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The Complete SEO Course - #1 Position on Google in 30 Days !!

teacher avatar Bharath Kumaran, Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Overview Of Course

    • 3. Guide To Search Engine Optimization

    • 4. SEO Website Audits

    • 5. What is On Page SEO and Its Techniques

    • 6. Tips for Title Tag Search Engine Optimization

    • 7. How To Write A Meta Description

    • 8. SEO Tips To Boost Page Speed

    • 9. what is off page seo

    • 10. Link building techniques

    • 11. Keyword Research

    • 12. Google penalize your site

    • 13. SEO's Guide to Google Search Console

    • 14. Integrating with Google Analytics

    • 15. Create your Google Sitemap Online

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About This Class

Create A Winning SEO Strategy To Get Traffic

Do you want traffics?Follow step-by-step guide to create a seo strategy.

It's the best place to learn thorough knowledge about search engine optimization technique and increase conversion rates.

  • How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Strategy
  • How To Find Your Target Audience In Content Marketing
  • How can I increase traffic to my website for free
  • How Search Engines Work and optimize your site using seo ninja guide
  • How to create white hat link building techniques

What are the requirements?

  • Student will need basic computer knowledge
  • Student will need basic internet connection
  • Students will need interest and learn new things

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Promote Your Own Site
  • Turn Your site To SEO Friendly
  • Increase Traffics Using SEO
  • Increase High Conversion Rate Using SEO

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for bloggers
  • This course is for money makers
  • This course is for Internet geeks
  • This course is for small business owners
  • This course is for large business owners

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bharath Kumaran

Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert


Bharath Kumaran is a Digital Marketing Expert and Problogger in India.He graduated from Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology with a Elelctrical and Electronics Degree and is now working as a Full Time Skillshare Teacher and problogger at .Bharath has helped plenty of Leading brands In India and All Over Globe on social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

He is a passionate blogger and Internet Marketing Expert.He ‘ve been gaining blog knowledge since 4 years.He ‘ve been helping lot and lot of beginner's to turn master in blogging.

He had helped lot of students to increase their blog more proftable and they call him as "Strom Instructor".

He is a crispy minded and helping handed person to educate depth kn... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: search engine optimization. I will take you through that and their process off creating her own. And so from scratch. My name is Kim Bartman on dime the best issue. Expert Founder Off income cracker not come. Your ultimate guide to search engine optimization is an excellent course, far seeking to improve their issues throughout the course. We will cover techniques user by experts Throw double onder, walk you through a step by step, process off creating this own as your masters beast. We'll even include a few secrets of the post because our goal is to get you up to master as quick as possible. We will cover the different kind off techniques our own double ultimate guide to issue. At the end of the course. You will be a yes, you optimization specialist. Bitter enough. Confident? Do you own? Yes, your yourself. This course is designed for induce drastic students, brothers, moneymakers, Internet gets off ready marketers, small business owners, even large business who want to take their skills to next level. Thank you for interested in S u. I hope you are exhibited. Um, if you are ready to learn more under sign of father course, go ahead and hit the enter button. Are they? Get this trail by using the fruit free preview features. See you in course. Thank you. 2. Overview Of Course: Welcome to the course. This is Moran. I'm going to teach you on Ultimate guy toe search engine optimization. I'm so happy you are here. You might be wondering is desist er right. Pose for me. Let me see if I can help you. I designed this course for us. Your bigness Want to know about what is search engine optimization and its techniques Here I'm disturbed and worry off course. The complete bigness guy do issue. It's regarding a gato search engine optimization the next Oh yes, your website. Are it everything you need to know? It's regarding how to perform Yah. Yes, you are did off your website the next toe on pitches your technique It's regard up what is on bridge issue than a fatal attack Search engine optimization right Meet attack description Under moves to pay dispute The next two off page issue technique It's regarded what is off Busy issue under linked giggling pigments. How do you keep your research? What is mean by a keeper? Research The nets toe how Google penalize your side. It's regard how Google penalize your own site except us the next important tools you should need. It's very important technique for movies want to know more about is your guy toe Google Search Console Integrating it? Google Analytics. How to create a robot dot txt files except for us on finally Guru site map online The next a creative ear. Do more Your site top here. It's regarding how that states appear on top page exodus I helped covered were you have made us the next we will learn little knowledge on upcoming like just regarding how search engine optimization walks, How Lipsett appear on top you just X address. Thank you. 3. Guide To Search Engine Optimization: Hey, guys. Welcome toe lecture One already met. Guide to Search Engine optimization Search engine optimization technique is nothing but get our page result number one on search result. It may be up. Yes, sir. Top or bottom whatever. Ills without paying a single dollars. Our baby campaigns to rancor side on search engine search engine optimization technique is they're very important technique in online marketing industry choose or fuck Strategy is crucial. Aspect ing Blogging filled millions off blogging experts are emerging emerging every day on writing about how to block our how toe bigness A guide to this year's X address. If you are in a race battle, you want toe run under being either we will be not lose. It's there really time scenario, but on in point off you you got first mark are one foster pigeon search engine. It's not a matter keep but our stick always on search engine methodology. It's the very much important aspect. I'm very much industry ting blogging field. Oh, I want to be a program blur our parting blogger. It's their kind off bloggers in the world not carrying proper knowledge in search engine optimization technique. Then how will you move your block to next level Today I'm going to show you bigness Guide toe Yes, you step by step guide to learn about your CEOs under other methodologies. 4. SEO Website Audits: lecture. Two starts it how toe perform yah as you are did off. You're upset here. First find analytics. It's very much important because newbie bloggers now are noticed it on elites here island. It's blacking chorus on every pitch unreadiness, properly tracking under capturing internal searches. Here. Google having Google that master Google under dates here. Both are very much important, but tracking is really much important than with master. Your mustard is the heart. Google analytics is the life because every day newbie are written misters anything or block leaving your block. We need some control on our block. How they how people's interacting on our block, how they interacting on every pitch dipped level except for us, so proper tracking under on leaks is really important. And as you the next toe on page site started here I drink tax are optimised. I think that should be optimised really unique. You your brand name should be included in your title attack because it's ah, and attack is nothing but Rick Druids. Yeah, good magic that will you promoters restores to our site by the tax would be 55 to 60 characteristics characters less if he added more Patriot Act character. It will be on Dr Former in search engine. Here are just go on Google and check up snipper. It's showing a character little is done for people. Characters is the ideal under optional one, so you can just hear the next toe. Little doctor. Okay, meet our description. Meter description 1 50 characters less so us. As I said earlier, keep your meter description character less than one would fake characteristic. It's ideal for Is you me documents. Nowadays, our peoples are not using a miraculous, but it's bring some slight as you. So check me dad discussion. Do they do tax the next two off, busy as your it bad links from outside poor backings. Bad feelings from outside because nobody's people's blogging 1,000,000 self 1,000,000 blocks are that so if you don't know the people's link from bad neighbors, so it will hurt our black goo. So always check your links from outside the next to poor backings from our side, we creating backings from external states. If site how could it? Our poor issue, so four content local decides so it will hurt our business to so always check high quality backings the next to content. Do your search toe check for lubricant country Google Inter that more than same content appear on your side will bring slight as you so duplicated content will hurt your as you worried. So check your Arctic tern duplicate content that next to check the robots, start txt. It's the very much important file for Bring Spoon feeding to search engine because a robot start txt How it's give us, pump it right. The Gaza It's the stopper stopping our main source for bad search engines. We have one controlled to block even a Google search rubber at some other Robert So search engine index on the optimists. Everything because it's crowding everything. So we need some control on search engine. These there are other important things to crown. These there are not needed. Exeter's the next to site maps. It's as I said earlier. It starts spoon feeding to search engine. Bring over every single basil Instru search engine by simply uploading toe, uploading on site maps, the next to broken links. It's that wants to situation for newbie bloggers handling broken links because broken links is nothing but page not available. Always check won't be just because some other page card broken wings it'll hurt an issue the next to for not for errors. It's very important to check your side because it's, ah, bring her toe as you do for not for Dallas. Handing for not for error is it's easy and simple. Always check your hosting provider on the check your site with better issue. Are it here the surrender, but for me and as you already double site. 5. What is On Page SEO and Its Techniques: what is on page issue on its techniques. Now we are going toe learn abode on page issue every business near long term. That's why we choose. It's your long term online business. It's purely burst down white cat as your status e it need step by step guides that to skyrocket our block to stop pushin and maintain our loose stick. Always number one spot here. I can't arrest 16th. Never forget more block toe number on pushin Maintain our block. Always on top are put mousse sticks Never do Spamming techniques don't show fake results. User friendly block team Bring useful content. Are quality product to customers? Yes, yours. Defend us are gonna create our white cat. We are legally they are natural way are free veto list Your keywords appear on search engine box number one in the blogging filled everyone off them dreaming their block will appear Number on spot search engine optimization Is that best to matter to rank your side easily? Big $1,000,000,000 companies are small companies even cracking keywords higher on socialism . It's not business. Baby searches of its president legal under white cat techniques to rank higher on Google Yahoo bing Yandex Bio exodus. So its engine optimization techniques in months. Many packets? Sure. Ah, number one sigh According our side. It's Jimmer number to optimize content for as you then third, pointing more number off Crestor backings that user friendly sides earn our age. I'm on tough misters. So before doing any on page optimization, always do naturally. Don't do spamming methods here. Look at my side. It's a user friendly, under search, engine friendly. 6. Tips for Title Tag Search Engine Optimization: on page is your techniques here. I hope that I restrict three points. Tips for federal tax urge engine optimization. How do I get me direct description as your hips to most page speed. Better. That is the idea. Ellemann snipper results appear on Google search results. Still, that is no proof for your eyes, but mainly people start searching in Google box. Here, look at my side. It will show some sleeper cells based on impressive title Attack is just Our sofas will judge your block. Our website. It's nicer. Awesome here. Ah, this is my edge. Attack income cracker It's a sewing. A steady one days to build a better block. Increased studio Do a 36% in They're doing this. Many bloggers are saying that optimise your title track for as you Idol Chaplain, Don't exit viewer fatal tackling prefer characteristics below. Yeah, look at the example to Mark made that exhibit three characteristics from top here. Hold to study a block, Create perfectly optimist plug it start perfect. Stated that so Always keep in mind that I'd like is for human beings. Question Next up for search engine Google properly quarter there Snipper toe. There are only have two characteristics, so keep less than four characteristics. Drop your keyword, son. I don't that inside your keywords in that bring slight preference to is you drop your keywords. Fuster under middle moves to high search results Duplicate title that description. More than one seem appear in the page considered us booby Get me that They did that so it will reflect in your issue. So before I do anything, probably check your side if having more than exit one painted same name appear on the same pitch, it will be considered us lubricated, so it will prevent this prevents for your ranking. 7. How To Write A Meta Description: the Nets to how to write their mid attack description. It's the important para Mitterrand on pages or techniques. Mr Kato. Attack your resources. Optimising Ever meet attack description. Catchy under attractive description are always quicker links. Let's look at the media that description. Hear my side carrying a different meta description here, look at the Abu description. It's look this be under under people characteristics below. So always search engine snipper show only one cup if I characteristics less its star optimal me that execution are simple. Right on dollop. Awesome description on search engine search engine are clearly in getting writing onto people. Get a six lists under. Don't celebrate too much long media that description. Lin don't exit. You're either that description and his one can pick out of the six below. I help clearly indicated that, right. Your description for human beings and its search engines. Search engines alone from 35 characteristics below. Otherwise, a Trojan steeper cut off remain characteristics. Drop your keyword some meter that description inside your keywords in meta description back , it will move as you are not a problem. Always focus your bag. Adult keywords in meta description description. Nobody get me direct description. More than one same description appear on the page. Contreras Biblical Meter that description. So it will reflect in your as you so always like optimal metered. I'm description under sure crispy former down surgeon Steeper door. It will bring more Mr Sand more clip applicable readers to our site, so always keep it. 8. SEO Tips To Boost Page Speed: the next producer assess your its two most pages spiel. Just goto Google developers that come here between some boxer Just I put the really data google dot com Just play it. We will consider that coming. Who will algorithm? Will Rollo Mobile response to sites It will run better on search results. Slower loading site experience. Nothing, but it will need more time to lower your ribcage. We are We're know about our sisters enough then waits for slow loading websites. It will make them. I'm very started more really did. Do you want free methods to double our increase your side speed Always make your side spirit that most people Yes, I sort of a page. It's not matter, but sites speed. It's matter average say it's bit off the pages of 80 plus franking here. Are you sure? Showing some writings? Well, it's cover optimal side Speedo for 90 place. It's the best optimists toe speed for best to websites. The district wayto get more conversant on the more cells. Even more twisters are spending a pure blogger bamboo spear. It's the important parameter in the blood. That's why here I'm writing for US preference. Two sides why my site is floating really slowly. Hosting provider. Don't choose your costing US free hosting company are unknown. Companies are 100 companies planning vessel If you think to start a rather scarier than don't look for any cheap providing hosting companies, I was choose a powerful hosting provider company under plastered a Pride US caramel block with the proper speed under more production on more features, the next to our do money at Sun Block Our lips it. Some peoples are always greedy. Under placing more at Sendai upsets every one of them. Creating the rock for money are fame. Are re election education are present? Whatever. It's the drew fact in the blogosphere. Now this restores are really hating, friendlier advertisement out nasty pop ups. Roberts, who are for our aggressively adding more investment in their bitch. It will cost side speech. Look there next. More pregnancy Reduce paid speech law. The best of software in blogging. Fearless WordPress. Every one of them blogging happening. The WordPress stopper there, Blufgan Intervention are starting more, which get in block our side spit slow. The next large image. Many bloggers don't know about decadent culprit in the block. Imagine stuff faster culprit in the repairs to slow your side more. Imagine the block grab most. I send a pitch. It will cost side spirit very low the next off politicals. Now this bloggers are you earning? Six Figure. Are then figure are even called flicker in compartment are pretty using. Already. Courts in the block cost side blue. Too much off courts cost side. Spirit based group. So all this keep your rocks peerless. Sure, showing some side. Johnson here it's guarding the page. Re director JavaScript Court can say many, but it suffered under spending down. No looting, batting passing and execution. Released their size by one points on Gaby. 9% reduction. Many five hits. Jimmer compacting his Gemmell court, including Union in Lynn, JavaScript and CSS containing it can so many by itself better under speed up download on the past time. He has six parcels. Eliminate render rocking JavaScript and CSS. In a beautiful country, you have no render bragging resource. Learn more about removing and they're blocking resources. The next toe enable competition you have competition enabled. Learn more about enable compression because companies and is very important. It's too liberal to Brosa catching you have enabled Rosell catching. Learn more about browser catching recommendation the next. Too many faces as you are. CSS is magnified. Learn more about many officials is the next to periodista visible content. You have the Abou the full content properly. Pre analyst. Learn more about prioritizing visible content. It's very important for its beer, so always keep I own prayer disputable contract the next solo response time. Here. It's very important in paid speed. The next time someone to mobile you're eliminated, rendered rocking JavaScript and CSS in a Buddha full content. A riding landing beach. Read Eriks here in a minute and that blocking JavaScript. You are based cast to bragging CSS deserters. It casts a Delaine are entering your beach and enough table. The full content annual pitch could be rendered without waiting for the falling resources to load. But I do defer. Are a synchronously lower rocking slips. The next to optimise uses delivery on extra our landing page. Relax your page just to relax. Read Ertz. Introduce artisanal delay before the page. Campbell order. Here are white Page Lee Plage. Relax, father Falling The next door reality is toe visible content. Europe Asia requests additional network around threats to render the above the fold content for best to promote mints. Reduce the amount of hits Germany to render your border full content the entire it's German response was not so. Presento Brindabella Abode of full content. This usually indicates that additional resource lower after its temple posy required to render a both a full look under three artists visible content that is Niedere for rendering a Buddha fold by included at a Clinton, his team a response only about 65% up the final abou the fold content could be ended up for its chairman. Response here. This is a screenshot, the next to optimise image properly for mating under compressing image can tell many by itself better because it's the hidden culprit. Many brothers who, consuming more women, size the next door. Me. If a job loss clipped, compacting Jarvis could code can save him anybody itself there under beating up downloading person an execution. Many fish are always good Father falling a reason to reduced size Bay. One point on cable, 2% reduction. Your five pastor yourself enable Com Present. You have com present enabler. Learn more about enabling companies and an extra leverage. Broza Catching you have enable Brosa catching. Learn more about grows in catching a condition. I mean, if I see asses, I mean, if I had Jammer here, it's both a CSS and his journalist benefit. Learn more about munificence is mean if html review several response times. Sure, uh, 100% working a white app. Install industrial The Eid content your page does not appear to have any have been stolen. Distill idea. Significant amount. The importance of a wide pregnancies your page does not appear to explains useful on many platforms. Next toe configuring that report you were page specifically report matching the device size , which are loaded to render properly on all the razors. Learn more about conquering reports sighs. Content to you. Put a content off your page fit with port. Learn more about sizing content to the people, there are plenty of ways to optimise are even increase your side spirit. It's very important in that blogging field. So my bind off beauties Honest juicer. Hi reduction point. So here, 92 person by 100 it's the ideal and it Mr Way to increase 9. what is off page seo: the next. What is off page issue off page is your Easter proven way to increase arguing traffic tower block search engine optimization refers to techniques to optimise a side for search engine . Sure, it's the best mattered toe. Make your site number one on socialism. Sure, here I am and restoring my site. Just want to Google regularly dot google dot com Here I just trying my side, which having a natural off vigilance, your natural links. Nothing but Facebook links my own. Seidlin's been trusted. Link Lynn links Ex address. Uneven. You do blinks. There are plenty off natural links from my side, so search engine optimization our first group techniques to optimise outside for so its engine white cat as your needs. Long duration group make or site from one search engine. It's Step 100 a perfect strategy to more say slow by slow and finally, more site income. Packer are water els to number one ranked sport, so don't very eyes. Don't hurry upon any shorter pounding building. Always build natural Lingling techniques on Make your site number. One spot sure is normal. Natural links off getting from rial sites, so choices you have to do you want? A long term business are short term business. Always do some investment on off page is you. There are plenty of white card off pitch techniques. Ter Sammy, Don't Barrett, please show me down. So is the media's. You can tell me. Don't bookmark sides. It's address ties is you us. 10. Link building techniques: the next two strategies are linked. Building techniques Many brothers are Rodley. Think linking to outside block will get side tracking down. I hope it's the wrong way. Reading on search engine optimization Google clearly entered that links in Bonn on outboard Get ranking with Link Insider block based on sophisticated Busta Series anchor text to involve link, least link your keywords toe Relevant article will get more exposure especially for us You outside links Toe authority blocks link your sido authority side are nice really decide this best area do most search engine nine Don't his datalink outside linked to compensate Estates link Qatar decides are competent Just will get a boost Rankings here A link building It's that important? Sure Ah my site I have Rhoda so kind suffering buildings are do follow links No followings do followings If you link Oto Nice letter blocks Supposed income cracker use do following two pro blogger both of them getting ling juice under improved ranking Lord But he feeling to spam sites it will both get juice on It will affect our Brocco So always link clustered under quality website the next to no followings. Now it is many brothers are actually participating in Choose. Many bloggers spent more time The right quality injuries. Try to had no followed links to them because they spend their time toe right there. Borders bring some value to them. Will not pass any link juice. The next Ohio that I raised four tactics are injured tactics. 1234 Then faster common on high paid rent box the next to comment on high page rank forums than third in telling your side and finally fought. Submit your diabetes. Sure first point injured Active. One command on high paid drank blocks itself white Had technique. Don't really command on high Pedro sites. Get do follow backings, then second comment on hype agent forms. Many forms are available in Arlington, so stick on on our true forums on the regular commanding on forums. Guest. Get valuable backings to the third uninjured tactics Tree Interlink your site. It's still safe astern of a studio in Terlingua. Aside, two other pages it will get more listers and 34 some maturity is still submitting modalities valuable. So some media aside to charities on gain valuable backings 11. Keyword Research: their next. What does mean make your research here? It's that important term online marketing industry, with your people parroting running a list without a destination. Our ultimate goal is staggered. Did he are fine? He wants to particular article. Sure, I have some plan here. Stefan Goto, Google keyword planner. Then next step. Do you have any Djamila corn? Because it's a Google products. It's asking user name and password. Don't register new humanities because we hired existing possible use it US. Logging access under your look at the ghoul AdWords Ah, little Singh said. It's having a home. Campaign opportunities are reports are tools. So it's coming out for important news here. The controls. It's having a change. History conversion attribution Google on Alex Google Perchance center Your planner Display Planner Yard preview on the likenesses Here. Click on your planner It showing a magic box here. Keeper Turner that Would you like to start? Find new keywords and get search volume data. Search for new cures. Using a press, rotate our categories enter or now more off the following your product or service here. Disaster box. Just the important Bob swing. Type your keyword on that box the next you're learning. Pitch and Terry were landing page, for example, speech category. The next. Your product. Calorie. She will record product calories fast one in all categories. The next to apple, Aartsen and a lemon. Beauty and personal care. Business and industrial computers and consumer tonics. Dining and nightlife, family and community finance. Foods and groceries. Health, hobbies and laser, home and garden. Intimate and tilikum jobs on the education, LA. On government news, media publication, property retailers, sports and fitness and our under tourism vehicles. So Jews were preferred category An extra charity. Our location. English Google, negative keywords. You're right, sir. Custom issue a search keyword filled US keyboard option show broadly letter. I just highly keywords in my own highly keywords in the plan Keyboards to include here, let's say dead orange show average monthly soldiers the next good search volume. There'd entrance multiply cure list to get new ideas the next to plan your budget and get forecast getting here. This is the giver box. Type your nice rhetoric You would hear I just as you here are yesterday s you the dome and a magical box. Unjust, Typical yet ideas here choose good periods. We'll get nicer later to customers. It's the really important to choose good and quality keywords. Shoes off Frank Utes will get wrong. Is test on a fuel. Costs are increased bones, right? Her Weston don't fit Born Stratus Nothing, but it's just come toe came to a site and leaving the 30 in traction that's called us Bone Street two strives for later keywords under attack. Perfect customers to our site here a Does your term, which carrying up 20 off page views. Here it's a showing. Some prints are June March May Exodus share. Look at the every month figures, ensuring a tremendous response from is just so always check on the esophagus. The next toe here at a group, he was your ideas here, as your service is, it's carry average monthly. Soter. So he says, competitions and stick your average in person had to plan. Here is just a visit, scaring up 40 plus toes and Mr Us. So here the stool showing a plenty of socialism here every term. Having different search teams here average monthly. So so just fight black people. Ship who are watching is us or doom. So Iris, choose a long guilty words. No competition. It start. Best to do. Get more mistrust. So here these are sharp tongue keywords. So my side of sunrise always chose a long killed Your sweet low competition. Here it's suggesting a plenty of viewers here. This is a giver filter. It's showing a three kind off gallery. So then extra average monthly. So just so disturbing had in prison here. Competition high, medium low. He had a Joseph High on Iquique on sale here it showing the result with the average mentally socialism with the composition high. So it's showing high result. It's a disturbing cured options. Yeah, sure. Broadly letter. I just hiding keywords in my own height. Keywords in the plan. Keep what you include here only Source ideas Closely Letter to my search terms Shoki Watson , McCord Show keywords in a plan. So ordered ideas here. Uh, given the absence of Onley in good keywords containing the falling tones to exclude cures, that inarticulate is using your tired in action. So always choose with a perfect Tyrolean cure, it will make you do more conditioner. So always to 12. Google penalize your site: How Google being a list your site? No, it is bloggers who are aggressively building, building, building, getting's even though the normal harshly building spam building techniques, I'm suddenly got penalize from search engines. So here I just find out buying paid links shouldn't content scrabbling content and context . Oh, all use broken external lease for release slow speeds after the content links toe suspicious sites. So these around that in such costs a Google penalization you're faster on Its A started buying Carolyn's because brothers lastly, meaning links sharply by from unknown Beijiang sites, it will cost spin allocation. The next oxidant content you didn't content is nothing but changing next to white color because as a human being find of you, it won't show anything but a search engine. Find up you it really Crowley everything. So don't that makes hide your content the next took Scrabble content? No, it is scrap the content it's using for link building right, but do kind off Scrabble content techniques available safely. Doing Scrabble content, harshly doing Scrabble. Connor, if your side having a main site, don't use scabbard content. If using a Web 2.0 Erling building takings clavicle and displaced. So don't use on main site the next to an context to overuse. It's, Ah, very important technique, but people still using anchor text oh, authorities. It's nothing but carvings in Greek. Avery took more than five or 10 or even 15. He will be the same and protects Lindley. So it's always starting ever the next to broken external ins here. Giving links to outside side is nothing but external is if, Ah, that site having a broken links are even I'll take having in broken links. So it will Caspian suture the next to forge links. The most of the developers food out of the team are plugged in, not even teams side. It's hardly bring for links to the outside. It will cost. In addition, the next a stroll speeding. Now it is our engine. Find a few slower side speed is Kassam. It's not in the dome being politician, but it's a little bit sign for such meaningless. So we have to look under the next to hacker content. It's very important because a side issue giving links to hacker condensate. It will Cassa less search engine ranking out even good, you know, initiation an extra link to suspicious I. As I said earlier, Check before. Bring links to other sites. You guys up If decide got suspicious activities, it will automatically turn to us. So I always checked before on bringing. So if I'm getting group generation, what I do here I have some stories in just goto these L o r tool. That's good not to count that links that are harming your website. So dessert No. Two is the best tool. If getting links from a suspicious side just but that links on diesel you do under ask Google, not bring allowing Lynn juice. Sure give if actual side to the other exciting to be so do It's the best way to protect your side. So these are all the points I have covered the on who will penalization 13. SEO's Guide to Google Search Console: then next search console here. Goto Yes. You're pregnant here on the gun source Control here it's showing a search Concert Yours tells you settings toe alot Yours too. Yeah Zotto fast your Google search control information Please enter your Google authorization called Get Google Authorization Corp liqueur Please enter the Google that original core end up for field below and oppressed the Artemis Authenticate Pardon? Sure Search concern in the used as your broken alot you correct your parasite toe Google search Contento You can carry your WordPress site to Google with mustard or on then very fair it Using your stay so pregnant simply click on to get Google Our politician Court on you will read Actor grew So it's council upset But you will get their court Copy the court under the anchor it in the pregnancy eating toe Computer verification often the verification You will be asked to select your profile You will need to sexual upset from your problem You know yours too? Yes you belong Fit your surgeon console data into WordPress You will be able to see this Adopt mobile feature phone tapped on screens So simply click and this will get cool other restriction core. If you click on this box are pop up. We know will appear on this place on asking your permission. Get Google after getting the court copy the core under best cure and after click on authenticate. 14. Integrating with Google Analytics: next up integrating with the Google analytics you're is so having the home, they just a home reporting customization. Putman Exide Rossa. An extra dashboard Here it's carrying a driver on next to New Dash boot. Here it's coming the group the next track. That's a overview. In an extra intelligent you answer all of you, you're a collecting. The real time Heard is Meriel Dame. It starts with the Jiro here. No, that next took no preference. Your rear time it's Ah, if a person who is the entering outside issuing that exactly who is available, it's followed way. Preference it so so active users following if getting uses from Exodus, the next took top social traffic. It's very much important. The next two, followed by our top keywords here are top social traffic. Are if it wasn't getting from outside areas to have exhaust Medium takes us on extra page views. Sure is showing the graph off the juice for the really time. A user who is interacting with the Jews it's showing a graph it's exactly home is buried through six plus an extra top activity just on an extra top location Here, this is made realtime location here. Location Right now, General, as is earlier. This is Ah really time. An extra traffic source gonna done even condition. Ex addressed the next truck audience over you here. This is my audience. Getting from from Howard Lee there week and finally month. Yeah, I just using Harley here now. One day here. This is my graphic showing how much peoples from after this is my new site. I just added last month. So exactly showing how much people so I'm getting from each month shot from homage visited us. It's showing gradually 68 65 except 64 blasts would be 1 30 Do on 60 t accept us here. It's the exact number off people school interacting from a site. Sure. Ah, seasons users. Did you speech predisposition? Average citizen nutrition presented News is and except except us here it's exactly showing how outside working Well, here are our newest Elsa gardening stores Up newest us, It's ah Liu under it numerous stresa. It's a green color. So easily different shit. How our traffic getting from the time you he's just the next for BAE language. Our country city system resources are printing system except Russia the next to mobile operating system each other son Finally language that our window for language from country six across an extra active users here. This is my active users From one day 70 14 days up your seven day 14 day entered in the intelligence active users here on the actors and 471 48 14 day 406 66 for 30 years. They're looking for food in this under finally 30 days we said different cheated the next to coca and analysis Here, this make a heart on on this is share it showing easy form off graph point in dark performance six A truss here demographic son in testicles Age takes us next in cluster here Gold industrial, All of you an extra big areas are technology mobile here I just take picking on location here. This is my exact location Peoples who came from outside here It's going in grab performance people from all over the globe You're active countries Our India in a good states Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, Bangladesh's Germany, Spain Your position, sir of behavior conversion on finally allocution. It's exactly showing into city rice from which places from which countries canteen owned. So it's bringing us well, what do you I don't feel good out The people who came from all over the blue here the new masses are returning here, entering a report off newest us are returning misters an extra frequency under residency. Residency. This is something I nodded. Bijou reached one Double 97 Sure, it's showing somewhat graphical numbers. The next two Englishmen. This is my engagement report from a in second strip. Into that return steady to 60. Here it's bringing some off ideas, able to second base seconds at home. Contraction from users. So it's my page trip down Analysis up here. Rosa, in the ways here, peoples from different ways. So chrome Firefox off. Already. There are plenty of for ways from roses available on market, so people start using the next two networker even though it's bringing relevant users using which network there came from except us. The next removal over you here. This is my mobile over your report. It's ah, bring somewhat graphical red here from this drops or more by so some tropical medium ensuring season. Presented news is, um, page on page views except us that extra debates us from different mediums. It showing the accurate and 11 matters to showing they're people's using a apple I pulled by Paul etcetera, Samson. You know, as my performance at us the next custom variables here. This is my costume. Very Bollegraf. You hear yet of all when you hear that this is my behavior. All you from Paige reefs off in a coop. Injuries at this time pitch bon. Straight percentage here. It trying some rough ideas about that. It's already from my sight. Here are the cement traffic source here. This is my use of fruit. How my content on the user's interacting interaction content. Don't Sure. Uh, this is my home. My content goes on. That needs to exist. Pages here this May landing bitch. How uses in Dr Maligning pitch the next beside speed Over here. Average page load time by 0.39 seconds. An extra outage. Exactly us about May bedroom sent very old samples. Several response time connection 10 x entrance the next two sides. You timings here issuing exactly damiz their next You said Here aside, speed such a sense. How do you brew on how are beige or light. Some convention rejected us here. A site search. Oh, are you that are plenty off Coombs to battered our audience? Exactly the next occupation, will you? Here it's Ah showing opposition at Sigman here taught channels Dad so Sierra from Melissa Lady search organic soldiers. Other etcetera here is showing exactly how it's a direct shows here. Are you any such at our own search team here? The chewing it can offer truck do know exactly how we get from We got from traffic sources here featuring a channel. So her is the important, um, channel from direct our social. Our front page research are going subjects across here this is our tree maps is to bring some color for flow to us the next to its source medium. Here is his main source medium From this book reference Ah, Google are gonna traffic data such Jim from her mother's side six address from so source. Jamie's very much in Baden and finally offers her a different traffic from some other sides . So it's very much important from collaborating next to worry about so self social relationship. These reporters goals social values. Here it's bring some citizens Nyenati addicted on social network Facebook blogger been trust except 15. Create your Google Sitemap Online: here next to maximal site map site maps as itself for your WordPress site. It is The quicker standard is this were toe get in next and notified Search engine about your country Excitements alot You didn't search Engine hotel reality is your content here Goto s your blood in the next to click on example state maps. Sure. Example. Site maps used. Yes, you just click. Check on this box to enable examine site map functionality your gentle user site map post types excludable post tax economies Your gender. You can find your excellent site month cure just to play car open. Lincoln in your gap Here it's doing a site map on the school in extra dot XML here. This is my statement the next toe if you don't need to gender the example said map not really take up time to gender it after publishing opposed increase per page. Please enter the maximum number off and dispersed. Right? Mel, pitch the fall 2000. You might want to lawyer this to prevent memory issues on some insults maximum. And this book site mark your chosen that next to use the site map dis object this box of desirable author user site map The next toe post type. Please check the appropriate box below. If there is supposed type that you do not want to include in your statement here, post pages. Media's We are media's. It's are necessary. Supplicants box The next toe excluded post. You can exclude post from the time a by angina comma separating String it up Australia's This the former will became something like one common toe 9900. Post to include here was to exclude. If you don't need any excluded post just backed by separate a B comma. The next to taxonomy is here. Please check the appropriate box below. If there's a doctor taxonomists that you don't you do not want to include in a statement. If you don't need any economies, your category stack. Former Our tax on farmers It's not necessary. Quick on this box under sail changes