The Complete Notion Course 2020: Boost your Productivity | Yannis Poulakis | Skillshare

The Complete Notion Course 2020: Boost your Productivity

Yannis Poulakis, Student & Podcaster

The Complete Notion Course 2020: Boost your Productivity

Yannis Poulakis, Student & Podcaster

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11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Notion?

    • 3. Creating your Notion Account

    • 4. Getting Started with Notion's Interface

    • 5. Creating your First Page

    • 6. Using Page Templates

    • 7. Using Templates for Students

    • 8. Organizing your Workspace

    • 9. Getting Familiar with Databases

    • 10. Extra Useful Pages + Tricks

    • 11. Conclusion | Thank you

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About This Class


Do you want to learn the number #1 productivity tool and accomplish more in less time?

Are you tired of having to use a bunch of different apps like Trello, ToDoist, Evernote, Google Docs, etc?

Or are you struggling to meet your deadlines and need a system to help you with your projects?

If your answer is a big YES... Then this is exactly the course you are looking for!


So what is the course about?

This is a truly complete Notion course, that teaches everything that you need to know without getting into uneseccary details.

I will take you from a complete Notion beginner to an advanced user. You will not just learn what options and features are available but you will also have a chance to see them and do them yourself.

Come with me on a journey with the goal of truly understanding Notion's interface. I assure you that I explain everything on the way with detail!

You will learn how to use workspaces, create your own pages, modify templates, and create an all in one tool-package that fits your personal needs. 

To achieve our goal together, I encourage you to simultaneously do what we are talking about in each lesson and spend some time experimenting with yourself.

What makes this course different is that is just doesn't get lost in the tiring details, but focuses only on the important and vital information. I will show you everything and give you the proper guidelines so you can then yourself create your own digital organization space. 

So, by the end of the course, you will be capable to start using Notion in your everyday life for keeping Notes and Documents, Knowledge Bases, Tasks and Projects, and Spreadsheets and Databases ALL in one place. 


Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

• Creating from scratch pages you can use right away

• Everything you need to know in order to gain a deep understanding of how Databases work in Notion.

• How to use and modify the given page templates and match them to your personal preferences. 

• Learn about some very useful everyday pages, especially for students. 

• Learn how to organize and structure your workspace into your personal and work-life goals. 

• What's new in the latest version of Notion.

• Some useful tips and tricks that can save you time and effort.


The course also includes links to templates on life planning and getting things done that you can clone and personalize within Notion. Templates include:

  • Life Dashboard / Home Page (x4) - Link below

  • Annual Review Page Link below
  • Resonance CalendarLink below

  • Habit Tracker - Link below
  • Projects and Goals Manager - You can find it in 'Templates' 

  • Task Manager - You can find it in 'Templates' 

  • Many more...

Let's now find out if this course is for you. It's a perfect fit if...

Student #1: You want to replace your large number of applications used in your everyday life with an all in one package.

Student #2: You want to gain a deep understanding of the most talked-about productivity app out there. 

Student #3: You are interested in digitally organizing your personal and work life.

Student #4: You want to get started with a simple productivity app and see if that works for you.


Now it's your turn to decide. This is what you get:

• Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck.

• 10+ Free templates for you to duplicate and use

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you want to replace your large number of applications used in your everyday life with an all in one package.

  • Take this course if you want to gain a deep understanding of the most talked-about productivity app by hundreds of YouTubers. 

  • Take this course if you're interested in digitally organizing your personal and work life.

  • Take this course if you want to get started with a simple productivity app and see if that works for you.

*Last updated on 18th August

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yannis Poulakis

Student & Podcaster


I am a full-time student while I possess my own online business. I am really into self-development and productivity and right now I am using Notion to organize all my different projects in my work and personal life.  In my free time, I like to write blog articles in Medium and take long walks. I also have a Podcast called "The Enthusiasts" about entrepreneurship and business stories.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Yes, I'm a full time student, and I have been using notion my everyday life for the past year. I used to keep class notes, organized my ideas about bloke articles and on my own online business in this class, we're gonna slam together everything that you need to know to get started with notion, quit your own workspace in a radio productivity. This includes space building management of workspace. I'm working with databases in its chapter that specific steps and guideline figure to follow, as well as hands on sections and free template for you to use. All of us want to pursue a bunch of different things in working personal life that has forced us to use a lot number of applications and tools. The problem with that is the complexity that generate. That's exactly what notion tries to solve. So whether you're a student and entrepreneur or just someone that wants to know where the whole world is talking about notion, then the things we're going to talk about are applicable to you. I'm really excited that you decided to take this class. Let's get into it 2. What is Notion?: okay, The first thing we're going to talk about is what notion release and why It is such a powerful tool. To put it simply, notion is a workspace software that tries to replace or your current tools into a known one package. There are four different categories that notion tried to do. The 1st 1 is not in document, referring to every day. No to keep in your phone or computer and document you want to shake and collect for a recent rituals. You, my country years for this type of tasks are cool. Jobs never know or bear. The second category is about knowledge base. That means long pages of information with not only text also, some math equations or even some lines of code. This could be extremely help for students who take this note for the different classes As notions. Interface really embraces no taking, learning new information coming up next, their tasks and products for organizing your daily routine and planning your long term goals. This replaces up select trailer Santa to do it. And so last but not least, we have spread sheets and average imagine that as a connected network of information like an excel or a Google ceasefire. So the question is, how can you combine all these different tools without getting too complicated? Well, as we'll see notion used to clean and straightforward interface to keep things as simple as possible. The core body used is also one of my favorite design, tosh, because other than black and white for text, you can only see core in items. And that means that you get the minimum destructions possible. Now that we talked briefly about the power of notion, we are ready to create your first notion account. 3. Creating your Notion Account: okay, It is time to create in your notion account and discovery from plan options you can choose from without further to do. Let's get out into so the first thing you want to dio is visit notion that so. But before clicking, that's on a button on the top right lead to discuss the different plan options you got. If you click on pricing, you see that notion has four different plans available. These include the personal plan, the personal Pro plan and then the team and Enterprise one. As of my 19th Notions, personal plan is free for everyone. The only main difference compared to the problem is the numbers off. Guess you can say your workspace with. In any case, I would recommend you stuck with free personal option and then consider upgrading if you truly need it. However, for most of you, the personal plan is perfect, and you'll miss nothing from the whole experience of the platform. Having said that, you are now ready to click the sign a button and creating a new notion account. For that, you can use any email address or connect your Google account. By now you have created a new notion account, which means we can move on to notions interface 4. Getting Started with Notion's Interface: Okay. After creating your account and confirming your email address, we are now ready to take a look at notions interface. You should be able to see something like this bait. Of course, there might be some changes in your screen. Basically options. You big. We're setting up your account in notion. There are two main areas you care about the side, but in the end, less time with Simon. The cyber is expandable and is your main navigation system. All the pages and databases you create will appear here and that we will see what you can. Also ness pages inside each other for infant levels off organization. Now let's explore the top of a cyber, which contained several key features. First, there's your workspace switcher when you confined your name, and if you click on it, you can switch between workspaces. You belong to create a new one. Join another one or longer. If you look closely, you can also check out your plan option and the numbers of users that the workplace has quick find is your search tool in notion and can also be triggered with the Control command P keyboard shortcut. I find myself using the shortcut very often because it can get you to the bed. You're looking for a lot faster than searching manually, doing your workspace. You know a lot that you can see everything that has been made by you or your colleagues in this kind of war space. This can be pretty useful if you can't remember what your permission did. What if you want to see who change, what? By clicking settings and members, you can see more information about your account, your preferences, your plants and building options as well as turned the dark modem. We will not get into my feet it here, But you can check these different options freely by yourself. Under that, you can see the workspace. A. You can open any side but Toby to reveal pages nest in its i pages, which can be also called Nassib Bates. For database pages, you can open the total to see all the different views you've created off that Taliban. Don't worry about Houston database just yet. As we will talk about them in more detail, You become lessons in favors. You can pink pages you need to access quickly to the top of your cyber. This section will appear when you favor your first paid. To do that, click the favorite button at the top right of any page you're on. Now let's click that template baton, which opens up our template figure. Here. You can create a new page using starter content to help you accomplish, and you're 50 plus jobs. As notion website claims. By clicking import, you can easily transfer information from different APS and foremost notion. For example, if you usually Evernote or trailer, you can automatically transfer your notes and products to notion. I would recommend doing that if you want to decide whether notion could really replace either of these tools in your everyday life, trust contains all the pages you delete. You can drag and drop them in here, and you can also click on trust, distracted you and restore these pages. Notion has your back if you make any accidental errors, so feel free to delete as many pages you want at the bottom left, you can see the new page button, which you can use creating new pate. Alternatively, you can click the plus sign next to a page name toe Other page inside this particular. The man you bar is present on every page and has the setting options, but also some more settings for the look and feel of its paid in more detail, you can share it paid with another notion teammate or with the rest of the world. I know that if you want to let someone ended your page, you have rather me your workspace, and that's he must have a notion account. Without that, you can see the pages history. And in the three dots you can find some more options to play with, like the phone style or a fool with off page. Here. You can also find the export and import options, which can be really useful, especially the experts. Pdf or see everyone. The last thing I want to focus on is the question mark Button on the bottom, right? You can use that for any question or help you might need and visit. Helping support paid for more David. Fortunately, notion has really worked hard to make this particular HelpAge truly helpful, with easy and simple steps for you to follow if you get loved or if you're trying to find something specific, great After having experimented the big with notions in the face, we can now jump into the action park and start creating our own pages. 5. Creating your First Page: Okay, now that we're more familiar with notion, we can start creating our own pages and make a workspace truly unique. The approach. We're going to take these class if that we will create from scratch in your page. And in that way we'll be able to talk about all the different options and items you cannot in a page. To create a new page, you can press Commander Control plus End or click the new page bottom. You'll see a menu of pages types you can click on them to tell your anticipated to a table or a board. For instance, event with confusion Aiken that best describes this page and undercover payments if we want . For that, we can upload our own payment or choose a high quality image from art class. We can also reposition it and bring it with a warrant. Let's give our new pages title and some content to get started. - Let's continue with plain text and how to four months when you highlight any words, this menu will pop up. Let's go through all menu options from left to right. You can turn your text into different types of blocks like headings and sub. It's within your page token, least code snippet, quote or call up box. Select Common to leave a comment on any section of text. Next, you have the pretty familiar, bold and italics, which you can apply to your text with standard sockets Control command, beef bowl and control Command I for italics. Then you have the strike through and code notation options. Turn any text into a hyperlink by clicking on link and corporate basing the urinal you'd like to link to pick your preferred text color from this list or text background color. The mention option allows you to connect your base two dates. People in other pages. Another thing. If you type this last commander your cable, these would bring up the full menu. Block options just a block it like DR from the least. Or type it after this last and press enter to have a pop up immediately. Let's, for example, create an in line gunner. One cope in one total list. Let's not talk about the $6 when you hold it over any block with your capture, you see that I can appear click here to get the following options deleted, duplicated within a page, turning it into a different type of block. Copy the uncollected in particular, broke or moving to another page. The Komen and color options can also be found here. If you go to the very top right of page, you'll see the three Don't icon with even more formatting options. This affected the entire page. Click on it to customize typography, text size and page with. Let's not talk about how you can use the truck and drop feature to easily move your blocks around the page. To do this, place your march over your block. Click on the sixth hour cycle and use it as a handle to drag it around. Release your finger when you find the right location to drop your block, you can use the blue lines to find your bearings. Another thing you conceive with drug drop is create columns. We can select one of the blocks, click on the sixth hour icon and drive it here. This way, we can create as many columns as we want. Good job Now. You should be in a position to edit and create any new paint you can think of Next up where we'll be talking about templates and discovering the most years once 6. Using Page Templates: okay, in this lesson, we're going to dive into paid templates and modify them so you can understand some of the core features of nausea before we start of, like, concurrently, simultaneously do what we're discussing in the course. However, if that's not an option for you, you can do the dried up to the end of it now again, depending on the options you told when setting up your account, you may see some different pages here on the left, but that's not a problem, because we're going to delete them and start from scratch. So the first thing we're going to do is delete the four pages one by one and then click on templates were briefly saw in a previous lesson there to use baits. Templates can be found under different categories. For example, there are pages specifically made for students or for sales and marketing purposes. Of course, you can see that some pages are identical through different cut yours, but for the most part, each one has its own unique pages. The way it works is that you can click on any page to get a live preview of it, and you can thus play with it and decided that may work for you. Then, by clicking uses template, you can add it to your workspace again, creating and deleting your pages. It's so easy that you can experiment with new template all the time. And to be honest, it's also part of notions. Beauty it. From now we're going to focus on the most frequently used templates, starting off with notes and drafts. First things first, as we discussed earlier. Every paint can have a Nikon and the cover. These template pages come with their own, but you can change them to meet your likings. Here we can see an example of a database in which lines represent a different note, which is also different base, and columns represent different properties of its paint. For example, here, if you click on all and select important, you can see we have named Tax created by and last edited. Now this different representation of the database is called a view and can be used to visualize the same content with different ways or filter some information without losing the whole picture. Interviewed. You contribute from table board colored at least on gallery. If you find that complicated. It's totally fine because we'll devote a whole lesson in databases and used to talk about the media. The important thing to keep out of this base is that by clicking new if you can create a new note in which you can write whatever you want and you'll find out that each page is usually a blank slate, which works like any other text editor you have used in the bath, let creating you notice she help looks like here intact. You can add more of these and select your desired color. You can also get another property like a you know, a date or a check box pleading on properties. You can enable and disable the one you want to be visible. We feel that we can choose what we want to see, for example, on Lee the North with attack ex, all those that have been created last week and lastly, with short, we can choose the order of the notes by name or any other. Probably these two are very useful tool for databases, and you find yourself using them all the time. Coming up next is dust list, and this uses the same technique with a database Schoening camp interview, which is ideal for tasks and, as you can see there beautifully organized to to do doing a dump. The cool thing is that you can drag and drop everything in this base as well, and quickly update the status off task. If you click on that cold man, you'll see that this is again a completely from page. No, we take usually like to ride a do do lease off the things that are directly connected to that particular task. By using slash, then, selecting the to do list, you can start building your own as well. In this way, you will be able to keep an eye on the smaller tasks you have to complete for its bigger task or objective. Now, I usually use this page for a weekly task list, but you can adapt it to your personal needs. The different thing here is that in order to creating your task, you should click this R and select a new task template. Now this is a template for new task that has embedded this empty to do items for you to feel, and the great thing is that you can alter its name, icon and content as you like. With this. Instead of brooding, easier task as a blank page, you can just use the template you may want and have all the pre built information you may need. And now the really powerful trick that can save your love song. If you create a new task without assigning it to a status, it will automatically go from the no status section of the page. Next we have the Journal page, which actually has a very similar of setting a look. It's lying is a page referring to a new journal entry. Again, You should probably use page template button to create your new entries and not having to start. It's time from scrapped Maurin template buttons we'll see later on the course. I know that recently, more and more people are journaling online, so this paid should be just perfect. If you're one of them. Or if you're thinking about giving generally assault, Morgan goes, you can see that this baby is almost the same as the test list on. The main difference is that usually we use it for monthly or yearly goals. Here, the social view that sauce you caused by your date, which in this particular case, is my quarters. This could be changed to months or days of the weeks to fit your needs. I usually use this paid for my monthly gold so as to keep truck off the different objectives I said it month. Last but not least, we have the reading list. This is an excellent pace to keep the content you want to read or consume. In general, as you can see from the different views already applied, this least can include article, podcast, essays, films or even academic journals. And does, it says in the painting instructions. This is designed to be used perfectly with notions. Well, Clipper, that means that any article pork, if you find and want to read it later or save it, you can clip it to this exact page. Then you can categorize it by type and standard or any off the properties, and start in a highly organized way. This base could, on its own replaced tools like pocket you may be currently using for article story. Before we wrap up this lesson, I also want to show you some honorable mentions that I found really useful and interesting when I was first saying up my account. These include the Trouble planner, the simple, but it and the Personal Sierra. The travel planet is a perfect way to organize every step off your triple vocation with precise things to do and see. You can use it to schedule indeed it every single day of your trip and start all the needed information for it, like the flight tickets you're staying and many more. If you're someone who travels a lot or just enjoy the procedure of building a trouble plan , then you should probably find this paid really useful up. Next, we have the simple budget, which is pretty self explanatory and enables you to monitor your expenses in a simple and these way you just have to put your monthly expenses. And that is also a good way to find out what most of your money spent on. I part from these. We have the personal CRM bait, and because the name can be somewhat confusing, you can think about like a calendar system for your personal relationships. You can use it to monitor the last time you show a friend or a relative and get notifications if there has been a long time changing last hang out. I know it may sound really unnecessary first, but trust me, it has worked well for me and has let me keep in touch with people. I don't want to lose contact, but because of the circumstances, I don't see as often as a blighted great. Now that you have selected the pages you want to use, it's time to organize them. The next lesson have collected some more pages designed for students, So if you're not a student, full British, keep it and jump right to organize your workspace. 7. Using Templates for Students: okay after having talked about some of the most useful and frequently used bait is, this lesson is exclusively for students. As a student myself, I want to share with you two of my favorite pages. You can find a template that I think could make a difference in your colored life. First, I want to talk about class notes. I know it sounds really basic, but if you're keeping digital, not of your classes, I am sure this page would be useful to you. You cannot note by giving it a name and then assigning it to a class A type or even the material link if you want. There are also some preview view for displaying the noting, at least by course, number or the notes off only one class. You can modify them or keep the once you need. For myself. It has been really useful to keep all my notes in the same place and then create different views for every class in order to revisit them before an examiner product that Simon again , we'll talk more about fusion databases in Chapter eight. The second page of highly recommend is classroom home. Now this is a template page with other pages already nested in them, and it acts like a mini home base for all the classes you have. It's really helpful if you want to keep all the information about each class structured and in one place, for example, here you can see that for the class named, he stood 3 40 You first, let's see the professor, which is another link paste you can view and ultimately change and at your own instructors . Then right under, you can see the nested pages of the syllables. The schedule of the court required text the assignments that different sections of the court backed out, especially the assignment sections and contact hours pages have really helped me not to miss more deadlines and have a general peace of mind. Apart from its lesson, their social weekly schedule built in, which can be also quite beautiful for those of you that don't use it. The cell calendar you can use. These seeks same pages and structure and duplicate this class to make it completely for your academics. A master. It sounds like a lot of work at first, but believe me, it can save you a lot of time setting for this information later on, there are more pages for students you can find online, but these two were my personal favorites, so help you found them useful. Either way, you're not set up, and it's time to organize your workspace with the home page or a nesting system. 8. Organizing your Workspace: great. Now that you have selected the first ladies you want to use, we have to make sure they stay organized by establishing a system. No should provide so many possibilities. You'll soon find yourself with a dozen of baitfish in your workspace, which could be both destructing and had to walk with that. Why organizing your workspace is really important now. You can do this in two different ways, and it's completely after you to decide which one you want or even combined. The first way is to exploit notions, infinite number of netted bait, fish and structure your whole workspace accordingly. An example of that can be seen here, where you can see that I have organized my workspace Onley into six different divisions. From that, there are nested pages in each one of those initial division pages and the tree and force as you continue to dive deeper and deeper into pages. You can do that pretty easily just by dragging and dropping the babyish and places you want . You could even create some more general new ones. For example, if you want to differentiate your personal and work life. Bages. If you're comfortable with multiple Nassib a dish, and your brain is accustomed to using tree structures than this option should work perfectly fine for you. However, if you're more familiar with the windows type of set up and you want to have everything in just one page, then you should probably go with the second option off, creating a home page. Here, you can see an example of how I personally set up my home base to fit my needs. I use three different categories for my side, hustles my university in my personal life. Underneath I have my wittle goals and then my bookshelf. That's basically all I need a moment, but I suddenly find myself adding or removing pages in a regular base. If you're likely set up, you can duplicate it and use it in your workspace. And well, to do this, you only have to find the link in the description of the selection and then click the duplicate battle. From that point on, you can start customizing and adding your own page. There are also three more home set ups I want to share with you made by some other individuals. The 1st 1 does have a minimal look with no colors and destruction. It has four basic activities and some empty pages you can use as a guideline. The 2nd 1 is more like a wicket with many different categories and pages for anything you can think off. Last but not least, there is this one where you can put your own images, and as a bonus, it also say's high. Every time you log in again, you can find links for all of these below. Even if you're not satisfied with the template options we talked about, you can start creating your own or find some more ideas on line. Of course, we free to combine these two methods we talked about, if that's what works best for you. Okay, now that you have set and organize your workspace, you're ready to dive into database. 9. Getting Familiar with Databases: okay. It's about time we talk about databases and why they're such powerful tool. The notion Before we start, I would highly encourage you to open notion as we speak. And that's the features we're going to talk about yourself. Notion. Databases are highly customizable, so they can be used for a variety of tasks, from editing and editorial color. For your block toe. An archive off saved paper articles. Notion. Databases can be viewed this full page or in line text. Next. Rather content. Let's use the Incidents calendar as an example. Right now, you can see the full page view of these database. You can tell the digit food based database because you can't add any new other content above or below the table. The full page view can be helpful for more focused Walk and gives you easy access to the menus of the top right. But let's say you want to integrate the calendar into your home bait. You can do this by dragging the calendar into the home page. We're still in the full page view, but you can't see that we're in a self bait now, looking to these bread clumps at the top left. When we go to our home page, you see that the calendar was that that sub eight, you could leave it like this or, if you want to sheets content just hoping over the sump it link. Click The Freedom button that appears, and then turning to in like this button will take full page again. You can use this turn to page options to turn into a sub page. Again. Let's create, not together in your database and explore its features. Indeed, it. Tap this last for your cabled and select the type of database you won't let create a name Line table. For now, we can change its name at some other new rose and changes properties. We can also filter and sort the content of the database first . Let's talk properties. You can change the name off a property just by clicking on it. Here. You can also change the type of the property clicking the plus button. We create a new property. This can be a name and number. Select a date, a Europe or any other type of this least the best describes your columns content for this multi select, violent type of property, For example, you can set these violent just by clicking vacant figure option and start pounding them. You can hide in so properties by using the Schwitters after clicking the three dots and then the properties option toward the filter, click filter and then other filter it really easy to select the one you want to Daddy. You can even add month of Beefeaters at the same time for different properties, the short feature works the same exact way you can remove filters and sort options by clicking the X button next to them. Let's not talk about views. Thanks to database use. Each of these data sets can be visualized in different ways. His view can be fielded or sorted however you like. So these left you designed custom used to make specific needs. Let's say you have this list of books but want to be able to quickly feel that the least to only sell four star rating books, click the other you button and give their new your name. These new view would be created, which you can filter to do this. Click the button at the top and choose the property you want filtered by here for instance , I'm going to change rating to be able to fall. Now, you'll be able to total between your full list of books and just the four star rating ones . You can also access just the four star books from your cyber click the total to reveal all the different years of your database. Another thing you can do is out of you to group the books. By general, you just need to first create a new view and then select the group by option from the three dot menu to share specific database of you with someone in your workspace. Click the copy interview. But this will Kobe UL to your Klippel that you can Serbia slack message or image. Oh, you can use it to create a link somewhere else in your notion workspace. If you want to additive, you simply go to the human you and click the three dot on the right. You'll have the option to rename or change the type of you. That's how you can give use so we don't have to refill their your database every time. Find the fitted. Your morph usually are going to need and care if you for each one of them moving on. Have we briefly talked about this before? Database templates lets you define paid structure and properties you can replicate with one click. For example, if you have a database about your podcasts or video projects like this one, you probably want each time creating new my P showed to include the same products in structure with the use of database template. You save time by automating this process so you don't have to type out the structure. For a new database entry, you can simply go to this drop down and select the template to create a new page with the article four months already filled out. But let me show you how to make your own template from strapped. First, click down arrow next to the blue new button on the top right of your database and select new template at the top of the pope up that appears. You should see this message that indicates that you're editing a template. Let's give our template a title and not the desired structure in the body of this page. This is a great way to remember which information and reshoot you have to make before publishing a new piece of content. You can also feel out any property values that you like to be automatically applied any time you use this. Simply last but not least, you cannot deny come to make things more colorful and pretty. Now, whenever you want to add a new I P showed, you can select your template from the drop down, and the structure and properties will already be applied. You can added duplicate or diligent template by clicking the three dots next to the template name in the drop down. Keep in mind that you can still turn an empty page into your desired template, even without clicking the drop down template. But the same technique could be used in many other pages like the General one. We took the bombing of previous lesson. Let's say now that I want to see my article project that are in progress right in my home, right? In order to do this, all I have to do is play the link database inside my home page and link it to the article projects database. Now I configure it or are the new view without impacting the data in my original database. However, if I change any property values or content inside a linked database, though changes will be reflected to the original Great, you should not be able to edit and create any new database she wants. Next up, we have some more useful pages and tips and tricks you might want to use. 10. Extra Useful Pages + Tricks: okay, in this lesson, we're going to talk about some pages I personally use every day and about some peeps and tricks. You confuse yourself. Let's begin with sockets. The 1st 1 is a sort Go to duplicate content by holding option for Mac or out for Windows. When you drug select content, you can create an instant copy of that content and places where you want in one motion. As always, you can use the six that Aiken as a handle to drive, and now the short guy I find myself using frequently is the commander control plus peak toe open search or jump to a recently viewed page. You can also see here some other really popular shortcuts you can try using, like the dark, more Twitter, or that about moving back and forward between pages. And now the court trick is about hard to make images for within the page, extending images to the full width of your notion. Page offers an ass aesthetic and delightful way to separate sections. Simply track the right side of payments to the edge of your page until it automatically adopts the ban Informant. Now I want to show you that resonance calendar page I find really useful. It's basically a record of all the interesting things you learn reading or listen to in your everyday life. I got this template from RB Abdulle, but you can freely use it yourself. - Another cool page I got from him and started using is this annual review page. You can also duplicate this one and write everything about your past experience in one page . Last but not least, I would like to show your hobby tracker Page have been using for the last months. I used to monitor my hamster on paper, but as soon as I discovered this page online I ST ST and never looked back to sham up for any other questions or shedding, you're trying to find that we have not talked about. I highly recommend you to vision, Ocean, help and support Bates and set what you're looking for. That again, you can find all the pages I've talked about throughout the schools, in the documents and links below 11. Conclusion | Thank you: Congratulations. These course officially complete and you canal by notions. Full potential. I just want to thank you so much for taking the schools, hoping that you find it useful. If you have any questions or suggestions about improvement, out there was a common below. Or contact me via email again. Thank you so much, guys.