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The Complete Spanish Method. Intermediate 2. EL MÉTODO.

Peter Hanley, The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course

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21 Lessons (3h 42m)
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About This Class



EL MÉTODO allows you to:

► Speak, non-stop, from the very start. (no note-taking required)
► Produce and assimilate thousands of practical phrases for daily use. 
► Painlessly absorb grammar and vocabulary at intermediate level. 
► Make rapid progress, without the need to memorise or "study" in the traditional sense.


"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn ." (Benjamin Franklin)

Right from the start, EL MÉTODO engages you in a non-stop spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. This beautifully simple resource allows you to use and understand Intermediate Spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for tiresome attempts at memorisation or lengthy, grammatical explanations. This is achieved through a expertly designed, world-class methodology that builds up and practices the language in your mind and mouth, step by step, until you are able to form increasingly complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be forming your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realising it. The method guides you through Intermediate Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.

Recent students put it this way:  
★★★★★"Outstanding from the very first lesson to the end. The Spanish is challenging and fast moving, and yet  constantly revisits vocabulary and structures so that it sinks into long term memory. Explanations are short and yet accommodate for all learning styles. The whole journey has been a world-class introduction into a language I’ve learned to love. ¡Gracias por todo!"

★★★★★"After completing level 1 and level 2 , I am here for level 3 and have already purchased level 4. Does it not  prove how good and well organised the courses are! It's Fantastic. Beyond expectation!"


In EL MÉTODO as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as the students use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.


EL MÉTODO INTERMEDIATE, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken Spanish. After every lesson there is a series of optional written exercises..

We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. Just talk, talk and talk. You won't stop speaking Spanish from start to finish. This is the ideal system to learn Spanish. 

My goal with EL MÉTODO  is for you to become "hooked" on the program, thereby mastering intermediate Spanish as quickly as humanly possible.

To your success! 



1. Introductory Lesson.: Do you want to master Intermediate Spanish within the next few weeks where you can, but you will need the right method. Hi, I'm Peter, creator of L Metodo on. For 25 years, I've helped tens of thousands of language students using accelerated learning techniques. Now I'd like you to experience the same results. A proven message dramatically reduces the time it takes to get the basics down. By the end of the four levels of this course, in as little as eight weeks from now, you will have a full understanding on a practical usage of intermediate Spanish. But what makes an effective method on why, to most language programs fail so miserably? Most language courses actually applying no method at all they overload frustrating, demoralize you with long winded explanations, boring lists, tables and tests on Before too long, you'll have given up entirely. Those of you who studied a language for years and years at school with little or nothing to show for it will know what I mean. Now a strong method instantly gives you that thrilling sense of rapid progress. It's designed to take full responsibility for your learning, relieving you of all the pressure of trying to memorize it quickly and painlessly constructs a solid foundation using simple building blocks because they're constantly repeated on relentlessly recycled in new contexts and combinations. This way, Spanish doesn't just become easy for you to remember, but difficult to forget. With our metal on you immediately start forming and speaking your own phrases. Justus in Life Learning is a continuous cumulative process, not a series of random, unrelated topics. Are students report feeling energized, triumphant and driven forward by the rapid results. They experience their report, craving more and more as they sail through the lessons and levels, soaking up the language with ease with convenient audio lessons, It's easy to fit l metal or into your daily routine along with my native Spanish daughter Jessica. You can join us. Where have you like in a continuous spoken dialogue of thousands of perfectly constructed phrases? By the end of the four levels, you'll be raring to go ready to start exercising your new skills amongst the natives. So join us for the first lesson where L Metodo is waiting to get to work on you 2. Lesson 1.: Okay, welcome to the first class of the second intermediate level of elemental. Or if you're new to elemental though, please be where this course is a continuation of the program. And it's designed to be taken either from the beginning of level one for complete beginners, or if you already know some Spanish, as is probably your case, from the beginning of the intermediate level, let's say level one intermediate. Now I'm sure you're familiar with the important guidelines for following the course. But here they are again, just in case. And here's the program of study. We advise you to adopt Many students following ele metadata have achieved great results this way, following this approach, The important thing is not to race through the lessons in a mad dash to the end, but to be thorugh and semi perfectionist working steadily yet keeping up the intensity and self-discipline that allow you to reap the benefits within a relatively short period of time. The verbs to look and to watch in English, a covered by the same verb, media. In Spanish. In English to look at suggests we're looking at something static. Whereas to watch generally means to observe something that's moving. But in Spanish, These are both covered by the one verb meta. Needed. A quick reminder here of the imperative forms that we've studied extensively in previous classes. So how do you think we would say, look at me? Meta may need on me. And now look at it and try to say, look at it again. Now do you remember how to say, I don't feel like I don't feel like doing something. Do remember that structure. Not tengo Ghana's day. No, tengo Ghana's day. So now like you to say, I don't feel like looking at it or indeed I don't feel like watching it. It's the same in Spanish. Nothing go Gunners, the mirror law. Nothing will ins the medulla. Now order someone study it again. A studio or travel? S2, the allowed rabbit. I don't feel like studying it again. Not tengo Ghana's this law. Nothing around us does to the Arduino Travis. Don't look at me. Know my immediate instruction or the command. Watch. Everybody will involve the personal, as everybody obviously refers to people. Watch everybody. Meta a da-da, da-da. Or we can say meter are totally mondo. Need add dollar in mondo. I'm watching television. Ostomy or nola television. Este meander laterally, VC on. Or indeed we could say medulla television. Both a valid pillar expressing what you're doing currently at the present time. Medial lateral MVC on I don't understand why he always looks at me like that. No Indian, no pork ECMP may meter. I see. Knowing the end uppercase C. It seems to mean, in other words, I think, but using the special formula we studied in level 14, It seems to me it seems to me she doesn't like lending her things. Ethic in no legal step restarts whose courses? Anything can only go step-by-step process. How did we say Nothing in Spanish or indeed anything in the negative sense? Nada. Nothing is easy. Everything is difficult. I don't have anything for you. Not tengo nada. Nothing. But I'm sure you will remember from previous levels. But here's a table of the irregular imperatives just to remind you. Now, come on, someone. Don't do anything. No, august nevada. Guys. Never. And I tried to say I haven't looked I haven't looked at anything yet. Dada dada dada via and I tried to ask, Has she lend you the money? They are LD nato. Nato. She hasn't lent me anything yet. No makeup rested on Nala, non-Japanese tallow, Nala, ta-da via don't do anything until next week. August another as de la semana KB and a stellar semana KVL. Don't call anybody until tomorrow. No, yummy. And now the stamina. Stamina. How do you think we would say he has gone out? Lido and now try. He hasn't understood. Nine the needle. I've left it on the table. De la mesa. We could also say lower the hurdle inland ESA loyally follows sobre la mesa. I have found it lowing contractual. Elaine, controller. You'll be pleased to hear that the verb estar to be is perfectly regular in this perfect tense. So i have spoken AR Blotto. I have been a status. So how do you think we would say I have been here before? I've been here before. And this and this. 3. Lesson 2.: Okay. Welcome back. How would we say he has been here many times before? I started wacky moochers. Beth is on this. I said a key motors with this and this. And what about we've been here before? M assist Arlacchi on this. A more estado de on this. No, I'd like you to ask someone. Have you spoken to your parents? That's a bladder Contours, Padres. As several other countries, Padres now have a go at asking the same question. But this time addressing it toe several Children or friends. That's to say, in the plural informal boss otras form. Have you spoken to your parents? A base a block on Westerners Batteries our base have leather calm wasters batteries now ask . Have they bought the black one? And comprado el Negro? Incompatible, Negro? No, they haven't bought it yet. No, no, on comprado told area No, no long comprado to Olivia. Have they lived in Spain on BBDO in Espana. Henry Vido in Espana. What about have you eaten the sandwiches as commit all those Boca the years Ascom ideologues Bokhari years. And now again, Address this to a couple of friends. Have you eaten the sandwiches? A vase Comedian Lost Book of the years A base Come in The last book of the years. Now can you ask how many beers have they had? Qantas there with us. And tomorrow? One tester with has on tomato. How many coffees has she had? Cuentos Cafe Santo Model one does cafes A tomato? Have you lent him the money? Layers pressed apple dinero Last press. Totally NATO. Now I'd like you to address the same question to someone in a formal Boustead manner. Have you lent him the money? Layup Estado el dinero Laughter start early. NATO Have you left her a message? Lius DeCarlo Woman sake Less the huddle Minsa You'll probably remember that toe wait for is SPDR So it's just the one word Esperar as if we were saying await to await someone The four is not necessary The Proposition four is not necessary in Spanish Try to say I'm waiting for you They Spiro or indeed weaken say their story spare under They're Spado Their story a spare on low. He's waiting for her Lie Spaeder o Liszt I spit under life Spada Liszt. I spit on low. I'm waiting for my mother. A Speedo I mean, Marjorie And I hope you remembered the personal which is included before a person. It's wrong to say a spare, only moderate. A sparrow at me. Moderate. A Speedo army. Marjorie, a spate o on the Mahdi. Are you waiting for Carlos? And here I'd like you to use the composed. The longer the progressive form a Stasi spit on Noah. Carlos, it's that it's been under Carlos. Why are you waiting? Por que estas Esperandieu For case. Does this paid under? Why are you waiting for me? Forgive me. Stasi's Baron? No, for chemist as Esperandieu. Why don't you wait for them? Pork in Newroz, Spare us Barkindo loses. Paid us. Now could you ask a couple of people the same question in an informal manner? Why don't you wait for them for Ken Nola's? I sped ice por que no lo se spare eyes. Important question would Who in Spanish is key in gin? Who's waiting for you? Key in despair in this beta who's waiting for Jessica Guinness? Spada a Jessica Dennis Pitta. Jessica, We're waiting for a friend And please make this a female friend. They spit almost own Amiga sp Ramos on a media. And now the instruction or the command. Wait, it's better. Is Spada Wait here, please. ESpeed org por favor. A spirit a keeper followed. 4. Lesson 3.: way. Finished lesson to with the instruction. A speed are Keyport for border. Wait here, please. Now to say okay, in agreement or acceptance in Spanish, we say Bali. Remember? The V is just a very light. Be Bali, Bali. How, then would we say Okay, we will wait for you here. Okay. We'll wait for you here, Molly. They spit Ari Masaki Valley This bit out in more sucky and now trying to say we are waiting for you. They spit Ramos this big Ramos in English. The word shall, as a question is used to make a suggestion or an offer. Shall I open the window? Shall we go out tonight? In the sense of do you think it's a good idea? This is very common in standard British English, but often rare in other parts. Certainly not common in American English, where suggestions and offers as questions a more often expressed with Should I, however, in this course will stick to the British usage of shell for offers and suggestions. So to ask, shall we wait for you? It's very simple. We just use the present tense in Spanish as a question. They spit almost this bit almost. How would we say? Shall I wait for you? They're Spado this battle. Shall I send it? Alumindo Le Mando? Shall I send it to her? Sell Amando, Sell Amando. Shall I send it to her today? Or shall I wait? Siloam and Joey or a Sparrow? Salem Annoy or Espirito? Shall I do it, Lago? No, I'll go. Okay. Two new words. Adore una Huerta Una porta and a window una been Donna again. A very light. Be for the V. You know, I've been Donna, owner of Indiana. Shall I open the door? Abdullah Puerta Abdullah Puerta. Shall I close the window? Fear 11 Tana Sierra lovin Donna, Shall we leave? Sally Morse? Sally Morse Courts was Avery common to hear No small most nos vemos way. Come back tomorrow. Bowlby. Moshe Manana. Vamos manana. Shall we study another lesson? Esto the ambush. Kotalik phone is to the ammo. Shatra Lexie on. Shall I tell you, Latigo fellow the ego. Okay. How would you order someone? Close the door. Fear a Laporta Cierra la Puerta! Open the window! Abdullah bin! Donna! Abdullah Bin Donna! A person is una persona. We're not better Solar Now this is feminine Regardless of whether a person refers to a man or a woman, we're not better. So now, Well, im not, but its Sona. How do you think we would say two people? Personas does personas? I'm not trying to say there are three people here. I dress persona, psyche. I dress persona sake and now say I'm watching that person and please use the long progressive form here. Extreme. Me, Dondo, I suppose. Sola A story me done by separate Sona. Why? Who is it? Pork? A Guinness pork, a Guinness. 5. Lesson 4.: Welcome back. Our first important phrase in this fourth lesson of level two is I have spoken to four people this morning. Personas estan manana air, bladder calm, Quattro persona system manana. The verb to visit in Spanish is very similar. Busy tire recede. That and a country is owned by ice would be shorter stress to emphasize the eye as it has an accent on base on base. No. How do you think we would say I have visited ABC Tahoe EVC Travel now say I haven't visited that country? No, I busy Calloway Sit vice. No e v c that always spice. We've visited many countries. A most busy total mutual spices a Mars. We see the other motor spices. Ask me how many countries I have visited, but I wouldnt dummy Oneto spices a busy toddler. But I want TEM aQuantive spices, ABC toggle and I ask someone Shall I tell you how many people I've visited today? Did he go a Qantas persona se visit the legal Qantas persona? CBC Deloitte Shall I tell you how many countries I've visited this year Daily Go Cuantos Spices, ABC. Tato is Daniel the legal cuantos spices every seat others Daniel And now inform someone I will never visit your country. Nunca visitar eat two pies Known cavity Toretto buys. We could also say no Busy carry nunca to vice. How do you think we would say that person doesn't interest me? It's a persona. No mean Theresa. It's a persona no mean Theresa. And have a go saying I think that that person is wasting my time. Okay, Supper soon appeared Amy Tiempo. Okay, okay. Supper soon appear the medium bowl You may have chosen, mate. Buyer ethic may parity Case A person appeared in a medium bowl, which is great. It means, I think, in the sense of it seems to me that or you may have said pienso que, which is also fine. It suggests the result of a mental process of using your brain rather than intuitive impression. But all of these could be used more less interchangeably. The bill is in the thing you pay at a restaurant after a meal or in American English. The check is La Quinta, La Quinta. Can you bring me the bill? Put this. Try Urmila Quinta. Whether Strayer, Mila Quinta, can you give the bill to those people. But this Darla Quinta, I suspect Sonus. What is that? Luck went. I suspect it's on us. Can you send them the bill for this Monday at a list like winter by this Monday lives La Quinta. Now try. Can you send it to them with this Mandira Cilla boy, Desmond Arcila. Just to get used to these common patterns is a good idea. Toe. Repeat them over and over with this Monday. Arcila man Garcia Garcia. Okay, good. Shall I put the bill on the table? Angola. Quinta in la Misha Bongo Eloquent. Have you looked at the bill? Ashman Other like window as meat at the La Quinta to pay in Spanish in majority No is by God. So I'd like you to ask who's going to pay. Kidding, Bob, I got kimbap a lot. I'm going to pay boy up. I got a job buoyed up by lighter. Are you going to pay the bill? Barsa Pagar la Quinta Bassa pagar la Quinta. That person hasn't paid the bill a sub persona. No abogado like winter. A separate Shona no Apartado La Quinta 6. Lesson 5.: so to start Lesson five how would we ask, should we pay now? My God, Most high order pay first. Then you can eat back up the middle away. We'll put this comet back up a tomato Lego by this committee trying to say I'm going to send it to him. Boy Am and Marcelo Volume and Marcelo to say I'm going to pay him for it again. We just need the two pronouns after the verb. I'm going to pay him for it. Boy apart. Carcillo Voya Barcelo Whenever in Spanish to implies in order to you should use batter. So how do you think we would say I'm calling you to know the m o Better sob? They, um, about a suburb. How would you tell a lady the same thing? Politely. Formerly. I'm calling you to know. Lawyer Mo Parasite Lie Demo para subir. And how about a gentleman lawyer Mobile? You know, um o para subir And now tell the same gentleman I'm calling you to know if you think it's a good idea Low um o para severe c piensa que suna buena e there low. Um, about a severe recipient sectors would not want me there. I will call you later. The yammering must guarantee they, um a day must out of it. I will call her later toe. Ask her lawyer. Marie must RB para pregnant. Totally. We must start. You may have responded, Brigham Darla But in fact, here the object is indirect Because you ask something to somebody. So it's not pregnant. Allah pregnant are really I would like to have the bill in order to pay Mabel study at the net like window. But by God May will study at dinner. La Quinta para Bihar. We would like to ask you something. No school study up. Pregnant are they are ago. No school study African start a algo We would like to ask you if you can go out with us. No school story up. Reagan started a sip with this Sally Corno Sotelo's No go study abroad Want Arte see? Play the salad corner sutras The way to say ago is Athey f it Unlike English, the word ethic goes before the time phrase. So, for example, to say a year ago it's affair with Daniel. A minute is amino on me Noto So try to say a minute ago. I think you mean Oto. I feel minuto I'm sure you remember how to say. She has just left a cover. The salad acaba de Sally. She's just left two minutes ago A cover The salad at a dos minutos A cover The salad are feathers Minutos I've just seen him five minutes ago a Kabul They made a law that they think a minutos a Kabul. They were lost Faith in Comey Neuters I've just arrived here two days ago Acabo the You got a key, I think. Does Diaz Acabo the gardocki? I say those ds We've just paid the bill A moment ago a pack of almost the pagar La Quinta. I feel momento a car bomb was the pagar La Quinta film momento. I don't feel like staying here a minute longer or in Spanish. This translates to a minute more. I don't feel like staying here a minute longer. Nothing. Go Gonna stick it. Army Iraqi. One minute, Thomas. Nothing more Honors the kid. Arma que me? No Thomas, What about the question? Shall we wait a few minutes more? SPDR most Souness Minotaurs mass? Yes, but I'm also knows me know toes Mass way to say I agree is a story there querido? Literally. I'm off agreement a storied there, querido. A story that equitable. How then would we say I agree with you? A story there? Querido contigo? A story that cuidado con todo Now I'd like you to ask who agrees with me. Gin a stop there. Quicker local media. Jenna, study a quart of alchemy. I don't agree with her. No. Estoy Toquero. Canadia, no! 7. Lesson 6.: so picking up where we left off, How do you think we would say? Do you agree with this? It's just their querido finished. It stars like we're the Cornish. And how about I don't agree with the bill nor story there Cuidado con la Quinta. Nice story. That cuidado con la Quinta. Why don't you agree? Por que No is test their quero for came just as the Equitable. I don't agree with the bill because it's too expensive. No story there. Quero con la Quinta Borges. Demasiado Caro. Nice story. That Cuervo con La Quinta. Poor kids. They must see avocado. We've now reached a key point in the course. The point where we start delving into the past the past tense, often referred to as the pressure it which I know many of you will be anxious toe, learn and master. At this stage, although there are a number of common irregular verbs with irregular past forms will start practicing some common regular verbs just to make life easy. So in the present tense, I speak is Ablow routinely? Or right now I'm speaking abloom. No se I spoke is simply Ablett. You'll notice the e has an accent so really lean on that last syllable. The probably a blend. Okay, try to say I spoke to that person. Probably gonna persona Aberlich Anissa persona. I didn't speak to Jessica. Normally on Jessica? No, a black on Jessica And try. Shall I speak to her now? I'm Laconia. Order. I'm real corn. A Yoda? Fine. Now the wood yesterday is I yet? I did. I didn't speak to him yesterday. No oblique Cornell a year? No, Abla. Cornell, I hear I didn't speak to him yesterday. I spoke to him this morning. Normally canela yet Oblique Cornell s Common Yana. No Abla Cornell idea. I'm like Cornell esta manana. Another regular A are verb is compared to buy. So I bought is completely company trying to say I bought it. Look calm. Look calm. Pray I bought it on Friday. Locum pray, bareness, locum prayer awareness. Shall I buy another one? Compro tro compare otra I bought it two days ago. Look calm pre. I think those diaz look hombre officials Theus. And how do you think we would say? I called her bearing in mind that gamma is another regular air verb. I called her large army. Yummy. Good. I called her twice Lygia Mean does with this Lagan Meadows with this. And how about I paid the bill baggie La Quinta. Bagila Quinta. You can see here that an extra you is added to maintain the hard G sound the US required. So it's not back. A lack went up, but by gay now with another regular A are verb tried to say I lent him the money. Leprosy stay el dinero Liberace there el dinero. And now being very careful not to leave out any little word. How do you say I lent Carlos the money? I lent the money to Carlos Lopresti. El dinero a Carlos Liberace daily NATO A Carlos. I waited for five minutes. Don't bother translating the four here. It's not necessary In Spanish. I waited for five minutes A spirit Think amino toes A spirit thing Commuters, I closed the door. Fairy Laporta fair Raila Puerta Really try to roll that double our of theory theory. Laporta, I watched the television meeting that television meet a Let me see 8. Lesson 7.: Okay, welcome back. The first sentence in lesson seven is, I sent the message Monday. Elements are about my sent her the message in men, Turkey. Sappy. Now would we say I sent the message to Jessica? Elements are Jessica. Lemma means Sathya. Jessica. I sent it. Now try I sent it to her. Cellae. Cellae Mandy. I hope you didn't make the mistake of saying, hello monday, absolutely. Forbidden these tools together. Sit on Monday. We started a few minutes ago. Empathy. Empathy I feel knows me notice. I didn't finish the lesson. Not terminate. No. I didn't finish the course, but I finished the lesson. Not dare me name L crucial. Then Mineola lithium. Now we're going to present all the conjugations, all the different forms of regular verbs in the past, in the simple past, sometimes known as the preterite tense. Dope these synchronous quickly as possible. Try this chant. Speak the verbs along with us. And eventually perhaps after playing the whole thing through a couple of times and see if you can chant along without looking at the screen, though it may help to keep reading the first column, the pronouns with covering the actual verb forms on the right, you'll see what I mean. Joe, Billy, do velocity, L, blow, blow. Short-term. Our beloved Bush was sought rose Last Days, a Yoshua, our bilateral, IA, joe, our blade to our blushed day. A low blow, no shortcut as our beloved Bush was short-term US. Last days AS Avalon. Yet blood on job, blade to blast de El blow. I yet block nosotros available. Was Shapiro's last days a year SHE ABA louder, louder, jaw. Blame to the last day. Oh, I Yair. Below the shortcut us, our beloved Bush was shocked us our blast days AS without old Avalon. Joe, happily do Abdullah state L, low. Blue, nosotros problem was was sucrose. Last day's pay yours, have an add-on. I hear. Joe are believed to have last day a year are below. Below. No salt truss, our beloved muscles will short-term. I've last days AS ladder. I yet have lateral. Joe, Billy do our last day. El LO IEL, blue, nosotros. Somos was sought Roche blast days, a Janusz, our bladder bladder. You Joe, are believed to have real estate are below Year below. Your soul can ask Abdullah bush or short-term US, blast days AS bladder Avalon. So then how did I spoke? I blame blame. I spoke to her last week. Oblique Carnegie, la semana Posada. Canadian law, say man up ASALA. Nor ask did you speak to him yesterday. I blasted canal yet. I'd like you to ask the same question using the plural vosotros form. Did you speak to him yesterday? Our block stays con el habla stays canula Yale. She spoke to him in order to pay the bill. I blow Cornell, but Bogata La Quinta, she didn't speak to her for long. And here we're going to translate for long as a lot of time. She didn't speak to her for long? No, hablo mucho tiempo Ganesha. We spoke to two people. Parabola, most conducive personas. Conducts persona's. No. I'd like you to ask a couple of friends. Did you speak to Jessica? Jessica. Blast. Can Jessica to speak about something is trying to say did they speak about my idea? The media. The media. And now say they asked me remembering the you have to add it. They are CMMI. It in English would say They asked me, but it can't be emitted in Spanish. They asked me Tyrone. We waited for three hours. It's been almost three sodas. She closed the window. Federal lobbying, Tanner, Diana. She paid the woman. Alamo head. Did you pay the man? By Gauss theorem. Bagasse. Do jessica by the computer. And Jessica Jessica controller in Angular. Why didn't she by the phone? Volcano al telefono. But cannot completely telefono. When did you arrive? Cuando yo Augusti? I arrived a moment ago. I think in momentum. Momentum. 9. Lesson 8.: many Dustin Weber. Welcome back expression. Something else in Spanish is literally another thing. Otra cosa. Something else. Try saying Shall we talk about something else with precaution? Obama is the Cosa. Now say I bought something else. Com Pre otra cosa, Right? The way to say last week, last month and last year is last Semana Pasada and Miss Pasado Your Passat La semana pasada will miss pasado pasado And now say I asked you last week remembering to include it in your answer they Lobregat day last semana pasada Telebras Mandela Semana pasada They watched something else last week Mitterrand Otra cosa Last similar pass other me dad Oh no, The cosa la semana pasada We stayed there last month nor skate almost say and Miss Pasado no scale Yamazaki and Miss Pasado Why didn't you stay longer or in Spanish? Why didn't you stay more time? We can't know. Take it us that must temper or cannot again us them as thimble. At what time did they finish the work or indeed the job? But what time did they finish the job? I came or a terminar on el trabajo a k a terminal illness trabajo I think they worked until seven o'clock. Kanok Trabajan asked Last city Maybe, but it's like trouble Cardona Stella I think they stopped working at eight. Oclock may pontificate the hard on the trabajar on a social Maybe horrific. They found on the trabajar Allah so too I think they stopped working before eight. Okay, okay. They hard on the drama hard on this day. Okay, The car on the trabajar antes de lascaux two. Ok, but I don't think they stopped before seven. And you will need to include it with the stop. Okay, But I don't think they stopped before seven Bali. Better no creo que Elodie Harun antis. DeLacy eating Bali Better know Creigh Okelo they found on intestinal a CT. I sent it last year low Monday. Eleanor pasado, you know Monday Lanyu pasado I sent the message Monday in men's hockey Mandel Minsa. I sent the message to you day Monday. Eman sake, They mundane men sake. I sent the message to her Lemon, the inman sake, Lemon Delmon sake. Now, in this case, as let could refer to either a man or a woman, him or her boy or girl, Then we can add IAEA or I'll just to clear the meaning up Or indeed the name Lemon Delmon sake. IAEA limb and ailments. I'll lemon. They in men's hockey, Jessica. But in all these cases, we still need the leg, although it actually becomes redundant at this point. Nevertheless, it's always included. Repeat this sentence over and over for a day or two on this redundant pronoun will start to sink in. Lehman Demon Saffi Lehman Dielman sake Lemon Dielman sake. I I sent the message to Jessica. Did you remember to use the redundant late Lehman Day Elementary at Jessica Lemon? Delmon, Sacha Jessica. Okay, so now with this concept of the redundant pronoun, understood what happens if instead of the message, we wanted to say it instead, if we wanted to replace the message with it, I sent it to Jessica. I sent it to him or to her. The logical way would be lay low Monday. But remember, this combination is impossible. The two l's together must be avoided. So lay low becomes, say, law, Salo, civil Monday. Now justice, before say, could refer to him or to her. So what we do is specify the person after the verb to clear up any ambiguity of the say, but do remember to keep the redundant C at all costs. Scylla. Monday, Scylla Monday. I'll Scylla. Monday. Jessica. I sent it to Jessica Sale on Monday. Our Jessica Salomon there. Jessica. I sent it to her civil Monday idea. Salomon Day. IAEA. I sent it to her last year. Scylla. Monday. IAEA Iran Your pasado Salo. Monday I yell annual pasado. I didn't send it to her. I sent it to him. No se lo Monday IAEA Say hello Monday. I'll no Solo Monday IAEA Selo Monday. I I sent it to Jessica last year. Celo Monday. Our Jessica Yellin. No pasado Salomon There. Jessica Lange, your Passaro. I'll send her something else this year. Lee Mandiri Otra cosa is Stay on you, Lemon. Dario tacos. Stay on you. 10. Lesson 9.: First phrase in lesson nine is, I have to ask a friend. He bought it. And how about he bought it for silicon? We could also say that the use of the pronoun works just fine here. He bought it for Jessica. Jessica. Jessica. We could also say Jessica, both versions of fine. How many lessons did you listen to yesterday? How many lessons have you listened to today? Now try to ask, How many courses did you finish last year? Terminus de el ano pasado. Ten minutes. They'll ano pasado. And how many of you finished this year? Leon, you tell me now though is Daniel what builds did you pay last week? Gay, Quintus biogas de la semana pasado. De la semana pasado. And what bills have you paid this week? Okay. Quintus as pagoda semana. Are you sure you closed the door and the window? Is 11. Diana. Some students studied Spanish, others studied English. Uno cease to be. And this is through the irony spinal or trusses 2D Aaron in Glace. Unos is to the antithesis to the Arun Espanol authors is to the adenine lists. Now can you remember how to say, I don't like that person. Usta asap persona. Know ME will stay separate Asana. I don't like listening to Peter all the time. No matter who's high school, Jarrod number, Mongoose, Tesco, Chadha, Peter. I know in the past I didn't like that person. Know me who star SR persona. Who's Thai SAP ID. So now I didn't like that country. No Megastore essay by 0s. I didn't like your questions. Omegas. Omega stat on us. I like her megastar. And for extra clarity we could say Megastore. And how about I didn't like him. Who start? I liked him but I didn't like her. Megastore. Megastore. Omegas. Omega. I like some lessons. Slick finish. Ins. I liked some lessons but I didn't like them all. Omega s. Let the'90s beta on told us to remember how to say at about, for example, at about five o'clock Chobani. So how do we say she arrived at about six o'clock? Diego Chobani law says Diego surveil essays. But they didn't arrive until seven o'clock. C-a-t. C-a-t. They called ten minutes ago. The Viet Minh notice. Why didn't they call sooner than mass pronto? Nobody called her this afternoon. Not VA is Qatar the moist or another way to say this would be no more lady escaped our date. 11. Lesson 10.: So then moving on again relentlessly building on and consolidating your knowledge. Annexed important verb is to help you that. So how would you cry for help, help me. By Udemy? I do that. I want to help you. I think that this lesson will help you grow Castel Actaeon, clear case telecom data. But I can't help you if you don't listen. See NoSQL chess. Better, not Puebla you that this is a nice good tests. To try, to try to do something is in the normal, regular AR verbs. I tried to help you. In dentate hierarchy. You that day. You didn't help me much. Mucho. Noumena, you last day mucho aborted to help you. We bought the course to help him with his Spanish. Low contrast by neuron. Do you think it has helped him? I know it's helped him a little. Poco. Poco tries to speak Spanish. Espanol. I'm trying but you're not helping me get better no matter how you dash. Beta nomad us. Now a very common verb we touched on briefly in the beginner's courses is or to spend time, which is time itself, is the, for example, quanto tempo. How much time, how long to try to say, we have spent a lot of time here. Image pasado tempo Aki MOS pasado mu2. How long are you going to spend in caddied? One. Can. Now ask a couple of friends. How many days did you spend in my Orca space? In my Orca. One ds by sustain mydata. We spent a week in my yoga and then a month in a buffer owner seminar in my Yorker ego mess. Any visa in local miss anybody? 12. Lesson 11.: nice to have you back. If you've reached this far following our guidelines to the letter, you're doing a great job. Phillipe Dallas. So to ask how long someone's been doing something in English we obviously use have How long have you lived in Spain? However, in Espanol, on the present tense. The simple present tense is used with the verb affair to do well to make a fair. And we get quanta tempo Half a cabbie vish in Espana. Literally. How long or how much time does it make that you live in Spain? Repeat, please. Quanta tempo ethic, Every vision Espana want ot mbatha que Viva Sinise Panya Now try to ask, How long has she studied? Spanish Quantum tempo? Half a case study. I span your oneto, the empathic estudio espanol. How long has your son been watching television? Quantum tempo, Half a gateway home. Iraola Tel Aviv. Soon quantity Empathic it. We commit a little EVC on How long have you been waiting for me? Quanto tempo thinking may spare us 1 30 Empathic amis paid us. And how long have you bean going out with her? Cuenta tiempo? Thickest Salish Canadia Want ot empathic a Salish. Cornelia. Okay, if you found that little tricky, just go back to the beginning of the lesson and repeat that section, not answer these questions with. For example, I've lived here for 10 years. We say half a death Aniano gave evil. Archy. Literally. It makes 10 years that I live here or I've been living here. Repeat, please. Athey. Death on your cable hockey after the eighth annual Scary walkie. So trying to say I've studied Spanish for six months or did I've been studying Spanish for six months, but they say it's Mrs K. Studio Espanol offices. Messis case studio spaniel. She's been watching the television for about two hours at the doctors Or ask a middle, a television, a fellow sword. Ask Amidala television. I've been paying the bills for many years, but the moochers on your tape Agulhas Quintas after a motor. Saniora's Cape Agulhas Quintas. They've been trying to learn Spanish for a long time at the macho tempo content on up in there, Espanol after a Mozartean booking dent on a binary spaniel, we've been helping them for many weeks at the Mutassim Anus. Colosio demos after a motor semanas killers. Are you Thomas. How would we say I am working a story? Trabajando a story trabajando I spend a lot of time working Paschall Mutual temple trabajando paso macho tiempo trabajando I've been working on this lesson for hours literally. It makes hours that I am working on this lesson. It makes hours that I work on this lesson cafe or a skit trabajo en est Alec June Half a Ordesky trabajo honest Alec Fion. I'm going to try to finish it before one o'clock. Boy in Dent, our terminal villa on this day Laguna Boyington Startle mean Atlantis Day, Lona. I finished two lessons yesterday. Terminate Doe selected on this year They're me. Nader's lengthy honest I did now as we saw before. The first is El Primero The last is El Ultimo along Demo A little demo. So what with Spanish? For the last lesson be long time electron loused Emelec's Ian How did we say? Harder as in more difficult must defeat feel must be faithful. This lesson is harder than the last lesson est. Alec Fion is must be 50 Cal Team Electron est Alec Fiona's must be fetal Karel de Malek theon and to sound more natural in English. We would say this lesson is harder than the last one. How would you say that in Spanish? This lesson is harder than the last one. Systolic phone is must be 50 Kill Altima Esta lengthy on is much defeated. Keller Old Dema trying to say the first lesson is easier than the last love Premera like Fionn Isthmus, Fattal, kill Altima Labrie metallic Fiona's must fulfil Galadima. Now there are two points to remember about the adjective Romero Premera has a numeral adjective 1st 2nd last, etcetera. It goes before the noun. It describes lab Premera Classy, just like in English. The first class luck Premera Grassy second point is that it drops the oh before a masculine noun. So we don't say all pre medo Corso. But l Premier Corso Del Premier embraced the first man Premier Hombre. However, the A is kept from in the feminine form Premera length. So how do you think we would say the first course is easier than the last primer course? Oh, it's must fulfil Kelo. Timo Elber, AmeriCorps. So is must fulfil Cailloux. Altimo. The last course is better than the 1st 1 A little Tima Corso s McCorkell primero a little steam. A corso is McCorkell tomato 13. Lesson 12.: can you give the Spanish for? The last course is better than the first Romero. A little steam a course Eyes McCorkell tomato. I don't agree. No story there. Quetta, though. No, I story. They're queer, though. Why don't you agree? Por que nos test their acquittal for Ken oysters deck were low because I like the first course a lot bar came Augusta macho Premier Corso Poor came a worst a mutual premier Corso . Now, as we already know, the adjectives good and bad in Spanish a Bueno and Melo No window and Melo both worked like theatric tive be meadow that we saw before in that they usually but not always go before the Now they describe they're normally they're a bad idea, boy in a persona a good person If they're placed after the now that's fine too. But the effect is slightly weaker. You might say that Una mala is a really bad idea and you no idea. Mullah is perhaps a rather bad idea now also just like Romero, they drop the oh before a masculine now. So Albelin Corso the good course whom aldea a bad day. So trying to say he has a bad dog Dnm Alberro. The new model Bairro. She's a bad person soon a mullah persona. IHS una mala persona. He's a good student as witness to the other day is witness to the under. The interactive Second is very similar to the English Segundo say you know, so trying to say the second course is better than the first as Segundo Corso as make or help Romero El Segundo courses. McCorkell, Prum, Aito. I'm trying to understand the second lesson in kendo. And then there last segunda lengthy on in Denton. Then there Lassie wound Alexey on. I spoke to the first person yesterday. Publicarla Premera persona a year have, like Owen LaBrie made up its own a year. They spoke to the second person this morning Laurent gonna Sagan the persona esta manana Abla Giancola segunda persona esta manana And now say they haven't spoken to everybody? No, in a bladder control cantata Telemundo No, one of Lado condos. How would we say he doesn't like the first course or in Spanish? The first course doesn't please him or the first course isn't pleasing to him. He doesn't like the first course. No Lego style. Premier Corso No Hollywood style primer Corso. They don't like the first course, no less Costa Del Premier Corso, Nawaz Gustav, Primer Corso. They don't like the first lessons. No less gustan lost three mirrors like the onus, no less gustan Last Very Made us Lick the anus. She doesn't like the first lessons. No legal Stanley's primeras like the onus. No only worst unless pre made us lengthy illness. She likes the first course, but she doesn't like the 2nd 1 leg. Busta L. Premier Cool, So better Know who? Style Segundo laywers style. Premier Corso Pedro Nollywood style Say Won't know. She finds it very boring. Blowing cuenta movie. A burrito lowing Quinta ammonia burrito. Now, using the conditional he would like he would like to do the second course Lego Storia Affair Essay will know Corso. 14. Lesson 13.: By now you should have a fairly solid grasp of the AR verbs in the past tense. So let's move on to the ER and ir verbs, much luckily share the same endings. Firstly, the verb sally. For the moment, just the I-Form, I left, which is Sally. And the she and he form, which is Sal. You note where the stress falls on both of these. Sally Sally. To leave a place is Sally day? And then you mentioned the place. Now could you say I left the shop at eight o'clock in Spanish? We would have to say I left from the shop with day. I left the shop at eight o'clock. Sally Sally della P&L, Assad to she left the house at about two o'clock. Santiago de La Casa, shrubbery, large dose. Salia, the La Casa suitably large dose. He left before finishing the lesson. Sal you're untested determiner like the Sally-Anne test determiner allelic, the'm why did he leave? Per se? I don't know why he left. Nausea, uppercase allele. Nkosi, uppercase. A. Leo. I left the hotel last week. Sally Dial hotel, la semana Posada. Sally Villa de la semana, ASALA. And now we're going to present all the forms of regular ER and ir verbs in the simple past tense to help these sink in as soon as possible. Let's chant the conjugations. Joe, Sally to Sal easting and Sally. Sally or nosotros. Sadly most or sutras SAT least days a year's salary. Aaron. Sally, Aaron, Yo sadly. And sadly spake Asia, Sally. I Year. Sally, yo know, sutras SAT II Bush was short trash SAT least days. A Yasser, sadly, iran. I care. Sadie arrowed. Joe. Sadly, due south east de El cell, your cell, your nosotros, Saturday Bush or short-term lease stays. A IOS Sadie error. I had Sally arrowed. Joan, sadly. Sadly state a, a Saviour. Yet sayo truss, sadly libor or sort grass SAT least days AS sally arrowed. I Year. Sally, I don't Joe, sadly, to say at least day. And Sally Sally Europe, nosotros, Saturday Bush called sucrose, sadly stays a harsh Sally arrow. A year, Sadie era. Joe, Sally to Sally's day, Asia. Sally. Sally, you know, short grass salary most, most sutras SAT least days AS cell Yaro, year, Sally error. Joe. Sadly, to say at least de El Salia. Iaea. Sally, nosotros, saddled evils. Both short-term. Sadly stays. A year's salary error. I Year. Sally aired on your salad leap to Sally's state. Asia. Sally. Sally or no shortcut AS SAL lemurs for sutras sadly stays a gas. Salyut. I Year, Sally Aaron. So now should be easy to say. They left today. Salyut on oh, sorry. As we said before, to leave the hotel or to leave the house is Sally. Sally deadlock kasa. So tried to say they left the hotel without paying. Sally, Aidan, Yellowtail shin bag. They left the shop after paying the burger. Salutation, the Latvian that is poised. We left the restaurant after paying the bill. Sally, most displaced debugger like when Dan Saleema delivery Stout and Dennis poised dipolar La Quinta. We paid the bill, then we left. By Ramos La Quinta Rigo Shall limos. La Quinta Lego Saleema. Now ask someone, didn't you leave with us? Know Sally state con nosotros. Necessarily stay con nosotros. And now ask a group of friends the same question. Didn't you leave with us? Know Sally stays con nosotros. Know Sally stays con nosotros. What time did I leave yesterday? A camera, Sally? I don't remember what time you left. Not equated akio, does Alice? Following the same pattern? How would we save by d? Then d? I sold ten courses today. Bindi. Then how would we say she sold it? Robin, DR. she sold it to her Robin neo Slovenia. She sold it to him. Sale or when the sale of India. Now you might say, hold on, how can we tell the difference? How can we tell it if she sold it to him or to her? Well, to specify, we can add the pronoun I, tag it onto the end. So how would we say she sold it to her? Clo when DO I say lovin? Remembering to keep that say at the beginning despite it being redundant, if you want to remove anything, you can remove the IE, but not the same in cases where it's already been established who you're talking about, we can remove the IEA or the ILO, but always keeping the same as this says, never used to emphasize, never used for clarity is just part of the structure for clarity. We add IL or the SEC always remains. She sold it to him. Silicon, New Salem and we sold it to them. Anymore. Sigh goes. We didn't sell it to him. We sold it to her. No cellae. Cellae. Now said I'm in the mosaic. 15. Lesson 14.: let's carry on practising these essential building blocks of the Spanish language Indeed, of any language. The pronouns, which allows to speak more fluidly, make our sentences sound less clumsy. These really are crucial to acquiring a good level of Spanish. So please, could you say I sold it Mindy Love in the Of course, if we were referring to feminine noun such as a house, we would say Love Indy. I sold it to him. Celo Andy, Sale of in the And if we wanted to be even clearer Celo Andy, I'll I sold it to Antonio Sale of Andy Antonio Remembering here that the SEC is not optional even if we mention Antonio Sello in D Antonio. I didn't sell it to Jessica. I sold it to power. No Cell of India. Jessica Sill of indie about Allah. No cell of in the eye. Jessica Sale of India. Pola. I didn't send it to Daveed. I sent it to Carlos. No, Silman. They are David Sillerman. Day a Carlos No solo Monday out of it. Sell Amanda. Carlos, I didn't ask your mother. I asked your father no celebration. They are to Marjorie. Celebrated today at the Battery no celebrate going there to moderate celebrating on their toe bothering. She didn't write it to your sister. She wrote it to your brother. No cell alloy scarabeo at where? Manner similar Escribio at two A commando no cell Ascribe your toe in a manner sailor Scream your toe Amano I didn't write it to you I wrote it to him No Tell a scree b a t ST Louis Creavy Ill No Tell a scream BRT Sellers Caribbean We didn't write it to him. We wrote it to her. No se Lois Creavy Marshall say Lois Creamy Moshe IAEA No salus Creepy More style. Ciller's creepy more so. Yah, we didn't write the message to him. We wrote it to her. No, only a scree. Be emotion, men. Sorry, I'll silhouettes. Creavy! Moshe ya, no less clearly muscleman sake! I'll sellers creepy More so, yeah, now what with Spanish? Be for I lost it Look better. The Lopez v. I lost my keys. Better the miss the obvious. Dulaimi's Yoervis When did you lose thumb? Cuando la spare released a gondola spare this day. When did you leave Cuando sali stay Cuando Sally's Day? When did you arrive? Cuando you gotta stay Cuando you cast a The word for last night is a not checked and no T we arrived last night. Jake. Almost are not. You got more sand or two. I lost my keys last night. Better the mischievous or not? Perevi. Monsieur, do you know where you lost them? Service Don Dallas Parody. Stay savaged on the last part of this day. Now the Spanish for off course is glad Lado on. Of course not. It's simply glad. Oh, again, no platter literally means clear or clearly. So we're really saying clear that not claro Que No glad Okino. So can you give the following question and answer? Do you know where you lost them? Of course not. Service done. The last parody. Stay glad. Okay, no. 16. Lesson 15.: They lost the money. The narrow bed VA don't LD nato. When did they lose it? They lost IT last night. Or nutshell. Nano T. Why did they lose it? Do you remember the verb to lend? Because they lend it to their brother. Elsewhere, Mano. Mano. Try saying they lent the money to their brother. Nato, persuade mano. A good person. Una persona. Nice. We're not going up at a show now. Of course not. Again, no. Glad. Okay. No. He's a very bad person. Es una persona is when I'm doing my la persona. And bad husband. Your muddy though. Let's put those two together. He's a very bad person and a bad husband. Es una persona. Your malware ego is when I'm moving my la persona, your mal Merida. Ready in Spanish is the shorter word. And it goes at the beginning of the phrase before both parts of the verb. So to say, I've already left. We say John Alito, guy Sally don't. How do you think we would say, I've already called a Yamada Wilder mother? She's already sold it. You've already lost it. Better than either. One last bit of email. Now tried to say the same thing, but putting it as a question, have you already lost it? So you see we just change the intonation rather than the words themselves, Gallo as parallel either. One last. What was the Spanish for? I'm leaving in the simple, short present form. Siobhan salvo. I left. Sally. Sally. I have left SR leader. I will leave sol drain. Salary. Then what about I'm arriving in the simple form. Gabo Diego. I arrived. I have arrived, I have arrived here, Godel. And now I will arrive. Now here's a table showing the four tenses for verb tense is that we've been covering. You'll see on the left, there's a list of verbs in light blue. In the next column, moving to the right, we have the verb salad in the present tense. I leave. Then moving across the past tense, Sally, I left. Then we have the present perfect meaning. I have done something, I have left in this case, SR leader. And finally, on the right we have the future. I will leave Saudi. Now along the bottom of the slide, you'll see these four words are ora now, a year Yesterday, John already, and my piano tomorrow. Now as you practice going through the verbs in this table, we're going to use these words to set the context, position the verb in time. So in the first column, in the present tense, to give I leave or I'm leaving some context. We say our US algo. I'm leaving now. Our US algo, moving across a year. Sally, yesterday I left GI Salvador. I've already left. And Manana salary. I leave tomorrow. Okay. I'd like you to keep practicing in that manner on your own, pausing the video and speaking out loud when you're done with that, we continue with the next verb on the list. So take a good while to complete this exercise before carrying on. If you need to check back to the full table, that's fine. But use this slide just to prompt you as you go through the verbs. So going along each row gives the four-tenths is going across the list and then move down to the following conjugations. So do so with all these verbs. Now could you say, I understand? You could also say take comprendre. Then the company. I didn't understand him. No low-intensity zenme le company? They didn't understand us. No, no. No, no. No. I don't I don't understand why they bought it. I don't understand why they sold it for I do not understand why they sold it to her. And lastly, she didn't understand why he left the uppercase, Sally. Sally. 17. Lesson 16.: Let's start. Listen 16 with the phrase he didn't understand why she sold the house. No intended for Kevin Dio Casa Ninth and your parquet Vignola. Cassa. They didn't understand why they helped him. No intend the Enron Por que les? I would Harun No! In thin year on pork, Elia, you that on? We didn't speak because we didn't understand anything. No Obama Sporkin known then the most Another? No. Have llamas Park in 19 Nemo's Naga. We didn't understand anything because the teacher spoke too quickly. Lewington Demotion Nava Particle Professor Abalo Demasiado Rapido No one thing the most. Another particle professor Ablow Demasiado Rapido. All right then how do we say we speak Obama's Avalon? Mose We spoke Ramos? Yes, exactly the same form. But the time frame will always be clear from the context. Alamo's okay, we're buying a car. Come Promotion Cochin Com Paramus Home Court. We didn't buy it. No Lo Kam Promus? No Locum Ramos. We don't understand knowing Then they most knowing Then they most we didn't understand. No. And then the Moche, ninth in the Mohs. So we see. For the e r and the IR verbs, the weak form is actually different in the present in the past, or knowing 10 demos a year, knowing then demos. No p please. Or, you know, in 10 demos a year Now and then demos. Let's turn our attention to the verb ban. In its various tenses, the bear presents a few irregularities, but these are simply to do with missing accidents. Nothing to worry about. The spellings are identical and regular. Even the stress patterns are unchanged. The main irregularity, however, is the participle. That's to say that I have seen the scene. Part of I have seen this is known as the participle with Seen part, which, instead of the regular, either endings such as Bendito solider is Bista. So I have seen a V store. The same with these charts, then, is to be able to recite them without looking. So for this verb, Baird, I'll take you through the whole chart and then over to you to practice until you've really mastered the whole lot. This is important work, and though perhaps tedious will pay enormous dividends in the long run in a thermos. Shall we begin? Okay, the infinitive is bad to say. Now I see it's our male. Repeat, please. How would avail are yet to be Johnny B. Store? Magnon a Betty owner of this a year be state. John is restored. Mannion of it. Us out of a Your job is stuff manana. Better out of emotion. A year to be Moshe Joy most misto Mannion. A very Mohs out of a space. Ah, year to be Stace, John Harvey's beast manana race out of in a year be Iran. John Misto Magnon obeyed on now, with the help of this table toe prompt you over to you to practice all these forms. So that should be easy to say. I saw it. Lobi Gov I have seen it loyally store Louis V Still I've already seen it twice. General Lori Visto does Mathis? Yeah, Levi stood those basis. Did they see it? Lobi Iran Oviedo on Why didn't she see him? But it can't know. Love your for Can I love you? How many people saw her? Qantas personas love Iran. Qantas Spit saunas Love Yeroen! What did you see? Okay, be stay. Give these there. I saw the first person, but I didn't see the second bi ala Premera persona. There are no V Segunda the Allah Premera persona better. Novia 18. Lesson 17.: there is a regular e r verb. I'd like you to take a minute itude to go through this practice chart with comedy. He ruled the forms just to remind you and to refer back to. If you get stuck on, here's the table to prompt you as you go through all the forms. The verb Dave Aid to Drink is also perfectly regular and works just the same ways made. So you might like to practice this one too. Way had lunch at the restaurant yesterday. Call me Morse in El Restaurante a year. Call me most in interest out on their year. You drank a lot of beer yesterday. They re still mooch after Aretha Baby Stem Motta fed Aretha. Yet now then the verb to say or to tell defeat presents a lot of irregular forms. It may be simpler in the case of death here to consider the infinitive form death here as irregular as nearly all the conjugated forms taken, I in the stem rather than the e death feed off the infinitive. Notice that we've added the other form of the present tense. The present progressive estoy Duthie endo, meaning I am saying right now our our estoy Fethi endo our est osteopathy And I'd like you to repeat each congregation after me starting this time with God idea every day. So let's go to the present tense with Qalandiya Correa Diego Every day I say our story Duthie Endo Ah year deeply a teacher man Yana D day Galleria d fish our s Toxteth e Endo Ah , year the history Jazz Detroit manana Did us Cavalleria The thing Our study Theo Endo I m d Hole Jihadi tro manana Dida Correa The fee Moshe Our eyes Thomas Death Ian No I read the fema's Jame off Detroit Manana de Lemos Correa They thesis our a STAIs defender I year the feast Ace Job base Detroit Magnon A deed ace Correa de thin How would I stand with the endo ? Ah, yes, D'haran. Yeah, and it Manana de Leon. So, as I said, spend plenty of time on this until you've really mastered all these forms. So no say I said it. Lodi's lordy here I said it to her. In other words, I told her Sello the thing Celery, I told Jessica Sello the hair Jessica syllabi here. Jessica. I have said it lo idiot. Louis V two, I've told Jessica Celery, Detroit Jessica Celery, Detroit Jessica I've already told Jessica three times. Just celery tho. Jessica There is with this Jessel. A teacher Jessica Trees basis. Did you tell him? Scylla. The feast day? I'll similarly he stale. Did you tell Polar Scylla? The feast? A polar celery hissed Apoula, Did you tell your Children? Did you tell your Children Sell old if he stared to see host Celo v he stato seahorse. Did you tell them? Sello The feast day? I just sailor the history years. No, I didn't tell them. No, No se Lodz No, no cell or decay. Jessica didn't tell me. No Melody Haugh. Jessica No! Melo! Vico! Jessica! Jessica didn't tell me. Jessica Normal O d hawrami Jessica No Melody Harmony. She didn't tell me, but she told Carlos No melody hawrami, parasail or the whole Carlos. No melody for me. Better Celica, Carlos. I didn't tell her, but I told him no silly three. I yeah. Better sell od se I'll no se lo que 19. Lesson 18.: The first phrase in Lesson 18 is we said it the most. Laurie, He Morse. We said it to you, Della the chemo shot tailor the humus we told you. But we didn't tell her They love the theme of a tea. Better no silly FEMA's idea Tailor the he most at the better. No salary. He messiah. He said it to me. In other words, he told me mentally hawrami Melo vehicle for me. He said it to me. He didn't say it to you. Military who are me? No Tell of the horror de Melo before me. No! Tell Adi hottie I said the word like Jessica. Not like Peter de fella. Palabra Cuomo. Jessica No! Competed de hella palabra como Jessica? No comma Peter. Of course she's Spanish. Claro! Asia is Espanola. Glad Oh a yes, Espanola, in the past tense of the verb affair is also irregular. Ethan Joey thing do we think Stay Elway? Yeah, eat. So you know So Tracee Femurs. Well, so true. If he stays and a yours a theory on, I'd like you to chant along with me until you couldn't do it. Virtually from Memory Joe to east L. A you know Sutras Team owes more sutras. He stays Agere's. I did So he stays HHS a year. Joe, He stayed. And so I get Citrus, Seamus. For certain states, nature's a year. He stayed a yet no sutras. Sutras, he states. Yes. Here, Joe. And again, no sutras the most for sutras. He stays a years feasting. I get it the most. He stays a guess. Your e stay. L. Ito again. Ito Salter's females Shorter's thes days. A years again, Joe. He stake Asia No sutras. Females. He stays a Yes, I tell so no. Say I did it. No anything, Louisa. I did it last night. Low if they are not Lo Ethan. Naughty. She told me that she didn't do it. Maybe hook and no ether. Maybe Hook and nor Loizeaux. They said that they did it. The hair on Kayla with ER on a job. The head on Colloids theater tornadoes. We said that we did it. The femurs yellowy theme us the humor, skill with emotion or sutras. You did it, Louis feast a loi thesis there. You did it very well yesterday. Lloyd system movie In a year, Lloyd system will be in a year. How could you say the same thing? Addressing two or more friends. You did it very well yesterday. Low if he stays movie in a year low if he stays movie in a year. I did it with you, Louis. Second dio lo effect Santiago. Now, could you tell a friend I did it better than you? Lou? Ethan McCord, K two Lloyd, Famous Horror, Kato. And now tell a couple of friends I did it better than you. Lo Ethan McCord. You know, if a make or Cabo Soto's. And now could you tell an older person to whom you're showing respect the same thing? I did it better than you, Lou. Ethan McCord. They'll step life. A McCorkell stayed. And now tell a couple of older people that you did it better than them. I did it better than you, Louise. Theme McCorkell status. Lui fai McCorkell Status. She didn't do anything. No, he's another No. Ethan Naga. He did the first course last month. If the will premiere Corso and Miss Pasado lethal Premier course Oil. Miss Pasado. She said that she did the last lessons. De hok thought national team a select the onus the hook A theological demands Lichfield nous. She said that she did them a few hours ago. The Hotel aceto at the source, the Coca Cola Si fourth. The owner sought us. Did you say that you did it? The Sea State Keller et stay. Did he stick Aloisi's? 20. Lesson 19.: way to put. You'll remember in the first person present tense is highly irregular. A zits. One of the go verbs job bongo In the past It's also a regular job who say toe pussy. Stay Bush. You see most you see Stace Sierra. So could you repeat the entire chart after me? Galleria Bongo Our estoy pony in No a year Poussey Gia a puesto manana Andre Correa Bonus our staff! Bonnie Endo Our year persisting. Yeah. Ask puesto manana. Bondra's Galleria pony Our I stop on the endo. Ah, yet gruesome job. Puesto manana Bondra Kataria Born Imo's Our s Thomas Pony Endo a year John Amos Puesto man Yana Bondra can idea ponies our eyes tie Spagna Ah year Poussey Stace John of Ace puesto Manana Bond race Correa Born in our Istanbul innuendo a year pushy Iran. John on Bristol Manana. Bondra, keep practicing all these forms with the help of this table to prompt you. So I'd like you not to say I put it here. Look, Poussey aqui lopo sake. He put it there. Look who show ye le bourgeois i e Where did you put it? Daniele pussy. Stay. Don't develop Aziz. There I put it behind the table. Look who said they trust the COMESA. Lopo said that Rushdie la Mesa They put some things here and others there bushier on algunas Casazza key e otras e. You see our own algunas co sasaki e otras Aggie. Important question would Who is in? Who did it can lower? Ethan Gen. Lloyd. So who put it here? Kinloch puso a key Nhlapo Sharkey Who said that? Kindy hoist dnd Hoy So who did they see last night? Aqui en be Iran or change again you? No, no, no To where did they put the car? When the pushy Ronald coaching Don't the posi Adonal culture Now you remember the verb to come They need in the first person Singular of the present is also ago verb So I come is bingo to say I came It's be name be name So once again let's go through these congregations Repeating after me Kataria Bingo our estoy innuendo. Ah, year Beanie John Every needle Magnon a been Dre Cavalleria Penis our It starts being the endo I hear Beenie Stay. Joe has been needle Magnon, Abend, Russ Galleria Our I stab innuendo Ah, year be No job. The needle. Magnon, Avendra, Calvary of anymore. Our is Thomas Binney Endo. A year to be Nemo's J most. Benito Magnon Abend Ramos, Cavalleria Bernice. Our ice ties be innuendo. Ah, Year Beanie Stays, John. Have a spin either. Magnon Abend, Race. Kadi of Yenan. How would I stand by innuendo? Ah, yet Miniere on John been evil. So now let you practice all these forms on your own. I came with her bean acorn Asia Veena Cornelia He came with wine. Beano Gambino Exactly the same word. Be no con Beano v. No con vino Who came with Jessica GNB? No con Jessica Gambino con Jessica. She came with her father. Be no control battery. Be no conscious battery. Did they come alone? Bean year on. So loss the near on solos. Okay, good. Every day I learn 10 words Kataria, Apprendi Death Calaveras Galatea Print No death Palabras. Yesterday I learned five words a year. A brain the think or palabras I get up in the Think up allowed us this morning. I have learned eight words. Esta manana a apprehended. Oh palabras esta manana! Happen Leader Auto Palabras. Tomorrow I will learn 10 words, Man Yana Apprendi Death Palabras, Mannion Opinionated! Give Palabras 21. Lesson 20.: All right. Welcome to the last class of level to lessen 20. Yes, you're half way through the intermediate low. And if you've been following a medal from the beginner's level, this will be your sixth course. Can you believe it? But still a fair way to go by now. You should also be branching out and exercising the rial organ of language acquisition, which is the ear. So watching easy videos, for example on YouTube or selecting Spanish readers with accompanying audio track both good ways to go on very important work at this stage of your learning. So jumping straight back in every day I come here. Qaderi, Abengoa key. Cada dia having Rocky yesterday You came here a year Business tacky a year Beanie Stuckey. This morning you've come here Esta manana asked Benito aqui istan bananas beneath Rocky Tomorrow I will come here. Magnon of Indri AKI Mannion of in Rocky Every day I put it there. Caledonia Lope Envoy, go Olive, Yellow bongo! Yay! Yesterday I put it there. Ah, year Lopo say I e ideal Low Posa this morning. I've put it there. Esta manana, Lloyd puesto e esta manana. Lloyd Boy story Tomorrow I'll put it there again. Manana Loeb Andre I e. Ultra with manana. Lope. Andrea Yeo Travis. Every day I do it quickly. Kataria Lago Rapido, God of yellow ago. Rapido. Yesterday I did it quickly. Ah, Here, Luisi. Rapido A year, Lloyd Fair Rapido. Today I've done it slowly. Lloyd, show this patio oil. Oh, it's so this path you Tomorrow I will do it quickly. Man Yana Low R E rapido Manana Laurie Rapido. Let's have a really close look at all the forms of the verb donate to have Correa tengo our estoy teniendo a year manana. Denree do Dennis. Our is test innuendo. Ah, Year Two we stay John Aston Needle Manana. Kendra's Correa. Our is start innuendo. I. Yet Duval John F. Kennedy Magnon a tendra Correa Tenemos our eyes, Thomas teniendo a year to the moose John and most in need Mannion Attend Ramos Correa Den Ace, Our Estes teniendo I m to be stays jah Hey, Steny! Though Magnon attend race Correa TNN All right, Stan teniendo I hear Toby around John and Danny Though Mannion attend run As you already know, the verb Donaire is also used to express obligation. I have to in the sense of I must tengo que So how do you think we would say I had to in the past to wake a do a k? So try to say I had to do the lesson five times to make a fair electron. Think of ifthis to make a fair Lalique Theon. Think of ifthis. We had a problem with the car, so we must assume Programmer Cornell Coach Toby Motion Problem McConnell now in Spanish to say to be lucky. We're actually saying to have luck. And this is dinner suerte swear days luck. Then they're suerte. They never sweated there. And to wish someone good luck, it's Buena suerte. Buena suerte. So now tell someone you are lucky, Dennis Sweater Today the Ennis sweated there. Now say you are very lucky. In other words, you have Ah, lot of luck, Dennis. Muchacha Suerte! Yes, Muchacha as suerte is feminine. It's a last word. A tennis muchacha Suerte! The end is motor sweater. What about? We were very lucky. In other words, we had ah lot of luck, Toby. Most much a sweater thing, Toby. Most motor suerte And now try. They have been very lucky on the needle. Moocher suerte. Anthony the mooch elsewhere. You won't have a problem. North end Rush Programmer. Not in the restroom problema. You won't have a problem with Spanish if you learn the verbs. Not in dress from Programa Connolly spaniel. See a horrendous loss. Burbles not in the restaurant problem. McConnell lists panacea. Prentice Rose better, boss. Some verbs air easy, but others are more difficult algunas bearable. Some fabulous that Otero's son must defeat illness. Algunos variable some fabulous. Better alter. So much defeat, Phyllis. Okay, congratulations. You finished. Level two. You still have many classes ahead of you. So be sure to keep going strong. And we'll see you in level three. Toronto.