. So if I go back in here, you can now see that we have that going on. So again, this is subjective. You don't have to, because in truth, we're gonna add the same social media icons in our fota as well. And an about page. We're also gonna have the social media icons been displayed them as well. So it's very, very subjective. And it's not something you have to do if you don't want to. If you want is we're going to change before we round this up where you have your place, your content here, that's actually inside where you have our content. I'm gonna click inside, and I'm simply going to remove the text because we don't need it. So let's remove that text So we don't have any annoying texting day. And then, just like that, notice that all of a sudden the social media icons are now again very close to the the edge off the bar. So let's go back in here and try to add maybe a bit more. Are Padden on the general so bad on six in pixels? You might have to go a bit bigger. 25 pixels. And yeah, I think that if the pixels should be fine, So this is on the things that you might face when you're designing the website, you make one change, you delete some content and then all of a sudden you realize that the change made Alia needs to be edited. So it is what it is. I'm gonna keep this on. 25 are pixels. So far, so good. I do like what we have done. Those far are delighted we should change them. Well, we might maybe maybe to change the hover effect for the text from white to blue for the job downs, maybe. Uh, okay, let's do that. Let's actually do that. So I'm gonna head back in here. Let's go to head out, head on over to menu. And then let's come down here to the job downs Stylin and then link Kahlo on HOA va or change on Two Blue as well. So they come back in here. You can see it's now in blue and ah, I think that's fine. Again, this is all very, very, very subjective. I'll just keep that as it is. Okay, so that's it for the head up. Don't forget to you, of course. Hit the publish button up here to publish your changes so that that's a German event. Exit available. Now take a look at coming up with Ah Fota. I will see you then. 29. Building the Footer: well, come back. So it is not time for us to build out the food that we have the head all sort of out. But now it is time for the foods that now, before we go about building out the foot are I need to make a few changes or we need to make a few changes in the back end. So I'm gonna head over in here, and what we need to do, first of all, is to add a few more pages. The wonderful thing about the future is that it is a great place to add additional links to other pages on Europe so that you might not want to add in your main menu. So an example of such a pitch would be something like the affiliates Disclaimer page. Now this, of course, is very, very subjective. You may not be one in a field links on your website. So in this case, if you have other kinds of pages that you want to create, maybe your terms and conditions, privacy and policy, maybe a page for your full warm or something like that you can simply go ahead and create them. Already created the after disclaimer, I will create one for our privacy and policy as well. Empty contents, Yes, below does go ahead and publish is that Let's add one more, and this would be for terms and conditions. Now the reason why I'm creating this pages because we're going to publish a menu in our food, and we need pages for that menu. So we've gotten three pages right now. I'm gonna go ahead now, head over to appearance menus and let's create the FOTA menu. So I'll go ahead now and click on Create a new menu and I'll call This warned the foot our menu. Let's commit the menu and then I'll just add this pages to them. I think I'll dragonfly disclaimer on top right here. And there you go. Now, over here, we do have the option off this planet in a widget location for the foot. Our bobble. Ignore this and will simply use an actual widgets to display the footer. So I'm not gonna take anything in here. Go ahead. Now on save the menu. Oh, by the way, send some over here on the menu page. If you're wondering how you can create external links and add them to your menu. You will come over here. You have custom links. And then in here, you simply add the You are well. And then the link takes and then you add to the menu. That's how you can add external things to your our menus. Okay, so we've got our pages, would have ah, foot menu. Let's not head over to the widgets. Now, One thing about your foot is that it is where widgets are heavily used. Widgets inside buzz. So with Ocean WP, we do have four sidebars and are forced a conservative court. Foods are 123 and four. So let's add some extra information in here. Starting off with foot tall warn I'm gonna drug the contact information widgets. Let me try that one again. How dumb that in here, lenders make sure that it didn't fall into any of this side. Buzz. Okay, so we've got to contact in full, we jets with some text, and ah, I'm going to go ahead and simply remove the address information phone as well. I think I will keep phone. Well, maybe not. No, we don't need to phone. No, I'm going to remove that one. Let's remove Mobile lets you move fax as well. I will keep the email as it is. Loved has changed the email text to Alex at the loan. Nomad, don't come. This is not a real website. Every email address. So please don't, uh don't send me any emails and please. Okay, I'm gonna remove Skype because we don't need that one. Eso we have email and then we have website. Let me go ahead now and save this. And let's take a peek at how this looks like. And there you go to contact information, email and then website. Actually, website doesn't make any sense since people are already on the website. So let's remove the website. Let's remove that one. Let's save that again. Let's head back in heavy, fresh and okay, that looks fine. I like this. Let's head back now and let's add the menu. So to do this, I'm gonna head over to Futa too. And then let's look over here on the letter. We have a custom menu widget, which is one right here. I'm going to click and drag again and then drop it in there and for the title I'll just say , Ah, links a little bit of title right links and then I will choose the full time in you and that is it. Let's go ahead. Now save this. Let's head back in here. Let's refresh. And there you go. Okay. Okay. Looking good. Looking good. Now for the next two, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to add for foot the number three. Let's add the categories. By the way, all of this is entirely subjective. You're more than welcome to display all the types of content that you want to display in your foot, so you don't have to do exactly what I'm doing. So photo number three, we're going to go with the categories and it's right here categories. I'll job that in there and for the tie tool. Let's call it categories. Catty goalies. Let's save that one. And finally, for the last sidebar footer number four. Let's add the social icon. So we have a right here, Social Aikens. I'll job that in here, and I will change for us to follow me because I am one person and, ah, of course, social instable at Twitter, Facebook, instagram and ah, Let's add YouTube to keep it consistent with what we have in the head up. Let's save that. And that's with fresh. And there you go. So not bad. We already have the content all laid out. But Germany? Vernon's video, where we will now actually style the footer. I will see you then. 30. Styling the Footer: welcome back. So previously we were able to add the content for foot up, but now it is time to do some style in it. Now the first thing I want is to tackle would be the background call off. It is black by default and already have the black background color for the Hedda. And this normally would not be an issue if the websites content. If the tone of the website was meant to be, you know, dark, mysterious. But this is a travel blawg and who we do need a bit more sunshine, as as I might call it on the website. We need to make the rest of the Biltmore friendly in tone and as such will have to use light, are Kahlo's. I'm not talking about using yellow, pink or stuff like that. No, I'm talking about light. I'll callers like maybe light blue. Maybe so green, something like that. So let's change the background. Coehlo, First of all, for the fota. And to do that, that's I don't over to the customize page as usual, and we are going to change the background color. All right, let's move for a few more seconds for this to load. It has loaded. All right, I'm gonna head down. Over here. To the foot are widgets, as you can see. And let's look for background color. It is right here, Black. We don't like that one. Now I do have a culo. Ah, in mind, which I do like and that is the cold, right? There it is. Ah, three a 93 b two. I do like this shade of blue. I think it's awesome. So let's do that background call up and then for the text color will keep it on white. Okay? So that people can actually read what they see. And then we'll also said the borders color to be white. So they're all consistent and then for the links color, they're all white, which is fine. However, when we hover on them, they do have this particular shade of blue. Let's make it a beat DACA. So we now have this actually, let's stick with the default. I think that the force is maybe better than now what I chose. So let's just stick with the default for the links Koslova And there you go. All right. A few more things we need to change. I would like us to change the borders for the social media icons and the effects we need to make them a bit bigger and maybe even make the size the fund size off the widgets, the titles a bit bigger as well. They'd be too small. So to do that. Oh, while we're here, let them just show you how to do something. Gonna add the parallax footer effect. So this is what it does, right? If we Oh, I can actually show you what happens. But it's a palace affect many that when you begin to scroll down, the foot appears in a different kind off. Wait. Maybe once begin to add content to the home page. You build cities disaffected bit better, but I'm gonna keep it on on for now. Okay, so I'm keeping this on on. Let's head back in here. Let's head on over to the topography and then let's calm down here where we have the foot tall widgets head in, I'm gonna click in there and then here we can change the font size and let's go with Let's go with 16 pixels to make that a bit bigger and there you go. All right, we're gonna go ahead now, publish This changes and I'm gonna head back to the actual back end so we can make a few changes to the social media accounts. Oh, here is the effect. By the way, you you can begin to see the effect in a way, which is what you have right now. You can see that when we scroll down the foot is really like fixed. Basically, it doesn't actually shift anyway, You also there's affected. Good pick. Better once are we add some more content to the home page. All right, let's head on over to the back end. Let's head back to appearance of Heberto Widgets and foot number four Social media Aikens. Okay, so a few things I want us to change. First of all, I wanted to change the size, make it a bit bigger, and then when we Khobar on the icons, but want him to have the same effect as what we have over here, the same kind of color and also the borders look kind of ugly. Maybe is best removed the borders. So let's do this. The border. Coehlo, Let's go with the It was about a color right here. I'm gonna add the same background color for the foot, or so it blends in. And let's do this for the dimensions. Let's go with 35 pixels and then for the phone size. Let's go with 40 pixels and let's see how this would look like and then the color. When we have up, let's stick with this color right here. Cologne, HOA, Va. This one. Okay, there you go. Let's go ahead now and save these options as head back in. Hairless refers to page and there you go. Okay, this is Americans are looking better right now, but there may be too close as you can't see, so we had to make a few more changes in here. Ah, let's see what could be long. Actually, let's swap out the font size precipitated five pixels with the dimensions, so now dimensions would be 40 pixels. I think that's what this is. What controls this pace in. Let's save this and let's see, that's refresh. Ah, there you go. To left. Actually, what controls the space and as you can see, okay, looking much better right now. But then when we hover on the social media icons. They still have this border, which I really don't like. So let's change that one as well. That's her back in here. So Bada Koloa on HOA Va. Let's stick with the same color as the background, so it just blends. And so we don't actually even see any border and letters. Increased dimensions a little bit mawr to 45 pixels. Just add a bit more our space. Let's save this. Let's head back in here. Let's refresh. And now when we hover, we now have that effect Normal borders, space and looks good. And everything so far looks good. I think I like exactly Ah, what we have Don't in here. The final thing we need to change would be the copyright takes down here. We don't need Ocean WP theme by Nick. So let's change that one. I'm gonna click on customize and let's head down over here where you have foot tall bottom clicking there and let's change this guy. Ah, let's go with the couple writes blah, blah and ah, just changes 1 to 2020 The loan nomad. Okay, bag on color is black, which is fine the text color. I think it's perfectly fine. We don't need to change anything in here. I'll just leave everything as it is. Let's go ahead now publish. And there you go. So that's it. We've successfully been able to style fota and that's it. So we have a head out. We have a foot Germany Vendex video. Well, will not begin to build out the home page. I will see you then. 31. The GetWid Addon Plugin: before we begin building out the home page for our website, I wanted to introduce to you a plug in they were going to be using extensively end up Plug in is the get weed what prez blocks plug in. So what exactly does this plug in do? Well, it complements the good book page builder, which comes with what post by default. And I've already shown you a brief introduction to Gutenberg. It's OK. I mean, with Gutenberg, you can add different kinds of blocks. You know, you've got paragraphs, headings and so on. But it's not enough. It's it's not enough and good and book needs help. If you really want to build a nice website, you're going to have to complement the good book page builder, and one of the players will uses the get weed. What? Those blocks never school down in here, you will see the additional kinds off blocks that it provides. If they couldn't book page builder, you've got advanced heading. You've got section social links. We've got blocks specifically for I instagram as well, which is great for a blawg. We've got one for male chip as well, which will be using to build out our subscribers list. Now there is another option, which is the Cube lee we have actually used before. But I used Cuba. Lee on a walk Hamas cited, basically, will come outside is an online store that you can sell products like, you know, physical or digital products. That's what your book is used for. Que Billy I feel compliments will come us a bit better then the kind of website we're building. We're building out a blogger. So comparing Get weed and Cuba Lee, I discovered that get is slightly better because get we provides again blocks for instagram on Mill Chimp, which are Cuba. Lee does not. So that's why I have decided to go with get weed just to give you a sneak peek as to what we're going to build in. This is what we're heading full on. The home page will have the background image. Some texts button right here will have letters, block posts on about section and so on and so forth. So to really build out something like this, we need to complement it. We need to help out the good book page builder. So get weight is free you didn't have to pay for it, so you can go to more depressed or calm four slash. Put us four slash get weed and you'll have this book in White is I'm gonna go ahead now and download the A plug in, and I will go ahead now and still it. Additionally, you could also just come down here to plug ins, click on Add New and you could just search. Forget where you have the such books right here, alternatively, but I'll go ahead and I'll click on upload and then dragged the get weed folder inside Shoes File and then go ahead now and install. And there you go. I'm gonna go ahead now and activate the plug in, and it's active now. One thing you should know is that whenever you install plug ins that half settings, you will be able to access those settings either directly from the plug in page. And this goes right now, I can access the with sentence directly way cave. I wanted to Oh, you would find the link to the plug in set since in your back end. Now we get way. You don't see a tab here called get weed, right? It's not like with WP forms this tabloid, Terry, specifically for the WB forms Lit planet we installed earlier, which is used for quitting contact forms. But forget we'd get what is buried inside off settings and then writing. This is where we can access. The sentence will get weed alternatively, So I'm gonna go over to the way 10 and invite here. You will see get weed sets in. So this is what we can add. Some information we can add our instagram access token and can add a Google Maps API i ke recapture side key and so on. Milk from a p I key. And then over here. This is where we now have access to all the different kinds off blocks that come with the get weed are plug in. It will be a good idea if eventually launch. You have built up the web side becoming here, and we disable some off this. In fact, I'm gonna go ahead now and disable some because we're not going to use some of this blocks . I don't think so. So I'm gonna go ahead now and disable the circle our Progress bar. We don't need that one. I will go ahead and is able the custom post type. I will go ahead and disable the image slider as well. Our media and texts later Post slide up Post Camisole. Our Price Blocks Price list Progress Bar Let's cool down here and I will also disabled video pop up Our disabled A testimonial as well will disable tabs that will disable table dissembling Quite a lot of stuff, but don't worry. We're not going to use any of these. So there's no point in us having the plug and display them. Forced to use member not going to use them. So it's better this way. I'll go ahead now, save my changes and there you go. So now if I had him back to the home page and I click, don't edit page, I will now have access to the get weed blocks. So I click on plus right here them just close this now Over here. This is where we now have access to the get blocks. And if I expand that now, we have access to the blocks that we did not disable in the setting. So these are some off the blocks were going to be making use off. I want to begin to build out the content for our home page. So that's it. Full get we please go ahead now and stole the plug in and German Avonex video Bell will not begin to build out Ah homepage. I'll see you then. 32. Building the Home Page Part 1: all right at the time has come for us to get our hands steady by building out the home page . And just as a reminder, this is what we are heading to. A trying to get this kind off design and before begin, add in the background image and the content. The a few changes we need to make to the home page layout. As it is, Let's go to Edit Page. And the wonderful thing about using the BP Ocean theme is that you have all lot of different ways of customizing the layout for each individual page. Now, over here, down here, you will have the ocean WP citizens on domain. We have the content layout. Now there is a default setting where you would have I think the default setting is a width of about 1200 pixels or something like that. But because we want some of our content available to go full with, like what we have in here against defeated image. It occupies the entire with off the screen, as you can see. So we want some of a contents to go full within a search. I'm gonna comment right now and go with 100% full with All right, this exactly The layout want to go with and then for the side ball? We don't need to change anything for the sidebar anymore, because 100% full with means that we don't have a side. Bob, let me go ahead, update this. And now you will see exactly what I'm talking about. Every head back in here. Now you get to the side by has disappeared because of said, Hey, we want the content area to be 100% full with OK, let's head back to the back end and where we have the title over here title. I'm gonna go ahead and disable displaying the page tougher because it doesn't make any sense on your home page to display the title as home. Everybody knows that's your home page. So it's relevant. I'm gonna go ahead now and simply click disable and that is it. Let's go ahead now updates. I'm just head back in here and see what it looks like. And there you go. Okay. So now it's it's time to begin adding the contents. That enough with the background image, as you can see. All right, So how did we achieve this? Let's head back to the back end. The first, um I'm gonna do is we're gonna add a section and to add a section, I'm going to click on the plus booking right here. And then let's have another vote. You the get with blocks and then you'll see section right here. I'm gonna slug section and then in here we can choose the layout for this particular kind off section. You have one where you have the white screen, but any content is fixed, and then you have another one. But you have the full with content goes full with normally, which is what we need. And then the last one, which is the full screen section, full screen, content fixed. Don't worry about that. What we're looking for is the one here in the middle. But you have the full with no content is fixed, but just want are content to go full with. So I'm gonna choose their own right there and then from here, check this hat. I'm gonna head over to style, Okay? Style. And then for the background, we're going to go with a background image. The devote a set to collar boat. We're going to go with an image instant. So I click on image right here. I'm going to click on Media Library. And, of course, already have my image. I'm gonna choose this one right here. Click on, Select. And there you go. So now we have the featured image shooting in the background, but it's too short, as you can see. So if I head back to general right here, we've got the section height, or we can choose a height for our section, and I'm gonna go with 685 pixels. Okay. All right. So 16 69 to 5 pixels for the area right here. Make sure your content area with a set to fool with in here as well, although the default is already full with. But just make sure that's what you find. And now says we have the featured image. We can. Now go ahead and add the text. Hi there. I'm Alex, blah, blah, blah. So loved us. Go ahead and grab this, uh, text the Pacific and copy that. Okay, let me copy. I'm gonna head back in here and now what? I'm gonna do is right in here. You have this plus button. This is where we can add a block directly inside off the section. Okay, so I'm going to click on Adblock. And now I'm going to choose the advanced heading that we have would get weed and advance. Heading is right here. This is the advanced heading. Now, Gutenberg by default does have its own head in block, but advanced heading off of those more options. That's I'm going to go with the advanced heading. So we've chosen that. And now I'm going to go ahead now and simply paste the text, which is what you see right here. Hi there. Malik's proper block. Okay, but there's a few things we need to do. First of all right here. Make sure advanced heading is what you're editing. As against GOP advanced editing. I'm gonna come in here. The fun size is I'm gonna change that one. Teoh, let me see what I have in my notes. I have for the six pixels as that one and then the line high, it will be 54 pixels. Land hide, by the way, indicates the margins between the other lines. So the more line had you have the most picks you will have in between the lines as you can see. But I'm going to stick with 54 right here. And then we're gonna change the call of the text from black, which is the default over to white. So I'm gonna head on the water style right here and then text color. I'm going to choose the very light gray, as you can see. Like them. Okay, One more thing we need to do is, of course, push the text over to the right. Now, you would notice that with the advanced heading, there doesn't seem to be an area where we can actually chooses the alignment off the text. Right? But if you look up here on the tool bar, you will see the alignment button right here. So I'm gonna click in there and then go with a line text, right? Okay, Let's go ahead now and updates. And let's just take a look at what we currently have. See how far we've come and there you go. Okay, we're getting there. We do have the text, but we can't actually see what's been written right there, right so we need to do right now is to add a background overlay to the text right into the background image. So let's head back in here and then I'm gonna click on the background image again. By the way, in case you're confused with nine whether or not you actually edit in the right section of the White column, you will notice that down here I'm just click on Advanced heading right here. You can see the hierarchy off the block. Such a currently editing because of clicks on on advanced Edin, you can see advanced heading is the last blood being been with not right here. But if I click on the fidget image now, you can see that advanced heading has disappeared now, but it's in the section directly. And of course, you can also see right here you say is section. So just be out bills. Make sure you read it in the white blocks whenever you're trying to be for your content. So we're going to add a background overly to our fidget image. So I'm gonna head back over to style and invite. Here you have the overlays I'm gonna put on overlay and then, of course, right here. We're going to choose the overlay color off black. Okay, off course. This is way too much. So we're going to try and reduce this. Ah, let's see. I think 35 should be fine. Let's update this and let's see. Let's head back in here. Let's hear. First the page and there you go. OK, I think 35 is just about whites. We don't need to make it any Darko. Any light. Okay, we're getting there. We're getting there. What What do right now is to add the button, our view, my travel guides. So how do we do this? I'm gonna head back in here. And then where we have the plus button, I'm gonna click in there once again. And we're going to go once again with the get with blocks and get off blocks. Has the Botton group. It's the one right here and again, The default Gutenberg page bill That does have a about in block. But the bottom group off others. More options as usual. So I'm gonna go with the button group and because it's a group, we actually have access to two buttons, but we only need one. So we need to get read off one of them. I'm going to get rid of the 2nd 1 so I'll click inside off the second button and an up here where I have this three buttons are clicking there and then we move the block. Okay, so we're editing the first block right now, so I'll just highlight the text and then in capital it as just save you my guides. And we'll also change the background color right here where you have background. I'm gonna go with this shade of blue, which I really like. So which is that one? And now to align this text over to the light, I'm gonna click just over here to the right, off the button again. Notice that in here we're currently editing the actual individual button itself. But we want to edit the button group block because that's the one that would give us access to be able to push the button over to the right. So I'm gonna click on bottom group right here and now over here. What way? I have always until alignment. I will just simply choose, right. And there you go. Let's go ahead. Now update this. Let's take a look at what we have and that is it. Okay, so we nearly get in there. Just a few more changes. We need to create some space between the text and the button and notice the Texas also a big boulder. There is also no are white space between the head and the featured image. So those are three things that we need to fix. So let's do that. Let's take you of this space. And first of all, now, when it comes to space in whenever you're developing, Web says you have access to two different types of space and you've got margins, and you have patterns. Now to create that space between the text, the headline and the button, we can either apply a margin to the text or even some padding. So check this of it. I'm going to select the text toe walk with, and then I'm gonna head of up to style. And then over here, where you have patterns, I'm gonna click in there. So we're trying to add pat into the bottom because we're trying to push the button a bit further down, right? So I'm gonna come in here right now and then petting Bach bottom. I'll just add 20 pixels. So now you can see there's more space between the button and the text. And since we're edits into the text itself, let's head back to general and then for the front weights. We're going to go with 600. Okay, let's go ahead now and update that one. Let's head back in here. Let's refresh the page and there you go. OK, one more specimens to add will be for the entire content and then the at some space between the content and then the borders off the Richard image. As you can see right it is, there's a lot more our space. So here is where you have to be a bit smart. We could come in here right now and decide to add patterns to the headline, and it also add pad into the button as well. But instead of doing that, we can just add one pat into the entire section because the entire section contains the headline text and the button. So rather than those applying padding twice to the headline and the bottom, because just apply padding once and for all to this section itself. So let's do this. I'm gonna head back in here and down here. I'll choose section and invited where you have padding are clicking there. And then we had impact into the lights. I'm gonna click inside, choose custom, and now 35 pixels have any donors before. That's why. Did, if ever paid automatically. But I'm gonna go with 35 pixels. Okay? So go ahead. Now update that one. Let's head back. Let's refresh. And there you go. Looking much nicer. Okay? Last time you need to fix is the space between the featured image and the head up. So one thing you should note is that by default, whenever you use the section block, forget weed. There will be a default margin applied to the top and on the bottom. So we need to get lead off that margin. And to do that since we're still editing of the section, I'm gonna come down here. But you have margin are cooking margin and invited where you have imagined top. I'm gonna change the default to none. So we don't want any imagines at the top updates. Let's head back in here. Let's refresh. And there you go. So now Oh, well, there is still there is still a little space, as you can see, right? It's not like what we have over here, huh? Oh, okay. I think I know what's happening. I think the head up has a border, and the border has a collar, which is the white call. It has a bottom bottom. So let's do this. Okay. I'm gonna cook and customize. I forgot about that one, OK? No, always Let's go to the customize back end. Come on. And we're gonna go over to the header. Let's head into general. And okay, here it is. So border bottom Kahlo, All those go without black. And there you go. So now the white dash has disappeared. Let's go ahead now and hit. Publish and let's head back. I'm gonna close this. And there you go. Well, so that you have it. We've successfully created the very first part off our home page, which is the featured image as well as some text. And then ah, button, view my guides. By the way, let me just mention if you're trying to add a link for the button which idea that you should have a link because it is a button. When you click inside, you will not be able to come over here. You have the link, you quick in there. And now you can add the UML for the link. In my case, we're gonna link this to the blawg page. We might as well do that. So lenders type in Blawg and there you go. So we've got blood right now. Click inside. And then we can also choose to open up the link in a new tab if we wanted to. But let's just open it on the same tab. I think that should be fine. Let's go ahead now updates and I have a head back in here. Let's refers to page. And now if I click on view my guides, it will take us to our Blawg page. So there you go. We have built out of the very first part of our homepage German Avonex video available. Now build out the second section. I'll see you then 33. Building the Home Page Part 2: welcome back. So the next section we're gonna build out will be the Blawg section. As you can see right here, do you have a section that say's laters to block posts? And then we've got three of them along with some other information, like the title of the Post, the date The Post was published and so on. And also a button right here for our view, the block. So let's go about and create this one as head over to edit page on the back end and down here I am going to go ahead now and add a new section by clicking on the plus button down here, Not the one in here. This blows button humans. You want to add some more blocks inside off the first section of all? We're dealing with a second section now, so I'm gonna go ahead now, click inside ad section once again, and then we'll do the exact same thing full with. But now over here, we're going to go with the default content area with because we don't want the block post to go full with. Want to keep them inside of a box, so ah, get wheat has a default with about 1200 pixels. So choose that one. So now you can see it's a bit. Ah, it's not quite as wide as the first section. OK, so first things first. Here we have the header that say's litters block posts. So let's do that. I'm going to click inside. We'll choose the advanced head in, and then I will say late tests Blawg posts. Okay. And then, of course, over here, I'm going to transform this to Capital. I'm so not capitalized, but uppercase. We're gonna make the upper case. And then for the fun size, I'm gonna go with 30 pixels to make it a bit bigger. Oh, okay. And then, of course, up here will choose a line text center. And there you go. All right, So, good leaders block posts. Now we're going to click on the plus button in here, directly underneath the letters block posts. And they were going to choose the posts block from get weeds. And it is the one right here. It's called recent posts, so I'm gonna choose recent posts and invited will change the layout from list to a grid will keep it on three columns. The display title? Yes. Heading set to three. That's fine. Display featured image? Yes, for the image. Full size. Now, this will depend on the kinds of images you're using. I'm gonna go with the medium large 768 and then crop images. Yes. Display. Accept. Yes. And we want 55 words for the except displayed day ts display categories. Yes. And the number of items. Ah, we're going to stick with just three soul coming here and changes. 123 And there you go. Okay, let's go ahead. Now updates and ah, let's view the page and see what we have. This book posts. Okay, we are getting there. We're getting there. We need to change the color for the letters. Blood post to pure black. And also add the button, the view RV, the block button. So let's make those changes. I'm gonna click on, let his book posts and then let it had innovative style. Text color will choose the one as black, so make sure it's very explicit. And then now let's add the buttons. I'm gonna click in here once again, ad block, and then I'll choose button group once again click inside the 2nd 1 Come up here. We moved the block. And then for this one button, I'll just say, View the blawg again. Go to the same background color like we did. And now let's choose the bottom group settings and for their horizontal alignment, I'm gonna go with center and then you go, Let's update. Let's see what we have. Let's refresh and voila, LA Okay, not too bad. Of course, we do need to add some space in between the recent posts and the button. And what I want to do here is I want to show you another way of adding some space survive than using patterns. Imagines we could actually use a new block are called a space up. So right here, let me show you the block. I'm talking about every get back to I think we should beyond our layout elements we don't need to use get week. So it's in here. Layout elements. You'll see spacer block. So I'm gonna choose that one and invite here. We can specify how much space we want to create between blocks. I'm gonna go with 20 and then so we have 20 right here. And then what else simply do is I'm gonna click on the space I element and then pop here. I'll just push the up button to now create that space between the recent post and the bottom. So let's go ahead now updates has come back in here. Let's refresh the page and there you go. So now we've got some space between the block posts and then the bottom, but in reality, it seems it's not that much. So let's make it a bit a bit longer. So let's go back in here. Let's make this one. Ah said, Oh wow, Let's make it 30 pixels as opposed to 20 Because let's stick with the pixels update. Let's come back in here. Let's refresh And there you go. OK, so 30 pixels is much better. And just like that, we're building out the home page already. So we've got Facebook posts. Ah, view the blogged. Oh, let's also add the link to view the block, so view the blawg will come in here. Add the link as well. To the blood page. It's again clicking there. That's updates, and there you go. So now that we begin to add some more content You can see the parallax effect I was talking about with the footer You can see the way how the foot is like fixed. It doesn't move. When we scroll down, you kind of see the water begin to appear from underneath. This is the parallax effect in action. So if you like it, you can stick with it. Otherwise you can just simply go back in here. Go back to the back end and then just change. The parallax effect is what I'm talking about. If I head back to customize have been coming here and then let's just wait for a few seconds for this to load. Come on! And then I headed over to the foot are widgets. And now over here I could decide to turn off the parallax effect. Turn it off! And now it was Scroll down. You can see this is how the normal for troubled will behave right? But with the pallets effect, you have this other effects Where the foot I just appears underneath like village. I really do you like, so I'm gonna go ahead and just keep the changes. But of course, by all means you can change it if you don't like it. So that's it for ad. In all of this book, post German appendix video, Bell will continue to build out the homepage. I'll see you then. 34. Building the Homepage Part 3: we are moving on, and the Verne exception we're gonna build out will be the about US section and this executive we're trying to accomplish right now, you can see I've got my image right here. And I do have another column with about Alexander, two paragraphs of text and then read more about Alex and that a link that will take us to the about page. So how do we go about creates in this? Well, I'm gonna show you. Let's head on over to the back and and the first we're gonna do is will school all the way down here, click on the last blows booking right here to add a new section. So clicking there and then choose section Let's choose the usual full with section content full with pattern. And now inside I'm gonna click on the plus block right here, and I were going to choose a new kind of block, which is the ah, columns block. Now you would find out in your layout elements and then you will see columns right here. So let's choose that one. So the McCollum's is that you can choose a variation to begin with Now the default. The standard is the two columns have equal withs or 50%. However, the one we're going to go for would be the second variation where one column is 1/3 of the entire With of the section, while the other one is 2/3. We're going to choose that one. And there you go. So now you can see the first column is highlight Head. The percentage with right here is set to 33.33 If I could just above two slightly above the second column, you can see the person it with here it's safe to 6.66 So you could always come in here. And we are just the words of the individual comes by Just Dragon. Yeah, this circle right here. But when I'm gonna do that, we're happy with the layout as it is. Let's head on back to the first column. I'll click on Adblock. I'm gonna choose image block, click on Media Library, and I'm gonna choose this image where I pretended to be a shake. Actually thought this image is going to help me get some more likes and slaps on tender might get in profile online. Unfortunately, well, it didn't work. I still don't get and he swipes on my tinder profile. If you know the secret to getting more likes and slaps on tender, please do hit me up. I'll be very, very, very grateful. Just joking. By the way, let's go ahead now and add the second column, a condom for the second column. And as you can see, we basically have two blocks. We have one that we have a title so we can use the advanced heading for this one, and then we'll just use the paragraph block to add the women in text numbers. Go ahead now and quickly. Just grab this. Text them. Just copy that one. Let's head back in here so the first book will add would be the advanced head in, and I'm gonna type out about Alexander and let's make a few changes in here. I'm going to change the text transform to upper case Now down here, where you have HTML attributes. I'm gonna change the title tag here from span to head into. We'll take a look at this in more detail very, very soon, but just make sure your title take hair sets to head into. And now I'm gonna click on the plus button just below the head out at a paragraph, and now I will go ahead and pasty to pack us. I have. And there you go. And then finally, at the end of the second paragraph, I'm gonna press enter to get a new line and then in capital, it has all type out to read more about Alexander. Now let's turn it into the link. I'm going to highlight the text, come up here, make it bold, making italic, and then I'll click on the link button and an inside of this box, all type about. And then we'll just choose the first link right there and there you go. Okay, well, almost there. We need to make a few changes. Let's go ahead and edit. The sections are come down here, click on section. So first we need to do is going to change the default with from full with to the actual default with so choose default. And now we need to add a background color. Oh, this background color, which is the same we used in the footer. So I'll go to style on the background. Coehlo choose custom color and I have the code written out here. Let me just take a look at it. It is three a 93 B two. Okay, awesome. Now winds of change The text culo are two white. So click on about Alexander, go to style, and then choose the very light gray color. Do this in for the paragraph. The first paragraph click inside. Come down here to Cosette. Ins changed its a great color. Do the exact same thing for the second pack of as well, close settings. Great polo. And then, of course, we'd more about Alexander. Well, type called sets ends and then changed. I want to agree as well. Okay, we're almost there. Let's go ahead now and updates and it will see the results off our label. Let's be the page. Let's come down here. And there you go. OK, but almost there. If you're changes that we need to do though, about Alexander, here's a lot bigger. We'll take a look at that and then notice there's a lot more padding between the content and the actual our borders off the section. So let's head back in here and while we're at it in the section, I'm going to go over to our style. Calm down here to panting and Linda Scroll down here now, Where? The benefit of a hand side. I know that the parent top here should be set to a custom, and it's gonna be 45 pixel. So set your custom up heading top two for the five pixels and in pattern bottom is actually going to be none. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead now and update this. And now let's head back in here. Let's refresh the page and let's see what we have. And there you go. So a lot more pattern right now has been applied, which is awesome. Final thing to fix now would be the about Alexander fond size. Now, we've already set the tag for about Alexander right here. We have said attack here to be on age to down here, heading to light. So what we can do is let us make sure that all the headings on our front page R H twos and they all have the exact same are formed size and weight. So let's come up here. Let's do the same for the latest block posts. I'm gonna click on letters. Block posts come down here as well. Change the title tag over to head into. Okay, let's go ahead and update that one. And now let's head back to appearance. Let's go to customize, And we're going to apply a change, which is gonna be very beneficial for us. And, uh, okay, so now I'm gonna head down to topography, okay? And now what? You have your headings I'm gonna choose head into and then right here we are going to set a front weight and font size for our age twos. So the front Wait right here. We're gonna make this one our 600 and then for the fun size, we're gonna make all our H Tuesday 34 pixels. Okay, let's go ahead. Now we go back and then for heading threes as well, which is gonna be very important for head and threes, will make them 600 as well for the front weight. And then for the phone size, we're going to make them 26 are pixels. Let's go ahead now and hit. Publish. And there you go. Let's go back in here. Let's refresh the page. And now you can see the new Age too full of his book posts and the new phone size for about Alex. And however you may notice that the size is a little bit different about Alexander is still bigger than let his book post. So let's take a look at what might be happening. Oh, I think we said a a custom phone size for letters. Blood post. So if I click a little blood posts are okay, so it's right here. We did set a phone size off 30 picks. Also ill. Just go ahead and remove that one. OK, so applying off on size, the H two will get the fun sized typically form Ah, sentence that we made in here. So let's go ahead now update Once again, knife reviewed the page. The phone size should now be consistent. And there you go. So let us block. Post is not that it for pixels about Alexander is now 34 pixels as well. And that is it. So German evidence video, we will now go ahead and add instagram on ah homepage. I'll see you then 35. Adding an Instagram Block: welcome back. So now let's continue with building on the home page by adding an optional our instagram section. And of course, here is exactly what we're trying to accomplish. This is the feed off. My instagram profile are right here and instead, um, is important, especially if you have a block that covers a very exciting topic. Like travel. It is highly recommended that you have an INSTAGRAM account and you can grow your popularity on Instagram and also help with sales and other things like that. So how can we display the live feed off Instagram? Pull felt. This is life, by the way, If I go over to my instagram account, you can see these are the last six pictures have uploaded, and you can see that's exactly