The Complete Forex Trading Course - An Investment Banking Perspective - Class 1 | Mikesh Shah | Skillshare

The Complete Forex Trading Course - An Investment Banking Perspective - Class 1

Mikesh Shah, Director - AltGmX Technology Pvt Ltd

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7 Videos (29m)
    • Intro to FX Math

    • Exchange Rates

    • Direct and Indirect Rates

    • Bid, Ask, Spreads, PIPs

    • Cross Rates - Method 1

    • Cross Rates Method - 2

    • Recap Week 1 Module 1


About This Class

Develop the trading skills and knowledge of an investment banker. Improve your trading skills by mock trading in a FX simulator, join a community of traders. These skills can be applied to any financial or commodities markets.

By learning the complete math in FX, the end to end transaction process, technical analysis and money management, the complete fundamental analysis, the Federal Reserve's monetary policy and more you will gain more knowledge than most retail and corporate traders.

Along with this learning you will be performing hundreds of trades on a simulator, jotting down each trade in a trading blotter to calculate your PnL. In addition you have the option to join a Facebook group of traders just like yourself to share trading ideas or views or discuss any topic related to trading in any markets. 

Here's what you will master by the end of this course

  • The complete FX math - cross rates, FX swaps, Outright fwds, Carry trades etc
  • The end to end FX settlement process - pre trade, trade, clearing, settlement, recon
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis - The complete guide to the US economy and economic indicators
  • Money management
  • Central Bank's Monetary Policy

All these topics connect with one another to form a knowledge base required for traders. This knowledge base is key not just for trading FX but for stocks, bonds, commodities and derivatives.

The question for you as a trader is, can you afford to not have this knowledge?





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Mikesh Shah

Director - AltGmX Technology Pvt Ltd

Studied Bachelor of Computer Engineering and a MBA from Queen's University Canada. Worked 8 years in the investment banking division trading primarily in the foreign exchange and bond markets. Spent 11 years in Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd as an IT and banking consultant. During the consulting tenure I worked in various projects - implemented the Sarbanes-Oxley Act - internal controls at the IMF in Washington, built trading systems at an investment bank in London for the algorithmi...

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