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The Complete Link Building Class - Backlink Building 2021

teacher avatar Josh George, Digital Marketing Expert

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (1h 60m)
    • 1. The Complete Link Building Class - Backlink Building 2021

    • 2. Example Website Throughout This Class

    • 3. How To Get Access To The SEO Software For Free (Free Trial)

    • 4. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 5. What Is A Backlink And Why Are They Important?

    • 6. What Is Anchor Text & Why Does It Play A Crucial Role In Link Building

    • 7. What Anchor Types Does Your Website Need?

    • 8. What Pages Should You Build Backlinks To?

    • 9. How To Find Out What Backlinks Your Website Already Has

    • 10. How To Determine What Makes A Good Backlink

    • 11. Do follow links vs No follow links

    • 12. Citations (For Local Businesses)

    • 13. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 14. Link Building Strategy 01 - Guest Posting

    • 15. Link Building Strategy 02 - Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

    • 16. Link Building Strategy 03 - Sponsorships

    • 17. Link Building Strategy 04 - Local Content Assets

    • 18. Link Building Strategy 05 - Forum Link Building

    • 19. Link Building Strategy 06 - Resource Pages

    • 20. Link Building Strategy 07 - Broken Link Building

    • 21. Link Building Strategy 08 - Skyscraper Link Building

    • 22. Link Building Strategy 09 - Reverse Image Search

    • 23. Link Building Strategy 10 - Blog Commenting

    • 24. Link Building Strategy 11 - Social profiles

    • 25. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 26. How To Keep Track Of All Your Backlinks

    • 27. How To Track Your Rankings

    • 28. Key Things To Be Aware Of

    • 29. What We're Going To Cover In This Section

    • 30. Knowledge Is Power

    • 31. How Long Does It Take To See Results

    • 32. Conclusion.. Bye For Now

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About This Class

Are you looking for a link building class that shows you how to build backlinks that will get your website ranked higher on Google?

Great, you’re in the right place.

I run an SEO agency for a living called ClickSlice, this class brings together all of our link building processes we use at the agency and presents them all in a nice bitesize format.

In this class, I reveal over 10 link building strategies we use day by day to generate 100s of page 1 rankings.

Instead of just showing you the method and leaving it there, I go a step further and show you exactly how to action each one of these link building strategies.

I will show you one of my websites that is at the top of Google from following these proven link building strategies.

The process I follow throughout the class is the SAME process I use when ranking my client websites, so you can be confident what you’re learning is indeed used in the real world and does actually work.

What you’ll learn by taking this GMB Class

  • Learn more about backlinks and why they’re important

  • Find out what anchor text is and why its crucial in link building

  • How to find out what backlinks your competitors have

  • How to build backlinks to your website that will get you ranked higher

  • How to tracking all your backlinks using the spreadsheet we use at the agency

  • How to track your progress and keywords

Literally everything you need to be able to implement a successful link building campaign.

Backlinks and links are both the same things, there are multiple ways to refer to them which causes unnecessary confusion.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josh George

Digital Marketing Expert


Joshua is the founder of ClickSlice, an extremely successful digital marketing agency based in London.

Joshua originally got involved with SEO as an end result of selling on eBay.  He loved selling on eBay but hated paying the eBay commission fees (also known as final value fees). Instead of paying eBay every time he wanted to list an item he decided to make his own website where he could list as many items as he wanted without paying any insertions fees.

After building the website he noticed his site was nowhere to be found in Google and no one was buying his products.

As you do, he started to Google things like “how to get my website higher in Google” and stumbled across SEO in 2013.

Josh remembers this day like it was yesterday and says wh... See full profile

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1. The Complete Link Building Class - Backlink Building 2021: Hello and welcome to the ultimate link building course, where I'll be showing you how you can build high quality backlinks that will get your website higher up in Google. My name is Joshua George, and I'll be leading you through the course. I actually own and run the lead in SEO agency in London called Clicks lies, where month by month we build over 500 backlinks across our client websites. In this course, I'm going to be showing you the exact processes and strategies that we use at the Agency to build high quality backlinks. I'll be covering everything you need to know it, such as how to determine what makes a good backlink, how to build backlinks. I will actually help your rankings. I'll show you over ten different strategies you can utilize to build backlinks. And I'll even show you how you can track all of your progress. You name it, you can be certain. I've got you covered. I designed this course for anyone who's interested in learning more about backlinks, understanding the importance a play in Google's algorithm. And for those who like to learn the strategies so they can go out there and build a backlinks themselves. However, I don't just talk the talk throughout this course. You can literally watch over my shoulder and watched me walk the walk. I don't just show you a backing strategy. I actually go out there and implement a strategy myself, insurer and everything you learn is super actionable. This stuff is super powerful and has allowed me to run on page one for some super competitive terms. I'll see you inside. 2. Example Website Throughout This Class: so before we actually dive into the link Boudin strategies. I just wanted to make a quick video to run through this website first. So this is a website that I actually own is called level finished dot com And the reason why I want to show you this website to give you a bit of background before we dive into the main elements off this course, which is obviously the link building strategy. So as I say that this is a website that I own, the whole website specializes in floor installation. You got different floor types, such a hard word carpet laminate tile, vinyl on so on and so on. So for at this course, I'm going to cover a lot of Link Gordon strategies instead of me just saying, Hey, this is how you do link Borden strategy one and then move onto strategy to and they're free for five. I want to make this the best course ever on Link Gordon. So what I'm gonna do for each strategy, I'm going to show you exactly how you implement them on going to use level finish as an example. So do bear in mind, obviously level finish is a local business website and it specializes in Florida. It doesn't mean that your website needs to be similar as well. You can have a website on game in one on pear. It's one on health and beauty one on fitness. It doesn't really matter. It's exactly the same process, however, what you me go through. LinkedIn process on this website will help you a lot when it actually comes Action in these on your website. So hopefully this provide tons of value. I makes it easy for you so you can go out there and start building back links within the next 24 hours. 3. How To Get Access To The SEO Software For Free (Free Trial): one more thing. I just want to show you before we dive into the actual course. Is this software right here? Quarters sem rush. So if you haven't heard of so much before, it's a very powerful piece off Seo software. It gives you tons of abilities, such as putting a website address in the top, and it will show you all that back links that website has. So it's going to make a life so much more easier and say you so much time, especially as you're going through this link building cools. So I do recommend you actually sign up to seven. Rush, as I said, is gonna make a life so much more easier. So much is a pay tour. I'm pretty sure the prices start from $100 per month. However, don't worry. I'm gonna show you how you can access for free for at least seven days. So you simply want to go over to Google and just type in seven much free trial and as you concede is a seven day free trial here at the top, Sometimes they do actually have longer trials. Have 30 days. You see its first today, one right Here is another 30 day trial. However, seven days should be more than sufficient for you. So if you go into that page, you can see you can get a free seven day trial so you can get access to so much for seven days for free. It won't cost you a penny. So I do recommend you sign up to seven rush and get access. That way, it won't cost you a penny to actually go through all the processes I'm showing you in this course. So without further ado, let's actually dive into the main Clinton's off this course. 4. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Link building the foundation. In this section we're going to cover what are backlinks and how important are they, are going to cover? What is angle sex and explain why it plays a crucial role in your link building campaign. I'm going to show you how you can find out what backlinks your website already has. I'm going to go through exactly what makes a good backlink. I'm going to explain a difference between do follow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. And I'm also going to cover citations which are primarily used for local business websites. So let's dive into it. 5. What Is A Backlink And Why Are They Important?: What is a backlink? A backlink, often referred to as a link, as I mentioned, of your website on an external website. From the screenshot below, you can see that website a link to a website B. As a result, psi a has an externally to side B. Site B has a backlink from cites a. Quite simple. So now you know what a backlink is. Let's find out exactly why they're important. If we go back to our car analogy, you remember me saying that on-page SEO is the car's wheels and the chassis, where off-page SEO would be the car's engine. So let's imagine we've done on pace to perfection and we have the best schools in the car and the strongest chassis and so on and so on. If it was now it's been an old engine from a 100 years ago. We obviously wouldn't get the best results. The call for example, it might be running into issues, or even worse, it might felt to stop. This is why backlinks are super-important. Typically on-page SEO isn't enough to get to page one. However, what on-page SEO it does do is provide you a really strong foundation which you can then build upon. A backlink represents a vote of confidence from one site to another. In essence, backlinks to your website or a signal to Google that others vouched for your Clinton seminars carried out a test in July 2017, which measured the biggest ranking factors in Google's algorithm. As you'll see from the image below, the fifth biggest factor was referring domains, which essentially means the amount of links you have from unique websites, aka backlinks. And if you actually look below that, you also see backlinks is right under a friend domains in position 6. In short, backlinks are huge and can really put your site higher in Google. However, like anything with great power comes great responsibility. And doing too much or too many backlinks can do a lot of harm for your website. This is especially true if the low quality backlinks. Here's an example of a backlink we have for level finish is a backlink from a website called as small business sense. In his article, small business sense is talking about why you should use a professional flooring contractor and basically not do it yourself. If you look closely in the middle of the second paragraph, you'll see there's a link in there which if clicked with directly to level finishes homepage. This link is a clear vote of confidence and the type of backlink me once I have, and it's a clear signal to Google that level finish has to be considered in its rankings as it has a strong backlink, which as we know, is super important when it comes to ranking websites. 6. What Is Anchor Text & Why Does It Play A Crucial Role In Link Building: What is anchored sex and good sex refers to the clickable words, usually one web page to another. The color of text is usually blue as it's an actual hyperlink. However, the texts and be whatever color the website owner chooses, and sometimes it's dependent on more female using. It will go back to the example of the link we had for level of finish. You will see in a scenario that anchor sex is our brand name level finish as that's the actual clickable text. Not it was before or after, it simply level finish. So why is N detect important SEO best practices dictate the anchor sex should be relevant to the page on LinkedIn to rather than generic, google can actually read this anchor text and it's taken into consideration when Rankin a website, for example, if you link to a website where the anchor text blue hat, it was going to assume that page or linking to it has some relation to blue hats. As you can imagine, there are different types of n detects you can use when linking to a webpage. It we still got carpet installation page as an example, we can link to this page using five different anchors in total. The first would be an exact match anchor where we reference a set keyword we are targets in. So carpet installation in Richmond, Virginia. These are super powerful as there's no doubt as to what the page is going to be about if we link with an exact match anchor. However, these aren't the most natural, so you want to avoid using them frequently. In fact, Google was actually clamped down on these a lot in recent years due to people tried to manipulate the algorithm. Second type of anchor would be partial match. So carpet installation service by level finish. This is classified as partial match as it only has parts of our main keyword in it, which is copper insulation. There's no mention of Richmond, for example. These are more natural and others are more safer to use. However, as with most link building campaigns, it's hard to control what architects people will use when linking to our sites. It's more a case of if you find you're getting too many of any type, you want to try your best to mix things up and explore other anchor types. The third type is what we call a branded. This is the type we saw in the example link for that, we'll finish. This is when a website will link to you using your brand name as the anchor. Six. Branded anchors are great for increasing your brand presence online. But also super say, as you can't get penalized by Google for having too many links to your site with the architects being your brand name. Just take Amazon for example. The majority of people willing to Amazon online will link to them saying Amazon, which as we know, is a brand new type of anchor. The full type of anchor is what we call naked URL. This one is quite self-explanatory. And essentially when a website we'll link to your website and it will use the whole URL as analytic. So there will actually go into the content and paste in your URL. And then it will make the whole URL and then Cutex, the last I'm an architect is what we call miscellaneous. This is when a website willing to your site using generic texts such as read more, click here. That is essentially the five different types of anchor tags you can use when Lincoln out to another website, right? See you guys in the next video. 7. What Anchor Types Does Your Website Need?: What oncotype. So your website and need. I get asked this question almost every single day, and I hate to say it, but there is no perfect ratio. Simply put, it's best practice to have a variation of the more you can use SEMrush and look at all the angled sexual competition are using. However, I wouldn't recommend it as it gets messy very quickly. As a result, it's best to keep things as natural and built all ties that anchor text. I've seen websites at the top of Google. We've just is that much anchors. And I've also seen websites and the top of Google would just branded anchors. I guess Google has a different range of lenient for different industries. You do, however, need to be super careful when you're using exact match anchors as you can over optimizer site very, very quickly. This is especially true if your domain name has a keyword in it, as Google can potentially get confused and think in your building is that much anchors when in fact you're just building branded links. For example, if your site is called and you start node and tons of links to your site where the anchor tag, same carpet. This can very easily be misinterpreted that you are building links of exact match anchors. If a domain does have a keyword in it, be sure to pay close attention to that and avoid is that much anchors even more. 8. What Pages Should You Build Backlinks To?: What pages should you build backlinks to? Augustus question quite a bit. And when you change your perspective and look at things from a different angle, the onset is very straightforward. A backlink can help improve the visibility of a webpage and Google. As a result, you're going to want to build backlinks. So all of the pages you like to have more visibility for. Simply put, build backlinks to their pages. Do you want to rank? So whether that's your homepage, your service pages, or your blog posts, build link to the pages that you want to rank or weight there before you go on and start building links that will your service pages just bear in mind every piece of content you publish on your website should have some value. Otherwise, what's the point of view, publishing it, right? So again, if you change your perspective, the majority of the pages on your site will have some value to potential customers, obviously minus a standard and a contact page for obvious reasons. So it is value in the page. You should really be building links to it. Take your blog post, for example, there's tons of information in value in them. So it's only right, you build links it M. So if you Showcase School of that value, ensure you should be building links to all three of these page types. Don't just build links to your service pages as that lives extremely unnatural. You want to blend in and not actively look like what do in SEO. As it's no surprise that Google isn't a fan of SEO. As people who know SEO typically don't spend money on running any Google Ads, which is where Google make the bulk of the money. In summary, links to 0 pages that have valley on your website. 9. How To Find Out What Backlinks Your Website Already Has: So now you know what Baffin kids is Time to check what back links your website has at present, so it's good to know as well if you have a brand new websites. He made it today or even last week. For example, there won't be any information showing here, as obviously, won't be any battery put into your site as it's a brand new website. However, if a site is maybe six months or a year old, for example, you should have some bad things pointing to your site Already. As typically, overtime sites has generate back links naturally. So what we'll do is go over to same rush and simply Prague in your website, your role and then click search once you click search when it makes you at the right database, selective so mine would be United States. So you can see from this first section right here. It says back links to need to the total number of bat wings my site has, which is a level finished dot com. And if you look below that, it says, referring remains 69. So, like I said earlier on in the course or a friend, domain is essentially a link from a unique website. So what this means is I have 69 different websites linking up to level finish, so some of them must link multiple times, which is why we have 100 and 16 happenings in total. So we go into the back drinks now, quick. The number. This will give us some information and a good overview of the backings. You have to have sight it also tell you when it was last updated. So for me, it was last updated 11 days ago, which is just over a week and 1/2. So again, not too bad. But also, if you scroll down on the back links tab now, it would give you all the information about the links on the web pages that link in the back to your site. It also showed the anger sex as well. So you what level? Fish. Right there. So we have a level finish. You are ill. Then we have another euro of level finish. We've got hardwood floor insulation rich in Virginia, which were the ankle checks on the lobe. It would be the U. R l. The link is pointing to so instead of having to look at the anchors here and then seeing your old below. If you actually go to the top and anchors on what this will do, it will show you all the angles in a nice, clean and clear format. So if remember when I said and cortex part, of course you need someone to tell you and protect that. Maybe you're not over optimize a k A. You don't have too many of one type, so we can see from an detects overview. We have quite a few back links saying the same and cassettes, which would be hard wood floor installation of rich in Virginia. So this is a note to me that now and avoid getting links, having that as anchor text as I'm gonna have too many. At present, I've already got 51 which is relevant comparison to the rest of my architects. I have to for 18 which it seemed to be empty. I've got seven, which trust with a website name coming after branded search. So this is a very good place to come just to get a good overview of your website and have a lot of all of your ankle. Texas. Like I said, if you go to your friend remains, you could now see or of the domains that links your website. So again it should be 69. And he's of the 69 websites that link at the level finish if it closely as well it will say new and lost. So for me, what that means is this is the new little It's just come in on enjoy mark dot com and this is the thing I have just lost. So the beauty off it's showing you what you have lost it. That means you can go out and contact these websites and say, Hey, you did used to link to our website. I have No, she stopped linking to us. Now, is there any reason in particular? Can we help? Did you like my service? For example? However, as I can see from this site right here, the site have stopped Lincoln to me was may, however, be McGregor in life that USO is actually not a relevant in any way. It's probably a spammy site which is linked to us. I'm not sure. Why were they removed the link now? So it's not a problem. So in this case, I won't actually contact these guys to get a link kind of reinstated. So, so much very powerful. Like I've said many times in this course, very good when you know what you're doing, So do you have a play around a lot more sections up here as well you can play around with. However, the main free will be looking at is the back clings on because on referring domains. 10. How To Determine What Makes A Good Backlink: how to determine what makes a good back leg. As you can imagine, no bad feelings are created equal just because the website looks clean and shiny on the surface, it doesn't necessarily mean that having a link from that site will have a benefit. There's a five step checklist. I like to usually evaluate how good a link is. If a site doesn't meet, all five points on my criteria that are most likely won't go ahead of it. The reason being is S E O. These days is all about quality and not quantity. You really can't afford to make sacrifices when it comes to the quality of your SDO campaign. So without further ado, these are the five things you should check when determining if your back links are good or not. Number one. Check the Websites Page authority. Good websites will have a page authority of at least 30. Check the website Domain authority again. Good websites will have a domain authority of at least 30 number free check. The page isn't linking out two tons of other different websites, so if you get a link from a site and on that same page, it leaks out another 5 10 different websites. This isn't a good sign as typically these sites what we'll do, what we call selling link So center lynxes against Google terms conditions and you really want Avoid getting links on sites like these. Number four. Check the websites traffic so we can check how much traffic the website gets using. Sem Rush. This is a very good indication to figure out to site of getting a link from is actually good as sites with no traffic journey aren't the best sites. Get a link from potentially. If a site has no traffic, it could have got penalized from Google in the past. If it has, he obviously want to avoid get a link from this type of site. So sighs. I have quite a bit traffic. It's a good signal, as if the site was bad. Google. Would it be given a site Any traffic in the first place? Number five Check how many keywords this website appears for. This is pretty the same mindset and logic for number four. It all goes back to seeing if the site is good in eyes of Google, a k. If the site is good it will have some keyword disappearing for If it's not a good sign, it won't have that many keywords. It also we would have looked for sites that rank for lots of keywords. As a good indication, these are good sites in either Google, which means, if they link to us is gonna be a good link. So now we know these five things. It's time to look at to back links we have for lead will finish on evaluate whether they are good backings or no. So the first link is from a site court Small business sense. So this is actually l ing I showed you earlier on in the course I already had the most chrome by extension installed in my eyebrows are so, as you can see, I have the number 45 game poured over a chrome extension. If I give this a click twice, it will bring through both my page authority and my domain authority for this league. So, as you can see, Page Authority is 27 which is just three points below why I recommend or forsee. And the main authority is 45 which is 15 points above y. Recommend which again is for tea. So both these numbers, ideally, should be 30 as I'm only free below on the page authority. It's not the end of the world on especially bearing in mind. I have 45 for the main authority. Is it very high indeed. So on the whole, this is a pretty good link. If we scroll down out, just a double check how many links this pain actually links out to because it links out to level finish, which is obviously us. If we scroll down, we could see there is no more links. So it parted at that check. If we go ahead and plug in the domain into some rush, we can see in regards to traffic. It's roughly getting 12.1 K visits to decide every single month, which is really good. You want to see a number of at least 200 here, so we have 12,000 which is really good. If we scroll down eloquent that we're gonna keywords, we can see this site almost appears for 10,000 different keywords. So again, nothing to worry about it still here If we go and the fact the several link now, So this is a link on green profit dot com. It's article talking about our foreign contractors as skilled as each other, and you'll see that we a link here, which says what steps you should take. And if I click this, this will obviously linked Teoh level finishes home page, as you could just see there. So first we want to do is check the page of 40 and a domain of 40. And, as you can see from the Toolbar page Authority is 37 which is over 30. Really good. The main authority is super high on this site, which is 67. So another really strong link to win a double check. There's no more links in his article. It's just the one for level finish, as you can see. Indeed, it's only one in his article, which is the level finish. So this is another really good link. If you go over head to so much now a plug in green profit dot com. Look at the traffic. You could see that get in over 200 visits to the site a month that getting 3.7 K so again almost 4000 visitors to the site every single month. Nothing to worry about there. If we scored into the organic keywords you can see, they appear for over 12,000 different keywords. So tons of key words there Indeed. So again, nothingto, why about this is another solid link is important to know it as well when you check the article for links. If you do see links in the article, which, if you click them linked to another article on the site, so what we call eternal links This is nothing to worry about. It's only fuc links going to external websites. So again, this is how we evaluate the five different elements were determining for battling is good. 11. Do follow links vs No follow links: Do follow versus nofollow links. You might have heard of these terminologies in the past. If you haven't, then no worries As I'm going to explain different See you in this video. So let's start off with do follow links to really understand what is going on with follow versus nofollow links, we need to provide a bit of background about how things work in the realm of SEO. When a page gets it inbound link, which is a hyperlink pointing to that page, that page gets a small SEO boost. Think of the link as a point. The more links you have, the more points you have. Google takes note of these points and counts how many pages are linked has, and from what Sites google field is. Hey, if a lot of people are linking to a certain page, must have some really good content and it must be a good page. Let's give it a preference and I'll search engines and allow it to rank higher. Google created a metric called PageRank, which calculates the link points. Many SEO folks are firstly link points as a link juice. The link juice flows from one site to another through hyperlinks, the mortal formative, the site Is that bigger that boost it can transfer. For example, guessing a link from the New York Times or BBC is pure gold. Ado funneling in HTML would look like this. And as you can see, it's a standard link in the format of HTML. There's nothing odd about this at all. In summary, do font links are links that count as points, push an SEO link juice, and boosting the rank of that page. So what is a nofollow links? Uh, no fun. I link is a link that does not count as a point in the pages favor it is not boost the PageRank and it does not help the PageRank. Hiring Google, nofollow links get no love is a sad but lonely life for them, and no funneling is created with the HTML tag that looks like this. So as you can see, is pretty similar to a different link. However, at the end of the link we have rel equals nofollow. The nofollow tag is basically a note is signed for search engines saying don't count this. There's a reason for the nofollow attribute and it stems from Google trying to find out spam back in the days. So now we've gone through the difference of a dew point of backlinks and a nofollow backlink. We're going to head over to Google and I'm going to show you how you can spot the difference by using a Google Chrome extension. Okay, so the Google Chrome extension I was referring to, that allows you to be able to tell if a link is a do follow or nofollow is called SEO quake. So you simply want to do a search for SEO quake Chrome plug-in. And it should be the top one you see right here. Let's give that a click. You will know is the right one because it looked like this. Seo Let's add that to our Google Chrome extensions. And click Add is a free extension, so it won't cost you a penny. Now let's add it. Let's go up here and give it a right-click, and then go to Options. And then what you wanna do is make sure this box right here is checked. So highlight nofollow links will not all links with no follows. Let's give that a tick. And now we can close that. So now what we wanna do is go over to any blog and see if you have any links on it. So I'm going to look at this blog post by a backlink Let's just close it up here. And if any domain, and you can see I've got a link right here. So as you can see, this link is not crossed out, which means it is a do follow battling. However, at the bottom of the blog, they always have an option where you can put a link to your website. And these links are typically no follow. So as you can see, this person, Brian submitted a comment on this blog. And you can see his name is Bill, and it's actually crossed out. So if I click this, this should be an actual link to the person's website, which you can see is indeed, however, it does have a line through the link, which basically means this link is a no follow backlink. So just to confirm that as well, you can actually right-click and then go to Inspect and basically look at the HTML code on the website. And you can see it does indeed had the nofollow attribute there, and it has it again there. So this is a very good plugin and makes the whole process very quick. So like I said, every link in the comment section will be a nofollow links. However, all the links in the body in this article in particular will be standard links as you can see, looking forward link right now. As you see the link right here, again, it's not crossed out. So if I do it inspect on this link will not say no follow at all. It would be a standard link which you can see a H ref. We've got the link there as shown. So again, this is a perfect example. We're just showing you how this link doesn't have a nofollow and a plugin shows you everything correctly. So hopefully you guys found that useful. So just some final words on that. So in your link building campaigns, just make sure you focus on do follow backlinks as those other links I'd give you points and give it the SEO benefit. And those are the links that will get you ranking higher on to the first page of Google. So some great methods for security and some do photo backlinks would be guest posts in skyscraper technique. And again, I'm going to cover all of those strategies later on in this course. 12. Citations (For Local Businesses): If you are a local business owner, one type of link you can go out and get your business is what we call a citation. So a citation is on my reference off your business is name, address and phone number, which you refer to as a nap on an external website. So, as you can see from the screenshot below, we have a citation on the website called manta dot com, which is basically a directory online on the Internet. And you can see from the left hand corner we have level finish, which is our name. We have our address and then we have our phone number. So those are the three components, often at which makes up a citation. However, most citations also given options at a Lincoln there to your website as well. So, like I said, this form link good intimately works best with local business websites as most local websites will obviously have a physical address. However, if you run a fitness blogger or a makeup and beauty blawg, he won't be able to utilize this strategy at. It's more based on physical locations which allow you to get a citation in the first place . So one thing to know as well, it's citations are typically no follow back links, so you won't get in S e o boost. However, because you're building at lows of links that have you address on it, it's gonna help you write more locally in your local area, Which is why the more tailored to local businesses and not the general blocks. If you want to find some citation opportunities for your local business, simply go over to Google and type in directories and then plus your location. So for me, for level finished, we are targeting Richmond. That is where we are based. So I would go over to Google and I would type in online directory, Richmond, Virginia, and then Google return tons of online directories in Richmond, Virginia, which are applicable to my business, which I can then go out and get myself listed on 13. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Link building strategies. In this section I'm going to cover 12 and link building strategies you can utilize when it comes to go in and links for your website. The first strategy is guest posting. In the second strategy, I'm going to show you how you can still the backlinks your competition have. I'm going to show you how you can get backlinks by using sponsorships. This is primarily use if you have a local business website, I'm going to show you how you can use a local content assay. Again, this primarily applies to a local business website. I'm going to show you how we can use forums for link building. I'm going to show you how you can use resources for LinkedIn. And I'm also going to show you how you can use broken links in webpages to secure a link back to your website to, I'm going to cover a method called the skyscraper technique. I'm also going to show you another method which uses a reverse Google image search. It's a very good method. It works very, very well if you have lots of images on your site that are unique to you, I'm going to show you how we can use our blog comments as well to get some backlinks. And lastly, I'm going to go over the most basic which is social profile. So without further ado, let's dive into this section. 14. Link Building Strategy 01 - Guest Posting: Strategy number one, guest posting. Guest posting means writing an article for someone else's blog is a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out was also secure in a backlink back to your website is actually my favorite method as you're able to get linked to in a few days, which is a massive when the beauty of guest posting is that Azure Rights in the content yourself, You're able to pick the anchor text as well. This is super powerful as like I said in the undertakes video, if you realize you're getting too many anchor types that you want to avoid getting more of them as it kinda unnatural with guest posting that you can do just this. You want to get guest posts opportunities on psi. Psi relevant to what you do, doesn't have to be a light for light site, but the site should at least be in the same industry as yours. For example, if I was to try and get a link on another floor installation company, that would be quite difficult. However, what I can do is take one step back and try and secure a link on a whole new improve on website as new flooring in your home obviously comes on the home improvement niche, getting links from sites and the same issues you helps tremendously when it comes to increase in a nice relevancy of your website, which as you should know by now is super-important. My ranking on Google. And like I said, it's a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out there, right? So how do we find these guest posts opportunities? That's pretty simple when you use Google search operators. So a Google search operator is summit. You search in Google with a little variation. So for example, I have niche submit guest posts. This is what we call it a Google search or breaks out as I've included speech marks in the search. So nice, we simply be an issue operates in and they simply want to put speech marks, submits a guest post closed speech more so this is very handy. One is not a full more. I'll show you. You can have a niche and then just go for guest posts. We can also use niche guest posts by we can go for niche setting guest posts. And lastly, we can have niche. Why for us. So typically a slight sidestep guest posts what they do. They will have a page on the site talking about how you can suddenly a guest post the guidelines you need to follow. Why you might want to write for us, such as bragging about how big the audience is, for example. So we can use these operators to find more caspase opportunities for our businesses. So let's head over to Google right now and show you exactly how we do this using the first example, which should be niche, submit guest posts. So now over on Google and we're going to carry a search out for the first search operator. So that was a niche. Submits a guest post. So if I meet my niche is going to be home improvement. So I'm going to simply search for home improvement, submit a guest post. The reason why I'm putting suddenly a guest post in speech marks is when you do this, you are telling Google to only return websites which mentioned submit a guest post on them. So it helps you sit out all the science. We don't actually set that, I guess folks in the first place. So as you can see straight off the bat, there is tons of sites which offer guest posts as a submission. So you can see, I'm sorry, Russell I got home improvement that helps sensitive outcome is yet to be proven. Nakota, UK, I've got the old dot UK. So again, tons of opportunities. And if you actually go further back on Google and go to page two, you'll see this even more opportunities here as well. If you click one of the sites, for example, I'll just show you what I typically say. So typically when you click one of these pages, it's going to be a page giving you advice on how to submit one and just the information you need to follow some guidelines and requirements. So you can see on sorrow Russell, Be scroll down. Here's some advice. Do some proper research, piece of high-quality content. They even give you some information about what to do in your title, so make sure it's attractive. They even give you some advice on the amount of words that you have in your guest post. So tons of information on here as well. And if you scroll to the bottom, you'll see you have some contact details to get in touch with the owner of the site and submit your guest posts. However, before we do that, we want to determine if the site is a good side. I'd like I said in the last video, you don't want to be getting links of sites that aren't good. So to check if the site is good, we're going to be using the same five criteria as we went through in the last video. So awesome on the side. And let's go and look at other articles she's posted just to get a feel of how they look. So let's open that and any type of goal for her into a category. And this will show me all of it, all what school to deal with home interior. So we have the art or guardian indoor trees, five common interior painting mistakes to avoid. You can see bespoke storage solution. So again, before I even click into articles, you can see a site is updated frequently. We have ossicle in January, which has this month. We have one in December, we have two in November. We actually have free and of MSIs is good, It's all good signs. Just look at this art school as an example. We can see the OT school is obviously about painting and traits away we have an image at the top which is a pain sensation down, drinking and maybe tea or coffee, who knows, could even be as maybe who knows. But essentially, as you can see, the image is relevant to what the article is about, which is good. We can see the content is nicely formatted. It's very nice and clean as well, very easy on the eyes. And you can see at the bottom it says is our school was brought to us by Grand Rapids painters over at hilus profits. So this could potentially be a guest post that these guys have submitted to her. Sorry. So this is all good things as you can see how your guess most would potentially look as well. So. Go ahead now and look at the domain authority and page authority. So we can just say most chrome bar extension. Skip that click. You will see the page authority is 21 and the main authority is 25. So as discussed in the previous video, typically we like to get links from sites I have at least a page and domain authority of 30 and above, however, wildly. So the general rule, you can't go below that if you feel this site is relevant, that number 30 isn't a hard rule. It's just a guide to ensure we can fill it out the majority or the low quality sites so there wouldn't be any harm and get a link from a domain authority 20, sorry, if you're super relevant, it could just be a case where that site, for example, it hasn't done any SEO. However, they could have a big fan base on social media. However, on the flip side, the site was domain authority 20, and it wasn't relevant to what we do at all. I wouldn't advise you get a link from it. For example, if I'm a plumber and the site was about financial maybe tax returns and stuff like that. That isn't relevant, so I wouldn't go ahead and get a link from that. So page authority 21 is nine points lower. It's not the end of the world is 9, just not that big. Domain authority, 25, 75 points below. So, so far, everything seems pretty good to me. So now what I wanna do is go over to SEMrush and check out the sites traffic and to see how many keywords APS for. So let's do that now. Let's go to SEMrush, plug-in the URL, and click Search. All right, So the information has now populated. And as we can see, organic search traffic a month again, eight visitors, which is extremely low, but typically you want to go for links or links on sites that have at least 200 visitors a month. So again, a is extremely low, or you can drop it and go to 100 to be fair, it going to give it a little bit more leeway. However, eight is extremely low, so the fact they have such little traffic means are probably going to pay for not that many keywords. So as you can see, they pay a 437 keywords, so 47, it's not the lowest. However, as a site is on page one and it's at the top of page 1, I will split into a pay for a lot more keywords and have a lot more traffic. However, in fact they don't is not a good indication. So based on these two points alone, this should be a red flag. And I wouldn't actually go ahead and get a link on this site. So I'm glad this came up as it's a good way to show you exactly how a site can look really good and clean on the surface, articles look amazing. However, when you actually inspect the back-end of the site is not the most promising. So let's look and find another site. Let's go for this one. Pat the old UK for example. Let's close these tabs so it computes will be a little bit faster. So we can see that what instructions are right for us. Guest blogging guidelines and give you more information about the word count, which is really good. And you can see on this one you can actually submit a guest post or using the form here, so there'll be no email. So again, you can use the same template. So try and find the person's name. If you can't find a name, just simply proceed the website name. So say hello, say hi or hello Pat for example. So you can fill that in. So let's look at this site. You can check previous articles. For example, if you go for the blog, Let's have a look at the blog. So you've got baseball team designs for retirees, so you could look at that one as well, that one's the most recent. See your image at the top which is relevant, which is good. They go a link to the bathroom, which if you check the bottom hand corner of the screen, it says how speeds So actually linking to another website would house beautiful, which is okay. Then we have a link to the spruce. That could be, I'm not sure what it is. Have a look at these links actually, just to make sure sometimes science thing cart to other authoritative sites as a source of information. Easy to clean. Sound screening just seems to be another site. So there's three links in this site in total. So the first link will be to this side, which is the Spruce. So this potentially could be the psi is then consumed. So to sign up once a guest posts, I'm not too sure. Then we have this one which is House Beautiful. Clearly sits on that. Which I'm not too sure what this is. It could just be design ideas. Like I said, this could just be links to other websites, which is backing up what they say. So let's just imagine, for example, this article had one link go into one side. That would be a good science. So the next thing to do again with a check page authority and domain authority. So if I check that right now, we see you have pay deformity 20 and we have domain authority 37. So 37 is pretty high as seven points. What I recommend domain authority is ten points below. However, because it's a seven-point is high. If you work out the difference is only free points lower. So on the whole, this is a pretty good site. Let's go ahead and check out the traffic now, which is a main thing. So let's type in the org and then go over to SEMrush. Oh, it's got a little dots out there. And then click Search. So you can see it's got 2000 about things already, which is pretty good. That's a lot of backlinks to have. And you can see the site roughly has over 500 million visitors to the site every single month, which is really good. So that's positive test. If we scroll down as well, usually the top organic keywords, 369, which is a decent amount of keywords. So again, this slide for me would be a green light. You can also check the traffic trend on the right as well. So you can check the traffic for the last year. You can see the traffic is being stable as well. We can even check the last two years. Very, very stable indeed. So this site for me would be a green light. So what I'll do next, I'll add the sites you might live. So I would copy the URL and I would go over to my guest posting opportunities template. I will plug it in the website right here. Outputs in the page of pharmacy which I'm pretty sure was 20 was it just have a look at that again. Page authority 20 domain forward, see 47. So if in 20 and an opera in 37, traffic, put 500, 500 plus article written inside the moment I know Oscar submitted, no. So what I need to do is now again, oh, it's cool person for this site that lets you get featured on the site as a guest post. So before obviously do that, I need to then get in touch with them with my template message and figure out what I'm going to write it out first. So when you use a template to attract, well you're battling. It makes it super, super important. So the idea is any site you feel like it's worthy to get a backlink off guest next opportunity, you want to list it here and it lists out all of the metrics. So over time, what will happen is you'll have about ten different websites. You can simply look at the metrics, which is the most powerful site, which has the biggest page authority and domain of pharmacy and have reached out to them sites and then, you know, kind of what side should be a link. So on going forward, the, when you have the article written, an article submitted, it makes it very easy to keep track of what's going on, what life was you might have out, what one genes get written as when you start doing this at scale for OBC, lots of clients, if you're going to offer guest posts in as a Service, you're going to have tons of guest posts go not every single mom. So having a template like this just makes it super easy to manage. 15. Link Building Strategy 02 - Steal Your Competitors Backlinks: another method to generate high quality back. Thanks for your website. It's a local, the back links your competitors have. So the beauty of this is you can go through the wholeness and simply cherry pick the ones you think of good on, build them out for your website, too. So the first we need to do is hyping a key where we want to target, such as floor in contract, richer in Virginia. This will then return some companies. We are competing in our local area, so it's important that looked out on local companies and not the big, the generation company said. We want to avoid looking at Angieslist Porch, for example. So obviously we have a little finishing on page one as well. Gonna ignore these guys. That's that's obviously us. Let's go for a costume for law. So let's have a look at what back links these guys have. So let's get custom floors. I'm going to go over to say much to do this, just like we've done many times in the past. We're gonna copy in the website domain name and then click search. Just looking at that site whilst us load in the side of a pretty good, honest view. So I'm hoping it do have, ah, decent amount off bat wings in there. Just wait for some rush to load now, which didn't take too long to the information has now populated, and it's loaded just again. Make sure you have the right database selected, so we do have United States Now. What we can do is click the number that says back links so that you have quite a lot back links over 100,000 different back links from 269 different websites. So the science they do have linking to them, they seem to be linked to him a multiple time, which is quite interesting. So let's go ahead and look at their back links, right? Information has now populated, and as you can see, it was last updated nine days ago now, So just over a week ago, which is good, as it means, information is up to date. So before you start looking at all the back links, you want to make sure you have the followed tab selected, so so much will only show you back. Links out. Do follow. If you have this selected if you have or links or even no follow. What will happen is so much will show you a mix of follow on no follow links, which, as we know from the last video in this training course, we don't want to be building a guest post links that are no follow as no Father link. Don't provide any s e o value at all. So no violence are typically for citation. So when you're building a guest post, you wanna have follow links selected. So as a result, now we can see or the do follow links for this website. We could score down to get one on fully poor ventures. For example, was one on a Richmond magazine which it most likely is gonna be mentioned in them as a business in Richmond. They want to find a link on a site which we know is gonna be a guest post. So typically you can figure out by the name of the site. So on the you are also insights to help keep your hardwood floors shiny and will maintain so potentially this could be actually a guest post opportunity That's open that in a new tab, and we've got this one right here. How to grout like a process. Let's look at these two links. So the first is on Meilin website. So seems to be a female blogger up, and you could see it's just a general high school about Manti Te'o Harbor floors shiny and well maintained, So the content seems to be pretty decent. In lymph. You can see there's a link right here, which is it is recommended. So it's probably just a recommendation to an authority site in this industry keeps going down, we'll see, is a link here talking about cost and floor. So use these tips to maintain your harbor floors and keep them looking nice for more information. Contact companies like costing floors so potentially we've actually reach out to this site and say, Hey, I saw you had a heart school talking about hardwood floors. Are you interested in getting another hardwood floor article mentioned on your site? Potentially, I can cover topics such as How much do hardwood floors cost? And as a result, if you didn't get that article written, send it across to Marilyn and then shooting it posted on her site. So it was that the second link we found, we could see its house of ground like a pro was published in 2000 and 16 on Essentials article Just talking about have to grout your floor like a pro. And as you can see at the end of the article, it says for tile installation, contact a company such as cost in floors. So this is an example of a novel in we could then got and get for our site. So again it with the same process, it would simply be going on this site used in a contact form and just saying, Hey, I know you have night school talking about how to grout like a pro. Are you open to having more articles like this on your site? If so, I would love to write one for you. Here's Article one or Topic one topic to topic free. Which one would you like to go ahead with their then tell you what topic they like you to go ahead, get it written, send it across to them, and then you now have a guest post on both of these sites. So it's an extremely powerful method as you can essentially filter fruit all of their back links on, then See? What? Would you like to get a link? Um, of course. When you're evaluating the link, you want to follow the same five points of criteria. Make sure you have good traffic. Domain affords in page authority. This is just an overview to show you how we find opportunities in the first place. 16. Link Building Strategy 03 - Sponsorships: Strategy, free sponsorships, sponsorship Link building, as it sounds, involves going out and finding a sponsorship opportunities relevant to your city. Keyword being local to your city. The reason why you want to focus on opportunities relevant to your city is you'll get the additional benefit in the link which will be GO relevancy. As we already know, links are important for ranking in Google when we haven't linked from a local entity such as a business or maybe even a local sports team, for example. We are also increasing our local relevance as well. So it's kind of like killing two birds with one stone. The team members, you can use the findings opportunities both involve using Google search operators. Essentially, we're going to be looking for pages that have the word sponsorship in either the URL or the patient I saw. So let's head over to Google and see this in action right now. And I'm simply going to carry a search out for the site operator, which was in URL, sponsorship city name. So for me to see two names obviously going to be rich in Virginia as that, as a city I'm targeting with the business. So let's search for that. If you do get this to come up, it just means you've done a few such operators in a short space of time. So just get rid of that click on a robot and you should get results popping through. So don't worry about that box in D, It's just Google making sure you're not a spammer or like a variable for example. So now the results have loaded. You can see I've got Indeed, which is obviously a job websites. I want to ignore that one. Go visit Richmond, which is really good as they have the myLocation in the domain name Richmond, which meant if I got a link from them that will pause tons and tons of GI relevancy. So that's a good one to find SRE away. We've got urgent sponsor job enrichment. So again, that'll be a job. I'm not looking for jobs here. I've got crew at Richmond sponsorship. They have enrichment address. This potentially be and I have a good one. We've got spooked You can also go in the later pages on Google to find more opportunities. It won't only just be page one. Say for example, I'm on page two now. And we've got this example site right here, sponsorship opportunities. So I've got four open in total now. So you can see there's quite a lot of opportunity. So wanna do is go and look at the science into bit more detail. So when you're analyzing the science, it's not the same five criteria points as when determining if the link is good as he's a sponsorship opportunities and it thinks it from local companies, you can be a little more lenient on what you kind of mountain down upon. So for example, I wouldn't worry about how it's traveling to have what keywords they appear for a small bow again and linked from a local site so we can see it. We've got a visit Richmond, This is the first site and it should be sponsoring by the looks of it every region, tourism or events. So again, depending on what you want to sponsor, you can get and talk to these guys and just figure out how much it is that she get a sponsor link. And obviously really important as well. We want to figure out what you're actually spoken to you and what you're paying for. So this is another great way. So what I'm gonna do, this side looks very good. And just to make sure as well, they are based enriched in Virginia, as I can see that from the street address. And obviously it's apparent from the name. So I'm going to lock this one on our spreadsheet. So you can see it's a similar spreadsheet we're using for the guest post. However, as you can see, I've removed the elements which we don't need such that the traffic and so on. So I'm going to plug it in the website URL, and now I want to get the page authority and domain authority. So again, you don't need to be too tough with this. As like I said, this is more of a local business. So again, Jia relevance alphabet as well. So if we click the more extension, you will see a page or pharmacy 26, domain of Pharmacy 55. So again, actually really good numbers anyway, 26 and 55. So I'm going to fill that in. 26 and 55. So I'm not sure how much it is the sponsor for that. You're going to get in touch with these people and find out something about the alpha-1, which there is a crew You can see a painter for IoT 13 and 14. 14. So again, a little bit low, but it's nothing to worry about as we're getting the CIO relevant link. So it would've been a sponsorship opportunities. Wow, very expensive. $5 thousand. That's where my budget. We've got $2 thousand. I mean, got 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0. The cheapest seems to be 500. Wish to be phased, still a lot of money. So I'm just gonna close this one. However, if that is within your budget, do feel free to go ahead and contact these guys. For me that's over my budget, so I'm gonna skip that one. Next slide we have opened is sport So I'm not actually sure where they are based on, actually based in Richmond. However. And if you see I've got domain in pharmacy 47 and pay difficulty of 28. So again, pretty good numbers out there. Sean, scroll down and see what these clients are actually based. Can't see a database in Richmond, Virginia. So again, this can be a very good opportunity of sponsoring assigned to do with sports. So I'm going to copy this, go back to my spreadsheet, page authority and domain. Of course, you're pretty sure it was 2847. So 2847. So again, just me keeping a log of all the sites and how powerful L. And we get the last one we can see we've got Virginia energy efficiency council. So again, it seems to be the council in Virginia paid Authority 19 domain in Florence 122. Just add that to our spreadsheet, 19221926 quotes copy the URL. Let's just get that in there as well. And let's see if they have a price to sponsor on here to be fed. Well, I'm actually even sponsoring, Let's see, because I said it is quite important to me. I don't want to respond to anything just for the link. It's nice to actually have more impact as well. So let's click this to view the opportunities, I guess by the sounds of the website. And it would be related to energy efficiency, which is our saving the planet, which is great. I'll be happy to sponsor a site like this. And you can see they have prices which actually started as cheapest thoughts out a $100. So again, I'll just get back to my spreadsheet and I'll put four. I sponsor a 100 and here would be a 100 pound himself. Convert that to the right currency. Which for me would be currency in this instance. So I would just go for United States, 0, 0, 0, that'll be a Spanish currency. We don't want that one. That's code to this one, English United States. And they click, Okay, so that's the right currency. And then now so the beauty of this is when you start going through the first 10 pages on Google, you really start to get tons of local sponsorship opportunity for your business. And it's extremely powerful. So what we just don't own Google. It was the first one which was in URL of sponsorship city name. You can then rinse and repeat and go entitle and do exactly the same things that Google will return. Oldest ones opportunities that have sponsorship in the title. So again, you'll find probably another 50 more using this method here. So it's extremely powerful method, make sure you do incorporate it into your link building campaign. 17. Link Building Strategy 04 - Local Content Assets: Strategy four creates a local content asset. So local content asset is a piece of content. You create that as an asset to you, answer someone else. So typically the best way to create them is what we call these in an infographic. You haven't heard of the term infographic before. Essentially it's literally an image that provides information in a graphical form, so such as the US. So here we have an infographic for London. So you can see within this infographic, there's multiple sections, such as annual visit to the most famous sites of London. So then you have the Big Ben or the House of Parliament, and you've got Tower Bridge, you've got some Paul's Cathedral, we've got London. I didn't have other sections as well. Traditional travel school wherever. So black cab or a London bus. So you can see essentially what is image is doing is giving you tons of information about London. So you might be thinking, this is great, but how do I apply it to my business? And most importantly, how do I get links from it? We can use the same principle and use the same strategy and apply it to our business to say, for example, for level finish, I could create an infographic saying the five best coffee shops in Richmond, Virginia. And then in the infographic I would cover the top five coffee shops, like coffee shop 12345. And then I would make the infographic and they'll get it, add it to the blog on my website. Once it's added on a blog on my website, I would then reach out to ease that five local coffee shops and say, Hey, I made these amazing infographic talking about the five best coffee shops in Richmond. Hi guys. I mentioned, Would you mind check me out and added delinquent of sight reference and into Azure as well. Because I mentioned in the top five coffee shops in Richmond, the organ, I want to brag about it until that customer pain. I made it into the top five coffee shops enrichment. So as a result, you end up getting tons of links back to your site as well. So if you had five coffee shops and obviously get five links, if you put 10, then obviously would get 10. So as you can imagine, creating a local content asset is a great way to attract loads of geo relevant links as all these coffee shops would be based in Richmond and the OB link into you. So, so what we just covered is what we refer to as an advanced link building campaign. I can almost guarantee that the businesses you're competing with area, they aren't going to this extent to generate GO right of it links. So As you go ahead and get loaded his infographics generated, added to your blog, you're going to say Track tons of local GO relevant links. And over time you're going to build up your 40. I knew Gia relevance of your site and you got to blow these guys out of the water. So you're probably thinking, this is great by icon actually make this infographic myself. But obviously I would want for my blog, What do I do? It's actually a website called You might have seen in the past, essentially it's a marketplace where they set it on a offering services as you could go, digital mock-ups in variety and translation and so on and so on. If you round to and typed in infographic, you'll see tons of people provide an infographic as a service. So this person right here, which is just four pound and two pens, so very cheap. They have really good reviews as well. You've seen what they said, a half, a 12 pound, 15, 16, one for 24 pounds. So depending on your budget, dependent on what setting you go with, however, I would say as long as the reviews are good and they should be okay to go ahead. And typically I wouldn't recommend Fiverr. So most people, as it loads the services on there which are really, really bad, like for example, digital monkey and a lot of SEO stuff you can get done on Nan like you can buy backlinks and stuff like that. But the bat Thanks, never end up being good. So I wouldn't recommend it for stuff like that. Just use it for the infographic. That's exactly what we do for our clients when it comes to link building, super, super powerful method guys. So make sure you do incorporate this in your link building campaign. 18. Link Building Strategy 05 - Forum Link Building: Strategy number 5, forum link building. Forum link building, as it sounds, involves going out and finding relevant forums and secure in a link from within them. It's good for two reasons. The first is when you get a link within irrelevant forum allows you to drive targeted traffic to your website that is super powerful, as we already know, Link Bowden has SEO benefit. However, if you can get an additional benefit of driving targeted traffic to your site as well. That's also a bonus for link building is also good because it allows you to establish relationships with influences inside your industry as well. So a lot of the time you'll find influences and people of authority will hang out in these forums as well. So, so you can then build a relationship with these people and that can potentially help you link Bowden efforts going forward. So how do you find these LinkedIn Forums? So there's a couple of ways, was actually six ways in total. So 06 ways involve using Google says operates is you can go over to Google and type in forum plus niche. Obviously you'd replace nice with the nice you actually targets in. So for me with level of finish, that OCB, Florian or home improvement, you can try it different in Google operates as such as niche Plus Discussion Board. You can try a niche in URL forward slash forums, or you can also go for any of these for you. So niche powered by V, but let's say you weren't powered by V button in speech marks. Just say, you know, Google is returning all the website that she powered by a bee. But let's in which if you didn't know, is often used by websites, wooden crates in forums, you can use in URL forums slash niche in title forums slash nature. Again, tons of different variations. So what I'm gonna do now is go over to Google. So exactly how you can use every single one of these to find the forum that are relevant to your website. So again, in this course, I don't just want to give you information. I want to show you a step-by-step process for each and every single one too. So let's head over to Google right now. Okay, So, uh, now on Google, and what I'm gonna do is use one of my Google search operators. So these are the ones you were to saw a few seconds ago in my slide set of statements about 14 plus niche. Go over to Google and then paste that in there. Before I click ends up, I obviously want to replace the word niche with a nice, I'm actually targeted. And so as level finished a sigh I showed you earlier on in the course is all about fluorine, fluorine contracts. What he says is right here, I want to replace the word niche with fluorine as, as a main niche, I'm targeting This building floor in like so. And as you can see, I now have tons of results, had the floor and forum. I've got some vinyl form up here. I've got Florida advice for him about DALYs bolted are also tons and tons of forums. So if you carry out the search and you don't see any forums in your industry, what you wanna do it take about in one step. So like I said, we have level of finish is all about fluorine. However, if nothing comes out for fluorine, what I would do is go one step further and target the broader niche, which would be home improvement as long as you're getting your floor and Dan come on the home improvement, however, I don't need to do that in this instance because I had loads of results. So let's just scroll down and pick anyone at random. You can see we've got this one right here. It would laminate floor and forum. Hard to say it's a ghetto florin form. Well, if I'd give this an open right now, you can see this is a dedicated forum all about wood and lamina fluorine. So we scroll down right now and it should open any one at random. Let's just go for this one, cleaning, polishing, oak fluorine off the build. You can see you've got a few members in. Hey, you've got Joe 90, CPD, gnawed. Joe 90 again seems to be quite active. You've got pizza w, and you can see pizza w is actually posted a link to a website. It seems to be a lamina product. By looking at the URL, we've got lamina and products but give it open. We can see, yes, again, so open about a laminate protective coat in. So again, super, super relevant. So what we can actually do is join this forum by signing up. Should be free. Do bear in mind some form. Do actually charge you to sign up. I recommend staying away from them. You don't actually need to pay to get links. Ids is tons of forms which are free. And as you can see this one it's actually free. Just name, email, password, confirm as well. The numbers that come off at 1213. I'm already create your account orange. Every account you might need to be approved account take 24 hours. However, not all forums do that sometime you can assign it to a forum and get approval instantly and enjoying the forum and post a comment. Like I said, we just found a forum which is relevant for us. We don't just want to join this forum and then paste a link to one of our pages like this, Hollywood for example, in a copying that and then go into the forum. Paste in that and I can submit that as a worse thing we're gonna do. What you wanna do is actually take part in the conversation. So as you can see, the conversation, just have a quick look. All on the 12th of 19, so I can't tell which is the latest comment. Typically, it's the one at the bottom. Personally, I think it looks better with a sill finish rather than gloss. So you can see the conversation is about silk finish and gloss on oak fluorine. So you can just join and say, Hey, my name is George for example, on personally think silk finish looks better than gloss on an oak fluorine. And then say something along the lines of, I actually got my fluorines store by a company called level finish, check them out and then paste the URL to level finishes page. As you can see, I've managed to get my Lincoln to the forum without sounding spammy or just kinda full Senate. So it's all about getting it done natural. If you go ahead and join the 1000 forums, and it should just post a link to your website, the UX gonna get blocks. I mean, she spent a little bit of time and effort if you're going to find yourself in the future. So like I said, I'll just call it one example of a central brain saw, again, you could do exactly the same things that go with Google. Pay niche, which should be fluorine, and then go for discussion board. And you can see again, I've got different websites coming up right here. I've got Facebook born dances, wood floor and business. I've got hardwood floor and So against exactly the same for all of these. Go for this one. Just to show you. I want to place niche with fluorine. See what comes up of what package in floor forums, like what floor sign-in prompts again, tons and tons of forum. So again, do take the time and I might be good idea to actually combine all of these into one big spreadsheet for all the URLs. Use one email and sign up because what you find as well when you start date before we do it in your email address every time you want to sign up and submit a comment. So instead of having all of the email spam in your main inbox, you can't actually just create a new email inbox and use that just for form link. Go ahead. And so hopefully you found that useful. And I'll see you in the next video going through and novel encoding strategy. I'll see you there. 19. Link Building Strategy 06 - Resource Pages: strategy. Six Resource A Link Building resource pages are pages that link out awesome content on a given topic. Because these pages exist for the sole purpose of Lincoln out, they make perfect link building targets. So as you can see from the image on the right, I have a screenshot of a resource page from the website called the Baking Pan. So the baking pan is a website all to do with bacon, cheesecake recipes and so on, and you can see on that website the owner has put a page up, which is to do with Resource is so you can see from the text right here, it says links the blocks that have inspired me on longer websites that I enjoy browsing and then below that they're blinked out. That's hunt of different websites that obviously inspired the person who owns the website so we can actually use um, Google search operators to find pages just like this from within our industry and then reach out to them and try and get a link to There's free steps to this process. The first step one find relevant resource pages step to find the best fit content, so This should be the content that fits best to the resource page that you found Step free is reach out and let the website owner no and then try and get the link. So let's take a look at Step one now resource pages Finding them so there's four search operators you can use to find resource pages is pretty more than four. However, these before that I find work the best. The first is that niche plus in your own links. Then you've got niche plus helpful Resource is then we've got niche plus useful resource is on then niche plus useful links. So again, all different variations just to find resource pages. So let's head over to Google right now and fire some resource pages for level finish, right? So when out on Google and what going to do is use Our Google search operates is to find some resource pages. So I've already got a tab open, which covers or the Google search operators to find some resource pages. So, for example, in this video, I'll just used the last one go over to Google and then paste it on. Then, of course, I want to replace the word niche with a niche I'm actually targeting. So for me it's going to be Floren on directly enter. So as you can see now, Google has returned tons of resource pages to me and I said, You have to go through them and see which ones irrelevant. So let's open this one. Let's go for this one on. Let's go for that. Let's do free for now just to give you guys an idea of what to look for. So we go for the 1st 1 we can see it, see if a the or the UK so typically, when you see that always obviously stands for organization. So typically on the resource pages that link up to big authority website. So you see, you've got the official magazine off Contract Florin Association, which sounds quite big. I should say we've got industry training association again. Sounds quite big, so it probably isn't a good fit for us. I'm going to give this one a close. We've got this website right here called just wood and some useful links for hardwood floor and services on advice. So this sound absolutely perfect. Obviously level finishes about Florin weaken definitely reach out to these guys. We're gonna have tons of blobs on our site, which gives tons of a device to the use of so tons off benefits. So this will be a good fit. This one Is that the same website you got? Just work. Useful links. Okay, so this is the same page about different you, Earl? Slightly. But essentially, this would be another good fit. So let's go down there. See what direct florin is. I can tell already from the IRO. It's just gonna be the home page isn't gonna be a good fit. So essentially, this is a process you guys need to follow. Just go over to Google, get your google strings. Usual useful resource is so actually just changes up here. Useful resource is which is another one. And I get a list of different websites. So again, just the same process go through them to see which ones are going to be applicable to you. So this is step one on This shows you exactly how you can find some resource pages on websites in your industry. So now over to step two. Okay, so now we found some website. So for example, this website right here. What we gonna do now is move on to step two on find our best fit content. So if I go over to level finish, let's close this tab. If I go to our block, just bear in mind. Now this page is all about some useful links for hardwood floor in services on advice. So I want to do is go over to level finishes, block the reason I'm going to the block on, not a standard service pages. Typically you're more likely to get a link place when you provide a resource Actually has value. So a block post. So I go to my vlog on, then scroll down and go for hardwood. As always, the resource pages will about hardwood. I have 12 free for four different block posts in total about hardwood. So I could just go for this. One different types of hardwood finishes on This tells me straight away this is a perfect fit for this resource page as this resource pages asking for useful links about hardwood floor in services or advice. So again, I have now found content that suits if you don't have content on your website to sue every source page. Why I recommend you do is actually go and create a simple blood post. It doesn't need to be too long, I would say roughly at least 750 words. You don't need to go overboard and have 3000 words. For example, just saying that is very valuable. Get straight to the point you know doesn't really be around the bush. That should be more than sufficient. Once you have that, you can then reach out to the website. So don't move on to step free if you haven't completed step to make sure you have a piece of content, which is a good fit for the resource page, step Free said. Now we want to reach out to the website and try and get our content place. So this is a template I've used before in the past. It works extremely well. I think actually got it from Brian Deane. I can't remember it over my head, but essentially you want to reach out to the website and just say hi name, which was the name of the Web site or another person's name that's even better and simply just say I was goofing around for some content about topics, So the top it would be the industry are targeting. So for me, it would be Florin. So I was Googling around for content about Florida this morning when I came across your excellent resource page and the new link to the Resource page. I just wanted to say that you're paid Help me a ton. I would have never found the resource they linked to without it. It's funny. I recently published a guide on Topics Again Florin. Last month it's and then give a brief description about what you published Here it is in case you like to check it out than you put a girl to your blood close, for example. Also, my guide might make a nice addition to your page even way Frank Serpent. To give you a list of resource is and have a great day talk soon your name, which may be Josh. So as you can tell from this email, I'm not playing too much pressure at all. I'm simply saying that I carried out a search early this morning. I found the resource page, and it just turns out there actually are a blow post, which is a perfect fit for the resource page. And then below that I actually link to my page, which I believe is a good fit. And then at the end, I just said to him, Hey, either way, thank you, put it together and have a great day, So there's no pressure for them to add my pay to the resource page. It's all, however, because I asked nicely nine times out of 10 they're gonna go and add it anyway. So that is what I used to do. Bear in mind, don't just copy and paste this template. You are going to want to switch up a little bit, as I do know a few other people using this template as well. And the more people that use it over to, the less effective is going to be so. That is how you secure links from resource pages 20. Link Building Strategy 07 - Broken Link Building: Strategy number seven, broken link building. Broken link building is a great all-time favorite of many link builders. Y. Instead of straight up begging for links with broken link Nord in, you actually add value to someone's website. It's quite similar to the resource link building in the fact that it has the same amount of steps. So it has three steps. The very similar step, one is fine, irrelevant resource pages. The reason why we ought to go for a resource pages instead of a standard blog is as you would have seen in the last video, resource pages had the most links on the page, which inferior means it's more likely for a link to be broken on that page. So step one is find the relevant resource pages. Step two is fine broken links on that page. And then step three is reach out to those websites, let them know about the broken links and asked him to link to your content instead. So let's look at step one and a bit more detail. I'll go for this fairly quickly as we've gone through this already in the last video. However, as you can see, we use Google search operators to find resource pages is exactly the same process and exactly the same Google search operators As we use to find them in the resource link building page. So let's go over to Google right now and find some resource pages. So as you can see, I'm over on Google. So the first thing I want to do is find some resource pages. Again, I've just use a simple Google search operator, one I've used in the past. However, instead of using level of finish in this example, I'm going to pretend I actually own a gluten free blog. So I'm going to change the word niche by gluten free and then click Search. And now you can see Google has returned all of these websites which all relevant and about gluten free. So I've got one cool, authentic So let's give this an open, now found a resource page which is relevant to my website. So all I want to do now is find a broken link on his website. So instead of meat chicken, each link manually open a new tab and then checking if it works. If it doesn't work, well, you can actually do misconduct on that. Sorry. So like I said, instead of opening every link individually, isn't that much fun. As you can see, this one's fine. This one is privacy era. This one's loading. It just takes too much time. So what you can actually do is install this free Google Chrome extension. It's called check my links to find it simply just go over to Google and type in check my links, Chrome extension. And you should find it number one, which is this one right here. That open, I should open the same page I just showed you. So what you wanna do is open this page and then installed the Chrome extension. Once you have it installed in your browser, it will look like this. You have this little icon appear up here. And essentially once you have this installed, you can go over to any resource page or any page in that muscle and simply give it a click and it will scan every single link on that page and tell you if the URL is valid or invalid. So we weren't the ones are invalid, so does currently four links which are invalid on this page, which is great because it's the first website I actually clicked. So we've got this one right here which is invalid and this is under gluten-free communities online. And like I said in this example, I own a gluten free blog, also community. So this isn't probably a good fit for me. We've got some gluten-free Blogs down here, which is really good. And the list they had to have this one and this one which is invalid it because they're both red. So if we open this in a new tab just to prove these websites don't actually work. We've got a WordPress era for this one, authentic foods. And we also have an error for book of young. Again, both pages, don't worry. However, the website owner might not be aware of this. So this is what we can come in and let them know about the broken link and give them an alternative. So let's copy this URL right now. Let's go over to our PowerPoint slides and I'll talk you through the next step, as we've already found a website of a broken link, which is a perfect fit for us. So now we've found irrelevant website with a broken link. What we need to do now is simply reach out to the website and make them aware of that and get them to link to our content instead. So this is the template I typically send out when I find the websites who have broken links on them. So it's very simple and straight to the point it says, Hi, name. Are you still updating your site? Why was I shuffle content on topic when I came a CTO, excellent page, link to the resource page. However, I notice a few things didn't seem to be working. List of broken links are recently published, some content on my blog which covers exactly what the broken link should have in more detail. It would make a great replacement. Then I link to the broken link. Either way, I hope this helped you out fangs, your name. So there's not that much pressure at all. I'm applying in his e-mail is pretty laid back. However, I'm adding tons of value. I'm an owner know that one of the links on the website is broken and I'm also giving them an alternative to link out to, which is actually better than the original one. So it's a win-win for me and a win-win for them. So a great situation to be in. So essentially that is how you carry out a broken link building campaign. 21. Link Building Strategy 08 - Skyscraper Link Building: Strategy Number 8, skyscraper link building. The skyscraper technique is a LinkedNode and strategy where you improve existing popular content and replicate the backlinks. This worked extremely well as we're going to be creating continent which we know is already popular and then reach out to those websites and linking into their original content. And then ask them to link to our website. Say what's good for two reasons. The first is we're creating something that people already linked to. See the whole process is kinda valid and verified already. And number two, we're reaching out to the same people who have already shown interest in Lincoln. It's a similar content. So the chances of them linking to your new content is going to be quite high. So there's three steps to the skyscraper technique. The first is you want to find a relevant piece of content. We have lots of backlinks. The second is you want to create something that's way better. And the third, you want to ask those Lincoln to their original piece of content to link to your superior content instead. So let's go over to Google now and I'll show you how we can find the piece of content. We have tons of backlinks in your industry right now over on Google. And for the purpose of this training video, let us imagine I own a fitness blog which specializes in how to lose weight, weight loss plan, diets, hips at a whole blog is focused on weight loss and how you can improve the overall health. So I want to now find something which is extremely popular within my industry. So you can't just go to Google and type in light weight loss. And you can get tons of ideas of what people are talking about and just a word of advice as well. When you do go over to Google and type in broad like this, make sure you do keep it broad. So like I just said, my blog talks about weight loss and stuff like that. Notice I've just gone on to Google and I typed in weight loss very, very broad. I haven't typed in weight loss for men over 50, for example, that is too specific. You want to keep it as broad as you can to ensure you get the most results back, which would give you the most ideas. So essentially what you wanna do is carry out a search like so, so mine will be weight loss. So if your website is about say, music, you might want to type in best songs of 2000s or best songs in the 80s. If your website is about pets and dogs, for example, you might want to type in something like dog collars or dog harnesses, something along those lines, just keep it broad. So I've typed in weight loss. I've got all these results down here. So Google has now returned to me tons of results which are all relevant to do with weight loss. However, I need to determine now which one of these websites had the most links pointing to them. So I can simply copy 100 this copy link address and then go over to SEMrush and then paste that in. So again, this is just a tool I showed you guys earlier on in the course. You can get access to the software for seven days for free. So it wasn't a penny. So as you can see, I've plugged in the URL. I now wanna make sure I flip back links from the side, or you can do it from up here as well, just whatever suits your preference. So now the page is loaded and we can see if I go, Oh, bought two backlinks over here. Just get a bit more detail. We can now see this page has to point to referring domains. So referring domain is essentially a one unique website which links to this page. So this tells me there's 2200 websites which linked to this URL, which is pretty good. So now another painter lot backlinks. I want to have a look at the actual page just to see what he's talking about and if we can actually beat it out. So how to lose weight fast, free, simple steps based on Stein. So pretty good opportunity, 2200 backlinks. Another way you can find opportunities is actually go over to SEMrush. Go back to the main header where you have the dashboard there typing the same keyword as well. So I've had type in weight loss. This is actually my preference. I prefer to do it this way. However, if you don't have access to SEMrush and you haven't signed up, then you can just do it the way I just showed you. So I've just typed in weight loss and you can see this keyword gets searched for 201 thousand times a month, which is unloaded times indeed, you can see if we scroll down, we've got some phase match related keywords, and I've got some related keywords right here. So the phrase match keywords is weight loss. At Dell weight loss, weight loss pill is weightless calculator. So again, probably not the best things that she writes about. If I want to go over to this part right here, view full report, which would be the full report for the related keywords. Just want get some more keyword ideas. I'm now going to filter the keywords. So show me the ones that had the biggest search volume first, as easy to keywords which are most likely to attract the most link. So you can see we've got these keywords right here. How to lose weight fast. We've got how to lose weight. Best way to lose weight to these keywords are a little bit more targeted and a little more specific. However, they're not too specific. We're going to get very few results. So let's go ahead with this keyword right here. This is my favorite. So now I verified my keyword. I simply want to go back to Google and search for that keyword. So how to lose weight force? We do already have this article as an option. As we know it's popular, it has tons of links and it's within our industry. However, I just wanna see if I can find anything a little bit better. So scroll down. I've got a seven step plan to lose 10 pounds in just one week. Sounds okay. How are you? I'm sure we can do a little bit better. We've got how to lose weight. Top 18 simple tips by diet, DR. that sounds okay. And we've got how to lose weight fast. First you five ways to burn fat for quicker. I'm not sure what it says after that as it takes actually goes off. So I like the sound of this one. How to lose weight far, so again, it now I found another piece of content. I want to check that it has a lot of backlinks just to make sure we can actually use it. So I'm gonna open seven brush again. And just to log back in, I should have left the tab opened the first time. So let's paste in that URL and click Search. And now this has loaded. I want to go over here and click backlinks. Or I can just go up here and click backlinks analysis. It doesn't matter, it just comes down to preference. And now it is loaded. We can see it has 142 referring domain. So if you're not sure what they're referring domain is a friend domain is essentially one link from one website to another website, so it is a unique link. So essentially this tells us there's a 142 websites link into this URL. So this is a very good science. So we have two options now which can go ahead with, we can use how to lose weight, fault free, simple steps based on science. Or we can go for first five ways to lose weight fast and burn fats even faster. So I like the sound of this one, so I'm going to close this one right now and pretend this is the one I'm going to go ahead with. So I've now found a piece of content within my industry that has tons of backlinks. This is step 1. So now it's time to move over to step 2. So now we found the content we want to be. The next step is to create something better, take it to the next level and make it Epic. There are four ways you can do that. The first is length, post list 25 tips BCE it by listing more, forgiveness, check to see if the article is outdated. If it is, you can update it with new images, screenshots, and more information. Check out the design content isn't just about what's the visual appeal matters to make sure the design stands out. Deaf. Don't just list out things, fill in the details and make it actionable. That's all good advice, but don't fall into the trap of doing things just for the sake of it. For example, adding 25 mediocre tips to an existing list of 25 excellent tips isn't going to be an improvement. Show you a new version might be lengthier, but it's not added any real value is the same story for other improvements to add in a few low-quality illustrations isn't going to add way more value to the article Northeast crates in a more up-to-date Guide to say change at all in your car, something that hasn't changed much over the years. Bottom line, always fit for you whether improving any of these aspects genuinely adds value. So let's head over to the article we found earlier and just see how we can improve it to make it even better. So we're now looking at the same article. And like I said, one of the first things you can do to improve it is going to be lamps. So let's work out a link for this article. So I'm gonna show you exactly how you do that now. So you wanna go, Oh, it's his website called word counter dotnet. And essentially what you can do is copy and paste of words from another page into it, and it will tell you how many words that page is. So unfortunately for this example, to read the content, you actually have to view it like this one by one and then copy that and paste it into Word counts are, and then go to the next slide for one of 35 and do the same thing. So typically most content won't be like this. It will be on a standard blog posts format. So for me out of this manually, so I'm not going to sit here and do all 35 of them. I don't want to waste your time and boy, you, but essentially you get the idea. You want to figure out how long the content is and see if you can make those a little bit longer and more up-to-date. So an easy way you can do that is like I said in this list, this talks about 35 ways to lose weight fast in my new improved content, I can say faulty ways to lose weight. So I'm adding more value color, add in five more steps. Again, just make sure that additional five steps you add actually valuable and not just add it in for the sake of it just to have a longer list. So in a second, what I mentioned was freshness. So as you can see, this article came out on the 12th of March 2018. Well, currently in 2020, so 2-year the head or when this came out. So there could be a lot of new information. We can include an art school which wasn't available when this person punished the article. The third thing was at design. So personally I'm not a fan of design of this page is kind of like you click on a page to read the art school and just slide in through one little section. The homepage isn't about this. So some of my personal opinion, I do believe we can improve on the design of this page for all content. And the full part was depth. So again, just going through the content so we can see that it's actually a bit of depth to this content. That reason I say that is because they don't just list start meal prepping that give you a bit more information about Mill preppy and how it works and you know, the ins and outs of it. So again, we probably can't improve on a death that much. However, saying that somebody's are very broad, talk to a doctor and you have like four or five sentences right here, and then you have loved your body again very short. So potentially we can actually improve on a depth as well. So now we just covered is actually how we can improve consent. Okay, so, so far, we've covered how to find popular content, and we've also covered how you can improve that content to make yours and more superior. It's time to move it to the last phase now, which is to go out there and actually acquire the backlink. So please do bear in mind before you actually go over to the step. You do actually need to have your superior content produced before you actually go out there and message size. So do keep that in the back of your mind. So if you haven't actually produce your content already, you might want to go and do that. Now, once you have it, then you can move over to step three. So this works. Imagine you actually produce your amazing content and it's the best on the Internet. You are now on step three, which is acquire the link. So if we go over to SEMrush and plug-in at that website URL. So this is the website URL or the content we want to improve. Seems I've copied the URL, I've gone on to SEMrush and are now on the backlinks section right here. I want to go on the backlinks tab. So what I'm doing right now is I want to find out all the websites which link to this content. So I can then send a message to them or an email, whichever way you prefer to communicate. I've typically advise email and I want to let them know about my superior content and get them to link to mine instead. So as you can see, I've gone over two backlinks. And like I said earlier, this page currently has 142 unique websites link into it. So I want to go through that list and find out all those 142 websites. So if you look at the backlinks, you can see it says 836. That is way more than what I am seeing that the movement. So this is typically because some websites I Lincoln to the website more than once. So instead of counting as one, backlink is counting as twice. So what you wanna do is simply click the number one here. And this will ensure every links you see is counted once from one website and that number should match up perfectly with the amount of referring domain. So now it is 142 referring domains and 142 backlinks. So these are all the websites. You can see the soils page title and URL, and you can see the page and link which is obviously going to be the page we're trying to improve in regards to content. So what I wanna do now is explore all of this into an Excel spreadsheet so I can get all the information I need, which I can use when composing my e-mail. So let's go up here and click Export. And then click Excel is for now, download the file we shouldn't be on my desktop. I can open it from here and that would be an easier. So once you open it in a spreadsheet, it's going to look something like this. You do get quite a lot of information. There'll be intimidated as you don't actually need a lot of it we need is column B, C, and D. So the rest of the columns, we can actually delete these. We don't know, we don't actually need these. So let's get rid of all of these. This column can go as well, and we don't actually need this column right here. So all we need is the source tide, so the source URL, and we'll see the target URL. So the sole slides all this is essentially the title of the website that links to our target URL, which is going to be the content and right here, and the source URL is essentially the URL of the website that links to your page. So these are the three elements we need. I'm going to make them boat so it stands out a little bit better. And I'm gonna go over to data. Oh, it's not day, so sorry, Go to View and the freeze rows. I can just scroll for it like so it looks nice and tidy now. And now I'm going to go over to our PowerPoint and show you the exact template. So this is the template I use. So it just says Hi name. I was searching for some articles about your topic today and I came across this page. So your topic for me would be your weight loss tip. So I would say I was searching for some articles about weight loss tips today and I came across this page URL. So I went out, says URL, that would simply be at the URL we actually have on our spreadsheet, we should be right here, the source URL, so, well basically tendon and we did some search for weight-loss tips today. And we found the page which is going to be this sourceURL. I know she's that you link to one of my favorite articles, article title. And his article title would simply be the title of the page by trying to improve. So 55 ways to lose weight fast. I just want to give you a heads up that I created a similar obstacle. It's like name of art school. So again, in the same article title, the one we're trying to be more far and up-to-date URL. So where it says URL, this would simply be a URL to my new improved superior content. It might be worth, I mentioned on your page either way, keep up that Wilson work. So this is why I always recommend downloading this spreadsheet as it makes the whole e-mail process a little bit easier for you. And you simply can't just copy the URL and then copy the title if you need to. But 910, you don't need to copy the article title. You can just mention the URL, which is what we've done at the top. So essentially this works extremely well as we're reaching out to people who are already linked to content that we have produced. However, ours is more improved best our ansi paragraphs. So a lot of time you will get a lot of links from using this method. It doesn't require a lot of work up front, I must admit, however, the results you'd get from his process of 3D, really mind-blowing. And so I do recommend you guys utilize this and implement it in your link boarding campaigns going forward. I'll see you in the next video. 22. Link Building Strategy 09 - Reverse Image Search: Strategy number nine for reverse image search. If you publish visual assets such as infographics and charts, there are probably tons of websites out there using your images without giving you attribution right now, you can use a Google reverse image search to find out the websites that we use in your image and then reach out to them. And then awesome to link to your website as a source or a credit. So as you are probably already aware from your own website, when it comes to find an images for your website, It's not the easiest thing to do. Abbas go over to Google Images or free websites such as pixabay. However, if you do opt for the option one and use Google images, those images aren't actually royalty free, so you're actually using someone else's images without their permission. So website unfortunately actually do this. And if you find out that using one of your images, you can reach out to them and say, Hey, link back to me as a credit, otherwise, remove the image from your side. So I'm going to show you exactly how you can find all the websites using images from your website do bear in mind, like I said, it's only worth if the image is unique to you. So it has to be your image. You can't get the image from someone else's website, put it on your website, and they've reached out to another website and say, Hey, that's my image, it needs to be image you own. So let's go over to Google now and see how we can find some websites that I use in our images, right? So I'm now on images dot Very important that you're on an issue URL. If you understand the Google URL, then you weren't actually have the option to upload an image. So as you can see on images dot, we have the option to upload an image so we can search the whole of Google for all images that are similar to the one we upload. So the first thing we're gonna do is obviously go over to your website and find the image to use. So I've just gone on my Kafka installation page. I'll have opted to go for this image. I've already saved it to my desktop, ready to upload. Just a note as well. This image actually did come from Pixabay, so is that she ever OT free image. So I'm expecting to get tundra results of other websites using this image as well. So like I said before, do bear in mind when you do image off your website, it needs to be an image that is unique to you if you use a standard one and I'm going to do right now, then you're going to get tons and tons of results. And you won't be able to reach out to the websites and claim the attribution as the main image source. So like I said, I've saved this overall my desktop already. So I'm gonna go back to Google images and then click Search by Image, click, upload an image, Choose file, and then select my image or the carpet. I then click open. So this is now going to search the whole of Google, every single website or maternal, all the websites I use in this image on the website. So let's just scroll down. You can see what very similar images as well. We've got a five-star rating. You've got Amazon. I'm going to ignore Amazon. Let's look at this one right here, five-star rated. And you can see standard blog posts, why does my carpets nor worse off the clean, infectious, quiet, interesting topic. And as you can see, that using the same image that I'm using on my website, on level finished. So again, if this was actually my image and I took her over coffee in my home Law, one of my clients comb, I can actually reach out to this website, go on a contact page and just say, Hey, I've noticed you guys are using one of my images on your website. And then I'll copy the URL for reference. And I'll just simply awesome, it's accredit me as a source for this image. And if it doesn't do that, can they, Ripley's or maybe the image of the website as it is my image and I have full ownership over that. So as you can see, you can actually go over to Google and get tons and tons of different websites or using the image on there. So it's actually a really good link burden method. And to get tons of links for your website, just do bear in mind for this to work. You need to have unique images that are popular. All you need to be posted and tons of info, graphics and charts just give me information about stuff within your industry. So that is it for strategy Nian. I'll see you in the next video for strategy Number ten. 23. Link Building Strategy 10 - Blog Commenting: Sharp to G number 10. Who relevant blog commenting. So fully strategy to work, what you need to do is find the relevant blogs in your industry that had blocks which allow you to comment on them. So the key there is allowing you to comment on them. So these links in general aren't the most informative. However, they do help you diversify your backlink profile. And they do help push more relevancy to your website, which is a really good thing. So I'm going to show you exactly how we can find these websites right now that allow you to comment on them. So let's head over to Google. So I'm now on Google and if I follow suit from boat and links to my same web site level finish this website oversee about fluorine. So what I'm simply going to do is type in best fluorine long. So I'm gonna make it very easy for myself. And as you can see, Google returns tons of different blogs, all to do with fluorine. So I've got Pinterest up here, which I'm not going to open because it's Pinterest. I've opened this one. Let's have a look at this one. Let's have a look at this one. This one, and just go for one more. That should be more than enough just to show you a live example. So we call it luxury fluorine and furnishings occurred at UK do bear in mind before actually going into this, obviously you need to replace a fluorine by the industry you're targeting. So if you're in the health industry, you do best health blogs. You know, if you're in the gaming industry, you do best gaming blogs and so on and so on. So essentially, if we go back to this website right here, luxury fluorine and finishing, we can see I've got tons of different blogs. Let's find one I similar to my website. So maybe this one, the seven wonders of wood fluorine gets scroll down and see if we can actually comment, which we can. So you can see they have a blog on the side about the seven wonders of wood flooring. So they say to me comment on this side, I just posted a link to level finish. What I wanna do is actually read some of the OT school and actually respond to the article and give feedback as it comes across natural. So if I go ahead to level finish and just get some articles like this, say hardwood. And let's go for this one. Different types of hardware finishes. If I just go over to this side and then paste the links of miss it, it's going to get rejected and owners not going to show it, as it's clear under trying to get a backlink back to my site. So, so what I wanna do is actually respond to the article in a natural way and then include a link back to my article. So in this scenario, this is a seven wonders of wood floor and entrepreneur. She say, sort of like great article. Talking, spoke correctly. Write the article. It reminds me of a novel article I read this morning, which covers the different types of hardwood finishes out of them like that. And then post a link to the article which is a website. So again, you can see I'm actually Lincoln to you one of my blog posts and not a service pages. As typically this link Doherty method works better when you're linking out to a blog post and not a main service page. So sometimes a website's actually give you an option to link out to the websites from within that text as a hyperlink. However, I don't think this one actually gives you an option. I think it's just going to turn that into a link. So you should ignore that for this instance. But if we go through some more websites, you can see we've got best of fluorine is have a look at one of these options, just see it as an option to submit a comment. This one doesn't have an option, so I'll close that one. Wood floors for you, Dakota UK again, another really good scientists open one of their blogs. Let's go for this one. The benefits of wood floor and I have a toils does have an option. Yes. You can see this website has an option. So I can then go in and leave a comment, my name, email, and my website. I probably wanna avoid putting your main website. If you're trying to get a backlink as if you are compensated on a floor and website, and you also own a forum website, it can come across as they're just trying to get a link, which is what we're trying to do. But we don't wanna make that too obvious NTU clear as nine times out of 10, your comment will just get rejected, Meaning you weren't actually get a link. So again, hits another example, direct would fluorine. Let's go look at the blog. Lever apply. So again, we have another option to leave a comment and get a link. And if you scroll on this one, it just go how to fix it would flow problems just to show you, we have another option as well. So I think I've gone through five different websites in total. And out of the five for them actually allow you to submit a comment and get it back, link back to your site as well. So it's, as you can see, this is a really effective method for securing and backlinks for your website. 24. Link Building Strategy 11 - Social profiles: strategy. Number 11 Social profile link boredom, Social profile Link Gordon is probably one of the easiest and quickest method you can implement to get back links back to your website. Just a word of advice that these aren't the most informative and the most powerful back legs out there. However, I do recommend everyone implements him as these are the basics and every business should actually have some links coming from the social profiles back to the website. So, as you can see, I'm on the Twitter profile for level finished and if we get close here, you could see in our bio we actually have a link point into level finished. When you click it, it goes to level finish. So, like I said, these are the most powerful and the most informative bathrooms out there. However, it is the basics where every business should actually have them. So why would do is go out there on subscribe to as many social media websites as possible, create a bio and then add a link in bio going back to your website. So if you are wondering on what social media platforms you actually signed up for and get a back ling. Just go over to Google and type in a list of top 100 Social Media website your top 500 top 200 top 50. Whatever suits you on their silence, all of the websites on Get yourself back, Ling from your bio back to your website. If you do have a bit of budget and a bit of capital to play with, you can actually go over to this Web site called Fiverr dot com. I don't typically recommend this website in general, as it has a lot of what Life's a poor quality services on their, However, when it sounds so simple, such a social profiles you should be more than fine to go ahead and use a service. I did actually use a service in the past and only got one fiver. However, this one that's pretty good as well. I would do free 100 Heidi A life Social profiles for your business. You can see it's only £4.45 less than £5. He's got 4.9 stars and over 100 review. So this one seems pretty reliable. And it was quite them open in another tab. Do ignore what they say about will rank your business, increased Web traffic. It probably won't actually do that, so it is a little bit misleading. However you know, just to save you time setting up all these 300 social profiles, you can just pay someone less than £5 to do it for you. So again. So that is how you consult 300 social media profiles for your business with a link back to your website again. If you are tight on budget and you have more time than money to play with, just do it manually. For now, you don't have to actually outsourced the whole process, but I thought I'd give people the option. Just in case you do, you have a bit of capital to play with. 25. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: How to track your progress. In this section, we're going to cover the importance of tracking your progress. I'm going to show you how you can track and manage all of your Backlinks. I'm actually going to give you access to the exact spreadsheet we use at the agency to manage and track or the backlinks. Believe me, having a spreadsheet is gonna make your life so much easier going forward. I'm also going to show you how you can track your keyword positions. So this will give you a good idea very quickly to how your campaign is common along if it's going in the right direction or not, and also going to cover some key things you need to be aware of. So let's dive into this section. 26. How To Keep Track Of All Your Backlinks: one thing I want to be doing is tracking all of the battling shot website has doing so will take your game to a whole another level, and I can almost guarantee none. The businesses you're competing maybe in your local area are tracking their back clean. So I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it. Now, just going to send rush on plug in your website and you'll see what battening down there. So I have 116 at president for level finished. So simply click that number I've done already in a different tab. And what it would do open your main factions page. So we've already seen this page and I linked build in a section off the course. However we're going to do, we don't want to copy all of the back links. We want to just get the actual back. So we don't want to be copying over citations. As I said in a link born in part, of course, as well Citation in a different type of link, we only want to be tracking our actual links we get for the guest post in on processes like that. So this is a spreadsheet we use. Essentially, it manages the whole websites that offsite seo history. So every link I build, I will write down here and track it. The source is the Web site that links to me. That d A is always gonna be the main 40 which you can find out just using that seven much blood. And I showed you on earlier the euro is your role that links to anchor text is obviously the intercepts of part of the text is clickable. The type is a type of protective. Say, for example, this one down here it just said little finish. So we know that branded anchor text the date posted is a date. The link went live on. The last column is just noted only notes to put about the link, for example, how long it took to get placed, how long it took you to write the content, Just stuff you know about really. So the beauty of having a track of all of your links is that if you're working on the X, your campaign and your on page one, you're on page one for ages. Then all of a sudden you disappeared to page eight on page nine. You know something's gone wrong. If you haven't changed a site that it's not gonna be an on page s. You issue or nine to that 10. It won't be an on page issue issue. The setting, albeit will most likely be an offsite seo issue. So this will be sent to your office site. So most likely it will be a link you built to link you built. You might initially think it's a good link. However, some links are toxic and they don't always have a positive benefit on movements in Google. So that link potentially made your site go down. However, if you're not keeping the traveling should build, you have no idea which link potentially could be. So keep intractable. Your links is a really smart thing to do. I'm actually said it will take the game to the next level. So if on a longer link like I said, just go out with seven rush, you could actually find a link. So the source page will be this one right here. The ankle. You can see it would be this bit right here. I would copy. This would be the aura. Which is Lincoln too. First. Seems had 12 days ago. So what I do is find out the date off. That's actually quite new Ticket. Didn't tell you that. They would just tell you 12 days ago. Then you find out what data is now on track. About 12 days ago. We're now You've actually hover over that, and it tells you the date was actually built as well. So that is good. Do you make sure you keep track of all your links? Yeah. That is one thing you definitely be doing, guys. 27. How To Track Your Rankings: Now they are working hard on getting your website to page one. It's important to keep track of your progress to see how things are coming along, instead of googling your keyword everyday to see what position you're in trying to find your website and then see if you've gone up or gone down. It's much easier to just use a tool is also actually very inaccurate to just Google your keywords. As result, you'll see we base on the current location you're in at the time of searching. For example, if you're a way out of the city and you give away your keywords, there is always you see will be different than what you see if it was in the actual city, which are talked in 68 and over in city B or CTC. And you give your keywords, there would not be a true reflection. This is especially true for the map area as dribbled local algorithm is based on proximity. So how close you are to actual business and assertions you're typing in. I'll show you two tools you can use to track your keywords and then he completely hands off. The first tool is a tool within SEMrush and the second tool is a website called CERT robot. So let's start with some rationale. So head of the SEMrush and click projects and then click position tracking. What we'll do is enter your domain name. So it would be an actual domain name. So level finish. For me it make sure you have your Azure domain name and no inner page, right, copy it. For example, one of your services, just leave it as your main domain name. Once you've done that, click sets up insure you have Google there and device lever on desktop location for in the CCU target. So if me be Richmond, Virginia, this is also going to be the location seminars researchers from to find your keywords. So again, it's just another benefit of using the tool. Make sure you have language selected for volume to show. Make sure you have local, so, so much concert to local results as well. For the business name, for the local Matt pat, again, it will say, please answer the exact full name of your business as it shows in the local map pattern. So again, this is the name exactly as it shows on your GMB, your Google, My Business listing. If you're unsure how it shows, just head over to Google and type in your business name, find your listing and you see level finishes a capital L and a capital F, and it's one word. So I want to type my name exactly the same. So level, finished life, so chemical letters and no space do add a space and air for example. What will happen is that when so much is search in Google to find your GMB listen, it will simply just skip past it and say it didn't find it, even if it did actually find it in the first instance. So level Finish, Once you've done that and food and all information, keywords. One thing just to note before we actually move on until the next step and add in our keywords is, as you can see on this screen, I've added Richmond as a location. The only reason I've done that is because level Finish is a local business website. So the main location I'm targeting with level finish is going to be Richmond. However, if you don't have a local business website and your website is more of a general website. Maybe it's an affiliate site. Maybe it's just about health and beauty, for example, you probably don't want to try any rankings down from a location. You want to keep it broad and track it from a country wide perspective. Simplelocation, incent, you just put it in the United States or United Kingdom, whatever country you are targets in. And leave it as blank again for the business name, for the local map pack. If you're not a local business, you're probably not going to have a Google My Business distant anyway, to just leave that blank and then click over to keywords. This is where you have the opportunity now to add in your keywords. You can't actually go over to your keyword research template and just copy the keywords here, however, until the copy and fire to keep it nice and quick. Otherwise it would take hours for this to load in the video. Once you put in your keywords, click Add to Project is we then move them across to your project keywords. You'll see a little box here says semi weekly updates. So if I leave this check, essentially what will happen is semi, semi report every single week on the updates and my keyword, if they've gone up, if they've gone down, very useful and again makes it handoffs. I recommend just leaving that tick and then click start tracking. So what we'll do now is I'm actually searching Google for your keywords in the CTU put down for location. So if mind is Richmond and essentially going to find out exactly where you are in Google, what paid, what position and what your role is coming up for all of your keywords and present the information to you in this dashboard. So let's wait for it's information overload. Okay, so the information just populated now. So by default you'll be on the landscape tab, which just gives you an overview of the keywords I, my average position is vision 21, visibility, 8.86%. If you're not sure what these things mean, you can just hover over Lo I icon, I know. Tell you, it'll tell you the keywords you haven't taught freeze at one keyword in the top 31, in the top 101, in the top 25, in the top 100, and tow, so give you a good ever I can distribution chart here, some keywords. However, what I found, it's much better just to go to the Overview tab. And this will show you the key was an opposition. A lot more visually easy, I can say. So if you scroll down, you'll see all the keywords right here. I've got the key word about my position in Google. And if you scroll to the right, I've got the URL, which is actually relevant. So we can see straightaway for flooring contractor Richmond, Virginia, I'm in position two, which is a pretty good got laminar flow or installation. I'm incision 21. I've got carpet installation recent 23 and I've got copy install. So a different variation of insulation edition 27 tau installation. I've got 32, so there's ten results per page on Google. So I'm at the top of page three for this one, to the top of page three to the bottom of page three, and towards the top of page four for this keyword. So again, pretty good results, pretty mine as a brand new site, it just shows you how powerful are the processes that I just showed you. Get a site set up correctly, did on-page optimization. So it will be on-page elements and build high quality links. You can definitely get really good results and probably even better ones than knees. If you scroll to the right, like I said, you have the URL appearing. Do keep an eye on this. Because as you know, like I said, you want to produce quite a bit of content for your site. So for this keyword right here, I have carpet installation rich in Virginia. I had my copies Service page appearing, which is good. However, sometimes you can actually get one of your blog posts appearing. For example, which read a blog post talking about how to install copy. Google could get confused potentially and then actually show your blog posts and not your main service page. So if you don't check this, you won't actually know what page is appearing. So if you want to do this now using the orbital, which is where I bought this tool. I'm pretty sure that give me 14 days free trial and after that is only $5 a month. So he's pretty inexpensive. It is a little bit slower and it's not as accurate, but I'll show you how it works anyway. So if you go to my dashboard and say, first of all, we want to sign up, sorry, I want you to sign up. You're gonna go to my dashboard. And then you wanna click that new project. And simply enter the project name. So I typically just put in the name of my website, the main name that would be level Again, same main domain, no, in a service page, the keywords or keywords and targeted. And so let's paste them in here. Okay, the finger that lets change that. If you pay it all in one go, you need to go to add keywords in bulk. And then we're going to do is put a comma after each one, just so it knows it's a different keyword. Or alternatively, you can just go back to a single mode, which I'll show you in a second. Let me just copy this. You can't describe it as a single mode and then plug in your first key there and it goes another one. Got five to do for ease, I will just paste them all in here. That's fine. And then for global region makes you had the right country selected. So my is, us makes sure it through in the UK. Go find UK, Argentina, and LC click Argentina. The next part of this video, the advanced options is only applicable if you have a Google My Business listing. So if you're not a local business, then nine times out of ten you will not have a Google My Business listing. And the next part will not apply to you. Once you've done that, you want to click Advanced Options and you wanna make sure you have Google Local selected. This is extremely Paulson. If you don't select Google Local, then it won't actually look in the Google map pack for your business. Such location again, gets close as you can. So I would go for Richmond, virginia just doing one thing to be aware of as well, what would the search location? It's also vitally as she checked the link first. So if you look down here and that will link. So if you give that a click, that why she'd load Google Maps and you wanna make sure what you put in here is actually a relocation and give you exactly the same name as it appears in Google, My Business. So if I go to Virginia, and over here, if I put in Richmond, Virginia, you can see it's actually found it already. So that is good to just make choice. It's found if it hasn't, then obviously you want to go back and put in a different name. So once you've done that, but your local business name again is exactly how your business appears in a giggle and that's section so on your GMB, so level finish. And then click Add project success, which go there. Now you'll see it's added a project phosphate level finish. As checking Google, we put in six different keywords to frequencies going to check this every 24 hours and is currently in progress. So it does take a little bit of time for it to populate. But essentially you can see essentially the same thing. It will give you your rating. It will show you if you're going up which would be the changed. Their latest will be where you currently are in Google. That change will be, if you can up minus, so you can see the whole progress and you can actually click into the keywords. Because Islam keyword data come through and it will show you a little charts at the moment. As an audacious come through, I can't see the line chart. However, I, once the data comes through and you get some chain position, so you're going up or going down. You can see the same way as you did in seminars, a visual chart as well. So again, pick which one which she most prefer. Like I said, when you send much, however, this is still pretty good anyway, and it's very inexpensive. So if you are running on a budget, this would be a better option for you. 28. Key Things To Be Aware Of: key things to be aware off. As you're building out your link building campaign, you'll remember this tour certain robot. I showed you how to add your keywords in this tour in the last video. However, that video was made probably just over a week ago now. So I'm actually here a week later in the future on I'm now in my account, and I've got some results coming in for my keywords. So you can see for my six key words here, I've got carpet in store rich in Virginia. When I first entered this keyword into the tracker, I was actually in position 25 on. The later result is now I'm in position 12. So I've actually improved quite a bit for that keyword, which is really good. You know, it's just a week time as well, and the site is still pretty much knew, which is good. You can see if it a keyword right here. Flooring contractor Richmond, Virginia again. When I first entered the keyword, I was in position 13. I'm now in position 12. So again, good results. Same for these. Key was down here. I was 18. Now I'm 16. I was 24 9 14 Which is great. I was 25 now and 26. I was in position 30 on now I'm in position 20. So again, an improvement of 10 positions. So you might see this Q Anything? Oh, no. You was in 25 million in 26. This is nothing to worry about. And keyword do fluctuate all the time. So you know, if your keyword start service a position 25 of the next week or position seven, don't worry about it. Google updates outward from a what? The time. So as a result, keywords do fluctuate. So you actually click this keyword for carpet install Richmond. You'll see when I put in the keyword, I was position 25 actually. Expedition 24 then I dropped position 26 I've been there ever since. So there is nothing to worry about. You know, when you're doing, it s your campaign. You wanna look at results over the course of months and not weeks. So, for example, if I look at this keyword right here, carpeting still rich in Virginia, you will see I put in the keyword originally 25 Then I went to 26 26 again. And then I show up Tradition 12. So things can happen like this. So again, don't be worried. And don't sweat the small stuff. Let's see if I can show you another example. So Throwing Contractor, it's a pretty good example. So again, I plugged it in position for team, which is where was in two years later. I didn't drop down position 16 so I went down by three position. So if I was talking to my life, right tracker right now, I probably be a little bit upset any two days to Oh, no, I've gone down free positions. However, two days later on backup tuition 12 which is one spot higher when I first entered the key where so like I said in summary, don't just sweat the small stuff, you know, make sure checking your rankings and looking at things over the course of months on not weeks. The next thing I just want to let you guys know is actually built that links to your site. You need to be checking the same rush. I would say at least once a month to just come in here and plug in your website. So sea level finished dot com. I won't do this because I would say quite a while to load, and it might slow down. My ran will make my computer slower. But essentially, I just said that I still went for a search. Anyway, Essentially, what you do is plug in your website. I just see how many backing should get in every single month, as what will happen is over time he will start to generate back things naturally. So he will be back in who didn't actually build yourself. But other websites founder Clinton and I decided to link out to you. So what you do is make sure you check your back links regularly and also update your spreadsheet to include these new back links as well. So that's it. Guys, Like I said, don't stress if your keyword dropping Rankin's and make sure you check so much at least once a month to get any updates on back links. See in the next video 29. What We're Going To Cover In This Section: Putting it all together. In this section, I'm going to go through why knowledge is power and why everything you know now is going to help you tremendously going forward. I'm going to go free to timeframes. You can expect to wait until you see results. And I'm going to show you where you should come if you have any questions or you need additional support. This is one of the last sections in the course, so it's time to wrap up everything you've learned so far and bring it together. 30. Knowledge Is Power: Knowledge is power. We've covered a lot of elements in this course ranging from anchor text, do you follow versus nofollow links, how to determine what makes a good backlink. We've covered over ten different backlink strategies. I also showed you how you can track your progress and so on. Somebody who's might find it a little bit overwhelming. However, when you do take it all in and actually action on any strategies you can be setting. You're doing the right things to get your website hierarchy on Google as well. Now towards the end of the course, I can say that you now know way more than a majority of link builders out there. I can say that with absolute confidence. Most people these days are still building backlinks using old, outdated methods. You now have a wide range of strategies to play with enabling you to be equipped. I'm ready to dominate page one for the keywords that you want to talk it. And I believe you will do it, is what about putting these things into action? And that's where the magic happens. The fact you've invested in yourself and Buddha's coals produced to me and both view that you all wanted to put in the work that is required to get your website on page one. Let's go over to Google now and look at some of the results. If you've managed to achieve a level of finish by following these link dog and strategies. So on now, over on Google and I've talked to one of the key was we are talking to N4 level of finish, which is a fluorine contractor Richmond, Virginia. And if we look down here, the number one result in the organic section is finished. So what Rankin above Angie's List, BBB, poach or above yell, thumbtack costume floor. So again, this is by following the exact strategies that I showed you in this course. The main link boom, strategy I use for level finish was a guest posting, which is actually my favorite strategy. So as you can see, these methods do really, really well. It's just about going out there, actually taken action and implementing them on your website. So look at another keyword, Kafka installation, Richmond, Virginia. If we scroll down, you can see we have level finish in position two on Google. I do encourage you to actually go out and duty searches as well. So you can see what just below, Yelp for this keyword. However, we still above anti-Judaism, above Groupon, costume flaws, justice, copy it. So again, tundra of a business scenario pizza. Now just one folder and the strategies I showed you in this course, if you look at another keyword which is laminate floor installation of Richmond, Virginia, we can scroll down. I do believe we are towards the bottom of page 13 is keyword, which we have ourselves right hand level, finished floor and contract enrichment. And we're actually above it as well. So we have two lists and AB level finish here. And level finish, yes, I was actually on page one twice for this keyword again guy. So hopefully you can see how all these strategies are doing hard. You'd actually go there and take action. Please don't just watch this cools and say, Oh, that's really great. But you know, I can't do any of that is too complex. If you have any questions, please do reach out to me in the Facebook group. I am here to help you and I want to make sure all of you to get your website onto page on Google by following these strategies, like I said, super powerful strategy. So please go out there and implement them. 31. How Long Does It Take To See Results: How long does it take to see results? What you would have seen in the last video is a results we've managed to achieve a level of finish within free mumps. Now I just want to give you a word of warning. Typically we advise clients that they can expect to see results within four to six mumps. So just because B was able to get results for level finish and free mumps, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can also go out there and get results in the same time period. On the other hand, it could have took us eight months or it could It took us a year to get results. Seo is very unpredictable. There is no exact way to figure out how long it would take to see results. However, what you can be reassured with is that you are following a proven method that we know generate results. Do you be patient and please be consistent? The reason that we recommend four to six months is that as you'll be aware by now, we need to increase the authority of a website by building links. And you obviously just can't go out there and build free 100 backlinks and a month. Or in theory, you can buy, wouldn't recommend it as you can get penalized by Google for unnatural link building. When it comes to reviewing your rankings, you're going to want to check them out month by month and not week-by-week rankings do fluctuate all the time. And when you view the data on a daily or weekly basis, it can be a little bit misleading. However, when you review the data on a month by month perspective, you can get a clear view on how to campaign is actually going. But essentially, I just wanted to make you aware that because we got results in three months, it doesn't mean you will to, you offer learn the best strategy. And one you seen that generates results. So keep plugging away and you will get there eventually. 32. Conclusion.. Bye For Now: Hello Now link building experts, well, I certainly hope this isn't goodbye forever, and it's just a goodbye for now. I thank you so much for making it this far into the course of me. I'm really taking the time to understand link building and how it works. I truly sincerely hope this course has given you everything can more you expect it to gain from it. Link building is super effective when done correctly. And you now know how to put together a link building campaign that actually generates results, which is super handy when it comes to starting and growing any business, especially in this digital era. I really hope you found the course valuable. So please be sure to leave me a review and share your experience. It would mean the well to me, if you can leave me some feedback. Also, it would be great if you could share the course on your social media platforms and share the course of anyone who had feet and get value from it. Sharing is caring. Once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you loved it. I had a great time and I'm sure I'll be seeing you in another course. Bye for now.