The Complete Fiverr Course: Beginner to Top Rated Seller! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

The Complete Fiverr Course: Beginner to Top Rated Seller!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

The Complete Fiverr Course: Beginner to Top Rated Seller!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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56 Lessons (4h 8m)
    • 1. You get a case study here because I made this course with Fiverr!

    • 2. You get practical tips and motivation from top sellers explaining what works.

    • 3. Giving what you want to receive. Starting with buying gigs.

    • 4. Making clear my purpose in buying a gig. What is it I really need?

    • 5. Basic tutorial for searching gigs on Fiverr and browsing top gigs by rating.

    • 6. Understanding that I do not know which gig to order helps me to find out.

    • 7. Finding one potential seller to work with is exciting. Finding 20 is better!

    • 8. In 45 minutes I found 20 top sellers with potential to work with.

    • 9. The message I send to sellers is critical to begin the successful relationship.

    • 10. Using quick message to send fast and reviews to find a real name

    • 11. Reviewing the initial yes and no responses to the message within 30 minutes!

    • 12. Requesting and receiving offers from the yes responses.

    • 13. Placing my order on Fiverr using the custom order button and a credit card.

    • 14. Within 5 hours from starting to film, $105 spent ordering gigs.

    • 15. 3 top sellers agree to make videos within 24 hours!

    • 16. Within 48 hours I have two videos I can add to this course!

    • 17. What are the top sellers on Fiverr and how can they help you?

    • 18. Top seller "oldmansteve" explains how at 77 years old he works on Fiverr!

    • 19. Top seller vitojamieson gives you a look at his back office on Fiverr.

    • 20. Meet Arjunrocks, a Fiverr top seller from India with over 5,000 sales!

    • 21. Strategies for increasing sales on Fiverr.

    • 22. How do you figure out what gig to sell? How to make a unique gig?

    • 23. How do you effectively manage buys and get good reviews on Fiverr?

    • 24. Fiverr inbox management and using the Fiverr app to respond fast.

    • 25. How to earn big on Fiverr.

    • 26. Adding a video in front of Taj Mahal!

    • 27. "I got started after seeing someone else's gig and thinking I can do that!"

    • 28. "Tap into your talents first and make it enjoyable."

    • 29. "What is working for me today on Fiverr. The tips I use running my business."

    • 30. "How to protect your income on Fiverr."

    • 31. Welcome to all things Fiverr with Ariel!

    • 32. If you want to make top seller, getting started and getting to level 2 is first.

    • 33. What to make your Fiverr username?

    • 34. Fiverr profile discussion and how to link to your YouTube channel.

    • 35. What kind of picture is good for a Fiverr profile?

    • 36. Copyright on Fiverr goes to the BUYER by DEFAULT.

    • 37. How much have I earned on Fiverr as a level 2 seller with very little effort?

    • 38. About half of my sales come from top buyers on Fiverr.

    • 39. Most frustration on Fiverr comes from poorly created or communicated gigs.

    • 40. Gig sales often are slow to start and then go up for no easy to find reason.

    • 41. How and why I choose to pause a Fiverr gig.

    • 42. Learn from the competition and do not compete.

    • 43. Every buyer or potential buyer is important!

    • 44. 100% profile completeness helps for buyer trust.

    • 45. Fiverr tutorial showing how you can create gigs people are saying they need.

    • 46. Take an inventory of all your skills in Microsoft Word.

    • 47. Rediscover what skills you already said you have on LinkedIn or another website.

    • 48. Search the skills you have and find areas of low competition.

    • 49. Using your location to offer a gig.

    • 50. I consistently leave 5 star reviews as a buyer on Fiverr gigs.

    • 51. If your gig is made correctly, it should produce mostly 5 star reviews.

    • 52. Reviews less than 5 stars are always a learning opportunity.

    • 53. As a seller on Fiverr, you can review the buyer also and your response shows.

    • 54. Knowing Fiverr is there gives me context for all buying decisions online.

    • 55. Selling on Fiverr can be a great opportunity and learning experience.

    • 56. If you are not interested in selling on Fiverr, that is okay!

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About This Class

Fiverr is easier to learn and use when you take this course because you get to see what works for top rated sellers!

If you are hoping to use Fiverr to work online or build a business, I think you might love this course because it is the most complete Fiverr video course available online today! 

This course itself is a case study of what you can do with Fiverr because many of the videos in it were made using Fiverr. As a top Fiverr buyer, I show you exactly how I order gigs from many of the top sellers on Fiverr because I want you to see how Fiverr can work for you the way it does for me to make this course and I think hearing from the top sellers themselves is a powerful testimonial to what is possible on Fiverr. Gain key insights from Top Rated Sellers! No other Fiverr course gives you so many perspectives!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. You get a case study here because I made this course with Fiverr!: I'm excited to start this course with you because there's so many opportunities on fire, and I want you to have the chance to have the very best today. This course is a case study that I hope is useful for you. Rather, you want to be a buyer or seller or both. I will show you every step I take as I use fiver to buy gigs. That then will make up the videos in this course so you'll see me acting as a buyer, working with top rated sellers. And then you'll get to see the top rated sellers in their own words. Explain to you the best of what they know about fiver. I've bought over 1000 gigs on Fiverr, and I'm using that experience here to combine with what top rated sellers know to give you the complete fiver course. Ah, case study that is living proof of what you can do with fiber and then I hope gives you exactly what you need to do your best today on Fiverr. I value your feedback about this course. I'm honored you're here, and I'm excited to go forward with you today 2. You get practical tips and motivation from top sellers explaining what works.: What is the point in going through this course? What is the point in me getting started making this course and in all the top sellers, spending their time and energy to make these videos the purpose for all of us doing this is for you to have the help you need right now in the form of practical tips that you can use on Fiverr and motivation to go. Try doing these things on Fiverr to see the proof that it's working for other people to see things like what I'm doing with fiber to make this course with you. That's why all of us are here doing what we dio test serve you. We're here to serve you right now, right this minute to be helpful to you. That's the purpose of doing this course when you're working on fiber, if you can have a clear purpose like that, if you can see the clear foundation of why it is, you're doing what you're doing, then you'll have the best chance to order gigs that help you out to help other people out. You'll have the best chance then to be a top rated seller and to give people exactly what they need on fibre when you can see the foundational purpose of ultimately serving your fellow humans on this planet when you can see that purpose than the practical tips you learn will work really well to get you wherever you need to be to best serve your fellow human beings. Thank you for giving me this chance to serve you and all of the top sellers in this course the chance to serve you and help you out today. Also, we need your help when you can ask questions and tell us what you like about this course. Then you help us to make a better course for the person after you. 3. Giving what you want to receive. Starting with buying gigs.: giving what I want to receive in life consistently works for me to be happy each day and to get better results than I ever would have imagined possible. That's why start this course off, featuring how to buy gigs based on my experience, buying gigs and my actual work going through and buying the gigs to get this course produced most of the time in my life, I started off with what I wanted to get first and in fact, on fiber. I wouldn't be surprised if I said a profile up straight away with the intent to just sell gigs and make money. I know when I started out working online, all I thought about was setting things up so that I could make money. The problem is, when you do that, you don't understand the process that the person who's actually buying from you goes through. You don't understand the perspective of the person who's looking around and thinking about working with you, and that makes everything else really frustrating. It makes it frustrating because you don't see what is important and what you're doing and what's not important. For example, for me, I did not have much success selling on you to me until I had taken enough other courses and bought enough other courses as a student to understand. Oh, this is why, by people by courses, this is the things that are important toe, Look for in getting. Of course, this is what I look for in choosing which course to buy same thing on fiber. So I'm going to begin by showing you the process I go through to buy gigs. And if you want to do and get the best results off this course, what I do in life is I do do as I do when I see people doing something, I try and do what they're doing. So if you wanted to try looking around and buying a gig first, that might be the most powerful way you could learn and grow from your own experience firsthand on fiber I If anything, you can get out of this course. I hope I can motivate you to try some things on Fiverr to experiment and to have fun learning fiver together with me. 4. Making clear my purpose in buying a gig. What is it I really need?: before I start doing anything on Fiverr. What I've done here is first make clear bullet points stating What I need. The biggest mistake I've made consistently on ordering thousands of gigs on Fiverr is to blunder into ordering a gig without knowing exactly what it is I need, or without establishing with the seller that they can do what I need to do. So you can understand. As a seller, you want to be able to specify exactly what you will and won't do, and that allows you to stand out well, if I try and look at all the gigs on Fiverr before I know exactly what I need. I end up wasting a ton of time looking at gigs that it should be very obvious if I know what I need. If I look at the gig beforehand and see I don't need it or I'm not likely to get what I want out of it, you might think that on Fiverr you can just throw away $5 ordering a gig, because who cares? Only $5. The time is the main thing in a main mistake I've made on Fiverr is I've ordered a bunch of gigs that either I didn't think through ordering them or I didn't talk to the seller beforehand or I didn't know what I needed well enough to explain it to the seller to choose the right gig. So all of these are frequent buyer problems, And this is why putting down a few things clearly before I even start. So this is what I need. I thought exactly what I need now. Now that I know what I need, the next step is to find out who, exactly, might be able to provide it. So I'll show you exactly how I search the fiber marketplace next and find who I think can do this specific task for me. 5. Basic tutorial for searching gigs on Fiverr and browsing top gigs by rating.: on Fiverr. This is the home page, and this is where I can find gigs from and what these are you see here. These are gigs five or features gigs. Fiber has gigs recommended by my shopping trends. And then I can search gigs or browse gigs this way. So the question is, now, do I want to search gigs or browse gigs? And we'll just do some different ways of looking at this. So what I need is a video tutorial. So the main thing I usually do is start with a search. I usually start with a search because I guess that's exactly what I'm going to need. So I usually start looking directly for the keywords I need. So obviously is a seller. This is a critical point. If you want to get found understanding what exactly it is people search for related to what it is you can do that takes effort to figure it out. So I'm just going to search basic for a video tutorial. Right now, it shows 120 options. I'm here and now if you want to offer service, if I suddenly got all my you know me courses Strip and everything else. One of the things I would skip straight to is making video tutorials on fiber because look how few. There's only 120 gigs for this, whereas for others there's 1000. And this immediately tells me when I look at these gigs as a browser, I can see there's not a lot of established people making video tutorials. And if I click over here, this is one of the key things than out of the search results, because often when you search for something, you'll get a ton of results. So when I've searched here, I have 120 gigs. How do I know which of these gigs to choose? What I can do is refine my search results down. I can go down here toe all categories, tell me, get more options and then I can go down here, and this often is a great way to strip out some of the sellers you minor might not want to work with. Sometimes you might want to work with the new seller. They're likely to be enthusiastic, or you might just want to work with top rated sellers who can trust have an established business model that works for them on fiber, so you'll notice there's only one gig offering to do a tutorial video on Fiverr That's by a top rated seller. And if I include level to sellers, I believe I'm a Level two seller on 50 You'll see there's a lot more now. The next thing I often do, I go to high rating because the recommended sometimes it will give me like this gig doesn't have his good of a rating, and some of these don't have as many ratings. So what I often do is click high rating, so I can see you'll notice it sorted that 1st 1 out. And it has now a different gig here. And then these other ones all have very high ratings on here. And then I can even look for new if I want something that is a very newest in a certain gig . For example, five ordered every other one of the gigs I can just check new, but I usually browse by high reading because to me that's the most reliable way for me to find one I need. So that's one way to look for it another way I often look for. It is I just I don't go search anything. I go back to the five or home page. I go to say a category I want. So what? I need his video and animation. So I just click on video and animation right here and then what I can do. You can see there's a lot more choices now, So it doesn't even tell me how many people are in here because there so many. So if I go to high rating on this one, you'll see these have two plus 1003 plus 1000 here one plus 1000. These sellers have established businesses on fiber some of these air top rated sellers. So I'll go back over here. I'll show you them. I can sort these by top rated self Onley now every single one of these, our top rated sellers offering to make videos. So I've already got no I've established that I want Onley top rated sellers to make this course so that you get the very best in this course. So now I've got a good way to figure out who exactly I want toe work with. I've gotten in the video and animation. These are the high rating gigs. Now I've found out exactly where I want to start my search for ice seller. What I ultimately want is a specific seller. I don't care about an exact gig. What I need is a person or a business. In some cases that can make exactly what I need. Since I know what I need, I can browse the gigs and see if there's a gig already set up. However, I've done this wrong so many times by ordering so many gigs lots of sellers like you to message them and to contact them prior, especially if you have a lot of work. They conduce. Ooh, if you have a lot of things you want, sellers want you to message them and ask before you go place in order. Because if a seller has to cancel an order, it's very destructive on a fiver account. Done. It's skill, so if you have to cancel a lot of orders, you can't be a top seller. So the easiest way to annoy a top seller is to place a order with them when I'm not sure if they can do it so I have a lot more work in front of me. Now I've given you the basics of looking around on fiver. Now the rial work and I'll show you. The real work is to dig into each gig and each cellar and ultimately find some sellers who might be able help me out and then go through communicating with them and figure out which ones can give me what I need best. Because when they give me what I need, they will be getting what they need, which is money to support their business. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this tutorials helpful for you. 6. Understanding that I do not know which gig to order helps me to find out.: I'm getting more comfortable with uncertainty, and that helped me out doing what I'm about to show you. I realized right now that out of all these gigs I've found so far, I honestly do not know which gig I need to order out. Of all these sellers that are offering to do these gigs, I do not know which one is the best to order from. And even in reading their gigs and messaging them, it's likely to take me, Ah, lot more work. And I'm likely to have to spend money and see the videos first hand and see who actually does the videos before I'll know what was the right way to do it. So I accept right now that I'm almost definitely going to do it the wrong way, some and the right way. Some and what I'll try and do is do my best in a short amount of time to take educated guesses at who the right sellers are toe work with. So I remember on the search results I saw screen cast, so I'll search for screen cast up here and I can see there's not very many users offering screen cast and There's two top rated sellers, however thes two top rated sellers. This there are specifically saying they will do screen cast. So I'm figuring this is probably a good place to look. So I saw this before searching for video tutorial. So now what I do I click on the gig itself and take a look at it. So it says, I will do a screen cast instructional tutorial video that's likely to be just what I need in terms of the technical details, However, let's look down here and see what is in here. A script is required. If I'm doing the voiceover now, let's go back and look at what I wrote. My notes here do not need script required. So even though I found what I thought I needed exactly in the search results, and I see then on the gig that it does not appear that this seller will be able to do what I'm going to need them to do, However, I don't know that for sure What I can dio. Since this cellar is established, they will do screen capture tutorials. What I can do is ask them to see if they'll do it about fiver because the seller, obviously, if he's got to be a top seller, which assorted by top seller. So if I click his profile, you can see 2000 500 reviews. He probably knows a lot about fiver, Which is that why I sorted it that way? So what I've got right now is one person I can message I can ask. I can say, Look, I need five or tutorials for my course. Will you do a screen cast video for me? Now? That's the basic process. I'm going to repeat over and over and over again and I won't show you every single one. I'll show you a little bit more, though. So this is how I've found one person right here and what I'm going to do is locate all the people at once because then when I hit contact, you'll see it takes me to ah message place and you can see what I've responded to here. And then what I can do is I can message everyone at once. I can make one generic message with Microsoft Word. I can turn this into a simple message and I'll show you all that explaining what I need. So this key step now I've got one person I can send a message to, and that's a lot better than none. So with I try and take the big winds in terms of the lots of little victories I found my first guy can message, I'm excited about that. So now the simple process of continuing to find more and I will use some more creative ways here to try and figure out who else can do this for me. 7. Finding one potential seller to work with is exciting. Finding 20 is better!: I found that using what I just showed to get one seller, I've got one seller I might be able to work with. And that's exciting, because if this one seller could literally make this whole rest of the course for me, however, I don't know that. So if finding one is exciting, that gives me the excitement to go find 19 plus more because I have no idea if he is actually going toe. Want to do these videos? So what I assume is a high failure rate I planned for failure. I plan that some people won't respond to messages I planned that some people will take forever to follow up and make the gig. I plan all kinds of failure in tow what I do. So this one guy gives me enough excitement to open a new window up. Go to Fiverr dot com again, and then what I do is repeat the process. So I search for screen capture. What I'm going to do is go back to video and animation, and I'm going to zoom in and go toe high rating, and then what I want to do is go down here to top rated seller. And then, ideally, I'd like someone who could work fast ID like someone who could be able to work within 24 hours so you can see I've narrowed down. There's 238 people that have gigs that are top sellers in video and animation. Now the question is, which one of these will be open to doing screen capture to toils and or white blade board explainer videos? Or however well, I don't know beforehand. So what I'm going to do, you'll notice. I'm discovering these sellers based on their gigs. So these air individual services they're offering. So when I'm doing that, I'm zooming in. I'm right clicking New Tab. I'm taking a look at the actual seller profiles here so I can get an idea of all the gigs they offer because this is one gig this guy offers professional whiteboard animation video . Well, what I can see in here, I can see now more gigs. I can see two different whiteboard, explainers e book covers, speed paint logo, and then the opportunity to request a custom order. So I'm not sure exactly if they can do the gig or not. So at this point, it's better to try and not get myself overwhelmed with different sellers, So I'm going to close that one. I want to try and isolate ones that I think have a high likelihood of being able to deliver my gig. So this guy only has one gig, so I will click and go back and look at his gig and then see what the gig itself has because this is Onley Gigi has. So I'll zoom in here Now. He's got professional video editing, postproduction videos, commercials, intros. Now this looks like, Ah, good potential here because based on what he says, he's got a lot of different things he can do with video. And I know from what I can do, I can do a lot of different things from video. So I'm thinking that I might be able to possibly suggest this time now, he says, Please contact me before ordering. So that is something you want to do when a seller says that. So what I've got now this guy looks like I might be able to at least ask if he can do it. He's got what look like ability to do these tutorials so I will ask if he can do this. So I will go slide him over here and I'll go back to his cellar profile. So this is someone else I will ask. And now the idea is to just keep doing this over and over again. Here's a different guy. Let's see what he can do. And you can see this is where the real work is, and I'm not going to show you every single detail doing basically the same thing. I am showing you that there's a lot of depth to doing this strategy and the better that you can match the right things you need with the sellers to provide it and then just go forward contacting them. You don't know who is going to want to do it. All I need to do is find one person who will do a good job with it, and that might mean five or 10 people will try, and then one or two a three will do a good job, and they will be teaching the rest of this course after I show how I got and connected with them. So I'm doing this repeatedly on what I'll do is do some mawr of this and continue showing you a little bit about how I look at in judge gigs, and you'll notice I'm consistently working with established sellers. The only way I'm going toe work with non established sellers is if the ones who are established can't do what I need to. Then I'll go down into the next level, and that's where the opportunities are. Most of the orders on Fiverr more than likely from the top sellers, So the goal is to be a top seller and then as a top seller on a successful business. So thank you for watching this, and I will keep going into mawr as I go find some more of these profiles between this video in the next video and highlight to you what I like about them. 8. In 45 minutes I found 20 top sellers with potential to work with.: Now I have around 20 sellers. I plan on contacting. I've timed it since I talked with you before in the last video took me about 45 minutes or so to go find these 20 sellers out of the hundreds, if not thousands of potential sellers on fiber. It took some creativity. I'll go through and show you their profiles a bit. It took some creativity to find these, because on some of the browse categories I exhausted my existing search criteria. So I went down to the bottom and I had to switch to new categories, and I was surprised to learn. The more I searched, I started finding some cool ways to figure out who toe work with. For example, I realized I needed to look for someone willing to review our analyze a website with screen capture because while I couldn't search for screen capture, I was able to find some people who would offer a gig to analyze a website, and they do it in screen capture. So I know they have the ability to do screen capture. I also had to go browse in the business category, and I even looked in the career advice category to find several of these people on the end , because if they're willing to make a video showing about their freelancing experience, for example, one of these freelancers towards the end here this freelancer actually has a gig explaining how they do. They're five or gig strategy. So they've already proven that they've been interested in learning and sharing and talking about fiver. This guy had I found this gig analyze your website into a video analysis, and that's perfect, because I know he has ability to screen capture, and therefore, I know he could theoretically screen capture his fiber account. So I went through and found 20 top rated seller counts. I did my best toe weed out, the ones that were strictly adverse to script writing. So that was the main criteria I found because I do not want to supply any scripts, I will not supply any scripts. So a lot of the video producers I found were unwilling to do anything with a script and then a few of more high maintenance, ridiculously high fees to write a script. And so that's fine. What I've done is my best to find, using all of the fiber search results most finishing with website video to find. A few of these sellers here now have 20 sellers I can contact and I'm going to guess I'll be lucky. Get a response from 50 to 60% of them all. And then I am hoping that this will result in having anywhere from one to maybe even five or so off these top sellers that can make the videos for this course with you. Now, at the time of making this, I haven't actually done this yet. So I'm going through in doing this work on faith that he will be seeing this course someday because I am confident using a system on Fiverr tolerant of failure, respectful off what other sellers are willing to do And where I took the time to learn a little bit about each seller. And then the next step is to establish mutual interest in working together. This is a working relationship. I'm looking to start with this person. Whoever it is, I'm five or others, this person or this one or this one. I don't know. I'm looking to begin a working relationship with one or more of these top sellers that will make the videos I need so that I can put them in the course. So I will next show you what I do to go forward. 9. The message I send to sellers is critical to begin the successful relationship.: The next step in this process is to write a message to the seller that very clearly explains what I need and what the seller might want to do to establish if there's a mutual interest. I think of this just like a first message on a dating website, or just like a first message to a job interview. This is where I'm attempting to establish the terms of a relationship I'm looking for and I try and think clearly of the other person. So what I've done and this took me about 20 more minutes between videos to do this, I turned these bullet points into this message. So I started off with their name because the one most important thing I've found to remember with people is their name, so to recognize that they are unique in their special. Then I intentionally sent this message to them. This isn't a message. I just spammed to every single top seller that I carefully chose them based on the gigs they have to offer, and then I've sent this message for them. So I've started it off, was saying thank you for your work on fiber and congrats on being a top seller And I could even say this which I noticed while I was looking at video production gigs and congrats on being a top seller. So now I've established exactly how I've found them. Because when someone messages me, I want to know How did you find me? Did you see one of my courses online? Did you watch a video on YouTube? Did you see me on Facebook? Did your friend tell me about you? I want to know how it is. You found me because that establishes the parameters of why we're talking to each other in what context the conversation is. So then my brain can load all of the relevant responses. What makes it difficult to communicate is no previous context. So this sets up first personalization than specific reason that I found them in located him . And then congrats on being a top seller. Taking note that I am very interested in a certain status. They have related descending this message, then the next key part. And I like to set this up with the How would you feel? Because that's what's important. I want people toe. Look at what I'm offering to do and figure out how exactly would they feel doing this? I found in sending introductory messages that this is often a great phrase that gets people on the right page because some people are likely to get excited. Others are likely to be put off or annoyed. So if they're put off for annoyed, I want them to just say no right away. Let's not go any farther. If they're excited, I want them to focus on that excitement. Samos. If I wanted to look for a date which I've learned all of these strategies looking for dates and thankfully they work to find my wife. So it's nice they work in business, too. I want them if they're excited to say All right, yeah, this sounds like a great project, and when us say how you feel in it, it kind of opens the mind upto look at what it is. So I come in next with How would you feel about making screen capture and or talking head videos? Giving me an inside look at how you've been able to become and remain a top five or seller are very clear. What I thinks very clear, objective for working together. So that's a broad theme, then the specific technical details in here. So I've tried to keep this message a short while, making it all inclusive so that someone who's interested as everything they need to say yes or no immediately. So it's tricky to not have a really long message and to include everything. So this is my best attempt at it, then the basic format for the videos I've got here, 1 to 5 minutes down the earth. Technical requirements, ideas. No script provided. So there I've got exactly what I need and that way they know. Based on the technical details, they might say, I don't do things without script, Although I've tried to scream that out, they might say I charged this much for video that get an idea immediately of rather, they want to do this or not, then follow up instructions. If you're interested, please let me know how much you would charge per video and or which gigs toe order. Realizing that some may have a specific gig set up, they want me to use, others would rather just do a custom order. And then finally, my vision I am hoping to make a great fiber course which I'm making right now live here with you with 5 to 10 hours of video, including my videos and those from other top sellers. So to get them an idea that this is a collaborative effort were working together and they're part of it is important. And so specifically then I appreciate you reading this toe honor that they've spent their time going to the bottom of this and then what I hope for hope to hear from you soon exclamation point to get them excited. And someone left at the head on one of my YouTube video. So I like to get someone excited and then sincerely, Jerry being filled. Now, if they're really Cray Cray, so to speak, there really crazy they could google my name and see who I am and what I'm doing, and that could give them even more information. So I've given them everything I think they need in this message to get this set up in a a successful working relationship. Now the next step is to convert this into a personal message that respects the individual cellar. I'm emailing or technically, five or messaging So I've got this whole message copied. And if you're ordering on Fiverr, you could even do this. Even if you're just ordering from one or two people or you're interested in making a relationship with someone that can help you, you can see this takes recognizing a clear need I have. So if you can find a clear need you have that someone else can help you with, then you can do amazing things with it. So the next step for me is to use this format to make it easy to send a powerful message to those 20 sellers. 10. Using quick message to send fast and reviews to find a real name: Now that I have my message, what I want to do is actually send it and make it as personal as possible. The more personal I can make the message, the more likely I am to stand out from all the other messages they receive. So what I've done first of all, to make this possible to go faster fiber has what's called a quick response. So what I've done, I added my una me course info here into a quick response so that then I can use that quick response to make this faster. So all I have to do is use a quick response, and I've inserted that in there. Then once I've got the quick response ready Now I need to make this message personal. And thankfully, I've already ordered so many gigs on Fiverr. I've actually bought a gig from this first guy I didn't remember based on his name. He must have changed it or I just ordered so many. But I have an actual purchase. So I went and reviewed the purchase and look back at our previous work and I've discovered something very helpful reading his reviews. While his cellar name is generate cash biz. His actual name appears to be Bob. So instead of saying his user name, I say, Hi, Bob. Now that might sound like a small difference. That's a gigantic difference when someone messages me. That's like saying Hi, Jerry versus Hi, jerry banfield dot com or high band work. Huge difference. So I say, Hi, Bob. Thank you for your work on five around since I ordered a gig from him. I can strip this off here and I can say thank you for your work with making the video for me. Previously on Fiverr and then I've got that context there. So what I've done now, I've ended it specifically to say hi, Bob, Thank you for making a video for my business in 2014. And now I have established, First of all, that I know is real name. I'm not just a random, so to speak. And second of all that, he's already worked with me before. Ah, lot different than just someone you've never seen before. Now I get into the pitch about how would you feel about the rest of it? So now I've got my message here from the very beginning stands out. And so I've got all of this ready to go. I've don't see any reason to change anything else on here. And then what I do, I look, make sure it's in the right format. And now I hit. Send on here. So now I've got the message sent right here, and what I can do is sit back and wait. Now for Bob's response to what I've sent and then continue. So I close this out. This is next. So I go back in here and I'll zoom and I hit that contact button. I have not ordered a gig from this guy before, so this is a pretty much straight forward five or intro paste. But now what I can do again, I can go look for a really name on the gig because that gives me great. So I just scanned down through here, Chris, that we go Chris Perfect. Two people have said Chris. So they worked with them enough to figure out there's 1/3 1 Chris right here. So these reviews section and I got to this. I just right clicked over here new tab, and then this opens up here. I've got the reviews page. I have three people saying his name's Chris, so I'm going to trust. Well, that is that 1/4. There's 1/4 1 down here, Chris. So I'm going to guess four people in the recent reviews. Probably his name is Chris. So I'm going to start off with High Chris on here instead of high CRS late or whatever that looks like again huge difference and sending this message. And now I can pretty much for bait. Um, use this message this time because I have no previous order. So I've got my little quick message modified. So it says, thank you for your work on fiber, which I noticed was looking at video production gigs offered by a top seller and then same thing. I have everything else here needed. So then what I can do? I go through here and hit send and I try and stick to this one window at a time so I don't get too confused and mess everything up. I've got the same thing here, so I close this one. Now I've got the same opportunity on this profile and I do the same thing. I hit the contact button down here. And now this guy has Tim. It looks like his name's Tim. So I'm thinking that's a bit safer there. I can still scroll down in his reviews. It looks like Tim is his name. And based on his cellar name. That looks like it should be pretty simple. So now I notice I've got something a little messed up. Here's so you noticed. Thank you for your work on fiber, which I noticed while I was looking at video production goods offered by a top seller. I realize I've missed one word in here. So what I can do is add a new quick response. I can copy. I paste, I hit command, see? Or you can use control on windows pasted in an ear. And then I say you to meet five or course to in here. So that way I've got this saved in here. So now I've got the correct one here. And then I can just delete that one that doesn't have it written exactly. Right. So now I've got that in here I go back up. I put Hi, Tim. In here. Thank you for work on Fiverr. No previous order with Tim. Scroll down. Send that message to. So this is I'm not going to do this with all 20 of them right here for you. So I've got everything set up and sent here now. So that then I've got a process I can use and I've ordered from this guy before, so I'll need to I made two big orders from him. So now it's just a matter. I insert this over and over, I send this to the rest of the 20 sellers that I've selected, and then I go into my messages and look and see what they say in response and go forward from there. So my next step Now, this is the end of my filming today as I show you how I've got all this set up. The next step is toe wait. See what responses I get, and then I'll show you how I handle the responses I get. Take the next step, buying gigs and all the way to the point where I get these videos. Actually, in the course, you could see that this is a start to finish process than I've made on faith from the beginning. So that you can go do the same thing in whatever it is you have to do today. Thank you for watching with me. 11. Reviewing the initial yes and no responses to the message within 30 minutes!: within just the 30 minutes since I started sending the messages. I've already got four replies back and I'll show you here processing and beginning the messages first. The easiest one is simple looking at. Ah, no, I'm sorry. Not interested. Message simple enough. And that helps to handle that. Now I've got three different ones. So I've got people also saying they won't be able to help on another message here. And that's why I sent 20 of these messages out because I'm likely to get lots of no messages. Yes, so that would be here. I gotta Yes, she said. She'll do one for $50 a few minutes long video that she could talk about her five hour journey. And that's just perfect. Although it's $50 if I'm going to make a great course with you here, I have to invest in getting the best from the people who are doing the best on fiber, so I will plan to go ahead and order this gig next, based on what her responses that she could talk a video about doing her five hour journey. So that's just perfect. So just in the 1st 30 minutes since I've sent these messages out. I'm happy. I've got one positive response and then the last message here. So this is another great response are I've already worked with him twice and he says he'd love to do it and he's suggesting that he can make some videos discussing on Fiverr what he's achieved on the inside and outside. And then I can send some bullet points on what to discuss. And he says the charge would be 30 to $45 for the entire work, so you can see it's looking like just to get some basic videos. I'm in anywhere 30 to $50 range, so that's really good to find out. Just in these first few messages I've got back now, I've got some context as to what I can expect if anyone else replies and wants to negotiate various rates, and I've got some opportunities to place some orders, and this is just within a few hours of getting this started. I'm amazed how fast five or works and you can see as long as you're willing to get some no answers and willing to do the work to try and send and find the right things you need help with on fiber. And as a seller, As long as you're willing to try and get things worked with the buyer, you can be easily looking at having orders like mine rolling in from $50 just with getting yourself set up on Fiverr. 12. Requesting and receiving offers from the yes responses.: I'm very impressed with the five or order page because it's practically an instant message now. As you can see, the venture capital money has went very far at five or since 2012. You can notice here what I've done is I've sent two replies, one to each person who said Yes, and I've made them a simplest possible because at this point, they're just talking. I haven't paid them anything, and what they really need to know is that I can pay them. So what you don't want to do is waste a whole bunch of time working with someone who has no verified payment. In other words, once I click this order now, button and pay, they know I've got the money. They know that they're getting paid as long as they do a good job in the order. So all I did sending this message is send a reply. They said Yes, I said, Great, send me an order, Let's get started and I made his little anything else is possible so that they can get what they want. So same thing with her, I said Yes, I'd love a video about your fiber journey $50. Sounds good. Send me the offer Now. What do you mean by send off? We might think, Well, these are some gigs I'm offering right now. And so if she and message me and asked toe learn about one of my gigs and I then said, Yes, I'll do it And she said, OK, send me an offer. When I can do then is select a gig I'm offering here. I can put whatever I want to on it. I could put whatever amount on it and then I can submit an offer here for her to review and pay. So what they're doing and what you can see our June already did here. He already sent me an offer, right while I was making this video with you. So within just a few hours of starting this, I am ready to actually pay for something and give him the ability to get his work started. So this is really exciting. And this is how you can see other people are earning getting paid on Fiverr. So the next step for me now that I've got an initial response I've got my initial offer is to go through in order and pay for it and get the gig started. So that's what I'll show you next 13. Placing my order on Fiverr using the custom order button and a credit card.: I hope you're excited now because our June, with in just a few hours of me deciding to do this getting started recording the course are June here is about to make $50 on five or enough. You see how easy this is working for him? There's no reason this can't work for you. And if you see how easy it's working for me as a buyer, there's no reason this can't work for you as a buyer to So I'm going to actually order and actually pay right now. Now, let me first say that when I look at it back here. So if I go back, am I concerned? Are there fears here? Are there fears that things won't work out? Yes, there are fears, and I'm going to refresh it. So the button loads back up here. Yes, I am honestly afraid that things won't work out. He just put a few short details here. Am I afraid I'm going to pay $50 for him to talk for two minutes in a conference room and have something that I can't use in this course? Yes, I'm afraid of that right now and I'm willing to throw this $50 out the window on faith that if I order, then something good may come from it. It doesn't mean something good has to come from it. And the biggest thing I've found for my business is to accept the little losses. Now, you might say $50 isn't a little loss, Or you might say it is. The fact is that when I trust and do things on faith, and I accept that, Yes, I'm afraid this won't work out. Yes, I'm not sure exactly what's going on. Yes, I think we communicated effectively here. What I want and what he's going to do. So I'm going to hit order now. I'm going to actually go through and purchase here with you right now because I am willing to give this a try. I'm willing to do my best to give him what he needs to see if he can do and I need. So I'm going to give him when he needs first. So I just selected credit card as an order fibers processing my order right now. In real time and there. I've got my order placed. It's ready to go. We're ready to get started. So this is the default. So he said Script, please. This is the default that you get after you order. So this is where we can now talk about and have our conversation in terms off what will be ordered. So I will do my best to give him what he needs in the least amount of my time and the most effective of his time. So we've got everything ready here and now at this point, he knows something very important. He knows that I actually ordered his gig. So he knows all the has to do is do a good job, and he gets the money that allows us to go forward and build a working relationship. So especially if you want to earn someone's trust, it often takes a lot of work to get in. No position where someone just going to give you $50 on faith and yet you can see it working here. So you know it can work for you too. 14. Within 5 hours from starting to film, $105 spent ordering gigs.: what I'm showing you is just incredible to me because it is 3:35 p.m. Eastern time. I got out of bed today at about 10 15 and started filming and even just the inspiration to make this course around 11 a.m. in less than five hours, including all of the time to film and edit thes videos and to do the technical work between the videos that I've shown you. Then I actually within five hours of already about two and during this video will spend over $100 ordering gigs on Fiverr. Now you don't have to do it this exact way. The point of showing you this is that it really works. It's really powerful, and it's really fast, too, especially once you've got everything set up and when you're online looking toe work with people. Actively, I show you this ordering the gigs in full detail because I know this is what I like. Something honest. That's riel that's down the earth that is in actual work off fiver, and I like this, supplied everything else. So first I'm showing you. I just followed up on that last gig, he says. It would be one video, and after I've paid mile look is all I want is for him to do his very best. I don't want to get in the way of him doing his very best. Now I judge his very best is not good enough. That is my issue, and I'm okay. If he makes a $50 video I can't use, I don't care. It's fine that if I want to make this a great course for you, it takes spending some money. It takes, risking some money. It takes having faith that if I keep doing my work, people will do a great job for you in this course. So he says what he's going to do here, and I submitted the requirements to him. It doesn't show it here, but I basically said the same thing I showed here. I trust your judgment to make the best video you. Can you explain to him why I feel as long as you tell people on either and why you're doing what you're doing and what's the purpose of it? Most people, especially if they're able enough to be set up on fiber like you're looking to beer looking to learn how to do, have a lot of talent. You have a ton of talent, and if people will let you use it, you can really show what you're doing. So in this I'll show you. This is the follow up on it order, and I'll show you. This works repeatedly. So, out of just those 20 messages I've sent, I'm placing my second order right now here with Cleopatra. I believe her name is so this is $55 then I already placed one with our June. So I'll cut through the credit card thing and continue to win It loads. Here we go. Now it's loading. I used my credit card, which is saved. So it literally took me about five seconds between what you just saw here and now she's got the order placed on her. And she knows now that I'm serious about getting this video made with her. She knows that she's getting paid as long as she does a good job. So you've just seen these two people earn over $100 here, And that's exciting to me because I thought when I tried to work online, you had to do all these crazy things. And it was so hard. You've seen how easy it is from the inside when you position yourself to do something helpful for someone else. Now all I have to do here and I said that repeatedly because to me that some of the most important things you can get once you believe, then you're motivated to go do the work. So now all I need to do is give her what she needs to start. And I can literally, since I did the work to paste this message are June, Why can I just say thank you? I trust your judgment to make the best video you can That will be useful to people hoping to learn from you about what works to be and become a top seller on fiber. So I hit start order and now it may disappear again. So if you look over here and scroll down, it disappeared. What I sent to her. So she's got the instructions here and then up here. You can see now when it said I needed to send something to start, it's important, actually. Send it so that then the ball's in her court until I've sent those initial instructions, which it doesn't show here, then the ball is still in my court. So I've ordered I've responded the initial instructions, and now both her and our June are in a position to make some more videos. Get those videos made and you may see their videos in the course if they're good and it's OK that if you don't see them in the course, you'll know. I didn't think they were good enough to put in here and you look over here. And then I found another guy in a message. He's putting his own fiber course together, so he's not available. So you take what you can get in life. I can go back to my dashboard at any time. I can look at my buying. I can go to manage orders over here, and then I can see the active orders I have right here. I have these two orders, and then I had an order that just was delivered that I am using for another video. So this is where I see my active orders, and you've seen proof right here of how fast fiber is recorded for you in this course. Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate your feedback in any time, and I hope these videos are good that they make so you can get to see them. 15. 3 top sellers agree to make videos within 24 hours!: It is less than 24 hours since I started making this course and I have some exciting updates to share with you. So far, the updates the messages I have received have been very positive for the most part. Maybe about 50% of the people have not responded or they've said no. But the other 50% have said Yes, I would love to work with you. Let's talk about what we can do. I've had a few say they're working on their own fiber course already. Now the magic off working online is the ability to collaborate, and usually a good collaboration is so much more powerful than just working on your own. These top sellers have a lot of resource is and knowledge on fiver. I have a lot of knowledge on you. To me, between the two of us, we can do some amazing things between the five or six of us who are now working together. We can make what might be the top five or course on you. To me, this is how fiver is able to work from me today as a buyer, and that's why I love it so much and that has a cost to it. I've already invested. Now. I've ordered several more gigs up on here, so I'll go over to my dashboard and I'll go over to manage orders and what you can see on my active. Now I have spent it looks like something close to $500 already ordering three videos from individuals and then on five videos mawr from the second seller that I ordered. So I've got now a lot invested already in making this course, and yet there's probably a lot more to invest in it for me. I always work to give what I want to get. So if I want to make an amazing course, that means investing in getting the great videos made for it. Getting the right software fiver. Now it's so easy to spend a lot of money as a buyer, and yet you can get some really high quality things. This one seller is going to make six videos on different locations in India. That should give a really valuable perspective that matches in well with the course You could see I'm really excited. I'll fast everything's going here that three sellers have already offered to do the video I've already paid them and then the first seller I ordered. From now we're up to a $300 gig there. So this is fast progress on fiber. It's a great example of what you can accomplish and think about all of the things you could do with all of the other people on Fiverr with collaborating online. When you work together, some amazing things you can accomplish. So I'm already working with three people that you're likely to see all of their videos in the course. 16. Within 48 hours I have two videos I can add to this course!: in less than 48 hours after I started making and filming for this course, I'm amazed I already concertos you that I have to separate top sellers who have made and delivered a video that you can then watch in this course. I see Here are June Rocks has one and Cleopatra. So all I have to do when I'm going to manage my gig, I go down. I grabbed the link to download the file and I get the file downloaded and I can now download this and then upload it in the U to me course you're watching right here. So the top sellers, in their own words, will be explaining to next exactly their stories. Their case studies that work best for you. So I'm showing you right here how this works. And I think by now it's just a matter off continuing what I've already showed you. I have a gig right here in the next step, then is to review and complete the order. It's very simple. Then I can review and complete the order right here and then if once I click five stars on everything, fiber will ask for a more specific experience. So the next things I'm going to do, I've got this video downloaded. Now I will watch the video. I will upload it here in the course with you on you, to me, and you will be able to watch them. The rest of the course will mostly consist off. These stories shared with you by top sellers of the tips and tricks of top sellers themselves have for you on Fiverr. I think by now you've got the message from what I'm sharing here. And I really appreciate you watching this. And I hope this is both motivational for you and gives you everything you need to be successful arm fiver. 17. What are the top sellers on Fiverr and how can they help you?: What is a top seller on fiber? And why might their advice be worth listening to a top seller on fibers? Someone that's made it to the top of the Fiverr seller levels? These are the fiver levels that five or gives sellers. You can earn these levels based on what you're doing on fiber, and each level comes with its own rewards. So right here, I'm showing you the levels. A new seller is what you start out at. You can have these level privileges in orderto level up to a Level one seller. You need 30 days active. 10 orders. Four star rating in a low cancellation re one Star sellers are basically the next level, obviously of sellers who have gotten past the new settler stage to where they've completed 50 orders 4.5 star rating and have alot cancellation rate. So I'm upto a level to cellar, which fiber calls the Pro league. That means I'm a serious seller. I can have 20 gigs active. Five gig Extras 15 gig multiples. I can do custom orders, do five or anywhere and have priority custom support. Now that's the level I Matt, what I've shared with you in this section and in the following sections that air related to top sellers. These I share with you directly the advice purchased and collaborated with directly from people who have a higher seller rating than I do, which is the very top on fiber. So Fiver says my seller level is the pro league. The top seller is the very best of the best, these air hand selected by fiber. In other words, every top seller, someone from fibres manually decided that they're a top seller. The requirements are higher than being a Level two seller. You have to have the high star rating exceptional customer care, which means a really fast reply rate. Two messages, especially, and a low negative feedback lo cancellation rate and then community leadership in terms of interacting with the other sellers and maybe even in the form and then, ah, volume of sales, which likely means thousands if not tens of thousands, arm or earned on fiber. So these are the top rated sellers. There's very few of these. There's maybe a few 100 out of the tens of plus thousands people on Fiverr and what I've done, I've went through the top sellers found as many as I could to collaborate with me on this course with you. And then you get their advice, their stories directly from them. In the next series of videos, which start first with interview videos and then escalate into sections where the top sellers give you as much detail as they wanted to, I offered them the chance to tell you as much as they wanted to about selling on fiber. So this section in the coming sections will be presented to you by five or rock stars, and I trust your judgment as to how much of them, if any time you want to skip ahead and move farther. If there's one seller or another, you really like and want to watch their videos again or don't like. I've put this in the course to give you the very best from the very best and what I hope is also, you can see these people are from different places. They have all different lifestyles they come from. I hope it's motivating to see that these people have become top sellers on fiber, and if they can do it, there's no reason you can't do it. Also, if you decide to take a shot at it, 18. Top seller "oldmansteve" explains how at 77 years old he works on Fiverr!: Well, I got started on fiber by accident. My sister, who lives in Texas, I'm in Connecticut. I'm from Texas, but I'm leaving, Living in Connecticut now. She called me and said, Have you heard about fiber? And I said no. She said, Well, you need to check it out. You might make some extra money because she knows my age. I'm 77 and I have just my Social Security. All my savings got lost in a bad business deal, so I really don't have much to get by on. And so I thought, Well, if I could do five for that's really gonna help me, just with, you know, basic stuff. So I started doing I looked at what was available in and I thought, Well, I could do a few things and I have this character, old man Steve, that I do. I'm on YouTube and on Vine and and I have, ah, a small fan base. But I have some fans, and I thought, Well, I'll just do my old man, Stephen, wish people Happy birthday or whatever. Ah, and I could do testimonials for products which people seem to like, and people seem to like my character and, uh, I've been very successful, and I, uh, graduated upto. Now I'm a top seller, and I'm not sure how they choose the top seller. I don't I'm not sure it's by volume because I've never had a great volume. Aldo had steady customers and I've had repeat fans and people said, I'm the best thing on fiber and all that kind of stuff. That's very flattering. And so anyway, I'm I'm making some extra money, and it helps me to use a few things that I wouldn't able be able to do. Um, because of just living on Social Security. But I recommend anyone to use fiver our to do it themselves, that for me it's very rewarding. I live by myself, and I've met a lot of people and corresponded with a lot of people, and, uh, it keeps me occupied, keeps my mind active. And at 77 years old, I guess that's a good thing. So I'm enjoying life, but I'm enjoying fiber and order one of my gigs. Thank you. Bye. 19. Top seller vitojamieson gives you a look at his back office on Fiverr.: Oh, this is veto Jamison here and I won't tell you bitch about how I became a top seller on Fiverr on how I stay on top as a fiber as I talk, I'll be going through my back office here and showing it something's making some comments. So getting started what I did At first, I looked at what I'm good at and what do people have? Uninterested. So let's say you are good at writing. You could put yourself on fiber as a comic writer. If you're funny on, write jokes for blog's or podcasts, or you could write a personal, um, you could write a personalized Children's story. You don't have to be the best. You just have to offer something people would be interested now. I've been doing voice work on an awful lot of years, so I decided to dio voice Kate, Now I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's just starting out. There's a lot of people who are on fire. What do boys. So even though I'm a top seller, I know there are others who are selling more voice cakes than me because they do things like offer to do a voice in 24 hours and that you know what? I can do that sometimes it's not always gonna work, so that don't pills in the next thing I decide how long it will take me to do something and give myself enough room so that I not going to deliver early. Now, depending on the project, I could turn around in minutes, but I It could take days if I'm busy or with my kids weren't at school working or on a trip overnight. So I have a high readings because I deliver on time. So I look at my order board frequently, and I use the fiver app as well to give me alerts as to win their someone who was talking to me or his place in order. So, um, today's the, uh uh, third day of the month, and I was just lets me know that birds use what cleared up my account. So you don't see what um was in there before, but it does. She'll gonna need 100 bucks and move. The last couple days, I have 20 sales in my queue, so I know that I have work to do. This is telling me I have to do something in an hour. It's tells me something I have to do within later on today and something do tomorrow, so I have some priorities to do. Over here I have. It shows out of 90% response rate. Whatever's way of doing this is a little bit tricky. But basically, if you are responding to people's questions and turning your orders on time, you get it pretty high. 99% of my orders have been completed that sometimes I cancel, we mutually canceled for different reasons. If it's a party that goes against my conscience, I'm not gonna do it now. Let people know right away. Delivered on time. 78%. It's pretty high, um, things that could factor it. For example, Bill, maybe sometimes I'm a minute late or there are times where I need something else from the butter and they haven't responded and it throws things off so politically. But 70 it was still pretty high. Of course, I wanted to be higher, so people see that I'm responding quickly and I have really good ratings. So more people are naturally gonna choose me over other people. It still is competitive, but they're going Teoh get chosen a lot because of how quickly I deliver Now. I also look at my analytics, and I want to make sure that that undoing I'm doing well when people take a look at me and they're seeing what it is that I have to offer. So I offer things that I know I'm good at. And I obviously we started a $5 price and there's add on. So if I since I write and I I I also Du Bois, there's times where I do both of those projects. I think my biggest secret that I over deliver. So when I do a voice, I may do more than one take. And even though barely paying for one project, I'll give him a couple samples so people are happy and they can choose from that. The other thing that is, uh, really positive is, um, is that I looked to see what buyers are wanted, so let's go over to buyer requests that's loading up now. So this person looking for young female indignation over voiceover I I don't have those qualities but going on down, right? So yeah, so I'm in need of someone doing a movie trailer type voice. I can absolutely do that. Um, I'm a place in order to make the play small for rather my really busy of 23 in my mike you right now. So I'm probably not gonna place an off, but if I did, I'd send an offer, tell them the price and because people, when they put it here, that often wanting something done really quickly. And when you come respond quickly, you make people happy. So to sum up, I'd see Figure out what you're good at, Like doing things that are of interest. Make sure that you deliver it quickly and properly, so that you, um dilaurentis time and people are happy with you. And also, just make sure that you keep your customers happy. If your customers happy, you get good ratings and you will have more more people interested in you and the world keeps coming. It really is a great way Teoh make some extra money on a daily basis. 20. Meet Arjunrocks, a Fiverr top seller from India with over 5,000 sales!: Hello. It's does How are you? Do you know me? Okay, I'll give you a bit indirection about me. What? My name is a poor bonnet off. People know me as urgent Rocks. Project manager by profession and video Freelance method actor from India, Living Value Magic City Agra, which is rich for its history and tradition, are guys like 200 kilometers away from blueberry, which is capital of India. How difficult, Diaz While the question would be how a normal center from a really a category become, Doblin said, My mission has been always to deliver high definition videos in English or Hindi off international standards within the each. Off every individual I'm having achievement off 5000 sales so far. And after the commitment off, the axity had always to maintain the quality on Met the buyer requirements like crystal clear sound, natural expressions. So it's it's all just for the panic it off possibles, which is very important. This is in capital letters benefit off customers that what we do, I started firing around five years back at the time of engineering on. Since then, I'm warming. I'm or be my period really on. I'm still consider myself as I started selling. Best way is, I think, understanding requirement. Listen to him makeup, land, and then before it simply depends on what? By what flying is demanding your five years well in customer. For us, I wasn't any part off this country and perform the video for its test specific requirement . Some people asked me to hold their website logo, post a picture by performing the videos. I so all idea and budgets are very important to consider every client. As I mourned that what makes it operated say this is mentally not only topping yourself, but as a good sign. Start thinking something, what be on the same visual bios requirement and then start said. 21. Strategies for increasing sales on Fiverr.: incriminate Do work? Think over again. How to increases Was this video right now development on Dallas doing gigs in that word? My time requires skits when bias orders you show him your other geeks requesting to share this cake with friends on consideration, you would provide him one extra fee, of course. Facebook promotional. So Social Media promotions He'll have to Lord sometimes, like you do videos and other things, so don't lose it. Most important thing is you have your business cards listing guards on raising a pocket. And if you realize that someone is worthy enough to buy OGX pensions, drop your guard a bucket. One question. You receive no gig extras. If not, then initially, I also used to get along three or five hours in a week on 100 wearers off actions. But then I started writing virtual coupons to my existing miles that if you order within three days, then one extracts free off course off the same amount if you purchase that extra. So that thing also works. So always show geisha work in existing orders inbox, and my dad is confused. Help him in getting the idea your own idea and then say your customs. Hostile extras 22. How do you figure out what gig to sell? How to make a unique gig?: Welcome again, I hope Reveal steps. Videos are helping you and you're learning something here. We have no idea of selling. Identify your interest. What sort of get sell? More on who should send what I shall go moment Something that is no one would have thinking like saving touch my videos Quite unique. 15 Think of something unique and outstanding which makes you stay Nothing negative. Always the X preventive. Honestly speaking, I don't think that doing any video will a pack to my image as it comes to business, one has to be created. If you're feeling once, that's OK. Try If all of youse get your you get contention you after contacting customer support as they always do him you feel lost in any genuine Creating a new gig Depends on your life cells Think according to your life said I was wanting to do like search. We use goddess turns videos like I got I'm not back enough. But maybe you can do keep videos in your gigs so people can see what you are going to tell you always. So what do you want? Just remember, new and be created is like you sexists 23. How do you effectively manage buys and get good reviews on Fiverr?: by management. The unique Julie. We should be on time. People liked. After all, customer is God and be sincere, not serious. One thing which is important is that we not use sharp messages every time. Like Okay. All right, fine. Cool. Initial part of conversation. Respond with proper reply. Having a good understanding of English under my management. One thing I wish you could neutralize it if anybody is important and you matches your understanding with him that star mark that bio so you could follow up easy. Do not never use easy words like sexy flock in informal conversations. Okay, it's fiber as your company. So consider it as your office. It will help you by turning your reputation in front of your miles. As a bonus, let me tell you how to be a bookseller. When someone is messaging, you can consider yourself important, as he has my sense to you. And so be sober and show you are replying him explaining his languages, school or white informer. That's okay, because he's a customer. But we sailors need to maintain our dignity. And you are representing yourself as a 5% 24. Fiverr inbox management and using the Fiverr app to respond fast.: in this segment, I'll help you understand if active Inbox Management 100 tips five million bucks has been modified recently have added some new futures. That will make it easier for you to manage and organize omens. Now you can choose from a number of new functionalities, such as elite on David. Then what about the conversations, which are important for you? Newly barcode scanner Goat skins at the inbox Management? With this news, you won't have to waste time sitting messages as you have males. Find the message that you meet. From now on, it will be quite easier Use our application for the speedy replies. I tell you, Father app is very, very good. Tools given by fiber can be used for. Imagine if someone fire is approaching you any expenses, some other sales also. So if you masses your first, it would be easier to close the deal on your desk when moving. Now you can reply fast. Now you need to use your extras on. There are some of the tools, so start using firepower and be good in your in box management 25. How to earn big on Fiverr.: In this video, we learn about how to own big custom office, a new luxury, your stay, our offer. Additional services, which really do or can't open gate for Duplessis Phone Straight Sellout Custom feature. Askew Asset. Like defending, which you might do. I was manage your time partying me as before, opening any gig. Just think. How long does it take for you? New computer game on average Door five Game should not take more than 15 5 minutes if there is thrown off orders Sunday that you won't be able to be gigs on time. The thing is, if you're starting five from Michelle, then you can afford to give it on as most of my gigs, because our delegation So my camera. I have traveled to call these locations and always have fast Internet to deliver on time. 13 is always order. It's good to make people smile and pirates know having budget toward Iraq shells as boys entrusted. So give it free because it will only take your 105 minutes extra, but you will make him smile and you with your family. You is very excited. Make any sense. It's like feeling elephant with 26. Adding a video in front of Taj Mahal!: grillings from Arjun Rocks to Navy are a Taj Mahal amazing place On today we are going to discuss some Boehner steps and tricks. Number one. This is 100% true that adding a video can increase your reps is because let's see that you have done it. You have built a great gig for your business. You have added high quality for those violated explanations on the services and calls to action on every page. But something is missing. You will see are not going. Wording manage X are not utilizing one off the passive strategies on fiber reasons. Google guarding table websites or silence or gigs with videos. Which means if you have a video content on your gig, your gig will be ranked higher. Potential customers will be wasting potential customers. Search results will you is far more compelling than a static food. Videos give you opportunity to serial story and tell potential buyers what makes your product or so is number two Location. Mood. Now, when you are about to leave on vacation or new some time off, you can use your location more to let by us know that you're away and then we will return location More is easy to turn it on. Turn it off! So have a good time in fiber. Be happy. Happy fire! Bring God bless you. 27. "I got started after seeing someone else's gig and thinking I can do that!": Hey, folks, it's me here, Banjo man. 15 coming to you from fiber dot com. You know, a lot of people. I mean, I don't even know how to go about doing this video. I was approached by someone that asked me to tell my fiber story, and you know how I was able to to gain some some success in fiber. And, you know, I'll tell you, frankly, my experience has been that fiber is a particularly interesting beast, inasmuch as it allows me a lot of flexibility. Ah, but it also, uh, enslaves me to a daily grind because you don't you don't get weekends off, man. You know, you just work, work, work, and it's it's been quite a ride for me. I've been doing this for four years. Five years? I don't even know. Um, anyway, I'm gonna break this up into three sections past present, and let's see, I had this all figured out, um, beginning past and present, Okay. And I'll try to keep them separate if I can. I don't know that I'm gonna be able to do that because it all just blends together in my mind. One of my trepidations, I had about creating these videos was that I simply do not remember everything that I went through, and there were a lot of successes in a lot of failures I have created right now, I guess something over 7000 sales, which is sounds like a lot, right. It's nothing on fiber. I'm in a five or chat group on Facebook, and there are people in there that have done 100,000. And it's, you know, it's It's Ah, it's interesting to watch. I've seen people make $100,000 a year at fiver and they sell, Um, just the craziest services, you know, S E o services. I mean, you can get those anywhere, and it's, you know, special little back linking services. The technical field is rich four people that are willing to throw their money at it. And you know, s e O I. I've been performing s CEO for years, a z a as a sideline of my Web development company. And anyway, it just amazes me that people will do that to their websites. Um, having said that when I first got started on fiber, let me give you a little background when I first got started on fibre. This is my wife, in case you wanted to meet her. Anyway, the way I got started on five or long, long ago. Waas. I don't even know if I'm saying this correctly. Somehow, somewhere I ran across a video of a guy who was wearing these funny teeth in these little plastic teeth. You stick in. He had a he had a long hair wig on and he was acting like some kind of a yahoo redneck. And he was doing these little fibers little, uh, common Cherries for people. And, you know, I'm a actor, and I looked at that and I went Anybody can do that? Uh huh. I really said that. I said anybody could do that. That's just dumb. And then I thought to myself, Wouldn't that be fun? You know, I could do that. So, um, I had always played a preacher guy and, you know, because I love the way that preachers talk. And I love the way the TV evangelists carry on and enunciate their words for the love of Jesus, you know, and stuff like that. And while I am rather a devout Christian, I still have to tell you that these guys are funny and I make fun of them all the time. You know, they are not representative of common mainstream believers anyway. So having said that, I thought, Well, I will do a preacher video and I'll sell it old line. Maybe somebody will like it. So I created created a couple of those. They were really awful. And but somehow, somewhere resonated with the fiber community. The buyers back then fiber was not well known. Not well known it'll and so my first venture waas preacher dude. And I got started on that. And I'm gonna jump over here. I'm sitting in front of my computer. As you might gather, I'm gonna jump over here and look at my gigs. I could I could almost could tell you the age of each one. I started doing the preacher dude first, and then I thought, you know, I am. You know, I'm talented in a lot of different ways. I I'm one of those guys that what they call a Renaissance men, they could do anything. Uh, and I can I can do just about anything. I don't do it well, but I could do a little bit of everything. So I thought, Well, I'll create some other characters. So I created the hillbilly banjo guy. I just love him. He's funny. I created a, uh, a cowboy, a Western singing cowboy. And because I'm a musician, I can play guitar. I play banjo and I seeing fairly well. And then I thought, Well, what else do I do? See this? This is the key to fiver. Success is what do I do? Well, and I'm willing to do it for somebody else. Right? Okay. Now eso So I play an actor, You know, I'd be the preacher guy plea. I act as banjo man and the cowboy. Those guys use musical instruments. And then I thought, Well, what else do I do? Well, I could do Ah, real life testimonial. And then I started looking through Fiber fiber was growing every day growing, growing, growing. Now Oh, my gosh. What are their four million offers on Fiverr? Something like that. Four million. And you know, getting lost is easy to do. You get lost in the mix and nobody finds you. I became a top seller. No becoming a top seller is another way to be really successful. Fast. Faster. Um, I don't know how I became top seller. I don't I think that I was at five or so early that they moved me up to top seller because they didn't really have anybody else. Uh huh. I guess that's what happened. I don't know. Um, then I started thinking about Well, what else can I do? And I was going through all the other categories that fiber had. It wasn't laid out like it is today. It wasn't the top quality site that it is today. I mean, fiber has really invested a lot of money into their platform, and it is very slick now, compared toa it waas. And you know, I don't always like the changes, you know, because I get set in my ways. I got a habit of how I crank this stuff out every day, but they have done their wealth. So I started looking through all of the different offers that were made out there. And I thought to myself these air, my talents column a these or what people are doing on fiber column B. Which one of these can I match to this and make it fun for myself so they don't end up regretting having to go to work everyday. If you don't like what you're doing, even if you're good at it, you will regret going toe work every day. And I don't want that, you know. Look, I'm in my retirement years, so for me, this is not my main steak. Think, Thank God. Really? Because there's not enough money in it to support a family for me. Maybe for somebody else somewhere else. But where I live, the cost of living is so high. Uh, you would scarcely be able to support yourself on what I make anyway, So I looked at the other things. Um, I'm a writer. Okay? I've written a lot all my life, and I'm fairly good at it. And so I thought, like, and write scripts for for short animations or for live testimonials. And so I offered that, um, let's see, what else? Uh, articles. I write articles for people. If you want something written about a particular topic, I can write about, you know? And if I don't know about it already. I know a lot of stuff. I'm an old guy. Um, if I don't know about it, I'll look it up. I could do the research and real smart. And so that has helped me a lot, just using that particular gift that I have. And we all have different gifts. Every one of us. I like I said, I did the testimonials. And then one day I was thinking about my dad. My dad was it was a really good poet, and I thought I could write poetry. I offer poetry. You know who else offers poetry? Not a lot of people. And then I got fascinated with video creation animations, and I found some animation products online that, uh, help me to create animations for other people. And, you know, frankly, I love making him. It is it's It's a great way to spend my time. Oh, here's another one. Another acting a bit that I do is Dr Einstein. You know, I have a wig and the mustache and all that, and I I speak Lizzy, join an accent, you know, or whatever it is. And, um, I love you know, I love portraying Dr Einstein. It's nuts, But some people find a real good use for those kinds of videos with my guitar playing skills. I also offer a gig playing your lyrics on my music. I'll make up the music to your lyrics and up. You know, I've made some wonderful songs for people that they're very happy with. Um, I do. I offer different kinds of interview videos. So if you want to interview somebody about your goods or services, I offer that anybody can do that. It's not impossible. Ah, whiteboard videos. I bought that program a couple of those so that I could do different kinds of white board videos. And so I offer a lot of different videos. I'm looking at my screen here. What I offer. Um And then, um, I had this, huh? And then one day I'm looking at my friends on fiber and I'm watching how much money they're making creating s CEO services. And you know, if you own a website, you need S e o services. I mean, there's no way to get around it now. Google has screwed everything up for everybody. And so the competition is fierce and there's only 10 places on the first page and nobody's going to the second page. So I thought board there's a big need for S CEO. So I bought into some s CEO software, which was not particularly cheap for a $5 gig. Um, they made a significant investment and then I had to train myself on how to use it, which took forever seemed like And so I offered a different several different packages of S E O reports. I can create reports about your website and then I can create reports about you versus your competition that I can create back linking services that I can create thousands and thousands and thousands of back links to your website which theoretically increases your you're ranking right, okay, and your exposure on the Internet. So a lot of people want those services, they need him. And so I thought, Well, you know, this is a good field for me to expand my knowledge, and so not only has five have been something that I tapped into for my existing talents, but also it's been a huge learning curve for me because I have been able to explain band my horizons into new areas that I did not know about earlier. And you know or knew a little bit about and I thought, Well, I'm headed that way. So I'm always keeping my eyes open for something else and not I've got 28 gigs here that I offer things 28. Something like that. Uh, not all of them are successful. Some of them are dead weight, you know. And as soon as I figure out a way to replace them with something that's more profitable, I will probably do that. Okay, well, that is about it for the beginning segment. And, uh, I think the next one that I will be doing is about the past. And then the one after that will be about the presence. So I hope this has helped you a little bit. And, you know, there's not a lot of technical detail in these videos so far, and hopefully this is gonna work for you. And I will see you in the next video, and that will be about the past. And so see you there. Thanks. 28. "Tap into your talents first and make it enjoyable.": Hey, folks, it's me again. I wanted to talk in this second video. This is the one that I have, uh, named, uh, past. Okay, so we had beginnings, which we've done, and this is passed. And then my next video will be present. What? I wanted to talk about words. Basically 10 items, and I'm going to go through these one at a time and try to talk about what I have done. What I have learned, uh, working here, fiber. Um, first fall number one on I've mentioned this already tapped into your talent first, Uh, the reason I say that is because it's so much easier to use the talents that you already know. You have a lot of us have talents that we don't even know that we have yet. And while that sounds, you know, very highfalutin. Um, you know, I just think it's true. I think that the more you grow, the more you learn in the more talents you uncover. But having said that, uh, you know, some of us are musicians, summer, great speakers. Some are are, you know, talented electronically on the computer. Some type quickly, and you just want to do some some writing for people. Summer are very talented in a lot of lot of ways. And so I would say, Do that tap into your talents first, make it enjoyable, and then you can get through the hard times because, let me tell you, people will beat you up on fiber over $5. You know, they will try to cheat you out of your money. You gotta become smart about this and, you know, lay a policy down and stick with it. You know, you can get through this. All right, Number two. And this kind of ties into number one. Really? It's all tied together because it's one big job that you're gonna be doing all day. Number two is Try to make this fun for yourself. You know, that again taps back into your talents, talents or usually things that people enjoy doing. And, you know, I enjoy speaking. I enjoy writing. I enjoy playing my musical instruments. I enjoy acting. So all of these fell into place for me wasn't difficult. Then, as I grew in the gig field, I also I discovered that I loved, um, creating animations and then I Then I started doing camera work on screen with screen cast software, and it just expanded into a lot of a lot of different things. And so make it fun for yourself. And as you discover you have mawr things to offer, Uh, and you start actually making sales, and they don't come immediately. You know, you may have to work at this for a while. Um, but make it fun for yourself, and, you know, it will grow with you as you enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, it's going nowhere. I can tell you that, Um, and that Tyson Zehr number three, using fiber as a growth tool. You want to grow your business on Fiverr? Um, you're not gonna be able to I don't think I wasn't able to walk in immediately. And then suddenly you have a 30 gig store that you're selling all kinds of stuff out of. You know, some people only want to be writers. Some people on Lee want to be, uh, testimonial performers. Some people on Lee want to do advertisements online. Some people on Lee, you know what? I'm you know where I'm going with this, right? They want to focus in one field. It's great. Nothing wrong with that. You may find if you only have one or two gigs out there that you're limiting your exposure on fiber. Remember, there's three or four million offers out their own fiber right now. That's a lot of competition. And so what you want to do is to offer your talents, make it fun for yourself and then grow your business as you can. And don't force this on yourself as you oh, are able as you can. You'll want to look at um, for example, say somebody just wants to, right? They don't want to do anything else. Well, first of all, you're going right. You're going to say, Well, I will offer a a, uh, writing for your advertisement or something like that. And then you'll say later on, after you've had some time to look at it, you say, Well, I'll offer writing for short stories and then you can go on from there. I hope you understand that, uh, number four number four is set up the gig and away that saves you steps and time. This is incredibly important at a $5 level. Uh, some people are starting. And now I guess it $10. Um, but but, you know, back when we first started on, even today there are $5. You got to start in a $5 level. It is the gateway into fiber eso where I live. The cost of living is very high, and it is extremely impossible toe live on the $4 that you're going to get from a $5 gig. Uh, if you do one of those today, you're gonna it's gonna be really hard. It'll be fun, but it won't be. Won't be profitable. Uh, Onley if you save time and you can do a $4 gig in just a few minutes. So there are a lot of tools and fiber that help you save time, such as the responses you can have these responses pre made. I use them a lot if somebody says, Hey, I'm interested in your gig. I have a quick response for that. I just click a couple of buttons. Boom. I'm going on to the next email. Um, I have a form that I use That's about four pages, five pages long, and it's got all sorts of responses that I just copy and paste. And that saves me an incredible amount of time. Because I don't have to, you know, take the time to contact each person on create a letter for them. Uh, there are lots and lots of tools that you can use. A fiber fibers come a long way. They have really streamlined the system for everybody. Um, didn't used to be that way a few years ago. Developed odd number five developed a re, uh, develop a routine work schedule. This is what I I love this. I wake up in the morning, I come down, grab a cup of coffee and go straight to work on the computer. Um, I work steadfastly until probably around lunchtime. I make sure that I get all my work done by them. It's not a full day for me. I don't have a full day work schedule at fiber, and you know that that would probably just wear me out. Um, I have had full day work schedules, a fiber that, you know, the work comes and goes. You don't really know what you're going to be doing one day to the next and so 1/2 day work scheduled. It's great for me, but I like to work through till lunchtime, get all my work caught up, and then the rest of the day is mine. But a reasonable, uh, routine is important for me because it allows me to No, that I've got somewhere to be something to do and I've got to do it. You know, I've got my schedule. I set most of my I set most of my gigs up for a four day delivery, and that gives me time to get the other work done. That's in the queue ahead of them. And if if it were all done in one day, I don't think I could catch up but spreading it out over four, 345 days. Sometimes I deliver early. It works for me. Well, I think you'll you'll enjoy that, too. If you want to deliver early on the third day, your fun. It's no big deal that gives you time to maybe take a day off. Sometimes I'll catch up all my work that's due on a Thursday, and then I'll take that Thursday off and I'll, you know, go have some fun somewhere or leave town or whatever it. That's a smart thing to do, I think, um, now we talked about using the fiber tools such as responses, and there's all sorts of tools on Fiverr. I can't even go into a mall, but they are really there to be taken advantage of. They've done a good job with this. Um, now number eight give every day your best efforts. This is this is important. Um, people, my friends talked to me and they go, you know, why are you working for $5 or why are you working for Ford? $4. It's $4 because fiber gets 20%. And, uh, you know, the answer is because it works for me. It fits my schedule if it's my lifestyle. And in that regard, I give it my best because I want those people to come back or to tell someone else or for a video, for example, to go viral. You know that that helps the customer, and if the customers happy, then he will come back to me. I have a lot of repeat buyers, and it is it's a wonderful, uh, it's a wonderful realization to understand that people really like what you're doing. And, you know, why wouldn't anybody like what you're doing for $5 right? But many times I charge them 50 or $100 they still come back. So it's not always the $5 that you're doing. That's the gateway to hopefully get in somebody's repeat business. So always give your best effort. If you can give your best effort than you know, maybe you should rethink the whole fiver thing because it's not for a mindset of, well, it's only $5. I'm only gonna put in $5 worth. No, you're gonna put in $100 worth. I'm sorry. It's just we it works. Number nine always mentioned your other offerings. I use this all the time. Whenever I deliver a order. I always includes a include a letter that refers them back to my other gigs that I have and you know, it doesn't refer to them all. It just says, you know, I also provide animations, writings, acting, you know, whatever is on that letter I don't have in front of me. Um and here's my, uh, address, and it's, you know, www fiber dot com slash banjo man 15. And I always put that link on there so they can go over. And when they go there, they don't just see my mug. They see all of my gigs. And so that lets them know that G this guy does mawr. Maybe we'll order him for something else. And that's where the growth comes in. You know, you've done your writing Poland just videos, for example. Now you're also offering for short stories for advertisements for poetry, whatever you're also you know, ba boom ba ba ba boom. It's expanding. That's where the growth comes in. And that's where the link back to your user page is so helpful. It all works together anyway. Number 10. Um, now this is part of number nine as well. Number 10 says offer Giggs that can be bundled if possible. Okay, that has everything to do with what we've been talking about all along. Using fibres, a growth tool. What I did is I had my original hillbilly thing, right, preacher thing, whatever that was. I was doing preacher videos and I realized during that that people were saying, Well, I want to get the video, but I need a script written. Hello? I can write that script for you, you know, for $5. And so now all of a sudden, I got a $10 gig. Uh, well, G you know, I need somebody to add in some animation. Hello? I do animation, you know, And what happens is I bundle these packages together by telling them. Oh, you know, I can do this in this In this now, five are also has come out with a bundling service where they bundle three or four gigs to get three gigs together for you, and you can get the you can offer, you know, the basic or the platinum with gold level, or whatever it is. I'm not even sure how to use that myself. I have not started using that. I've seen other people do it with varied success, and, uh, I'm sure that I will figure it out soon. That just came out a couple of months ago, I guess. Um, but, uh, that's all 10 of my suggestions for this video. I could probably go on and on, and I'm sure I will, in the next video, which will be the present and what I'll do is, I'll go over with you guys what I am doing now to earn money on Fiverr what I think fiber is capable of for me and for you as well. And hopefully I can help you too, you know, understand a little more about what it takes to be successful in fiber. Not that I'm any big success, I'll tell you. First of all, I don't earn enough money. Like I said earlier, I don't earn enough money to support myself around here because it's very expensive to live here. But, uh, if I earned what I earned now in a different country, perhaps a different location, I could probably be a very, very prosperous person in that area. I don't know. All I know is that $5 here doesn't go very far, But in some places it goes a long way. Anyway, That's my 10 tips, and I'll be back with the next video very soon. And thanks for watching 29. "What is working for me today on Fiverr. The tips I use running my business.": Hey, folks, it's me again. I wanted to finish up our video. Siri's, um, let me pull up. Oh, here it is. First of all, this is called Is the 3rd 1 The third video. It's called the Present. And what I mean by the present is the These are some of the tips that I use right now and running my little business. And, you know, everybody's different. Every form of gig on Fiverr is different. Every seller delivers them differently. I'm just hoping that maybe you can take a tip away from all this to help you with your business. Okay, having said that, um, I I have like like I mentioned before, I have 28 or something different gigs. Some of them are, you know, active. And some of them are just losers. And they don't do anything for me, and I'll probably throw them. Probably deleted one day when I come up with something, that's, ah better idea. But most every one of them is derived from my strengths, my talent, right or something that I just plain wanted to try because it was a learning experience for me, and so I've been able to grow myself. And that's I think that, for me is the real benefit fiber. To me, it's not necessarily work. I look forward to doing it every day. And like I said, it's seven days a week, Man, if you want, stay up with the work. You know, some days you only have one order. Some days you'll have no orders. Some days you'll have 10 orders. You know, who knows, anyway, So for me, it's been it's been a pretty, uh, exciting, I guess. You know, fun. Frustrating. Horrible. Yeah, it's been all those. Anyway, I'm gonna give you about 15 items here and forgive my dress. I've been out working in the yard. Uh, number one is handling your orders. The way that I have found that one of the tricks for handling orders is to look at the order from the buyer's perspective. All right. Not been on fiber for a couple of years, obviously. So I've had a lot of experience at this, but what I mean from that is consider the buyer. He may be placing his very first order on fiber with you and doesn't know what the heck he's doing. There are a lot of people out there that simply do not know how fiver works, and so you have to be really patient with them. I have had orders that were so goofy and so poorly written in English that I had to actually spend a lot of time interpreting what they were trying to say, writing back to them and saying, Is this what you're trying to say? Because I don't understand you? And so when it comes to handling your orders, you need to make sure that you do it with a certain, um, tacked in finesse. You don't want to be Kurt and matter of fact with people they're looking for a friendly, ah, voice on the other end. I hope this makes sense. Um, second thing, I want to talk about his rejections. Every fiber seller knows about rejections. Um, I myself, I'm very sensitive, and for me to get a rejection is a personal insult, you know? I mean, it's almost that bad for me. Uh, my suggestion, of course, is that handling rejections is really important because you can either make a lifelong enemy or you can make a lifelong friend just by the way, you handled the rejection and, you know, or modification, Let's call it that revision. A lot of people, I've always considered about 5% of the population of the planet to be totally insane. And a lot of those people find their way to fiber. Okay, just the way. Thanks. And, uh, they they are troublemakers. And no matter what you do for them, they're angry. They're upset, they're ticked off at the world. And you just happen to be in their way that day. And so you know what I tell you? I just kiss upto is best. I can, um you know, I try to say it is nicely as possible. I always, always, always stick to my principles and my policies, but I say it in a way. That is his kind Aziz possible. You know, I say things like, Oh, I see that you're oh, it appears as though you're upset. I did one today. Uh, the guy was very upset and I said, I said, G, it looks like you're upset. I'm sorry if I have offended you, but here's what I can do. Bubble up. And the guy wrote back and he was all over himself apologizing, he says, Oh, I didn't mean to be such a mean person. I should be horsewhipped. Yes, what he said. And he said, I'm sorry. I'm a lawyer and I just right crudely and matter of fact and that kind of thing. So on I've gotten, you know, many of those were people call back right back and they apologise that that they came across that way because most people are looking for a fight when they do that. And if you get into that fight, you're only going to exacerbate the problem. Okay, that's a rejections. Always be the nice guy, but always stick to your principles. I have a one revision policy. That's my policy. You know, I write it down on all of the offers. If you look at my offers one free modification, no refunds. I say that on everything. Because frankly, you can spend your life in the modification era. People will drag you through it. Oh, could you comb your hair a different way? Could you change that stuff behind you? Could you write and put a period right here? You know? Come on, man. You get one free modification for $5. Right? Move along. I got another one to do. Any. Any way that you can see. I get very frustrated about that. Uh, number three conflicts when you have a conflict. Like I was saying earlier. Always apologize. Always say, Oh, GM says sorry. Come across. Uh, like, you know, it's all your fault. Even though it may not be, it's all your fault and then explain to them what they did wrong. Uh, very often it is the buyer. Yes, yes, yes, it is the buyer. We all know that because they don't know what they're doing. I mean, we do this all day long or, you know, maybe an hour, a day or whatever, and they are just jumping online, trying to find something cheap. Ah, and so we just make it easy for, um, easy for ourselves. Conflicts are bound to arise if you, um, find that the person is being unreasonable. Um, contact fiber support. They will help you through it most often. Now they will give you the canned response. Right. Uh oh. See if you can work with the buyer. Blah, blah, blah. I've gotten 1000 of those on. Those are pretty much worthless because you pretty much done that by the time you got there . Five or support. But if you keep documenting everything in your conversations back and forth with the buyer five or support will have a record of everything you all have talked about. Then they can see that the buyer is being a little crazy and they could be crazy. You know, it's not just you don't think it's just you anyway. Conflicts will arise. Try to use a little, a little patience and a little tact and five or support and you'll get through it. And remember, always stick to your policies. Have a policy in place. Um, number four pre written responses. Yea, I love these. I used to have these on a sheet of paper. Ah, docket word, Doc. Right? And I copy him off and paste him in the response and send it out to the buyer. But now they're all pre written responses, and I just have him written in there, and I just select the one I want. It's ah, a time saver, and it can help you to stick to your policy rather than trying to handle each buyer as a special case. They're not all special. You know, They're just buyers looking for information, trying to figure this fiver thing out, and it can be very complicated. Okay, so use the pre written responses. You can look through mine. Uh, well, I guess you don't have access to mind, but there are a lot of that you should always have, you know, like, uh, thanks for your order. I'll be responding shortly. That's that's a pre pre thing pre written response. You can click that. Send that to the buyer than the bar goes. Oh, I got a response. It's almost like having a auto responder, which is a good idea. Fiber should think about that. But the responses are a big advantage. Take advantage of that number five time off work. Yea. Fiber does not give you any time off work. It's a seven day, 24 hour a day job. I work on my computer, but because I'm also ah, Web designer and a you know, I do other stuff for people I do s CEO, blah blah, blah. So I'm on my computer a lot, and so fiber is like there, you know, all the time because there's a window open. And even though I may not have work to do, uh, I'm still at my computer. Number five is taking time off work, right? Okay, here's Here's what you can do. There is a vacation mode in fiber that allows you to take a vacation because I'm a top rated cellar. I've got that top seller rating, whatever that is. I don't know if it's the same for beginners or not, but we can now do to fibers. New policy is we can take use that vacation mode as long as we want. I didn't know that up until last month, I had been taking my vacation time in little bits because what the vacation mode does, as you may know, is it just pauses all your gigs until you come back. And it used to be that you could only put it in for, you know, 30 days per year. That was it. And now I understand you can go indefinitely. You don't want to go indefinitely because it may affect your ranking in the fiber engine. Uh, obviously, since we don't do advertising on fiber, our ranking depends upon our their algorithm. You know your your your rating level 12 or three. Your activity. How busy you are. Your response time to your buyer. There's a whole lot of things that go into that algorithm taking time off work. Uh, pause is your gig and hurts your statistics. From what I understand, I could be wrong. As's far as getting your ranking up and being visible to the buyer when they search for your category. Okay, so I try to take no more off than, ah, week at a time. And I tried to do that, as you know, is seldom is possible Now, some people like to take weekends off every weekend. They want to take off. I don't know how to do that, except that you have to really get all of your orders out on Friday night. And, you know, frankly, I'm not sure I want to work that hard. If I've got, you know, several gigs that they're going to take me three days to do. I don't know that I want to do them all in one day, so I work on the weekends. You know, if I have a gig in the queue now, here's another tip that you probably don't know when people look at your gig offerings. There is a little piece of information on that screen, and it says four gigs and the Q right to gigs in the queue. 200 gigs in the queue. Whatever it ISS, um, I think they still have that feature. If you don't have any gigs in the queue, it looks like nobody's buying your stuff. So if you've got now, this is complicated. If you've got a four day Q and you've got four gigs to do, yes, you could do them all in one day and then you're your information would show that you have an empty queue for the next three days. Buyer's coming to your gig offering. We'll see that on the second day on the first day, they a while he's got four gigs in the queue. He must be popular on the second day. If you've done them all, they go well, This guy, he's not popular at all. He has no gigs. So what I do if I've got four gigs and my clock is set up appropriately, the purchase times were set up appropriately, I will do one per day, even though I could do them all and one day because I want orders. I want that statistic to show that I am a busy, busy person. People like to work with busy people that shows success. So keep that. I don't know if you'll ever hear that anywhere else. Okay, Um, number six answering messages. I like to answer my messages right now, and that's one of the reasons like that. While I'm at work doing my other job, I like to keep my fiber window open so I can see if anybody's trying to reach me if they try to reach me. And they asked me a question. I respond right now because there's nothing better at fiber than getting somebody to respond. Right now, it makes it seem like, Wow, this guy's at work. He's doing his job. I know I can depend on him. Otherwise, if they sit there for six hours, they've already sent it off to five other people as well as you know, there, four million people doing this on Fiverr. So so respond as fast as you can. Always answer politely, thank them for their interest. Um, and the signature I love the signature. Um, I have one of my pre made responses. Is my signature Banjo man 15. Offering you the best and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah Bubble blind. He goes, You know it. It just goes over my resume a little bit. Talks about my education and my experience on fiber. How maney sales. I've made that kind of thing, you know? And then it almost doesn't matter what you say. And that signature. As long as you have the signature. The You know, the post comment after your message to them, so use that. That's really important. 30. "How to protect your income on Fiverr.": number seven protecting your income, Uh, PayPal and passwords. And this is important. Several times in my experience in fiber, I have run into people who have had their accounts wiped out by thieves that somehow I don't know how this happened. But somehow the thieves got wind of their password into their PayPal account. Now, you know, they could be just blaming it on Fiverr. They could just be blaming it on their buyers. It could be African live, for all I know, but what I did, I found I thought about it and I said, You know, I keep my, uh you know, my money. My money goes from fiber to pay, pal, right then from PayPal into my bank account. And so it's a little holding place. I don't keep much in there, you know, maybe a couple of dollars. But the important thing is that you set up a papal account that is not tied to your e mail that you would be using in fiber or that anybody can trace you back and find your email address. Okay. Use a separate one for PayPal. Don't ever tell anybody what that papal address is. Much less much less what your passwords are. A lot of people something. Some of the theft has been tied. Teoh e mail. The people somehow got the seller to e mail them rather than go through the five or portal never e mailed directly. Never is against terms of service. First of all, secondly, terms of service are there for your protection. I know this to be true. Okay? We used to think that it was fivers way of keeping us under control so that we wouldn't buy and sell outside of fiber. Yeah, that's probably part of it. But now I realize the value of going directly through the fiber portal. Very important. Fiber has ways of finding out who the crooks are sometimes and they will. This is wonderful. What they'll do is they'll contact me. I had time, and they'll say we've seen some trouble on this account. So we're cut closing this account before I even do the work now taking the order. I haven't gotten the money because I haven't done the work yet, but they'll give me a heads up. They'll shut his account down and tell me to stop what I'm doing. That is really so wonderful. And so anyway, Okay, The big tip Protect your income. Separate PayPal account. Ah, separate email account if you can. Don't use your same, uh, moniker. You know, your on line name. Don't use that if that's what you go buy elsewhere. And, um, you know, just be smart about it. Think before you do. Uh huh. I don't know if that helps at all. Number eight is tied to this. Your personal identity. Never. Never, never, never, never. Never use your real name, uh, or your real hometown when you're doing videos or anything that would put that would portray your identity across to the Internet. Now, I use my real name is Chuck, and I use that when I am dealing with buyers. Okay, because this just that's my name. I use it, Chuck. But when I create a video and I have to do a testimonial or a product endorsement or something like that, which I do sometimes I don't use my real name. I use George, and, uh, it's important for a couple of reasons. One as I don't want some stranger who have never dealt with that lives in Arizona somewhere to track my name Dana on somehow, And then call me up on the phone and I've had him do that. Let me tell you is there's nothing mawr disturbing. Then have a total stranger say that. Hey, we saw your video online where you were endorsing a deodorant, and we would like to call you on the phone or if they've even called me on the phone. Yeah. We wanted to talk to you about that. Oh, we want This happened one time a guy called me up. Mrs. Hey, we wanted to talk to you about this. Uh uh, Was it an RV dealer or something like that To see if he's really legit? We're about to buy an RV from him. And I went What? I didn't even remember doing the video. And I thought, Oh, this is weird because I never use my real name. Somehow they caught tracked me down. Don't do that. Always be. Always use an alias. Don't ever use your real name. I hope that makes sense. Okay. Uh, number 95 or support? Can't say enough good things about these guys. They don't always do what I want, but they're always doing something. And, you know, I I'm the last person in the world that will tell you that I know everything about how fiber should be run. These guys were looking at it from a much higher position. They're looking at the big picture. I'm just trying to run my little script writing and guitar playing gig, you know? Look at me, Andi. I have problems with sometimes their policies. I do. I do. And, uh, but, you know, in the long run, I think it always works. Be nice to them. Don't tried to push a fiber support agent around. You will live to regret it. They are there to help you. Um, you know, that makes sense, doesn't you? Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Number 10 email, phone calls and direct payments. Oh, gosh. I think we've gone over this Never, ever, ever give anybody your email address. If it's fiber related, don't do it. Phone calls. Do not ever accept a phone call if it has anything to do with a fiber gig. Okay. Don't give me your phone number. Don't do it. Um uh, Let's see what else? Um, direct payments don't accept direct payments. now email, phone calls and direct payments are all against fibers, terms of service. And there's reasons for all that. It may seem like a good idea at the time. It's not a good idea. Now I do exceed the fiber. 150 gig, 150 megabyte limit. Whatever it is, it's this too small whatever it ISS for sending video files back to the buyer. And so I will have to use Dropbox for that. And that is a problem that has been in existence at fiver since day one s. So you have to figure out a work around on that, and fiber support knows that they know it on. It's just one of those things. Um, See, I was thinking about some I'll think of it. Number 11 idiots. That that that, uh, there are so many idiots out there. 5% of the world is absolutely insane and should be locked up. Okay, we know that, uh, the then there's another 20 or 50%. That's absolute idiots. They will cause you a lot of trouble. And we've talked about these guys already. Just be nice. Be nice. I know it's gonna hurt you to be nice. It hurts me. And, um, there are people that will will get on your last nerve. Right, And they will push you to the limit. Um, be responsive, be polite and always, always stick to your policy. If you start coming off your policy, you're gonna end up either having a brand new policy tomorrow, or you're gonna regret it somehow. And, yeah, policies change. You know, you may find that your policies I will never respond within 24 hours, and then you may find out. Well, you know, maybe I will respond, You know, in 30 minutes, You know, those things can change its from your experience over the years of being a fiber. Anyway, idiots here, they drive me crazy, but God bless her little heads. Uh, number 12 ratings tips for keeping a five star rating. All right, When somebody and this is this is kind of complicated. So I'm gonna try to explain this from my perspective. Ratings are everything at fiver. If you keep a five star rating, your stats are better for being found quicker. Okay, Simple. If you're, uh, buyer is giving you a hard time. Well, let me go back. When I send my order to a buyer, I write a letter to them. It's a short letter and it doesn't talk about Hey, I gave you your order, O G. I hope you like it. Blah, blah, blah, right? Well, that's all important. But what's Mawr important to me? They get the order. They know they got the order. That's not that's not what I need to write about. What I need to write about is how I want them to respond to that order. And I tell him exactly what to do. Uh, you know, thank you for your order number one. Protect your five star buyer rating. Now. Buyers were being rated at fibre and fibre. From what I understand, I could be wrong, But I understand that fiber is in the process and has been for years of trying to figure out trying how to rate the buyers so that the buyers will have an advantage over other buyers. Okay, I don't know how that's gonna play out, but what I have done is when I sent a letter back to the buyer, I tell the buyer, Protect your five star rating and these are the benefits that you're going to get with a five star rating, you know, discounts, free items, free promotional items from fiber, you know, stuff like that. And then I tell them that they will not be able to enjoy any of those bonuses with less than a five star rating. And the big kicker is that they're rating of me is tied to my rating of them so that they know I'm not trying to be, you know, devious about this. But I am telling him on in no uncertain terms that they're rating of May determines my rating of them. I get to rate last. So if they, uh, send me a two star review instead of five, then I'm going to give them a one star review, and they know this right up front. And so I don't know that it has changed a lot of things for me, but but think of the consequences if if or the ramifications. Anyway, if you are a buyer and you see that Oh, my gosh, I didn't know I could get free stuff, so I was going to give this guy 4.5 stars. simply because my principles were so high that I never give five stars to anybody. Okay, let go that crap. Mr. What I'm saying is that I want a five star rating. Give me a five star rating. I'll give you a five star rating. If you don't, I'm giving you less than you gave me. And so their motivation is that while g if I get five stars, I was going to give him 4.5. But what the heck, I'll give him five. Just to keep my rating higher. Everybody needs to be motivated. I think that this is a great way to motivate people not worked on that for years. Trying to perfect that system. I think that it will pay off, uh, wonderfully for you as well. And then, you know, just that's a policy. Now, that's your new policy. Stick to it. Okay. Um, number 13 response time. I think we talked about that already. Respond to a first contact as quickly as possible. You see the little clock that's beside the message on the fiber portal. That clock means something you're being You're being watched fibers watching you, so try to respond quickly. Um, don't 14. Here's a good 1 14 Do not look at other people's success. There are friends of mine, um, at fiber who make ah $100,000 a year selling a little tiny $5 gigs. How is that even possible? Every time I hear from, uh, these people, um, it just it just irritates the living crap out of me, you know? I mean, I don't make hardly nothing compared to what that those people are making, and there are a lot of them to do it. And so it's important for me to look at myself, my talents, my gigs, my services, my quality of delivery and realize that this is for me. That's that's for those guys over there. You know, they're doing a whole different scenario that I'm doing. You know, they don't do my videos or script writing or guitar playing, and granted their market is much, much bigger than mine, but they make $100,000 a year. I am stunned when I see those kinds of figures because it's it. I don't even know what $100,000 looks like eso anyway, that is 14 tips on the present now two or three of these that I gave you You simply will not find anywhere else. They're my inventions, my inventions. They're my creations. As's faras How I run my business. Um, your business. Remember this. This is so important. Your business is your business. Don't let other people tell you how to run your business. Um, that's what being self employed is all about. And I wish you the very best. And I'm sure I'll be talking to you later. All right. Bye for now. 31. Welcome to all things Fiverr with Ariel!: hello and welcome to the first video in a series of all things fiber. Now, if you are new to fiver, you may not know what it is. Fiber is a marketplace in which you can sell digital services, starting at just $5. Now that may not sound like a lot, but I should become a more successful seller, and we have. You gained a good reputation on fiber. You can definitely start selling your services for more than $5 he could make a really good income from it. There are a lot of sellers on fiber who just started out as doing. This is like a part time thing just to get some extra money who are now really successful sellers and are doing and are making their income fully from fiber. Um, there are multiple different categories that you can choose from when you are deciding on which services the cell, depending on what you're good at. So let's say that you are good at making logos. Then you can design logos for somebody's business, and so you're designed to them for starting at $5. But you can add on extras in order to make more money. Let's say that you were good at Web marketing, so you can help someone do a CEO on their website or help them send out really good emails to their email list. If you're a really good writer, you can do blawg writing for People's blog's or help someone enhance their resume. If you're an artist, you can create animations. Or also the testimonial and reviews area is a really good place to start. If you feel perhaps that you don't really have any skills, you know, like art or, um, writing that you can mark it to someone. This is really easy, which anyone can dio. So, um, let's say a business will come to you and ask you to give a testimonial about their website or their product, and you can, you know, if you have a camera, then you can pretty much do this, or if you're a singer, then you can help someone. You can write a hook or record a hook for someone song. Um, so basically, there are so many different categories, and for you to use to start making extra money, it just depends on what you're good at and what you feel comfortable doing. Also, the really good thing about fiber is that they have a great community, so they have blog's, which will help you enhance and get better and give you tips on how to become a better seller. And they also highlight other sellers who have been successful and kind of give some of their tips to help you out. So overall fiber is a great place to start making extra money or even to enhance your business, that you have already to get new customers. So hopefully the Siri's will be helpful to you. Thanks so much for watching and best of luck to you. 32. If you want to make top seller, getting started and getting to level 2 is first.: if you want to use fiber to make a business eyeliner to make money and maybe to become a top seller, a level two seller, I will now do my best to walk you through getting started all the way up to where I'm at now as a level two seller and then all you need to do to reach top sellers keep doing Mawr and Maura and Mawr at level two, and eventually they will hand pick you to be a top seller and level two. You can make a good income on Fiverr enough to supplement what you have now or to even make a full time business online. If you do enough and soon, If you're doing that, they'll pick you as a top rated seller. Now this course is one that I hope is full of practical tips. So what you're going to find here are lots of practical tips on all the questions you might have about five or the mawr of these. You actually try and apply to yourself the better results I think you'll get. I value your feedback about this course. I appreciate you watching the previous lectures with top sellers and I hope what follows is really helpful for you to become your best seller, that you can be on Fiverr or to motivate you to see if you even want to try. 33. What to make your Fiverr username?: on five or you have a user name and that is who you're known as on Fiverr. So right here My name is Duke Ace Amman fiver, which was my former Xbox name and how I used to go about presenting myself online. I made this in 2012 and I cannot change it now. So I'm suggesting I'm offering to you that if you want to make a good user name on fiber to make it from the beginning your first and last name because that is an evergreen thing you can do. And when people find you, you want them to relate to who you are. I wish I had made this into Jerry Banfield, and I would change it into Jerry Banfield if I could. All I've got now is this and you can see an example of doing it wrong. Because if someone's looks at Duke ASEM and searches for do case, um, they're not going to find out anything about me. Fiver is a great platform to build your brand online to get discovered and what is important and branding is consistency. So someone sees, do case, um, here and see Jerry Banfield, someone else, they're not likely to realize those air related at all. What you want is for anyone that comes across you to know who you are, a crossed, any method. So when they see you on fiber and they go Google your name, then they can find everything else you can do and that can help you actually convert gigs. If they see all the other things you can do, they might be more likely to buy a gig. My name Right now it's fairly useless. It doesn't communicate anything, and it makes it hard to even talk with me. So because people try and say Duke or Duca kammer And if you select your real name first and last name Alex professional and it's something you can use going forward, Thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you in selecting your user name if you haven't done it already. 34. Fiverr profile discussion and how to link to your YouTube channel.: thank you for looking at my fiver profile with me. I'll show you what I'm doing on my profile. That might be useful for you in making a profile that acts to build your success not only on Fiverr, but online with your business and anything you're doing generally. So here's my profile. It shows my user name. It shows my reviews. It shows my one line story about myself I can put here and then I've got all of these options. I can customize, too. So if I hit edit, I can control what this says and then I can add it. This story also. So what I've done here is I've gotten to this by hitting my profile on the fiver menu over here. My profile. And then I've scrolled down over to this section first to write one line description off the most valuable skills I present, and you're clear proof here. I love making screen capture tutorial videos. That's what I'm best at. And so that is exactly what I have been able to put up in this one Senate's line on fiber. It clearly shows if someone visits my profile, what they could expect me to do for them. And if something happened on you to me, I could probably go full time making screen capture tutorial videos on Fiverr. If you I want to do something like this, there's no reason you couldn't learn how to do it also, So you've got the one line description here that gives people an idea of what they should know most about you, and to me, this is the most important part of your profile, and that should be focused on what you love to do that can be useful for other people and based on what I've done here. So the next level I have here is my profile picture, which I can change here. My Level two seller, it says. And then I've got my fiver profile here. Now one really cool thing about this fiver allows you to use a very limited amount of links in the profile. So I've tried to write this profile, in fact, as sales he to did people's attention and to reach an individual who's reading it. So what I realize is there's one person who somehow is specifically found, my fiver profile. So I start off saying, Thank you for looking in my fiver profile, and then I go down here. I'm teaching a course on how to be successful on five or along with 45 other courses online . So I talk about the best of what I'm doing, using the skills that I have stated up here. I'm making screen capture tutorial videos. Here's how I'm using them and then what I hope for, I hope you find what I do for you. Helpful. That's the purpose of being here and then make a custom gig request based on anything I show I can do for your on YouTube. So I encourage people to make a custom gig request for me because then they can get whatever they want done. I realize I don't know what it is everyone needs if someone finds me in my exact set of skills that I might build a workout, a nice custom gig request for them that way, and then fiver has a specific allowed. You are out less so when you go into fiber and you learn more about managing your public profile sections, Fiver says what you can and cannot do in here, Fiver says. Do not include any personal contact information, which is why it's important to use your real name if possible, as the user name and then no personal you are. L's in here. However, if you looked at the approved girl list, which I did before this, you'll notice that these can be used. And the bottom down here is YouTube is ideal. The send people over to YouTube, if possible. So I've sent people over to YouTube because if someone's taken the time to look at my fiver profile, I want to show them my YouTube channel because to me, that gives you an idea of what I can really do. So if you've got your YouTube channel set up to demonstrate what you can do for someone on fiber, or you could set that up to then really do a good job converting gigs so you can see I've put some thought into my fiver profile, and then when I've got is something that can be a good part of the rest of my business system online. So thank you for looking at this fiver profile with me, and I hope this is helpful for you in doing your own fiber profile. 35. What kind of picture is good for a Fiverr profile?: What kind of five or profile picture is nice. I think it's nice to have something that's really down to Earth in human, and that says a lot about you. So I've got a picture of me here with my daughter in the carrier when my wife and I were going to the mall and I have this picture because it's unique in the sense of its memorable . It's different from most pictures, and then it shows Ah, lot about May beyond just my face. And that, to me, is what makes a good profile picture anywhere and at the same time, the easiest way to work on a profile. Pictures to just try some different ones. Fiber has this weird looking interface where and as it puts your picture and makes it look kind of distorted. So an easy strategy is to just try different profile photos until you find one you like. Ask your friends family. You can even post in this course. What do you think of my profile? Photo. What do you think of my profile? You can ask, See what people think, and then you can have one and stick with it when you're happy with it. I'm open to even changing mine in the future, if that's what I need to do and try a new one. But for now, I just updated my profile picture. I had kind of a generic photo of me with headphones and at the gym before, which seems to be a typical kind of profile picture most people foot in the first time. I really am a lot happier with this new profile picture, which stands out, is a lot more interesting and shows there's a lot more to me than just my face with headphones at the gym. So thanks for watching, and I hope this is useful in planning out your five or profile picture. 36. Copyright on Fiverr goes to the BUYER by DEFAULT.: early on before you've even attempted to make anything on fiber is very important to consider where the copyright goes by default. When you make something on Fiverr by default according to the five or terms and conditions , the buyer is granted full copyright to anything produced on fiber. So that means if I were to make these screen capture tutorials four clients on fiber, as the top sellers have done for me by default, I would be giving copyright to whoever bought them. And that means the top sellers, by default, gave me copyright to the videos they made for this course there, then my videos as if I made them. So when you're looking the work on Fiverr, remember that copyright thing. If you decide to do logos or videos or graphic design or write something by default, you're giving it to the buyer and then you can no longer use it. Usually the most valuable asset in my experience working online are the things I've created , and I'm thankful I've created almost everything in a context where I retained the copyright to it. So when you're thinking about what you could do on Fiverr, keep in mind the default copyright. If you're making things they're being given away now, you can according to the terms and conditions. You can set a different copy right standard specifically in the gig. For example, I can set that when I'm going to sell. If I wanted to sell screen capture tutorials on fiber, I could then set it so that I keep the copyright and then through gig extras, the buyer is allowed to use what I've created commercially. And if I am able and interested in doing gigs on Fiverr to make screen capture videos, I would absolutely set the default option toe where I retain copyright. And the buyer has toe pay additionally, to get commercial use and then pay even mawr if they want copyright on the video. So as long as you know about this getting started that if you don't say anything about copyright five or transfers the copy right over to the buyer, if you don't say anything, I think it's a great idea to try and maintain copyright to your work, just in case it turns into anything and because you can then present it as mawr valuable. You can present it out of self respect that I'm keeping copyright to my work. And you need to pay extra if you want me to transfer copyright or give you commercial use for my copyrighted products, a little detail that can make a huge difference in how much you aren't on fiber, which is why I've taken the time to share it with you right now. 37. How much have I earned on Fiverr as a level 2 seller with very little effort?: How much have I earned? Has a level two seller on Fiverr You can see right here What? My earnings are 392 total 370 of which I've used toe order gigs. And then over here I've got 20 more dollars pending clearance. So I've used all my money. I'm five or to order gigs Now The really cool thing is, I have not invested very much time and almost no money to make this. This has been a side project Fiber has never been my primary focus. And yet I've still earned $392 on fiber with good customer service ratings. That means if you're willing to go all in on Fiverr, you can likely do 10 20 100 times better than this. If you consistently put an effort every day that if you find that you like doing five or you can get some incredible results out of it, if I can get $392 on Fiverr as basically a tiny side project, I devoted a very small amount of time to you can do way better than me. I got the top sellers to talk with you in this course because on average, based on the data, I would estimate they all burned at least $10,000. So I've shared my earnings with you for full transparency on here toe let you know that I've actually made some decent money on Fiverr. I know. When I was getting started online, this seemed like a lot of money to me. I know when I made this much in a month selling T shirts, I was really excited, and I put a ton more money into selling T shirts and a ton more time and energy into selling T shirts than I did. To get this out of fiber fiber is one of the most effective ways I know of to turn your time into money online. And that's why I have a passion for teaching it and explaining everything I know and have learned about fiver so that you can do better than me. I want you have the chance to earn Double 5 10 20 100 times what I've earned on fiber, and I'm giving you the hardest part. The hardest part that most people never get through is getting too right here. When I'm showing you, if you can get to here, there's a lot farther you can go 38. About half of my sales come from top buyers on Fiverr.: What I'm showing you now are my completed orders, and I hope there's something valuable you can learn here. What you'll see and I scroll down here. You'll notice two different icons. A repeat buyer one and a five or top buyer on the other. So if they don't have a Nikon, they're not a repeat buyer or a top five or Beiber. What you'll notice scrolling down is that for those people who've bought my gig most consistently, they are top buyers and or repeat buyers that are not top buyers. So what you can see out of this is this is where the majority of sales are likely to come from, and I'm scrolling back here through several months of history. You can see repeat buyers and top buyers are about 2/3 off the gig orders. The top buyers are people that spend a lot of money and are good buyers on fiber. People just like me are the ones that have a high likelihood of buying your gig. And then the repeat buyers are the ones have already bought your gig who don't appear to be a top buyer, so they're a peat fire here that means what you want to do ultimately, is target gigs at those top buyers. You want to make gigs that top buyers notice and will by repeatedly. That's where the most money is possible because it fits into the 80 20 rule, where 80 20 explains the despair it relationship among all things like buyers, for example. So if you look at buyers on Fiverr, about 20% of buyers make around 80% of the total purchases. That means that a very limited group of buyers is the one that's paying out a majority off the sellers, and then the opposite holds true, 80% of the buyers are buying around 20% of the gigs, so that means you want to aim your gigs specifically at things. Top buyers like me are likely to purchase and top buyers like each of these other people, and that involves figuring out what is it? Top buyers are buying repeatedly, especially and what you can see you. This gig is for tweeting something to Twitter followers. You can likely estimate that the top gigs are the top buyer favorites, because the opposite works true, 20% roughly off the sellers on Fiverr are likely to be making 80% of the money, while likely the rest. 80% of the sellers are making only 20% of the money because where the top buyers and the top sellers interact, that's where the majority of money is transacted and everyone else is fighting for what's left. If you can think and work on your gigs with the understanding you want to grab those top buyers, what do the top buyers need that I can provide? What can I do to get a top buyers attention? Because once you get a top buyers attention, then you can turn them into a repeat buyer on everything else you do. I've found that for clients, one client who comes back over and over again is often worth more than 100 1 time clients. So I hope this is a helpful thing to think about from the very beginning of your journey on fiber, and you can see clear proof here in my account. Most of the purchases at least 50% or top buyers and repeat buyers, top buyers and repeat buyers are you're likely customers. Everyone else is likely to just help you make a little bit of money and you'll notice. Often the top buyers are good about leaving reviews, also because they're in the habit of working on Fiverr and, like you can see here than this one. That's not a top buyer didn't leave a review, although this top buyer didn't and this one did so five or does good With the reviews, you can expect top buyers to be your best customers and your opportunity to really do well on fiber. 39. Most frustration on Fiverr comes from poorly created or communicated gigs.: most of the frustration, wasted time, aggravation and likely negative reviews on fiber come from creating poorly thought out and executed gigs. Now what does this mean? This means things you've never done before. This means things you don't like. Doing. This means things you're not good at doing. This means things that are confusing to buyers, that they don't understand what they're getting. I'll show you some examples from what I've had in terms of canceled orders, so canceled orders and often an indication of a poor quality gig. It's better to have one or two really good gigs than it is to have 10 poorly done. Not well thought out gigs again. I made a mistake to start with. I created a lot of poorly done, not well thought out gigs that then people weren't happy with. So, for example, I have a gig here poster image for sale on 200 plus products. What I did, I took an image and put it on cafe press products. Sometimes you could only figure out if a gig is bad by trying, and I thought that seemed like a good idea. But then people didn't like that they couldn't actually have control over the sales, so I turned that gig off. It's nice, a simple solution when you make a gig people don't like, and that they cancel orders and are frustrated with is just give up on it and try another one You can Onley have so many gigs active. If you know right now that poorly created gigs are the reason why things get frustrating on fiber, then you can work to set up things in a way that works for you. So this translate any text I had was another example of a really poorly done gig because all I did copy and paste the text straight from an auto translator in Google. Translate. So obviously people weren't very happy with that same thing with created question on Yahoo answers and then answer it. Same thing was show your advertisement because these gigs were set up in a way where people would bring in a bunch of frustrations and expectations that would make the gig impossible to satisfy the customer. Your goal when you're selling, is to satisfy the customer. So if you set up a gig like this one, show your advertisement on mobile devices if you set it up in a way that people are likely to get frustrated with the results and where you don't like doing the work. I didn't like going in and making this gig because then, like here, when someone paid $35 it took, ah lot of work for me to go through. It set everything up. If their ads didn't get approved, it ended up being a nightmare. So I created something I didn't like to do that didn't pay very well, and that didn't satisfy the customer. Unfortunately, you can learn for any well from these act canceled gigs, and then you can not have fear that if you make a bad gig, you can just turn it off and move on and make another one. All you need to do is make one good gig that people really like, and you can see. Right now the orders are all for the same gig. They're all for that, either. The 90,000 Twitter followers on a 93,000. They're all for the same type of gig. So I've got one type of gig that works really well now and then. I don't need to go make a whole bunch of other gigs. I can just work this one gig consistently. So if you can avoid the biggest sources of pain and frustration on Fiverr, mainly just by being quick to edit, modify, closed down, cancel, turn off a gig that's not working. You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration that I've went through on fiber. 40. Gig sales often are slow to start and then go up for no easy to find reason.: These are my gig Sale analytics, which you can get to you go down to selling, and then you hit my gigs and then this shows may the gigs I have right here that I'm currently offering. Now what you'll see. I'll show you the stats over different periods of time. Gigs often take a while to make any sales, and then it often doesn't seem to make any sense. Why one Gigi It's ordered more than another, or why one gig gets clicked on are viewed more than another. So if you don't try and bother and understand that and you just use the data, you have to try and figure out what work you should do today. Then you can get the best return on of your five or time. If you try and understand. Well, why's this down wise this up? You don't know there's so many factors. It's almost impossible to figure out why the data's like this. So, for example, these air to almost exactly the same gigs I have now. This one gig in the last 30 days has shown 1.4000 times. This other gig has shown 700 times, so Why is it that this gig has shown so many more times than this one? I don't know. And yet this one is getting more than double the clicks. This one is and lots more views and lots more orders. Why? I don't know. Let's check last seven days. Now, if I goto last seven days, the stats are comparable. And actually, this gig is going up in this gigs dropping. Why is that happening? I don't know. I go to last three months here. Now you'll see. This gig over the last three months, which had less views now over the last three months, actually has many more views than this gig. So these air both almost the same gig worded slightly differently. So again, last 30 days, 1.4 k only 700 here. This one has twice as many. And yet when I go last three once this one as almost 50% more and yet it has way less orders, I have no idea why. All I can see is that these gigs are both getting orders. They're both getting a good amount of clicks and sales proportionately, and that these gigs air in a popular category. The Tweet. Your Link is a popular category in terms of impressions, so I know that these gigs are both in a good area. I know I've delivered enough that this is an easy thing to do. Just copy and paste. It's easy to make buyers happy. There's concrete proof for results, and if I go over the last six months, then it just gets more confusing. This gig didn't get hardly any orders over six months. This one got six. But it's down. It's got more views. This one's converting better. I don't know exactly what's going on with these gigs. What I do know is that they're getting some orders, they're getting some sales and that the more time and attention I put into my work on fiber , the more I can look at these gigs and try and test out different things and see if it has any impact on the results. I get that I could even create another gig if I wanted to of a similar nature. If I can look at the differences between these two gigs, I might have the chance to figure out what's working best. I also might not So if your gig takes a while to get some sales, these gigs both took a while to get any sales, and then you can see this one. Now, over the last six months, it got more orders to start with. But now this one's getting MAWR orders. So if I go last 30 days, you can see five of the six orders are from this one gig or five of the 10 half the orders air in the last 30 days on this gig. So sometimes it just takes a while to get rolling. Some of the other top seller said that they went from nothing nothing, nothing toe one or two orders to all of the sudden, like 20 or 30 in a week. So if you just do your best work and work on promoting your gig, I'll give you some tips on that. At some point, your orders will come in, and then the more you do good on the orders you get, the more you're likely to get even more orders 41. How and why I choose to pause a Fiverr gig.: Here's how and why to turn off a fiver gig. When you're in your gigs, you can see the different results you're getting on a fiver gig. Now. If people aren't placing orders on your gig, it's either because people aren't finding it or because people don't need it or don't want it. However you want to put it, there's no point offering gigs that people aren't wanting or aren't buying. And also, if you're getting messages related to your gigs like I just got a message related to this fiver feedback gig, someone said, How much feedback are you going to give me on my gig? And that's a good indication that someone's genuinely interested in looking at it. And yet, at the same time, it also shows that this might not be, ah, good gig for me to offer, because I'm likely to disappoint people with my feedback on their gig. It's likely to be very hard on some people's gigs to give effective feedback. So in this case, it's a gig that puts me at risk of having orders people don't like. It's a gig that puts me in a position to use up one of the gigs that I could make something better on. It's a gig that seems to be mostly a waste of time, and that is likely to result in a problem based on the messages I've got so far. So the logical thing to do is just to pause that gig. So I'll have to do sit this little arrow and I hit Pause. Now. You also could just edit the gig in line with the question I could say, Okay, I'll do a better job explaining in the gig what kind of feedback I will dio. Still, if someone sending a message and asking a question about your gig like what kind of feedback you're going to give on it? And if your messages you're getting are indicating severe problems with your gig in the sense of, maybe you don't even want to do that at all, then the logical thing to do is just posit. It's better to just give up on a gig that you don't really want to do what you don't have that much passion about it. You're not that good at or that people don't want, so you can focus on making gigs that are really good gigs that people are looking at and clicking on and viewing and ordering because you can see this one gig is getting the majority of my orders right now. So this gig also presents the opportunity to do even better than it is already. So I want to not waste time on gigs that are bad and that I don't want to do and the gigs that I'm doing good on. I want to make sure I can have the time and energy to make them even better. 42. Learn from the competition and do not compete.: the people that you could say are competing with your gig. The other sellers on fiber can provide a lot of help for you in terms of what to do on your gig to get sales at the same time. If you get bogged down with their competitors too much, you're likely to do worse. You're likely to copy the bad things your competitors are doing, and you're likely to obsess over where you're showing up in the search results. If you're doing things like looking in an incognito window, trying to figure out where your gig stacks up against other gigs, you can spend a lot of time obsessing over things you can't control. So what is helpful that you can learn from your competition? You can often learn by looking through the recommended and the high rating links. Based on your search result, you can learn what it is based on the reviews, especially, you see, like up here. The reviews. You can figure out what it is people want to buy. Are they buying gigs like you can see this an S e o gig? The people bought a lot. This is a resume one S E O Block comments. Here's a Twitter one similar to mine. I can see. What is it People are buying related to what I do, and that's very helpful to know what is it? I'm likely to get someone to buy, probably something similar to what someone else is doing. And yet there are problems with trying to just copy what other people are doing, because sometimes people that you see that are doing well are also doing things wrong. And if you just try and copy them exactly, you'll copy the right and the wrong. And ultimately, what you need is a gig that maximizes the good you can do for someone else, and the good you can do is likely very specific. So, for example, I learned looking at my competitors that people were often specifying what the audience was like in the gig title. So if I do something like Tweet your link toe entree preneurs, which can be difficult for me to spell, sometimes I can now see my gig showing up right here in the recommended gigs, and then I can guess how people are finding my gig so you'll notice that compared to some of the gigs with higher ratings. It might not stand out that much now. Someone has wanted a link specifically out to entrepreneurs. Then they will see that my gig, when they click on it, is what they want. You'll notice I will tweet your gig to the 90,000 Twitter followers. You can see I've built my gig title based off of what I saw other people doing now. At the same time, though, I can easily get obsessed with something like this and start saying, Well, why am I not the top rated gig? I don't know why I'm not the top pretty gig. I don't control what fiber does to make me the top rated gig. If I click over a high rating, you'll notice it actually goes lower than it wasn't a recommended. I don't know why I'm writing right there. You can waste a ton of time and energy doing ah, fairly meaningless task, like searching for your own gig keywords and trying to figure out where your ranking you can't control. That what you can control is what your gig says. When you go click on your gig, you can control what your gig says so you can optimize your gig. You conduce a good job for each buyer you have, and the more you do good, your gig will get to rank higher. This has been something I've dealt with a lot with my you to meet. Courses sat there, obsessing over where I'm ranking now. I don't worry about where I'm ranking. What I do is do the most good I can for you right here in the course, because if I know I help you, then you will help me through what you do in the course. Rather is just watching videos. Or rather, it's leaving a review or its sharing comments. Or it's telling a friend about the course, whatever it is. I know if I do my best and focus on doing my best for you, that I will then get what I need in return. So same thing on five or your competitors can help you. You can look at their gigs. You can see what they're doing, right, And yet, if you obsess over your competition, obsess over where you're placing your waste a lot of time without getting anything out of it. I know because I've done it a lot. Not as much on fiber. I've done it a lot on you to me. And I had to stop doing it to save time. So I'm hoping this tips helpful for you to 43. Every buyer or potential buyer is important!: every message on Fiverr is important. It gets easy to try and judge the messages you get as they come in. And to try and say, Well, this one's important with that one's not. I try and accept Every message is equally important. That's why you can see I have no unready conversations on Fiverr. I have read every single message, and I've responded to 75% of the messages I have received in the last 30 days. My average response time is an hour, so that gives you a good indication off the value of working and consistently responding to messages. Rather, you're a buyer or seller. Communication is critical, and if you are just getting a new gig up or you're trying to take it to the next level, the messages are where the gold at most every order I've just made the more than 500 I've spent to get this course produced all started through messages. Some of your best buyers will reach you through messages, and sometimes people can help you avoid something bad through a message. The worst mistakes I've made on fibers a buyer have not been messaging people before buying their gig. So that means if you're a seller, responding and reading your messages in a timely manner is critical and every single message is important, especially when you're getting started. You might think if you haven't done a lot on fiber, that one message is not that important. And this is where most sellers I would imagine Mr Opportunity to get started. You make a fiver account, then you don't check it for a while. You get a message you ignore, you get another message, you ignore it. After you made a Giger, too. You've missed those little seedling opportunities that often can grow into much bigger things. The biggest client I've had in my business has contributed about 1/3 of the total income off my entire business. And that one client started off just like thousands off other leads did. I couldn't tell it all, even within a year that that was going to end up being my number one client, and that client gave me the chance to teach on you to me because that client gave me so much work. Now you confined clients just like that on Fiverr right here in these messages, you know If there's people like me ordering, then there are some great clients. I'm not saying I'm a great client. I'm saying I'm ideal. The work for in a lot of ways you might look for in terms of available budget, amount of gigs, ordered amount of work I need done. There's lots of other people like me running around on Fiverr, and it's hard to tell until you've actually worked with um and ordered them and established a working relationship with them. So I found, especially the first couple years of my business. I didn't take most new things individually. Seriously on Lee got very selectively interested in things that I thought would be big. Like someone said, I've got a $2 million budget. I'd be like Oh my God And I'd put way to much energy responding to them. Meanwhile, I'd ignore or not put any energy into the simple little messages I got. And I got a very simple message back in response to my first message from my largest client . You can get amazing things to happen on fiber that Onley happen. If you look at every new opportunity is potentially the big opportunity and you see that you don't know which one's going to be the big opportunity often until you're already in the middle of it. I didn't realize you to me was going to be a big opportunity for me until I was already in the middle of it. Fiver. Huge opportunity today, and I appreciate you listening to me. Talk about it. 44. 100% profile completeness helps for buyer trust.: for buyer trust. Ah, 100% complete profile helps you to be transparent to anyone on fiber that wants to buy from you. Especially if you don't have any reviews or you don't have many orders. You're not ranking high. Everything you did to get someone to find use very valuable. And you want to make the most out of that. You want to make sure that people trust you enough to buy from you because most buyers are working with a lot of fear. Most buyers are afraid toe waste, their money or time buying from you if they don't know you. So these are things that can help you establish buyer trust, having a 100% profile complete, and that this shows you here in the five runner face. And this is in the sales dashboard analytics. It shows you what you need to have 100% complete account, and then all these things shows little check marks on your profile. And then that's one of those things and often unconsciously gets taken in the buyer trust. And I know consciously as a buyer, I look for those things you can see. Account activated. Ah, Facebook and Google, plus account connected a profile picture description and full name entered thes things produced buyer trust and all you have to do to get these connected. As you scroll up here, you go down to your settings and you go down to account actions. You can connect your Facebook and Google profile from there and then in your public profile settings, you can go ahead and do the rest of these. You can get the photo up. You can get the description up here. And then if you go into account settings, you can enter your full name there and get your profile complete. I hope that this is made getting a full profile complete seem fairly simple for you and worth your time. Thank you for watching. 45. Fiverr tutorial showing how you can create gigs people are saying they need.: Do you want to see how to make good money on Fiverr by creating gigs that get purchased and will deliver you consistent money? I'm going to show you, as I actually designed a couple of gigs for myself quickly and you can use this exact formula to do it for yourself. So why should you listen to this from me? I've spent over $5000 on Fiverr. I was one of the first few people to catch on the fiver, and I ordered a lot of Facebook likes when it got started. But as fiver has evolved, I continue to look for niche simple services on fiber. For example, I recently ordered ah bunch of gigs for mobile app reviews, and that is the opportunity to get money on. Fiverr is offering a niche service that people like me order in bulk because I will roll through an order from 10 2030 40 50 sellers at once. And those are the gigs you wanna have up because you want to reach the power buyers. So I'm going to show you how to make a gig. And on top of that, I have someone at my company now that's going to run my fiver profile and try and execute these gigs smoothly, and then I can follow up with you and show exactly what money I'm actually able to make using this strategy. I'm showing you so first. I already have done a little bit of selling on Fiverr. If you look at my sales, I've put very little effort into making money on Fiverr, so almost no effort at all. And I still managed to get 36 positive reviews, deliver orders and get a 97% rating and get a Level one seller status. So I have at least done enough on the selling end to establish that I have sold several gigs and understand what it takes to sell a gig. From what I've just described you, I hope you can understand if you want to make money on Fiverr and reach the power buyers like me. What you're going to need to do is put some effort in, and the effort is going to be a lot up front. But the more effort you put in, you can get a better return, so when you're just getting started, it's going to be hard but here is how you can make it a lot easier. Buyer requests recent buyer requests. So if your user you just go to Fiverr dot com slash user slash your user name slash requests. These are gigs people are actually looking for that they can't find or that they don't find good enough. Here is a great example. Download an app on your iPhone. Play it for five minutes, then give a five star review. This is exactly what someone is looking for. Here is the best part. They have literally taken all the guesswork out of it. This is exactly what they're looking for. And I know from my own ordering habits this is a power type of gig. In terms of power. Buyers are likely to want that kind of gig. So I'm going to close my order revenues. I think I think you've seen how much money I've spent on five for now, and I'm going to show you how I actually create a gig. So check this out. I just relaunched my gigs and you can see him getting thousands of impressions on my gigs, and I'm getting clicks already, even after having them inactive most of the time over the last year, so I'm going to now create a gig. Now watch how easy this is. This guy told me exactly what he wants. So I have to do is pay, stay and delete the special characters. And now I want to simplify the title a little bit, download an iPhone out, download an app on download an iPhone app, download an iPhone app, play it for five minutes and then give it and then then rate five stars. There are the essentials of it right there. Look how fast that was in the key with a gig is a title because the titles huge for search results. So I've given the essentials right here. Download an iPhone app, play it for five minutes, then rate five stars. So how sweet is that? Now All I have to do is pick a category next online marketing and find the related category for So this could be tricky on fibers. Figure out exactly where to put your category, because there's an easier way to do it than just scrolling through. So let me show you how to do it. So I have to do. Is look where other people have already put theirs. Download I phone out. And so there in mobile ABS and web, that's where most of them are. So I go there and do it that way, and I don't see mobile absent Web right here. So what big category is this in fiber mobile? Absent web. So this is already in a subcategory here, so it's in programming and tech, so that's a little challenging there. Once you found it, there's not a cover photo available here, So then you just go straight down to description and then pick the exact service type. And I'm just checking these so performance they're so I've selected what I'm going to do, and now we'll have to do is look at this again and then copy the same title again and put it in a description. So that has everything they need. And then I ask a question, Do you have an iPhone After you want downloaded? I will download an app on my iPhone, play it for five minutes and then given a five star review. I lived in the USA and look forward trying your app. Look how easy that is. The thick key thing is to figure out as if this kid gets clicks. I don't wanna put effort in the description before I know if it's going to get clicks. So if you see, I'll go back to my gig page. Now check this out. All I need to know, in terms of which gigs I should put effort on our who's actually getting clicks or views. Because if the gig's not getting clicks of use, there's no point in spending a ton of time on it. So all I do is put a little simple description in there and then put some tags in my phone . Yeah, alone. Install, review. Yeah, store. And now I give myself a healthy amount of days to deliver it. I send type a clear description in there, and now what I want to do is add gig extras in here. So I hit, saving continue, and I have to put up at least one image to do with this so I'll find an image in my photo spin file because these are pictures that I can use. So I go through and find an image that has a mobile app on it, which should be pretty easy to do now. I got these from photos, Bankers, Photos. Button has a flat yearly rate to get all these photos, but the thing is, you can use images from Google image, but not according to the five or keywords. So now I need one. That's two megabytes max. So then I have to go through an edit so you can see that creating these gigs can be a little challenging sometimes in the details, because when you have to go in and do these little details on the gig, it can add a lot of time to it. So I'm doing is re sizing this picture, saving it in a small version. Then I have to go back through and grab the small version of it to put my fiver gig. And then I go back in it, save and continue. Thank you. And now, to do an excellent gig, you definitely want a video, but you can add a video later. Remember, the thing with the video is, I'll go back to my gigs if no one's clicking on it, you don't need a video, and you can see in the fiber search results you don't get a video until you get right here . So all you need to know first is rather you can get clicks on it. Once you get clicks on it and you see you're getting clicks on it, then you need to make a video. But the thing is, the only way you can be sure to create a gig that you get clicks for is to create a bunch of gigs, especially getting started. You need an exact in H gig and the last thing I'll do on the gig creation. You always want to add gig extras once you're a Tier one seller, so I always add the fast order. I'll deliver the order fast in just one day, and that way you can get people who will or pay you a lot more than just $5. So now published a gig and then the gig is live now. So I go back through here to my gigs, close this old page and look. There's my brand new gig up right there. Now all I need to know is if it's getting clicks, if it's getting clicks, then it's worth going to the gig and going to edit and then trying to make this convert. So if it's not getting traffic, it doesn't matter how well it converts because it can't convert with no clicks or views. But then, once it gets views and clicks, then go through and make a video on it, go through and add a deeper description. Go through and make that gig convert. So you saw how fast it was to create one gig. So now I can do the exact same thing. I just scroll down here and look for another gig that can give me an easy idea for creating another gig. So here's a perfect one for me. So the ideal gig is a slam dunk instant delivery gig. So watch this. I happen to already have a video up for this. So all I have to do is give a link to a YouTube video already created, and to me, these are the best opportunities when you can match something you've already done with what someone needs. So here we go there, looking out to get a higher ranking on their linked in profile. So I'm going to add a new gig, paste it right here because that's what they wanted. So delete. So this is a very personal gig. I will show you how I get a higher rank on my LinkedIn profile. Search Boom. How sweet is that? Now what I do is search for linked in profile optimization, and I figure out the category it's in. And so this is tricky because I could put it in social marketing resumes and cover letters s CEO. So I'm going to try putting this in online marketing, and I could do S e o. But the thing for this it might be better to try something else. So I'm going to do resumes and cover letters. Or actually, let's do keyword optimization. Actually, we'll go through here and do social marketing. That seems to be the biggest one. Now I need a linked in image for my gig gallery. So here's one I probably want to do more naturally, and this is one I could really help get clicks on the gig. Here's all I have to do to do this. Watch this. So here's my linked in profile. I'm gonna zoom in on this, and then all I want to do is create a screenshot that shows what the person's tryingto reach. So here's the simplest screenshot I confined. And now I just want to zoom in and make that bigger. So I'm going to zoom in some more, and then I just want a screenshot of that because this is what they're trying to accomplish . So I just take a quick screen shot of that. I go over it popped up on the other window. So I'm gonna go to save that, and then I upload it right here. So look, that's exactly then what they want. So now I just go through here and go back. Copy the same thing. Ask a question. Look at that simple headline now will have to do I go through on my YouTube channel. Lengthen now all I have to do. Copy, link, address. Make sure it's the right one. Okay, click out of Lengthen. Go back and put this on Fiverr in the instructions. And here's the rial. Sweet thing to Dio. Now watch what I'm about to do here. If you have the patience to find it on my YouTube channel, find it free. They're now check that little power tip out what I ultimately want is traffic to my YouTube channel. So I've given them the link to it and let them know, Hey, if you want to find it free, you can go right here. But then, if they just don't want to do anything, they can pay. So now then I go through and tag it. Profile Seo Optimization and rank ranking. Now check that out. Very simple, straightforward. And then I have to put the duration on it so I can put one day because it's instantly done . And for this, then I could easily, after a $20 gig extra. Why provide recommendations on how to do the actual profile creation? So now I'm going to do check this out a little extra service, review your profile and recommend updates to rank higher. They're Lacoste, a simple and logical up cell right there. No thanks. Published gig. Now I go back to my gigs. Now, this is we've taken about 20 minutes to do this, and I just made two gigs that I know people are already looking for today or within the last two days, actually, So all you have to do is just repeat this process go down through here. Match up what you do with what other people need, and here's even better. You can then make the gig and send offer on it. So I am going toe, actually send this as an offer on this linked in gig and then five, or for some reasons, not showing me. So I'm going to have to refresh, find again, like then I search, send offer. There we go. Submit there. No, I just offered my gig to someone that needs it. How cool is that? So I've submitted the gig now so you can see from this exactly how to get your gigs up here in getting clicks on it. And as I go forward with this strategy, I will continue to show you the details of what works for me to make actual sales and to make the most money in the least time. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful 46. Take an inventory of all your skills in Microsoft Word.: If you want to get great ideas for gigs, it might seem common sense to just look at what other people are doing and copy them. Actually, the weight, um, get ideas for gigs. To me, that seems ideal is to take an inventory of my skills and match my skills. Then with delivering them as a gig on Fiverr, I've noticed when I searched some of the skills, I have just a couple off the top of my head. There's very few gigs related to the specific skills I have and those air great opportunities to make gigs. If you can make gigs other people don't even know of. That's the easiest way for someone to find you when you're new. When you're trying to expand up, you're not likely to have much success copying what other people have already done. So the ideal thing to do is start with an inventory off yourself to just take like a Microsoft word document like I've got here and sit down and say, What do I know how to do now? If your first response is nothing, then try again. Dig a little deeper. You might be surprised at all the things you know how to do. Just having got here, for example. You know a little bit about video courses online Just because you're watching this? What I'll do is give you some examples here. First, I'm making this with Cam Tasia so I can offer Giggs related to Camp Tasia. I also know final Cut Pro X because I used that also to edit my videos. I know Facebook and Facebook marketing and Facebook ads, so I won't type all those out here. You get the idea I continue going along and figuring out what concrete skills I have. I know about you. To me. I know about fiver. I know about screen cast tutorials so you can see I'm taking an inventory of the skills I have and that allows me to just put gig idea after gig idea down, essentially in terms of the skills. I know a lot of things I know like Microsoft Word. And if you do this well, you'll start to realize, you know, a whole lot of things, and you might be surprised as to how many things you know. It's better to make a nice, big list of things, you know, so that then you can go match up what you know with what needs to be done in a gig. For example, knowing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point might not help me very much in terms of making a gig, however, something based on my previous results, like Cam Tasia, that seems to be a very small set of skills that are offered on gigs. And yet, if I'm looking to get some gigs done, I know if I search for Camp Tasia, I'm working with someone who I know knows how to do what I need to do. Because with Camped Asia, you conduce screen captured tutorials. So if someone sets a gig up that I will use Camp Tasia for you for 30 seconds, I know they've got what I need. So the mawr detailed. You can be with e skills them, or you can get into exact programs like audacity, audio editing, And some of these programs are pretty easy to learn. Audacity for examples of free of program, and all you have to do is record some of your own audio, get used to reading it, and soon enough you can know it enough to put a gig up for it, and you can even do very basic things like Google, chrome or safari. You might find you could offer a gig to help someone get extra plug ins enabled or disabled . On Google Chrome, you can make a ton of big ideas if you'll just sit down and say, What is it? I know. Well, I know how to make a linked in profile. I know how to do that and it takes repeated effort. It might take going through columns and columns and columns of skills like these before you find a quick concrete one, you say. Okay, I could make a gig that will give you tips on how to make a great linked in profile. I could make a gig where I can review your linked in profile. Anything you can do well on your own is a really valuable skill worth putting down. And if you don't know what skills you have yet you mawr, you put down, the more you'll discover like WordPress. I might not think as that's a big, useful skill, the have. And yet, if you search that, I bet there's a lot of people looking for help with something like WordPress or maybe even something like Go, Daddy. There's all kinds of great things you could do. Your creativity is limited to how well you know yourself. The bigger this list is, the easier it is for you to get gig ideas. 47. Rediscover what skills you already said you have on LinkedIn or another website.: If you're having trouble figuring out what skills you have, you might be able to use something you've already created somewhere online. It could be your dusty old resume that you haven't got out in a while or for me, especially it could be my old linked in profile. There's a nice little endorsement section down here that's really helpful where other people have actually suggested many of the skills on my profile. So other people literally told me what skills I have so I can take any of these skills I have on my linked in profile, and then I can look at creating a gig around the skills I already have. So why? Well, I don't even necessarily need to go right down everything in particular. I've already got a whole vault of information I know about here on Linked in Now it's not a simple is copying and pasting the exact skill into it and searching. However, if I know that, for example, Google AdWords is a skill I have, then that's something I might be able to make a service around on Fiverr. If I know leadership is a skill I have that I could make a gig around leadership. The creativity gets easier when you have something simple. You've already put a lot of time and effort in to draw from, and this could be for you could be a freelancing profile. You went and did some where it could be test you've taken. Use the things you've already created, and you'll have a lot of ideas you can use to make gigs from most. 48. Search the skills you have and find areas of low competition.: Now that you've got a starting place, you can search the skills you already have in fiber and see what other people are doing. And I recommend technicals, things like software programs specifically like Camped Asia, I search Camped Asia and what you'll see. This is an area of low competition, and there is also an established buyer presence. You can see from these gigs that buyers are ordering gigs in this demographic. So you've got Onley about what is this? Eight and one short 15 gigs for, Ah, program that a lot of people used to create at it videos so you could look at something like Final Cut Pro X and see how many gigs there are there. You'll see. There's even less for final cut pro X these air, then good opportunities where you can make a gig because you can also figure that your buyers will need something extremely specific. So, for example, here's a gig. I'll train you on final Cut Pro X I'll edit and final cut pro axel convert. This allows you to also then see what other people are doing with the same skills you have . So, for example, if you realize you know, camped Asian, but you don't know what to do with it, and you'd like to see what the people do with it that's most effective. You could look here. This gig has 210 reviews. I will creator edit a professional video. So what people are doing with the's skills is using them to make videos for people. And that way you've got an idea of how you can actually apply this skill. And you can search on some bigger topics to, like, linked, linked in profile review and see how much competition there is on that category. Now if you've got a lot of competition on it, and then you probably don't want to go for it. But if you've got not that much in terms of competition, like if you search for gigs containing linked in profile of you see there's a ton of competition here, there's a lot of established gigs. You could do this one if you've got established promotional methods to it. So if you can directly promote the gig, for example, on your linked in profile and might be a really good gig to do to get a lot of sales however, you won't be likely to get organic traffic right away off it. So if you can combine finding ways to get organic traffic with in demand skills, something like screen capture tutorial. If I want to make a gig than I search for screen capture tutorial and to me, then this allows me to see exactly where I could best put my services and you'll notice this one. Make a tutorial video. This one has hundreds of orders, clearly a good topic. So I've searched enough just with a few skills to see exactly a bunch of different gigs I could make and ideally, to make the perfect gig where I can get on top of a category like this. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this look at how to take your skills and turn them in the gig. Ideas using five or search is helpful for you 49. Using your location to offer a gig.: what place are you located in? And what are some of the unique attractions near where you're located? If you think about this, this can produce a great gig idea for you. One of the top sellers are June Rocks is able to make himself successful on fiber by offering ah couple of these gigs that are related to doing things in front of a landmark there near where he lives. Taj Mahal is near where he lives, and so are other palaces and historical attractions. Those are some of his top selling gigs, and he was able to make a great bestselling gig just by filming in front of things that were already near him. I have the same opportunity. If I wanted to today to film in front of a bunch of things in Sarasota, I could make all kinds of different gigs related to filming it, things I actually ordered from our June because I wanted to be able to have someone holding my sign up in front of Taj Mahal. I thought that was really cool, and lots of other people will make the same kind of order today. So if you don't know what things air cool near where you live. Like I know there's a Ringling museum. I know there's the beach near where I live in Sarasota. If I wanted Mawr ideas on what kind of really unique gigs that could offer all right, after Jews, just look at the Wikipedia page. Look at the historical on downtown section of near where I live, and I could make some really sweet location based gigs say, I'll take a picture for you in front of the beach are at Selby Gardens with your sign. There's tons of things that you can offer that are unique to your location. That then can make an easy gig for you. Now that one thing to consider is how much money you're gonna make based on how much time it's going to take. So I'm not actually going to offer any Sarasota gigs because for $5 I'm not going to go all the way down to the beach and take a picture. However, if I did do that, normally I mind as well offer a gig to take a picture at the beach because that'd be easy. So the key seems to be to integrate what you normally do around the location you live in and see if there's any gig you could offer that be easy and convenient for you to go do. That's a gig idea we're thinking about at least, and at least one other seller has been able to become a top seller, just off of offering gigs with the background of where he lives. 50. I consistently leave 5 star reviews as a buyer on Fiverr gigs.: as a buyer on fiber, I consistently leave five star reviews. Or if I'm not that happy with the gig, I often will just not leave a review it all because I trust that enough other people out there willing to go leave those negative reviews while someone will find out eventually. What I do is leave five star reviews, and I'm happy with the gig, and I figure if I ordered a gig I didn't like. It's usually my mistake that I ordered that gig in the first place, so I just often don't give any feedback. Or I might send the seller something in a message saying, Look, I figured this could be improved. It was confusing about the gig like here. I wasn't really in that happy with the book cover that's ordered right here. I scroll down and I see you know I can't use that book cover. That's that's not going to work. But that's not their fault. That's not the designers fault. They gave me what I asked for because I don't like it. That's my problem. It's not their problem. So as a buyer, I try and be very understanding with what I get in return, especially given its $5. So I just don't leave a review on a gig. If I don't like it, I try again to get what I want out of another gig now on this one. I really liked this gig. My friends really liked it. So here's how I leave a good review. I go down and I generally do all five stars. And then I go down here and say, Honestly, what happened with that? My friends on Facebook loved this picture, and I linked back to the gig when several asked where they could get the same thing done. So I try and leave a review that is a good sales pitch for anyone else ordering it. So when someone else comes along who might be wanting to do the same thing? I try and do my absolute best. So I leave a good review as a buyer, and then when I go back into my fiver buying in her face, I have managed orders, then the awaiting review. I have very small amount off orders that need a review. So I try and leave those five star reviews and you can see with 689 gigs. There's a lot of buyers out there who have been able to build their business partially based on me, leaving good reviews and being happy with the gig. So I give what I want to get. It's just good karma. If I'm consistently the person giving good reviews and who's willing to not go leave a negative review and still provide feedback when needed, that good karma comes back to me. So I'm grateful. I've gotten so many good reviews on the things I've done online, and it's all related. You give what you want to get. I don't want bad reviews, which I don't. Then I don't go give other people bad reviews, either. Thank you for watching, and I hope you've enjoyed this outlook at giving reviews on Fiverr 51. If your gig is made correctly, it should produce mostly 5 star reviews.: If a gig is set up properly, it should result in what you see here. Mostly five star reviews. Gigs are pretty simple, for the most part on Fiverr, so getting a five star review tends to be pretty simple to If you set the gig up so that buyers know exactly what to expect and you know exactly how to give it to them, then getting a five star review is pretty much insured now. Some buyers won't leave reviews, and some buyers may leave bad reviews. However, if your gig is not getting five star reviews, there's a problem with the gig. I show you up here. The most recent review I got is 2.5 stars on here, and it's easy for me to start criticizing the buyer to, say the buyers this, the buyers that they should have done this. They should have done that. They they It's real easy to criticize the buyer. However, You can see most of the reviews on the gigs I've sold over the last year are five stars. So if you are getting mostly five star reviews, that means the gigs set up pretty well. And yet, if there's any non five star reviews, there are little opportunities for improvement. Getting a gig that mostly gets good five star reviews gives you the opportunity to consistently do the more of the same if you're getting even this one, too, and asked, Our review indicates I can do a little better on the gig. I could tweak it a little bit, given all these other ones, it doesn't likely mean I need to completely overhaul it. But a little bit of change in the wording. I can likely encourage the buyer to make a better decision to start with if the gig is set up right and encourages the right kind of buyers to buy and be happy. And it discourages the wrong kind of buyers from buying. If your gig is set up to try and get every single sale, you're likely to get some buyers that are unhappy. If your gig is set up to just get the five star reviewers what they want and to scare off everyone else, that's often the best way you can have to make a super gig that consistently gets five star reviews. So that's a big mindset change for me from the UAE worked most of the time. If your gigs not getting five star reviews, then the work is inside because I know when my gig is getting all five star reviews. I'm saying they're saying what a great job I've done. I'm not looking at the buyer and saying how smart they are for buying this gig. I'm saying, Look, I did a great job with the gig. Therefore, when I get it 2.5 starve you, it doesn't make sense to go after the buyer. When I haven't been all about the buyer on all of the other gigs, it's oh, what a great job I did. So I hope this is useful for you and getting an idea of what kind of reviews you should expect if your gig is set up really well. And what kind of thinking might help If your gig is not getting all five star reviews 52. Reviews less than 5 stars are always a learning opportunity.: every single review you get that is less than five stars is a learning opportunity on what I'll Do here is trying to show you how to make something out of the learning opportunity. So here's a 2.5 star review on a gig that has gotten consistently five star reviews, and I looked through out of all my other five or orders This one other gig is the only one that's gotten a negative review out of a whole bunch of positive reviews. Back when they just had thumbs up and then I scroll up. Now out of the stars, I only have two negative reviews. Thankfully, out of all the gigs I've completed now that learning opportunity for me comes in understanding the entire process off buying and selling that goes on around my gig. Fiver is set up in a way that you should be able to get 99 plus percent. Five star reviews it, too. If your gig is set up correctly and every single review you're not, unless you're getting thousands of orders and you sometimes you're just going to occasionally get someone who's having a bad day. 99% of the time you can set your gig up to better serve your customers, and you can scare off Ah, buyer like this before they order. I had the opportunity to do that when I looked back through my messages, the buyer who ordered this message to me and asked about what kind of followers I had on the Twitter account, and therefore they made a perfect opportunity for me to scare them off, to say, You know what? I don't know if people will like that. I don't know if anyone respond. I could have easily tried to give them the very worst of what the gig could do right there to encourage them not to order. The worst thing that can happen on your gig is to get bad reviews on it, because then it's harder to sell. And yet, if you haven't gotten a bad review like thes Twitter gigs, I had not got a good a bad Twitter review on the gigs. I had not gotten any good feedback as to what I could improve. So you have to get some bad reviews often to figure out what you can do better. The toughest thing with it are the hurt feelings. Even with this, I don't care about five or that much. It's one of the many things I do. It still hurts to see in the to, and I have start review their cause. I message the person, and then my instinct is to just go after them and say, You dumb mother, and criticize and cursing it manat them well. And even if you look at the gig, I have the opportunity to even leave a one star review on the buyer, and I don't want to do that. So what I do, I read What exactly did they put here? So they put that same allowed her followers is following. So that's valuable learning material right there, out of all the followers. Then what? I can go. I can go back to my gigs. I can go to my gigs and one thing you can do. If your gig catches a negative review, you can pause it. And that's exactly what I did because I got a negative review on it, so I've paused it. Okay, let me hold on and see what's going on on this gig. So now I go back to the gig, and I can see that it doesn't have the good the full reviews on it. So I go click over here and I can then see I have the opportunity to edit. So I click on edit on this gig. Now what I can do is I can then see where I can reflect what happened with this review. So if I go back to the review on here, Okay, he said, Same amount of followers is following what I've done Now I've used this review and I've applied it to the gig. I've made the gig description much longer. I've taken the links, which now are not allowed to my Twitter account out, and I've got a video and then another video from YouTube clearly showing exactly how I've built the accounts. And then I've said that I'm not guaranteeing any results. I've made it very clear what kind of gig this is. I will tweet your message, and that's it. I'm not saying you'll get clicks or any kind of survey responses. I'll do the work tweeting your message, the message you give me the time of day and how people react controls what you get out of it, so I have literally doubled the length of this gig description. I've changed the method for seeing the proof of the results in terms of using YouTube videos now, and I've updated the gig this way with this order in mind to discourage any buyer who's likely leave this kind of review from buying in the first place. Now this may means I may lose some of the five star reviews. Also, some of those buyers might see this, and not by also the goal with my gig on fibers to get the exact right person toe, order it and to be happy with it. It's not worth anyone's time or money to offer a gig on Fiverr that doesn't work exactly as it's supposed to. So this is an iterative process. Every negative review you get gives the chance to go through and do something like this to go through and make the Gig description a little better to get everything set up to perfectly please the buyer every time and to not set expectations outside of where they should be. I have set this up now. I've done the work to edit the gig so Now the gig is in a better position to succeed with future orders. I appreciate you watching this and value your feedback in any time. 53. As a seller on Fiverr, you can review the buyer also and your response shows.: the cool thing that five or lets you do as a seller is you can review the buyer and you can respond to the buyers. Review with your own review. Now this is a perfect opportunity to say you're welcome. If someone's left a five star review and you review them and give them five stars back now , the funny thing with this is when you get something like this a 2.5 star review this makes the perfect opportunity to just drop it on the other person. Oh, yeah, you left me 2.5 stars. Watch me drop this one Star review on you Bam! This is the worst fire ever, ever, ever. It presents a revenge opportunity. And yet do you think that's a very good long term solution? They left a 2.5 star review. Now, if I drop a one star review on them, they're likely. Oh, yeah, I'm to go back and edit mine, and I'm gonna show you what I really think about your gig. No, to me, this is a great opportunity. A bad review or a mediocre review often could be the best opportunity to get people order your gig because to me, what I love the most when I see a company online is how they respond to negative feedback. Someone says something like, I hate McDonald's And McDonald's says something like, Thank you for sharing with us. What can we do to make McDonald's a place you'd like? Something that is a kind hearted reply and not more hate for hate. So if I as a buyer, I have a responsibility, leave a review and then is a seller, I also have a responsibility to do the same thing. And it's more important, even as a seller, to review the buyer, because then that comes up on the gig as my response to the buyer. So this is where I can say something like Thank you very much for ordering and giving me the exact feedback I needed to make this a better and more transparent gig that everyone after you should be able to correct to decide if it is worth it for them before they order or not, and should benefit. Or I could just keep it simple benefit from That's how I go write a review and I've said there I wrote a review on the order. I've given the buyer the benefit of the doubt. I've said, Look, I respect your review and I've even though you only gave me 2.5 stars, I'm going to give you a five star review anyway as a buyer because then that looks much better on my gig when I go back to my gigs and then I can go take this gig and then I can preview the link on it and see here you can see the buyer reviews on it. You can then see exactly where my seller feedback comes up. So when someone schools down and sees this to naff star review, then they see my buyer feedback. To me, that's really powerful to show off what kind of seller I am. And ultimately, if you want to do great it, anything you want to show people what kind of person you are trying to be. And I'm trying to be one who's loving and respectful and honest. And so I found a way to honestly give the buyer Ah, five star review. And then when someone looks through the reviews, they see most people are very happy with the gig. Most people are quite happy, and then when someone's not happy, I don't go off on a tirade on them. I try and make the gig better based on what they've done. So fiver gives you all of the tools to do a good job. And five are also gives you all the tools to mess things up and make things worse, too. So I hope I've shown you what works for me today to make things better, to use the good reviews, to motivate me, to keep offering a gig and to use the negative reviews to help make the gig even better. 54. Knowing Fiverr is there gives me context for all buying decisions online.: as a business owner and entrepreneur online. The best thing, I think, about five hours, the peace of mind I have and the decision making ability I have, knowing that fiver is there to give me all of the basic services I need for my business. If I need new logo, I know it's easy to go try and get one on Fiverr. I've tried some other websites to get comparable services to fiver. Often the cost is 10 to 20 times as much. To get a quality that is just about the same as I confined on fiber have great peace of mind. Is a buyer on five or knowing that usually for a small amount of money, I can get what I need done. And if I can't find it on Fiverr often there's an opportunity then to do something that presents information about how to make that opportunity, either here on fiber or online. If I can see a discrepancy between what I need, what's available, I can make a video telling people Hey, this is something I need. I can't find anyone to do it. Maybe you should learn how to do that. Maybe you should offer a gig about it. Or maybe you should try and figure out how to work. Get that kind of work online. Fiver gives me a great resource that I've consistently used for four years. And now buying things for my business and fiver has also enabled me to make some mistakes for a low cost. I got a bunch of videos produced for by $5 on Fiverr that I uploaded on my YouTube channel . That taught me that my YouTube channel expects me. They dont expect random actors from five or they want me specifically because the channels called Jerry Pan Field. So for a small price on fiber, I was able to make a valuable learning mistake on my YouTube channel. I know I need to be in every video. So that's the beauty of fiber, also is that you can afford to try to do the wrong thing for a low cost on fiber and learn from it. Instead of I was almost got a company to make a $1500.1 minute promo video for me, and I went and made that mistake for five or $10 on Fiverr instead of for 1500 if you need logos or anything done, and it doesn't come out very well. I spent hundreds, if not thousands, trying to get artwork done for my business by a graphic designer that easily. He was a friend from high school. I easily could have got the same thing for 1/10 of the cost on fiber. So I love using fivers a buyer. Today, I consistently I'm going back, and I hope that experience that I've shared with you in the course has been useful for you . 55. Selling on Fiverr can be a great opportunity and learning experience.: selling on Fiverr is a great way to learn and expand your existing skills online. I hope what you've gotten our practical tips and motivation to consider what opportunities you might have to sell on fiber. I've completed 83 gigs on Fiverr, and they've been very helpful for me in getting a well rounded learning experience about selling online. You can try and learn selling in all kinds of books and classes and fundamentals. Even like this course, nothing beats actually getting out there and trying to sell. One of the easiest ways is using fiber toe. Learn about selling customer relationships, sales pitch videos to make tech increase your gig sales. You can learn about all of the basics of selling firsthand just by having gigs up on five of the 83 gigs I've completed. Even the 14 gig's canceled on fiber of helped me to have a more well rounded and hands on experience with sales and with applying my skills in a way that allows me to turn them into money, which then allows me to craft my life in a way that is comfortable and where I can serve others. I'm fiber. This experience is much easier to get than in many other places. And I'm grateful to have had the chance to do that today and to share my experience along with enabling all the other instructors in their course to share their experience here with you. In this course, I'm grateful that you've spent so much time with me and with the other instructors in this course. And I hope I value your feedback on the parts especially related to selling. And I'd love to know any ideas you have for what we can add to this course to make it better for you. We all love the chance to answer your questions in this course. 56. If you are not interested in selling on Fiverr, that is okay!: If it turns out at some point you're not interested in selling on five or anymore, that's OK. There are a lot of tools you can use in life, and there's only so much time and energy you can have to use them in full transparency in this course. At the time of getting towards the end of finishing this course, I have no more active gigs on Fiverr. I have paused all of my gigs because here's the reality I'm facing. I have hundreds of thousands of students on you. To me, I have more than I can even handle on you to me alone. And I'm doing some inspirational videos on Facebook and YouTube, and I'm trying to do my best as a dad. Ah, husband and tow have some time to play with my friends ago to my support group each day. I have very little available time and energy to do anything and the opportunities I have paid very well now, and I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for you being a part of that in this course, so that means fiver, if you have other things jobs, if you have other gigs, you're doing freelancing on other websites or contract work five or may not pay enough for you and even for me. Now Joseph Delgaudio is the co instructor on this course. Has actually managed the fiber gigs on my account for around a year now. Now. Originally, Joseph wasn't making a whole lot because I didn't have a whole lot. I could pay him. Now Joseph is averaging around over 50 plus dollars an hour to do work with me, plus getting a percentage of course sales. Does it make sense now for me to have be paying Joseph $50 an hour to fool around with fiber gigs now that I've completed and our account collectively is completed? Around 100 gigs on Fiverr 83 completed, 14 canceled. I've learned enough from five or now to see that there's no good opportunity that practically makes sense for me to have the gigs I have up and running right now and that my efforts are best spent on you. To me, that's my reality today. Now there's all kinds of options I know are there on fiber. If say, something happens and I need to pivot and change how I'm working online I have the peace of mind to know that fiver is there. And then I could potentially have a full time income if I worked full time on fiber. And at the same time, I'm willing to accept that due to my own limitations, it doesn't make sense to offer any gigs right now. So if after all of this you see, you know what, Maybe offering gigs isn't the way for me to go right now. That's okay. When you see how little limited time and energy you have, Usually the logical decision is to put everything into whatever is giving you the biggest return. So you, to me, is giving me the biggest return right now. That's why I'm here, talking about five or on you with you to me instead of out consistently working on fiber on my own. I hope this experience has been useful for you in realizing my own limitations. I've brought a lot of other people who have worked more than me on Fiverr together here with you on you, to me. And I hope that between everything, all of us have said you've got everything you need by now to either be successful on fiber to use five or what you need it for or to say You know what? Maybe not fiver. Right now. Maybe it's there for later if I need it. Thanks for watching.