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The Complete Guide to Google forms

teacher avatar Een jeen -, Learning anywhere

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. About the course

    • 2. Introduction to google forms app

    • 3. Introduction to form editor

    • 4. How to export and share a form

    • 5. Other options available in the Google forms

    • 6. Question and answer types

    • 7. Creating a simple Contact us form

    • 8. Creating a job application form

    • 9. Using line scale answer type

    • 10. Creating a form for feedback

    • 11. Creating a form for specific need

    • 12. Introduction to quiz forms

    • 13. Creating a simple quiz

    • 14. Responses section

    • 15. Disable submission for more than one response

    • 16. Setting different answer types for questions

    • 17. How checkboxes work or behave in quiz

    • 18. Shuffle the option order

    • 19. How to use paragraph answer type

    • 20. Introduction about Certify' em add on

    • 21. Using Certify'em add on for a quiz form

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About This Class

Do you know the way forms were used has been made easier due to the introduction of web apps like Google forms, Survey monkey and more. Well this course is about one such platform called Google forms. It has been created to help many of those people who don't know yet how to use these web apps to make their work much easier. In fact we will create forms, polls, surveys in the course for better understanding. This course is very short and will be regularly updated with new contents if necessary. So what are you waiting for ,just enrol in the course to learn about google forms.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to collect data through forms

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Een jeen -

Learning anywhere


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1. About the course: forms can be helpful for anyone at any instant off time. It is more valuable for people who work with office tools. Every now and then, anyone who wants to gather information will surely realize that a web up like Google forms will be very helpful as it reduces most off their work and organizes all the information and most efficient manner. You do not have any kind of prior knowledge in order to take this goals, as it has Bean designed for absolute beginnings. You will be introduced with the co features off Google forms, and by the end you will have a problem understanding rewarding all the features off Google form. 2. Introduction to google forms app: in this video. What we're going to do is that we'll get the knowledge off the basic structure off Google from AP. So, first of all, we had over the Google form AP in order to know about that. So please do make a search as Google form on Google Search engine and you can find the relevant search Indian drizzles at the top. So first options are you can just anyone off this and click the first option, You will get a brief over your Google form up and you can just open the form up right? There are those. You can just start up by choosing the second search engine results. If you want, you have got another option. Also, toe open the Google Form app. You can open it from your Google drive. You can also been by just typing the You are, which is dogs dot google dot com slash funds. So when you click the first search in an option and you will be landing over a website where you you have the information regarding what you can do with good form, you're just clicked. Option called goto Google form here in order to trigger the Google form up. So let's like that. And now here we are present Now on the Google form Up. This is nor the form creator, the form creator. Ease another place. Right now we are on the dashboard off ghoul form Atwater's a dashboard beeps and as God is a place where you can get to know about the reason forms. So this other reason forms which are being displayed at the bottom it end, just filter their forms. Whether they are created by you are my someone else. So if you how good known as you're going, Google after and you may know that you can share any off your work, such as the slide, the form a spreadsheet, the dogs with someone else and you can allow them to edit. You can vote early, work on a single project even though yours present somewhere. So there are these option to change the view off the reason bombs that you have created, and you can also use this option to sort of forms based on when they have modified under ideal. Here, you have got a file picker. It will open your drive and it will open your dive by making a search car forms and you can find different options here at the top toe. Know about the forms, whether if someone has shared with you and you can just go to the staff and you can find the forms that have been shared with you, if you just start any form, then it will be available. Next art forms and the reason forms are available here, and you can also upload a farm right from your computer. But it's clicking this option. Okay, so this WAAS brief information regarding recent forms and how you can just get to know about the forms that you have created. Obviously top your God, different templates. So let's click this pardon and here you can find the different templates. Water templates. Templates are also form, but they have already bean created, so you can just open this form which is already created, and publish it with your own. You are all and in the results sail on your drive storage so Google form will occupy your dive storage. Based on the responses that you get here, you can just trigger any off the form in order to make it your own again. Find the different templates name as find that I'm contact information issued. Sign up party invite, even registration and more so you can use any of this forms if you want, but it's not good. Used the forms, which are already created every time because you have an idea to create a form. In order to meet that idea, you should up their 11 caution types and answer types. And if you just make use off any template, what happens is that that employed me not how the pendant relearned your idea and you need to be lead each and every conned and one by one, and it's really ahead. And in that case, it's better for you to open of Van complete. So this is the use of the blank template. And if you how got enough knowledge regarding off Google form up, then it's better for you to start by opening a blank template. But if you don't over Google from it, it's better for you to make use off this templates. The image not only help you to create the forms easily, but they also help. You do get the basic understanding off this app are Lutfullah one. Let's no. But the main mean when you click on the main, you know you're got options to move to some other acts off Google. And not only that, you can click the settings option in order to change the language off the stop. And also, if you don't want the reason templates we displayed on the home screen, then you can just uncheck this option and all for a changing any of the settings yard ahead . Okay, but, um 3. Introduction to form editor: Right now, we're going to open em played, and we will get to know about the basic structure off the form editor. So click this contact information template, and when we click that a former editor will be open so you can see that our former editor has bean open and by default it has. It's orginal name as before, which is contact information. And here you can find on option called Moto Fuller, where if you have just created so many folders on your drive and you want to add this forms data or information, then you had to just click this option and choose their different folders that you have created our else again. Just hit this option called Create New Folder and add this form to be prison in the folder that you have created right now. By default, you need know how to hit the sale button. In order to sell any of the changes that you make on the former editor, the Google will save your work on its own so you can find this option here. All things sale in try. Every change will be saved automatically. You need not hit the save button and it's not present you in there. So you have just absorbed the start ab when you just click on the file picker on your dashboard. So you have to hit the star option available here in order to make this form available in the start off your file picker. So if you want to make this form start, then you're just hit this button. So it's that easy, and here you have got an option toe. Choose Adams and make use off Alan's to make your form more powerful disk like this often called ad owns. And you can find the different Adams that you have already added. If you want to add the new Arun's, then you have to hit this button, called more and go at the bottom option called alone's. And here you can find the different adults that you can make use off in order to make your form more powerful. Adams are same as the APs that you how use on your mobile phone and make your mobile phone more powerful in the same way you can make your for more powerful By using this, Arun's here. We have got an option to select a color team for your form. So if all this click on the read option here so you can see that the top header section is having a red color and the bottom is having a light red color. You have not got an enough option toe. Customize the design off your form. You can just add a custom image and based on the color of the image, it will occupy the rest section, which is available here. But the head of section will have your image. So you just click this option and you can just find the different majors are. You can upload photos by going to the section. You can choose any of this images, so let me just click one off the image and I will just hit the selling burden. So based on the color off this image, it will occupy the rest off the color here. So it has selected by default like a local ER, and the rest of the form is now in a local er. So after making any changes on the form, it's necessary for you toe get a basic review off how your form would look like then you had to use this preview mode, and it will open a new tab where the preview more off this form is available, and here you are not going to edit it. Rather, you are going to add the responses for the form as the actual a sponsor for this form will do. Like. And here you'll get the clear ideal regarding how your form would be when the N user will be filling it. You can just shift back to the editing mode by clicking the small icon available here. Otto's You can just open the cab. So beside the preview mode, you also got US Gear Icon, which is a setting section off this form, and it will be open in a pop up. And it has about three taps called General Presentation and Quizzes. In the general tab, you'll find option called collect email addresses, and when you check this, what happens is that by default it will add a caution type called email address, and the makes it required that the users have to add their email address in order to do. Some of this form are always the form will not be submitted. You can find one thing here that we have had a email address here, but the thing is that we are not added by this manner. This is the simplest way that we are electing the email addresses. By just taking the option. Calculate the mailers address in the setting section. You can also do it by editing the answer types in the answer type. You have got an option to said that answer to be email address. So it's this. This option is the simplest one. You had to just click this check box and hit the save button, and it will are the question by default. You can do it anyway. One thing you may have observed that when I was just like this often call collect email address. It has enable another option called response triceps. And what does this response recip mean? The user will XLA form and the complete responses that he has full can be displayed to him by sending an email which is said to be a response Recip and he will get a clear idea off water. The answers are the responses that he has given for this form, and when I will take this off single, responsive sips. Then you'll find even more options seeing if respondent requested or always. If you want to just send the responses it on demand, then the first option is suitable where the user has to choose in order to get the responses of bottles. If you want to surely send recip for every response er than you can choose this option called Always below this, you will find another option called limit to one response If you want response from any bus and only one time and not more than one time they knew how to check this option. And what is being said here is that require signing, which means that if you want to restrict this form for a person for a single time than he has to sign in with the help of his Google account in orderto summit, this form and no person can fill the form more than once when you will just take this option and after the form has been filled and submitted. What do you want to show to the user? Whether a link with the elbow, which he can edit this responses or somebody charts and ex responses that the form has resumed. What are some of the charge somebody chart or complete analysis off the responses different responses that the form has a tude that are shown to the user when you check this option or ALS. If you want to just show a link with the help of which the user can edit the form again, then you can check this first option. Talking about the presentation. DAP. You can check this option in order to show a progress bar to the user and every time the form has been submitted. If you want to shuffle the caution order, then you had to check this option, and as a result, the caution order will be shuffle. You can find that this option is not unable with, say's shoaling to summit on of the response. As we have restricted this form a single response. You can find that this auction is not enable because the user will be able to do another response when I'll just check this option. So while I will just uncheck this, this option is unable now so you can just add a beautiful message here for the user when he will just submit this form. No moving or the quizzes stab here. You'll find an option. All make this a quiz, but you will just take this option. This form will behave like a quiz where each cushion will How a point. So when the user will choose the right cushion, he will be doing a point. And, uh, it's just as cause ab that you have used earlier. But here you have got more power, which means that not only points, you can also choose whether the results should be displayed right after the form has been submitted, or you want to manually review each and every response and then you want toe, just show our he's the results for the user. Then you can choose this option. And after submitting the form and getting the grizzles, what does the user or respondent can see? Whether he can just see a mystic ocean or correct answers or point? While this can just choose here what the user can see, The cause section is very beautiful, and you will get to explore more about how you can create beautiful quiz in the later videos and to make the cause more powerful. You have just know about the cushion and answer type. We will discuss that in the later coming radios. One thing important here is that you were form will be sale automatically, but you are settings. You have to just hit the save it and when you make the changes are, does the changes will be unsealed. And not only that, you can undo and redo. Oh, you were changes to the form, but not to the settings, and not only to the settings also to the preferences which are available here. 4. How to export and share a form: Now there is talk about the different methods with the help of which you can export or publisher form. You're dis clicked the send option, and you will find different options called emailing this form to a person. Or just you can just get a link off this form in order to share. You can also use this I frame in orderto ended it on your blog's our website. You can use this option goes short and Ural in order to shorten the Ural off the form. And not only that, you can include this form within the email, which which means that the user can fill this form right from the email. Here you will find another option called Add Collaborators, which I will be telling you after a while. 5. Other options available in the Google forms: So here you have got an option to undo the changes that you make. You can also use the commands such as command Z or controls if you're on windows and normally that you can also redux by he's, which means that you had a whole list shift key and then you have to click Command said Our controls that if you are on the nose, if you want to make a copy off this form, you had it. Just click this option. If you want to delete this formula, you have to click this option called more. Tobin. What is a briefing link? Sometimes it is necessary for us to show the user how the responses should be like in order to give you a clear view off, how the responses should be and in orderto get off it. Answer from the user. It's better to show a demo form, which has bean refill and in order to get the pre Philly how to this. Click here and it will open a new tab where you have to fill the responses for this form, and when you click the get link option, it will generate a link for you and you can use this link, so show the users how the responses should be. You can use the sprint option, and it will open a new tab where you can print this into, ah, hard copy, and you can find that it is, ah, more responsible as how just choosing There was, ah, short answer X for the name cushion and for the others question, it was a long answer. Text. More lines are being displayed so you can just make ah hard copy off this Google form by clicking the print option. So offer the print option you have got. Add collaborators option. When you click this add collaborators option. You can add collaborators for this form. You're just add the email addresses and click the send button, and they will be able to edit this form. If you have an idea about AB script, cool off script and you can use the script editor to make changes. You have also got an option called preferences, and in this preferences stab you will find different options called collecting email addresses. Make questions required D fall quiz point value. So what are the preferences? This preferences is a space where you just choose any of this option and this will be applied toe any off the form that you will be created. So here have district this option called collect email addresses and after that I will just go back to the dashboard and create a new form. And in that form, this option will be enable in the setting section, which means that by default the form will add a caution called email addresses are required and here. But I will just take this option called make questions required. Then every time in any form that I am creating, every caution will be added as required. However, I can just uncheck this option here, called Required, which is being displayed here into Israeli for each and every question. If I don't want to make the question required and even the point value, if you just said this to be 1 to 4 or any value and then you list, please say then in any quiz that you will create in future, the point before point while you will be four 6. Question and answer types : Hey, welcome back. So in the previous videos have explained about the dash boat and also the editor off the form, the form will how to perhaps only for you for the end user. No taps will be there for you. The caution tab and the response of staff will be there in the responsive section. You will find the different responses off your form. And not only that, you will also find a pie chart which will help you to understand the different responses easily. And when you click, the more option, you will get an option to get notified for every response with the help of an email. And if you want to select a destination for your responses, which is, ah, she'd Google Sheets. If you want to just choose or create a new sheet to save the responses off this form, then you have to click this option. And here you will find two options called creating new spreadsheet or select existing spreadsheet and every response that is added that this form will be sailed in that shed when you have just selected a responses destination. If you want to unlinked the form any time, then you can just handling that. The good thing about the farm is that if you're just unlinked the form and selected a new spreadsheet, what happens is that all the previous data will also be added to that spreadsheet. So you need not worry that you're just on linking this form from the spreadsheet and linking it one new spreadsheet. You will think that the data which was added previously and the data which will be added now will be not the mind. So you need not bother about that because the complete data right from the beginning, off the form or the beginning response or the first response, all the data will be added to a new spreadsheet when you will just handling the form and select a new response destination. And now talking about down low responses, you can download your responses into a serious we format and you can also print all the responses. You can even also delete all the responses for this form with this option. So, at any time of the day, you can just uncheck this option called are not accepting responses, and you can just share them a message. Why you are not accepting the responses for this form, However, later at any states, you can just check this box in order to accept responses again. Now talking about the question and answer types in the cushion dabs you were formed. Ideal will be added first, and in the form description, you can add various information, which you want to inform the user about before he has actually started filling the form. So you can also add a briefing link by just generating it from here so that the user can get a clear idea off about how you want the responses to be. You should just click this option in order to add a new cushion. Every cushion will be XT, and you can be followed by an image. When you just click this image button, it will open a pop up where you can upload a new image. You can take a snap short. You can upload an image with help off. You are all but the U. R l should be completely, uh, directing the image itself, which means that it should end like dot deep egg or not. Ian Gene And when you just move your your albums you can find your albums, but I don't have any kind of photos. Okay, you can also upload photos right from your drive, and you can just search your from the Google and select the image. The image competent available here has the same properties. Now, talking about answer types. Auto Medical, You can find that this question has selected the answer to be multiple choice, which means that this cushion will have an address, multiple choice and that I user has to just select anyone off the option that we have added . Now, when you click this, you will find about different cancer types, and they are section into different groups. Here you can find that the paragraph and short answer group into one section, which shows that they are similar in nature. But there are differences. The short answer will how a single line X and it's the number off lines. Sorry, the number off words is restricted, so you can use short answer as an asset type. If you want a one word, answer already small answer from the user. If you want the user to write a paragraph, then you can use this option here. You have more options, saying multiple choice check boxes dropped on. The difference between the multiple choice inject boxes is that user against select only one option with help off multiple choice, whereas with aloft check boxes he can check more than one option. And in the drop down option, he can just choose one option. The drop down is mainly used when there are so many options available. The file upload is also an answer type with help off which the user can upload a file directly to your Google drive up. Now let's talk about other options called as linear scale, which is generally used toe rage something. So if you want oh, gain our rating regarding any off the product or any of the concept, then you can just use this. This section, which is having linear scale multiple choice grade it box grade, is usually used for the cushions off a survey. Leah Scale can be used as a rating bar, and this multiple choice grade can be used. Get answers regarding a protic so similar rated both where it can be used. The difference between the shot multiple choice grade antic both great is that in the multiple choice grade in a particular role. Only one option can be selected, whereas in the big Balls grade, more than one option can be selected. So against this, explain this with the help of an example. How just uploaded a video where I am describing about a product, and now I want to know about whether this part are this thing has been shown in the video. Whether this has been included in the video, I will just add this type of questions under left hand side and I will add, Yes, no options would help up this multi multiple choice grade, and the user can help me by this. Taking this options. Now let's talk about this section called Date and Time. If you want to just allow the user to select a particular date and time, then you can just use this option called date and Time. So this was a small introduction to the answer types. I will explain you in detail about this and how you can efficiently so you will be able to understand it more efficiently while we're actually creating the form. Talking about this options at ideal and description. If you want to just add at title and description in between. They knew how to just add this year, and you can just add the title and description so you can use this to divide one cushion from another. And if you want to mention something in between, our just section the videos in this format, you can issues this title and description and before ah, particular cushion if you want to our any imm age and you can add that and normal that you can also upload a YouTube videos. Are you not applaud? You can add a YouTube video here with the help of this option. So you had to just add the yuan earlier. Autos again. Just make a search. If your video just ranks high in the surgeon results, then you can find your video. Arles. You just copy and paste your you are. This option is at section. If you want to divide your form in more than one section and you can use this option. So what is that van Age off. Using the ad section option. You can hide a section off your form, and you can just display or move the user to the next section when he has choosen a particular answer. So this are the different question and answer types for the form hope you off on this video . Helpful. See in the next video where we will be creating an example form. 7. Creating a simple Contact us form: Hello, everyone. In the previous videos, we were discussing about the site map off the Google former editor, And from this video, we're going to create different kinds off forms. And in this particular video, we're going to create a contact US form in the conduct US form. The main thing that we want is, uh, message that the responder will send and not only the message in written rhythm message. It's necessary for us to reply that miss it. So we also need an email address off the person who has contacted us. And in addition, you can also add a lotion called name, and you can just, ah, keep it as optional start by clicking this blank and played option. After clicking this option, you're right now the Forms Idol is untitled form. Rename it as gone. Act as form. You can use this contact form and emitted. In your upside are a blawg as it village in rate I framed for you. When you click the send button, you can add more information about the form in the form description, so we'll just type in ask please explain. You were message Indio here. The first question that I want to add ease name, and this should include a short answer and click this ad question option. And no, I want to access the email address off the person who is contacting me here. The email address is also a short answer. You can also collect the email of the person by clicking the settings option and checking this box call as collect email address so it will automatically add ah, question here. But he had to just say that offer chicken this option and when you say that it will automatically include this question Corliss email address In the ease marked as compulsory or mandatory Otto's. You can also add a question. Where were you want to collect the email address and marketers mandatory? But the challenge here is that the answer that the user types here should be, ah, particularly email address. So first, let's go to the preview mode. And here let's check whether it is directing that whether the person is actually adding email, arrest or ALS, it is accepting any kind of content that the user adds, You know, it's ah, the district by just adding 123 So no, you can hear observed that it is not delivering that this is not email address. We want a verification off The answer. Toby Emeritus, In order to do so, you should let this option this more. Let him. And here, click this response validation. In this one, you should select the ext and the condition that you want to keep is it should be email address. And if the user doesn't add any mellitus, what message do you want to show to the user? So just type it here as please enter valid email. Now let us again review our form. Now let us try by adding any ministers. Yeah. No, it is directing that whether the user has added an e mailers or lt's just adding a next year in this short answer Xbox. So it is showing the message that we have added witches. Please enter a valid email. So after adding email Aris, you should make it mandatory to make it mandatory. You have just check this option called required offer that letters add on another question . Let us add a cushion goal as phone number and without giving it mandatory. So this on number we have just added so click on response validation. So it has automatically detected that the next question that we are adding here is a phone number, and based on that, it has selected that responsibility. Ation is in number apart from just choosing the validation to how a number I want indigent number which is acceptable in my country. So it should be between It should not be greater than I would use this option called between There are other options also seeing greater than or equal to less than Lazar equal , equal, do not equal toe and more. Why I'm just choosing between is that the number should be greater than into the board off 10 and into the pore off 11 in orderto be a phone number off my country. So this click this option called between And now I should add about one followed by nine Giotto's which east under the boat off 10 and hear How did I one followed by NGOs? I will check it again. You can also use cobian patient there in order to easily add the numbers here. Okay, it strike. And now let us just go to the preview mode and check whether I'm able to add a number which is only in digits. So 1234 56789 Cheeto. So it's exactly indigents. If I lied, One more number again. The messages displaying this message is really ugly, saying must be in a morbid Windows and this value, so I will display a customary message saying, Please enter a valid for number. I'm not making this question to be required because so many people will feel it insecure toe share, therefore number And as it is a contact US form, I think it's not necessary. Toe, get the phone number off the user. No, we will add, um, new section Carla's message, which is a mean cushion for this. Contact us form. Yeah. Based on the text, it has automatically choose the answer type. So this is one other advanced age off Google form out just right in the cushion as message and are eating that it has automatically choosing the answers to be a long answer. Text make this option required. Let us this check what we can Ah, are as responsible validation for this type off cushions. So you have an option toe, choose the length off the next box that we are adding and regular expression. You can issues that whether it contains doesn't contains dozen match. So you can also keep this conditions for your message right now on just restricting the user toe are about message wedgies less then, which is having a maximum character count off 2000 and I will add a testamentary Missed eight saying should contain maximum characters off. Do those and only yeah, we're done with creating, Ah, simple conduct This form let us just it this preview ballin and just it. How does it look like? And here again, just on your name in the next Abby, How to have your email address and in the phone number section you should add the phone number in the message section again. Adebowale content, which should be less than two 1000 characters. Okay, offer touched. You can submit your phone 8. Creating a job application form: Hey, hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to create a job application form. So if your company has openings, then you can create online Google form in orderto received the resumes off the interested candidates. The basic necessities of the farm is a description to the form the name of the form, and it's based on your idea. After that, the cushions that as name, email, address and phone number are necessary for a job application form in orderto replied to the person who has applied for the job. And apart from this, if you're company is offering more than one position, then you can create a cushion for that and answer type for this should be a multiple choice answer. And after that, the optional questions that you can add is that if you are offering the jobs in a particular cities, only then you can just add a cushion and the answer type to be our drop down answer. After adding the question like that. Now, the final thing is that to collect the resumes, the resumes, you can collect it. It will be saved in the Dr Fuller and the space off this video files will be based on your drive storage. So So I received the resumes. You should at a cushion type and Jews as a time to be files. And you can just filter the different file types that you want to risk you and said the size off the file that the user uploads. So it should be not greater than 10 em bee or one nbr 100 be as you like. So you can also add more questions such as What is the experience off the person who is applying for the job? And at the end, you're gonna just keep empty box to tell us more about his experience if he has any kind of experience. So in order to reduce the time how just develop it from the template available in the Google form. So here I have a great image in the background. So how? Just use this off template only to create the Google form for the application. Hear how just added a brief description regarding the form seeing our companies offering jobs for position off senior manager and assistant engineer. So we're interested to hire both experienced and fresh candidates. We want candidates who how excellent communication skills and interest in learning new things. You can add a very good description. So I don't say that my description is good. It's OK and you can add more interesting descriptions so that the person who is responsible this form should feel that it's ah really professional company that he is applying a job for. Okay, so here how Just added, Ah, caution called name and in the description first and last name is mentioned and as a type he's short answer next, and it is marked as required and even how, added an email and as how done in the previous video Here we have this added a response validation. And here we have choose the email address that some other message is chosen to be. Intra valid email errors and even this is marked as required cushion and finally the phone number. And this is also the same as out and previously the number and it should be between the into the borough of standard Invisible 11 only chilled out in digits. Okay, and the custom error message is, please enter a valid phone number the next what? We're going to add these Ah, multiple choice cushion. So this quick, this one. And here by default, we have a multiple choice Kush answer type. Ok. Ah, let's add the cushion. So I just ah, out of the question like this saying which position are you interested in? And it has magically changed answer type to be a check box, But here I need a multiple choice question. The difference between the check box and the multiple choice answer is that in the multiple choice answer, only one answer can be selected, whereas in the check box type answer, more than one option or one answer can be selected. But here, as the two dogs are completely different, so I will choose the answer type to be multiple choice only. And here I will just type the answer type. 1st 1 I will just try. But as senior my nature. So apart from this, adding the X for the answer, you can also choose an image. Just click this option called Add Image. Now, the different options that you are seeing are very similar to the bathroom image that we have chosen so earlier in the basic tutorials. You know, while we are just learning about the site map of the editor. We have seen that we can change the background image off the form. And there you have seen similar options like this. You can choose any off the photo, our image, and you can just I it with this option off answer. Okay. You can also add any made for the cushion. So here, if you want to add an option, you had a click here. If you want to add an option named as other than click here so it will automatically our answer to be other, you need not type other again. So if you're choosing toe ad and option, then you can You should die, Pierre. If you want the option to be other than just click this option called our other. So here, Ola just type it does Mascis turned engineer, okay? And I will make this to be required because it's necessary for me through know whether the person is interested to become a senior manager or assistant in the near So next question type that I'm going to add, uh, I want to choose the as a type here to be a file. So here I want to collect the resume off the person, so choose the answer type to be filed Upload. So here you will find a message saying file will be uploaded to the former owners Google Drive. So it will be uploaded to my good right. And he the person who is responding to this form will be required to sign in when he wants to upload the file. So click on, continue and, uh, add the cushion as a load. Ah, or zoom. Okay, so here you have to check this option called. Allow only specific file types and no check this option Gold document and videos. No maximum number of files should be restricted to one and maximum file size against it. To be one MB our enemy. I want not just choose this option called an MBI. However, the documents or PDFs with only single page will not be greater than one nb And in exceptional cases they can be more than when it be so In order to reduce ah burden for the person who is responding to this form, let us choose it. Beat an MBI. It's been little mentioning the description so you know the body fall the description option is not available here, so you have to click this more icon. And here you have to click on this description option. And right here in the description, The file should be less Dan then and me. Okay, So check this auction seeing required. So for adding this question, let us add another two additional cushions. One is what are you from? So if you want people from specific areas, then you can use this option. So I will. I had a question. We're Oh, are you from? So by default magical. It has been choosing on answer calls. Short answer text. I wanted to be Ah, drop, Don't answer. And in the drop, don't answer. I want the options to be one east daily. I'm from India, right? And other one, He's either bonds and next option ease Mumbai. An additional option is Toni Jo added about four options in the drop down. And I want it to be required because I want oh, hire the people who are from this region only. And at the loss, we're going to add another cushion called Hominy Hominy yearsof experience. Do How so? I would just added this cushion and no. Okay, even ob discussions Answer to be a number and in the body, for it has opened for me the responsible validation and the number should be between Jiro toe fight. I'm interested in the people who are having experienced less than five years. I don't want to add this option to be required. And also, I don't want to mention it in the description I want to just out of custom enter Mrs you're seeing We are interested in candidates having less expedience. Okay, I don't want to make this cushion required. And after this, let us add another optional cushion seeing tell about yourself. So it's a long as it next. OK? And done. We have just had a different types off cushion and answers. Let's preview our work. So before that one thing that you had to do his is that in the file of Lord section, I just forgot to tell you this one so this form can accept up to one baby off fires so I don't know won t be off storage or I Then how not coaches any premium plan for my Google drive? I will just restrict it to be less Dan, then Gov. Because the limited space for Google drive for free version is 15 GB on and I don't have any kind of prem emotions. I will leave it to be a 10 and be OK. So done with this. Let's see the privy off over form. Just hit this button. So this is over form. And here if you open this form with a link after publishing this form, then what you shouldn't do is that you should sign in for this form as you have enable option toe. Add a file the person should sign in tow AL file because, honestly, any person will try to add the files in your drive storage, and it will. It can have a content which is really not recommended, and hence to provide a better service. Google form by default, enables the option to sign in for the user if he's do submit you any kind off file. Okay, so let us try adding any kind off options here. Also multiple choice question. You can excuse anyone option here, so if you select this option called at file, then you can upload it from your computer from Dr or any previously selected option. Okay. And where are you from? This is a drop down cushion. That be how added So here are the different places being displayed and how many years off experience do you how for? Try to add option called six. Then it was so show the message, saying you're interested in candidates having less than let's experience. Okay, if I would write about four, then it accepts that option. So tell about yourself is also an optional cushion Here here we have long fuel new things such as the option toe at a new file and it's dope. Don't answer type. OK, see you in the next video we'll buy. 9. Using line scale answer type: flow everyone in this video, we're going to create a wary, simple form. And the reason why how included this video in this course is to introduce. Ah, you are different kinds off as a type called linear scale type. So before just explaining you about the answer type, I will talk about the things that have already added in order to make the video shot. So I just edited the form background. How just off this image from Google, how not uploaded this infographic. Okay, and I forgot. I just named this one as vanilla ice cream. The team off this form is to collect reviews and ratings for one off the products that the hotel is offering. How added a small description, saying this is a simple form to collect ratings for one off our products. I also added a question saying, How do you rate vanilla ice cream? It's better. Also add image for this as I had no image, I'll just search on Google and try to add the same here. Yeah, I find so many majors here. I'll just add this image and hit the select button, and now the image will be available here So when I click this more about more button, you have got different options. The change to remove this one. You can also add a caption for this. So here again a. Add a caption for this one. But here, in this cushion type, it's not necessary for me to add a caption for this image. So let's inject that one. I want this to be center line, so the bottom the answer type, is multiple choice. Answer. But I don't want to add a multiple choice answer. Here it's better. Do choose a linear scale. So when you choose this option called Linear Scale now you can use this one as a reading bar. So this includes the ratings from 1 to 5. You can also include a label for the rating. So for the near the one number one, you can add any next saying Very bad or ALS. You can also add extra if icing excellent. So let's just try that adding a label here. So no off riding the label. Let's preview this one and know you will get a clear idea. Yeah, here. What you can observe is that at the bottom we have a label after the Radio Birdman, one as bad. And after the radio button fight, we have the label as good. So instead off adding the label as text. You can also are emojis are ex icons. You cannot that tried to our emojis. So we have created of question goal ratings. Now we have include another question. Just hit this ad question option and below. Let us Stipe a cushion, saying Write a review. Okay, I just abdication saying Write a review for vanilla ice cream and here I will not make this caution to be required because people may be interested. Toe Add a review or not. But I should just check the options in Greek white for the first question that is readings because it's necessary for the user to add rating and next here. What should I do is that I should send this from, oh, only a few people, so I should send via email option. So only the people who are included in this email can Onley some in the form Here. Also again, off this option gold collect email addresses. It's not necessary that you just just any off this option seeing limit one response it offer submit because they're united even after they have submitted a form, as it is a review and reading form. So I hope it's a good one, So send this form with help off an email. 10. Creating a form for feedback: Sometimes it is necessary to review the internal factors off a product instead, off revealing the complete product. In the previous radio, we helped created a form with help off which our customer can send a review for one of our products, which we how assumed it to be a vanilla ice cream. But imagine a case where you want a review regarding, ah, video that you have created on YouTube. And then you can have ever get basic information regarding what is lacking behind in the video from the comments and like unlike. But if the comments are so many and you're unable to read all of them, it will become a tough top and only a small like and dislike will not help you understand what is wrong in the video. So in that case, it's better to create a form and insert off reviewing the complete video. You can review the each and every factor of the video, for example, the sound quality that is all your quality off your video, the volume that you have added to the video while editing the video quality, the engagement. So where these other factors like this, you can just Ah, create a form and get a review regarding all these factors in the form. So normally in the case off getting a review for our different factors off a video, you can also use it for various other purposes. So let's start with the black nameplate. And here, well, just named this form as reviewing a radio. So this is my YouTube channel and the YouTube channels. One of the videos link here. I'll just scope it this one. And after a coping, first of all, what? Lose that. I will add a radio so you can add a video by search on. Also by you are let me search first of all, whether it's available. So yeah, it is available. And in the case, if it is not available through search, you can just go to the stop called You are and paste the You are there. And if you are Donald, search in invisibility is so good. Then you can use this search option. So just click this one look, select. Yeah, and now the video has been placed in here. It can just select whether the video should be center align, right, align. And here you can duplicate this one. And now this is a trailer. I would also make this one central line. Okay. Um, no. Here, let me add a cushion. I will just add it as please provide a valid feedback for Okay. Now, instead of choosing the linear type scale, I will just choose this option called multiple choice grade. And when I'll just choose that option, we're here. We have options saying rows and columns the rose or the horizontal cells in this manner, the cells will come. That is called a row. And this is a column that will go the vertical sells, other are laid one below, the other will make a column. So you better know water row and column ease. And now here the rows are the factors that we want of feedback for in the columns will be the reading. So first of all over the column saying one, and it's not necessary for us toe. Keep the number of columns and rows to be equal. Okay. You can give them equal or als again. Just give them unequally. You have a lad. Different factors that has audio quality, video quality. And next you're video engagement so you cannot even more factors for which you want toe get a review here. Now let us this review our form. This is how it the form will be. And here are the YouTube video will be played and offer watching the trailer. They can give me a review regarding the audio quality of the video, the video quality of the video and also the video engagement. How engaging is the wise and things that is being said in the radio, so you can just They can just provide me a review relating that. One thing that you can observe here is that we cannot choose more than one radio button here in a single roll. So this is a row for a video engagement here, only one radio button, which I can select to provide the reading if you have to do some other answer type, I'll just show that here, if you're just choose it often to be big box grade. So now let us preview it again. The difference between the big box great and the multiple choice creed is that here in a single road, the user can choose more than one option. So again this. See the difference Here? It, uh, this this type off answer type will also be useful, especially in service. If you're connecting service and want to know where the different things are present in a particular thing, then you can make use off the tick box grid. And after that, another thing that I want to tell you is that here can make a response in each row required or not. But it is checking this one. And here, when you click this more often limited to one response per column. So, for example, of this set of this option, and I was sure you what? It will change. So let's click on review. And no, if all this for the first option of this, choose it to be raiding toe. I cannot select this one because here this type of error will be displayed can also make use off these auctions in shuffle role order 11. Creating a form for specific need: in this week, I'm going to create a form for one of the radio that I have created for my YouTube channel . So this is how my YouTube channel at looks like. And in one of the videos, recent videos How explain how to create a YouTube channel at in the way that how created, if the person is not able to understand how to create a YouTube channel are even after watching that radio. Then it anyhow mentioned that I will try to help them if they want. It created an A lot like the one that how created all they had to do is that they had to click the linguine in the description, and it will trigger a Google form that I have created. No, that doesn't create the form. I'm going to pricks like the blank template right now and now I will just I've been that idol. Add the description, and after that, the first question will be name. Selig Dancer type as short answer. I don't want to make it as a required cushion, and after that, go to the Settings section and check this tick box, saying collect email addresses and then click see if and the next question that we're going to our ease at YouTube Channel Link The answer is short answer, and it is directed by Google form itself. I want to change the response validation, basically the response validation that is said by Google by default after adding the caution, ease that XT and the Ural format. But I don't want the Ural format to be using. Rather, I want to select the contains option, and after that I will just go to YouTube up to Channel A list. Select all these are those. If you don't want to create any kind of difficulties, then you can just select this and up to youtube dot com. However, as we were mentioning that user shoot, add the YouTube Long Ural instead off Shorty Orel. Then you can select a new channel basted here in the next section and after that ad, because some error message. So in the inner message, we're going to add the messages. Add Long Ural off your YouTube channel. So we have added this, and we want to make this cushion to be required one. So I'll take this often sing required and offer them the next question that we are going to Addis home, it's Do you want to pay for this? The answer will be a short answer. And next I want this question to be required. I want to add a description for this one. So this this here description. So I just had a description saying I'm interested to create learn a lot from $5 to $50 next . We're also going to our response validation for this, the number it's between so like this offense in between and it should be between five and 50 so we have added a custom in our message for that. So after that, we want to know how the user wants his channel art to be so Here we have added a question saying, Tell us more about how your channel art should be and then let us make it required Cushion . An excursion that we're going to our ease. Do you want to share any images? And this one should be Ah, multiple choice question and the option one will be Yes, The next option will be No. Yeah, yes, and no options are added here, and it does make it a required cushion. And next we are. They are a section, so offer section one. Continue to the next section. No, we don't want to continue to the next section. We're under submit the form, but in this cushion played this more option here and down Go to section based on answers like this one. So we want to send the user toe a next section if he chooses the option. One saying yes, So this is okay continued an exception. And if the user say's no, then we want to some in the form. So let us added ideal for the section saying some of your images. And next the question will be our files offer. Adding this question, the answer format will be file a Plourde and let respondents upload their files to drive so they should sign in in order to upload their files. This form Click continue for this, and after that here we have got some options to set. Allow only special file times. Yes, of course, I want a lonely, specific file. Types that should be in age are also it can also be drawing. I don't want any pdf files, videophiles, audio files or any other files. I just want image and growing formatted files. OK, The maximum number of the files will be and I don't restrict the user to send only one fine at a time. So the maximum number of files will be in and next the measure of file size. I want the file size, the limit for the fire size to be 100 MB. So this is what I want to set this form can accept, approve on TV, all files. I want to change this. I won't allow upto n g. B. So when I will just click on change, then here at the bottom have got the option increase. The maximum size off the files uploaded to this form was added to B and G B and click on Save. You know, we house said this question called our files that can allow the user to upload the images off each file off maximum to be 100 MB, and only that the maximum number of far so that they can share with us at a time is then I will not make this often as required, and you should not make it required because it will be difficult for the user. Just come in the form if he doesn't want to add any files. And next, another cushion of lad here. And the question will be explained how I should use this in medias and it should be a paragraph and sir, and even this one I don't want it to be required. Answer. So here we have created our form and we have just edited the settings off different cushions that as our file section. And no, we're going to click this preview option. So we are in the previous section off the Google form that we are that we have created. Let's try adding the answers for different cushions in the Mailer section until and unless I will add ah e mailers, it will not accept it. Next, I can add the name, but it is optional for this cushion called our YouTube channel link. We have added a response validation where we have set a condition saying that the you are that will be started here should contain apart off the YouTube channel Europe, the YouTube channel Ural do contains the website arose off. You do that? He's w w dot youtube dot com and it is followed by slash channel slash and it and a YouTube channel i d will be present. So we how I copied the text upto w w dot youtube dot com slash channel slash and we have basted it in the responsible allegations section in order to accept any Ural which contains this text. And also, in some cases, the person may add Short and Ural. And hence in the other message, we have notified him, saying that please do base their on your off your Egypt Channel. So let us try adding the YouTube channeling here So w w w dot you too dot com. And here we can observe that even if we have out of the youtube dot com yet it is showing the error misstate saying at long Ural off your YouTube channel. So let us add slash channel slash Oh, so it is yet showing enormous h. I think probably we have also basted the https in the response validation. So let me die Hedge d e b as and slash slash. So now as how added https, you can, uh, the error message has gone is dismissed that it will check the complete, you are ill up to channel, and if this Texas present, then only it will accept it. The next question is, how much do you want to pay? With their $5 it can be from $5 to $50 as mentioned in the description off this cushion. So let me try adding $4. It will not accept it, and it will show their message. Let me have $60 even then it will not accept it. It will only accept the values that are between dollar $5. 50. Next question is tell us more about how your channel art should be so here. How allow the user to share his starts and ideas about how his channel art should be, and you can add some information here. So if riding some information at the end, you will get a cushion saying, Do you want to share any images? If the person with filling this form chooses options, saying yes, then that he will be he will be sent to the next section off this bomb, and if he chooses the option saying no, then the form will be submitted. So let us use options saying yes and click the next button. So as how click the next button and the previous question, as I was selected options saying yes and asked about Do you want to share any majors? It has redirected me to the next section off this form where I can our image files. And also you can share an information about how I should use this immediate images while creating a channel art. When I click, this are fire option. It will open a new pop up where I can upload the images right from the computer, or I can upload it from my dry or are based on any previously selected images and offer selecting any image. I can't submit the form. So this is how I have used the Google form in order to allow the people you ask me to create a channel lot for them in the same manner. You can use the Google forms in various manners in your daily life, on also in professional life, 12. Introduction to quiz forms: it's time to create a course with help off Google forms. Creating the quiz with help of Google forms will complete Use your work if you are an instructor or a teacher. So if you're an instructor or teacher, you just give the questions for your students for a test or an examination and offer submitting your the answer sheets. You manually tried Teoh. Inspect all the answers and you manually try toe cut the papers. But here, with the help of Google forms, all this work has been reduced. You're just add the questions and offer that you had also add the options or select a different answer type. Whether it may be our drop down, a short answer type are a multiple choice cushion. Apart from this, the different cancer types are not suitable for the quiz form because it should also be able to provide the right answer to the Google forms so that it can autocorrect each and every cushion. And even in this case, there is a chance for you. You can choose a paragraph as a type as the answer for every question, but the work will be the same. You should just correct all the answers manually, however, the data and all the information will be collected by Google forms and will be maintained in a perfect manner without any efforts from you. So this was information about the quiz and its advantages. In the next video, we're going Teoh create a basic question and answer by several years trying to explain you the different options available while creating a quiz with help off Google forms. 13. Creating a simple quiz: have actually created a form in how added a few cushions and how also added two options for each cushion that I'll add it in this form. So Norden any extra? Well, I just don't a simple work here in order to explain you as soon as possible. How just added the title last simple quiz offer that have added about five questions here. These are all these questions are just symbol, which is the best. Heavier metal is the first caution and which is a coldest location on is the next question . This all these are simple cushions, and for this questions, I have added about two options. So you can also just add any kind of question, and you're gonna also add more than one option. First of all, I'm going to show you other how to create a symbol quiz with help off the multiple choice answer type. So we have out there selected all the answers to be multiple choice answers. After that, I will also show you in their coming quizzes, where we're also going to use the short answer type the drop down as the type and more force of all year. How just created this symbol grace with basic simple cushions, and different options are added here. No offer adding all this cushions the main dust come here is to click the settings option and offer clicking this settings option. You had to go to the quizzes section and check this option saying, Make this quiz offer. You enable this option now. Year you can't see under the quiz options. We have got different options. As I said in the previous video, you can release the results or the grade right after the suits. Student has submitted a form Arles. You can release them later after manually reviewing each and every answer or the response that you have got for your form. So offer that the other options available here. Our correspondent can see whether he can see a mystic ocean. Correct Answers Point values its offer. The student completes the form. If you just select this option, saying release the great immediately offer eat submission. Then he can click the view score button, and after that what should respond and see? You have to select them here, So whether you want to show only missed cushions, then uncheck this two options and in this case. What happens is that the respondent will be only able to see the mystic oceans. And if you just take this option saying point values, then the respondent will also be able to see how many points that he got for a particular cushion. Whether it is Jiro are, if you're just added about 20 points for a question and he has a student are right option for that. And in that case, he will get Tony out of 20 and offer that if you want to show the respondent. Also, the correct answer is that he has attempted. Then you had to even check this option. Our the wrong answers will be displayed by default. You cannot disable them. Okay, so now here we have just creator Chris. Oh, something is wrong here. We have not created a quiz right now. If you have just created a quiz than the answer, key option should be available here. What is the wrong thing that we had done? Nothing. We have just forgot. Do slick save button. So you should be careful. When you make changes in the setting section, you should click the save button for sure. So here, check this and offer that click save. No, I wouldn't just show you one thing here. The 20 points are being shown by default. How did I just do that? How does it by clicking the more option and then going to the preferences section? And when I just click the preferences option there, then it has opened a pop up where, at the bottom, the default Chris Point value is being shown. So right now it is showing 20 but actually by default. The Google formal said it has geo in all the questions that you have added on your form. The default value for them will be the Jiro Points, and you have just add a point for each and every question. Just change them. So you should also just go to the preference section and choose a different point values in order to reduce your work off. Changing the point values for unusual cushions. No, you had aesthetic the right answer for each and every question that you have added desk lik dis options in answer key on offer that now you have to select that option, which is right among this too. Hear the right answer is gold. So I would just like this one. And the points you can just change the points where the invisible cushions by just ah adding the value here. It also provide a feedback for each and every cushion. So at least I feedback to be so where is not Ah, heaviest medal. And after that you can also provide a link to explain more about that. L not only that, you can also just provide ah YouTube video link for that. Let's click on that. It will open a pop up where you have to provide a YouTube link or make a search regarding habeas middle. And if you find the related videos, you can select one off them and even a click this link option you had, Oh, just add the link. And also you can edit the X that should be displayed inside of the link. So this is a feedback that how added for this in the same manner, I'm going to select the answer for each and every cushion offer. Choosing all the right auctions, we are done with creating a good quotes. Right now, it's time to preview our quiz and how it works. So I just click on the preview option. No, I'm trying to Adam, that is this Jews the wrong option and also the right option for different cushions that we have added so far. Ah, selecting all options, let us just click the summit button. Now here about two options are being shown the options saying something. Another response is being shown. We should not be shown. If you want toe how only one response from one particular student. Let's click on you score. It shows you the feedback off the quiz that you attended The wrong answers that you, Acheson and the right answer is that he had choosen So this is a total points that I have acquired out off 100. This isn't a performance. So this is a basic quiz that we have created in the next video. We're going to improve the squares a lot 14. Responses section: in the preview section of how it ended two times. So submit this quiz and in the responses section how got results regarding that? So the insights are provided. One time I got about 60 score out of 100 next time I got about 80 out of 100 somebody folding and see that seventies the average points that are scored in the two responses and the media needs 60 out of 100 the range of 60 to 80 points frequently, Mr Caution. So this was a frequently MISC ocean, and two times a silver option was still in here in the first cushion. So it is being shown in a grace regular, and it is wrong answer. For this caution. We have attempted to times are right answers, and hence it is chewing in a green color. This is a summary off all the responses that how god it as you can get the results based on the cushions. So for the first cushion, how many people how just are choosing the right option? You can just order the question section and get the analytics based on each and every question. For the first question to responses were there and both off the responses or wrong. And for the next question, which is the coolest location on the two of the responses. We're right and two of them got 20 of 20 and and coming to the third question, which is the hardest place on earth. The first response. Waas it'll Ethiopia. And it was right. And the question Waas left blank for one of the responses. And the third section here is in your usual. So now talking about the individual section here you can have a look on the answers that have been attempted in your easily by each and every student. You can see that this water right and the wrong answers that the first respondent has choosing. No. When you go to the 2nd 1 then hear this word. Ah, right answers the wrong answers and also the miss cushions from the second respondent. So in the invisible section, you can examine how each and every its own and attempted the quiz. Now the responses and everything is available within the Google form. If you want to store all the data in a Google sheet and make use off it for any other purpose. So that is just a link. This form for a particular sheet, you had to just click the more option here and off of that select response destination. No, this is a new spirit chewed that will be created for this form. I would just created this form. So this was the procedure. How? You should have a look at the response of section in your quiz. 15. Disable submission for more than one response: So we are back here and now. Now the main thing that we're going to do first is that though the sitting section and come here in the presentation section Now we're going to uncheck this options saying shoaling to summit another response. So in the presentation section, all the options that you check or uncheck will actually affect what should be done after Ah , quiz has been submitted by respondent. So whether the farm should show a progress bar, which actually will be related to the responses from different quiz respondents, and you want to shuffle the question or after the quiz has been adopted by particular person, then you can do that shoaling to submit another response. This we don't want. We don't want to show link to submit another response. So will this uncheck this option? After that, we want to just show a confirmation message. So let us at a confirmation message thing. Ray, you have successfully completed a quiz. So this is a message that I'm going to show you can have your custom sage that you want, and after that I will just click on sale. So that's what the changes that I want to make in the presentation section 16. Setting different answer types for questions: Now we'll just try adding a different answer type for a particular cushion. So here the first question is, which is the best heavier middle. And here we have two options called gold and silver. So instead, off this instant off a multiple choice as a type lettuce. Just choose a short answer as as a type for this cushion and off that you had to disk licked the answer. Key option. Now add a correct answer For this, I would add a gold ease, uh, heavier mill. So this is the right answer, but you are as many right answers as possible. The student can also try to attempt as g o L D Gold as a answer, and he can also use ah uppercase letter at the beginning for G. So try adding that because both uppercase letters and lower case lor everything is directed here. So our gold starting with a lower case also a gold where G E is in upper case. Try adding all the possible correct answers for this cushion and offer that if you want to mark all other card answers as incorrect, then just take this option off, writing all the right answers. And that's it. We're done creating a cushion for which an answer type is a short answer. Type about from this. Let us also choose another as a type for a different cushion. Let us choose our drop down as an answer type for this cushion, which is which is a cold this location on Earth Year. Instead of multiple choice, we're going to select the drop down, and in the drop down, the first option will be America, and second option will be East Antarctica. It's offer just changing the to answer types. There's this click on purview and try hiding as us for this quiz. So as we have enable shuffling for this quiz. Hence the cushion discussion is available at the top, and all the Russians are just Ah, different places. So we just the fosters animal on the land. It's cheat on now here, which is a cool, coldest location on a It's East Antarctica. No, which is a burst of your middle of ghosts of this type as gold. And, uh, what is this click on Submit? And here, as we have just disabled options, saying at another response, it is just showing us a message saying, Hooray! You have actually completed the quest when the student will just click on view. Score? No, he can view the score. The first option is ride East America is right, and gold is also right. 17. How checkboxes work or behave in quiz: Now let us try adding an answer Pipe as a chick books for a particular cushion. So here we have a cushion saying, which is the hottest place on earth for this. Let us choose the answer type as check box. And after that, let us try adding another option for that seeing Africa, even the offer, guys, not the right option. I'm going to just check this option, saying off Fricka as a right answer in order to just check how the quiz would react to this when the user just tries to choose Ethiopia's right answer. So hit the preview but in here and offer choosing the preview button here. I'm going to just sort of Ethiopia as a right answer and offered that which is the fastest animal on the land. Well, just tried out in all the answers again, and after that I will just click on Submit Wheels Car and now here against CS partially right. But it's just giving Jiro score, even though it's partially right, which is the house part is placed on a and here the right answers are both Ethiopia and Africa, so let's try again. Choosing both options is knowledge is Ethiopia and also Africa. Best have your middle. It's ease. Gold. No, let's click on you score now as our Jews in both the options, it is a right answer. 18. Shuffle the option order: now I'm going to share with you Another option available in Google forms with the help of which you can increase the difficulty for a person to share the answers off this quiz. So here we are in our quiz, and so do you select one of the cushions and here, when you just click this more option at the bottom, you confined shuffle option order. So when you just like this one, what happens is that a little shuffle, even the option order that you have added here. So there's ended. Increase the difficulty for a blessing to share. Lancer goes, yes. Begin shuffled our option order for the checkbooks type of answers, multiple choice answers and even for the drop, don't pipe answers. 19. How to use paragraph answer type: video. I'm going to show you what happens when we choose the paragraph Type of answer as answer type for a particular cushion of this are a cushion here in between what are different types of animals. And for this question, I'm going to choose the paragraph Panzer by and here in as early. We don't have any kind of option to Jews, and we can just add a feedback for any answer. So let us go to the review section and try attending this quiz. So here we are in the cushion saying, What are different types off animals of this hybridize herb yours garni yours. So off riding the answer A paragraph answer. I will just click on Submit. And after that I will click on view score And here. But if all the answer for this one ease our own in no point here has been allotted for this answer. Even though if you type all right, answered, there are answer will be wrong because this kind of answer type is not suitable for a quiz where the results are. The grade will be released right after attempting the quiz. So let us go back and click the settings option and come to the quizzes section in here. In the quiz options select the second options, saying later offer manual review. So this will automatically enable the email collection because he had to send or the release of grades offer manually revealing them and hence the email correction will be enabled. So after that, this click sale now the email address will be collected. Now I will try to Adam this off road, ending a quiz where the manual review is enabled. The view results with him will not be available. And let's go back here and now in this phone, you should go to the responses section and in the responses section you should be in the invisible tab and in the series will tab the eight response ease the response where I have just unable the man will review. So this is the eight response I just added are fake email idea of a religious test, this one. So I just used a freaking milady. And here the release Corruption is available. Whereas for the previous response, the release score is not available because the score has been released and the person knows the score and talking about this one here, the cushion, which is having the answer type as paragraph as a type discussion. Our medical, it is showing as the answer as wrong. For that we have toe make it right. How should we just make it right? We have to make it this answer as right may adding the ones that you want to give for this answer. I'm gonna get about 10 points for this answer. Based on this answer, apart from this, I can add Ah, in visual feedback. Further response off this cushion. Okay. And after adding the point for this, you have to click on sale. And even then you can find that this answer is wrong because I was just given partial marks , not complete box, little sis. Try adding 20 out of 20 and now just click on sale. No, you can find that this cushion. The answer for this question is right. Okay. So when the person will be given the complete marks, then only the answer will be shown is right. Answer when you just provide partial marks. Even then, in the in response section, the we had be shown as a wrong answer Okay, So this is how you should review manually if you are just choosing the as a type two b paragraph answer type. And after that, you had a click on release core. And when you click on release score, if you have more number of responses available there than all the emails will be available here, okay? And if ah, you want to just release score for this individual person, then you had to just check only this person's email energy. All emails. As all animals present right now in the response of section for this form is only exploited ends. Both have been selected. And about from this you can also send a custom message in the email, okay? 20. Introduction about Certify' em add on: Welcome back. This video is a bit different from the all the videos in the section building to give more Pablo Forever quiz form and how we're going to do that. Going to do that by making use off Adam and the Adam that we're going to use East certify him. This Adam is very helpful with the help of this ad on What you can do is that for any quiz that you create in the student or any person is Adam's that quest. And when he gets a minimum trade that you have said then are a medical certificate will be generated and an email will be sent to his email account with a certificate so you can see the default templates here. The certificate declares that and the name of the person will be there, and the form that he has completed the name of the form will be there. That aid will be there and the percentage it will also be shown here and this would get I D will also be generated. You have a different in place. You have to just may choose anyone off the template. By default. The golden template will be used and send as a certificate to the form responded before making use off the certify him. Add on its better to read their instructions. Instructions. They have just shown how toe install our enable. Certify him to enable Certify him you had to just go to the adult section and add the Certify him and he heard a log in with your email i D. And you access so the Certify him for some features off your drive and how you should make use off site if IM extension. It is being demonstrated from the second point saying You're just click on the Adams option that will be in this format and you have to click on shows that if I am on Krul's and a nuclear concert shows 35 controls, then Papa will be displayed on the right hand side. Now, in the third point, the president is being shown here first. The emitters should be there, and next the name of the person should be there. So whatever the question that will be presented as a second question, the answer for that will be used as a name off the person, so you should be careful and you should add second cushion, Toby a name. So in the case where we have enable shuffling off the caution order, then what happens is that the cushions will beast shuffling and in the same manner. This second motion will also be shuffling where the person should are his name, and hence it is important for us the disable shuffling, and then only we will be able to make use off this extension. So here you can get to know that which answer type will be more suitable, it say's that certify I'm can great any caution that can be assigned points and a correct answer. But that didn't exception off grid cushions. So except the grid cushions except the great answer types you can you make use off any as a type for which you can assign the point values. But it also makes sense that we cannot use a paragraph answer because by default But the paragraph answer, the answer will be wrong. Okay, so my suggestion is that make use off a drop. Don't Checkbooks are a multiple choice as a type, and often that you had to choose a passing percent age and when the person gets more percent age, then this passing person age. Then the email will be sent to him with decided to get so here. This is a pop up bill, which will be shown when you have enabled the certify him. Add on and open the said If I'm controls scary outages stone on the sad if I am and all for turning on the study. If I am, you can click on certificate records to view the people who have got the certificates and after dot you had to choose a passing percent age here and below. The option to choose the template is available, so you are. Then you can get to know more about the certification. Ricard's it say's That said, if I am also keeps its own records for each exam. So 35 Records is a spreadsheet where you can get to know more about the person who has attended and the certificate I D. That he has got okay and you'll you can also get to know whether the person has passed or not, and it will be in this format here confined the different rose under the Certify I'm records spreadsheet. So then you can find the percentage score that each person has caught the certificate I D. And whether he has passed or not, that information is available in this girl. 21. Using Certify'em add on for a quiz form: So in this video we are going to make use of edifying extension. I will explain you how to add the add-on for your Google Form in order to improve its functionality. And after that view, are going to make use of the certifying, extension and enable certification for all the students who have passed out this quiz. There are two important steps to know before making use of this edifying extinction. The first one is disabled in the presentation section, the shuffle caution order option. Because according to satisfy him, the second question should ask the name of the person and this, as it will be utilized while creating PDF certification for the particular person who is responsible for this form. And when you just enable the shuffling, what happens is that the second question will not be the second question, rather, it will change the second question, the third question or fourth version. And hence, it's better do a wide shuffling of the cushion order. So I would just disable this one and I'm going to list seaweed, the shuffling will be Disable and the second question here remain in the second position only. So now let us add a cushion where we are going to ask the name of the person. So what is your name? And as I type should be a short answer. So by default, Google has detected it and chose the answer as short answer text. So here, the other thing that you had to do is that for this answer, good, there are about 20 points assigned automatically. You just click on answer key and this cushion should have no points. So just give it as 0 points. This adds value there. And again come to Edit caution. And hence, this will be utilized while creating a PDF certificate if the respondent has allowed the quiz. Now another important thing that you should know is that you should be only sign in with their Google account that you are using to create the form. So now here I am signed in with my icon. If you just sign in also with other accounts in this browser, what happens is that 75 will fail to authorize. And when it fails to authorize, what happens is that you cannot make use offset you add on, and hence Yaro Sign Out of all the Google accounts, Apart from the Google account you are using to create Google form. So these are the two important things that you should know. Now let us just click on More and click on add ons in order to add add-ons for this Google Form. Here we're going to add the add on. Just click on the Add button here. And when you click that, it will open a new tab where you how to sign in with your Google account and you had it you access to this side. If I'm add-on for your Google Drive. So after we have just signed in and we accepted giving access to the edifying add on. Now it will come back to the same tab where we are creating the form. And here it shows us that the add-on will be available when you click this icon, just click Got it. And now let us click this icon here. The two add-ons that I'm using are available. I will just click on satisfy him. Now, I will just click on Show certifying controls. When I will just click on shows that if I'm controls, it will open a new pop-up at the bottom right-hand side. And here, just click on dawn on in order to turn on the certification for this firm. The certificate records is the spreadsheet created by satisfying just click on set. If you get records. It will open a new pop-up with a spreadsheet. Here you can see the different columns created by this edifying extension. That includes the email, the full name of the person, the certificate ID, and also the information regarding whether the person has actually passed out or not. And even the percentage score of a particular person will be available. Here. The person means the student or the person who is actually attempting the quiz that we have created. This edifying records are different from the spreadsheet that you allow attached to the response section of this form. Now you can just select passing percentage is 80 percent by default, but I want to just keep 60% as the passing plus and age. After that, you can choose a template that you want to make use of in order to create the certificate issued. Visit the website in order to view all the templates, autos, disk, click, Preview all. And it will open its website where you can preview all the templates. So you're golden template is a default one and it will be in this manner. When you click Advanced. Then it will open advance settings. Then you can edit the message that should be shown upon submission. The name of the sender, the subject of the e-mail, the contents of the body, and the format of certificate, whether it should be any major or a PDF. You can also share apart from e-mail, you can also share with a Google Drive link. And it's better to have a look at the detailed instructions before changing all this advanced options. I'm going to just leave it as a default, and then I'll just leave it as a default in subject of the e-mail and condense of the body, all will be the default x by itself. So these are the changes that we just made. Just minimize it. And now I'm going to attempt this quiz again. How disabled shuffling and also how removed the paragraph text. Answer because for that, it requires for us to view the feedback manually. One other change that we have to do is that you have, we had to go to the Settings section and in the quizzes section. Previously, we had chosen this option saying later offer manual review as we have added a paragraph answer type, let us just change it to immediately offer eat submission. And apart from that, let us add a different message saying the certificate will be sent to your account if you help us. So the certificate will be sent to your email. If he scored more than 60 percent. I will just click on sale. You should not forget to click Save button. So I will just turn on certification and offered turning on certification, I will go to the preview section and attempt my examination. So now I will add him this quiz. And after attending the quiz, I will just show you how the e-mail will be sent. What will be the subject, the name of the person from which the email will be sent, and how the certificate will be. So I have completed the quiz and now after submitting it, you can see the message is displayed as hooray. You have successfully completed the quiz and the certificate will be sent to your e-mail if US code more than 60 percent. So of course I didn't read all the answers, right answers here. And now I will go to my email. I will open my email and show you how the e-mail. So that is within no time you can see here that I have got an email from satisfy him. In the name certifying itself, you can change it as how shown you how you should do that in Advanced Settings option. And here the subject is your certificate 0s here for a simple quiz, I want, I will just open that. The message will be the grads in your new boss, your certificate is attached to this e-mail for you to download and print. And the certificate id is also available here. And when I will just open it, this is how the certificate will be, the name and the person, age, and also the certificate IDEs available. I don't know way which ends up out in bed as a wrong answer. I'll just go and click on View score. Oh, how attempted this answer is wrong. It was Camel actually, and hence I have got 80 percent. So this is how you can make use of edifying in order to provide free certificates for the person who attempt the quiz that you have created. So let's just go back in the symbol quiz and now. Here let us just open the certificate ID cards and view how the sheet is. So here the sheet includes the time that certificate id, the total score, the person's age, and whether the person has passed or not. This is how the certified records will be. So let's close this one. And now let us try adding advanced settings, changing the advanced options. I want to keep the name of the sender as subject of the e-mail. Hooray. You passed away. I don't want to add any convinced of the body. So click on save changes. I will try to attempt the quiz again. So I'll just suddenly the quiz again. I will go back to my e-mail and see how the certificate will be, how the e-mail will be sent. So just click on refresh and it's loading still. And now I have got the certificate. Now the name is, the name of the sender is what? Our chosen. The subject is hooray, You passed away, and this is how you can change the Advanced Options. Then another important thing which I forgot to tell you is the limiting option. In the general section. Here, you can limit to one response. So this requires a person to sign in in order to fill up the phone. And this is very important because you don't want the student to attempt the examination more than one time. So you want to add them then only for one time. And hence you should limit the response for only one time. And apart from that, respondents can edit offer summit, you should not allow this. Again, see summary charts and extra responses. You can enable or disable that. It's better to a response. Send the response recipes for the people who attempt the quiz so they can analyze how their performance was. You can also choose whether if the response should be sent to him that as possible as it should be sent to him only when he requests. So by default in the presentation section, as we have limited the formulas cause for only one time, this option has been disabled, which show link to submit another response. So these are the different changes that you can do. And now let me click Save. This is how you create a beautiful form. This marks the end of the course. And if you How now regarding any DOM, then please leave your question in the Q&A section.