The Complete Meal Planning Mastery Course: Get Your Ultimate Body Fast!

Brad Newton, Fitness Model Competitor | SeekFitLife.TV

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33 Videos (6h 48m)
    • Welcome To Meal Planning Mastery

    • Welcome--Why You Must Do This Course

    • Welcome--Why Should You Listen To Me?

    • Getting Started--Weekly Progress Photo Guidelines

    • Getting Started--Measuring Your Progress

    • Getting Started--Practical Vocabulary

    • Getting Started--Essential Resources

    • Fundamentals--The Golden Rule Of Weight Loss

    • Fundamentals--The Twinkie Diet Professor

    • Fundamentals--Why Use Fuel Gauges In Planes (Analogy)

    • Fundamentals--Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss

    • Fundamentals--Losing Fat And Preserving Muscle

    • Fundamentals--Controlling Food Cravings

    • Fundamentals--Meal Frequency And Weight Loss

    • Fundamentals--Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

    • Fundamentals--Protein Requirements

    • Fundamentals--Carbs Are Not Your Enemy

    • Fundamentals--Pre-Workout Nutrition

    • Fundamentals--Post-Workout Nutrition

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--An Overview To Successful Meal Planning

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Defining Your Outcome

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Finding Your Body Fat Percentage

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Cutting And Bulking Expectations

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 1. Calculate Daily Calories

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 2. Calculate Daily Target Calories

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 3. Calculate Macronutrient Targets

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 4. Make A List Of The Foods You Enjoy

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 5. Building Your Own Meal Plan - Part 1

    • Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 5. Building Your Own Meal Plan - Part 2

    • Bonus--Silent Calories & Tips

    • Bonus--Managing Cutting & Bulking Plateaus

    • Final Words--The Beginning Of The End

    • Final Words--Would You Do Me A Favour?


About This Class

Imagine being able to easily create your own flexible meal plan using the foods you love the most, without giving up chocolate, and lose your first pound of fat this week.

Imagine never having to eat boring and tasteless foods, eating when you feel like it, and still achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Reasons why you need to enroll today:

+ Join over 3,000 students from over 112 countries currently learning how to look and feel amazing, while still eating their favourite foods (

+ Currently the most popular paid course in nutrition on Udemy with over 100 positive reviews with 4.4 stars out of 5 ( to read the outstanding reviews)

+ Free one-on-one email coaching from an instructor that started off just like you and has maintained his results for 3 years (save $160 per hour)


Dear Friend,

I wrote this course with one primary motivation—to teach others what I wish someone taught me 10 years ago about losing fat, building muscle, getting stronger, and being healthy.

I learned the hard way (and the long way). And I wasted thousands of dollars on useless supplements, programs, and bad advice.

At the time of writing, who would ever think that after applying everything I teach in this course, I would be applying to be on the Australian Ninja Warrior TV show. It was only 3-4 years ago that I was in and out of hospital with illnesses, fatigued, and needed 8+ hours sleep every day.

(Note: My fitness transformation using the strategies in this course can be viewed in my audition video, included as fun viewing in this course and available to watch as previews below)

Meal planning mastery (MPM) is the only course you need to learn how to create your own personalized flexible meal plan to either lose fat or build muscle, while eating the foods you enjoy.

With over 6.5 hours of engaging content, MPM is the most comprehensive and practical meal planning course available. You will not find another course like this anywhere else.

Every week, I receive emails from personal trainers from around the world wanting to share the strategies in this course with their clients.

What will Meal Planning Mastery give you?

  • The freedom to eat the foods you enjoy the most, on a frequency that suits you. You will never be enslaved by food choices ever again.
  • Lose fat and build muscle with ease without any of the marketing hype—expect to lose one pound of fat and feel amazing in your first week in this course.
  • Saving hundreds of dollars never needing to pay someone to give you a cookie cutter meal plan, ever again.
  • Scientifically proven strategies (45+ peer-reviewed scientific references) used by fitness models and bodybuilders that can be applied by anyone with no background in fitness or nutrition.
  • One-on-one free coaching with an experienced fitness coach (save $160 per hour).
  • Lifetime student access.

How is Meal Planning Mastery structured?

In the Getting Started & Fundamental sections, you will learn;

  • How to take accurate progress photos and measurements to ensure you will win in this program.
  • The simple science behind weight loss.
  • Fun examples and analogies that entertain the science behind weight loss and weight gain.
  • Meal frequency planning and food craving mitigation strategies to ensure you remain on track with following your very own custom meal plan.
  • How to strategically use protein and carbohydrate to lose fat and build muscle with ease.
  • Effective ways of maximizing fat loss and muscle gain by incorporating pre- and post-workout nutrition into your meal plan.

In the Meal Planning Blueprint section, you will learn;

  • Why creating a meal plan is essential to guarantee results and to remove the guesswork out of weight loss (or fat loss).
  • How meal planning is flexible and fun and does not need to dominate your life.
  • How to determine what your body fat percentage is and how to determine the best type of meal plan to design.
  • Clear and accurate expectations from your fat loss/ muscle building meal plan.
  • How to maximise the use of body fat charts (FREE download for students) and use them to help you maximise your own results in the course.
  • How to extract the important nutrition information from foods in MyNetDiary to include in your meal plan.
  • A foolproof system designed to breakthrough any fat loss or muscle building plateaus.

You will also get to follow Brad along on screen recorded video as he creates a meal plan from real foods from his fridge, entering them into the sample meal plan spreadsheet (FREE download for students), showing you how easy it is to do it yourself. And if you get stuck, Brad is only a single email away.

After taking this course, you will never look at meal planning the same way away. You will finally take back control of your health and fitness, and dominate in this area of your life.

Join over 13,000 followers on Facebook (search SeekFitLife) to receive the latest free fitness coaching videos.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you enroll in this course, the sooner you can join the army of thousands of students currently losing fat, building muscle, and feeling amazing confidence in their lives.





Brad Newton

Fitness Model Competitor | SeekFitLife.TV

Why are 14,000+ people from 153 countries currently enrolled in my fitness courses?

I'm a fitness practitioner that practices everything I teach (add SEEKFITLIFE on Snapchat and you will see the behind the scenes for yourself)

► I'm empathetic to people that are skinny fat or just fat, because I was too. I wasn't raised in a family of "athletes." I figured everything out for myself. I'm not genetically "gifted."

► I teach practical tools backed in real science (I have a Bachelor of Science.)

► Everything I teach in my courses I have used to become a Fitness Model Competitor.

► I simplify the science and cut through the BS. I just hate people being lied to or scammed (like I was!)

► You have access to me. Always. Forever.




I was once out of shape, in and out of hospital. Sick. All-of-the-time. I've been really skinny, skinny fat, and just fat & miserable. I've experienced it all. 

I turned everything around after deciding that I wanted to trade my visits to the hospital for visits to the gym. I worked hard. Studied hard. Figured it out. And over time, transformed my body.

It changed my life. I launched my website. I started filming courses and this started my passion to pay it forward to others. I'm addicted to helping people like you... I think because I had to learn everything the hard way (trial and error.)

► I applied for a Ninja Warrior TV Show

► I earned 1st place in two divisions for fitness modelling

► I am competing in the National and World Fitness Model Titles in June 2017




I wasn't kidding about Snapchat. You will get to see the behind the scenes of how I prepare for fitness model contests. How I meal plan. What I think and feel. And you can question anything and everything I do. Ask me anything!