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The Complete Twitter Marketing for your Business

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Why Twitter and how it can help your business growth

    • 2. Choosing the best username or twitter handle

    • 3. 4 tips to choose your twitter handle

    • 4. Creating a Twitter account

    • 5. Creating an Outstanding Twitter profile page

    • 6. Adding your Profile and Header Photo

    • 7. Writing an optimized Twitter bio

    • 8. Pin the most important tweet for your audience

    • 9. Connecting with other influencers

    • 10. Twitter hashtags

    • 11. Growing your Twitter presence with Jooicer

    • 12. Add Twitter Buttons to your Website

    • 13. Add Twitter widgets to your website

    • 14. Twitter Ads: Creating Your Ads Account and Campaign

    • 15. Twitter Ads: Adding your Payment Method

    • 16. Twitter Ads: Creating other Twitter ads

    • 17. Twitter Ads: Promoting a Tweet

    • 18. Your Final Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the "The Complete Twitter Marketing for Business"

In this class, you will learn how to dominate Twitter, using all the power of Twitter to increase sales and grow your brand and company all over the world.

This class is for beginners and intermediate users, we'll discuss how to optimize your account, how to create Twitter Ads and much more!

Let's start the class right now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile!

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Why Twitter and how it can help your business growth: Hey, guys, Welcome to these Twitter Mother here on the digital marketing masterclass cars Here we are ready to take your business to the next level using Twitter. I'll show you how to use the power of Twitter. How to optimize your profile in order to reach more people on Dr People, from Twitter to your website to your own line store to your company. That's the goal here. Why we should consider Twitter, while we should invest time and energy on creating your presence, the present off your company and Twitter. Basically, here I am looking to some statistics on I see here that right now to either have more than 328 million active users, so 328 million people are using to your every day. We have a total off 500 million tweets per day, 80%. It's important and we'll talk about these outs on this model 80% off the users. The Twitter users are accessing on a mobile phone, so they are using a smartphone or a smartphone or a tablet in order toe see toe accident, Twitter website or Twitter up on. I'll show you also here on this model. How toe Use that on your advantage. Have to optimize your tweets for mobile. Also, I will show you how to optimize your profile, how to drive people to your website on especially. I'll show you how to grow your Twitter presence. The number of followers exponentially with a software that you can configure once on the software works. 24 7 for you. For your account. Growing your account. Having new followers publishing for you All that is coming also here on this model. Okay, I'm ready. Let's start these right now. 2. Choosing the best username or twitter handle: Hey, guys will Welcome to this video now is the time to choose the absolute perfect Twitter handle for your account. Okay, if you already have a twitter handle what? These videos these Lecter, Because maybe you can consider changing if you are not 100% happy with the one you have. So the Twitter handle is basically your use her name on Twitter, and it's important because it's the specific use turning the handle that you use when you promote on any social networks. When you are talking with your audience by email or videos, you can say, Hey, guys, follow me. Follow me on Twitter at on you say your user name, you say your twitter handle. Let me give you some examples and how you can make sure that you are having the absolute best handled for your account. Here. We're on my Twitter page, for example, on you see here my name. This is the account name. If you have a company on a Twitter account for your company, these can be your company named, for example, and below that immediately we see my Twitter handle what which in this case, is really a good Avila. Why is really gonna villain? Why is not only d'avola villa, which is my name? Basically because mining was already taken, we have thousands millions of users using Twitter every day. So it's very difficult to find up so that they want that you like. So sometimes when we are finding when we are creating account units and invest some time to find the perfect twitter handle. So how do you decide what to put on your handle? Basically, if you have a company name, like on this case, for example, we have health is primary. You can use your company main us your twitter handle. In this case, these guys are like this guy are likely because they have actually the same company. Name is the one that they have on their twitter handle. So the Twitter handle is at Health East Primary. Next, we have Amazon, for example, off course Amazon half at Amazon. The Twitter handle, because they are a huge company and they have probably sort of some advantages when choosing they handle. Next, we have cause gator, for example, again using the company name. Next we have our one MBA, which is on account about NBA's on here. You see that they are using the underscore on their handle because probably arm on MBA altogether was already taken. So you can do this is more variations when you are using your usually So this is the these examples I gave you are for company names. So if you are creating an account for your company, think about what I mean. You need to think you need to create something easy, especially easier for your followers to remember, because when they are here on Twitter, if they remember your user name, if he's easy to remember, it is easy for them to find because they can just come here on the search box uncertain for your specific account or your yusor. Okay, if you are using your name, like in my case, for example, you can try or off course the first time. I will be for your name on my case. I will try the at Diego Davila and see if he's available. If it's not, you can add another word for a simple my case. I use really ago Davila because that waas available so you can do any combinations between that, you can try, for example, de Davila or the villa de any combinations that that you think will be easier for your followers to remember when they are ready to obesity You here on Twitter Here we have something more famous people. For example, Neymar Neymar Jr. It's, Ah, Brazilian soccer player. You see the handle? Maybes Neymar Jr Neymar Neymar Jr. Very easy to remember Barack Obama. We have bar at Barack Obama. Also very easy to remember. And you see that the account is verify and we will talk about that later. How you can get your account verify here on these model. So you see, they okay, sign here, the blue mark saying that Hey, this a tone is very final. This is really important when you because people will know that this account is actually for you. So if we search here for Barack Obama Barack Obama, let's hear Barack Obama. We'll find more than one account on having your account. Verify if the the best way to tell to your customers to your followers. But this Easter right account, this is the reality. You This is your real business. So when I come here, I If I don't see the verify sign here. I will say OK, Barack Obama Barack Obama official You know Barack Obama Barack Obama underscore bar another Barack Obama account. So how do you know which one is the right one? You know, because you see the very fight batch here I can say, Hey, this is the rial account so I can come here and just follow these account game. So this is how you choose your user name in the next video. We'll create your account and we will actually enter the use her name on the form. So for now, think about some combinations. Some use earnings that you can use for your personal or your business Twitter account on the the next video. We'll try that will bury five that's available or not, and we will have that secure for you forever. So your your user can find you very, very easily before we go. Something really important is a good idea to have the same use earning in all or most off your social media accounts. So if you have a Facebook account, if you have a YOUTUBE channel, if you have a periscope on instagram account, a Pinterest account is a good idea to have the same account in the same handle, the same user name in all your accounts. For example. In my case, I am really Tiago Davila in all my social media, if you go to YouTube same, you can find me on really Ebola villa on Facebook, on YouTube, on instagram, on Twitter, in all the counts. So that's easier for you when you are ready to promote that handle to your audience. Because you can say, Hey, guys, follow me in all the social media it's at really Tiago Davila. So just look for that really gonna be like any of the social media and follow me there. Okay, so that's another tip that we will explore now in the next video. When we create your account, see, there 3. 4 tips to choose your twitter handle: some important tips toe think about when we are choosing your new Twitter handle are these . The Twitter handle needs to be half a maximum off 15 characters, so you need to think about that. If you have a large name, but you want to use as a twitter handle, remember that you can use only 15 characters. Also, my suggestion is to use something that is relevant with your company or with your brand. You can use your company. Name your product name. If you have a great product that that your customers love and you want to promote that product on Twitter, you can use like your brother, your product name or your company name on this case. Also trying no to use underscores because underscores are difficult to remember. If you say to you, remember that the the good thing about the Twitter handle is that we will promote your audience to your out and saying, Hey, follow me on Twitter on these handle. This is my Twitter handle, so if you add an underscore, it is difficult to remember. Sometimes people won't remember if you have or not happen another score. So if you don't have it is easier for them to go to Twitter and start following you. Also, I recommend to not use numbers on the Twitter handle because you view if I use, for example, in this case, my name Diego Davila. My tutor handle is at Rio de Ayala. Vilify used Hugo Davila 123 or Diego Avila. I don't know, 20. I mean, people won't know if I am the really the Greeneville. If you go to if they are searching for me on Twitter and they find a Twitter handle called at Diego Davila and they find another one called at Diego Davila, 20 they will think that the official one East the wonder half that don't have the number of people can also get confused with numbers. So that's why I recommend you to use only regular characters in the only letters, not numbers on your Twitter handle. 4. Creating a Twitter account: Okay, guys, it's time to create your new Twitter account he wear on twitter dot com. You can go there, or if you want the directly you can go to twitter dot com slash Sign up. So we're here to their dot com. Quick, we click on sign up here at the top, and here we are ready to start creating your account. Here. You can enter your name or your company named. Remember that if you are creating an account for your company, your business, you can enter the name off the company here or the name off the product if you are creating a Twitter account for your brother. Okay. So in this case, I'll created one form a company at mine. Is any off the company? You see that Twitter is showing me that the name is okay. So visually we can see that they accept this information. We can enter the Emma or Emma or phone number with me. Enter my email. Now we enter the password. Let me see here. Excellent. I recommend you to use a very strong pass where he remembered that you will have thousands of people following you on Twitter following you your company, and it's good to have a strong password to avoid that. Some people may be sometimes, you know, people want to steal your account on with a strong password. You see, here, this is the strong, the bar saying house thrown your password. So if I remove some, you will see that the bar changes. Let me do it again. Excellent. So you need to make sure you have a strong password. Let's go and click on. Sign up is creating an account now to either ask you for your phone number. You can escape this verification if you want this a good a good thing to have because you can secure your account in case something happened with your account. You can recover your password using your phone number, but for me, I will skip these for now. If you enter your number here, you can change your country. You'll receive a text message from Twitter with a code, and you need to enter that Go in the next section here. So very five that this is the right in number for me. I'll skip these for now. Okay. Next we have the user me remembering the last video would talk about the use earning. What are the best practice is to find the perfect use earning for you and for your company . So in this case, I will try at mine, which is the name of a company. And I'll see if that's available. You see that Twitter already give me is giving me some suggestions based on my email address. Okay, so let me try here up. Mine at mine is already taken, so these wouldn't work for me. I can add a variation here at mine courses, for example. Yes, that's available. You see here the check mark saying it's OK. These Twitter handle is available and its unique nobody on the Twitter war. Half these handle yet on. I'll be the owner off this handled for now. So you need to come here. Remember all the tips that we talk about the last video on. Try your use earning. Try until you find the perfect user name. I know sometimes it is difficult to find because we have more millions off people on Twitter already. But spend some time here tryingto finding to find the best use earning for you and for your pieces. Okay, so I'll use this one for now. Let's click on next. Just the user name. Okay. Wonderful. That's it. Click on. Let's go on. Now, Twitter will ask me for some specific information about me so they will know. What are my interested on? I they can show me at. They can show me news on my knee. Oma Twitter, new feet and all that. So let me select. Click on. Continue for for now. I will skip these escape. No, thanks there. And they asked me to import make contacts. Follow these 50. I can follow these people. If I won, you can select or remove people from here. Let me remove all and click. Continue. I don't want to follow these people yet and they're saying never miss a to it notification by turning your browser on. So if you turn this on, that means that your browser you are using Google Chrome safari or any browser they will send you notifications. When you have some actions happening on Twitter, I'll say no for now. But it's up to you. You can say yes if you want to be notified. Okay, here we are own or account. Let me skip all these on the in the next video. We'll continue setting at this account. Continue customizing these toe. Make sure these looks super professional for you. For your business to make sure that when your followers are right here on your page, they say, Wow, this is great. I want to follow this company. I want to follow this person. Okay, so let's do that in the next video to you there. 5. Creating an Outstanding Twitter profile page: Okay, guys, welcome to these new video to these new lecture here on the course. And now we are ready to talk about all the important points off your Twitter profile page and why this is important. Why wouldn't invest time toe, make it look outstanding? Because here is where your followers will come. This is what they will land after they find you on Twitter. And we need to make sure this is super optimized. So they click on the follow bottom, they start being your followers. They will. They will say yes. I want to receive news. I want to receive to its off this company off this person. Okay, So before we talk about that, let me tell you that in the last video we created your Twitter account. And now it's time to confirm the email. You will receive an email from Twitter saying Hey, confirm your account. Here we are. This is the email. Confirm your Twitter account up mine, which is the name off my account on all went into the clinic here is to click on the confirmed bottom. So let me go here and paste because I am an incognito window. I need to paste the link here. Okay, here we are. Your email address temp at deauville avila dot com have already being confirmed. So that's wonderful. We are ready to continue with the cars. So now let me talk about very quick about your profile and why this is important. This is I will show you some examples. Here. We have the you Jimmy profile. We have a profile image here, which is the main image will you have on your profile? This is the first impression your customers have for you. So you I recommend you in the next video will choose the best image for you. I'll show you how to get free royalty for images to use even commercially. That you can use for free on is especially here on year to their profile. So we have the image we have. Your logo or your picture will also talk about that later. Here on the model we have year your name, the company name, and we have your twitter handle. We have the description. I'll show you why this is important. How we can use the description on your advantage when we're talking about driving traffic to your website. We have the location. The website on all that in here. Next, let me show you the teachable one. Teach all is a platform where you can post courses. You see here everything is teachable. This is the message off the company. They are very, very a greater sign. I think great funds on great callers that they are using. They use their lower here. They have their message on this Ira, the website del occassion. Everything they know they want the customer to know is here for the customer. You see how many tweets harmony following for lowers and likes also we have cause gator holes. Gator changed their e much, very frequently. You see that? They have like a funny I don't know, party style image right now here on their profile. You see here east the specific photo, the specific log off the company week, which is the gator. We have the horse gate or name to handle the description, the website, all that in here. So in the next videos will make sure that your Twitter profile looks something like these substances that is super professional. That the goal here, guys, is that when your customers go to your profile. They say, Yes, I want to follow this company and they just click on the follow. But that's a go on. To achieve that. We need to tweak some stuff here on your profile. We need to optimize it to make sure you're using in the right way. Okay, we will start doing that in the next video. See there. 6. Adding your Profile and Header Photo: Hey, guys, Welcome to the selector. Now we're ready to start customizing your profile and making sure that your profile looks something like this Looks very professional on appealing to your customers toe the people that follow your company and your products. Okay, so let's so that Reina will start by creating on optimized profile image, which is this image on the top off the page. Also, we will talk about and we will update your local. You're your account image. Okay, so here we're on the count. This is that can we just created at mind courses? This is the Twitter handle issue. Remember, On the first step we do is to go here on these suspects in this icon, which is your account, and click on profile. So we will see your profile on. Once you are here, you can click on edit profile. This this page can change over time because tweeter change the interface very often, like Facebook on YouTube. So if you don't see these exact Easter for interface, don't worry. All you need to do is come here, click on profile and find the bottom word say's added profile, which is on this case is here. So let's click on that. And you see that the system allow me allows me. Now, toe change that The page name to write a by your location, toe, enter my website and all that on here. But now in this video will at your header photo on your profile for Okay, So how do we add that all we need to do is click on the glass here and find the photo? You can a blow the photo from your computer. But how do you find your before? I mean, maybe you don't have a great for that. You want to add in here something like these, Or maybe something like these. You don't have that right now. And you need that. So where do you find these? Great for us. In this course later, I have a complete guide showing you how to find the absolute best royalty free images professional for us that you can use on your projects on. The good thing is that you can use it even commercially. Okay, But now now I will show you three off my favorite websites that you can start using right now. The 1st 1 is back cells dot com. You see, this is how it spells Baksaas dot com on This is amazing. You will see here great for us about almost everything. So all you need to do is you can come here on the search box, insert for the photo that you want. The 2nd 1 east unspool ash dot com This is how this the address spells so unspool ash dot com. Great for us also, and a splash is a super professional website where people share amazing for us, and we have the last option that the third website that is also my favorite piece, pigs be dot com. Okay, same thing here. You concert for the images. Let's go toe beg salon. Let me show you one off the images. Let's click on this one from the mountains. So here on the right, you can see the license on this case is Sisi old license. That means it's free for personal uncommercial years. No attribution require. That means that you can use these images, but in particular for free, even for commercial goes. If you want to add these on your page, if you want to create at with these If you want to add on your book on all that, you can do that off course. I am not a lawyer, so I recommended to go here on the Learn More about the license. Click on here, read the whole license and make sure that you are. You agree with all the terms before you use the's on your on your marketing on your business. OK, so let's search for something because we have an account. We're great. An account here that will be about courses, online courses at mind courses. I will start something related to that. Let's say the rule set for study and see what comes up. Let's see. I like this one here. Lets use thes one just for now on again. I confirmed that the licenses cco license Freeport for personal and commercial years. If I go here to the free download arrow pointing down, I have all the options I can choose the size that I want. Okay, So in this case, I will just large because some better quality image and it's downloading here right now. So that's great. Let me put this on my desk talk. Go back here to my profile on Twitter. Click on Ablow. Photo on. Let me find the much Here, here we are. Open. Okay. He's here on the system now. Off course I can customize thes I can change the size. I can make it bigger. I can attacks on here and all that. But I will make it to In order to make it easier for you, I will just upload and say Apply on here. Okay, let's see supplying You can reposition. You can scale with the stools on. Also, let me tell you one more thing that I using all their accounts that I have here on Twitter and also on other social media. One option that is a good idea is toe app. Your website you are on here, for example, If we go toe teachable, they don't have the URL because they are very famous. Everybody knows teachable, not everybody But most people that are looking for that are online. Course creators know teachable, so they have their message here. So they said everything is teachable. This is great, because is the message that they want to show to their out. And this is their mission. They they're sharing that with you. So if if you want one option can be toe adhere. Your mission, I mean to three words that can inspire your audience and can come can help them toe actually follow you on Twitter. Or also you can add your website or my case. For example, if I ive you go to my YouTube channel, you'll see that I have there on my YouTube channel Main image. I have my website, d'avola villa dot com and I have a phrase saying amazing courses for amazing people. Okay, that's my message. I create courses for you that are amazing. I all my scenes are amazing people that want to grow their company, their businesses. So I'm very excited about that. And I you write that I wrote that on my cover e much on my YouTube channel, for example. So you can do that here if you want. Okay. This is how you do it. You can add your profile photo now in the same way, all you need to do is click. Here are blow photo. Let me find one for off me. Here. Let's use this one. I mean, it's not high quality, but I'll use it for now. You can reposition. You can change their You consume insult out if you want. Let me apply these for now. Excellent. So now you see that I have the main image here, and I have the profile picture. One thing I want to tell you before I go about this sort. The profile picture here, you can add if you're creating a page for you. Okay. If you use your name, you as a person. You, us a brand. You can use your four off course, but if you have your company name here on the page, I recommend you to use something that helps your customers to identify your company. I mean, if they are your clients, probably they already saw your logo over the Internet. Okay, maybe on an email that you send maybe on a probably purchased so you can use your logo here if you want. If you're logo doesn't fit here on a very properly, because it's a circle you know you can contact, you can contract at the signer or somebody that can help you to create a circle that can help you to create even a square that you can use here on this area. A portion off your lawyer or something like that. Something. The goal here, guys, is that when your customers see this image on their tweeter newsfeed they identified that is coming from you. OK, so this, for example, if I go here unteachable on the Twitter news feed, you see that they have the east This image here, the prophet image is showing all the tweets that they create all the post that they will create a lifetime will show their name here. Okay, They're counting on also the profile image. That's why this is so important. I use on my personal page I use my for why? Because people know me people, I are used to watch my videos. People watch me on their small screens on the phone, on the laptops on they know my face. That's why I use my photo here. All my personal peach. OK, but if you have a company, feel free to use your specifically Lago because these Asai told you will show in all year too. It's for now on. Okay, Off course, when you change, you can change this at any time by going here toe your account on the top right hand side and click on settings and privacy or click on profile. You can change all the data that we're creating heat on this video. Okay, I hope you complete this before going to the next video. Go to these websites. Gope Goto excels dot com goto under splash that khan and go toe pics Obey that confined gray images for your Twitter cover. I think I will even change these for the next lecture, I will find another image that it's more optimized and I will up they here for the next video. Okay, See you in the next video ice. 7. Writing an optimized Twitter bio: Hey, guys, welcome to this video. Now here we are all ready to write on outstanding bio for your Twitter profile. The bio. It's one small text, 160 characters. Is the limit off Twitter for the bio. Then we can write something about your company. You can write your mission statement, your vision for the company. You can write a specific messages for your audience. The goal here, guys, is basically to let your audience know a leader did more about you in 160 character or less . That's the goal. So it need to be a quick message that goes straight to the heart off year customers. So they will read that and they will say Yes. Let's follow this company. Let's follow these Guidice girls. Okay, so that's a goal on this case. My message for my bio. I have amazing courses. Formation People visit this website here to access stops, tried t tops starches to grow your own lane business. Another thing that you need to remember and this is good. Your light is you can add links on your bio. You can add hash tax on your bio on. You can add other Twitter handles on your bio. That means that here on my personal page, I can add a Twitter handle pointing to my company page okay or the other way around. So basically, I can drive people from my personal page to my company page on from my company page to my personal page so I can add any off that information here on the bio. And we'll do a really example here in one minute. Before we do that, let me show you here and you to me, for example. They have a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. So this is the main thing off the company. If you don't know your enemy and I tell you that your enemies a global marketplace for learning on teaching online, you will say Okay, now I know what the enemy is. So that's the goal off the bio. People don't know you people don't know your company. So you are layer. You are telling them a little more about you hear on the bio also, he said, they said, meet support. We're happy to help at you, Timmy support. So see, here they are adding another twitter handle which is another Twitter profile which is only for your Ammi support. Okay, so that way they are driving people to their support website unteachable. They're saying create and sale if you don't know anything about about teachable and your these create and sell beautiful online courses. Wow. Great. So looks like teachable is a place where I can create and I can sell online courses that are beautiful. So that's great in this is small space. In this more phrase, they share the goal off the company. So that's what you need to think about you. About your company, about your products, I think. What the best phrase to share with your audience your goals on what your company is about. Okay? What? Your services your products are about and you will do that here on the space. If we go Toho skaters see? Here we are. We are awaiting Provided off West whore posting Reselling Hosting VPs hosting unmedicated service for support. Contact this website here. Okay, so this is called skater. Let's go to our website and do that right now. Here we are on or test the test a counter we're creating on Twitter. So in order to add it that we can click on edit profile If you don't see here, you can go here to your account Goto profile and in here click on edit Profile and you know , you see that the system allow us to change all these fields on the 2nd 1 Here is bio So let me I have a pre written bio here saying the best digital marketing course collection. Learn the best strategies to grow your business and you see that after that I enter by really Diego Davila, which is my handle. I and I entered this in purpose to show you that you can add your handle here if you want on also, I can add my work. My website, for example. We sit us at Diego Davila dot com. I can do that too if I want. So I am driving people to my Twitter handle and also I am driving people to my website. Okay, remember that east not mandatory to enter your website here. Usually when I teach when every time and teaching all digital marketing for other social media platform bicep, always at your website on the bio, because the most places you have your website. The better on this case is that the same rule applies here. But the thing is that on Twitter we have the website field here below that they below the bio. So if we go here for two Haas cater for example we have the bio here and we have the website. If we go to you to me we have the bio and we have the website. That's why on Twitter, maybe that depends off you. You can add the website here on the bio on our son here. I mean the most. That's my my my ruled the most places where you can place your website Europe the better. I mean, you have bag links going to school. You have you that will help it to grow organically on Google results and all that. But that's up to you on this case. Because just because they are very close to each other here on your profile page. Okay, I will add it for now. I will leave it, ladies. After that, we have the other fields. One left thing before we move forward. Think about keyword. Also, keywords are specific ward that people search on go where people such on Twitter, where people the people used to search for for information on the Internet. I'm not saying that if you use your key words here that you'll rank higher on Google or on Twitter or anything like that. I'm not saying that, but it's always important toe at your keywords if you have the chance. Okay, if you have the chance at the key words here on the profile on this case, the keywords change business to business on this case. My business is creating online courses and teaching amazing people like you how to grow their business online. So here we have some keywords. For example, digital marketing is secure. These don't mark in court marketing course is a phrase a keyword phrase that people can use to search on the Internet. So basically, my clients, I need toe put myself in my client's place on. I need to imagine that they go to school and they want to find my products and services. What do they type on Gore to find my courses, For example, they will they will tie probably Facebook courses to intercourse is, or maybe digital marketing courses, which is this case, right? So that's why I add this key. We're here also here. The bestest tried to grow your business, for example, is another key word that my customers type or maybe grow your own line business. That's another one. It's a different keyword. The keyword phrase, right? So think about that, too. Don't don't worry too much about the keywords on this case, but it is recommended to have it if it's if possible. But the most important here think here, guys on the buyer is not the cures. The most important thing is to share a phrase with your audience that go straight to the heart off your client that they learn. They read that and they said, Yes, I want to follow this company That's ago. Okay, When you are done with these happy, you can change it anytime. So don't worry about it. You can come here and choose your location. You can choose the city that you that you leave the city where your company's based on all that. After that, you can enter your website and beast. Yes, is super important. I recommend you toe enter your website here because this is the way that you are saying to tell him to your audience that if they want to learn more about you about your products or services that they want to be your clients, they can go to this link on. This is a link that you forward you can also hear. This is a good strategy so you can create a landing page and at the linker landing to page here. So when they click on here, they will be able to share with you their name and email in exchange for something for free elite magnet, a free gift that you are giving to them. It can be a pdf, a report, Ah, free video series or something like that. And by doing that, you are not only collecting, I mean you are. You are not only collecting their information. You're also adding value to your to these potential customer on establishing a relationship with these customers. And that's important because later, when they are ready to buy your products and services, they already know you there rain or your company. They trust you because you are right deliver value to them. So that's all good. Okay, enter your website here on the last option is your birthday. If he's your personal page off course, you can enter your birthday Or if he's your company, you can enter the come the date where that you found the company. If you click on this is more icon next to the date box, you can see public my followers people I follow on all that. So these are the restriction who can see your birthday? If you say public, everybody can see or you can choose only to show these to your followers or only two people that you follow or you can keep it only to you. Okay, that's up to you. I'll say public, Let me go to February 3rd. Lets say cure like 60 for example. Okay, wonderful. That's it is ready. It's all good. Now we're ready to save changes. Click on save changes. Here we see the amazing image, the profile image. We we see that the buyer description here with the canda that the website we see the location where make my companies or website the date that we joined the foundation off the company on the data. We joined the Twitter. There were the data. We created this Twitter account. OK, in the next video we'll continue with more more strikers about Twitter. So I hope to see you in the next video on Unhappy to see that you are taking action. You are watching at the up to the end off this video. That's amazing. That means that you are a serious and Trepp inner and you are serious on growing your company online. See you in the next video. 8. Pin the most important tweet for your audience: Hey, guys, welcome to these new Lecter. Now, in this lecture, I'll show you how to put on how toe warranty that all your followers see one off your most important information. So if you have information that you want to share with them and you pose as a in a twitter in a regular post, let me show you here. Usually you pose here and they receive more and more notifications. So they pose that you create. It goes down on the timeline, especially when you are very regular posting. You post new topics every day, every two days, new tweets on the important stuff. If you have one tweet that is very important, you want to keep on the ICT off your audience for a long time, it will go down on the timeline, so we'll be difficult toe find later to solve that we can bean opposed. And I'll show you how to paint your tweet very easily right now. So here we are on day on or account. We have everything here and now it's time to create a new to it. This is one that I just brought saying If you are new here, police follow our please follow us in all these channels. So you can you the miss any updates or promotion, you can add your channels. So I add in this case my Facebook page just for testing and to show you how you can use it on your advantage. So here, I mean, they I I post these tweets and now we can bean these to make sure that this pose will be all it will always be at the top off your timeline Doesn't matter if you have a lot on a lot off post load a lot. A lot off tweets on your account over time. If you bean want to it as I did with this one. For example, in my main account, you see here pain to it on it has the bean icon, So that means that not doesn't matter what time you my users camp toe my account every time they come. The first tweet that they will see is the one that has been on. This is a powerful tool because you can use this on your advantage. How do you use it on this case? For example, you see that I wrote about my other platforms. So if I want to invite everyone that is new to my Twitter account or even people that are not new but are not following me on other social media platforms, I can drive them with disposed toe any other platforms. So in this case, I am driving them to my YouTube channel. Okay, so every time somebody comes here, they will see these and they worked leak on. Go to my other channels on this case to my Facebook group. So how do I want it that this is at the top? I need to paint the to it. I go here on more and I click on keen to your profile Page on. Twitter is asking me. This will replace the Preval previously pain to it. Are you sure these you'll see, in case you already have some. Simply nice l Yes, I'm sure. And now this is up in to it. So if I refresh this you see here that we have the bean, I can hear any sane being to it. So basically, right now, if I create a new tweet, that's the new tweet will go below this one. That is the pain one. Okay, so how do you use this? You can use these. For example, if you have a new product, If you are launching a new product, you can add information about your product telling your audience about it on being the post there with a video with pictures is very important to have pictures and videos on your post because people are available, people off tow watch videos on bond. Look to pictures. You know, people like more Engagement goes app when you have multimedia materials on your posts. Okay, so pose there. You can are supposed to landing pages for clients. I always suggest when they when they said to me my goal is to start building my email. So if that you go to you can create a landing page and you can post the link your landing pitch here with your headline, you can say, Hey, I learn how to create a website in eight minutes for free. Here is the link. OK, so if they click their I mean is a call to action. You can add call to actions there. You can add links you there is no limit off the use that you can you can have for the teen to it. And this is powerful again because this will be there doesn't make forever until you remove it basically. So if you want to remove a pin to it, you can just come here to more and click on an pain for from page profile, okay? Or basically, if you don't want to, that you can just select another peen another tweet on. Just click on teen to your page profile. And by doing that, the system will ask you if you are sure you say yes on by doing that, you will see the new one here, so think about it is not enough. My goal here is, you know is to make sure you get the results. So probably the bean s strategy that you learn this video. You already knew that because that's very I mean, every social media platform, half this distal this option. But the thing that I want you to think about is how you how are you going to use this on your marketing? Your advantage. So my my goal is for you to have a real results. So I invite you that by the end of this video. You don't do the job. You don't just jump to the next lecture. You stop now, After this video is done on, you take action. So basically, go to your profile page, create a new to it Doesn't matter. I mean, if it's a landing page, if it's just something sharing your web site or anything like that, you need to have by the end of this video one to eat bean to your account. That's the goal on you'll see how this will help you on your marketing over time because you will see people clicking on your links. Everybody that comes to your page that is new or everybody that is already your subscriber . They come to your profile and they will see European. You will call the attention off your followers. Okay, So I hope you like this is trying to think about these plan how you are going to use this great. Our landing page drive people to your website to your YouTube channel. Doesn't matter. Just make sure you always always, always have a pin to it. Here on your profile. Okay. See you in the next video. 9. Connecting with other influencers: it's very important to connect with other influence or some Twitter, and you do that by coming here to the top and searching for the name off the influencer or the company. In this case, let's say you to me because we haven't calling course related profile here. We can predict, for example, for you, Jimmy, or we can follow people that are related with online course creation. That's important simply because you will establish a relationship with these companies with these people that are in the same niche that you are. They have audience already. In this case, you enemy have. Let's see here 130 k followers. They already have an audience that is interested on the things that you also are sharing. So by creating a relationship, you follow these people, these companies, they will follow you back, probably on your list. There is a relationship next day, probably. You create a new tweet and they decide to read to it year to it. And by doing that, they are basically sharing your to it. On putting that in front off all their audiences. On this case, let's say, is your enemy in front of more than 130 Que people. Okay, 130,000 people on this case. So that's why it is important to follow. So how do you decide who to follow? You know, what's the deal? How do you know exactly what's the best people, the best company to follow? My suggestion is start which the companies that on the people that you already know, probably if you have a business. If you have. Even if you have just a personal page on Twitter and you want to grow that you want to grow your audience, you need to follow people that have the same goal you have in this case. For example, again, if we are in a profile that this work is talking about our online courses or digital marketing, for example, I will follow people. I will follow companies that I related with that I concert, even for the key word here. For example, digital marketing. Let's see here, and we will have some suggestions here. We can go to people and we see profiles basically that are related with digital marketing that I can follow in this case, So it's important to follow on also is important not to follow people that are not in line with your goal with your company, for example, if you want. Maybe. I mean, it depends off you my suggestion. I personally don't try. Don't to follow people that are profiles that I related with politics or religion or something that separate my audience. I want to follow only people profiles and companies that are that are bringing more people to my out on that andare sharing a message that house my company have some Only out is to grow together, you know, toe to unite my my followers instead off separate them. Do you know what I mean? I hope so. That's the idea. Guys, I hope you, uh you start following people. You search for the keywords set for the people influenced, or that you already know that can that can help you to grow your hours on also one. Another important thing. He's So let's say, for example, we find these profile here digital marketing. The other thing that I want to show you that is very important is when you find a company or or a person the have a good fay. A good Twitter profile and they have a good audience. They are growing. You see, In this case, for example, they have more than 48,000 followers. The my suggestion is to come to the profile and analyzed their strategy. See how many times they are posting every day In this case, You see, this profile is posting three minutes ago, one hour ago, two hours ago, three hours ago said they pose very, very often they are very, very active, for example. So my my suggestion for you here is toe model use destroy ity that your competitors are using on through and use it on your advantage. So write down the things that you analyse here on their profile new thing that are working well because this page, for example, is a successful page. So you see how many times a post what type off tweets they're posting are the posting videos, articles, pictures, what are the most they wanted have most most like our most retweets. You can analyze all the strides off your competitors on Twitter on Use that in your advantage. There is not a recipe for success. I cannot tell you, okay, only post these times are they? How many these many times? Every hour, these many times every every every week. No, that is not a recipe for success That depends off your target artist. That depends totally off the followers on the niche that you are working with. Okay, so for your case, it's one recipe for my case is a different recipe. So go to your competitors profile and see. Analyze. Study the strike that they are using on. Try to do it yourself and see the resource. Try for a week. Try for a month after that. Sit down, analyze the results. See how many followers you gain on you can always, always, always find. Find more people that are in the same out is that you are on. Try to use their strategies to inspire yourself with the action that they are taking in order to grow your business. Okay, I hope that's exciting. I'm excited for you. I hope you are taking action. Also on I see you in the next video 10. Twitter hashtags: Hey, guys, walk into this video now it's time to talk about hash tax and how you can use it to grow your audience and engage your followers here on Twitter. Probably you already know how to use Hashtags and you know the hash that is a pound sign with a keyword specifically on actually here on the main page on my profile page. If you go to your profile page on Twitter, you will see the trends. For example, today you see here that that the HASHTAG Anderson Prime Day have is on the top of the least with more than 5800 to its using these Hashtags. Another has tax here on. Basically, the main thing here is that you can use hashtag stow categorize content number one. Also number two. You can increase the discover ability. People will find your content easy if you easier if you have ah hashtag associated with it . Most people on Twitter I want said most people, but a huge number of Twitter users come to treater on. They served for specific hashtags when they want to find something specifically this case, for example, let's say Facebook hasta Facebook marketing so if we if we start for the specific term we have here a result with all the top tweets that are using the the hashtag Facebook marketing here on the post. Okay, you see here also, we can organize that by the latest. So basically, the latest one was 20 minutes ago. This post here from these user Mel Cole media on the next one who has 24 minutes ago after that, 29 minutes ago. So you see, here is another great way outside to find companies and find competitors that you can follow on, maybe copy their stride. You can inspire yourself on their strategies and see how many how many times they pose every day. What time off content engagement off their hours and all that. Also, you can find people that are using these specific hashtag in their profile. Remember that in the bio, with the profile, we can add hashtags weaken at links so you can find people that are using the specific characters on their profile For us that have this heartache associative videos that have the specific keyword news on broadcasts, live broadcasts using periscope that are using these same hashtag so Okay, so decided advantages. Let me go back here toe my main profile. These are some off the advantage that you can use. Another thing that I always recommend to my students and my clients is that you use the hashtag to create engagement. How do you do that? Most people create a specific hag Hashtags for their audience. So, for example, if I have these page, let's say, let me go to my other page. We created this one up mine courses page. So if we have these profile on, we have audience here. We can say, Hey, guys, go to Twitter on Ask me questions with hashtag up mine courses. So everybody go to everyone that goes toe tweeter and they write a new tweet with the hashtag up mind courses with ease. On this game, I use her name. I can go here to the Twitter search and I can find these cash that so on. Other people can do the same. Do you know what I mean? You can create engagement with that because everyone that is on your area c they want to follow the conversation that is going now If they want to participate in the conversation, they can use the same hashtag that you created for your audience. How do you create a hashtag you don't actually created? You just say you started using it and you say to your audience, You ask your audience to use that every time that they want to connect with you or every time that they want to share something about your principles about what you are, the services that you provide to them, for example. Okay, So in this case, for example, if I go here and I sirtf Orloff Florida it's a very famous hashtag us. Most of you guys know that I live in so Florida. So I love Florida for us and you can see here all the results for love Florida I myself I sometimes use love Florida when hashtag hashtag love Florida when I post on Twitter or on Facebook sometimes. So this is the way that you can use the hashtag in order to create engagement with your out . He's okay. Explore that Use that also to find new competitors toe meter, their strategy and the letters tried to see what they are doing, see what is working for them and use all that for your market in order to grow it. The only thing that I want to tell you before we end this video is that is not recommended . Toe over use hashtag some people so entrepreneurs end up creating 56 hashtag x 34 has tax on each to it, and that's too much. Try to use one or two hashtag pair tweet when you need when you think it's necessary. I hope you find this helpful on. I invite you to go here to a Q and A session and share with me and with the community how you are using your hashtag share with us and we will they start a conversation about that? See you in the next video. 11. Growing your Twitter presence with Jooicer: Hey, guys, Welcome to this video. Excited to be here with you today because now I will show you one specific tool that I use to grow my followers automatically foreign 64 followers to more than 1500 followers on these on this account on using for testing. So here we are. You see, the current followers? I have. He said me, she here we are in the main account, 1588 followers. Right now, on 3.5 months ago, I had 64 4 lowers. I'll show you exactly how I did it. I use a software for that Call. Joyce. Er, eye contact Joyce her. And they gave me a special link for the students off these course so you can get a free trial. This is on a feeling link. So I made in the future. I may get a commission if you and the pain. I mean, just so I want to I want to be 100% honest with you on these, Okay? But you can feel free to go to Joyce and dot com if you want straight to their website. This is the link. Diego Davila dot com slash joy sir, with two O's, he were on the website of me rece ice my browser here. Excellent. Here we are on the website off there off the tool and you can see here. I'll show you how easy it is to use. It's not a free tool. You can use it for five days, 100% free to test it and see if you like it. After that I think they charging $9 a month for the basic plan. So you click on starts free trial. Enter your name, your email address, your password, all information. When you are ready with these, you will be forward to these screen. This is the main screen off the software and I'll show you hear exactly what I did to get these many followers automatically you see, hitting the last 30 days, I gained 310 followers. New followers, actually. And if we go here, unfortunately, this the suffer doesn't show Maurin statistics for more than 30 days. Right now, maybe when you sign up, you'll see the option to look back at the statistics. So basically, this is hard works everything happens on the model setting. So if we come here to the model settings, you see here that they have the basic models and they have the premium models. So all these models are available to you right now. My suggestion East to use the models that are only necessary to start. And you see the most that I have owned. I have on the follow the follower Private message new follower follower Follow users by keyword in bio follow uses by Cuba in treat least off hostile tweets. Clean follow up. Favorite cleanup on daily limit. So let me show you each one of these very quick to see. So you have an idea off half this how the software works. The first model is followed the followers. So basically, I set up here five accounts, five to your account. You can set up any account if you have your to do your twitter. In other language, you can choose in here, so choose five accounts on. Basically, the system will goto each off this account and will start following key followers key members for these hours. So it will go to a UTI me least of the enemy followers on will follow automatically key, specific key people that are used to follow you back. So the chances for these people to follow you back on, guy. See, you see here that this actually works because is growing very, very fast. You define here the twitter handle off the accounts on the system will do the this automatically you save on. That's it. Let's go to the next one here. The next one is private message new followers. So basically, every time you have a new follower, the system will send them a message automatically. And this is powerful because here in this first message, or you can see on this example, you can add all your specific social media. You can add your website. You can add your landing page telling you can add anything that you want on here. So this is powerful. So I am using here. You see the variables you can use name first name. So I have the first name off the person. So let's say John joined to my Twitter followers. So he will say, John, thank you so much for follow me on Twitter. Look back. I look back forward to connecting with you. You can find me all my block. This is my website on my Facebook on home. A YouTube channel. Okay, Police message me back so we can support each other. Have an amazing day. So this is just an example Message the I'm using right now for my marketing. You can add anything that you want here. This is powerful because you are also driving people. When they start following you on Twitter, you are immediately It's sending them an on automatic message saying Hey, follow me these These are all my social media so they can visit your website and follow you on older all of your social media. So that's great. So the next one east these the premium model the 1st 1 we have followed users by keyword in bio. Here we will define some keywords on the system. You see here my keywords and tripping her student instructor online cars on store. These are my keywords and the system will automatically start following people that have these keywords inside their profile. So if they are intrepid owners, if they have their work, their own company, they're if they're students, If they are instructors online course on the on the under profile. All these keywords will trigger the system, and the system will start following these people in the hope that they will follow me back . Okay, The second is follow users by key wearing tweets. So when anyone on Twitter create a tweet with specific keywords, these are the key words this system will follow. Also, these guys, these persons, because if they use specific keywords that I use, that means that they probably will be interested on my brother if I have. If I teach, for example, digital marketing on, they are posting about the marketing. They are interested on that. Probably they will be interested in taking my courses or my services the next one that I use east leased by hashtag in a tweet. Let's take a look on this. We will create at least off intrepid nurse. And this is the name off the lease on this case. I used the name top entrepreneurs, and I have the key words here. Basically, you see here the system will create a lease off upto 5000 members off the vote from Twitter that actually are using these keywords in their tweets in their profile on. That's great because when you add people to, at least you are calling them that their attention and they will probably add you on their own. Another lease or they will start following you on Twitter. This is how the system works. Here. Let's go back to the models the next one, the next one I use east for cleaning up. You have also leased by keyword some bio. You can create the same lease for people have specific keywords on their description on their buyer leased by user follower. This is the one we'll use and favorite tweets. So you have all these tools two years the cleanup to Lorraine on using one of these follow cleaner. So you see that the system will unfollow users followed by us who didn't follow you back. So you see that the system will automatically follow, uses the have specific cures. If this user don't follow you back the system that this model will clean that up so it will unfollowed that user after a few days. You see here after a field five days on this case on. By doing that, you have always a clean system. The next one is favorite Kaleena. Let's see here we Ian favorite tweets favorite by us. We wait 10 days before unfavorable. So basically they favorite son tweets. They like the tweets on. After 10 days, they, unlike the goal off the suffer here, is to call the attention off other influences off other people on Twitter, so they will start following you back. This is how works. I hope you like it. If you are interested, go to derail avila dot com slash joy sir. On you will have the chance toe sign for these specific software if you want. If you have any questions, send me your questions. I'll try to reply. They have a great support here. He's the chat, and they are very responsive there. They usually response responding a few minutes, sometimes upto on our If you have any questions, any doubt on East I really like this suffered. I just want to share with you. It's another tool that you have in order to grow your twitter automatically. See you in the next video 12. Add Twitter Buttons to your Website: Hey, guys, we're working to this video. Happy to see you here and now is the time toe. Add to either bottoms to your website. If you have a war pressed website or any other or website any other platform, I'll show you step by step. How to add this bottom so you can use your website also to grow your Twitter audience toe drive people to your twitter, your tweets toe everything that you are promoting on Twitter for on you website. So that's great and we are ready to start right now. First we need to go to one specific What page? Where we are generating a Twitter html code on that cold wall paste on your website looks difficult, but it is very easy. So let's do that right now. First we go to these you Earl, which is about dot twitter dot com slash resource is slash buttons. This is the euro. I'll add these euro on the Resources Ira. So you have in case you need to go later. You can download the PD after is in the resources are and just safe on your hard drives or next time you need to generate these bottoms for your website. You know where to go. Okay, so when we go to the zero, we are going to this What page on Twitter is asking us here. What would you light and did so in here? We need to add a you Earl of your Twitter. Or you can simply type your twitter handle on this case. I'll type mind, which is really Diego the villa hit, Enter. And here we have to these plate options and I'll show you these two options were we actually have three ways to do it to show in here. And I'll show you right now, starting with the Twitter bottles. So if we click here on Twitter buttons, we have two options. We have the follow button or the mention bottom. What's the difference here? The follow button, as you know it will show at the bottom off a year or at any place on your post. You can decide were to show it can be in the beginning. I like usually to put it at the end off the post, but it's up to you, or you can put it on the middle. So basically, when people click on this follow bottom, they will automatically start following you on Twitter. So imagine that. Imagine that you have all your articles, all your posts. You can add this twitter bottom there, so people went. And when they are reading your posts, you can. They can just with one click, start following you on Twitter. That's amazing. I think it's a great tool that you need to start using right now. And Dimension is another powerful tool because we can add that also in your post and when they click on the mention bottom. And I'll show you that in real life in one minute here on this video, when they click on that bottom, they will have the chance to start a conversation with your tack on. I'll show you that in the practice right now, so let's use 1st 1st let's create the follow bottom, so click on that. And here we have a code on HTML code, and all we need to do here is copy this code. Okay, so this code Skopje pays these code directly on into the HTML person off your side blah, blah, blah. I'll show you how to these right now for this we have a website. I have a test website with the girl. Play dot Diego Davila dot com. This website is just for testing. I use it to demonstrate process in this case, will used to demonstrate how to add the Twitter bottom on. Opposed. Let's say we want to add the Twitter bottle on this post. This is a video post. Doesn't have any text, so let's use on at the bottom here at the end of this post. So let's open this post. This is war press. If you have a view work on WordPress, you can go to your panel, which is your website slash WP dash admin and you can log in and you will have these interface. So here we go to post you can create a new post or you can use I will use an existing one in order to demonstrate this. So let's use this one click on add it. And here we have two taps the visual and the text tap on war press. If you go to visual, you will see the act. In this case, you are not seeing because I have only a video. You see the video here. But you will see usually all the visual part off your post, not the code, but in the text area. We are We're working directly with HTML cold. Okay, a little bit confusing if you are not used to programming. But don't worry, you will see how easy it is. So here we are, on the tax tab. I will hit Enter here to separate from this coat on. I will just paste the code that we got here on the Tweeter publish page. Okay. Remember that we copy the code. So this cold we're pasting here on WordPress. Okay, Now, if we go to visual, let's see what we see with cities. We see the video and we see follow really derail Avila dust is not formatted world, and you will see how it looks on the actual post. So how do we do that? All we need to do now is click up on update or if we want just to preview changes. Let's click on Prevue changes and see the bottom. Let's see here we're so here we have the post the video on below We have the twitter bottom . So we when people click here they will automatically start following me on Twitter. Imagine that. Imagine if you have articles. If you have post going viral on Google ranking very well, a Google. You have a lot of a lot of visits from all over the war on all these people can just I mean , you can add these at the top of your post in the middle anywhere, or you can add several times during your pokes if you have a loan post especially so when they click here, they will automatically start following you on Twitter, and that will help you to grow your audience. This is important, so let's try the other one. Let's go back here to the Tweeter published page on Go back to the Top. We enter here, my tutor handle on. Now we click again on Twitter bottoms, and now we step in the In the beginning, we click on follow bottom. Now we will use the mention one. So click and mention copy the coat. Let's go back here to the War Powers website. Delete this coat. Remember the wearing the text Stop here. Let's delete the old one pays the new one click on preview changes Let's see. Here we have the new one to eat. Two at re of vehicle Avila So basically, this is great to start new conversation. If you have an article talking about some great stuff at some point, you can say, Hey, guys, please click on the tweet to really Diego Davila here on Let's start conversation let me know. What do you think about all the things are in shiny with you blah, blah, blah. So when they click here, you will see we have a Twitter page opening with my Twitter handle already here on the page so they can start right in here. I love these idea. Blah, blah, blah. Okay, so basically, they can write that tweet on. They are tieing you on the tweet. So that's great, because that means that your due to the handle will be spreading all over the Internet. When people started creating conversations about what you are sharing on your block, Okay. With these specific butter. Excellent. Next we go back here to the published page and let's select another one, which is the in bad time line. Okay, these usually in the next video, I'll show you how to embed these on us. You asked as a war press widget. So these basically will show all your posts. A few post that you have. I mean, the top post that you have on your page, they can load more tweets. So let's do that right now. Copy the code. Same procedure. We go back to war press replace the code Preview changes. Let's go here. And now we will see the video and below that will see all this post See all the posts here . Wonderful. And they can watch all these. They can retweet they can like and they can also load if they go to the and they can load more tweets here. So this is great. Wonderful. Now that's it. That's how you add if you don't have a war Personal website what do you do that? Excellent. So if you don't have a WORDPRESS website you need to open. You need to use our FTP server to connect to yourself to your website to your server where your files are, you need to download the HTML page that east for your post the eight email page where you want to at the Twitter bottom on all you need to do is go toe anywhere in the page. The place that you want. If you want it at the top, you will to a top of the page. If you want it at the bottom, you go to the bottom and just paste this tweeter a t t a TML Koda Koda. We're getting here on the page. Okay? That's all you do is the same procedure we're doing. War press. The difference is that unit 20 to your FTP server on download your HTML file updated. Filed with the code unsaved the fire. A blow back to your server. I hope this is helpful. I hope you installed the twitter bottom on your website on the the next video. I'll show you more tricks that you can use right now on your website in order to grow your to their audience. See, there 13. Add Twitter widgets to your website: in this video, I'll show you another options to embed a tweet on your website and also how to use widgets on war press in order to have all your tweets on your sidebar on your website. So here we are on my profile. First, I'll show you how toe embed only one tweet into a post. To do that, we come here to the tweet that we want to post. Let's say this is the one we click on the arrow, pointing down to expand all the options and we go toe in bed to it. And here we have a preview off the tweet we're having. You see here include media. This will include any media that you have. If you don't want this, you can remove the media. If you have video for us or anything like that on when you think this is good, all you need to do is come here to the top and copy this code. So let's so that copies go back to our website on here. We can go to the Post that where we want to add this, or we can create a new post. If you prefer this case I'll add these things tweet on these test video player post. So let's go at it here again. We're here on the tax tap to make sure we're working with HTML code and we just based the HTML coding here. Excellent On click on pre you preview changes in order to see the changes and see if we're happy with that. So you see here this is the post video on below that we have that single post that we want toe em back on the post. So you see here in this tweet, we have the option to click on the tweet toe, go to specific girl. We have the tax off the tweet with a You are relativity, the tweets, the twitter handle that we are using. And also we have the option to follow. So if they clicked here, they will immediately follow you on. I will help you to grow your audience. So that's one thing. The other thing I want to show you. Let me delete this and go back to the original post update. The other option is when we are on our website. Here we have the right side bar where we have all this information you can customize things with we jets. Probably if you know, war press, you know how to do it. But I'll show you right now how toe ad all your tweets or a single tweet or our twitter bottom here on the side bar off your war powers website. So basically, we are creating a new category here below matter with all the treats that we have so far on the count. To do that, we go back here to remember we have about dot twitter dot com slash resources slash buttons . So in here, Twitter is asking us again what you were would you like in bed? And here we enter your Twitter handle, You can embed basically any other Twitter handed. There are public. So if you want toe, do it with the your enemy account, for example, we can go at the enemy and will be basically up using all the enemy streets to embed on her website. But that's not my goal. For now, my goal is to actually promote my Twitter account. So let's do really Diego the villa. He's the account on wall in bed on this case, the timeline so we can share without is all these tweets we have. So click on the timeline. Wonderful. And here we have the code. Here we have the preview. One thing that I didn't show you in the prior video East that you can do custom stations. And now is the time that I want to share that with you. You see here all this is all unit unless you will like to set customization options. So you click on this link on here. You can set all these. You can change all these values to make sure these preview feeds your website. You can change the call or they hide the with then the team on this case, we have the light. If we could conduct here, you see that the colors change to black. This is good. If you have different colors on your website on these or if you want to call the attention off your followers by having a different color on your tweets, let's use the lights for now, you can choose the language on this case. I put it automatic basically because I have audience all over the world. So Twitter will automatically select the language off the browser. The off your followers and they will display in that language. Okay, update when you are ready. Here we have the coat. Lets copy this code as we did in the prior videos. Let's go back here and here on the warpath. Stash for all we need to do is go to our parents and click on widgets. Excellent. And he will see the sidebar. The sidebar is basically these bar here. Right on the right. Sometimes you have bars on the left on. Maybe you can also, if you want, you can add a folder bar here at the bottom off your website. You have that option too. So here we are. And we have the search, and we can stop some text on coats and mirror. So all we need to do now is at attacks widget. So this is the one is because we hear the text we can at html code. So click on the tech drag and drop where you want on this case. I'll add it at the barn off my bar on my sidebar. And here you can add a title if you want. You can say, Here are my tweets or review than one. You can just leave it blank. And here on this box, we again have the to Taft visual and text. Make sure you are on the text One on in here We can paste the you the HTML called. We copy in the last speech. This is the HTML code and click on safe. Excellent is saving all the configurations. So right now if we go back here to the main page, we should have below matter all the tweets that that we just in bed on this video. So let's refresh this these and let's hope that we will have that right now on the website . Let's see. Here is refreshing. Wonderful. Scroll down. I'm here we go. You see here the title Here are my tweets. Remember, we create this title in here and we have all the tweets that we add on this specific case. Off course you can add less tweets. You can add just 23 using the customization options. So see all the tweets here. Wonderful. So people can just visit, click. They can load more tweets if they want. So all is here ready for them. And this is how you in bed, beast to its on your side by using the war press widgets. I hope this is helpful and see you in the next video. 14. Twitter Ads: Creating Your Ads Account and Campaign: Hey, guys, welcome to this video. Now is the time to start advertising on Twitter, using all the power off Twitter To promote your brand, promote your basis. Promote your website, your products, your services, everything to your audience. And also most important thing you can promote here to your competitors audience. And I'll show you how to that in thes Siri's. Also, let me tell you about the price. The price on Twitter ads are good because there are no minimum on Also Twitter. Use the C P E model, which is cost for engagement. So you pay on Lee when people when I want. When people from your audience on people clicking on your at when they engage with your tweet when they click when they like. When they share or retweet year to it, you are pain using the CPI eat model. The first step is to create your ATS account. To do that, we goto ATS dot twitter dot com Running here. We need to select your country and your time some, and this is important because when you once you said this up, you will never be able to change it again. So far, maybe in the future. They add that option. But for now, when you said this app, that's it. You can not change it. So let me select my time Some here. Let's see, Here we are on the country's goods and like your country here and click on Let's go. Okay, it's processing, creating the account and now is the time to select your marketing. Objected? What's your end goal with your Twitter at right here? We have some options. These may change in the future. If you're watching this video later in the year, probably you'll you'll see more or less options, sometimes to entertain the name off the objectives. But right now, let me show the difference between these on which one you think I'll show you. Explain you so you can decide which one is the best for you. You see awareness. They're saying that this option is if you want people tiu c. Your Tweety. These will maximize. Maximize the number of people that will see your tweet Followers is the best way to gain followers to grow your audience. Promote video views if you want to get more views on your videos, website colleagues or conversions in this case watches this. If we want to drive people toe a landing page, drive people to your website to your online store anywhere outside Twitter that you want to drive people, this is the best option or one more. We'll take a look later. At these completely off campaign objectives, the main different. Also here. If we select awareness, for example, you see what you pay for. This is what changed between these objectives. So you see in the awareness you will pay for impressions. So the impressions mean every time to either shows your your tweets to somebody you will be paying a fee the fee that you will establish right now on the campaign. If we go back here at Quicken followers here, you will pay only when you gain followers. You aren't built for other types off engagement. So if you have a tweet on, people are like in your tweet there, retweeting and all that. But they are not following you. You are not paying. So this is a great stride into because if even if you want a toe reaching the most number of people and you want people to engage with your tweets you. You can use this option because you will repaint Onley. They click on the follow button, so if they become your followers, otherwise you are not paying the next one. Promote VD abuse. He's saying here that you pay only for video views, so the number of interviews that you get that's the amount you will pay under ST. Apply for website clicks, then pay for the number of clicks on your link, so you will have your you will have links on your tweets and people will click on your link . Drop ball will be driving to your landing page, your website, your online store and you will pay every time they click on the link. Okay, let's use followers for this example. Here you said the campaigning followers campaigning. Let's leave it like that. You can change these on customize issue one juice The founding source. Well, we'll add the credit card debit car later. Here you can set the daily budget. I'll say that the daily bodied will be only $5 and set a total Badgett. This is also optional. Leave this blank for now. For now, we will be using only the daily budget. And here is saying, When do you want to start to run your campaigns, start immediately, run continuously or set our end a start date? I recommend you if you are starting to set, start and end dates, because sometimes I have clients that our students that select this option and they sometimes forget about the campaign. So the campaign keeps running every day. Spending $5 every day are spending this daily body that you said here on the top. And that's a problem, because you are not. If you forgot about your your campaign and this running, it will start collecting. I mean, it will start increasing your build, your advertising bill, and at the end of the month, you will receive a bill from Twitter without with With a big amount. You don't want that. So by selecting on the start and end date, you know that this will run only for X number of days. On a day off this period, you can stop. You can analyze the results, See how how many followers are you getting home and engagement, how many legs and all that, And after that, you can decide if you want to continue with this campaign or if you want to create a new one with a different target audience. Okay, so let's say here and we're starting right now and we will end on one week. Okay, that's all good. Let's click on next year. So these type off campaign will promote my account. Remember that we select the option to gain followers not to just pose for tweets for awareness. So because of that, Twitter will, by default, would promote my whole profile because the goal here is for people to click on the follow bottom. But also, if you want, in addition to your profile, you can select specific tweets that you want to be included on your advertise. Okay, so I will select this one. I was the only one and click on next. Now we need to set up or target audience. We need to define what did they leave? How old they are specific keywords that they use. We can also use another users on Twitter to promote to their audiences, or we can use assert for interest. This is a little bit different on Facebook, and we will have another video with details about creating your perfect Twitter target outings for at. For Now, let's select just some off these criterias. Let's use a keyword like digital marketing. I want my ad to show to people that are interested on digital marketing. Let's see here here we have digital marketing keyword Lacey. Let's use this one, too. And we have some all their use, sir, or Twitter users that are focused on the market. And I can select these handles to if I want. So like this one, for example. And here on the right, we see how many people are potentially on these target audience for the specific keyword for all the the terms that I am defining here. Okay, so let's see. This is good and you see that the audience is adding here on the bottom. Let's see here locations. We can add more locations here. Let's out people at people for from Canada to on you can at all the countries that you want . Excellent. So you see here location, United States and Canada keywords were using these keywords. Followers look like these are the use of this is another use or Twitter user, and we are targeting people that follow these specific account on this example and we have interest. People are interested in marketing. For example, I will leave it like this for now and later. We're coming back here on defining mawr Specific target out. It's for your guts. Click on next. Now here we can define the beat on the budget for or campaign. You see here that by default is on dynamic automatic bid. That means that your bid will be optimized to get the best results at the lowest price within your budget. Okay, we have a daily Badgett or $5. You remember on the last page here on for now you can change these. You can say target coast on. Enter manually the beat amount that you want between these specific numbers. For now, I will live it as automatic. Later we'll talk more about these. Click on next. Excellent. We created at group right now You see all the details here. This is the campaigning, the running base, the daily budget, the automatic beat. This is how with the thing that we did find the last page here. And this is the potential out is that we haven't now here we have a sample off the ad that will be showing to the audience. All we need to do now is click on Lounge Campaign. Let's see. Excellent. And now the system is asking us to add the payment information. We'll do that in the next video. 15. Twitter Ads: Adding your Payment Method: having a payment method on year. Tweeted at account is very easy. As you saw in the last video, all you have to do is enter in your debit or credit card information. Your address your your personal info on. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the spate, which is the main at Twitter ADSs panel. If you don't have the option to add your payment method, all you can do on you can do these always. If you want to change or update your payment matter is coming to your your name here on clicking on payment method. This will display the that the current payment matter that you have. If you don't have any, it will prompt you to abdicate and enter your credit card information, and also you can add, remove or modify any information you have. After that, with this method with the payment method process and ready on your account, we're ready to start running at also the other we were creating in the last videos. You see that it's already running here. These the campaigning followers campaign. You see that it's running from these day to these day. Daily budget. $5 a sweet set up on the on the system on. You see, all information here is not getting any impressions yet because we just create this ad in the next video. We'll continue promoting your tweets on your information. You website everything here on Twitter. See there. 16. Twitter Ads: Creating other Twitter ads: If you want to create a new ad on Twitter, all you need to do is come here and create campaign, and you can drop click on the drop down menu. And here you have the option street engagement, video views, awareness website clicks, followers and up install. This is the same that we had. If we click here on Create campaign, remember that we have the the schools and we select that followers in the password so you can select videos. Awareness clicks is the same. Proceed er, that we did for the followers. Exactly the saints that by a step, let's try awareness. For example, here we have the campaigning daily budget. Start immediately or not. Let me change these to $1 just for test. Next here, you select the post that the tweets that you want to promote on this specific ad, it's Alexis Chiu. Next, you create your target audience. Unused are setting up the beat tight. If you want the target costar automatic maximum reach, you can select that too. On at the end, you lounge the campaign, and that's it is super super easy to create Twitter at Kiel on the at Manager on Twitter. I invite you now to think about how you can promote your company. How can you promote your business, your services? What's the best way? Put yourself in your customer shoes on. Think about the pain point they have and how you can help them to solve that pain point and create a tweet promoting that on from Created. After that, after after the tweet, create an ad here on Twitter on and start promoting for 1 to 3 days with with small badge, just just to test you out and see how many forwards are you getting. How many likes retweets are you getting? This is important because it's for a great tool that most entrepreneurs are not using on their business. Everybody's creating Facebook at everybody's creating Google ads, but what happened with Twitter? We have lot millions of people every day, going to Twitter and creating account Bro's in the timeline following people and these people are also potential clients for your company, and that's why it's important to explore and to use to their at on your digital marketing strategy. Okay, see you in the next video 17. Twitter Ads: Promoting a Tweet: And finally, let's floor how you can create specific twitter at if you want to promote only one tweeter Very fast, very quick. All you need to do is come here to your Twitter profile. Select the tweet, identify the tweet that you want to promote on at the bottom off the tweet. You have these options come and reply. Retweet likes on you Have the activity Tweak activity. Click on that link activity on Dhere. You have all the data. How Maney impressions you have. How many total engagement likes details, retweets and all that on at the bottom you have the options to promote your tweets. So you click on that and you see here very simple options. You see here your payment method on how you location Where do you want to promote? On also, you can select the badge. It is 100 writers by default selector. Right now I want to spend only $10. Let's say this is how many impressions I will have and Justin and an estimate of how many impressions on how many engagement. If I spent $10 If I go toe, let's say $1000. This is the impressions on engagement. You see the number changing when I changed the amount I want invest When I'm happy with these, all I need to do is click on, confirm on immediately. My ad will start running toe my target audience on If you want to check your at If you want to go any time to the Twitter ATS panel, all you you need to do is click on your picture here at the top. Your profile on click on Twitter ATS. These will open your Twitter panel where you have all your campaigns running. You can play on. You can run your campaigns and you can powers if you want. You can modify by clicking here and quick Edit Eric Campaign Copy Campaign. You have all the tools here to use on your advantage. I hope this is helpful and see you in the next video. 18. Your Final Project: Hey, guys, welcome to the assignments Are here on the twitter, the scripture. Right now Your goal is to take action on the strategies you learned so far in this model on right. A compelling description. Optimize description with your keyword, your website, everything that you learned here in the last video where we talk about your description on Twitter, you need to put into practice right now. So I hope you create a compelling description following all the strategies I share with you in the last video in the next section here on the unit. Me assignments are you will be able to take a screenshot off that specific area or just copy and paste your description here. So I'll give you positive feedback. We'll check your website if you give you the site. Include your website of the description or any other links. If you are driving people toe a landing page or any of the strategise we share here on this model. Okay, so I hope that you write these description and you share with me heat on the next section. After that, we will continue with Twitter. We have a lot on a lot off content here to cover. We will cover Twitter advertisement. How Toe Add bottle to your own your website Twitter on your website on your landing page, how to grow automatically your Twitter presence with a software called Joy sir, I'll show you and I will tell you all about it in the next video. But for now, we'll continue with assignments or write a description. Click next here and share copy and paste or share the screenshot off your description with me on. After that, we are ready to continue. Let's do it.