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26 Videos (4h 16m)
    • Trailer (Watch Now)

    • Getting Started- What You Will Learn

    • Getting Started- Who Is Brad?

    • Getting Started- Welcoming Students From 105 Countries

    • Protein- What Is Protein

    • Protein- How Much Protein Do I Need?

    • Protein- Protein Source (Whole Foods Vs. Powder)

    • Protein- How Much Is "Too Much Protein"?

    • Protein- Protein Absorption

    • Protein- Protein Frequency

    • Protein- Anabolic Window

    • Protein- 'Post Workout Meal' (Protein)

    • Protein- Putting It All Together

    • Whey Protein Types- Whey Protein Concentrate

    • Whey Protein Types- Whey Protein Isolate

    • Whey Protein Types- Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

    • Whey Protein Types- Whey Protein Blend

    • Whey Protein Types- Putting It All Together (Concentrate, Isolate, Hydrolyzed)

    • Whey Protein- What is 'Whey Protein'

    • Whey Protein- Why You Should Avoid 'Proprietary Blends'

    • Whey Protein- [Part 1] Amino Spiking / Protein Spiking Scam

    • Whey Protein- [Part 2] Amino Spiking / Protein Spiking Scam

    • Whey Protein- [Part 3] Amino Spiking / Protein Spiking Scam

    • Whey Protein- Whey Protein Shakes

    • Whey Protein- Whey Protein For Women

    • Wrap-Up- Could You Please Do Me A Favour?


About This Class

Have you ever asked yourself—how much protein do I need to build muscle or lose fat? Walked into a supplement store and asked—should I buy this [insert product here] or that—and be totally confused and walked out?

Have you ever been totally confused about the hundreds of different whey protein products on the market—not knowing which protein is best; how much protein to take; should you take it before, during or after your workout, to help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

Save yourself the frustration and confusion and educate yourself with the most comprehensive, scientifically-backed video training course on the market on whey protein supplementation.

You could save hundreds by not buying useless whey protein supplements, not getting scammed, and knowing exactly how to use whey protein to help you build muscle, lose fat, and take control of your life.

What Some Of My Students Are Saying:

Great solid information in a way that is easy to understand. I have been into fitness and nutrition for years and cannot believe that some of the beliefs I had especially with regard to how much protein needed were so far off. Highly recommend this course!” – Patty

“Excellent course with some of the most in-depth information I have ever seen on the topic. Definitely a must for anyone trying to maintain good health and working out.” – Demitri Pevzner

The excitement and passion the instructor has for the subject.” – Amanda Jackson

“Brad has done an exceptional job of explaining all that I have been wanting to learn about feeding my body right while training. For years now, no trainer has been able to help me and I have struggled with my diet. I made the same mistakes Brad did. This course has finally taught me how to eat right while training. Thank to Brad for putting this together and being so passionate about helping others like me. This is a long course and I split it between 3 days. Now I am off to putting together my first meal plan. -A happy camper”— Nandita Das

Reasons why you must enroll today:

+ Join over 3,000 students from over 112 countries currently learning how to look and feel amazing, and taking their lives to a whole new level (Udemy).

+ The reviews speak for themselves—with over 40 reviews averaging 4.52 stars out of 5.

+ Over 4 hours of Full HD video content—nothing is left out.

+ Join over 13,000 followers on Facebook (search SeekFitLife) to receive the latest free fitness coaching videos.

+ Free one-on-one email coaching from an instructor with proven results that started off just like you and has maintained his results for over 3 years (save $160 per hour)

What will the Complete Whey Protein Mastery Course give you?

  • Learn precisely how much protein you need to build muscle or get lean and why most people screw this up and make no progress in the gym, year after year.
  • Clarity and certainty knowing that you are buying the right protein product based on your goals, never needing to “try x product and hope for the best.”
  • Save hundreds never having to spend money on worthless protein supplements ever again!
  • Build muscle faster than what you thought possible by correctly timing your protein intake around your workouts. You’ll never need to guess again.
  • Learn how to use protein to make fat loss a much easier mission to accomplish.
  • Never make the same mistakes, or fall into the same traps as everybody else, by learning the latest in the practical science of protein supplementation.
  • Scientifically proven strategies (30+ peer-reviewed scientific references, see PDF at the end of the course) used by fitness models and bodybuilders that can be applied by anyone with no background in fitness or nutrition.
  • One-on-one free coaching with an experienced fitness coach (save $160 per hour).
  • Lifetime student access. You will join the family for life! (welcome aboard!!)

After taking this course, you will never look at protein the same way away. You will finally take back control of your health and fitness, and dominate in this area of your life.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you enroll in this course, the sooner you can join the army of thousands of students currently losing fat, building muscle, and feeling amazing confidence in their lives.





Brad Newton

Fitness Model Competitor | BRADNEWTON.TV

Why are 14,000+ people from 153 countries currently enrolled in my fitness courses?

I'm a fitness practitioner that practices everything I teach (add SEEKFITLIFE on Snapchat and you will see the behind the scenes for yourself)

► I'm empathetic to people that are skinny fat or just fat, because I was too. I wasn't raised in a family of "athletes." I figured everything out for myself. I'm not genetically "gifted."

► I teach practical tools backed in real science (I have a Bachelor of Science.)

► Everything I teach in my courses I have used to become a Fitness Model Competitor.

► I simplify the science and cut through the BS. I just hate people being lied to or scammed (like I was!)

► You have access to me. Always. Forever.




I was once out of shape, in and out of hospital. Sick. All-of-the-time. I've been really skinny, skinny fat, and just fat & miserable. I've experienced it all. 

I turned everything around after deciding that I wanted to trade my visits to the hospital for visits to the gym. I worked hard. Studied hard. Figured it out. And over time, transformed my body.

It changed my life. I launched my website. I started filming courses and this started my passion to pay it forward to others. I'm addicted to helping people like you... I think because I had to learn everything the hard way (trial and error.)

► I applied for a Ninja Warrior TV Show

► I earned 1st place in two divisions for fitness modelling

► I am competing in the National and World Fitness Model Titles in June 2017




I wasn't kidding about Snapchat. You will get to see the behind the scenes of how I prepare for fitness model contests. How I meal plan. What I think and feel. And you can question anything and everything I do. Ask me anything!