The Complete Twitter Course 2017: How to get 200,000+ followers

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22 Videos (1h 41m)
    • Thank You For Joining me! Learn How To Dominate Twitter!

    • You Must Do This Before The Storm Hits - Essential!

    • Introduction To The Greatest Twitter Follower-Building Tool Ever!

    • Easy Way to Build a Large Twitter Following For Free!

    • Why You Should Upgrade for Faster And More Incredible Results!

    • Tactics for Building a Large Twitter Following - This Is a Scalable Model!

    • Genius-Level Tactics For Building A Large Twitter Following!

    • How To Treat Your Twitter Fans - You Must Do This!

    • Twitter Unfollowing For Faster Growth! Unfollow Those Who Fail To Follow Back!

    • Twitter Unfollowing Strategies! How Long Should You Give Someone to Follow Back?

    • How to Add Twitter Accounts Without Upgrading - Genius!

    • Automation Is The Real Magic Of This Twitter Course - See Proof Here!

    • If You Do Nothing Else On Twitter, Do This - See Proof Here!

    • What is Twitter?

    • Why should you be on Twitter?

    • Step by Step Set Up Of Your Awesome Twitter Account!

    • How To Get Likes, Retweets and Engagement On Your Twitter Content!

    • Setting Up Free Twitter Analytics On Your Account...Most People Don't Know This!

    • Automating tweets on Hootsuite final

    • Making A Side Business Out Of Your Twitter Account!

    • Step by Step Set Up For An Additional Business & Profit-Making Tool!

    • Conclusion To This Twitter Traffic Building Course!


About This Class

If you are looking to drastically improve your Twitter presence, you may love this Skillshare course.

Twitter is the 3rd most used Social Network on the planet! It is a medium used by 400 million active users, who are searching for people to follow based on their content.

You will see proof that 230,000+ people to follow me on Twitter! If you use the easy tips, that anyone at any level can use, you too can be looking at this follower count on your own account after taking this course!

Boost your sales, traffic, mailing list and subscribers by directing your followers to your online sources with a simple and magical automation tip!

Step away from having only 50-200 followers and learn how to truly dominate Twitter and spread your influence throughout the globe! I had less than 100 followers for a long time! With these techniques I worked out how to VIRALize my account and get Udemy Sales and students, YouTube subscribers, App downloads and website hits.

Learn how to set up your Twitter account the right way, equip it with free analytics and optimise it for maximum effect in this course. 

You will be able to get followers, likes, retweets and engagement with these tips on how to create different types of content such as pictures, video, GIFS as well as witty and to-the-point status.

For this course you will be using mega-effective third-party tools such as Statusbrew and HootSuite to make your life easy! You will also see how you can utilise Fiverr to create a side-business that runs alongside your main sales activity!

Hope to see you in the first lecture of this powerful course!

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Informative and provides real examples.
I feel like I've been dragged into the light! What I learned today changed my whole approach to Twitter. Will definitely be taking Michael's other classes
Great course
James Canzanella

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