The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners | Syed Raza | Skillshare

The Complete Figma UX/UI App Design Course For Beginners

Syed Raza, Web Developer | Entrepreneur-CEO

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10 Videos (1h 23m)
    • Figma Promo HB

    • FigmaIntro UIandDesktopVersion HB

    • FrameVsSliceTool Figma HB

    • Shape Pen VectorShapes Figma HB

    • Components Figma HB

    • Constraints Figma HB

    • Grid System HB

    • Project1 Create Website Blog HB

    • Create Website Blog Project1 Part2 HB

    • Figma resources HB


About This Class

Welcome to my Complete Figma UI/UX App Design Course For Beginners - all hands-on, Figma Design course!

Figma for UX/UI designers is a powerful collaborative interface design tool. You can design stunning apps, blogs, or websites using Figma in no time and without any code at all. Whether you are a beginner, web designer, app developer ,entrepreneur or a freelancer, this course will allow you to learn how to design apps, blogs, and web sites, and equip you with marketable skills.

The Power of Figma

Another of the most useful offerings inside Figma is a viewer that helps a designer create responsive design using Figma but allows the designer to see what a design looks like at difference sizes. From a menu, you can chose between seven different popular phones (iPhone X, Galaxy S8, etc.), three different tablets, a desktop view, or watch, and a Figma frame will pop up around the design in the corresponding size. Simply dragging the edges of the design document to fit the frame shows how it will look on a particular device. There’s also a function that will connect to a smartphone so you can see how it looks on mobile as you design. If you are a UI/UX designer, this is the perfect course for you.

Due to its extreme versatility and power, Excel has become one of the most-used software programs in the business world.

If you need to increase your skill set in designing apps, blogs or websites and and boost productivity, learn shortcuts, you're in the right place. 

This course walks you through hand-on Figma Design training from the very basics of opening Figma all the way to becoming comfortable working within Figma environment.

You will gain solid understanding with this Figma UI/UX course - definitely help you get that promotion!

We'll keep going until you learn all of the fundamentals of Figma Design. When you finish this course, you'll know more than most people who use Figma at their job every day.

Here's some of what you'll learn.

  • Figma UI/UX Design elements
  • Frame vs Slice tool
  • Vector shapes in Figma UI/UX
  • Figma online vs desktop version
  • The all important Figma constraints and components
  • Understanding Figma design principles including UI/UX design
  • Real world Figma projects - Creating a Blog/Website, and much more...
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Figma
  • Time saving techniques in Figma
  • Much more...

The course comes with a certificate of completion, a full 30-day money back guarantee, and I'm always available to answer questions or share additional resources if you get stuck.

I'll see you in class!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants or needs to learn Figma for their work.
  • Web designers, software app developers, UI/UX designers
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their job or career prospects in an office environment.
  • Design for beginners who are brand new to Excel (also suitable for intermediate Excel users who want to improve).
  • Boost productivity
  • Figma for UI Desingers
  • Entrepreneurs and Freelancers





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Syed Raza

Web Developer | Entrepreneur-CEO

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