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The Complete Guide to Building in Fortnite

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Building Keybinds

    • 3. Wood, Brick, and Metal

    • 4. Floor, Wall, Stair, and Cone Edits

    • 5. The Two Layer Ramp Rush

    • 6. The Double Two Layer Ramp Rush

    • 7. The Three Layer Ramp Rush

    • 8. 90 Degree Highground Retakes

    • 9. The Offensive Cone Editing

    • 10. Side Jumps

    • 11. Replacing Builds

    • 12. Turtling

    • 13. The 4 Highground Retakes

    • 14. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Have you been struggling to win Fortnite matches? Do you often get outbuilt by your opponents? This course may be for you!

Building is crucial in every Fortnite game we play, spanning from casual matches to professional games. The entire game revolves around building as a core mechanic. However, without a skilled mentor, sometimes it may be hard to stay up-to-date with new tactics and updates that may be prevalent.

Enhance your Fortnite gameplay by learning how to out-build your opponents. This course will cover the basic, intermediate, and advanced aspects of both defensive and offensive building along with editing that you can use to grow your skills on Fortnite. We start off with the basics of all types of materials and simple edits, then move on to harder and harder concepts as the course progresses.

This course can be utilized by both PC and Console players. However, if you do use a PC, it must be able to run Fortnite at a decent framerate. This is so that you can see what you are building and fix any errors you may have.

This course was created by Stavv, a semi-professional Fortnite player, and streamer who actively earns money from the game. He has a burning desire to share his skills with the next generation of Fortnite. This course is for people of all levels with an ambition to learn and play the game. Little to no prerequisite knowledge of the game will be required in this course. 

You can contact me any time by emailing me at [email protected] or on Discord @Tranquil#7456. I will be sure to answer your question as soon as I can (usually in a few hours).

Check out the sponsor of this video, CERD.GG! CERD helps middle and high school gamers to go to college and continue doing what they love in gaming! Visit CERD.GG for more information!


Music - Daniel Zoller

Gameplay - Stavv, Tranquil

Assets - Fortnite

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1. Introduction: with the growth of fortnight these days, it is tough to win a game with the right skill set and gave knowledge required to do so. Building is one of, if not the most important aspect fortnight and how good you are is often defined by how good you could build. This course will teach you how to do just that. How to win. A majority of the matches will play out building your opponents, all coming from someone who does. Hey, I'm staff. I will hopefully be teaching you all the building tactics you would need to know to compete with the best of the best. I personally have obtained almost 1000 wins and 40,000 kills have been playing with the pros, earning money in the game. I hope to inter actively teach you everything I know and everything you need to know to get to where I am today, you will learn the basics. Intermediate and advanced aspects is offensive and offensive building along with editing that you can use in public and competitive games. This course will contain the use of key binds and how to set them up. The basics of all three types of materials, including each one strengths and rarity at its, such as floor wall staring code, the two layer ram brush double to ahram brush, the three layer ramp rush nineties and all the forms of it. The offensive Connectix side jumps and more. This course is directed to players of all platforms and skill levels who are passionate to learn more about the game and how to compete with it. Thank you all for considering our course. We're glad to be teaching the future a fortnight. If you have any questions about our course, feel free to post a comment here on the school share or contact me with the email address you see on the screen. 2. Building Keybinds: We will now be covering Key Bynes, which is a tricky topic. Key binds are basically buttons. You can click on your keyboard to perform a certain action on the screen. You can see my current building key pines to build the wall. I need to click the Q button on my keyboard to build a floor. I need to click the X button on my keyboard to build stairs. I need to click the F button among keyboard to build cones. I need to click the T button on my keyboard. Finally toe edit. I need to click the G button on my keyboard. Everyone's key. Bynes, in the end, are going to be different because everyone has certain preferences and most of the time, a different keyboard to work with. This is okay, but whatever you do are highly recommend not sticking with the default F one, F two, F three and four buns. As this is extremely inconvenient for the vast majority of players. Trust me, it is worth the switch. On the colder, it is the same thing. You have to see what works for you and adapt accordingly. This will take time for everyone, and it surely did for me, but again it is worth it 3. Wood, Brick, and Metal: Before we start building, you need to have a basic understanding of what each material does and where they could be found and how they're used. Wood is most readily found. You can break trees, all types, offenses, stuff like that. It's very easily broken, though this could be either to your benefit or to the enemy's benefit. If you want them to be broken so you can get quick shots, what can be very useful? But if you want to be uncovered and not take any damage, what is not necessarily the best choice? Rick is probably the best media. It allows for a more stable fortress, but is more difficult to find in less versatile metal has by far the most health points out of all of the material types, although it is the hardest to find and takes the longest to farm 4. Floor, Wall, Stair, and Cone Edits: in this lesson, we will be covering basic builds doing fortnight. These are the fundamentals of all complex builds and is crucial to get a sufficient understanding of these basics Before we try harder things we recommend you spend some time after this lesson practicing these basic bills and edits before continuing on with the course. The first building will be doing is walls first, crucial edit. Very basic is the window. Click the middle square on the wall and it should open up a whole. This whole is utilized. Either see enemies from a distance or shoot players quickly. Another at it is the tri corner in the top. Left right, bottom left and bottom right. If you do the bottom right, any of those and then you do the one just above that and the one to the either writer left of its. This should make an edge on the bottom or top of the wall. This is easy toe. Move for the wall or just shoot enemies quickly. If you add an extra square on the right side of the top of the square, this should be ah, square. It makes a square formation on the wall same tactic as the other one. Easy shots, easy movement. Another one is doing the top of the wall, all three boxes on the top of the wall. This allows you to jump up and hit enemies in the head. Easy if they're standing still. All right, next up is force, so for floors are not too many edits. But the ones that are crucial are the single square and the double square, so single squares allowed for quick peeks in quick movement. Single squares, uh, cover your back because it opens up a little formation behind you, where you could move through just one square. Get these shots. Dual squares. Allow more room for you to hit your shots, but also a lot more room for the enemy shots allows your body to be fully exposed for stairs if you do a rotation, which is done by grabbing any of those sides of the stair and moving it to the other side. This will drag this there in that direction, and it will change its direction on the cardinal directions whenever it's facing forward. If you drag it back, it'll face towards you and Ice Person for more events stare at its. You could edit three squares on the left or right side, and this will make a single stare where you could walk up. There is a banister which will block you, or if there, if someone is a box is in the box, you could do that at it. It will expose them and shoot them. Konitz. So if you do any of the corners of the code, this opens a very covered backside of a cone. But there is one part that is up. If you do this on top of a stare, it allows you to move through it. And if you do it on the ground, you could actually put yourself in it so you could walk inside the cone and cover yourself on all sides. Two edits on either the front or the back wolf squares. Being edited will allow you to walk up the ramp. Or it could allow you to block any fire and also give you cover from enemy bullets or any movement. Cone at its will. Be further explain later on in the courts to help you do some more advanced, more complex Koenen. It's on enemies 5. The Two Layer Ramp Rush: The first building technique that we're gonna be taking a look at in this course is the two layer ramp rush. First start off with a basic ramp and a four under it and while behind it, this allows for protection from all sides, very simple, and is the basis for much more difficult, more complex techniques. Now it's now let's take a look at this ram brush out of behind view. As you can see, there are two layers that both me to be shot down for this building to drop. This allows for more protection and more cover when pushing an enemy. This technique is a basis for many other ones, although it does give you easy, high ground against enemies that are on the ground, and it also allows you to rush enemies without being shot. 6. The Double Two Layer Ramp Rush: the next building technique is the double to layer ran fresh. This one is pretty similar, but a little bit more complex in the last round. Brush. The single double one is pretty much the same, although you need to add an extra ramp and extra wall and extra floor. So building up straight is just one ramp, one floor and one wall with the double one is going to ramps two floors in to wall side by side. Doing it in a quick motion allows her lots of cover, and it's very difficult to shoot down from the enemies from below. It allows for easy high ground, and you are very protected, - taking a look at it from the back. As you can see your need. Issue down at least 2 to 3 layers for it to even be close to being falling. This allows for lots of protection 7. The Three Layer Ramp Rush: adding onto the two lane ran brush Siri's. We have the three layer ramp brush. This one is a little bit more complex, but you'll get the hang of it. First up, you want to place a floor on the bottom of the ground. Next up, you wanna pace a floor than a wall that another ramp do not in a quick motion will offer three layers of protection. First up the ramp from the floor in the wall that another ram over and over, looking at it from behind. As you can see, it is very difficult to break down, and you have to shoot through four layers to make the building fall. 8. 90 Degree Highground Retakes: the next moving trick that we're gonna be trying are the nineties. The 90 degree angle wall climbs the simplest 90. You can dio is just a simple ramp in two walls and then another ramp. Whatever your ramping up, place a wall right in front of you. A wall tear either left or right, depending on which direction you're facing in a ramp right in front of that. Doing this simultaneously over and over will get you easy high ground, a bit more complicated. One is when you add floors once again, do the ram and then the wall in front of you a wall gay, right or left, depending on the direction and a stare in between. But an easier way of getting up onto that stare is placing a four ah floor allows. More quick motion allows you to not get trapped under your staircase. This allows for more consistent nineties, but it also uses an extra Matt. So you are using more materials. It also gives you more protection. There are also other types, like the half 90 where you place a wall to either your left or right and another wall on top of it. and in placing a floor and a ramp. So you're at a 90 degree angle. Exactly. This gives a little protection, but it's very quick. My personal favorite is doing a very simple left to right motion going right nineties, placing the basic wall wall ramp for from left to right. 9. The Offensive Cone Editing: the next trick that we're going to trying This course involves editing, specifically editing of cones. Cone edits will offer easy victories in build battles against both intermediate and even advanced players. First up for a basic comment. All you have to do is place a ramp in a cone on top of that ram, then added one square in front of that cone and should break to come. This allows you to walk through the ramp and move up, but at the same time, this blocks enemy movement from being able to walk onto your and our place. Any kind of build on top of your ram. Something a bit more complicated would be placing a floor and a car. This may be difficult at first, but you'll get first edit the floor that you've done and then the code. This makes it so that in advanced Player cannot place a floor under your cone. This predicts enemy movement and further blocks any kind of building or any kind of movement to counter your play 10. Side Jumps: the next trick that we're gonna be teaching our side jumps Side drums are bit of a newer trick that not everyone knows about and not everyone uses, so it's a little bit more advanced, adding onto that cone editing trick. Instead of cone editing, place a ramp and then a cone and then jump at an angle to either the left or the right of that cone in place a floor to catch yourself. Doing this allows for easier high ground against enemies that that can predict that cone at it. What you can do to make this a little bit more safe, it is when you see your cone, place a ramp, aiming pretty high on the code and placing that through the cone and then jumping at that angle, then placing around and then placing another ramp on top of them. This allows for even easier high ground, but protects yourself whenever you're jumping. Another a little bit more advanced trick that you can do with this is placing ah floor before you side jump editing the floor and then placing your own floor one after you jump to catch yourself. This will for offer enemy and possibly distracted. They will not expected to do this. I jump even if they're in advanced players 11. Replacing Builds: replacing builds is the next top. Now. Replacing builds is a bit of a newer Actiq, but everyone is starting to do it, replacing enemy walls or a place, sanity, floors or rants. Any kind of replacing will allow that piece of building for you to edit. Editing on enemies will be unexpected if you are very wall when they were just going to rebuild on it, so allow for easy kills. Now, the key to replacing builds is axing an enemy's wall and then spamming your own wall. And this will most likely become yours, I say, most likely because it is sort of based on connection of the servers. You will not always get the enemy wall, but there are strategies to help get this wall you get, pick axe one wall and then practice another wall and then go back to the original wall and span that wall. Then you have a much higher possibility of the enemy not to rebuilding that wall, and then you will get the editor an easier way of replacing. Bill does if you have a snow heavy sigh, heavy stamping a wall and immediately spamming your own build will trick the enemy into thinking that you'd somehow want to fight them. But instead you're replacing the wall in and get a quick added on them with no time to react. 12. Turtling: the next tactic is turtle ing. No, not the animal Turning is used mainly in competitive and scream like matches. Totaling is key in those later encircles. When there's a lot of people left, it's possible that in a normal match there will be many, many people left in the later circles. So if you want to get into zone faster, what you want to do is do. Turtle Hurtling is where you place walls on either side of you or to the right on Lee, our toe left only to protect enemy shots are enemy bills coming. This allows for easier access into zone and protects enemy fire. This gives you a pathway into the zone, and it also prevents third parties. There are many different types of turtles. One will be placing basic left side ramps in a ceiling on top of you to protect left side or roof fire. Doing this continuously will block any kind of left side fire. Now, for the right side, place a wall and ceiling. It protects any kind of right side fire. Now the most advanced will be placing walls on both sides of you. People are all around you in placing a floor and a wall in front of you, then editing that wall in front of allowing full protection from all sides. This is very difficult to pull off in quick motion, but with practice you'll get. 13. The 4 Highground Retakes: one of the most important topics to finish the soft or high ground retakes. Now these air key toe winning fights against any kind of level of player. If any player gets high ground against you, the first thing that you should think about is how to get that high ground back and retake your dominance. Well, the very basic way of doing it is placing a ramp in front of you in a ramp on top of you to protect enemy fire from buff. Now this is very basic and is very common, So most people will predict where your movement will be and the most likely just shoot through the rampant start hitting you through it an easy way of getting high ground. Very basic, we're placing out ramp on top of you and then placing a code. If you came straight up, you can actually place the comb through the ramp. And if somebody tries to follow you up that ramp, then they will get stuck and not be able to move. The next trick is a little bit more advanced. Placing that ramp above you will not always protect you and not even the cone, so after you place that come behind you before you place the next room, place to walls to your left or right and then place the cone, depending on which side of getting shot at. This protects people that even have predicted that First, Cody placed blocking another whole level. This allows for people trying to go high ground against that other cone, not to go the place. Their next rain to progress this even further are placing walls all behind you and then a ramp on top of that, making a quad wall in a roof on top. Making this quad wall will provide huge protection and not allowed to get shot in from any ring. Now, the most advanced way of getting high ground is doing the basic cone above your head on that ramp, but then putting three cones all around you in a square formation and then doing a side jump to get onto that next ramp that that you would have to place and then editing through the cone. This allows for people to have no clue where you are. The cones will block all move in and will protect you from all sides. This applies you to go behind the enemy and get high ground 14. Final Thoughts: Now it is time we end off this course. We here at CRD hope that you learned something and that you apply the skills you learned in this course through your gameplay. Remember, just watching this course alone will not make you a better player. Rather, one must take time and try out these tactics both in game and by yourself and creative mode to really benefit from this course. I also personally recommend trying these out in party games and creative maps, including building and editing maps to further enhance your game play. As you can probably see, we did not cover every single building strategy in this course, only the most essential tactics were covered. And for the rest, we highly recommend self learning through game play and watching those better than you feel free to follow my stream for more content, learning tips and certainly gameplay, the link is showed on the screen. We covered several topics covered in the introduction and Maura's you have seen, including the basics of materials, the basic added edits of floors, walls, stairs and cones, but to layer ramp brush, The double to lay ran fresh. The three layer ramp rush the 90 degree high ground retakes offensive co netting side jumps , the replacing of Builds Hi grand retakes internally again. These are not the only tactics, and we recommend the use of building and editing servers, along with watching professional streamers and players to learn from while you're here. I would like to show you guys another very exciting aspect of gaming, as you guys have probably seen. This video was created in part by CRD, the College East Boys Improvement Directory. There are an organization that specializes in helping and supporting high school level players on their journeys to the college scene. They do so in many ways, including displaying information about their college partners and even creating program, which allows colleges to scout prospectively students right on the website. The best part about it, everything they offer is 100% free. Believe it or not, colleges these days offer huge scholarships amounting to a full ride to a member of their e sports team, and they operate just like sports teams in are present in almost every major and minor college in the United States. This video was created upon the CRD Learn Initiative, a new initiative based on teaching people all they can about the games that make up the sports community. For more information on our program and general information about C E R D, please view the website displayed on the footer of the screen. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time by emailing me with the address you see on the screen or my contact on discord at tranquil number 7456 I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your question regarding fortnight, CRD or anything else. Thank you.