The Complete Tennis Course: Take Your Game to the Next Level

Joseph Correa, Master The Game With Pro Joseph Correa

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15 Lessons (2h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Forehand Technique

    • 3. Topspin Forehand

    • 4. Backhand Technique

    • 5. Topspin Backhand

    • 6. Backhand Slice

    • 7. Serve Technique

    • 8. Slice Serve

    • 9. Kick Serve

    • 10. Serve Harder Training Program

    • 11. Serve Harder Training Program Dynamics

    • 12. Volley Technique

    • 13. Overhead Technique

    • 14. Dropshot

    • 15. Lob


About This Class

These lessons will go over every aspect of the game with the purpose of helping you improve the most in the least amount of time. Each lesson has key elements that will provide you with important tips that will enhance your performance no matter what your level. If you are a beginner, you will learn essential stroke components, proper technique, and can take advantage of the conditioning videos. For advanced players, you will learn how to take specific strokes and make them world class. There are some stroke specific lessons you won't find anywhere else, like the Serve Harder Training Program. Students all over the world have benefited from Coach Joseph Correa's knowledge of the game.  These are some of the things you will learn:

- How to hit a topspin forehand, topspin backhand, slice backhand, kick serve, slice serve, increase serve speed

- How to prepare for a tennis tournament (including the training program calendar)

- How to improve your conditioning

- Improve your mental toughness

- When to use specific strategies

For more advanced players, the SERVE HARDER TRAINING PROGRAM is included so that you can start serving harder than ever before. The Serve Harder Training Program charts are also included so that you can track your progress and perform the training in an organized fashion. When you train with a plan you reach your goals much faster. 

Also, you will find a TENNIS TOURNAMENT TRAINING calendar so that you can make REAL changes in a specific amount of time. For many tennis players, training hard isn't the problem, it's seeing progress that becomes difficult over time. 

What some of our students are saying about the course:

Philan A. Bowe

Very good, this is excellent for beginners or someone who needs a refresher course in tennis. It would be nice if he had a test hitter to demonstrate some of the drills. Loved it!

V. Silver

This is a great program that takes you through the type of training the real pros do (but adapted for what you can handle). I have worked with Joseph Correa for several years and he took me from USTA 2.5 to 4.0. I had to learn not only tennis technique but also footwork, agility and fitness specifically for tennis. But all that was great for general fitness as well, and really fun.

Sunil Jethwani

The Coach is very experienced ,and has provided easy to follow instructions/tips/techniques for players to improve on various aspect of their Tennis game.The course is logically divided into different videos , each having very good explanation covering different topics of Tennis skills like forehand,kickserves,volleys, forehand and backhand topspin/slices etc . - This course should definitely help players in basic and intermediate level , who are serious about their games , to improve their game play in tournaments ..