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The Complete SharePoint Course for Absolute Beginners

teacher avatar NPM Global

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. SP Intro

    • 2. SharePoint Intro

    • 3. Set up free trial Part 1

    • 4. SP Set up Part 2

    • 5. Office 365 Home Page navigation NM

    • 6. Create Your First Site NM

    • 7. What is a Library in SP NM

    • 8. Create a Library NM

    • 9. Co authoring in SharePoint NM

    • 10. Upload Docs and Recycle Bin NM

    • 11. Create Office Doc in SP NM

    • 12. Create a New folder in SP Library NM

    • 13. Set up time zone NM

    • 14. OneDrive overview NM

    • 15. Sync SharePoint Libray to OneDrive

    • 16. Add Colunm and change order NM

    • 17. Simple Search in SP NM

    • 18. Delete and Restore an item NM

    • 19. Edit Your Profile

    • 20. Add News Post and News Link

    • 21. 6 Ways to open document in SharePoint

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About This Class

Are you new to SharePoint? Learn SharePoint from scratch. Labs, Labs, Labs! Do it labs so that you can perform tasks at work. You will learn how to create Modern sites in SharePoint. Plus create List and Libraries, Document management (upload, delete), Recycle bin and more. This course is designed for someone one new to SharePoint and would like to learn SharePoint by doing hands on labs. Learn basics of SharePoint and move to more complex tasks.

Most updated Microsoft SharePoint Course. New functionalities added periodically.

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1. SP Intro: Welcome to the complete SharePoint course for absolute beginners from NPM Global Technologies. If you do not have already access to sit a point and the government, then I hope created a couple of lessons where you can sign up for free shipping only child and the lessons are located at the end of the course in Appendix. This course is specifically designed for anyone just beginning in SharePoint area. So what we will do will implement SharePoint from scratch for a fixes is comical embassy incorporated, and then we'll be adding list libraries and other information, so you will have a basic idea how to begin with the share point. Well, first, start with introductions or sir Point and then Motew, working with documents such as uploading that it's adding, editing and deleting. We'll also look at Recycle Bin will clear some views, create alerts in SharePoint, and then we'll also cover how to do a simple certain SharePoint. We cleared site pages, and Edward Parts will also cover Microsoft Andre. We'll also look at concept of worsening check in and check out quartering import and export from expel Excel or to the X to excel. And we also delete and restore items in over sir Point. So in a sense, this course will cover the most basic functions you will encounter at work. There are no hours and hours of long videos will cover to the point step by step plebs, or you can just watch and learn. So with this, let's begin. 2. SharePoint Intro: if you need to show up when it may be a bit hard to understand what exactly shape one is. Shepherd is not just one software, but it's a collection off a software that are different programs combining toe one large platform. So SharePoint is like Microsoft Office. You do not learn office, but you rather you learn individual programs such as Microsoft Word. Excellent PowerPoint Separate comes in two flavors. Server based and online, and you Access Serpent through browser. Surfer is not installed on your computer or you connects a SharePoint from someone has sent your link or shared a website in one word. SharePoint is a website. You can make websites out of SharePoint just for you or your team, or you my kid one for you or use it as a user. So you're looking at the SharePoint site right now, such as the ABC, and it's just like any other website. You have, Ah, left and navigation on left side, and you're some content on middle and some on the right. Inside some of the links you can access several library just works as a folders on your network, right, and you can create or upload documents such as you can create were document from SharePoint . You can upload new documents, and you can do some document management of functionalities Export, two Excel and some other facsimiles up SharePoint. Some of the parts can very stick it of the users where some of them can be open to everyone within the shepherd. You can see with last modified it or woo with with access that the last help. It can also update and announcements such as they paid that you're looking at. It can also have comments, so it's a social networking site. Shepard has also form, and within the form you can add new data. Just like some other information on the website and share. Part is a calendar share calendar that you can share with your team members. It has a spirituals blog's news desk, sport scorecards and visited Bagram. You can also have a external link on Shepherd said that outside or to other pages within the your organization, once all the information is on your set, separate that you can search and search is very intelligent and smart. In SharePoint, you can search by content people and they're all secured. You can only access the information that you access to. You can also go to the particular document within from your search citizens. You can excess chevron from any device any time that are all accessible from your desktop. You are, Ah, browser or from the from on your phone, and shepherd is always controlling sick. You're more than anything, separates a platform to build solutions for you to work smarter. Shepard has a lot off security in Bill, so you can add some of the users as a member. Some Optimus visitors and there may be a site owners and site administrators. So in that cell share print is a website, which gives a place to put your stuff and such, and this all pieces together make what we call SharePoint. So with this ab sort introduction, we will move to the actual how to access their point from office. That compared jumped from summers. You're next 3. Set up free trial Part 1: to excess Microsoft Shape and online for free trial. Let's go toe any such Preiser, our Make Up Your Google search box and into the word Microsoft SharePoint. Never get to make Recep SharePoint Link and click product that office that come SharePoint team collaboration suffered Tools from Microsoft. Click on the link When it comes to Microsoft Office SharePoint homepage. Click on See Plans and pricing now, depending depending on the country where you are, you may get the boxes whether you want to could be a specific country or you want to stay on the U. S. I have chosen the U. S side for now, but you're free to go to your countryside once you're on the shaping. Paige. You would see the online Options Shepherd Online Plan one shape and run on point to an office 3 65 et license. Now with the fire dollars. Use a permanent. You get Northeast applications, but only SharePoint. Anyone trying for $10 a month, you get shaping online. Anyone drive, but you get a little bit more a storage. The option that we're going to choose is the 3rd 1 $20 for use, a permanent with annual commitment. But we're not going to, uh, commit the $20 for now because we're going to apply for the free trial. The reason for applying for that number three is because, along with the Freedom will also get the outlook word, Excel, PowerPoint and some of the replications also will get exchange with Dr Skype for business, SharePoint, Tim's Yammer and Dell. And again, you can go through the some of the advantages with the free trial. You get the business class email hosting consumable dominant dress there stop presents office applications as well. One note where persons about look and, ah well, Isis cover five pieces of mix and Sidra. You also get, um, um, pop for the timbers with Microsoft teams automate business processes with make up our reps said this flow and ah 24 by 749 Rep. Support and license for commercial use. Click on there, Just go down and click on the try for free so you'll be Thank you for choosing office to 64 80 page Step number one says, Let's set up your account, and that was Enter your work or school email Litters will check if you need to create a new account for 64 80 into your email address year click next click on set up account. Now here, you You will enter your first last name business, one number company name your company size. And so once you enter this information, click on the next. Better No, the company name could be just your initials or your last name because we are only kidding . A free account here. So this information could be just the district tested Click on the next. So we are continuing with the step number two. Tell us about yourself, which is asking to text so that they can send you the verification coat and click on the send very figures in court. I'm going to click on this one, and most the verification court comes up. I'll enter that, and I'll continue. So in last tip, I asked to do verify your account with the text If texted didn't work, you can also try to call me Burden and Mrs Done and enter the court. I just clicked on the verify and you will at this number of step number three page, which says, Create your business identity. It says To set up your account, you will need a domain name and you will probably want to custom dominant for your business at some point. For now, choose a name for German using own maker Subject calm. So here you can enter your business name now your business him again could be just your first and last name or your last name. And, uh, could we had just a fix. This is completely in actor and PMS before play can check availability. It says this one is available. Click Next. I want to emphasise that makes you that you record your business name Israel. Is any other information going forward on this lecture so you can use it? The letter. Time to log in. Somebody is going to create a user him here enterprise to make sure that is minimum eight characters with at least one uppercase. Actually, you record this mark, your user him again. I'm just going to make a note off it. Click on ST A Burden Dix. Few seconds to create your account so we had to step down before said this in for you. Needed letter signing page is office dot com. Use the ready Libya is already in. My case is marked with 20 to see it end PMS before, which is the company name dot on Microsoft dot com Again office 3 60 Every 80 license comes with fully Enstrom Office Export PC Mac, with the premium services Such A Sir Point and Unlimited Personal Close Storage 100 Recovers of mailbox and the online and desktop presents the profits applications. It also comes with 25 lessons. Is 30 day free trial The next step is going to set up, and we'll cover that in next video. 4. SP Set up Part 2: So in this video we'll continue with the set up. We are on office, the 65 a three page click on Good to Set a Burden. I'm just going to copy the use already here, so highlight and control see and good to set up. So Microsoft, a 64 admin center, comes up and there's a welcome message and says, Let's get things up. What would you like to start? So the R Key, Poor sir Point. So the first books asked you to install office steps, and the 2nd 1 is for exchange when Dr and Skype. So we are interested in SharePoint. So click on the A puncher on the left, stepped up, said Corner and click on the separate. So essentially, this completes your free trial of SharePoint. We now have a print online excess and in the coming of produce will explore more on the ship went 5. Office 365 Home Page navigation NM: the last video we saw that were available to loved into office lucidity fair homepage, and we saw the user interface and so on. But what happens if you are just logging onto your computer or you close your browser and you want to go to office the six every home pitch? In that case, you will need to such for the office, the six of the homepage, so enter search criteria like office dot com, and you will be presented with the Welcome to the office homepage. Click on the sign in pitch, Choose your signing, um, address and click next. Enter your password, if not already served, and you could pick on Don't show this again and click. Yes, and here you are. You're back to the office dot com office 3 65 homepage. Once you're on the office dot com home page, just click on the SharePoint, and when you come to the shape on home pitch, you basically see about two sexes. On the left side, you will see the social bar. They can search your SharePoint site. The 2nd 1 is the following. Falling is like your favorites. If you have anything saved here, that the sites will miss in here, the 36 on the left hand side is the links. So if you're in a link 70 year, this will be shown in here, and I will go through all these three sex since later on in the middle, you will see that, um, you will have a list of the frequencies that you're visited. There is none right now because we are just starting up. It's also so that you don't have any recent activity. So anything that you may have access, like documents, are pictures or anything that the legs will be seen here and on the right inside top. You're again these same icons, notification settings and help in your profile. I want to show you that, too. To Maura functionalities on the home page, you will see that you can clear the site or you can create a new post. And then this is just a for the information for the mobile app. I'm just going Teoh, close this for now. Okay, One more important thing I wanted to show you is on the top left hand corner. Besides the same point I'm named. There's a, um a tile type I can call a launcher or are simply a waffle or the start menu. So this EP launcher has all your app. So it's kind of like a start. Many, but on the top. So you will see all your app here, including SharePoint and, um, the Edmund Center and then some of the functionalities. 6. Create Your First Site NM: So we're back to the shaper homepage. In this redo, we will create our first shape on site, and in order to do that, click on the Create Side Button here with the plus Sign your president with two options on the right that is a communication site. It's basically this is Publix dynamic, beautiful content to people in your organization to keep them informed and engaged on topics, even search products. Or you can kill that Tim site where you can share documents, have conversations with your team. Keep track of events, managed task and more with the site connected in Office 3 65 group for this particular lab , we will create or first time sex to click on the Tim said Burden and to the site name ABC. She ordered user interface and mind should look like similar. Her site name should be ABC. As soon as you enter the site name. The group email address also gets created. The site address, which will read as your company name. Dark serpent dot com slash sites slash abc. In my case, it says ABC 15 because I was being some testing, so I clipped her some baby scissors before and then deleted it. But basically the cited search ABC here said description. It's always a good practice to enter decide description or any of the religion information , like who created it or what was the purpose or were very bold in taking the decision, etcetera the next. Despite versus endings, there are two options. Private only members can access this site or public. Anyone in the organization can access the site for now. We will just keep the default options off private. Many only the members can access this site and led Drone. I was sorry to you how you can add team members off your group. The language. English is OK for now if you want to. If you want to, um, change it, you can do so here. Okay, if everything looks good, Esper they made it is the interface. Click on the next button, the next quinces. What do you want to add? She can add a distant owners year, or you can add members here. For now, we are satisfied with the current set up where it has created ABC Private Group, and we'll click on the finish button. Well, as you could see our first shape. Our site has been created ABC with the private group, and in the next video we'll go through the some of the elements of the user interface. 7. What is a Library in SP NM: So in the next lib, we will create a SharePoint document library. But what exactly is the library in shipping? The library is a location in a site where you can upload, create update and collaborative files with team members, which elaborate displays a list of files and key information about the father, such as we was the last person to modify. And when it was mortified, most sites included library. When you create the site, for example, it Tim Side has a document library. When you can organise and share your documents is any more libraries you can choose from several ready to use library EPS and endorsed your site. You can also customize libraries in a several ways. For example, you can control how documents are viewed, manage and created, or trick versus a files, including how many and which stepovers in you can even create custom views, forms and work flows to help you manage your projects and business processes. So if you have the and everyone has seen the siege I've on your computer, so in the in your C drive you it looks like the name of the file or folder datemodified, type, size and other information. So think about shape would library as the mirror copy off literally the C drive interface 8. Create a Library NM: So when this site gets first created, this is what you will see on left side. You will see the quick launch or the left navigation bar with the conversations, documents, notebook pages, site contents, recycle being an edit. And we will go to, um, some of the items Linkletter videos. Okay, So is explained earlier. Um, our core strategy is to Teoh work on shipment by doing it. So instead of, you know, going to more details. Will will actually do some labor here. So let's create a new document library on this site. Okay, So click on the plus air over with the new button and choose the document library. Here. We will enter the name of the document library and a place follow me with the exact same name conditions or your and mine user interface looks too similar. So I have given the library name as a B, C h r. And I'm going to enter the description here by default. They show in the site navigation is already selected, and I'm just going to leave this s edges and click on the create button. So the new library call ABC HR has been created. You can click on, not now to get out of this ivindo. Okay, so the next exercise is to upload a document or applaud multiple documents. 9. Co authoring in SharePoint NM: in this level, discuss and perform a lab on document collaboration and quartering with office and one dry or SharePoint. Multiple people can work together on a word document, excess person or PowerPoint presentation when everyone is working. At the same time, there's called Quartering. A key to collaborating and quartering is sharing your documents in shape 11 dry and offer steps. You can share files with others, and that's the first step that really we're going to do. So I am with my ABC site and I'm in my embassy at your library. So click on it A. B, C, H a library, and go to your test one that dog or find any of the world PowerPoint or Excel document. And first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to sell this document with with another user. So I'm setting with Joe Phillips, who is my colleague, and I'm going to send this document to him. So this document has been said, and now I will let Joe open this document on his computer. So let us first off on the desperate a dog, and I'm going to open this in browser so that I can check with your as well. So currently, this is the document open on my computer and I will let Joe come online. So I asked Joe to come online and see. Now you can see the Joe Phillips has this document open as well. So myself and you're both are working on the same document. This is what school quartering. Now I can also see where Joe is making any edits. So on, right inside. If I click on Joe's name, I can go to location. Where Joe is actually doing his is that it's so I can see that where this small little bit of thinking comes up. It says Joe Phillips. So that's where Joy is doing is headed. 10. Upload Docs and Recycle Bin NM: Okay, So for this exercise, I want to create three word documents. I have brought my Microsoft board here, and I'm going to enter the some texture. Just one. Okay, so on your the stop for scared, a folder called Lead to the ball flicked the folded left to and here we will enter the file of Miss Test One. And so this Tuckerman, the second document, I will say this and steps to. So you could just change some text here, or you can leave the same text. Doesn't matter. But I will say this as a test to document so Second document number two. So this is a test to in the same folder. Leapt to conservation. And the 3rd 1 I'm going to say this is a test three. Okay, so we have three word documents. All set. And now we will go to the SharePoint and upload this documents. Okay. So, to upload a new document, click on this upload button and click on the files. Never get to your folder on desktop called Leapt to and click on the first smile. Test one. Select the test one and click on open. As you can see, It's something that the uploading one item source progress and says test Ah, dogs is now available and you can see here the taste one that dogs is available with the, um this is the, um, the symbol for the new file. Ah, in the modified column, it says it was last modified, effusive seconds ago, and it's modified by Mark. I use their The second method up uploading document is you can also dragon drop from your file explorer or we knows Explorer. So in this case, I have my separate side open on my left and on the right. I have brought up the Windows Explorer screen here and I'm going to select the multiple flight for also selectors to and with sift Cilic upset test three. So to France open selected. And I'm going to drag and drop on the the section here and just leave my lost year. So this two fronts have been uploaded, as you can see with the dragon drop method. Next, I'm going to deal it one of these funds. So select test three dot dogs with the left. Ah, the left circle here. And as you can see as soon as you select the file, your some more functionalities open here, and one of them is the delete button here, So click on the deal. It it says, Are you sure you want to send off items to the recycle bin, and if you're sure you to deal it, we will click on the delete button. So when you delete an item from shape on document library or list, it isn't immediately removed from SharePoint. Deleted items go to the site, recycle bin for a period of time. During the time you can't restored items you deleted to the or original locations. I'm going to click on the Recycle Bins, and here is our test two documents that we just delete it. Click on the click on the best to document, and you have to choose that that he could do it permanently from this recycle bin. Or you can restore it at the original location, so I'm going to click on the store. It's restoring one item. We will go back to the ABC as your library. Click on that on Dr Navigation Ban and here is your tested documents back. So when an item is the stories restored to the same location that it was deleted from the deleted items are returning Recycle bin for a certain period of time. For sir point online, the retention time is 93 days or, as specified by our set put administrator. 11. Create Office Doc in SP NM: welcome back. So so far we had briefed over your fair point. We also subscript your women free trial of shape on online. And we also created our first step insight along with our first library. You also uploaded single document as well as we try to up lamentable documents with then deleted document and restored item from the Recycle bin. Okay, so in this video, we will create office document within the shape when environment So click on the new burden . Is it good to see you can create word Excel Power point were no documents from here, so click on the word document so word online opens up so entered next year just four. And as you can see, as soon as you start entering some some boards or the strength of modify, it starts to save this document. The only reason has some limited functionality is it's not a full flesh. Wasn't but still, if you're just trying to a do minimal stuff, this is a great Okay, So you have created word document within the serpent environment. Let's go back to your site. So click on the link here, ABC ajar. So we'll be back to our library. And, as you can see, the document that dogs has been created, the rest of personalities that I'm going to use. So click on this three Eclipse year with Says Direction and click on the rename. Enter just four and save your document. So this is how you can create world or some other documents within the shaping environment . Next, I'm going to click on this document toe klik contest for that dogs. It opens up inward online. And so, for example, if you want to do some more former team, so in this case you want to open the document in actual Microsoft Word. So click on the opening world. It says We're opening this Microsoft Word document. So when we go from word on Line two, the district was, and you may have to enter your user name and password. If not, you're already logged in. I logged in using my test i D. And so it's ask for this the information again, whether you want to allow the organization's two minute this device or not. If you want to use for the down Microsoft Word or Excel, another say Power point and ah, some of the resources. You can live this checked. If not, you can just uncheck this. I'm just going to believe this for now. And click. Yes. Could just clicked with this, um, window done. Okay, so the desktop wasn't opens up. I'm going to end of the next year. So once they enter this and we to save this document, As you can see, the Microsoft word indicates that you don't have to worry about clicking so anymore. Use undo or was instituted with unwanted edits. So basically, it's automatically saves to the same point and to click on the garlic burden. And I'm going to click on the X Teoh, go back to the SharePoint. So close this document. And you may also want to close the own labors and make us a word. Someone to close this as well. And I'm going to back to the ABC HR document library, the test for documents, sores that it was modified few seconds ago. I'm going to click test for that dogs and see whether the information that we entered has come up or not. And yet, as you can see, the open in desktop the the one that we entered industrial was and has come back to the online as well as on the shape point. So this is how you can create a Microsoft Word document within the shape when environment 12. Create a New folder in SP Library NM: in this level, go over a useful day to day functionality, creating a new folder in SharePoint Library. Protect your ABC homepage and then click on ABC HR library inside my ABC HR library. Currently, I have two folders to with the yellow windows Explorer type icons, local location and test talks. These are two folders, and I have three faster now because I was bring some testing my user interface and you're using inter press could be different. So once I'm done with my leg, you may want to upload, um, a few folders and ah, a few files to play with this functionality. In order to access folders, Just click on Fuller. See, for example, click on for local test dogs that will being you to a self fuller. So I have another self for local supple account and three more documents in affect. Click on some full account. I will go into another another folder. Location. So this is how you can access SharePoint. Is this kind of feel like a link type icons And ah, Now if you want to go back, this is called the breadcrumbs. So this is you can go back from Go back to your original located. For example, in order to go to test dogs, click on test dogs or click on ABC HR, and he will be back to your original location. So, as you know, we all used folders. Folders is a is a good way to group and manage. You're containing a logical way, and if your organization allows you to create a fall or within SharePoint site, you will be able to create a new folder in your library. So let's create a new folder, Click on the New Britain on the command bar and click on a new folder. Give you the name and click on Create. Now, when you create any new items, upload or create any items, you can see that there is a there is. Then I can like this that solves that. This is a new item. They're uploaded or created. This this Ah, this new icon stays there for about 24 hours or so. Now, the second functionality that I wanted to say I do is how you can upload documents into this new folder. But before that, I wanted to show you another functionality Dragon drop for us into a folder. So, for example, I want to take a test to their dog into this new MPM folder. So select this file and with your mouth hold over to new MP and Fuller of it says. Test to that doctor. New and pure folder and drag just dropped there and then click on NPM folder again. And here is your new fight. Let's go back to your base theater library and let's go back to new MP in folder again. All right, so uploading documents you have one option is click on upload button on top and click on files and click on or off. This documents attest to cut open, I recommend that you keep 10. 15 is documents, image files, pdf for documents handy so that you can play with it on your C driver or anywhere else. And ah, yes. So we also, um, God, the theater message, which is useful in this case, he says. The fire with this name already exists. Would you like to replace the existing one? So I'm not going to upload the same file here, which I should have not done it, But this is a good message that this may happen if you have the similar name, so I'm going to just click on anywhere in the white space. So this particular, um uh, command has been cancelled. Click on upload again, upload fires, and I'm going to a protest number three and click open. So Test three, that dog has been applauded. If you click on so error, you will see that the one of the first was not uploaded. And the this file test three was uploaded successfully. So which is, Ah, region. Dickerson had done miss it. So let's close. This message is closed. This window can, uh, second option to applaud. Your file is digging draw from your see dry or network drive. So in that case will open our file Explorer or News Explorer. So click on your Windows Explorer and choose the funds that you can upload here. In my case, I have some funds under my desk top left to folder, and I will open one of this file say important SPR selected and, ah, I'll drag and drop into this library here. Now, as soon as I select and started this come and you will see that on top. You said dragged items to in locations. So that's the, um, indication that you are in that you have started this command and just drop your file into the right space in your library and minimize your C drive. So here you can see import to eSpeed at X. Elects is now available in documents folder, a new NPR folder. And this is always where you can upload or drink a drop too. Your newly created folder with this one. I I would like to do justice out at your end. Create some folders. Dragan, drop. He was upload button. You can also upload files. Folders. Ah, using this command and the office. You next left. Thank you. 13. Set up time zone NM: So just on a side note that you may have seen it an enduring pop up message on the right inside corner, asking you to set up your times and for a calendar. So we're going to just set it up before we proceed further. Click on the link and set it up your time zone here, so I set it up. My time zone Languages. English, United States and Time Zone is the California time and click on the several. Well, that's basically bigs up to the outlook online. And, uh, I'm just going to click No, now to the New York look. So this is here. You can see your outlook messages along with the SharePoint. So you get the email from the Checkpoint Group in Venice, where you are headed to the group, or you join any group and we will go through this some of this functionality from outlook to the shape in electro videos. And so, with this brief introduction to Outlook, we will go back to our shape of homepage. So let's click the outlook expert in on the top and close the outlaw window, and so we'll be back to the office to 64 homepage and click on the SharePoint. Eso some interesting things happening on the user interface is, as you can see, the frequent sites, um now indicates that ABC has been added on the in the center here. You could also see that are left inside. Decide ABC. Ah, is one with the star here. So basically, you are following the site and you can go to this side from this link here. So click any of this to links here. Just click on the ABC link that will bring you to the embassy shape Prince late. 14. OneDrive overview NM: in this video, we will have a big discussion for make us of windrow and SharePoint. So, just like a fair point, you can access your file from any of the devices. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to continue what he started. And any changes you make will be uploaded. To offer us is with one try with wonder. You will have also off line access. So, for example, if you're working on a file and you're offline so you don't have the Internet access, you can still use your file and you're fights will be applauded when you're connected to the Internet. Your files are safe because when Dr backs up your files, you don't have to worry about losing those files. And and again with Microsoft Window, you can say it and collaborate. So you consider files for listen, photos. Ah, that your colleagues, friends and family. And so there is no more large email attachments or tom try just since in a link where the email text message or Facebook So the functionality of one dry and shape and they're similar. But I just wanted to point out the integration between SharePoint and one dry, So click on the one drag I con from your office. 3 65 home fish. So as soon you see, click on the window Icon one Dr Homepage opens. And as you can see, the NPM SP Econ is already been selected for your one drive account and is also says your one drive is ready. So click on the Your Wonder. It is really a clink link here, and the first thing you will notice is the interface is somewhat similar to SharePoint. Um, the decent tip says your recent fresh will be here, so I'm way to close this for now. As you can see, the menus says new upload and some other icons feature similar to SharePoint your fights, which will be here and on the left. Inside navigation. You have recent button, so click on the recent. And as you can see, the Microsoft Wonder brings up all your shape and first year as well. So test one test for and other documents are already seen here. The other functionality is the third options from the top shade, so anything that your colleagues are the external parties may have shared with you will be shown here. So if you remember, we said the test one document in previous exercise That particular document can be seen here, which was shared to you and says Mark their modified three years ago and shared by Mark Day . And it would say, Ah, Benadryl should. And the name of the document against the Miller functionality is SharePoint. It has the recycle bin. You can bring up the files deleted from here to the one dry. And also here you can see the link to the your your shape inside. So ABC said has already been added here, and you can go from one dry to the shipment from this I promise link. Here the link opens up the document Libraries pen here. So every CHR document library opens up in one drive as well as the document. So there to liberate their the ritual abolition serpent, which both can be seen here. Okay, so let's click on the fight, but in here and click on the new and I'm going to create an excel workbook here. I'm going to put the word test fire, and the workbook has been said already online. And so I'm going Teoh, click on the link here, says Mark. No documents. So when do principle to SharePoint and one dries? One dry is private to you unless you said with someone. So they book that XLs, which was created a few seconds ago, which will not be shared to anyone else except you. So it's kind of your personal against the personal dry, but you can also collaborate with others in your department or the external parties. Okay, so next let's explore some of different tonality that on this fight. So put your cursor on the file, and it is going to see the A preview window open on the right Inside, click on the sea Details button and on the right. Inside, it provides to the Privy off. The excellence were book where I entered the Test five information. It will also show you like who has the access to this file. So right now, it says this item is not shade, so it's only available to you, and it will also give you the information about the activity, like when it was created. So it was edited about a minute ago and when it was created and modified. So these are the some of the information around the file if you put your cursor if you hold your cursor on the file, so let's close these details spend. We're back to the file. Click on this. Ah, but in here and select the file and we will again share it with ah with the, uh, with our own account. Click on the share button and enter your name or email. It is picks up to your name. Click on the name and I'm here to send this file to myself. So the functionality is similar to step when you can send the file to the external party or to use their team or colleagues as long as you entered the email address or that the particular party is in your in your team. Okay, so let's check this out. What happens once this file has been shared? So again, how your cursor on the file and go to the sea Details link and the right inside detail. Pain opens up and it says, Mark, do This item has been said with the with the guests. So this was just a brief overview of how one Dr works with SharePoint and vice versa, and we'll have some more advanced topic. Ah, letter in the videos. Thank you. 15. Sync SharePoint Libray to OneDrive: Today we will discuss about sinking your files from SharePoint to one dry. Now, in all days, there were issues with the Internet connection and so on. So many users were working off line. So, for example, you are out of office, you don't have any Internet connection, and you still want to access your files from SharePoint, so this particular lead will be handy now. It is most of the time you will have the Internet connection. But they say, for example, there is a scenario where you to work off line or you want to save your file on your computer and, uh, and then they work. From there, the files will be automatically sick back to supper, so there will be a connection between Sir Point anyone. Tribe. So let's get started to think files on her computer is straightforward. First task. Go to the library that you want to sink. So, for example, go to the ABC Theatre Library. So under my celebrated there are one folder and 35 Now I want to sink these four items to my computer, and even if I don't have Internet connection on it, will still be able to work on this files. And when there is Internet connection, the files is automatically be uploaded to the SharePoint and the Dreamers together. In order to dead, click on the link button on the toolbar here and click on Sick yes to message saying you want to open Microsoft one drive and it opens up another. Windows is getting ready to sink, and ah, essentially is starting up Microsoft windows now. So there is a a message on my tool, but I'm just going to bring it up here. So since I'm just setting a drive for the first time for this particular show, open instance is asking me to sign up or create an account. So I'm going to click on Sign in Britain. Going forward, it will be You will not see the signing signing option, and it will automatically sync your files to one train. So is essentially asking that your folder will be here on your seat right, and we'll click next and is just going through some welcome messages here. And I'm just going to close this message box. The message also popping up at the brightness that bottom corner this welcoming one try and says to be your files will be setting the story. You can go to your one guy now. So let's open up our file Explorer and our left inside You will say our NPM s Pete ravages my company name, Schooler. And underneath you will see there's a one drive which is a personal one trip. So the one that we are sinking it's for the business. Let's click on and chemistry three Expand. And so this is our ABC a child library. If you had if you re called, we had ah four items test fuller and three documents are Those are can be seen here and there are now connected with the ship. Anything to change here will automatically be propagated to the shepherd separate library again. Let's come from this open taste Wonder Dog or open any document that you have sick from your library. And I'm just going to insert something here and this about it. I'm going to close this close, this about document and as you can see here, the order groceries already own. That means the whatever you made changes is automatically 7 to 1 drive, and at that ended the automatically sent to share print as well. So with this one, let me close is you don't have to close this, but in this case, let's close this and let's or to our SharePoint site again. Okay? And we're fresh. And let's open our test one that Doc. And yet he's over. Ah, little rectangle that we inserted he every conceived here. This is how you can sink your files from your shepherd to one try and one tried to serpent back. 16. Add Colunm and change order NM: so in this leg will be doing three exercise. First, let's go to our ABC homepage. So if you're in office dot com, click on SharePoint and it never get to NBC. Homepage aided from recent are following, but I also wanted to show you how you can changed address but also never get to your site. So take out everything from your computer server that comes less the lid and enter sites. Hey, BC enter The next exercise is adding a new column to your library, so go to ABC HR Library. Click on ABC HR. Your user interface could be different than mine, but extensively in this library. We have some documents, and I'm going to add a new column to this library. Click on add column. Click on single line of text So this is the usual The column days You'll be entering where you can. You are just going to enter the information in in a regular way. But there are also other. There are various types of columns available, like a date and time, and so on. Inter name of delivery is notes the other things as it is, and click on Save it so As you can see, a new column notes was added to your library. So the first column is name modified millipede by product completion. If you have that column if no, that's fine. And then this is when is the last one that we just added. Now how to change the column ordering, for example, you want Oh, you want to bring notes after the name here because you want to enter some information as soon as you entered our upload the file. In order to do that, let's go to all documents. Edit current view. So we are in this room where all the columns have been numbered. So type is one name is to. And so the North, as you can see, is number six. In order to bring notes after name, you'll need to change the numbering here. So let me put the name is too. I'm going to put the notes is number three no, isn't as you changed the numbering the other columns automatically gets reassigned, so the modified becomes now fourth number. If everything looks okay, just click, OK, and here we are. The notes, which was the last column, has come to the second column. No second option to change the columns. Ordering is just drag and drop, just like, um, excellent for Muddy. If you're in this more than a view, which we are right now, you would just say, for example, you want to bring not modified again back to number two positions. So you just select modified column and bring it here. So, as you can see, mortified has come up after the name note has gone to number three. So this another way, you can change the column, ordering if your company is using 2013 or our livers in, or if you're in a classic, say it went for you. I could show you how you can change the column, ordering that particular view as well. So click or return to classic SharePoint on left inside bottom corner and click on Library Tab. Click on library settings. Burden, scroll down and click on column ordering so your name title project completion in notes. Let's put notes as number three, so present complacent automatically becomes four. Click OK and go back to be such a sad library again. And as you can see, North has become a number two. If you're in this classic view, that is also similar functionality available to change The column ordering is go to library settings again. Sorry, library tab and click on modified View More different. So we're back to the same user interface that we saw on the more than view we are in this numbering of you Interface year Onda. Let's see if you can put north back to number five so not becomes five. Modified third modified by Ford. Click OK and notes has gone to a number of fifth position. So there are various ways to So, um, change your column, order rings And, uh, in the morning of you can change too is in a classic. Where you can also change to is in your own is their interface. Please test it out. Please follow this lab and, uh, try to change our column ordering and see the effect of that. And with this one, let's go back to our ah more than me. So click on exit Classic experience on left unsaid Bottom corner and we will back to our embassy a charge more than view Library. Thanks for watching. See you next video 17. Simple Search in SP NM: So in this lab, we will focus on how you can search in SharePoint. Let's go back to our ABC side. First click on ABC from a the recent or if you're already bookmark your EVC home pays, then click from your ABC home. So search is very simple and very powerful. In SharePoint. It has quite improved from the ever since 7 4010 in 2013 so every site or library will have search bar on top. For example, we are in our embassies site and weaken search essentially the entire sites and subside underneath it. So let's, for example, it's such for a document called Test and Enter. So results are coming up here and they are only focusing on the results from this sites and substance. They are not from any other sides. So only ABC sites your test one document you have folder called Test Dogs and Test two and so on. You can further filter this information by clicking on this four tabs here. Second, definitely confess, so this will only sauce fries. There would be no sites or other other information like news click on sides. There is no sites underneath, which has the name called Test, and there is nothing under the news as well. Let's go back to over all Tib. Another way you can filter with a different personality is this filter I can hear. Click on open the filter pane and here you can filter this by the time frame. So, for example, anytime past statements past year or older than a year. So this another first night difficult further narrowed on your reasons. So this was different personality from set up on site home pitch to exit such simply click on X box on left unsaid top corner, and you will be exit exited out of the search business. Second personality to a certain shape when is within the library itself. So click on ABC HR library. This is the library recreated in Ah, you never the labs in past. So as you can see, this is such this library. So this relation city only search within this library. If you were any information outside of this library and say some other libraries are left inside or lace or somewhere else, this will not show up on the search. Is this year again? Let's click on example for Ah, for example, a. We just keep it over. Similar search criteria test and it doesn't think of the the information that the test, plus anything you have a test were in. The documents started similar such functionalities years in everywhere other, the other tools and utilities. But the the the the the main focus. Our main Ah ah, main point I wanted to meddle down. Here is the is that the separate is a powerful fax 90 in SharePoint 2019 online and going forward. It is better. The sous functionality was not great in other earlier versions, but this one has vastly improved. And I want you to take advantage ofit and just maybe tested out in your development environment. And we'll see you next. Video. Thank you for what you 18. Delete and Restore an item NM: So in this liberal look at two simple or prisons. First, how to deal it a document or documents and then how to record. So let's go back to our ABC site and go back to our ABC HR library. So click on ABC ajar. I wanted a few documents in it. If you don't have any documents, please upload some of them and we will go through how to delete and recover those documents . Building is easy. Just see like the document and click on delete button on top and click yes to the message. Dilating multiple documents will just selecting the files itself and click on Delete button against Soviet relating three Fast year to select it Village. Click Yes again. So this was dilating from the top row here. Another way you could build it. Any father is select or click on three doors beside it and did it from right and said many . Now, if you are using 2013 or earlier ever since or you are using a classic version of SharePoint, then also let's go to that particular user interface or click on Return to classic separate on Left inside bottom Corner this will bring you to the family or 2000 and 13 2010 type of user interface. Again deleting file is select a file. Click on a five step on top and click on lily Document. They located the message now, in some cases, once your deleted in item or items, you still won't back back to your library. You want to restore those items. In that case, Shapewear has affects 90 similar as Windows venues. Explorer on your local drive is recycled being so click on recycle being on left inside corner. Now When you did it, an item from a shape one document library or leased. It isn't immediately removed from SharePoint. As I said, ability that rhythm go deleted items go into the recycle bin for a period of time. During that time, you can restored items, use it deleted to their original location or remove them to free up storage space. For example. We recently deleted this item, which is the date time deleted by the item was created by an original location. So select the file or friends you want to restore and click on the restore button on talk and the file we have been distorted the origin of space in the HR library. Now, in the when you want to permanently delete a file, you will just select the file like, say, for example, test three their dog and click on daily. This will essentially delete the file from the recycle being. Now there is another recycle bin called Edwin Been. We are not going to Ah, look at that fork Secretary right now. But just for the recycle bin of you, these are the two options available to you. You can either deal it or you can restore it. Item from the recycle bin. So that was an overview off. Deleting an item or items and restoring from Recycle bin. Please try it out at your end. And I was soon the next. Let thank you. 19. Edit Your Profile: in this label. Look at how you can edit your personal details in your profile. Your side profile is a way to trick and said information about yourself, such as your responsibilities and interest If you're falling colleagues, some off your profile details can help you track the interest in activities over your colleagues as well. To access your profile, click on the right aside top corner there is you're saying your name and click on my profile. If system ask, you dio enter your resentment. Pass it, Please do so. So on your profile page, you can share personal and professor information about yourself, such as your picture. Very work, what you work on and you're interested activities. When you had additional information to a profile on your side, such as your picture, it becomes reasonable to anyone who visits your profile. How are you can apply privacy kit against you? Some of the details, such as a personal phone number to limit you can view them your organization, me customers, whether or not you can apply private sick it against your percentages by providing information about yourself in your profile collision and more easily connect and share information with you. Ed is still is, some said Exploited, disinvest amended. Have you interact with your colleagues? So let's look at how you can update your profile. Let's click on this picture and upload a picture from your from your dry upload any photo for the first book monitors of this test. I'm just going to upload a picture from my seat dry, select a picture and click open. You can also customize your pictures, such as you can make it in center or crop it as you like and click on a play click done. So the profile picture has been set. Next is your email address and phone number. This information cannot be changed unless your SharePoint administrator or office 3 64 administrator in your organization. This is information coming from your I T department, and, uh, this will remain. As as it is. Let's click on a bit profile and see what comes up. So click on a good profile. So as you can see your name, it is cannot be changed, but and it's all so everyone can see this. There is no privacy settings that you can change. Contact me again. Your email address your phone number cannot be changed. Next is the my one drives. If you click on one dry your wonderful pop up. If your organization it loves you do enter this information such as birthday or a mobile number or home for number, then you'll be able to say this functionalities here just whether desperate was I'm going to enter a test number here and click on the drop down. So here you can control your privacy settings. If you put on everyone considers, you will see the one with the the globe here. If you click on, only you can say this. You will see there is a lock in for lock icon here on where they just put it on. Everyone can see this. Additionally, you can also add your birthday if you wish, or at mobile number or a phone number about me is the, um, settings for describing yourself something like this and click on separate and projects Here. You can ed name of the project. Click on Add Project Skins and experience. You can add the skins you want to aside to other people again in each off your information that you are entering you will have choice offer that you want to. So to everyone in your organization or this will be only for yourself. You can also ask me about against You can get some more information if you want and the similar way if you want, Do deal. If something, you will simply click on the Exxon year in review it Schools and education, Symbol, information, Interest and Hobie again similar in for mission and so on. So once you're done with your profile a bit, just click on me again and you're profiling. Permission has been updated. You can see here about me I d developer and each other when he's a project of skills and saw on the right. Inside is your recent documents. Others would only see documents that they have access to any merit restaurants there have been sent to. So this is the information that you're working on click on, see all and this specials. So you more information again telescopic to meet bitch and you're back to your home pitch on your profile that you also hair from snotty to do add a block post, so click on plus sane and it will bring you to new block page. Pidge, if this is your first time, it will set it up your page. So this functionality is useful. If you want to start something in your in your group, you can come back, come to your profile and start a new Brog. I'm just going to click and adding an image. Look on my device so it will go to your siege. I select an image click open, and here you can start a new book again. Other functionalities, such as adding a title and subtitle. I also there, and click anywhere on right away, Delia on the page and ah, it will automatically save your post. Click on Publish to probably this post and here you are. Folks tried to sell this post in an email click concert, and it will open up the Microsoft Outlook that you can share your block post. If I click on new, you will have a new block that you can also create, and even that you don't want to do you, Ah, continue further. Just get out of this area. So this is how you can. If you click or mark day again, you will be back to our ah homepage value of the separate blawg and the new Post. But I'm here. If you want to go back to your profile again, click on your picture. Click on my profile and you will be back to my profile homepage. So this was an overview of how you can edit your profile. There are lots of information that you can update here very useful in a lot of organization or in a team where you can put your interest, your hobbies and, ah, projects that they're working on and also the documents that they're working on. Everything will be on one page again. This comes from another product called Microsoft Dell and ah, for now, let's ah, I I want you to update your profile it on your chest region and see how it goes and I'll see you next. Next video. Thank you for watching 20. Add News Post and News Link: in this video, we will be ending news posed and news leak owner Super sites a click on new, and this was from your ABC site. You can keep your partner's team and colleagues in the loop as well as and gets them with important or interesting stories. But is it the newsfeature on her tip side? And here I'm going to click on blank template and click on Create Post. You can quickly create psychotic posts like announcements. People use status updates and more that can include graphics and reach formative. Yet I wouldn't be too name my news posed. For example, medication. Over date, it's our on your left. Inside, there is a navigation where you can change image. So click on the second button from top change image and select an image room in the network dry or lip search or any other place. So I have a have any image already selected and click on open, so this image will be big image for your header. You can also change the focus by selecting the middle button whose image has been inserted and your page gets automatically saved. Just did the user profile. If you want to keep it is is up to you and, ah, just under the profile name. Enter the text of this magazine a bit for HR. Click any word on white page The big have saved and click on the blue button Post News. This will publish your news and make it visible on her site. So as you can see, the new sports has been abducted next. So my guess in a bit HR, this course has been now updated on your page, and next will be heading a legs, a click on New on Top and select News link. So news link will essentially work is a hyperlink, and we need to have a hyperlink to your website or a new supposed on site. So this time I'm going to go external link, and we'll go to YouTube to find a simple, separate video. So go to YouTube or anywhere else and find a video that you can insert in your news link page. So I was simple, separate video, and what I'm going to do is click on the share button just under the screen and click on copy. You are clothes and come back to our certain inside and under the link based your YouTube video link. As soon as you is telling, the information starts to come up and click on post down pillow. So on our ABC page, be here inserted a noose post and news link. This is the new supposed. And just on top there is a news link. If user clicks on news link, it will go external and start in YouTube video. So when somebody This is how you can insert news coarsening news link for your team, I will obscure next Good. You and very good night. Would this thank you. 21. 6 Ways to open document in SharePoint: in this level, Look at six ways to open document in shake weight Now. Opening document in separate is a pretty basic stuff. However, I just wanted to sort you how you can. It's still look at some various ways to open the document. For example, I'm in my ABC Attar library and I'll select the best one. That Doc and the 1st 1 is pretty basic. You basically just selected. So it's a hyperlink. It will go to the A. Microsoft Word goes, er that was the user interface. Let's go back to over Fdch and Library Second and Third is on the right. Inside, there are three ellipses, so select your document for maybe our on it and even see three lips is select. The first options is a recon open in browser or opening up. So there are your second and third options to open your document opening. And Rose is the one that we just So a few seconds they're going open in every open in Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Fourth and Fifth, Thompson is still keep selecting your document, and there is an option on the top click on the drop down menu open and you will see two options open in browser or opening. At this time, I'm going to select open an app that will open the document in Microsoft Word. And lastly, you Kaneda, select the document or you can select. Just hold your cursor on the document rope and double click it, and it will also open your document. Double click. So essentially very basic stuff. Basic tasks. But still there are some hidden functionalities that you can still explore in surprise.