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The Complete Guide To WIX Website Builder

Greg Gottfried

The Complete Guide To WIX Website Builder

Greg Gottfried

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2 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. WIX Website Builder Skills Guide

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About This Class

Create a WIX website with internationally recognized digital marketer Greg Gottfried in this straightforward web development class.

Start Your Website Now: Create a WIX Website

Whether you're looking to make a business website, a personal website, or even make a website for a client, learn how to create a WIX website from years of experience. From the very first click, to picking a website template and customizing it to be your own, Greg walks through his process of creating a new WIX website. Learn how to:

  • Choose a website template to customize
  • Customize the images
  • Customize the text and information
  • Understand all the available WIX features
  • Launch your website today

After taking this class, you'll be able to create a custom WIX website that will help you achieve your business or life goals, and be visible to those searching the internet for websites like yours.

Meet Your Teacher

Greg is an internationally recognized digital marketer. His business experience comes from a combination of being venture funded in a startup incubator and the real-world business experience that followed.

He places a high priority on reading and education. His favorite book: The Go-Giver - Bob Burg & John Mann.

He goes above and beyond answering questions and replies promptly to messages and discussion boards.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: guys, welcome to this course. My name is Greg, and today I'm bringing you the complete wicks tutorial for beginners. So this is a great course for if you're just getting started in Wicks. And the reason I made it is because I couldn't find another one that was slow enough, went into detail and didn't skip over all the important things that you need to know on Wicks. So if you are a beginner, this will be a great course for you. Editorial. The 45 minute tutorial in this course those over everything from literally after you've signed up. So choosing your template all the way to at the end where you're just swapping out photos and changing text and you have your website ready to go. So whether you are an entrepreneur, someone that's starting a blogger or if you have a full on business, this will be a great course for you. So it's a 45 minute lecture going over everything. Step by step in chronological order. I hope you guys enjoy the course. Let me know if you have any questions. 2. WIX Website Builder Skills Guide: So first things first, I put a link right in the description right up at the top that will bring you to making a free site on Wicks. That way, you're not accidentally signing up for a paid plan. This will bring you right to a free plan. Is that what you can get started in the same place that I am? It's just gonna ask you to create her account real quick, which is just your email and password. That way you'll be all set and you'll be brought to this page. I want you get to this page. This is really where it all begins so you can choose from a ton of templates here. So depending on what you're trying to make this website for, they give you a bunch of different options. So if you have a business, you would obviously go with business. Your photography service, you would go with photography. You're a musician pretty far out. But if you're working for a country club and you have to make a website for them and you could do something like restaurant so you can get really creative with this and keep in mind that you can always change this in the next step. So let's just say we're going with business to start off, will select business and then it gives you two options. So one of them is to let artificial intelligence make the website for you. Now, this is something that I like to stay away from because it can over complicate things where artificial intelligence thinks that you want this this and this. But that's not what you really have imagined in your mind. And then taking away those elements sometimes can create a bigger mess than if you were to just do it on your own. So I suggest you stay away from the artificial intelligence and you create your own with the Wicks Website editor, and you can choose your template. That way. You know exactly what you're getting into, and you're not kind of just answering questions, then having something make something for you, and then you have to kind of take out the pieces you don't like. So it's did choose template over here, and now you really get to choose exactly what you're going for. So keep in mind that all of these templates are customizable so What you're looking for is just a general overview of what you like. And you don't have to choose from a template either. So these are probably the popular templates here in business. But you can also do a blank template where you could just start from complete scratch and start filling things in. I don't recommend you go with that unless you're looking for something extremely, extremely basic that just says, like your company's name on it or something like that. I recommend you go by category or by go by most popular, and you choose a remade template here. So I'm gonna go back into business over here, and there's a bunch of really good templates here and now. What you're gonna do is go through these templates and you can view or edit. And if you do view and it's gonna let you preview the template and let's just takes out of this is prompting us to edit the site. We don't want to do that yet. We're just previewing it, and this is what it would look like. She could get a feel for it Just very basic. All stock photos and general information at this point, But this is actually a really nice looking website, and you can see the different pages that come with the template. So what? This one, it looks like it's actually just mostly one page with service pages, a different page. But let me show you what I mean real quick. So the home page goes down like this and you can see there's an about me section right here . Be about tab up top. Just brings you to that same section on the home page. And as we get further in the course, I'll explain what all of these are and how they work. But I'm just trying to break this down so you can understand what these different components are. Many click services, and it brings you to a whole nother page of just services. It's no longer the home page, and you've got a couple of different options as well. So this is actually one of the newer templates that they've just put in. I haven't seen it before, and I actually really like it, so I'm gonna go ahead and choose this one to edit, but you can choose any of the other ones and a quick note before I move on to start editing this. As you can view what it looks like on desktop, which is what we're on right now. You can also view what it looks like if someone were on their phone, you have to keep in mind. That obviously depends on your industry. But more than 50% of people using websites nowadays are using it on a smartphone. So you want to make sure that almost more than desktop that it looks great on mobile. And this does look really good as well. You'll see that that menu that was right up here, the tabs that are up top when you're on mobile. It's actually in these three dots, these three lines, and that's kind of across the board for any website, especially for weeks. So it's just something that keep in mind when we're looking at this. That's where all those different sections go. So, like I said, I really do like this template here, so I'm gonna go ahead and select edit Now. If you didn't like this template, you could just go back to your other tab up top here and we'll bring you back so you can keep viewing and choosing which one you want to edit of different templates. And there's a bunch of different categories down the side here as well. So I do like this one. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that at this site, and I was typically takes a little bit to load 10 15 seconds. But it's gonna bring you to the Wicks Website editor, as opposed to the artificial intelligence remade website. So this is your editor, and this is really where we need to take a minute to slow down and kind of point out what everything is here. So this is where everything is going to happen when you're customizing your site. So I want to start by saying what the buttons are, which ones are important, which ones you're going to use a lot and things like that. So let's start up here in the top left corner and work our way across right here is where you are going to select which page you want to edit. So as you can see, these different pages correspond to what's over here. So if we were to click services, don't bring us to our services page and we can edit that page. Now, you can't just click home over here to go back because we are an editor. So to go back to home, we select home over here. So just keep that in mind. That's how you edit your different pages and we'll get into this further. But you can also add more pages if you wanna have different pages up top here. But as we work our way across, as we saw from just before we're in desktop view right now, you can also do mobile view. And that way you can still edit here. Well, it's just gonna prompt us to say this is what mobile is. We don't need this. We can skip this right here, and you can edit everything right here. So it's a custom look on mobile. So if you were to move Dragon Element up here, it doesn't change it over here, which is actually really nice. So you can custom change things for mobile to make it look specifically how you want it to look on a phone. And that doesn't affect how it looks on the computer, which is really nice. And as we come over here. We have general site buttons, so we have your save. Preview keeps you an editor but previews the site as if you were to have launched the site to publish it and then a couple other buttons here that we really won't be using quite yet . But the save button in the preview button in the publish button are all over here as well as quick links. So you'll be using him here more often than you will over here just because it's easier to click now something I want to touch on about this save before we get a little bit too far is you want to be saving your site as often as you can remember to, because if something glitches on Wix or your Internet connection, it's lost. Everything you have been working on up to that point is completely gone, so you won't be able to find it again. And I've done this many times before where I've worked on the site for two hours, doing all of these things, updating everything the Internet connection goes out or wicks glitches real quick, and I lose everything. And it's not a fun time, so just click save and make sure that you're saving that often. And the first time you save, it's gonna ask you to name your website so we can just do this as YouTube example will site and we'll just save and continue, and that's going to load. And then once it saved, it'll prompt you with this, which is great. I'm actually going to turn that off so it doesn't keep coming up every single time. The way you'll be able to tell is when you change one thing, there we go and save news. Wait till gives you the check mark. And that's how you know that the site is saved. And then when we want a preview, it just like that. All this does is so you can't move elements anymore. This is so you can see the site in real time as if you were to have published it. It doesn't actually publish the site and push any of your changes to the live site, but just allows you to preview what it would look like if you did. Then we can just hit the back to editor, and it brings us back out of that preview I'm mode there, and let's talk about the published real quick as well. So if we were to hit this, it's going to make the site live at this link, which is the YouTube example site. So technically, we can view it right now, I'm just going to open that up and show you, and this will essentially be like the preview mode. So if you are editing the site and you don't want it to be live on the Internet yet, just don't hit publish yet. So I just hit it. So this is technically live right now, but no one's going to be looking for this. But if you do make changes, if you are making changes in here and you're not finalized with them yet, just make sure that you hit save. And then once everything is finalized and ready to go, then hit the publish. So getting back to this the site is kind of taking care of. Now, if you have any specific questions about anything else here, feel free to just let me know, but nothing to crucial over here. And you've got your site settings here, which just allows you to do a couple more things. None of this stuff we will be doing right now. We may get into a couple more of these things down the road, but you can edit these in a different place than right here, and I'll show you all that in a bit. And then you've got tools so you can turn on rulers. You can turn on your toolbar, which is this right over on the side here. I don't actually use the toolbar, really, Ever. It does pop up a lot, so I'm just gonna leave it on when you're dealing with images. Sometimes the toolbar is nice because it brings in sizes of the images. So for the time being, just leave it on. And if you find that you don't use it as you're going forward, you can just turn that toolbar off the ruler you can keep on. I actually like to keep it on, And the ruler all that is, you can see up on the top here and then over on the side here, ruler pops in, and that way you can. If you need something to be perfectly centered, you can count out the pixels and you can actually, So it zero over here. I believe it's something like 980 pixels over here. 980 and all I did right there was just click in the ruler and adds a line No one else can see this line, but you and editor, and what's cool about that? As you can find a center point, that's what I use it for. So I'm just gonna go back over to this line and just delete it real quick and set this one up in the center just so we can use it for reference as we're going forward. So it was zero over here, and it was 980 over here. So you divide that by two, and that gives you 490 and then that should be center. So it's cool about that is now. Things will snap into center right onto that line, and you can use that as a reference. No one also see that besides you, But let's just put that one right there. That way, you haven't for reference. As we go on building this site and then going forward, you've got snapped two objects which just allows you to snap things in a place like the left here, into that center line that we just did. So let's keep that on as well. And that takes care of tools. So Wicks code. Now we won't be using this at all. I have used it in the past, and what's kind of cool about this is once we build this initial site here and everything looks good and it's functional and everything works well down the road. If you do want to make your site more complex and you want to add in a bunch of really technical features like maps AP eyes to calculate distances. Or if you have a website developer that's programming something special for your website or your company. You can turn on this week's code, and it allows you to manually add code to the website so you have to know what you're doing or higher programmer, and they can add code to interact with your websites. You can add on advanced features to your basic website that you create with Wix, so we're not gonna turn that on right now because we won't need it in this tutorial. But just know that you do have that option down the road. If you need to make your website very advanced, you can do that and then help. If you need help, you can find some wicks assistance. Here. I find the best way to find helps to go to the wick support, and they have a bunch of FAA cues there answering questions. Also, it'll prompt you when you go to a question. Did this answer your question? Yes or no? If you say no, it will give you the option to either email Wicks and have them email you back or get a call from them. So I love to get a call from them, and all you do is put in your phone number, and then it's typically within 10 minutes. They give you a call and you have a live person on the phone to help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having. So that's great to know. You could probably get to that through the editor help center right here, or you can just Google Wick support and I'll take you right to it and then upgrade. All this is is going to compare your plans here. I do want to touch on this really quickly. So I'm just gonna open this up a new tab right up here. I typically pay $14. Now these prices vary all the time. They have special is going on. And I found out that they are not flexible. So if there's no special going on, they can't give you a special price. I've called and I talked to him on the phone trying to negotiate because I have multiple websites and paying for, and sometimes the prices go up, and I just tried to get them to honor my other rates, which were cheaper for the same thing. And they couldn't do it, which I was kind of disappointed about. But I just think that might be valuable information for you to know is that whatever the specials are, I think that's kind of how it said, and I don't know that they have the ability to override it. So these air three plans right here, but there's definitely more. They're showing you the combo and unlimited, and it just basically goes off with how much storage you have on the site. So how many photos you could upload how Maney Blawg posts, how much storage you could keep on that site and then also, if it has wicks ads on it or not. So at the top of the page doesn't say this website was created on Wix or not. So if you buy any of these right here, it says that they all remove Wicks ads, which is pretty nice. In that way. No one knows that it was made on wicks, and it all looks like it's your site. And then all of these as well you can connect your domain. So if you buy a domain, which is the website name, which would be the name of your company or name of your blog's whatever it is, you can connect it right to your wick site so it won't show Wicks anymore. It will actually just be exactly your website. It'll go straight to this website that you create here, and I won't say anything about Wix anywhere which is amazing, which is actually brilliant, and there are definitely more plans. They're not showing them on here right now, and like I said, it's kind of finicky how they do this, what they have going on. I know that I have seen a I think it's a $6 plan, and that's per month, and the only thing it doesn't do is take away, the wicks adds. So on the top and the bottom of the page, very top in very bottom. It says This website was made on wicks. However, you can still do everything else. You can connect your domain the whole nine yards, so it looks like that plan may be gone temporarily. But it's probably a seasonal thing where it comes and goes with sales. But there's a $6 plan somewhere out there, 11 14 and realistically, these prices are very cheap. You end up paying like 150 160 bucks a year, and that covers everything. So the only other expense you have is your actual website name the domain, which is $12 a year, and I'll touch on that in about 30 seconds here. But that covers all your hosting fees, all your storage and everything. So if the site where to go down or anything, Wicks is responsible, so Wicks doesn't really let your site crash. That's a lot of value for the price that you pay. So don't be scared about any of these prices. I happily pay $14 I'm very happy with what I get for that on all of websites that I have hosted. So the thing that I was just about to talk about is the domain. And that's the one thing that you do have to purchase outside of Wicks and then connect it to Wicks. And that's just the name of your website. So you don't want this long name to be the name of your website. It just doesn't make sense. So what we will do is open up a new tab real quick and go to Google domains. Now Google domains I love. It's a place where you can buy your domain. So if we go back a page and I'll show you that you get free domain for one year and what that is, and I've used it before is it allows you to basically purchase the website domain for free for the first year through wicks. But then the only issue is that second year, once your business is starting to get established and you really need that website domain again they're gonna charge you. I think it was like $48 is what I paid per year going forward. You gave you it for free in the beginning, and they locked you in. So now the only place you can get that domain is through them and they're gonna charge you an arm and a leg for it every year, so don't do it through them. Will still give you the option. It doesn't matter. You just don't fulfill that part of the offer. Come right over to Google domains and Google domains is awesome. It's basically like buying from the wholesaler, the manufacturer. So you get most domains. I'm gonna say 95% of domains are only $12 a year. You can type in whatever you're thinking about doing. And just like generally, whatever the name of your company is, or general topic, whatever you want your website to be. So if we did like website, I'm just gonna do website example. Don't know what's gonna come up for the sake of this. That will show you what you will see when you start to search your company's name or whatever you want. Your website name to be. So there's two things here. So you've got results, which is just gonna show the main results. And then you have all endings, which will be not just dot com or dot net, but all the crazy endings that are now available in our dates. There's a ton. I would recommend that you stay within dot com dot net dot org's stay in that range. Maybe even Doc Co. Is pretty friendly. But as you start to get into like dot news or dot Sight, it starts to get a little spammy looking, and I don't really recommend it. I don't have any data to back that up, but I'm in this space a lot, and a lot of people have the consensus that these crazy dot whatever sites or people don't really like him as much. So stay in the dot com range. But once you find one that you like, like website example dot co, but these ones are obviously taken. Someone already owns, and all the ones with the check mark are available, so this one is a premium site, so it's not $12 here. It's actually $30 a year, which is still, like $2.5 a month. Something like that. Just pretty cheap. And all you do is added to your cart, and then you just pay for it through Google, so obviously very safe. And you just pay for it on your credit card through whatever Google account you have. And I don't even know if you need a Google account to purchase it there and I believe it set to not auto renew. But you can turn auto renew on. So it will prompt you in, like, 350 days that your website domain will expire within 15 days. So you have time to renew it organically bought, overdue on not even worry about it. But once this is set up here, there's a couple more steps on the back end that we won't worry about in this tutorial. But you will do it like later on down the road. Want your whole websites built in everything to connect your website domain. Here, do your wick site here, And once you get to that point, Wicks will actually prompt you on it and they will walk you through. It's a couple steps, but you will find a lot of resource is on Wick's site on how to do it. It's really just copy paste a couple lines here and click a few buttons and you'll be all set. So that's how you find the domain. I hope that helps you guys, and I'm just gonna back out of these things. Leave all that and come back to our website here. So now we're still at the home page here. So now we can start kind of moving things around. So all these elements, obviously you can just drag him and drop them. And we can use our middle line to snap things in the place to make sure everything's lined up and then over on the side. Here, we're going to use this ad one a lot so you can add, and sometimes it's a little slow, so bear with it, you can add, and then you can hover over all these things, and it gives you a ton of options. You can have an image to your website all different, really tons of things. Interactive's pretty cool. You can add the whole slide show back here. So that's what this ad does over here just whenever you need text or you need a photo. There's a ton of options over here and we'll dig into this a little bit more. But let's stay right here for now so you can move elements around and you can double click them to change what it says. So we can select all of this and we can do you tube. It's too capitalist to make it look pretty nice. Example. Website in type in whatever you want, and if you double click it, it will select all of it. And now you can start changing the text so I wouldn't mess with the actual theme up top that would just give you a completely different things. So it's down. What we are are out there. And as you saw, that just kind of moved, which was a little strange. So what we can do is use your back button ripped up and I just bring it back to exactly what we had here. That's a really nice thing to know. I'm glad that happened. Actually, you can redo and undo which is great toe have on this because sometimes you hit a button and does something you weren't expecting it to just know that you have the undue right here . So that's all selected and we can change the font, do whatever we want so we can go through all of these and what I recommend you do is not have too many different fonts. When you start having a ton of different fonts on everything one, it's a little harder on the eyes. It doesn't look as good, and it kind of hurts the brain a little bit. But the other thing is it takes longer for the website toe load, which is actually a good thing to know. It's more advanced, but it takes longer for the site to load because as the load each one of those individual funds and Google doesn't like that. Google likes the websites to load really fast and then it ranks. You hire now, if you have a really slow loading website because it's super intricate and you have a bunch of different fonts and a bunch more things, then it's not going to rank you aside. I'll push you back a couple of pages because it knows that when someone clicks on your site , it's gonna take a long time for it to load. So keep that in mind. Just try to pick a couple of good fonts and use those throughout the whole site. So I really did like this one here, the one that it came with by itself, the avenir light. So we'll just stick with that one, and then you can change more things here is you can bold the text where you can. I callous eyes and sometimes you'll see like that This is highlighted. We hit bold and it really doesn't change. So play around with it and see what works for you. But sometimes it won't change underlying it. So you can really change the color. Do whatever you want right here. So that's more with for you to play around with. But that's what these buttons do here. Another cool little trick. It's a little bit more advanced, but I think this could be a cool time to talk about it. Is that if you have any text like this, um, that you want to link to something you may not, but I just want to show you this feature. You can actually hit this link button right here. and you can link it to somewhere anywhere you want. So another page on the site. You just choose whichever paid you wanted to link Teoh or its own web address. If you have it going to a specific blawg or any specific page off the site, you can have it link right there. So I'm gonna cancel that because I don't want to actually link that. But just know that you have that feature. So if you want any part of text to be clickable and link somewhere, that's all you have to do is hit that little button right here, then decide where you want it to go to. So it's back out of all of that and just know that we can move this around now. No, but it right there and that this is the exact same thing right here. Just obviously bigger font size. We're at 1 10 and it's the same deal right there. Nothing's really any different than what we were just doing over here. And then you've got a button right here. So buttons are linked. But all you do is select the button and hit the link. Same deals before decide where you want it to go to. So this makes sense. It's a book now, button, and it's actually a great placement on your home page like this having a subtitle and then a big heading and a button right there. It's the first thing people see and it actually you will find that this button gets clicked a lot by people just landing on your website. Eso That button is a book now, and it goes right to the services page. So that makes perfect sense. And then what this means right here is that is that gonna open up in a new tab of top? Where is it going to stay in the same time and just keep you on the site and bring you right over to the services page? I would recommend you just keep it right on the current window for something like a book. Now that's going to another page. It's on your same website, so we'll keep on current window and just do done, and that's all set. So if you do want to change what that says, if you wanted to say something like services, you can just hit, change text and you can type in services. You wouldn't want to type it in like that. But you can type in services or you can take been really whatever you like. So I'm gonna hit our undo and go back to book now, because that looked really good. I believe it. Just like that. So this is a video in the background right now. So what if we want to change that? What if we wanted to be a photo, customize it to ourself? Well, we got to do is look anywhere on this background. We're gonna hit, change background strip. Now it's gonna bring us to the settings. So right now we can do the settings of the video and we can play the video. So if we had settings here, it's gonna be Do we want any overlays over the video? Probably not. And different settings here. Well, let's just say we want to make it an image instead of a video. Well, we have to do is select right here. And she was image. And now we can do any images that we've already uploaded. So don't mind this. This is from a different website here, but these are other things that I've upload onto different sites. But you can choose. Let's come over here and let's do free from weeks. So you can either upload your own photos right there. And if you do upload your own, make sure that they're very clear. So you're not getting a very grainy pics, really? Look, and you can search. Let's just do rock climbing and see what happens. So these are all free to use, so let's use this one. This looks pretty cool. You select that one and you can preview it if you want, just like that, and we'll hit, change, background and slowly it's gonna take out the video and it's gonna put in this guy in the background. So that's kind of cool. That's how you would change your background there. I probably would not use this one because it's cutting off his head and it doesn't look as good. So what I would do is go back into image, and I would keep searching until I found one that I really liked. So for the sake of this, I'm just gonna leave it how it is or just use my back button and I'll bring back the video . That looks good. So we'll just leave that how it is. But that's how you change anything here. If you want it to be a solid color, you can come in here and just choose the color. It would change the whole thing. Great. Well, probably not gonna do that, because that video looks pretty good. So let's go back to that. You have any questions about any of that? Just let me know in the comments as we go through this video, If it's something that's really big that you're confused on, I could make another video specifically on how to do that feature or how to do those settings. So as we're coming down here, I just want to show you one thing on the side that you may not have seen some of the toolbar over to the side as much as I can to get out of the way, I don't move it over here for the time being. This isn't about anger. So you see the little anchor symbol right here? Well, what that means is we kind of saw it before. If you know, an anchor is, you know what I'm talking about when you're in preview. When you hit about, it's just gonna scroll us down to the anchor instead of bringing us to like we hit services . It brings you to a whole new page. Now, when we hit about, it brings us we're still on the home page and just grows us to the first anchor. So let me explain how that kind of works in reverse. Engineer that for you. So this anchor is set right here. I'm just going to don't show with that name. Works. We don't need that. But how you would do that is come over to add mawr at the bottom scroll down and you've got an anchor. You just click that and now you're gonna anchor right here that you can move. And I'm just gonna take this toolbar out of here because it's kind of getting in the way so you could do the same. And then you've got an anchor like that. This one's called about this one's anchor one. So all we do now is whatever we want to link to that anchor. So if you want one of these up top to be set on an anchor as opposed to having its own page . We'll come up top here and we'll do manage pages, and I will give you all of the items that we have over top here. And then some of them are actually hidden from this template, so it won't show in here, however, you still have those pages. What was it about? And then we'll hit this little button right here and we can change the link. So when someone clicks about when you're on the rial site, this let's tell you where it's going to. So right now it's saying that the anchor is on the home page and it goes right to about. And that's the name of the anchoring there, so a little bit confusing. But that's how that works so you can link things. So, for instance, if we were to hit book, we can link it to an anchor and we could choose which anchor we wanted it to go to. So we've got the anchor one and anchor about, so that's how that does work. It's a little bit confusing on how you said it, but if you really need that feature, that's how you would do it, So I'm just gonna go ahead and delete this one because we don't need it. So I just right click there and delete that. So that's kind of explains how the anchor works and how that's not its own separate page there and how it's just the about page on an anchor. And then as we come through here just scrolling down a little bit further, you can adjust these titles here and read more, so we'll see where this links to more about me. So in the current window, it's gonna bring you to the page called More About Me. So when we were just up here, well, we're just appear. So there's more about me. Page was kind of confused on where that was coming from. The template. It's only click on that. This is a full page on who the person is and more about them. As you can see, once you start feeling all the Senate can get pretty lengthy, it deserves its own page. You wouldn't want to put this right on your home page, however, Having this little anchor section here gives you a sneak little preview and build some credibility and shows some insight on who the person is, which is great. And then people have the option of clicking right here. Read more, and it brings him to that separate page called More about Me. So you've got photos over here, and this is split into two columns. It looks like what we have to do is change Cohen background and we can add in the photo. So this is where you would add in your photo. Or if you're gonna name this, like about the company or about us, you can have in the photo of the team, things like that. And all you would do here is just select your image the same way we did before. You can upload it right here, upload images, and then I'll come right from your computer. And then you can put your image in here. So pretty simple. If you have any questions about that, leave it in the comments and I can answer that for you. But then as we come down through here, we've got a first look at their services. So this isn't all of the services, but this is where you want to put your most popular service the thing you want to sell the most. You don't have to lay it out this way, But this is actually a pretty nice way to lay it out. You could put like, the most popular service right here, book it and then that's going to link to looking Page where they can book it right here so it doesn't actually booked the service. All that doesn't bring them to the full looking page. So, like that, actually, so one service that's popular grab their attention, and when they hit book it, it goes right to the full service page. Even if they don't hit book it and they go to more services, it's gonna bring them to the exact same service page, which is just the service up here. There's a couple ways to get to this service page up here, and this is at the end of the day where you want to send people because if you have a service business where you have products, this is where you're going to be getting your sales. So come back to home and get back into editor and just work our way down. So I hope this is helping you guys, If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I can answer them for you in the last part of this home page here is the contact for so you just fill in your address and then these are all social bars so you can link them, each one of them to you have a Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever. If you don't have them, all you have to do is remove. It takes it away, and you can add another ones, too, so you can add in icons. Here you can add it or other social platforms that you may have. So that's down there and all those when you're an actual live mode or preview, you click it and I'll take you right to the Facebook site or whatever the link was. You set for that. Another contact form. I really like these about Wix. I love it because you can set where it sends to so you can set what, um, double click that allow us to manage its field so you can set what kind of information you're collecting, and you can set where that information gets emailed to, and it's all completely free. to. It's just an half that comes with this template, and you can add it on to any template as well. I'll talk about that in a second. But if you don't want a subject line, you just name, name, email message. All you gotta do is hit the three dots and delete that, or you can edit it and you can change. Let's displayed in the middle here would be Leave us a note or how can we help you? Something like that? And then that's what it will say in the middle Here. It's them when they start typing in it, that will go away somewhere in preview. Click here and I start typing That goes away back to editor real quick. So as you saw, we took out that middle box there. So there's this gap here, So all we have to do is come back here and just drag this up just like that, and we'll take this and we'll move it up. Well, if you want to select two items at once to move in, both will have to do is press that press one item, hold shift, press another item and you can move them up together. And I like grouping. Option is another good thing we can talk about here. You can group the elements. So now these two, Whenever we click on him, they will be moving together. And then you can un group him just by clicking like that thing clicking off of it. You can select them by holding shift, select multiple items just like that. I do want to talk a little bit more about this week's form because I think it is really powerful thing, and everyone kind of needs a contact form somewhere on their website. When you hit settings here on submissions, it'll allow you to set where you want to send that message to someone, put their name through email and a note. You can set your email address here in a second email as well. And that's where whenever someone fills us out and hit, submit, it will email you their name, their email address and the note tha