The Complete Vegan Bodybuilding Course | Brad Newton | Skillshare

The Complete Vegan Bodybuilding Course

Brad Newton, Fitness Vlogger |

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14 Videos (2h 5m)
    • Introduction To The Vegan World

    • What Is Protein & Why Is It Important?

    • Misconception #1: Vegetables Provide Enough Protein For Muscle Growth

    • Misconception #2: All Protein Is Created Equal

    • What Whole Food Sources Of Protein Can Vegan's Eat

    • An Introduction To Weight Lifting for Vegans

    • Introduction To Meal Planning For Vegans

    • Step 1. How To Calculate Target Calories (Build Muscle Or Cut Fat)

    • Step 2A. How To Calculate Macros For Building Muscle (Bulking or Toning)

    • Step 2B. How To Calculate Macros For Losing Fat (Shredding!)

    • Step 3. Determining Meal Frequency (Portion sizes, etc)

    • Step 4. Selecting Plant-Based Food For Meal Planning

    • Step 5. Using A Meal Plan To Build Your Body

    • Final Words


About This Class

There is no other online vegan course out there designed specifically for VEGANS wanting to learn how to build a great physique eating a plant-based diet.

This course is for you if you are...

  • Currently a vegan wanting to learn how to lose fat and build muscle
  • Wanting to learn the practical science behind where to get your protein from (BIG one!)
  • Wanting to switch to vegan, but worried about getting skinny and scrawny.

The course breaks down like this:

  • Looking at common misconceptions about vegan dieting
  • Learning the best sources of plant-based protein (based in science)
  • Introduction to weight training
  • Access to download all training PDF guides for free (download section)
  • Be given a 5-step action plan to follow to help you to either cut fat or build muscle.


Take this course and I will see you on the inside!





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Brad Newton

Fitness Vlogger |

Hey Everyone! Brad here.

I create fitness video courses to help you get into shape and travel vlogs to inspire your next travel adventure.

I have also won multiple fitness model/ bodybuilding competitions under a drug-tested steroid-free Federation. I’ve also helped thousands of people get into shape with my digital fitness courses.

I am also passionate about flying planes, drones, cinematography, and visual storytelling.

To read more of my biography, go here...

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