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The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

99 Lessons (8h 40m)
    • 1. 01.01 Welcome

    • 2. 01.02 Here Is How You Will Profit From This Course

    • 3. 02.01 Which Tools do we need

    • 4. 02.02 Creating your First Facebook Landing Page

    • 5. 03.01 Module Intro - Creating an Irresistible Lead Magnet

    • 6. 03.02 What's the Perfect Lead Magnet

    • 7. 03.03 Creating a Free PDF Report

    • 8. 03.04 Why Video is one of the Best Lead Magnets

    • 9. 03.05 Equipment to Record your Video Lead Magnet

    • 10. 03.06 Hosting your Video Lead magnet

    • 11. 03.07 Other Powerful Lead Magnets ideas

    • 12. 03.08 Assignment - Creating your lead magnet

    • 13. 04.01 Module Intro -Autoresponders - The Most Valuable Asset of your Facebook Funnel

    • 14. 04.02 What is an Autoresponder service and why its important for you

    • 15. 04.03 Signing for a FREE Account on MailerLite

    • 16. 04.04 Quick look at the MailerLite Dashboard

    • 17. 04.05 Assignment - Signing for the Autoresponder service

    • 18. 05.01 Module Intro - Building a Super Optimized Landing Page

    • 19. 05.02 Whats a Landing Page and Why This Is Important for You

    • 20. 05.03 Landing Page Software options

    • 21. 05.04 Creating your Landing Page

    • 22. 05.05 Customizing the Landing Page

    • 23. 05.06 Creating Thank You Page for Video content

    • 24. 05.07 Testing your Thank you Page for Video

    • 25. 05.08 Creating Thank You Page for PDF or ebook

    • 26. 05.09 Checking the Landing Page Stats

    • 27. 05.10 Assignment - Creating your landing page

    • 28. 06.01 Adding the Sign Up button to your Facebook Page

    • 29. 06.02 Creating a Landing Page Inside Facebook

    • 30. 06.03 Assignment - Creating your landing page inside Facebook

    • 31. 07.01 Making your Customers LOVE your Products and Services

    • 32. 07.02 What's an Autoresponder Sequence and Why It's Important for You

    • 33. 07.03 This is the Plan for our Email Sequence

    • 34. 07.04 Creating the Complete Email Sequence Automation

    • 35. 07.05 Creating an Irresistible Welcome Email

    • 36. 07.06 Delivering Value - Driving people to your website

    • 37. 07.07 Launch Enabling your Email Sequence

    • 38. 07.08 What happens if they didn't buy

    • 39. 07.09 Assignment - Create an autoresponder sequence

    • 40. 08.01 Removing the Doubt and Making the Sale

    • 41. 08.02 Turning your Facebook sales funnel into automatic

    • 42. 08.03 Getting Free Traffic from other channels

    • 43. 09.01 Module Intro - Creating a VIDEO Landing Page

    • 44. 09.02 MailerLite Login and overview

    • 45. 09.03 Signing for Landing Page Monkey

    • 46. 09.04 Creating Video Landing Pages - Part 1

    • 47. 09.05 Creating Video Landing Pages - Part 2

    • 48. 09.06 Creating Video Landing Pages - Part 3

    • 49. 09.07 Adding Your Landing Page to Facebook

    • 50. 09.08 Assignment - Creating a VIDEO landing page

    • 51. 10.01 Module Intro - Facebook Page Domination

    • 52. 10.02 Creating a Stunning Facebook Page for Your Business

    • 53. 10.03 Discover the best keywords for your business

    • 54. 10.04 Creating a Captivating Facebook Page Description Using the Absolute Best Keyword

    • 55. 10.05 Optimizing your Facebook Page Information

    • 56. 10.06 Creating a Stunning Facebook Cover

    • 57. 10.07 Facebook Page Apps, How to Install and Optimize Apps on Your Facebook Page

    • 58. 10.08 How to Use Facebook's Call-To-Action Button to Skyrocket Your Results

    • 59. 10.09 Assignment - Creating and Optimizing your Facebook page

    • 60. 11.01 Module Intro - Facebook Group Domination

    • 61. 11.02 Whats the Difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

    • 62. 11.03 Creating a Super Optimized Facebook Group

    • 63. 11.04 Editing Groups Settings

    • 64. 11.05 Top 6 Ways to Monetize your Facebook Groups

    • 65. 11.06 Assignment - Creating and optimizing your Facebook Group

    • 66. 12.01 Module Intro - Facebook Ads Target Audience

    • 67. 12.02 Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager

    • 68. 12.03 Setting up the Facebook payment

    • 69. 12.04 Defining your Target Audience

    • 70. 12.05 Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to Create your Audience

    • 71. 12.06 Assignment - Defining your Target Audience

    • 72. 13.01 Module Intro - Facebook Ads Creating your First Ad

    • 73. 13.02 Creating the Ad Post And Boosting the post

    • 74. 13.03 Verifying your Ad Approval

    • 75. 13.04 How much to Invest

    • 76. 13.05 Tips to have your ad approved

    • 77. 13.06 Assignment - Creating your First Ad

    • 78. 14.01 Module Intro - Facebook Ads Exploring Campaign goal

    • 79. 14.02 Choosing your Marketing objective

    • 80. 15.01 Creating Facebook Video Ads

    • 81. 16.01 Facebook Secret 1

    • 82. 16.02 Facebook Secret 2

    • 83. 16.03 Facebook Secret 3

    • 84. 16.04 Facebook Secret 4

    • 85. 16.05 Facebook Secret 5

    • 86. 16.06 Facebook Secret 6

    • 87. 16.07 Facebook Secret 7

    • 88. 16.08 Facebook Secret 8

    • 89. 17.01 Module Intro - Creating a Website for your Business

    • 90. 17.02 Finding the Best Domain for your Website

    • 91. 17.03 Purchasing your Domain

    • 92. 17.04 Signing for WebHosting for 1 cent

    • 93. 17.05 Pointing your Domain to the Hosting

    • 94. 17.06 Installing Wordpress on your Website

    • 95. 17.07 Changing Settings in Wordpress

    • 96. 17.08 Customizing our Theme

    • 97. 17.09 Creating a Contact Us Page

    • 98. 17.10 Assignment - Creating a Website for your Business

    • 99. 18.01 Congratulations

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About This Class

Stop Wasteful Spending on Facebook Ads That Are Not Working. Use the Facebook Sales Funnel to Skyrocket Your Sales!

Welcome to the most complete and efficient Facebook Sales Funnel training.

In this course, you will learn how to reach hundreds of people on Facebook and how to convert them into clients.

We’ll create an irresistible Lead Magnet (or Free Gift), so people will visit your landing pages and enter their name and email.

We'll define your target audience to ensure that your Ads are shown only to people who are interested in your products or your business and avoiding spending with Ads that do not work.

And you will learn how to create an Optimized Email sequence, which creates a trustful relationship with your customers and generate an irresistible desire in your client's mind, so when we send them to your sales page, and buy your products.

You will also learn how to create professional Landing Pages for your website and Landing Pages inside Facebook, so they don’t need to leave your Facebook Page to collect their name and email.  And all this with a Free Software.

How to use the Facebook Pixel and Retargeting in your Ads. Retargeting is one of the most efficient digital marketing tools used by large corporations like Netflix, Amazon, and Google.

And if you don’t have a website for your business, don’t worry, you will also learn how to create one step by step.

And as a Bonus, I'll share with you the 7 Secrets that will boost your Facebook Organic Reach, strategies that you can implement right now on your Facebook Pages.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. 01.01 Welcome: Hey, guys, welcome to the course and happy and excited to see you here inside the training You will absolutely love these cars. If you are thinking about Facebook at how to generate more sales for your business on If you already created Facebook at and you are not seeing results, thescore is for you and you will love it. You will learn all the strategies, All the absolute best strategies about Facebook Advertisement on about email marketing. We're doing a combination of both of them here on the course. Also, by then of these cars, you will have Facebook at running on generating sales. You will have the complete Facebook marketing sales Faro implemented on your basis on your website on your Facebook account and working every single day and night toe convert all the visitor off your websites in customers. That's a goal that what you are having a day off these cars. The best way to take this course is in order. You can go through the models if you want. You can watch all the models that once toe understand the whole process. And after that you can go back and start taking a lecture by lecture in this course we have to have assignments, guys and the assignments are super important because they are the best way toe warranty that you are taking the right steps in order to get to the end result. I specifically created each assignment toe warranty that, and to make all your process super optimized. So at the end of each model, you'll have one assignment where you can actually put into practice all the wonderful strategies, Euler In each model, my goal as instructor is toe warranty that you get the results that you want that My God, if you are getting their great results that you're looking for, I am a happy instructor and I'm here all the way to help you achieve that. If you have any questions at any time, police use the Q and a session. I am ready to start. I hope you are in the next video. We're talking about what? The plan on how you can profit from these cars. See you there 2. 01.02 Here Is How You Will Profit From This Course: Hey, guys, Welcome to the selector. And happy to see you here in this lecture, I will share with you the plan Exactly. Step by step. How you can monetize using the scores using the Facebook sales funnel. Here we have the Facebook sales funnel. We have the awareness, interest, desire and action. This is the basic marketing funnel. So how are we using these in these specific cars with these great strategies? What we're doing here is this We start here with Facebook Arts or Facebook Post or Facebook life, and I'll show we have different ways to start and create awareness four or brand for or products to new customers. So what we're doing here is we are driving people from these specific area to the funnel. This is the entry point off the funnel where we are telling people about the product about your product, about your services or anything that you want to promote. So in here, this initial step we are doing with Facebook at okay or again with Facebook Post or Facebook life, there are other ways. If you don't want just to do Facebook at don't worry, you don't need to do Facebook at in order for these to work and let me tell you something that is super important, and it's a big mistake that everybody's doing. And that's why your Facebook at are not working. That's why people are saying, Hey, I do Facebook at I spend money with ads, but it's not working. Okay, so the problem is these people create a new Facebook at here on instead off, then driving people through the funnel. They are driving people directly to the offer page to the action part. Off the off this funnel on these, basically, here we are sending call traffic toe the landing toe the offer page so people are not going toe by people on Lee byproducts from other people on other company that they trust. So we need to create a trust, a trustful relationship between you and your customer before we send, then toe the by bottom before they say, Hey, buy my product by my service. Before that, we need to We need to create this relationship on demonstrate to them why you on your company are the absolute best in order to provide this service or this brother. So let's start. Let's go back here to the specific phono. So here we are on step number one. Step number two is to create interest. How do we do that? We do that with the landing page. We offer them a free gift. A pick. It can be a pdf on a boat or a video teaching them something on in this area we're creating internal were saying, Hey, if you want to learn these, if you want to solve this pain that you are having here is a solution for you. Here is a small free gift that will help you to do that immediately. Okay. You know, you need to know the pain points of your outings, and we will talk about all these in the course. So don't worry about that about the free gift and all that. So we create interest on we collect their name under email with the landing page. So by doing that, we can jump to the next session off the funnel, which is the desire when, which is the session where we create these irresistible the sire on your customer. They need to buy your brother. They need to buy your service because you clear your we're creating these desire on them, okay, is like the iPhone are apple dust. These all the time. People love the iPhone, and people want to have an iPhone. Also with the new smartphone they are releasing Samson to, You know, if you love Sansom, they are doing the same. All these big companies are using these exact astrology. They're creating desire on you. So when the new I from when you the new Samsung comes, we are going to the lines and we're doing waiting for hours in order to get these new device because we decided that. And that's why we're creating here with your customer. And I'll show you how to that in this course. So where we are, we have the landing page. We collected their name on the M O. And now in Northern. They are interested. They say, Okay, I like this free gift. I like these e books. I like this. Pdf, this report, like this video that you send me as a free gift, and now that they watch your video, they read your your report. Now we are sending the emails because we have their name and email. Okay, We have that information so we can contact them constantly. So in the desire IRA off the phone or what we're doing, we're sending on email. Siri's and we are educating them. This is the most important thing we need to add value to your customer. The more the more value we at to your customer. They hired the chances for them to buy in the last step off the phone. Okay, so these specific email Siri's can be just regular emails that you write, educating them about specific subject. Maybe you're just are creating this relationship on you are teaching them something, just writing about that. Maybe you are discussing a problem that you think they have because you know you target out in or maybe you created ah, video. Siri's saying, Hey, guys, in this video in these serious in these next days, I will send you three videos where we will talk about these specific pain point that you have, or how to solve this problem. How to do that, how to do the other thing. So basically that's what we're doing. And in this course also, I'll show you how to create all that and how to host the videos on on your server. On how How we can believer that your customer. Okay, all that is coming. So here we're creating the desire. OK, people want your products and services at at the end. The last option. The last step here is the action. Basically the last email off your email. Siri's will say, Hey, if you like all these, if you like all this that you learn if you want to learn more if you want to continue with me, you all units really just go here, click on the link and buy my product or by my service. Okay, so this is the recipe. This is the for the funnel on at the end when you send that last email because they already trust you because we created that the sire on your customer, they will have no doubts. They will just received your email and hopefully they will pay and they will become your real customers on. That's how we do it. This is the best way that I test with my clients with my Esposito with my personal company to on its working super well on all these. By the end of the course. You will have all these specific phono ready for you. Ready for you, for your customers to go through. I hope you like it. If you have any questions, please use the Q and a session. I replied. Absolutely. All the question for my students. So at any time of the course, you know you have the Q and A session and I'll be there with you. Well, let's go to the next video now. 3. 02.01 Which Tools do we need: in this lecture, we will talk about the five main tools that we need in order to start building, start creating the successful Facebook sales funder for you and for your business. This tool number one is the free give off. If we talk in the last lecture, we will be offering to your customer to your prospect something for free. It can be a PdF on e book A video. Sary's Siris on all these different materials in the next model will talk about that in details on. We will prepare together your free give. I'll show you how toe the lever, the free gift, which is important because we don't want to spend money. I don't want you to pay for hosting or anything like that in order to deliver your free gifts on. Also, if you're planning like a video Siri's, I'll show you how toe that later on the course. How to deliver the PdF or the e book. If you have a report or Amy option, any free gift that you have in mind for your ideal target audience will deliver toe, then successfully in order to motivate them to keep taken action on buying your product at the end. Step number two. The second tool will need here is Facebook pages on Facebook groups. If you already have a Facebook page, I'll show you how to optimize the page. If you don't have a Facebook page, we will do together. Together we will create a Facebook page super optimized with all the specific components that I require toe warranty, the success off your pages and also will create a Facebook group. Most important in the Indy scars, we will talk about one very important point that not many people are thinking about, which is how to monetize how to monetize your Facebook groups on also your Facebook page on also how to grow your audience on the patient On the group's step number three third tool that we need is a landing page. Remember, in order to deliver the free gift, we need a landing page where we will be collecting your customers. Name and email in these scores will talk about one off in the next video. We'll talk about one off the most easiest way to parade your landing page 100% free with Dean Facebook, so your customer doesn't even need to leave Facebook and war to your website. They will have the landing page with the inside your Facebook page on. All they need to do is in order to get the free gift is enter their main an email and I'll show you how to that right now in the next video So we'll talk about That's the Facebook the Landing page, which is 100% free. We will talk also about landing page in your website because later, for more for different strategies, you will need a landing page on your website and I'll show you how to create that here in the course to on the last point in the landing page. Aria is the video landing pages. Video landing pages are the landing page. Where do you see a video on the back? It can be your course. It can be your product. It can be anything. It could be a beach or a mountain. Any background that you can add to the back off your landing page will be possible with the video landing pages. And I'll show you also in these cars how to create that. So this is the third tool guy. So far, we have the free gift. We have the Facebook page and groups super optimizing, monetizing every day on also, we have the landing page where we're collecting your customer information number four. In order to store the customer information or to store their emails that you are getting from your audience, we need an outer responder service. I found a new service That is just amazing. I was working with get response for years and now I just change the new service because it's great is easy to use. So you I'm sure you will love it even if you have another our responders service Watch these specific area off the cars because you will like this one on. You can sign for free upto 1000 subscribers so you can sign today for free 100% free upto a turns out 1000 subscribers. And after that I think you pay like $10 a month or something like that. But you don't pay anything until you reach the 1000 subscriber mark Step Number five is to create a website is important to create a website. This is not a cars that where I will be to all the steps too great a website. But yes, in these cars will create you websites step by step. You know, a basic website on We will also write your first post all that We will try to achieve that in 15 minutes or less. That's a challenge. So what you are getting here on this course is all the complete Facebook sales funnel on. Also, as a bonus, you will get a gray website, professional looking website that you can use for your business for your products. Also for your landing pages for your video landing pages on to create post, create a block or anything, any tool that you can have in order to communicate with your audience. So these are the fraud. The five tours, the win it in the the resources are a off these specific letter. You will you will find a pdf where you can download on you will find the links toe all these specific five tools. Okay, that we're talking about. I hope to see you in the hope you download the pdf. You take a look on that take a look on the links, and also in the next video, we'll start creating right away your Facebook landing page. See that 4. 02.02 Creating your First Facebook Landing Page: Hey, guys, who welcome to this video on. Happy to see you here on in this video, I will show you one thing that you can do right now to start collecting your customers name and email. We will explore all these options later in the course with deep details with all the things you need to do is step by step. But in this video, I want to give you a step ahead. I want to give you the end result that you will have it with one off. The strides were using in this course in this course, As you know already, because you watch, there are the prior videos we are using lots off great strategy. And I will share with you right now one off, then that you can apply right now on your Facebook page. This is my Facebook page about the Communists anti August 1 that I want to use for tests. So you see what you are getting here and in the right, the left menu here we have home on the second option we will create in this case is important is asking them to enter their name and email downloading a free report that I have for them. So basically, I'll show you how to create this single and landing page on your Facebook page right now where you can ask for their for their information. Let's say here, let's enter a generic email on when we entered this information. You see that we can download the report here. So how do we do that? Let me show you. First we need a now responder service. Would you can sign for free right now. So if you go to the eagle avila dot com slash out of responder, you will be read erected toe the male mailer light what beach? Where we will find, in my opinion, one of the best and very easy to use our responders services. We will talk in details about all these later in the course also. So this is also my feeling. So if you use my link, I may receive a bonus front mailer light but yes, issue 100% free. So basically for you is the same. You can choose whatever option you want, so go to the Ebola villa. That con slash our responder weekly on sign up free on this blue bottle. I remember that this interface may change over time. If you are watching this video in the future, it may look a little bit different. Click on here and now we enter your company or organization name on this case, Let's say here, Diego's coffee that's a and amusing these for a coffee shop. Enter your email address. Let's see here. Let's enter a sample email address and enter your password here. When you're ready, click on Create account. Excellent. Now we're here on the dashboard of Mayor Light and now Miller Lites, asking you to complete your profile. Verify your website. You can do this right now. You can pass a video and do it, or you can do it later. It's important to completely today because Mailer like metal, I will approve your account after you submit this information. But let's continue with the landing page. Right now. Here are the top weekly conforms to create a new form, and now we have three types of four. We have a pop up. We have our landing pages on bad forms. Were working here with landing pages. You see that when we say like this, we have the option to create a new landing page. The salami pizza I just created a minute ago just for testing. Let me delete these for now, so click on creating landing page. Let's enter the landing page name here Landing page for Sales Funnel course game. This is just a test name and internal nano off your landing page. Here. Click on Safe and continue. Excellent and now is asking. The Miller Lite is asking as to create a new subscribers group. This is the group where people, when people signed for your landing page when people entered their name and email. These names and these emails will go all onto into this group and later we'll we'll learn more about groups, how toe war with groups and all that. For now, let's create a new group because we don't have any groups. If you have a group you can Selectric selected here in the least, some say, Let's see here cars, soaps, bribers, for example, create wonderful, I said like this. Yes, this is the group where I want to put my subscribers safe and continue, and now it's tying it to choose your template. We have here several templates that you can use for free. And if you want, you can preview the template, or you can just use it if you prefer, you have the option with the product picture here with other information, you have the option with videos and all that. For this specific case. I will use this one. So click on select when you want, when you find the one that you like and here we have their landing page at the top. Here you have. You see that we have two taps or landing page and success page. This is the success basis is the pages where will deliver the free report? Let's say so. Click on landing page fears you can change this if you want. All you need to do is double click here in the right side, you have the many where you can edit the image you can enter your URL toe. Lean this image to some content, and you can add new images. If you want. I will leave these cities just for now, off course here on the second field. You can also add it by doing double click so you can edit the title. You can add it. The description off all these. You can also add images on all the options that you want. If you click on fields, you see here that we have their register bottom so you can change the tax off this bottom you can translate to any language. If you are working in other languages or any option register, you can choose the filter you want. In this case, we're recording just chemo. If I click on add field, we are required. We have the name and email and I can change the order off these fields if I want. When this is ready, we can go to the design. And in here we have the options to increase the top space in the bottom, spacing the layout for full with or box. In this case, I recommend you box because we are talking a narrow space here on the Facebook page and we have all these options that we will explore later. So when you already with these this is your landing page, you can customize it as you want. We can click on safe. I remember here we