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The Complete Instagram Ads Business Guide

teacher avatar Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Set Up Your Advertising Account

    • 2. Promote Post Ads

    • 3. Instagram Feed Ad - Campaign

    • 4. Instagram Feed Ad - Ad Set

    • 5. Instagram Feed Ad - Ad

    • 6. Instagram Stories Ads

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About This Class

In this course you'll learn all about creating Instagram Ads for a product, service and company.

We're going to go through the set up of your ads account, different types of ads you can create and how to target the right audience.

Enjoy the course and we'll talk more inside!

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media


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1. Set Up Your Advertising Account: in these video guys. We're gonna talk about instagram ads what they are, how they look and also on how we can create them. So let's go into it. First of all, Instagram ads is like any other ad out there. It's a way for us to promote whatever we're having to promote, and it costs money to do so. So, for example, you're having a product that you would like to sell, but you don't have enough audience, maybe followers on your instagram account. How can you then reach more people well by creating an ad and sponsored content that you're paying instagram in order to promote? So like I said, it will say sponsored. If you look at the screen right now, this is an normal instagram ad win in the feed. So when I'm scrolling in my instagram feed and I'm looking at people's content that I am following, sometimes it pops up and small ad, which says sponsored then I know that this company that is promoting whatever product or service or whatever there might have to promote its sponsored and that they have paid for it can look like this or can also look like this, For example, You Timmy popped up in my feed us the other day, so I had to take a screenshot, and this is how it looks. You can see you Timmy the logo off the company or the page, and you can also see that it's sponsored. And this is exactly how your instagram, as we look to the audience that sees them as well. Now, to be able to actually start creating instagram mats, you need two things, and the first thing is a Facebook page. If you follow through this course step by, step with me, then you should by now have a Facebook page up and running. And then, once you've created that Facebook Patriot need one more thing in order to start making Instagram ads, and that is a business account, as you can see on the screen right now, it says promotion. Then I know that I am having an INSTAGRAM account. If yours don't tell you promotions or you don't have the little email sign in the middle of the screen, as you can see, then you can pop up in the top right corner, click the scroll down, go to settings and then go in and switch your account to a business account by clicking switch to business account and then it's done. It's totally for free. So once you have the Facebook page up and running and you're having your instagram business account, then there's three different instagram ads that we can create. The 1st 1 is called Post Ads. It's just like a regular post that were posting within your feed on instagram. But you are making. We're creating an ad from it. It could be and video. It can also be an image. So this is just called post ads. Then the next one is stories, ads, which is awesome. So if you would like to, you can basically create an eater and video or an image off on story. So, for example, if you're having an video ad, you can put them in the stories off whatever targeted audience you would like to have. So if you're using instagram, you may or may not have seen this. But if you're clicking among the stories off your friends, sometimes it pops up something called sponsored in the top left corner. As you can see on the screen right now, and this is actually a stories add and you can create it as well and I will show you later on how to do that. But this is the second type of instagram added you can create. The last one is called promote post ads. So, as you can see on the screen right now, where there arrow is pointing at, if you already have created a post on instagram and you see that this post is performing awesome, that post might have ah, lot of engagements. Ah, lot of people is liking what they're seeing their commenting, Their evening sharing stuff with their friends on this post is performing really, really well. What you can do that in order to reach even more people like mind that these kind of persons that are liking your stuff engaging with your stuff, you can click on the promote bottom just beneath your post. If you go into any of your post, you're having a business page up and running on instagram. You click on promote post and then you can choose how many money that you would like to spend. How many people that you would like to reach the audience the gender etcetera, which is awesome. So these are the three different types of instagram ads that we can create first off the post that will appear in your feed. The stories that will appear in your stories and promote post is if you're having a post that you already posted, you see that it's performing really, really well. Then you can just click on promote and you can start making an ad from it. Let's go over to Internet to an instagram page, and we can see more in depth. How it will look actually, so follow along on the screen. So here we are at INSTAGRAMS of Business Page. If from scrolling down, you can see actually how the stories add is displaying on on mobile phone Now have in mind when you're creating this story's add that you would like to film it in vertical mode, so you would like to have your phone and film it this way, not the landscape mode. This way, you can off course film it this way landscape mood, but then the screen won't be covered with all of your ads, so film it this way. If you're filming a video and you would like to create an ad having vertical. And also it can Onley display for 15 seconds maximum if you're making a video and I think it's about 10 seconds if you're making a photo ad and you would like to display it in the stories now scrolling down the post ads there different types of post that that we can create, you remember the ads that you can create within the feed. So if you're targeting a specific type of group than they will see your ad in their feet and you're able to create four different types off post ads, the 1st 1 is a regular photo ad, and it looks like this, and you can see here in the top right corner, it says sponsored. Then you know it's an ad and it would show up like this. And as you can see on the screen where I have the mouse right now at, you can see where it says shop now. So you are able to put in and see ta and clickable link there. So if you would like to drive traffic to your website, where you having all your products, services or freebies or whatever you're having, you can basically just pop up and little bottom. They're saying shop now or visit page or whatever you like to your having several options that we will have. Ah, look at that later on. And then beneath here, you can write in some captions. You cannot see that on the screen right now, but underneath this image and underneath, it's called direction. You can have a caption here. Yes. Remember, Guy said you cannot have a clickable link here on Lee Clickable link. Within this ad will be this shop now bottle, and then we're having another option to create a post. Add, and that is by creating a video, having mind that if you're having a video longer than 60 seconds, you're not able to go live with that ad. So, having mind maximum 60 seconds long, can your video ad be and you can also, like, film it in landscape mode and or in square format? So you have that in mind when creating your video, as if I scroll down labeled more on the screen Right now you can see something called a carousel ad and this is awesome. If you're having like an e commerce store, for example, you're selling stuff as you can see on the screen. Right now, you can use to swipe through here different images so you can put in several images here. So if you're having one product and maybe you're having several colors to sell from this product, then you can create and Carisa lead very, very powerful to use. And it's against the You can also pop in different kinds off like bottoms here called toe Actions. So here's learn more, for example, and the more you're scrolling through this feed. You may see soon that this will shames to shop now, and you'll also be able to put in some captions, their meaning some texting here, but not any additional clickable link. So the only link will be actually this learn more or shop now button, and then the last one will be this collection ads, which is great for also if you're running an e commerce store. Naturally, what this collection ad will do is basically if you're creating an ad, for example, for this couch and somebody went to your page, then you can retarget the people that went to your page with the same images that they clicked on. Cool, Right. So collection ads is great if you like selling maybe real estates if you're running an e commerce store or whatever, but you can see how it displays here. And I mean, the collection adds, basically, help your audience to browse more products on your site or through your ad, and then we just scroll down here. And what we can see is all the ways that you can buy ads or create ads from and within the app. The only option you have on your mobile phone to create an ad from is actually the promote ads featured that we went through earlier. So if you're having a post and that one post is outperforming all of your posts on your instagram and you totally just want to promote it and maybe just showcase it form or people out there to reach more people, you can promote it actually within the app. And that is the Onley add that you can promote within the app, and then you're basically as click on this, promote button and go through the process. We will talk more about that later on, but actually, otherwise we have to go into the ads manager. And as you can see on the left hand side here, the ads manager is actually with in Facebook. Robin will actually go through with you on how to create your ads account in the next video . But just have in mind when you're creating ads on Instagram, you need to do it through Facebook. That is why we need that Facebook page, guys. So we're gonna walk you through on how to create ads step by step in Facebook's interface. But that is because Facebook owns instagram and their ads manager is yes, two good. And they don't want to create one new for Instagram. So actually, it's in the ads mention within Facebook that we're gonna create ads for Instagram. And then we're having something called Instagram Partners. Now, this is actually if you need help with creating this adds, you can actually pay somebody a fee and they can create the ad for you. Now, if you're running a business and your time is very precious, then you can actually just outsource this to something called Instagram Partners and I will have this link in the resource is so you can go up here and just click the link and the resources for this video. And then we go through this also on how to reach people who matter the most for you. Now there is basically location based. So if you're having like in coffee shop, you can just target laser target those people by location and also by the democratic such as H gender and also what kind of language that they're speaking and then based on their interest, the behaviors. So you can basically laser target your audience in order to reach more people, to get more followers and to grow your business using INSTAGRAM ads. So in this lecture, guys, we went through what instagram ads are, how to use them, how they look, etcetera. So every post on instagram that it's an ad would say sponsor in any way so sponsored. Look out for sponsored. Then you know that that is an ad and then you need that Facebook page and you need on instagram business page in order to start creating these instagram acts. And then we're having something called Post Out. We're having stories as and we're having promote post ATS. So that is actually what Instagram ads are. Now it's time for us to dive in Mawr into depth with this and start creating some ads seeing the next lecture guys. 2. Promote Post Ads: So, guys in this video, we're going to start creating our first instagram ad and the ad that we're gonna great in this video is called Promote Post ad. So first of all, log into your instagram account. Now, if you already are having like, post that you're having engagement with whatever prefer you to do before you go in to any off this post and just click this little promote button in the bottom right corner is actually to go up to the right hand side off the screen top, click this little tree like lines up there and go into insights because before we promote anything and before we start spending any money on Instagram, as we would like to see what hasn't been working for us before, so go into content and click on See all. And these are the posted we have created the last year, and this is actually the posts that are the most like popular that have gained the most engagements. So you can see on all of this post how much engagements they have gotten in the bottom. Right corner is a 53 and in the top left corner you can see 291. If I click on this 291 we can also see that we have, like this were a post about one of our instagram courses that we created earlier stages when we started actually creating courses. And also this post is something that our audience likes a lot, and that can also be that we're having like a huge YouTube subscriber base so that they are liking our faces. But we don't have to know why they are liking this. It's actually more important to know that their liking this post and not why. So what you can do is you can go into view in sites in the left corner, off the screen. So if I click on view insights and I just scroll up here, we can see the interactions. We need a post we can also see. Like statistics on how many Saudis post and started to follow us. We can also see impressions in the bottom corner. We can see impressions such as What? Who's have seen this? Who have interacted with his from our home page. We can also see from our profile we can see also from hashtag. So here you get the proof off that hashtag really really matters because he that 55 people or 55 impressions have come from hashtag so by us reaching people with hashtag, we have gained some interaction and some engagement with this post. So hearing you can see some statistics. So once you have, like, decided on this is the post that I would like to promote and to show form or people in order to engage whether you're having like, a product or service to sell, and you have promoted it to your following based and also with Hashtags trying to reach more people. But it hasn't performed as well as you hoped for and you're having that post. What you need to do is just click on the promote button on the right hand side just beneath your post, and an instagram asks you, Would you like to access your Facebook account and off course? So click on grant access and now you're able to select were to send people. Now you can either send people to your profile. So if you would like to gain more followers on your instagram account, for example, you're having. Maybe some type of content had have gained, ah, lot off like engagements and maybe our wireless. Maybe you having, like, nichd instagram account and maybe with some, like funny dogs or funny cats videos, etcetera. You just want to grow a following base. You can definitely just drive traffic to your profile. Now, if you're having a website, maybe you're having like a e commerce business. You're selling products. Maybe you're selling. I don't know what shoes or gloves or helmets or whatever. The thing that you might sell is. You can basically just drive traffic, drive people from instagram to your website directly to your products. Would your promotion ad. And then we're having your direct messages. And if you don't understand what this basically means, you can just click in the bottom of the screen. Where says, learn about destinations. If I click here, you can see your profile uses option. If you want this action on your promotion to be visiting Instagram profile just were like we went through. Now if I scroll through here, your website like we talked about and then we're having your direct messages now this prompts people to send you a direct message. The action on your promotion will be send message so they call to action. The little link that we talked about in earlier videos will be Then send message so you can select this one. If you would like people to send you direct message, maybe through like a lead magnet. Maybe you're having some kind of lead. Maybe you're having an event upcoming. Maybe you're having like a webinar. Maybe you're having something to give away for free. But maybe you want them to direct. Message them about some kind of detail. Maybe you're collecting leads for, like, email list. You're building an email list or some kind of thing just like that. So you can use like these three objects basically. So get people to your profile, get people to your website or make people to send you direct messages. We actually going to get people to our profile? We don't have anything to sell right now. I'm just gonna click on the arrow in the top right corner, and here you able to choose the targeted audience that you would like to actually see this post and the first option is automatic than Instagram targets people like your followers. So if you trust Instagram and Facebook to do a great job, which you definitely can do because remember guys that Facebook and Instagram is connected . So Facebook has a lot of statistics. So if somebody has went through the process and created at, like an instagram account through Facebook, then Facebook and instagram has a lot of information about what they love, what they like. And also this is based on your followers already, So you can do the automatic one here. Or you can go ahead and click this one, which is actually an audience that I have already created because I played wrong with a little bit earlier. But actually, what is this? You can manually, Yes, create your own audience. You can click in the bottom here to create your own audience. And if you're not sure off what all this means, you can click in the bottom of the screen once again and you can just go through this two tabs here, automatic and manually, that speaks for itself. But you can read them through there. So what we're gonna do actually, we're gonna create our own audience. So I'm just gonna click on, create your own here, and then we're gonna pick a name for these audience. Now, this could be anything, really. So I'm just gonna write in demo audience like that, and then you can type in the location. Now, if you're having like, a location based business, for example, you would like to drive people to that business based on your location. US. Click on location here, they can search for that location. Let's say New York, for example. You're having a coffee shop in New York. You would like to drive like people to that local coffee shop. So you also able to putting even more locations here if you would like as a broad audience , as he possibly can get. But if you want to be specific, is putting one single location and that's it. And then what you can do is click on the top right corner here, and then you are be able to putting interests. Now this is totally based off your audience, but this is really fun, guys. So click on interests, and in here you can put in anything related to your business or to your post basically And if you're going as specific as you possibly can, that's the better. Because, as you can see in the top, it says potential people reached 10 million. Now you're not like a dollar billionaire to reach all of those people and engage those people. So this audience we do want to keep as like not smallest possibly can, but we don't want them to be 10 million people. So by just putting in interests here like motivational quotes put in that one, you can see that that audience already went down to 16,000 and then we can put in mawr like goals, for example, Now this is based on our audience. What they're liking different pages. Maybe they're following different influencers on instagram based on like goals, motivational quotes, etcetera. But as you can see, the audience went from 16,000 uptil 54,000. That is the more instagram and Facebook audience. It's started twisting around. So by just trying to put in more interesting here, you can see that your potential reach either increases or decreases. So what we're having now is like gold somewhere having motivational. Maybe we should have, like, some kind of mind set in here as well. And now we can see that we're reaching about 97,000 people. Potentially, we're not going to reach them all. But by just putting an interest, we are able to target down the exact audience that we would like to reach with this post. Now I'm gonna click in the top right corner. Now we're having potential 97,000 people that are able to see this post and then you can put in the age and the gender. Now, you just want to make this manually. If you are certain off your audience, maybe you know your audience based off, off, like your website traffic. If you're having like Google Analytics on your website, maybe you're having some audience insights from Google Analytics. So you know that the most of the people that visiting your website, for example and we like this kind of post are of like between 21 2 maybe 33 that you can put the age range between there and you can see from 97,000 the potential reach decreased still 42,000. So this is how you can follow a long and try to really target down to the direct audience that you would like to target with this post manually within Instagram ads. And then let's say that in this case it's on Lee females, for example, that we would like to target. Then you can see that it basically went down to 24,000 from 40 to 2000 and then we can click on next up here. And then we have made our manually targeting within instagram, which is awesome. Now, only use the manual targeting if you are certain off what kind of people that you would like to promote this post to. So if you're having a female product than off course, go with females. If you're having a male product, go with males, otherwise use both genders and then we're going to click on the check mark in the top right corner. And then we have created a new day, My audience. Now we're gonna use that. I'm just going to click on the arrow on the top right corner and now here. Basically, what you do is you put in that budget the amount of money that you would like to spend a day, and also for how many days you would like to run this promotion. Now we can have it that $5 per day. But as against seed estimated, reach the number, you can see that it increases the more money that we put in, and it decreases them less money that we put in. But for this, let's go with $10 let's run it for about five days and you can see the estimate reach when it comes to people and accounts on Instagram, and then we're going to click in the top right corner. And then if you have done correctly as Robin show you in the earlier video and you connected your payment method with your ads account, then you're good to go. But if you haven't, maybe you have to go into Facebook or and in Instagram and put in your payment method in order to go live with your instagram ad. And then what you have to do is just click on create promotion. And now this ad is pending approval, as you can see in the right hand side, just below that image. So this will take some minutes or, I don't know, maybe an hour to go live, and once it's live, it's approved than you have created your first post. Using promote adds Awesome. Okay, guys. So now when you know how to greet your first promote post ad, it's your turn to have fun with it. And remember, guys, it costs money. But it's a great way to reach a new audience and a broader audience on Instagram using instagram mats. So good luck with that, and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Instagram Feed Ad - Campaign: in this video, we're gonna create our first instagram feed at and feed at will, look like an instagram post and will appear eventually in the feed off the people that you are targeting on Instagram. So let's dive into it. In order for us to create this instagram feed out, we need to log into Facebook. Facebook manage instagrammed a own instagram. So we need to play by the rule book. So you would like to click on create here once you're logged into your Facebook account and then click on add. So by now you have set up your Facebook advertising account, and you have already put in the building method for your Facebook advertising account. Now, you should be at this page once you've clicked on, create at And then, in order for us to create our first ad, we need to go to three different steps first of all, the campaign than the onset and then the ad itself. Now the campaign is basically the action that we would like the people that sees this ad to take. So what is the goal with your ad that is to campaign the ads, that is who do you want to display this ad for? And the ad is how the ad is gonna look how it's gonna display. So, first of all the campaign now in here, you have three different columns. First, all they were having the awareness that we're having consideration and conversion. The first column is what I would say for the bigger companies and or if you would like us to bring out some brand awareness to, like, grow your audience on Instagram, you can pick this object or to just reach as many people as you possibly would like to. You can click on reach and go with that objective. Now reach. It's not that you're gonna laser target a specific type of audience. These ads arm or for companies like Nike, McDonald's, Coca Cola, etcetera for bigger companies deal with just cost you a lot of money, actually, both of these categories because you don't have a certain call to action with these types of ad. So what I would do if I were you? I would definitely go to either consideration. Now, if you're having like a landing page outside off Instagram, then it's great to drive like traffic to get engagements and so on. Or if you're having, like, some kind of Facebook catalogue up and running, you can go with a conversion face here. So I'm gonna pick traffic. But you can also pick engagement. That is, if you would like to have more likes more shares and so on on your instagram stuff than Facebook will help you to optimize that. But And if you would like to, like, advertise an app, you can do that also by clicking on here. And then if you would like to drive Mawr video of use your having maybe enough video ads, maybe you're having a release of a product that set. You can click on video views, and Facebook will help you to optimize for video views. Now, Lee Generation, if you're having like a formula, would like people to sign up. Maybe for an email list, you can click in lead generation. If you would like to have a one by one conversation in the Facebook Messenger, you can click here if you're having this catalog up and running or you would like us wrong store traffic. You can click on this column over here, so I'm gonna click on traffic because we would like to drive people to this video on YouTube. Now, this could be your website. Where you having all your products? Services or you're having that little like email page. Opt in. Maybe you're like giving away an e book or something like that, for example, and you would like to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. Now, you can do that, but we're actually going to drive traffic to this video on YouTube. So I'm gonna click on traffic. Then I'm going to just name this campaign. I'm gonna name it traffic YouTube at. So this is a great way to keep everything organized within your Facebook manager. Because if you're creating mawr Facebook ads for your instagram account or for your Facebook account, you would like to have everything organized. Now you can choose to click on create A and B test. Now, this could be if you're having, like, two different images. Now, you would like to run an ad for this image and this image Now we can create on split test so you can basically use the same targeting meaning like if you, for example, are selling male shoes and you're having like, a pair of blue shoes and you're having a pair of white sneakers you still would like to like have the same type of audience and everything with your targeting. But you would like to go with different type of like shoe images. For example, you can click on this bottom, and Facebook will help you to do this. But we will look on this a little bit later in this course, and if you're more advanced two days, you can click here and create your like budget optimization. If you know your numbers correctly, we're not going to do this for this video, but you can do that and I'm gonna click on Continue. 4. Instagram Feed Ad - Ad Set: OK, guys. Now you can see that we jump to the ad set itself. Now, up here, you can name this ad set, for example. So let's say that you were going forward. That's blink test that we were talking about that blue and the white shoe. Then you would definitely yesterday, right? White shoe here, for example. So you're having everything organized with all your like add sets and so on. But we're actually gonna name this you tube views. Okay, so that is one ad name. Now I know that this ad said is for you to views. Then you can pick your target here. Now, if you're having a website, for example, you would like to drive traffic to a website. This is a website. This is YouTube. This is not our website, but this is our website within YouTube, if you know what I mean. Or if you're having like an app and you would like to advertise that app, you can click on app here. Now, if you would like to have that one on one conversation, you click on messenger. We're gonna have it on website now. We can create something called a dynamic creative. Now, if you're having a lot of like headlines, you're having ah, lot of, like pictures and so on Facebook and help you to create, like, different combinations off different ads. Now, this can cost you a lot of money, but it can also help you to, like, optimize your ad. We're not going to do that. But this option is available and it's called dynamic Creative. Now, if you're having, like, an offer and direct offer you having like an Facebook collection page, you're having like an Facebook catalog, for example, and you're having an offer on on product. You can just click here on offer and you can go through this process and your select that Facebook page where you're having your Facebook catalogue at and you just type in your offer here. If you're having products yourself scrolling down here, this is where it's getting really, really interesting. So now we're gonna laser target our audience. Now, if you have went to your instagram account, maybe you're having some followers. Maybe not, but you have some statistics. Then you may know where your audience comes from. This relates also to if you're having liken website and you're having all kinds of information about your audience. Well, they are this gender. They're coming from this country. They're this age group and so on. You would like to put in as many details as you already know about your audience in here. If you don't have an audience, that's totally fine. You can create your as an a waste because Facebook will help you to optimize them. Now, if you already are having an audience, you can create a custom audience from like an email list or like and full number list or something that it related. If you're having like a pixel, that's a piece of code installed to your website that tracks the people that already have, like put in some kind of personal information on your website. You can basically, yes, laser target audience by creating and custom audience. We're not going to go through this in this course. This is more like an Facebook or so. If you wanna check that out, you can check out our Facebook course, but this is not relevant here. But you can create your own custom audience here, or if you're having like and saved audience, you remember in the last video we created like a demo audience. You can use that audience as well. So Facebook tracks everything. What's happening in your INSTAGRAM account and in your Facebook account, we're not going to use that. We're going to create a new one. So then we're going to go down to location. Now, where are your audience located? This is something. If you're having some insights on your instagram app or in your Facebook page or in your website, you may already know this, but actually our audience will be located in the U. S. So I'm going to write in United States here and choose country now Weaken. Laser target is down to see these also. So if you look at the right hand side here, you can see our audience size. Right now it's 214 million people, and this is too broad. You can see here that it says brought here and you can see that the arrow is at the broad side here and here You can see it's to specific. So if this air will move to the red zone here, it's too specific. So 240 million people It will cost us all a lot of money to target these people, and it won't be a good targeting. So what we're gonna do is we can actually use Target is down by cities. So let's say that we would like to target. Let's say Chicago. Okay, we can click on Chicago, for example, and we can click on different cities here. You can see Chicago, Illinois, Chicago hearts, etcetera. Let's say Chicago, Illinois, for this example if you look on the right hand side here from 240 million people down to 5.2 million people, so you would like to be a specific, as you possibly can. Now, this is if you're having, like, a local store, for example. Always target the people that is located eater, like everyone is located in this location people who lives in this location. People recently were in this location people travelling in this location. But everyone in this location, if you target those kind of people, you're having a coffee shop or you're having some kind of local business. This is the way to go, and then we're going to scroll down ones. You picked your location here. Now, if you know the age range off the audience off that you want a target, then you can click in here, your audience, but only Instagram you can target as low as 13 years old. Now, if you're having something to sell my consider to, like target in the age group, like 22 above. But this is once again what kind of audience are you looking to target with your INSTAGRAM ads? I'm gonna target people from 25 to 35 because I think that people are interested in, like, why most businesses fail within the first year. So I'm gonna target this audience and this is pretty specific. Chicago, Illinois, And you can see on the right outside the audience has this creased from 5.2 million people till 1.7 million people. And we're going to target all genders here. You can pick and specific air either men or women here for this example, and you can also if you're having, for example, this video is in English. So if you would like to target a specific audience, you just type in English here, for example, for this video, where if you are from another country or your audience are from another country. You can target that down as well. And you can see from 1.7 to 1.6 million people and then guys to something called detailed targeting. Now, if you already know, like behaviors, interest and so on from your targeted audience and you're having, like maybe a niche account, maybe you're having two dogs or business or whatever type of instagram account or business you're having here. You can laser target your audience. So for this video, we're gonna yes, target down entrepreneurship and you can see on the right hand side here. But I'm moving my mouse here. You can see that this is interests so we can target entrepreneurship. For example, we can also target people who likes YouTube so employees or job titles, or, like schools or interest. So we're gonna go it once again on interests. And one more thing. If you're having something to sell, ah, product or something like that you would like to like go with a certain type of behavior. So for this example, it could be something like shoppers. So a shopper This is a job titled Shopping, Online Shopping. That is an interest. Engaged shoppers. If you look on the right hand side now, people who have clicked on the call to action bottom shop now in the past week. So, for example, if we had something to sell here, I would definitely gone engage shoppers. So that is something toe have in mind. So this can be pretty tricky in the beginning, when it comes down to target the right people with your at I'm going to remove engaged shopper. But they have no nothing to sell. I'm pretty satisfied with both do tube and entrepreneurship and you can see that are audience is now down to 710,000 different people. And if I scroll down here would down with detailed targeting you can narrow it down even further. And that mawr you narrow it down, the better it is. But you can also follow this little arrow here so you don't get too specific. And don't get too broad scrolling down there. You can see on the connections here you can either exclude people who like your page. So if you are going to display this ad for new people, you can definitely do that. And if I scroll down here and you would like to save this audience, just click this bottom. But then we're going to something called the Placement. So remember, guys we're creating an instagram feed at, so we're going to click on edit placement here and we're going to scroll down. You can pick here device type. So if you would like to target people on the mobile phone, you do that. And off course we're going to do that because Instagram is an application on a mobile phone . I'm gonna click away the desktop here, so we're just gonna target Mobile. You can see on the right hand side. We're having 710,000 people. So if we click away Facebook here, we're just gonna use instagram for this. Then you can see that the audience size on the right hand side decreased by 10,000 here. And if I scroll down here, you can see we're having instagram here. We have any feed we're having in the stories. We're only going to choose feed here and audience networks that is like banners. And as outside of Facebook, if you would like to run those. You can do that as well. But I'm gonna click those away when you're also gonna click away Messenger ads and you can see how we're narrowing down our audience even further, which is awesome. Because, remember, guys, this is an instagram feed ad. And once you are like, satisfied with your placement off the ad, then you can scroll down here. You can pick, for example, android devices or IOS devices on Lee. Now, this is good to know if you're like selling an application, for example, for android mobile phones, then you just want to pick and joy here or IOS. But we're gonna go on both here and then you can also click in here on Lee when connected to WiFi. So people are driving cars these days there scrolling their phone, etcetera. That means that they're not using their WiFi connection. They're using their for G connection outside of their home. So if you would like people to just see your ad, for example, when they are at home or a friend's home or something like that, you can just click in here and you can see that we're targeting down even further. But we're not gonna do that, actually, because people can see our video wonder on the subway when they're not driving the car. Maybe there are, like, waiting for the bus or whatever. So scrolling down here now it's time to set the budget and the schedule. The daily budget. We already did this in the last video. So we're just gonna click in, like, $10 here, for example, For a daily budget, you can do the same or whatever type of body you're having. And this is also something that you have to try out in order to understand how Facebook ads for Instagram works So scrolling down here. You can eat around your ad continuously starting today. Or you can set a start and end date depending on what kind of like object you're having with your ad. And here you can see that it's $70 per week and here are some Mawr optimization is here. You can optimize this ad for, like, link clicks and beating strategies, and so one, but this is more like advanced Stop. I'm not going to go through this in this video, but you can optimize is just the way you want to. And if you're having some information about your audience and so on, you can help. Optimized is how much you want to, but now I'm just gonna click on continue. 5. Instagram Feed Ad - Ad: now very important. If you're having different Facebook pages here, you would like to click in your Facebook page here. And then you would like to click in your instagram account that you're going to run this ad on, and then we're gonna pick the format. Now, Carousel ad is basically if you're having like, a product, when you having different colors off the product, were you having different products on your e commerce store? For example, a carousel ad can be very effective because then people can you scroll through different images. Maybe you're telling a story, maybe having the first image than you having second image. And the third image and different stories are displayed on different images for your products, for your services or whatever, So carousel could be very effective if you're running like an e commerce store, then we're having the single image or video now a regular image like and post, for example. And then you can just put up on video and the maximum is 60 seconds for a video to create and feed at. If you're having like a collection, maybe running like a real estate company and you having different types of houses that you're selling. You can create a collection ad that is basically a group off images that's gonna show up like in one image, which is cool so people can just collected at and go in and check whatever you're having to sell. We're gonna select on single image for this one. And remember, we're going to try to drive traffic to this video. So moving on we can, like add an instant experience, include a mobile landing page that opens instantly when somebody interacts with your ad. You can do that if you'd like to. It looks something like this, and you can start with any template here. We're not going to do that. We are going to drive traffic to YouTube Channel, but there's so many features within this adds manager and what estimates suggested to do it's actually to try out different stuff, and eventually you'll find something that works. If I scroll down here, we are going to pick our media, so either the image or TV your slide show. I'm gonna click on upload image here, and I'm going to go to a desk stop and I'm gonna pick this image now if you look on the right hand side. The image recommendations are 10 80 by 10. 80 to get the best quality. So if I scroll down here, we can see how the ad is actually gonna look eventually scrolling up. You can also see that they're having free stock images. Now, if you don't have an image for your ad, you can use on free stock image here, which is pretty handy if you don't have anything to display. But have your own stuff. It's the best I would say. So now we're happy with this image. You can puttinme or images here if you'd like to. If you're running it like a slide show, you're putting a slide show image or video and us putting video here. If I'm scrolling down now, it's the time to finish this ad on If you look on the left hand side here We went through the campaign, we went through the ad set and now we're at the ad. This is how it's gonna look for that targeted audience. So here, you gonna put in your link the web address. So we're gonna put in the link here, so I'm just gonna go to this website and I'm just gonna copy this one. Go back here and click on paste and they will have our link. And then it's time for the text. Now, you would like to write something that people going to click on And actually, in the end of this section I have attached to copyright videos, which will help you to write text that sells both headlines and sub headers. So shake out those two lectures before you create your ads. If you're not sure on how to write text that sells. But for this one I will just write a text here. So I'm going to write. Do you wanna know why most businesses failed with in a year now? If you were running a business or if you were to start in business, you would definitely click this right, I would. So now we would like to finish this off with a call to action in text, and this will be click that learn mawr. But to see why. So do you want to know why most businesses fail within a year? Collected? Learn more button to see why. So this is a call to action very important toe having here. Now if you are not sure on how to write this kind of text that eventually people will click on, we're having two different lectures in the next section off this course which called copyrighting, which called also headlines and sub Petters going check those out very valuable when you're creating your INSTAGRAM ads. So now you can see how the entire ad is displaying on the right hand side. Here, you can see that this ad is from our account from our INSTAGRAM account. You can also see that it's sponsored. It gives you the image here. You can see the learn more button here, the bottom that we would like people to click in order to come to our YouTube video. You can also see the reason why they should click on these Learn more button here. So now it's only one more step to take, and that is to scroll down all the way behind my face. Right now it says confirm. I'm gonna click on confirm and we have created our first instagram feed ad. Okay, guys are now. This ad is in a review process. It will take a couple of minutes for Facebook to confirm and see that everything is working out the way they want to know. It might be that you have to change your image, because I remember that we have put out images with a lot of texting It and Facebook don't like it, so they will yes, decline. That adds. So this might happen. But now the ad is in a review process. We have to wait and then it's live. So now it's your turn. Go to the copyrighting lessons. If you don't know how to write text that sells and takes, the people will click on in order to learn how to write headlines and sub headers. Good luck with your instagram feed ads. See you in the next lecture. 6. Instagram Stories Ads: in these video guys, we're gonna create our first instagram stories. Add I'm gonna take you step by step. I'm gonna be pretty fast with this. So I'm not gonna get you bored with all the details targeting etcetera that we went through in earlier videos. So let's dive into it. So here we are in our ads manager panel in Facebook so he can see the two different ads that we already created now. And the 1st 1 was an instagram post out. And then we had that instagram feed at. Now we're going to create a stories, add so click on campaigns and then click on create Pick your objective here. Now, if you would like to drive traffic to Web site and then if you would like to get more engagements, more conversions, etcetera, I'm gonna click actually on traffic, because with our instagram stories at, we're gonna try to drive traffic once again to this YouTube video. So what I'm gonna do is click on traffic and then, actually, I'm gonna name this traffic you tube stories add so I know what type off campaign this is. And then I'm just gonna click on Continue. I'm going to do the same here. I'm gonna put in an ad name here and for this I'm just going to write stories, so I know that I have everything organized. I'm gonna click in website. I'm just gonna move down a bit. I'm gonna actually go with the audience that we created in the promote Post add video. I'm gonna click on demo audience and just move on here. You can see there's a female audience is 21 to 33 years old. They are from the United States in New York, they're having mindset, goal and motivation as interest. And you can see the audience. On the right hand side here is 22,000 people. I'm scrolling down, and now, actually, we're gonna put in the placements. And remember, we're going to scroll down here. We're gonna put in the replacement. And for this is Onley on mobile and not desktops. I'm going to remove desktop. So we're on Lee having the device type off mobile phone scrolling down here. We're going to remove Facebook and actually also going to remove instagram feed. Because remember, we're doing a stories. Add right now we have skin. Remove audience network and Facebook Messenger and scrolling down. You can see that we're having now 20,000 people that can potentially see our stories add scrolling down As you already know. You can also pick any device type here, android or IOS. I'm gonna do that. You can also pick only when connected. Wife. I'm not going to do that either. Scrolling down you can set the budget and schedule. I'm just gonna have it as is because this is not the important stuff. Right now we're moving on, clicking on Continue and then just pick your identity here. Yeah, your Facebook page and your instagram account that you would like this to display from and then scrolling down. You can pick the format here needed to go with a carousel ad. This is if you're having different types of videos and you would like to put that in one. And, for example, if you're displaying different types of products, different types of services, or whatever you are displaying in your ad, I'm actually going to click on a single image or video. Now, you could have an image we're gonna put in and video here scrolling down. So now it's time to pick our media. I'm gonna click on video here, and then I'm going to click on upload video and I'm gonna use to find my video. I'm just gonna click this one. And once it's loading, let me show you the video. Do you want to win these head falls? Click the link, watch the video and compete Devyn. These headphones thes headphones could be yours by tomorrow. Good luck. All right, guys. So as you can see year, we're running some kind of like competition and you would like to catch if you're doing a stories and you would like to catch the attention off who ever you're targeting within the first few seconds to to tree seconds. Otherwise, they will just scroll and move on to the next story on their phone. So if you look at this once again, this is a pretty decent video. Do you want to win these head falls? Click the link, watch the video. And so I'm telling them to collect the link and watch the video in order to win these headphones. And I'm actually doing it within the 1st 4 seconds, which gives them a recent actually to collect the link, watch the video and compete for their headphones. And you can do the same guys. So you would like to catch whomever you're targeting attention within the first few seconds . Okay, so now it's uploaded. And as you can see here, if you look at the format, you can see it's 10 80 by 1920. That means that it's a vertical video. So the entire screen when somebody's looking at their stories will be covered. And that is why we're feeling a story vertically. So always do that. Now we're having our video uploaded here. It fights. Just scroll down here. We can actually see on the right hand side on how it displaced school. Right. So this is the instagram stories add that we've created now. Then you can link it your website or if you're having like a Facebook event, for example, we're gonna link our website. We're not gonna adding any text because it won't show. Anyways, you can also edit stories, background colors. Now this is helpful. If you're having like an instagram story, that is not the right dimensions, you can add in some colors that will cover the spaces where you don't have the video. But always guys always film in vertical mode when you're creating an INSTAGRAM story ad and then you can also add an interactive poll. So, for example, on this story, if you were like asking some questions, then the audience is able to answer yes or no or whatever opinion that they may have. So you can just click here at an interactive poll and you can just put your question here and so on. I'm not going to do that for this video because I am satisfied with how it looks. And now in here you put in your website. You are l Because if somebody is scrolling up on the learn more button here, if there scrolling up, they will come directly to the website that you would like to drive the traffic to. So what we're gonna do is actually go over to YouTube. We're gonna take this text once again. Yes, copy it. And I'm gonna pace that in here. So whenever somebody is like scrolling up on the screen when we're watching this story, they will come directly to this YouTube video, and that is our goal. Now, you put in the website that you would like to drive the traffic for your targeted audience . And then you just picked a call to action Here. Do you see the text down below Here? Where Says learn more download, get offer and so on. I'm actually just gonna keep learn more and then I'm gonna click in the bottom right corner with says confirm behind my face. It's a green. Bottom way says confirm I'm gonna click that bottom And that is exactly how you create your first instagram stories. At now we have covered three different ads. The 1st 1 was a promote post AB. The 2nd 1 was the instagram feed at and now we've also covered instagram stories at now it's your turn to grade your Instagram ads. And remember, if you don't know how to write the headlines and the sub headers, go to the next to videos and have a look there and good luck Now with your instagram ads. See you in the next lecture, guys.