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The Complete Video Editing Course With Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Masuk Sarker Batista, Best Selling Instructor

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39 Videos (2h 20m)
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    • Get Final Cut Pro X 30-Days Free Trial

    • Final Cut Pro X Software Interface Overview

    • Import Media Files In Library

    • Create Project & Add Media In Timeline

    • What is Audio / Video SKIMMING In Final Cut Pro X

    • Use Of POSITION TOOL In Final Cut Pro X

    • Use Of RANGE SELECTION TOOL In Final Cut Pro X

    • Use Of ZOOM Tool In Final Cut Pro X

    • Split & Delete Unwanted Portion Of The Video

    • How To Add Text In Video

    • Add Custom Effects In The Text

    • Add Different Types of Transitions in Video

    • How To Flip Or Mirror Video Horizontally

    • How To Zoom In And Out Slowly

    • How to Speed Up & Slow Down Video Speed

    • How To Reverse Any Video Clip

    • Working With Color Grading

    • Add Watermark Of Your Video

    • Still Image Capture From The Video

    • Blur Out Any Confidential Info / Logo Or Watermark From Video

    • How To Stabilize Shaky Video Footage

    • Add Video Effects [ Aged Film Effect ]

    • Add Video Effects [ Random Effects ]

    • Copy Individual Effects / Filters From One Clip To Another

    • Use Of Transform/Crop Tool To Add Cool Effects In Video

    • How To Make Lower Thirds

    • How To DETACH / REMOVE Audio From Any Video

    • Add Background Music In Video

    • How To Fade out Audio In Final Cut Pro X

    • Convert Video To Audio MP3

    • How To Record Narration (Voice Over)

    • Remove Background Noise From Video

    • Remove Green Screen & Add New Background

    • Make Your Videos Look Like A Hollywood Film

    • Create A Photo Slideshow Video From Sketch

    • How To Clone Yourself Like A Boss

    • Render Your Final Edited Video - Final Output

    • Conclusion + BONUS


About This Class

The Complete Video Editing Course With Final Cut Pro X 10.3 | Udemy

Get started with Final Cut Pro X today and start learning video editing LIKE A BOSS.

This course is a course of complete video editing with Final Cut Pro X.  It will take you from the very beginning to advance video editor. Open Final Cut Pro X video editing software and learn the various panel windows to edit clips together, audio work, color correction, creating titles, advanced video editing technique, exporting and much more! It will take you from the very beginning to advance. I personally use Final Cut Pro X for my video editing because it is easy & fast with a user-friendly interface. There is no complexity like Adobe After Effects, Premiere software.

Why would you need this?

  1. Final Cut Pro X is powerful, easy to use and user-friendly video editing software. It will become handy to know how to work with it.
  2. Make Fantastic Videos for School, Office, Home, Work, Sales, Shows – Suitable For All Industries.
  3. I will talk about everything you need to know in order for you to make your video unique.
  4. I will talk about everything you need to know in order for you to make your video professional.
  5. Express Your Creativity.
  6. Deliver Your Message with The World.

My Promise to You

I'm a full-time video editor and online teacher. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. I will answer your questions.

I Hope you're enjoying the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm always here to help you to achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

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Masuk Sarker Batista

Best Selling Instructor

I am Masuk Sarker Batista from in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the owner of MSB Production & Main Author of Online Earning King Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interests. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month from online.

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