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The Complete Digital Photography Course Amazon Top Seller

Steven Riley

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30 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Highlights

    • 2. Introduction to the Course

    • 3. The Fundamentals of a good shot

    • 4. Avoid Camera Shake

    • 5. Holding Your Camera Properly

    • 6. Long Exposure Shots without a tripod

    • 7. Lens Sizes and Shooting Speeds

    • 8. The Rule of Thirds

    • 9. Composition and Leading Lines

    • 10. Exposing your picture properly Metering Modes

    • 11. Exposing your picture properly Exposure Compensation

    • 12. Exposing your picture properly Exposure Bracketing

    • 13. Shutter Aperture settings

    • 14. Using Reflectors

    • 15. Shooting in Sunny Conditions Fill Flash

    • 16. Shooting in Cloudy Conditions

    • 17. Framing your picture properly

    • 18. Cropping and Removing Unwanted items

    • 19. Burst/ Continuous Mode

    • 20. Focus Lock

    • 21. Putting it all together

    • 22. Camera Modes

    • 23. Camera Sensor

    • 24. Noise and Iso

    • 25. Resolution

    • 26. Shutter Speed

    • 27. File Formats

    • 28. White Balance Explained

    • 29. Setting your White Balance

    • 30. Putting it all together


About This Class

Why watch this Photography Courses

Well first of all if you are reading this then you have an SLR you have probably paid in excess of $1000 dollars once you have all the lenses and accessories, unfortunately most people do not ever take their camera off the auto settings which is a complete waste, our course  will be the best photography equipment purchase you will make and also the cheapest

Where can i find reviews of your Photography Courses

We are the number one selling course on Ebay,Amazon , take a look at our feedback, we have helped 10 year olds to 80 year olds, across all makes of cameras, SLR’s Compact and point and shoots. We have literally sold thousands of courses and have not received one return, we have 100% Feedback

We are the only course to have a 5 star rating on both Amazon in America and Amazon in the Uk

So What will I learn in your Photography Courses?
  • The complete SLR Digital Photography course has everything you need to start shooting quality professional photos in a few hours.
  • It’s complete with professional settings; find out how the pro’s set up their camera so you are shooting with exactly the same settings.
  • This course is suitable for all SLR camera models, Canon, Nikon, Sony ect..
  • The course encompasses these subjects delivered over DVD.
  • How to achieve those tack sharp photos
  • The fundamentals of a good shot, if you abide by these simple rules you will always have great shots.
  • How to reduce Camera Shake, (one of the biggest problems in photography
  • How to shoot in Raw
  • How to hold your camera properly to shoot handheld in low light situations.
  • How to compose your picture properly using the rule of thirds
  • How to compose using leading lines
  • ISO and which settings are best
  • Aperture how to use it properly to achieve professional results.
  • How professionals use cropping to improve their photos.
  • How to remove unwanted items from your photo.
  • Correct use of timers and remote controls.
  • Reflectors, how to use them to get that professional look in portraits.
  • How the pros use exposure bracketing to always get the right exposure
  • Using exposure compensation to get the right exposure in tricky situations.
  • Camera modes explained and how to use each one correctly.
  • Metering modes explained and how you can use them to make sure you always the perfect shot
  • How to frame your picture properly, filling the frame and using natural frames
  • How professionals use burst/continuous mode to always get that perfectly times shot.
  • Corrrect use of focus lock and its use in composition.
  • Proper settings for compression and quality
  • Camera sensors explained and which ones are best for landscape or portraits.
  • Noise and the best ways to reduce it
  • And much more…