The Complete Guide to Earning Money in Reputation Management | Jim Mack | Skillshare

The Complete Guide to Earning Money in Reputation Management

Jim Mack, Results Oriented Instructor

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9 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction To Reputation Management

    • Client Getting

    • Click Thru Solution

    • Using Microworkers

    • Microworkers Part 2

    • Moving Bad Reviews Off Page One

    • Alternative Reputation Management Solutions

    • Getting Paid Why a Reputation and Social Media Manager Is Needed

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Over 650 students already purchased this product and have seen real-life results from applying the content inside!

In this course (Actually two courses in one) we left no stone unturned to make is as easy to understand as possible. To make it a step-by-step, copy/paste type thing you will have no problem doing any of it. We have to admit, our friends think we need our heads examined for combining these two courses into a single course. We decided to combine them to provide you with a super knock-out course to cover everything.   Sure we would make twice the money, but we have been where you are. We know how hard it is to find something you can really make a decent income doing from home.

These are “over the shoulder” videos to show you exactly how we do it so you can easily do it yourself.  

You also get templates for emails, forms, and everything you need to start making money right out of the gate.  

Once you finish reading our course you will not only know how to do everything – you will be able to do everything too!  

You'll become a much sought after reputation repair/social media expert having skills many would pay a small fortune to acquire. 





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Jim Mack

Results Oriented Instructor

Hey There!

We are a team of dedicated, hard-working instructors that specialize in internet marketing with a special emphasis on the Offline Marketing niche.

After having gone through the hard work of building our own businesses online, we've decided to release our courses to the public in "bite-sized" pieces so our students can go out and apply the teachings with ease and have success. .

Classes are released frequently, be sure to check back often.

**OVER 4,000 ...

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