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The Complete Spanish Method. Intermediate 1. EL MÉTODO.

Peter Hanley, The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course

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About This Class



EL MÉTODO allows you to:

► Speak, non-stop, from the very start. (no note-taking required)
► Produce and assimilate thousands of practical phrases for daily use.
► Painlessly absorb grammar and vocabulary at intermediate level.
► Make rapid progress, without the need to memorise or "study" in the traditional sense.


"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn ." (Benjamin Franklin)

Right from the start, EL MÉTODO engages you in a non-stop spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. This beautifully simple resource allows you to use and understand Intermediate Spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for tiresome attempts at memorisation or lengthy, grammatical explanations. This is achieved through a expertly designed, world-class methodology that builds up and practices the language in your mind and mouth, step by step, until you are able to form increasingly complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be forming your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realising it. The method guides you through Intermediate Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.

Recent students put it this way: 
★★★★★"Outstanding from the very first lesson to the end. The Spanish is challenging and fast moving, and yet  constantly revisits vocabulary and structures so that it sinks into long term memory. Explanations are short and yet accommodate for all learning styles. The whole journey has been a world-class introduction into a language I’ve learned to love. ¡Gracias por todo!"

★★★★★"After completing level 1 and level 2 , I am here for level 3 and have already purchased level 4. Does it not  prove how good and well organised the courses are! It's Fantastic. Beyond expectation!"


In EL MÉTODO as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as the students use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.


EL MÉTODO INTERMEDIATE, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken Spanish. After every lesson there is a series of optional written exercises..

We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. Just talk, talk and talk. You won't stop speaking Spanish from start to finish. This is the ideal system to learn Spanish. 

My goal with EL MÉTODO  is for you to become "hooked" on the program, thereby mastering intermediate Spanish as quickly as humanly possible.

Best of luck! 


1. INTRODUCTION: Do you want to master Intermediate Spanish within the next few weeks where you can, but you will need the right method. Hi, I'm Peter, creator of L Metodo on. For 25 years, I've helped tens of thousands of language students using accelerated learning techniques. Now I'd like you to experience the same results. A proven message dramatically reduces the time it takes to get the basics down. By the end of the four levels of this course, in as little as eight weeks from now, you will have a full understanding on a practical usage of intermediate Spanish. But what makes an effective method on why, to most language programs fail so miserably? Most language courses actually applying no method at all they overload frustrating, demoralize you with long winded explanations, boring lists, tables and tests on Before too long, you'll have given up entirely. Those of you who studied a language for years and years at school with little or nothing to show for it will know what I mean. Now a strong method instantly gives you that thrilling sense of rapid progress. It's designed to take full responsibility for your learning, relieving you of all the pressure of trying to memorize it quickly and painlessly constructs a solid foundation using simple building blocks because they're constantly repeated on relentlessly recycled in new contexts and combinations. This way, Spanish doesn't just become easy for you to remember, but difficult to forget. With our metal on you immediately start forming and speaking your own phrases. Justus in Life Learning is a continuous cumulative process, not a series of random, unrelated topics. Are students report feeling energized, triumphant and driven forward by the rapid results. They experience their report, craving more and more as they sail through the lessons and levels, soaking up the language with ease with convenient audio lessons, It's easy to fit l metal or into your daily routine along with my native Spanish daughter Jessica. You can join us. Where have you like in a continuous spoken dialogue of thousands of perfectly constructed phrases? By the end of the four levels, you'll be raring to go ready to start exercising your new skills amongst the natives. So join us for the first lesson where L Metodo is waiting to get to work on you 2. INT 1,1: Welcome to you all. And for those of you who have graduated from metadata beginner's courses, being vanitas denovo. Welcome back. If you're new to the program, did this first lesson a try. And if you feel a little out of your depth, we recommend joining the program at one of the earlier elementary levels. For those of you who've successfully completed the four levels of the elementary courses with picking up right where we left off. Or you already know, that's the first question. How would we ask in Spanish? Are you ready? Is thusly stone doesn't really stop. And how do you think we would state? We're going to start that most empathetic. And they'll try telling someone, if you're ready, we're going to start. Cs. Does Liebestod. Cs does LR. Method. The verb to listen or indeed to listen to is a school char is called tab. You can see here that is SKU charges just one word even when meaning listen to. So in English we say, listen to me, listen to the radio, but Spanish has no need for this tour and goes directly to the object. So try saying, listen to me. It's good. Xiaomi. And how about the question? Are you listening to me? May scoot chess. May score tests. You could also ask maze tasks, could channel. This is the composed progressive form of the present tense in Spanish, and it carries exactly the same meaning. However, for the duration of this first intermediate course, we shouldn't be calling for any of these composed progressive forms. So if the question were, I'm doing it, you're onto a logo, not the long version. Lawyers DOI at the endo, which is perfectly valid and usually means exactly the same thing. But in order to keep things simple for this course and just for the duration of this first course, we are going to be sticking to the simple forms. So once again, how would we say, are you listening to me? May school, just misquoted s. Now try saying, you're going to learn a lot if you listen to us. Monks, aprender mucho sinus is good chess. That's happening. Little mucho senior Cisco tests. Likewise, the formal conjugations Hofstede and Hofstede. This will be generally avoided in this first course unless specifically called for as soon as you start the second course, rest assured, we will provide a tremendous amount of practice with these other forms. The way to say to lose in Spanish, The verb is better, day. Bed evade. This is a very common stem changing ER verb. So just repeat please. Pyridine, pyridine. Yedidya. Better day mosh. Today's gear then. Try saying something. I often say to just to go, you're going to lose your phone. Marcia paradigm to telefono. Thus, Happy Dare to telefono. And something I often say, I'm losing my English. Pierre, don't mean English. Ba da-da mean glaze. The expression to waste time in Spanish is actually to lose time. Ltm, bone, bed availability, ample. Have a goat saying, we're not going to waste time. Nobody know that Mozart, Beethoven, el tiempo. And what about, I don't want. Waste my money. Not ghetto bidded at mediator. Yet obeyed anatomy, the nato. I'm sure you'll know the expression as Dalloway. See you later. Logo can mean later or indeed just simply then I did something and then I did something else. Tried to say, you mustn't, right? But you must listen and then speak. How would you instruct someone as a command, as an imperative? Speak now. Ab louder. And now try saying, don't speak when I'm speaking. No, Abdullah squander, Joe abuela, cuando hablo. Listen to me and then you'll understand a SKU jammy in we go intended us. You don't know everything yet. No service total told. No Sybase, dot-dot-dot labia. Another perhaps more common way of saying this in Spanish is to start with tada via labia and no service. We have to learn a lot of new words. Then a Moscow prendre MOOCers, Pala brass Nueva, then a mosquito aprender muchos Barbara's Nueva. There are two ways to say some or a few in Spanish. One of which unos una was introduced in lesson 19 of level three. And just to mention at this point that you'll find a complete index of the beginner's course in the resource section following this class, this'll help you locate a word or a structure if you need to refresh your memory. So we've seen unos, meaning some or a few ion as theta with us in La Mesa. The other word is unos. Una. So how do you think we would say some words are difficult? Fet less sun defeat the less. Another way to say some and others is Uno and rush. Algo NAS authors have a go at saying some words are difficult, but others are easy. The faithless, bitter war, trashcan Patty less. I will ask delays. Pedot tests, don't fight the lists. Some students are good and others are bad. Sean windows, e otros SON Melos. Eye witnesses to the antiserum winners address some malice. And finally, in this first class, try saying some students waste their time to the aunties. Pi2, then sue tiempo to the anti spear density. 3. INT 1,2: sentence and listen to is some students waste my time because they don't listen. Ways to the antis appeared in mid tempo burkino escutcheon. Algunos is to the entire spear than medium pop. Working knows Colton the way to say boring. The adjective boring in Spanish is Abul Riedel. Or if describing a family now, no person. It's Abdul Reda Abou Garrido Abou Arida. I really try to roll that double our Abul Riva. A lesson is on Alec on election. These two season like Viane Rich pronounced differently. The first is a hard C or a k sound lik lik. The second is a soft th sound for like Fionn or simply an S in Latin American Spanish lexicon. How do you think we would say a boring lesson? One electron Abou Arida. You know Alexey on Abou Arida. Have a go it saying some lessons are boring, but others are interesting. Algunas Lichty honest. Sanibel. Rita's pair otras shown interesantes algunas lengthy, honest, so novel reader Speedo Trust running. That is something Theo. Imperative Command forms in Spanish were covered in practiced fairly extensively in Levels three and four of our beginner's course. If you're new to the method or need a reminder of how the imperative forms work. Pause the video and have a good look at this explanation. Uh, as I mentioned before will be sticking to the informal do forms for the duration of this first course. But if you'd like to feel free to play around with the formal will stay versions as well. So can you now give the instruction? Speak as an order. Abla Abla. No try. Don't speak. No. Ah, bliss nor bliss. And I'll say, speak Spanish. Oblige spaniel Al espanol. Don't speak English? No. A blessing. Less Nablus, Inglis. And now a command. You'll probably find useful. Speak more slowly, please. Abla must dispatch your por favor, Abla. Mars, this path, you poor farm. Now, the way we said to stop doing something to stop is dehar their their algo the heart of the federal. So how do you think we would say Stop speaking de hadiya blood. They have their blood. And let's see if you can say stop wasting my time. They had a pair there. Me, Timbo. They haven't been able to meet Temple. And what would the Spanish be for? Don't stop listening. No, They face the school Char No, they faced this culture. And how would we say Listen to me A school teacher, me a school, tell me and what about Stop calling me. They had the Yamato me the 5 a.m. army. And can you now tell someone? Listen don't call me during the night. A sculpture Nomiyama is Poland Naci a scooter? No medium is borderline ot and they'll give the instruction. Sell it quickly. Bendel or Rapido Mendola Rapido. Don't sell it if you like it. No of Indus cities. Busta No lo Vinda Seater. Busta, Write your name. Here. Describe it to number a key. Describe it to number Jackie. Don't write it in Read. Write it in black. No. Escriba's in Rojo. A scribble. Oh, in Negro. No other skippers in Rojo scream alone Negro And have a good saying Don't eat it if you don't want it. No lo Comus! Senal Okay, Harris. No. Lagomarsino luxuries Someone's air expensive, but others are very expensive. Are gonna be no son. Carlos there Otero's son movie Carlos are gonna be no son. Carlos there Otero's son movie. Carlos, You can drink this wine, but don't drink the expensive one Put this baby rest. You know there are no baby sell Caro for those rebellious TV. No better no member shall kado to say white wine As you might expect. It's Beano Blanco. Red wine is Beano didn't or similar to the English word tinted. So the Spanish Don't say Beano Rocco Rather Beano in tow. Be no Blanco be no Tinto Vino Blanco! Vino Tinto! So finally, in this lesson could you say Drink the red wine. But don't drink the white one, Baby, it'll be No Tinto. Better no baby El Blanco There will be no Tinto. They don't know where was helping uncle. 4. Time Trial INT 1,2 : Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 5. INT 1,3: - Welcome back. Welcome to listen. Three to open the vote to open in Spanish is a breed I needed. Try to get the command open The book. A liberal are very liberal Now Say open the book then do the first lesson. ABRI a liberal logo athlete Primary election average a liberal leg What? Le Premier Alexis, open the book on the first page and write your name ABRI a liberal in la Primera Facchina s cremate to number every liberal a Premera Martina, your screamer to normally to close is fair are Get out of how do you think we would say I'm closing the book. Fierro Liberal Theodore Liberal. Don't close it yet. Nora Theorist Olivia No lo theorist of Libya A shop in Spanish is una tienda one at the end . So can you say the shops close late in Spain? Last the industy around Are they in Espana last? In this theory on Devenish banya some shops close very late. Algunas tiendas theater and movie. Today I wanna steal nastier and more data. At what time do they close a key or a theory? Run a k A theory on not to say on in Spanish we can use n in La Mesa on the table or soberly, soberly. Promesa means on the table means the same thing. So very so, buddy, this would sober. It can also mean at about, as in the time at about six o'clock sobre los ace, Try to say it's on the table and stuff. So Bela Misha, is that so? Holomisa? And what about they close at around eight o'clock here? Theory on shore Braille, Asarco Aqui Theory and Serverless Otaki. Some shops close at around nine. Algunas tiendas theory and sober Listen way I'll do nasty. End us their own story. Legendary and now ask And when do they open? In the morning? Cuando aber in parliament, Nana qanda Impala, manana. They opened it around 10 o'clock. Average last death are in short, allows the the common little word, like when meaning as or similar to in Spanish is Cuomo Cuomo. What would the Spanish be for? I want to be like you, Kato said Cuomo to theater Tsukamoto. I would like to speak Spanish like Jessica megastar EOB, Larry spaniel, camo Jessica. They will study a bladder spaniel, camo Jessica and now give the command do as I say In other words, do like I say, do as I say I've come Odigo, ask some of your and now have a goat saying this shop is not like the other one. Is that Tienda? No. Is Kamala Otra? Is that in the noise? Kamala, A horse in Spanish is one God by your How about you? No, In Spanish the expression he works like a dog. They say he works like a horse which is actually perhaps more logical is dogs don't tend to do much work. So how would you say he works like a horse? Tryba Common Kabiru bajak among you But I'll say it's like you say s comma defense Eskom orifice And how would we say my phone is like a computer? Mi telefono is Kama Norden adore Meet the left winners common or the another. The word for nobody is 98. Naevia will be introducing and practicing this word more extensively later on in the course . But for the moment tried to say nobody does it like Jessica Nadia Lowe Ethic Coma, Jessica Nardiello Ethical More Jessica And lastly for lots of extra points How would you say nobody writes lessons like Peter? No. The X scream like pheonix comma Peter Nevius Grieve Election is common people and 6. INT 1,4: To say before and after its, and this, this voice, this voice. Now when we added anything to before and after, in order to say before or after something, we need to use Day. If we're saying before, after of so until Thursday, this poison day. And this day displays day. So how would you tell someone, don't call me before six o'clock? Nominee Yom is and this della space, the law says. And what about telling someone, call me after four o'clock? Yummy displaced the last quatro. Quatro. How would you want someone don't call me before nine o'clock because I won't be at home. Normally. Yummy, some distillation, wavy, scurrying casa per Gino's steadying Catia. And can you say nobody gets up before nine o'clock. Nobody is cylinder. And this deletion, Weberian, Nadia Sullivan, Dante's della ordinary. And what about nobody has lunch after two o'clock? Now the dose, Nadia Khomeini's personalized does. Some restaurants don't open before nine o'clock? Unos rest outlandish. No, Aberdeen. And this delis nowhere. I will not list out antes, no abelian aunties village, Norway. To save before or after with a verb, that's to say before doing something before arriving, et cetera, the Spanish is equivalent to saying before to do something as the infinitive verb form is used, rather than the I-N-G form. So you say before to arrive. And this DJ gar. And this may God. How do you think we would say you have to do it before arriving? And this DJ GAR, scaffold law until now instruct someone close it before leaving via the salad. Salad. Call me before selling it. Jammy and this Debian, let alone tell someone you mustn't drink before eating something. No algorithm. No neighbors were made until the commit elbow. Now I have got saying, I've just opened it. Are Kabul. I've just listened to a boring lesson. A gobbledy, gook jar. Radon. The Spanish for a little, you'll probably already know, is how therefore do you think we would say a little more? Math? I want a little more. Please. Get on Boko mass port. Nice put fabric. Now some good advice for you all. Say it a little more like Jessica, please. Jessica port for boron. Jessica. And now say, don't say it like him because he's not Spanish. Noises by neuron. Volcanoes is binary. I will speak to them a little later. 7. Time Trial INT 1,4: Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 8. INT 1,5: first froth. Fifth glass of level one is I will speak to them after speaking to your sister. A bloody Connie just displaced the black Contour manner. A bloody tornadoes This booth would in poco a little is followed by a noun That's to say a little something A little time, A little water, little Spanish We need to add the little word day So we say I m Poko day I tried to say I understand a little Spanish in the end All Boco di spaniel. I joined the Indian poco espanol. How about I understand a little Spanish, but I don't speak much. And the end um Poco there spaniel Better no emblem mutual in denying Boco the spaniel better Knobler motor, Can you know? Say, speak a little more slowly, please. Abloom Boco must dispatch Theo por favor. I'm Longbow commands this path. Your poor father don't speak English because they don't understand it. No. A blessing Less pork in nolo Indian. Then no blessing less pork in Ulundi. And then I drink a little red wine If you want, baby, When Poco de vino Tinto see Kerry's bevin poco de vino Tinto C series certain irregular verbs and known as the go verbs as they take the ending Go in the first person singular that I form of the present tense. So the verb Bonnaire to put becomes Joe Pongo. And you'll see here that the negative command form replaces the or within with us. So from bungle, I put, we get Nope. Angus, don't put on the next column. The positive command removes the ending altogether. I'd like you to repeat all these after me. Then pause the video and cover all but the first column with the infinitive verbs and test yourself. Born in bungalow? Nope. Fungus, bone stlead sound. Go. No, Saugus. Son, they need bingo. No being us, Ben. They feed Diegel. No, the US de I fed ogle. No Argus Dinner. Dingle noting us. So I now like you to give the instruction, Put it on the table bone loss sobre la messa Barlow sobre la mesa. And how about put some of the things there upon algunas de las casas e born algunas de las casas de. And how would you say the negative command? Don't put them here. No los fungus are key. No, lo Spagna sake. How would we command someone, get out or go out. Sull Some don't go out before doing the lesson. No Saugus and test their third Malik theon. No saga Sandestin, Cyrillic, Thune Come a little sooner if you can. Benham Poco Mas Paronto support this venom poco mas pronto. See Perez and I'll say, Don't come if you don't want to knowing us. See no Carey's no venga See Nokia is and I'll try saying Say it. De lo de lo. Say it a little more quickly. De lo poco mas rapido, the lone poco mas rapido. Don't say it like that. No la Liga serc no lovey Gaza Sea. And how about do it a flaw? Hello. One of the ways to say again in Spanish is otra vez, which literally means another time. Otra vez. So how do you think we would say Do it again? Athlone. Order with no drama and now tell someone, Don't do it again. No longer a short of breath. No, no, Al Assad and have a goat saying, Don't do it again if it's too boring. No Argus Ultra with CS Demasiado Alboreto no longer Travis, here's the Marciano, and finally, in this lesson, I'd like you to say I don't want to lose it again. No. Caro Parador. Low water with no tear. Open their low Travis. 9. INT 1,6: I thought this point. We're going to look at a new verb tense that's used to express. I have done something as in English. This tense uses two parts half part of this structure uses the verb a bed, which is sold amused as a standalone verb. But usually in this auxiliary manner, congregations of our bed are the following. Enjoy to us Eliya or Step a Us and for the moment will only be focusing on the 1st 3 convocations that I you and he she forms. The second part of this structure uses a form of the main verb known as the past participle in English. That's the done part of I have done eaten, I have, Eaten said. I have said to form the participle is easy. You just remove the a r from the infinitive off a are verbs and add our though our blood. Yeah, blah. Though I have spoken a abla, though, and for E r and IR verbs, the ending is evil. A cometo a comedian. I have eaten a comedian, a baby, though I have lived a baby though. So then what was the Spanish for? I have spoken a bladder not try saying I have spoken to Maria Abelardo Corn Maria Maria. And how do you think we would make a negative sentence? I haven't spoken with him. No Yabloko. Cornell? No. I have a lot of Cornell to finish in. Spanish is they're meaner. It may help to think of determinate. So to finish their Amina I didn't mean that. Try saying I have finished eight Jeremy novel. It did me Not so just to remind you the U form off the verb is us. Us. How would we therefore ask the question? Have you finished? I stare me novel I stayed me Now go. No, I haven't started yet. No, no empath Otto told area No, no embotelladora via How would we say? I have listened A school Giago a school taboo. I have listened to three lessons today A school Charles tress like the honest oy escutcheon trees like Fiona soy. I'm going to listen to this lesson again, boys. Kuchar ist Alec Phone order of it. Boy High school Cherestal like Fiona Travis. And can you say I have finished some lessons, but not all. It tell me. Another O alguna select bonus. Better know told us it doesn't mean a algunas lengthy honest. They don't know though this. And how would we say I have had two beers. A tomato dosed Aretha's It'll model does cervezas. I have had a little red wine, a tomato m Poko day. Vino Tinto. It's a model m Poko Vino Tinto. And how would we ask someone? Have you had a coffee hostile model in Cafe Asta, Madam Cafe? Now have a goat saying I'm going to have a little white wine before having dinner. Boy a tomar un poco they be no Blanco intestine dinar boy a tomar un poco They vino Blanco on Thursday, thinner. Not to say I have had it. It's look a tomato. So we see the pronoun law goes before everything. Low little model, loiter model. Try to say I have finished it. Low it Jeremy Nado loiter. Manado Now say I have finished them. I finished them, Lo said. Jeremy Narrow Lo said there Manado. And how about I haven't finished them yet? Lulus a terminal hotel. Diarrhea? No, se not. Try asking. Have you listened to her? Le us A school travel Lasses Kotaro! And what about have you listened to him? Lowe s a school. Chado, you are Cisco Tableau. And now ask as he started. I'm picado. I'm best travel. She has started again. I am potato order with I'm base fellow Travis. And how would you ask the question? Have you closed the shop, Master Randall A tienda Our space travel at the end. Have you had dinner? That's the Nadal our Stan ago. And finally, in this lesson, has she bought the car a compatible Koji? 10. Time Trial INT 1,6: Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 11. INT 1,7: Welcome back to L Matobo. Welcome to lessen seven of the first level of our intermediate course. Where will continue to make tremendous progress with the perfect tents I have done something way would ask. Has she given you the money? The other will dinero There are really NATO. She has given me a little. She's given me a little. May I add Adam Boco Madam Bokel So far, we've been practicing the perfect tense with a ar verbs. So bear in mind that the e r and ir verbs BBB bad Bendectin, etcetera take the Edo ending rather than the other ending off the air verbs as he sold the car. I'm indeed Well, Corchia have a needle, Coach. How about has she sold it? Has she sold it low of indeed? Oh, you have in leader. Now try saying I have eaten it. Lloyd Camilo, Local media. And how would you ask? Have you drunk them? Referring to beers? Have you drunk? Them? Lasts us, baby though Last has baby though. And I'd like you to say I've learned 10 words today. A Apprendi death palabra Shoy apron, Little death palabras And now ask how many have you learned contests. A. Sopron, Dedeaux, Qantas. A Happening leader. The way to say the verb to send in Spanish is mandir, my mentor and a message, as you'll probably remember, is gunmen sake. Be sure to pronounce that end before the S menzah on MENSA. How would we say remembering to use the simple form, not the long progressive form of the present tense? How do you say she's sending a message? A young Amanda Moonman sake a Amanda woman Saffi. And what about she's sending it? She's sending it. Lo Manda. No Manda. I would say that the second most crucial aspect of learning the structure of a language just behind the verbs is master of the pronouns. So I'll ask to take a minute to explain the use of the object pronouns in Spanish. In the English sentence, Jessica is sending the book to Peter. The book is the direct object of the verb. As it receives the action directly. Jessica is sending the book to Peter. Now. Peter, in this example, is known as the indirect object, as he's only the thing or person to whom or for whom the action is done in the next sentence imagine we're already clear who or what is being talked about. So we didn't mention things by name anymore we can use pronounce. Instead, Jessica is sending it to him, and you can see that it is known as the direct object pronoun at him. The indirect object pronouns. So let's look at this little closer, as we've seen, a pronoun is a little word that replaces the names of people or things. Me. Eight. You them etcetera. As we said, they could be direct or indirect. Now let's look at the example May Amanda Liberal. She's sending me the book in English. We can also say she's sending the book. To me, Liberal is the direct object as it receives the action of the verb directly. May is the indirect object pronouns, as it indicates, to whom or for whom the action is done in the next example. Mel Amanda. She's sending it to me. A liberal has been replaced by the direct Object pronoun law. Both pronouns you'll see go before the verb and the indirect pronoun always comes first. Yeah, here they all are in list form. You'll see that the only two forms that are different between the direct and the indirect object pronouns are the ones in light orange. Don't worry about the exact meanings and memorizing for the moment as we'll be taking you gradually yet very thoroughly through the whole lot as the course progresses. So as we've just seen to me is May, how did we say she's sending it to me? Mel, Amanda, Male Amanda. And how then would we say she's sending it to me again? Melo Manda Otra vez Male Amanda Otra vez How would you say she's not sending it to me today ? No Millemann, Doughy, No Mel Amanda we But she's sending it to me tomorrow. Pero Mill Amanda Man Yana Pyramid Amanda Manana. Now can you say I'm buying the book compro liberal company a liberal And now I'm buying it . I'm buying it locum pro lo compra. And what about I have bought it. I've wanted Louis Kahn, brother Louis Kahn, brother, the indirect object pronouns you before you is there. I'm buying you the book they comprise liberal the compro a liberal. Then how about you're buying me? The book may compress a liberal Maicon Brazil liberal the indirect object pronoun for him or for him or her, for her is lay now say I'm buying him or her. The book like, um pro and liberal compro liberal and the indirect object pronoun for us or for us, is no sh Now try. He's buying us the book. No sh compra a liberal Norsk umbra liberal and them or for them is less. I'm buying them the book Let's Komproe, Let's compro liberal and 12. INT 1,8: did you ever welcome back? Espero que stays progress on Libyan this route And no, they use classist espanol. I hope you're progressing well and enjoying your Spanish classes with us. So for this eighth glass of metal intermediate, we need to keep bashing out these all important pronouns which, along with the verbs, really form the backbone of the language. So it's crucial to get on top of them, to master them as soon as possible. Our first sentence in this class is she's selling me her computer, maybe in the shoe or than a door. Maybe in this world, another No, I'd like you to replace computer with it. So she's selling it to me. Mill of India, Male of India is an important and common verb that was introduced in the beginner's course . They're not actually practice very much. Try it. This means to bring This is one of the so called go verbs along with Bonnaire Bay. Need affair, etcetera the taker, an irregular G in the eye form. So just repeat after me. Please try. Go dries. Try dry. Amos the rice trying. No try. She's bringing him the car. Let's try. L coaching literally Alkorta. And what about she's bringing us the car? No sh trail coaching Nurse trail Coty. She's bringing it to us. No slow try no slow try now have a goat saying she gives him a lot of things later Moochers cosas Later on motus cosas she gives me some things made a algunas casas mega algunas process. And how would we say I give them a little money? Less doi whom poco de dinero Listen I m Poko Arenado now trying to say I'm leaving them a message list the whole moonman sake Let's their home in sake. He's not sending it to me today No male Amanda Oy No Mel Amanda We He's sending it to us tomorrow. National Amanda Man Yana knows Lomana Manana. I'm sending it Lo mando No Mandel I'm sending you something a Mondo I'll go commando algo I'm sending you a little money. The mandolin poco de dinero The mando broke over the NATO But now try. I'm sending it to you. I'm sending it to you. Telemundo. They'll amando. Now let's try with them instead of it Them I'm sending them to you. They last Monday Taylor's Mandel another future tense. I will send them to you. I'll send them to you. Tell us Mandiri Taylor's Monday and now a sure someone I will send them to you before leaving. Tell us Monday Untested salad. Taylor's Monday and there's this elite on What would the Spanish be for? She is sending me the message memoranda. Women sake. May Mandel. MENSA She's sending you the message. Amanda Hellman sake the Monday El Menzah she's sending him or her the message. Lim under immense Lim Andelman Sacha. She's sending us the message. No, she Amanda Hellman sake. No Zeman them in soccer. 13. Time Trial INT 1,8: Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 14. INT 1,9: plural you form the bush transformed for the indirect object pronouns is us Bush. So how would you say she is sending you you all the message? It might help you to think this sentence slightly differently. That's to say, instead of she is sending you the message. She is sending the message to you with the to you or for you at the end. As you'll know, this is the bit to start with in Spanish. So let's try again. She is sending the message to you Oshman DNA elements. Roseman melamine sake. Now try. She's sending it to you. She's sending it to you or slow Amanda Oslo Manda Not try she sending them the message. Or, indeed, she's sending the message to them less. Monda Ellman sake. Liz Mandel Men's soccer. He is sending him the message. Or he sending the message to him. Lim under immense lemon, Delmon Sacha She's sending it to me. Mel, Amanda, Mel Amanda. And how would you tell a single person she's sending it to you? Tell Amanda there is actually a forbidden combination of pronouns in Spanish. At some point in history, it was decided that the combination of two l's was undesirable. Unp leasing to the Spanish air So they came up with sick. So, for example, if you wanted to say lay low the indirect pronoun changes to Celo I'm sending it to him. This becomes Salem under as Lilo Lilo is forbidden. Likewise all these other possible combinations will require See, You may wonder how on earth you'll ever know if Sarah first to him her, them or even the formal you forms. But allow me to explain that a little further down the line. So bearing all that in mind How do you say she is sending it to him? Siloam under salamander. And now try she sending it to them just the same as the last one. Salamander sill, Amanda. And how would you say she's sending it to us? No, she'll Amanda knows Lomana now using the plural you How would you say I'm sending it to you ? I'm sending it to you all. Or slow Mondo or low Mando. I'm sending it to her sill. Amando salamander, I'm sending it to you. And here please use the singular form Telemundo. Tell Amando and have a goat saying I will send it to you I'll send it to you. Hello, Mandiri. Hey, Loman, buddy. I'll send it to her. Scylla Mandiri. Sillerman! Daddy! I will send it to them again. Celo Mandiri. Author of it. Siloam, Honorio. Travis. And how do you think we would say you will send it to us in the morning? No. Schlomann Doris. Parliament, Nana. No Islam. And the passport. Manana. I will send it to him. Cinnamon. Daddy Sillerman. What about? I will send it. Tobacco. Lo Mandiri. A Paco Loman. Maria Paco. I will send it to Lola a little later. Le Monde area. Lola Boco McStarley Lowman. Diarrhea. Lola. He will send it to him. Celo. Mandira. Salomon Data. We will send it to her sill. Amanda Remus Sill. Amanda Remus. How did we say the verb to give in spanish dot That. So, what would the Spanish be for? I'm giving it to you, Del Adore. You tell Alloy I'm giving it to her Salvadori. Celery. I'm giving it to Lola LoDo, a Lola Lola Lola. And finally, in this lesson, we're giving it to them. Se lo Dom. Moshe 15. INT 1,10: So the first sentence in Listen 10 remembering to start your Spanish phrase with the indirect object pronoun How do we say I will give it to you tomorrow? Halodoc magnon a a low that a manana. And I'd like you just say I will give you some things tomorrow and some on Wednesday day today Algunas course Ash manana? Yeah, algunas a miracle is there are a algunas cosas manana alguna cell miracles trying to say they will give it to us. No slow Deron no slow that an And how would you tell a single person they will give it to us? Then I will give it to you. No slow Deron Luego. Hello, daddy. No Snow that an Novotel? Oh, that I'll sell it to you if you want. Tale of India. See Curis fellow Vendetta Securities. They won't sell it to him if he doesn't have the money this week. No sale of in the run. See? No tiene el dinero esta semana. No solo in the run. See note and only NATO starts in manner. The word for better is made A whore May heart trying to say it's better there. Yes, my horror E is McCord Aggie. But how about it's a little better here. Issue. Mbo COMA Hauraki A. Soon poco may hold a key. No try saying it's much better in Spain is macho Mahorn Espana is motor Make ordinance. By now, one of the ways to say to think in Spanish is great way Seen pins are also to think okay, and these verbs are often interchangeable. But prayer suggests more of belief on intuition, whereas pens are suggests a more logical objective, a belief that's been thought through to a greater extent so perhaps a belief with extra certainty. But don't worry, because the difference is often very subtle. And, as I say, they're usually interchangeable. However, when we're actually thinking as in using your brain thinking about something in this coast , we must use Spencer, What are you doing? I'm thinking the action of thinking is pence are not created, so for the next section will be practicing clear. So how do you think we would say? I think that it's better there. I think it's better there. Creo que Schmidt Horror! Yay! Cariocas! Makor! Aggie! I think that he's going to be there. Creo que by study, creo que advice that i g I think that she's finished. I think she's finished. Good. Okay, out ketamine, although Okay. Okay. At that I mean, I go, But how about I think it's better to finish it today? Grow cash. McCord, Terminar low Oy railcars. McCord and Menard LeRoi. I think that you're wasting time. Could Okay, peerless cell tempo, Goodell computer. The set of the temple. Why do you think that four k crazy? So say so because you're going too fast. Pork a bus demasiado rapido Forgive. As the muscular Rapido, you have to do the lessons. Three times. Good advice, By the way, DNS kept their last lengthy, honest dress. Mathis Dennis Capital as lengthy, honest trees. With this, it's better to do the difficult lessons four or five times it's make or a federal A Select the honest defeat Tillis, Quattro. Or think of it. This is Mukora fiddlers Lengthy, honestly, 50 les quatre. Or think of ifthis. It's much better if you work like that. It's moved Joma horsey trabaja as a C eyes motel 16. Time Trial INT 1,10: Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 17. INT 1,11: and very similar in meaning to creo que is the expression may Parithi que This comes from the verb Barry there to seem and my parrot thick means it seems to me that in other words, I think that how then would we say using this structure, I think that it's on the table. It seems to me that it's on the table. Mayberry thick a stash sobre la mesa. Maybe the thickest. I think that there are some on the chair. May parasitic ai Algunos Ingrassia may perfectly algunos inla Syria. I think I've had four beers Mayberry, Thick gate or model Quattro with us. No tomato cuatro. And how would you say? I think that the red wine is better than the white? Maybe, but I think it will be no Tinto s May Hore Gail Blanco. No political Vino Tinto is McCorkell Blanco, I think. Or it seems to me that Spanish is more difficult than English. May bar ethically spaniel is musty. 50. Gail Inglis may parasitical A spaniel is most if it'll kill Inglis. I think that it's the same may carry the case. Lo mismo maybe, but I think there's La Misma. I think It's better to finish the easy one before starting the difficult one. May politicus McCord Terror, Mineral Fattal Understand Beth are really fitted. Mayberry sick is my court and mineral fatty lenders and preferably defeated. And how would you say this lesson isn't interesting? Est Alec Fion Noise in 3 70 esta lengthy on noise in there is under I think that it's very interesting. Minbari Thick case Me interest Sunday Maybe, but I think is mind that it's Sunday. And what about I find it very boring. Lying Quinn, throw more. Jawohl Reda Linguine! Throw Moriya Barilla To say that something interests you weaken Say main Theresa May in Deressa. It interests me mean? I mean did Isha! How do you think we would say it interests me a lot. Main Theresa Moocher meant there is a motor. Doesn't interest you. They indicia painted Issa. And how about do they interest you then? Today, son, I think that his son And what about it Doesn't interest her? No, only in Teresa. New Orleans, Theresa. And now try. They don't interest her. No. Early in the race on no lean Harrison. And how would you tell someone? I'm sorry, but it doesn't interest me. Lo siento better know me and Theresa Lo siento padano mean Theresa, This is a verb which doesn't really exist in English. Import are And this means to be important in the sense of to matter whether or not something matters to you. So to say it's not important for me. In other words, it doesn't matter to me. We can say no maim border. No, me importa. So how would you say it's not important for me? Because it doesn't interest me? No. Me importa Por que? No me and Theresa. No, me importa perkin. No mean Theresa. This lesson is important for me. Me importa systolic, Thune, main border. Estelle lengthen. How do you say Spanish doesn't interest her? Remembering to place the subject in this case Spanish after the verb Nolin Dressel espanol No link to wrestle Espanol. And what about money isn't important for him? No lame portal dinero known importantly NATO Now try women don't interest him Normally in Grayson Last move Harris No link. There is some Lasmo Harris cars don't interest us. No nosing coaches, No nos Interest on law, Scotus and 18. INT 1,12: Ah, of course. Of course. Of study such as this one is on course. How would you ask someone? Haven't you finished the course? No. Stare, Aminata ol Corso? No, it's Tell me. Nadal. Corso. And how would you ask? Doesn't this course interest you? No, Dane Theresa is the Corso Nothing. Terrace. I stick or so And how would you reply? Not much. Because I find it too easy. No mature pork. A lowing Quintero. They must see other fat feel. No motor Parkland. Quinto the mass shadow fulfil. She thinks it's too difficult. Lipari Thickest them asiago d 50 liberal figures demasiado the 50 now I tried to say he thinks it's too boring. Lipari Thickest the Macia A burrito. Lipari figures me myself. I will read them. He thinks that the other course is better. Libere Ethical. Otra Corso s Mahar Libera. Thick yellow truck or so is Mahar. How would you? State languages don't interest them. No less interests on lossy dioramas. No less interest on Lucy The Omagh's. The word for people, which you're probably already familiar with, is la nd la. You'll notice that last point is singular. Where's the word people in English is plural. So on no account plural eyes the verb when you're talking about locking in Spanish people are not important to me. No me importa nt no mean Portela candy. Now try what people think isn't important to me. Remember to turn the phrase around to start with the important part. What people think isn't important to me. No main Borda. Locate piensa no mean portal, Ochopee, and sell offended. I'm sorry, but your problems don't interest us. Lo siento bear. Oh, no nos interests in problemas lo siento better or no nothing. There isn't a problem us by now you'll be familiar with goose Star, which you might think means to like but actually technically it means to please. So if you wanted to say I like this course, you actually have to say this course pleases me. We've already practiced this type of structure many times with me importa on Main Theresa. Using the indirect object pronouns may they laid north Schorsch less so whenever you see a phrase to translate with, like reset your mind into Spanish mode on think, please. The thing in question pleases me. And don't forget that the thing that pleases the subject goes after the verb. Uh, so with all that said, how would you say I like this course Main Busta s take Also Maybe you statistic or so I like that book or that book pleases me. Make musta s a liberal My worst. I say libido. I like beer. May go, Stella Federated Maybe you, Stella, for a visa. A job, as in a paid position of regular employment or just a piece of work that one has to do is trabajo. So try to ask, Do you like your job? They go start to trabajo. They will start to trabajo. And how about does she like her job? Lego stash trabajo the hostess with rob a home? Do they like the house? In other words, does the house please them? Les gusta la casa This ghost They say that the other house is better De thin Galahad Roehrkasse Ismael we think a loud, raucous seismic. Or do you like red wine? They go style Vino Tinto. There will still be not Indo. We don't like white wine. No nos costa del vino Blanco? No, no coastal vino Blanco. And how would you say they don't like coca Cola? No les gusta la Coca Cola, no less a Coca Cola. Try to say I like books. May gustan lost liberal May with tenders. Liberals And what about I like to go out? I like going out. May Just a salad. Maybe just a salad. I like to work. May, who stepped out of a hard May, will step through our hut. I like working, but I don't like working on Sundays. Megastar trabajar Pero no me gusta trabajar lost Domingo's. Maybe we'll settle her better. No, me gusta trabajar glows Domingo's. 19. Time Trial INT 1,12: Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 20. INT 1,13: Okay. Welcome to a new class Class number 13 lacrosse trophy heathen. They say that trophy is stimulus work. They say 13 brings bad luck better nor ocurrio. I don't believe it. No creo broken noise. Burlap, Burlap means true. A word that will be coming up during the course of today's lesson. So then how would we say it's better to work in the morning than in the evening? Trabajar Pola manana is McCord trabajar Parliament Nana keeper Lottery Now try to say I don't like talking about my problems. No, me, Gustave la They miss problemas normal. Stabler's Miss problemas and I try to say she likes cats remembering that the verb Gustav has to agree with cats because we're effectively saying cats please her She likes cats. Les gustan las Cotto's. They were standards Gatto's. He likes dogs, but he doesn't like cats. Lego Stanley Speros better No Augustan Los Gatos liberal standards. Paris But don't know they were Stanley's. Gatto's in the sentence. We have two similar words. Faeroese dogs and better. But be sure to roll the double our of Eros, but only give a single flip to the word better meaning. But Behrooz Berro Let us Stand knows Paris. Better know Lee was tellers. Gatto's has promised the word for true is better. That it's true s better value Israeli. That and the way to say the truth is La mirada the truth. Love it up. I love it that take care, pronouncing these two D's of better that keep the tongue flat and in exactly the same position as in the English words that Andi bathe. So we get better than that. If you look in the mirror as you say, the word that you'll see that the tip of the tongue is actually visible and should be so in Spanish as well. Better than that. Love it enough. Try to ask, Is it true that you don't like going to the beach? It's better that can not a go stay here. A playa Israeli that cannot There will still apply area No se. The truth is that we don't like the teacher. Lavandera skin, known as Costa L professor level that is, skin owners Coastal. A professor. Sorta. The truth is that we're not interested in his problems, or you might say his problems don't interest us lover, that is, can no nos interests on shoes problemas levelled that Iskan No nosing the recent of problemas no se. It's true that I don't like this job. It's better that can no me gusta este trabajo Israel back in normal use tested trabajo and adding on to that last phrase. Can you say it's true that I don't like this job, but everybody has to work is Barack can no me gusta este trabajo? Pero total Muno Tanika trabajar Israel back in normal use tested trabajo Barrow, Telemundo, Tanika Trabajar What would the Spanish beef or I'm going to tell you the truth? Boy, are they feared a lot better? That boy are they feared a lot better that now ask, Is it true that he's going to give her the money? It's very of Caillebotte. Darley led NATO is where that give us our lily NATO. And how would we say it's not true that this course is expensive? No, it's very love case. The Corso escargot noise where that guessed that Corso escargot on idea in Spanish, very similar to the English on idea, is una either on a there again, make sure the tip of your tongue is visible in the mirror is you say e there the d do not either. Do you like my idea? Bagel star? Me there. They will study there. Yes, I think your idea is very good. See may Parithi. Okay. To area as my buena, we could also say si creo que tu e. There is my boner. See my body thicket, Dewey, There's more I wanna In previous lessons, you learned that the adjective in Spanish follows the Now Now you'll see a couple of adjectives which tend to proceed the noun they modify. So a good idea is Una buena either. Oh, now Winnie there and a bad idea is una moloch e there una malaria. Try to say it's not a bad idea. No es una moloch. He there nice family there. It seems to me that it's not a bad idea, Maple. Horrific. And no es una mala e there, maple. Horrific. And no es una mala e there. The truth is that it's a very good idea, love. It s que s una mui Buena e there Lovely. That scares when im we were not there. Now both Bueno and Melo dropped the O before a masculine, singular noun. So how do you think we would say it isn't a bad course? No s one mile course. Oh, Noise from Al Corso. Try to say I would like to have a good job. Middle study at 10 a.m. Bwin trabajo member Study at the needle. Nguyen Trabajo. Today is a bad day. Oy, Assume Aldea Oh, yes, Somalia. And how about her brother is a good student, Scheuerman. Oh, assume bonus to the and a Scheuerman. Oh, assume bonus to the and a to say toe. Have an idea. As you might expect, it's Donaire unity there. Then it only there. How do you think we would say I have had an idea? It a needle? You know e there at the needle night there. I have had a good idea. Tenido una boy 90 there at the needle. Now, by night there, I've had a very interesting idea. It a needle when I there momentary Sunday. If they need own I them winning three something. Yeah, 21. INT 1,14: Welcome back. Welcome to lessen 14. Where the first sentences your ideas don't interest me. No mean tracing to see there. No mean dress on to see. There's some of our ideas. Very good are gonna stand Westra CD as some Web winners. Algun has been with Stasi there. So my bonus now the way to say nobody is Nadia Naevia. Now you already know how to say nothing or anything by placing no before reverb And neither after it, for example, no Indian Nana, I don't understand anything. Repeat, Please Don t And another That's it way also learned that neither sometimes comes before the verb. In which case there's no need for the no, for example Nada. Va bien. Nothing is going well. Repeat, please, Nana, baby. In now, the same thing applies to 98. Meaning nobody. Nadia Blye. English sake. Nobody speaks English here. Repeat, please. Nadia Blye. English sake. Uh, no hablo con Nadia. I don't speak to anybody. No hablo con area. So try to say nobody speaks English here, bearing in mind that Nadia comes at the beginning. So there's no need for the negative. No. Nobody speaks English here. Nadia Blye. Inglis aqui Now the ABL Inglis sake. Nobody has good ideas here, Nadia Tne bona see, they are sake. Nadia Tne would not see their sake. I'm not trying. Nobody tells the truth here. Nadie 83 Lovera Hockey Nabavi Celebrity that turkey Nobody knows where the shop is No obvious surveyed on this dalati And now this habit on this style at the end. And what about the very true statement that nobody speaks a language before understanding it? Nadia blown idioma on distant and their law Naevia, lonely of your month is then tenderly Now what's the question? Is it true that nobody understands? It's better? Life cannot The NTN Day is where that Canadian Indian there, if you want to just say there's nobody here nobody. Nobody in this case comes after the verb. So we need to start with No, we get No, I 90 a key knowing knave. Yucky! So try. There's nobody in the shop. No energy in Latina. No, I never even let the in the There's nobody behind the house. No. In 98 they trust the LaGrassa nine Nagy that draws Villa Cassa. We speak to nobody. In other words, we don't speak to anybody? No. Obama's Conaty? No ive Lama school Naevia. I see nobody or indeed I don't see anybody. No video and idea. No bail on a view nobody works On Sunday Narry a trabajar Domingo Nadia trabaja And now say nobody does it better than me Nardiello A fame whore Ko Nigel Lawson Makor kgo The verb to study is a study I very similar to The word for student is to the anti is to the hour is to the other. So try to say nobody studies like me Now the a studio camo your none of your studio comodo And how would you say I have studied four lessons this morning is to the other Quatro trick finish Esta manana is to the other quarter length Yona Sistema Nana Yeah Comparison as much as as much as is try to say nobody studies as much as me Nady, A studio ton Toko Mario None of your studio tanto Camargo, Nobody has studied as much as me today Nobody asked to the other ton Toko Mario Knave Yes to the other time Tokuma Yo Soy Nobody has studied as much as them this week Knotty ash to the adult tentacle Boy, your sister Savannah Nadia's to the other tanto commemorate your sister. Same manner. And finally, in this class nobody has learned more than us this year. Navy apprehended Must Kenosha Potro's stay on you now the APRA leader masking. Tristan, you 22. Time Trial INT 1,14: Right? Sorry. What? I'm going to go for life. 23. INT 1,15: Welcome back, welcome to Lesson 15, which starts with the new word, somebody or anybody, which is algae. And be sure to stress, to accentuate the word on the first syllable. I'll get. So can you try to say somebody hail or indeed, is there anybody here? Know there's nobody know knowing IDA. Yeah. How would we ask, does somebody know? Samy? Does anybody know if it's a good course? Again, sub-e, CS101, crucial in surveys season when coarser. And now can you ask, does somebody know if she's finished? Again, savvy. I guess. The last three conjugations of the perfect tenants, I have done something. We're presented in lesson six, but not really practiced. So let's take a moment to focus on these. So the waveform nosotros with the verb hablar to speak is a mosh Blotto, we have spoken the Bush atrocity. You plural form is our base ABA law though. You have spoken. I've a sub lambda and the eo dash, and instead this form is and nabla, they have spoken. And nabla. So just repeat after me please. Sublevel. Obey sublevel based comedian. And comida. Bbdo, abase, BBDO. Bbdo. We have finished. It seems to me, or I think they haven't finished. Maybe they can know anatomy novel. Novel. Now tried to say we have left or indeed we have gone out emotionally. Ido, Lido. Now the question, does anybody know if they've left? See Ansel IDO Alito? Nobody knows if you've been able to do it. And here please use the vosotros, the plural form of you. Nobody knows if you've been able to do it. Now the survey CIA spot IDO, Nadia savvy, CMEs polygon fellow. Have you repeated the words three times? Again, use the vosotros form. Rapid DDO. Barbara Smith is repeated or brush. Their estimate is. How many hours they studied today? How many years have you lived in Spain? And here let's use the form as BBDO. Not as many as you know. Have you sent the message? I haven't said it yet. I will send it to him tomorrow. Have you given it to him? Soloist? Cus I haven't given it to him yet, but I will give it to him this evening. Have you left him the message? I haven't left it for him yet, but I will leave it for him tonight. Now say we haven't sold it to him yet. No cellular MOND Voto labia. We haven't sold it to him because he's not sure if he wants to buy it. Benito. Nice to say water security. 24. INT 1,16 : The way to say never is nunca. Bianca. And this negative word works in the same way as neither a Natty, in that it can go either before the verb, nunca, babble cafe or after the verb by adding not at the beginning. No baby on Nanga Cafe. I just say He never tells the truth. Or we could say, naughty thin Nanga, Parbat. I will never speak Spanish. I never eat. After having dinner. Displace the thinner. Thinner. Now try to say, you will speak a little Spanish after this course, but not as much as Jessica spaniel, the Corso, but are not done tokamak Jessica. I will own Bocconi spaniel. Let's place the stickers, beta naught then Tacoma, Jessica. And how about I will study it again. I will see you in the morning. It'll be easier like that. How about I'll go and see it? I'll go to see it. I'll never go and see it. I'll have lunch later. Now the verbs in the present tense take G in the first person singular, for example, dinner and salad, a slightly irregular in the future and change their stems to include a D. Then gray boundary. Sorry, a 100. We say I have, I will have, we will have, we will never have. We will never have a lot of money. And how did we say, he will have to now say, you'll have a good teacher for this course. Professor. Crucial. When Professor, we will have to leave before eight o'clock. Ten, solid anchors the law. So2. How did we say I put Bongo? I will put I'll put it here. Andrea. And try saying I'll never put it there. I'll put it on the table for her. Laundry soap de la mesa cell upon the sobre la mesa. We'll put it here for you. And now say del put it there for her. Shallow ponds. 25. INT 1,17: Welcome back. Welcome to less than 17. Say she'll be thirsty. And now Dr. he'll be hungry later. If he doesn't eat sea no combi. Then I'll put it in the room next to the chair, Xian De La ci. Now how did we say I leave Santiago? And how therefore, when we say I will leave or DDI will go out. A friend, which seems to be a well-known Spanish word is Poonam ego or Amiga, referring to a female who now omega o. Now, how would we say, I will go out with my friends, amigos and amigas. Nobody will leave the house before finishing the job. Now the sound that on the La Casa untested determiner tobacco. La Casa untested determiner. There are two verbs, are there, to do and death, to say, which while they do take Gs in the first-person isoform of the present tense in the future, they dropped the GSC ending and take an R. So we get joy RA to harass LOA yeah, Iraq. And with the verb there Thiel, we get Jordi, do the Ras or l. Now if we wanted to say, I will tell you what we really need to say as I will tell it to you. So it's Dilaudid. Dilaudid. So we must include this direct object pronoun that it Dilaudid. It's not usually enough to say de, de, de, de, de, de, de la the day. Now, bearing in mind that law is non-acceptable combination in Spanish. How do you think we would say I'll tell her Szilard eBay seller the day. Now if we wanted to say, I will tell your friend. In other words, I will tell it to your friend. You might think that it would be law the ray to amigo. However, Spanish requires the inclusion of the indirect object pronoun the sale to him, to her, say so even though this says redundant, it still required cell or D-day at two amigo. This combination of seller is so common in Spanish. And so we need to get used to it as soon as possible. So please repeat this phrase all day for a week, starting with ten times right now. Clo, ClO diarrhea to amigo or diarrhea to amigo siloed area to amigo CINAHL diarrhea to amigo siloed area to amigo siloed area to amigo siloed area to amigo Cordelia to amigo siloed area to amigo CINAHL diarrhea to amigo is just as important to get used to the sounds of these, these ultra common combinations as it is to understand them intellectually. Please pause the video and repeat this sentence many, many times. To amigo. Now to guide you with the next questions, the majority of them will indeed include this key combination, seller, the redundant repetition of the indirect object pronoun. How did we say, I will tell your friend to amu. I will tell jessica. Jessica. Jessica. When will you tell her? Cuando siloed eras. When will you tell my friend, Sam Yang EVA? Will you tell your teacher? Professor VS2, Professor Agha, when will you tell the man? Anomaly? The way to say everyone or everybody is dodo and mondo, literally meaning all the world. Dato al mondo. Everybody knows the truth. Dollar where mondo shabby moon does have elaborated on. It seems to me, or in other words, I think it seems to me that nobody knows the truth. La, la la, la. And how did we say? I will tell him. I'll tell him I'll tell everybody. Cellae cella, the red mondo. Notice here that the Se is actually redundant but still required in Spanish seal or the day or total mondo. I will send everybody a message. Here. You may have been tempted to use silicon that in law is not required as there is no it involved, say, thus reverts to lead and it is included, though technically redundant lemon diary at total and wouldn't know. And now try. I will send it to everybody. I'll send it to everybody. Soloman that a total Mondo. I have sent it to everybody. 26. INT 1,18: Welcome back. Our first sentence in lesson 18 is I haven't seen everybody. No visto a total Telemundo. No, every star total. Now the verb toe ask is But a woman died. But I want that. So could you say I would like to ask you something Me gustaria pregnant. Did they all go? Maybe we'll study up. It won't, aren't they? I'll go. I will ask you later. Bearing in mind that toe ask works like the verb to say death here in that we usually need to add it. So we're actually saying I will ask you it later. Stay low pregnant Terry must Charlie. They'll Obregon that must battery. I will ask you again. Hello. Pregnant Terry Ultra with Tell Oprah Ontario Thomas, I'll tell you again. Hello, dear. A otra with stay low video Travis, I'll tell her again. Sill Odilio Travel Salo The rial Travis I'll send it to her again. Celo Monday otra with Sillerman Barrio. Now, as you already know, if we have an infinitive, you know the verb with the basic e r a r i r ending as in to do something, the pronoun hooks onto the end, so to say, I want to send it. It's Caro Mandira Law. If we wanted to use to pronouns, for example, I want to send it to you. I want to send it to you. Both pronouns hook onto the end of the infinitive, forming one long word. You'll see that this long word now requires an accent to indicate the irregular stress pattern. Man Dark yellow Caro Mandaric Tello. Repeat, please. Several times zero man Donatello Que a Roman Donatello Caro Man. Dark yellow. Que Roman Donatello. As I've said before, the more you get used to the sounds, the easier it gets. Que a Roman Donatello. That's it. So try to say I'm going to send it to her. I'm going to send it to her. Boy am undersell. Oh, boy. Among Barcelo. I'm going to send it to him again. I'm going to send it to him again. Boy am And Marcelo. What? The relief volume and Marcelo Travis, I'm going to ask you again, boy. A Pregunta Tello Ultra with boy a Pregunta Tello Ultra with I'm going to tell you, boy of the theatre Tello boy, are they seated below? I'm not going to tell you twice. No boy of the theatre. Tell Odo Schmidt this no voy a fairy tale of those basis. Can you send it to me for this Mandir? Melo For this Monday Romelo. Can you send it to him by this Mandir? Celo for this man Barcelo Now try to say I would like to tell him. May gustaria death Ear Celo May will study of a fierce alot. I would like to tell him the truth. Mengel study at death Digital Library May will study other feely Lebedeva I want to give it to him. Caro Darcel Oh, ghettos are so low. I would like to give it to you. Mingle storia. Dark yellow, maybe study a Donatello. Now, remembering that the indirect object pronouns to them is the same as to him or to her. Say, How would we say? I don't want to give it to them? No. Caro. Darcel. Oh, no. Care of Barcelo. Now try. He doesn't want to give it to us. No. Carry d'Arnaud shallow. No kid. A vat of nose low. She doesn't want to sell it to us. No, Kerry. Been there No slow. No kid of in their nose law. And finally in this 18th class. How do you say you have to send it to us? Dennis? Commander. No Slow 27. INT 1,19: in the last class we practice hooking two pronouns onto the end of an infinitive. Now, when we're dealing with commands imperatives, the same principle applies. So, for example, to say, Send it to me. It's Monday, Melo Monday, Melo Noticia. The accent has taken yet another step backwards Monday, trying to say Ask me hello, but I won't no se send them to me Monday Mello's Manda Melo's Give Them to Me! Damn ellos damn alos! Give them to her. Does say loss that sailors give it to her. Darcel. Oh, that's a low. Give it to everybody. Docile. Owe a total Mondo Barcelo a total moonda. Give it to Jessica. Docile or Jessica. That's Hello, Jessica. Send it to your friend Monday. Celo at Tau Omega. Manda Salo, Toe Amina. Leave it for me. De Carmelo, The family. And how about leave it for him on the table deck? Marcello in La Mesa Because a loin Lem Issa, ask your father. But they won't Marcelo at two Battery. But I want to borrow money. Another use of this Ferb Rwanda is the reflexive form breggen Darcy which means to ask oneself, in other words, to wonder Reagan, Darcy But he won't say so. Try to say I wonder if she will call me soon Mabrey window. Seem a camera pronto. I never want to see my camera pronto. I wonder if they're studying as much as me. Memory want. Oh, see a studio? Maybe we want to see a studio. Can Tacoma? Yo I wonder if they're telling the truth. May I see the thin member? I want to see reason. Lavera Okay, A very common, useful expression is dinner organised? The affair Argo. Meaning to feel like doing something. Then our gunners day to have a goat saying I feel like returning to Spain. Tengo organist The ball bed I Spagna thing organise double very Espana Do you feel like going out tonight? Penis gunners This elitist Dennis Ghana's the salary standard. I feel like staying here. Tengo Ghana's decade after me. A key single Ghana's The kids are Mackey. I don't feel like studying nothing. Organise this to the are nothing. Organise this to the air. The way to say sometimes is a business at times a bit. This are ifthis. Sometimes I don't feel like working amethyst. No tengo Ghana's trabajar Um, it is nothing more manners a trabajar Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my time Have a thinks maple wouldn't toe She peered Omi tempo I m f s member Want to see Pierre the media ample. And finally, in this lesson, sometimes they don't open in the morning of a thickness. Noah Bryn Mawr LaMagna This is no every impala manana. 28. INT 1,20: welcome to lessen 20 last lesson of this first course, the intermediate stage. And by the way, many congratulations for reaching this far. Always in Spanish is see embrace CMB words like always such a sometimes never usually tend to come at the beginning of the phrase in Spanish. So how would we say she always calls me in the morning? CME prima jama for LaMagna Simply miyama por la manana. He always asks me the same thing. CME Brima Pregunta la misma sam. Remember, they always want a little more time. Sempra Kieran M Poko Mush number CME procuring um poco mas tiempo. I always eat a sandwich before working. CME prick Common Boca Rio trabajar CME Break among Boca The you want is a trabajar. We sometimes have lunch there and it's always good. Amethyst is then are more say He said Embry is bono. Everything is calm. Memos e December is bono. I don't feel like having dinner there tonight. No tengo gunners the thinner He s Donachie. No tengo gunners The thinner He s Donachie now to say until it's us that esta you'll notice is usually the initial h is silent us that as we've seen before. The expression see you tomorrow actually means until tomorrow in Spanish. So how do you say See you tomorrow. Esta manana. Hasta manana. I'm staying until tomorrow. Mikado. Hasta manana! Make a the esta manana. And what about their staying? Until Friday? Sake it on a style weirdness. Second on the Stelvio illness My parents will be here until Sunday. Miss Battery Sister Anarchy a style Domingo Miss Paris Esta aqui Esta domingo? I sometimes study until very late. Everything is studio Esca monetarily have it is a studios time. We thought of it. She has asked me if I can give her the money today. She's asked me if I could give her the money today. Mayor Pregunta though she Puerto Darley El dinero Oy map. We want others see lip with that in Lena Joey sometimes they don't close until 10 o'clock at night. Amethyst, snow Theoren Astellas Death Delon Orci Everything is no theory Honest Allah's via Della noted a common and useful verb is toe lend to lend in Spanish. It's but it starred. But it's that trying to say I'm lending it to you. Della Presto! Tell a presto can you lend me your phone boy. This Priske army telefono by this pressed are made to telling for No, I'm not going to lend you my car. No boy up Restarted micoach e no voy a priest Artemis Coach, can you lend her your computer until Thursday? Point is pressed are really toward the Nador A star Where is but this press starlet toward another Estelle queries our lend it to you until tomorrow. Tell Oprah story Hasta manana! Tell Oprah story esta manana! And finally, our last sentence on last instruction is Don't lend him the money. No! Only pressed s el dinero No only breast, a silly NATO.