The Complete Creatine Course: Build Muscle & Strength Fast

Brad Newton, Fitness Author |

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28 Videos (3h 13m)
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    • Lecture 1--Getting Started--What You Will Learn

    • Lecture 2--Getting Started--Who Is Brad

    • Lecture 3--The Basics--Overview

    • Lecture 4--The Basics--Mitochondria the 'power plant' of the muscle cell

    • Lecture 5--The Basics--ATP The Energy Currency Of Life

    • Lecture 6--The Basics--What Is Creatine

    • Lecture 7--The Basics--How Creatine Works

    • Lecture 8--Muscle Building--How Creatine Can Build Muscle Faster (Part 1)

    • Lecture 9--Muscle Building--How Creatine Can Build Muscle Faster (Part 2)

    • Lecture 10--Muscle Building--Creatine Side Effects

    • Lecture 11--Muscle Building--Who Can Benefit

    • Lecture 12--Muscle Building--Loading Protocols and Amounts

    • Lecture 13--Muscle Building--Creatine Cycling

    • Lecture 14--Muscle Building--Combining Creatine With Caffeine

    • Lecture 15--Muscle Building--Combining Caffeine with Carb and Protein

    • Lecture 16--Muscle Building--Creatine Timing--Five Schools Of Thought

    • Lecture 17--Muscle Building--Your Mission

    • Lecture 18--Muscle Building--Creatine Types--Monohydrate

    • Lecture 19--Creatine Types--Ethyl Ester

    • Lecture 20--Creatine Types--Liquid Creatine

    • Lecture 21--Creatine Types--Malate

    • Lecture 22--Creatine Types--Buffered

    • Lecture 23--Creatine Types--Micronised

    • Lecture 24--Creatine Types--Citrate

    • Lecture 25--Creatine Types--Pyruvate

    • Lecture 26--FAQs--Top 10 Questions

    • Lecture 27--Wrap Up--Could You Do Me A Favour


About This Class

Would you like to learn how to use one of the world’s most researched and effective workout supplements to get you closer to your ideal body sooner?

You may have heard that the workout supplement creatine is one of few supplements that actually works—with over 500 clinical studies—it is universally agreed that creatine will help you;

====> Lift heavier weights with more repetitions in the gym (which means more muscle size faster!)

====> Get stronger faster

====> Improve your anaerobic capacity (sprints)

====> Improve your muscle recovery (which means less time in the gym!)

====> AND MORE benefits!

It’s the reason why over 60% of professional athletes take creatine.

But don’t think for one minute that creatine is only for athletes!

And just for the record. It’s not a steroid, banned substance, or “pixie dust.”

Ask any strength coach or personal trainer to name the best supplement for increasing size and strength… they will always cite creatine.

But creatine is also one of the most misunderstood supplements on the market.


Are you confused by….

====> What exactly is creatine? How it works and how the body uses it?

====> How to supplement with it? How to combine it with nutrition to get maximum results?

====> Whether it’s safe or not? Whether it will hurt your organs?

====> All of the myths and conflicting stories about creatine?

====> Which type of creatine to buy? Micronised…. Capsules…. Liquid form?

====> The differences between creatine monohydrate and…. Pyruvate, Malate, Citrate, Nitrate [insert unusual creatine blend here]?

The Complete Creatine Course by Brad Newton is the only creatine course available on the internet that explains everything from the basic biology of how creatine works in the body—to what it is, how to use it, and addressing everything related to creatine (side effects, cycling, loading, differences in creatine types, etc)

And with over 30 scientifically backed references, you will walk away from this course with confidence that you can apply your new knowledge to get the results in your body quicker with creatine!

With over 3.5 hours of FULL HD content. You will not be disappointed!


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Great content, thanks!
Karoly Nyisztor

I love programming and teaching





Brad Newton

Fitness Author |

Why are 10,000+ students from 140 countries currently enrolled in my online courses?

> I care first and foremost about my student’s success in all of my courses

> Everything I teach is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research

> I help people achieve real results that they can maintain for life

> I have achieved and continue to maintain the results in my own body


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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you want to learn how I flourish off 5-6 hours of sleep per night?

Do you want to be able to have the energy to kick goals in life?

Do you want to learn how I achieved amazing levels of confidence by transforming my body?

The confidence in my body transformation has given me the confidence to apply for the Australian Ninja Warrior TV show.

...Wait until you achieve your own transformation and you will receive your own unique opportunities... And the confidence you will get from transforming your body will translate to other areas of your life…


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About Brad Newton

Brad studied at the University of Southern Queensland for 5 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology).

He later went on to achieve his pilot's licence from Melbourne Flight Training. He loves scuba diving, cave diving, climbing mountains, health and fitness, guitars, and extreme adventure.

5-6 hours sleep, energy, passion, Mr Tourism offers, infomercial offers, and fitness brand ambassador offers, have all been features of his life in the past 3 years.

Beyond 3 years ago, he could barely get out of bed.

8-9 hours sleep and waking up tired, moody and frustrated with the world. Blotchy skin from scratching and picking from "crawling" sensations. And his addiction to cake, biscuits, and cheap donuts would feed the sugar rush that ruled his life.

Every few months he was back in hospital with physical pain from illnesses, even spending time in an isolation ward.

He hit an emotional rock bottom in his life which prompted him to become a master in health and fitness transformations.