The Complete Card Magic for Beginners: Easy magic sleights, magic tricks, tips and flourishes. | Anthony Archer | Skillshare

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The Complete Card Magic for Beginners: Easy magic sleights, magic tricks, tips and flourishes.

teacher avatar Anthony Archer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (2h 35m)
    • 1. Intro video

    • 2. Basic shuffling of cards for magic and poker

    • 3. Card spreads and the geiger counter magic trick

    • 4. Reversed Card quick trick

    • 5. How to control a card to the top or bottom for card magic

    • 6. The double lift card sleight and magic trick

    • 7. Forcing a card tutorial and 'four simple questions' card trick

    • 8. Hindu Shuffle, control and force

    • 9. Chicago opener trick and loading cards to the deck for card magic

    • 10. The Glide sleight and 'design for laughter card' magic trick

    • 11. Card springs and how to dribble the deck

    • 12. False cut tutorial: triple and the triangle cut.

    • 13. The Triumph card trick

    • 14. Injog shuffle card control sleight tutorial

    • 15. Colour changes for ending tricks

    • 16. 'Topsy Turvy' Trick using card fans and the Kelly bottom placement

    • 17. Hungry Monster cards trick and the Marlow convincing control

    • 18. Decks of cards, types and differences

    • 19. Cardistry triangles

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About This Class

This course  will cover the simple skills, moves and basic knowledge you need to start a hobby or lifestyle in card magic. We will start with the most basic skills and tricks such as how to shuffle and key card tricks and then build up to more complex and varied moves and routines.

If you already know how to shuffle cards, then skip lesson one. I have taught several students in the past who had never learned how to shuffle cards and I wanted cover my bases. :)

I look at the different types of cards, the core moves such as shuffling, controlling cards, double lifts and forces and teach you a wide range of tricks along the way that utilise these moves.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Anthony. Historian, teacher and magician.

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1. Intro video: Hi, My name's anti and I'm a magician. The aim of this course is to help you on your own journey to beginning to learn about magic . This course will focus on card magic for beginners. I'm going to teach you the main moves and slights the differences about types of cards. I'm a teacher. Tricks on TV, tips on TV, the basics of card handling, everything you need to get started learning and creating your own card magic. There will be lots of updates. Are trying variations of handling a swell. So if your left or right handed or best different styles always for different moves, so you could customize and create your own projects, style all of your own. So let's let's, um, card magic in this house and fun. Thanks for watching. 2. Basic shuffling of cards for magic and poker: everyone. It's tutorial day, so we're focusing on the basics with my tourist moment. One of things like noticed on have been almost to teach quite a few times is a lot people don't like to shuffle cards, especially for younger magicians, is becoming a bit lost skill. When I grew up, I was a kid. We played college families of Christmas with my friend. Enjoy your spinal blackjack. So what? Just united knew how but travel. And we should cover how to shuffle deck college properly and to look professional doing side. All right, grab a deck of cards full along if you like. What you guys Paul's watch. You get the idea. It's the first thing. What's it look like? They have to forgive my handling. Why I'm right handed. I use calls Ambidextrous Lee almost more left handed in some ways. So if I'm using the opposite hand to you when I'm doing the tutorial segment, I'll try to show it with each hand. Okay, so shuffle normal stuff was called it overhand shuffle. It looks just like this. Okay, From this angle, you're just taking random amounts of cards and put on top, mixing them up So how do we do? So there's two things you need to first understand its key words. This is a deck. A small portion of the deck is known as a package. Okay, so if I'm using my standard handling because I hold the cards, I used my thumb on the other hand to peel off or pull down a package, a small jump feel like on by land in my hand with my fingers to support. And then you called your like you can do packet packet packet, But we'll commonly you do packet throw from threat. So let's break it that for there, we're going to the shoulder, so slowly take a packet into the handling the other fingers support it. That song can have keep coming back and forth. If you gets a little wobbly, right, then if you're doing it normally, you're gonna release it. If pressure be practice where this if you can come out, I'm exaggerating so you can see its release gradually. Small cars use this card emotion to get a nice look. Smooth action. One Friday, June like Now, if if you start to spill, that's life. Got a bit wonky? That's OK, you've got your hand here, toe. Hold it. It's a tidy up with But if you're really doing you to call it magic, I do recommend practicing moves from bed on your sofa because you're going to drop guards on. Then they like your dirty on the floor. So I should be the head. You look a bit last smooth with your hand because I don't shuffle with that much. Take a packet just like that. So now they strive shoulder, so you'll have to save. You have. Okay, so now you're looking over my shoulder. You put the same view life got. So if you're holding the cards in the right hand again a pack, it makes a joke. We'll tell you, just throw to take your time. Don't worry about dropping cards with the other hand. Some poor packet. See, if you have gotten so OK, you can just tidy them up afterwards. Go. OK, Okay. So we go back to my normal widely. Okay, really that straightforward. That's all there is to it pulls. I can't say that you have to shuffle the deck of cards and it's not short tutorial. I hope you found it useful. I'll continue doing these things funks on the basic skills to begin with. If you've got any requests, do leave a comment. My life for me Click subscribe. It really helps me out. Thank you for watching. I'll see you next time, but 3. Card spreads and the geiger counter magic trick: I have. Really? That's tutorial for you again today. My younger look at one of the basics card handling numbers. A spread has two in hand and on the table. And then afterwards are teach your trick that uses that as well as a principle known as a key card. What is quite devastating effect, sir. What is the spread? I'm sure you've all seen magicians. Go pick a card. Any card on the way. Then why do it could be using? We shall talk about in the light store or a spring. And sometimes they might do it in hands. Sometimes it might spread them on the title. Okay, so it's important to bear to do the one in the hands, right? Because it also open up slots of later on moves like coals. But you're not gonna look at today. But if you don't get a handling for a spray, right, something later stuff becomes quite hard. Second, let's go over the shoulder and talk about how to do this break. Okay, So spread. He's really straightforward. Okay. See how I'm going through the cards here. Nice and slowly. First off, I want you to think of an accordion. So I think that think of this motion. Guys exaggerate for effect, but the basic principle is correct. You're going to do that with the cards. Lawyer. Go hold them whichever hand you prefer. So I If it's your this is your starting hand, get golds index finger put on top your pinky pelo so help credo one support everything. Okay, the other hand, just the little fingers needed to cradle with the bottom. The other thing Because they're gonna go underneath. And as I push off a few by coming out come in Carmel. You can spread it, but they practice quite wide because your fingers underneath Because what's happening is this. You could even spread past your fingers because the cards on top of each other will support each other. So you could say to a person, pick a cop. I tried it from the other hand. No, I always do this way around, but we'll give it a guy from the other hand. I think they have done it that way around but say that the idea still remains. Yes, push and come on. So if I wanted to go to somebody, pick a card any card I would be. Which one would you like? And they could name toucher called Take called or whatever. Now, when you're doing on a table, it's known as a ribbon, and you could do it face down. You can do it. Face up. Thanks. Ups. Good, because it shows the cards normally for a reveal at the end of a trick. So how'd you do that? This one? First off, it doesn't really work on it. Table was easily this one. Wouldn't fix is not too bad. If you want to try on, say, a polished desk like a school table, it does not work. One. Something like magicians mats on the floor on your bed. However, it works lovely on a tablecloth. If it's fairly heavy one, you just so you're gonna put them there and you're gonna pull them across with a nice, smooth motion and you're gradually gonna open up your hand a little bit as you got. It's something ovary easily get feel for for their new a deck of cards is easier. Old index tend to stick together of it. This decks very new. Okay, And it is that simple. Now, what's fun about ribbon. If you have a couple of options, you can do a curved or a straight one. You can flourish. So what's quite good? Finest if you make a nice one and you take a finger under the end trying to slowly and you lived watch what happens, they all. You can also do it using a car so you could be like some. Okay, if you would have been funded it. This takes me a patient's bit timing to get right. You can this spring to call it a visual effect. Did you see there's a little kind of wife? If you put your finger on it, you can back and forth. They do eventually fall apart. That's cool what you're doing. If you re confident, you can never got going full white and then we'll look again. So that's a ribbon spread. Okay, right space trick. You're going to see from the spectrum from the my angle. But this tricks really angle free. They have a few options. You get deck of cards on this one. You can sign God any card you like, and they can take called, and then you can just be quite casually. I'm showing you the dirty and exaggerates will help me teach you in a minute. All you can do it this way. So what? They're talking. You're gonna want to look at the cards. I'll show you. Why So if we just take it easy and doing simple way they've taken a card. I'm talking to put the cards down. Say Lar de Dar. Just first time you see a carpentry course tricks your body like a glove. Not such a right I'm gonna do anymore. You cost us over there for me and then cut the cards and reach over and they cut. This is a cut. And then they complete the cut. They do. This is many times has stayed like so. Imagine that Spectators doing it, not me. Then you got a right. Now, if you're doing this in the look down here, you ever see your cock up to hold the hand? Everything. But there's two ways to present the finale for this trip. First you do a ribbon sprayed. Now you can do it one of two ways you could do. It's called the Geiger counter. What? You can do it with their hands. I quite like how you get the heat. You feel they've held the card close to themselves. You feel the heat from them, a field on the car, what we do with the show because you gradually 14 like cattle your hand and remove some of the cards. Now it's not those. Oh no, no, over there. So I'm feeling some heat now. I'm telling you, couldn't see and I'll show you why in a minute it's That's their card suck. Let's Dio is a crack. So they called and he caught. That's the card we're looking for. We can't see it because they're too spectator. But just tell me. Explain the principle. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, touch, count. However many that do as many as they want spread do the guys accountable the heat thing, gradually removing some until we get to. Ultimately, we know that's their card. So how do we know it's also a concept called a key card? Knowing one card where is in the deck, that is, You know, there's thank you. In this case, we took the easiest option. The bottom card now have a problem with The bottom card is they might see you look at it. Figure this out. So this doesn't work well, for people would quite like figuring out tricks, but you can just use the bottom. I haven't gleams. Then talk. You need to spend some time talking away from the deck so they forget you looked taking what's called a peek at the bottom card. Now, if I wanted to do a bit more carefully, I would instead I could wipe tinkle to break of it. Get Pete this card. Your respect. I don't talk for a minute. Okay? Did I doubt? I know I would. Cut to the table, see to the bottom. Right. Wacky card in the middle. No, I'm sorry. Wacky card on top of a and then cut on top. So again, I've got a little break. It doesn't matter what called I take a random break. Gateau pink. They fear that card. I know. I've got the two about sick. I just go. Okay. Marquee until cut. Now, when they cut, they're gonna put my card on trouble. They're called. And those moments they only have a cuts to calls. It will always always be together. The worst thing that you worry about is Well, what if I come? One called. He it doesn't matter. Think of the cards like a circle site. If you say. Was it the two hearts? Hey, you know they're called is here. Doesn't matter. That's how the tricks the rest is just practiced Chairmanship. Quite old trick is very good. Begins one disease. Yeah, when you can focus on your presentation, your patterns that and how to spread. And they every thanks for what? You know. Hope you found that fun. See you next time, but 4. Reversed Card quick trick: I have one last quick trick today. Let's get straight into it. Yeah, that counts all different. Gives a spectacular choice. They pick a card. This God. Okay, we're gonna put it in the day. No, silly. We got to take a turn over one called Look, A little bit of magic. One day, one card in the whole deck is up the other way. Their card. Okay, let's get strange. The method. This is a really easy trick to do on, and it's a couple of ways to do it. So I'm good guys and shoulder on our explain a few. Okay. Welcome back. Okay. Said this trick, as you see it's quite sure, is quite easy. Now, I'm not going to show you this standard way of doing it, which involves Put your hands behind your back because it looks so false. Instead, only show you two different methods while I use when at a table. And when I use the one that is more often, which involves a spectator's hands. So the set up for this trick is simply one card on the bottom of the deck turned the other way. Now you could have this up in advance. Let's a few ways to do it. If no, you can just get breaking. Do that. I often do it that way. If it's quite quick thing, it's nobody's looking at. My hands are just done. Of course, if anybody is looking your hands, it's easy to see. So the other way, as I did in the video, you show you the cards keep in contact against this one. Remember when I talked about how to control the card? But the bottom? It's the same idea. As I moved deck, I let my fingers keep contact with one so I could turn over and done quite quickly and smoothly. It's hard to see you go. Look, all the cards, a different pick a card and that solves the first problem. Then they pick a card. Now there are loads of waste card, so just go with any you like. Now, while they're looking at the card and if they want, they can inspect it. What you need to do is casually turn your hand so that bottom guard is face up, down. Okay, this is the for much only move. You need todo. Don't be really, really casual with. You can finish your card on what they're looking at. This way of talking and you just slowly. Harley is if you're not doing anything, turn your hand over. Now, when they put the call it back, don't do anything like that. Just go where you want it. They can putting themselves fine line. They can push in themselves. Just make a point of keeping the deck fairly tight. So then you can even put it down. I think you might be sneaky. So now we get the two variations. You could either go under the table, so imagine my hands in that on the tape. But that one back to normal, flip the deck over guy or my preferred way is to just do it in the spectator's hands. So what do I mean by that? Magic done in somebody's hands is far more powerful. So I've gone in. So where the stage is, find the card. Let's go back. See? How did so I've gone casually a diver. Give us, like, Okay, we'll put the college backing, make sure it goes in Norway. Face down. Okay, Hope And then I say to the Norman suspect there can you just do this one in your hands, Everybody rings on oil. And if it every little interrupt the trick No, it makes a difference if they were enjoying, But they always then look at their hands. Which means I could then flip that one defining so I can then do the turn. And if maybe I can flip often. I don't even do the flip. But it does Give me a nice window to do the turn. Yeah, OK, so you and the car goes in to I'm getting on your hands. Can you check him? Anything Things 90? Yeah. Great. Then I just put the college in their hands, but still got it that way. Doesn't matter. I like to get a little problem. They will. Same. Your card. What are we looking for? We're looking for the blood, the weather, it waas and then I just go. Well, one card, not the other way. Now, if you're doing it in a stand up situation, UFC don't spread on the table. You just go look one card up the other way. And then if you still need to tidy up, just do that move. I showed you earlier again or as a safe, you can just dio no, and that's it. It's a really quick trick. It's much more powerful if it's done in their hands. That version really does impress people. Give it a go try out. It's very simple. Have fun with it. Thanks for watching. 5. How to control a card to the top or bottom for card magic: everybody. So let's get straight to station way go Look up. One of the core skills you need how to control called controlling card is when a spectator returns called to the decking some four and get you manipulate the deck to put the card where you want it. So let's take a nice, easy culture meant. But one thing I like to do in practice, you practice with a nice you don't lose track of what card you should be looking for. Now you'll see some people. When I say, put the card back any way you like, they'll do spread. I don't first thing I've wait. Is that because some Spectators will be really awkward and trying to shove it right in or the ends? There are ways to deal with that, but it's far more involved. Instead, I do one of the few things I might say. So I stopped. Okay, Reach out in the place they called full. Let's say if I stop it, I through the deck. Whoever found the card Inspector exit Stop! Hold it for them. Are they back in real? Okay. If you do decide to go for a spread, better to go. Okay. Where do you want? Okay. You want to hear? Okay. You want know? If they're going to be awkward, May try to get it right up there. You got kind winning that. They all come in now. You still got control of it in a basic sense. So cold cozy. If it's going like this. Look, I don't want to get controlled by pushing in yourself on angle. Okay? So as you push the inside whichever hand you're using, slightly faster than the outside. So if I'm using my right hand, hold the cards pushing here first so that the cards angle slightly, I make you look like my whole hand is doing it. Writer, At this angle, you could see I've got a little bit sticking out here so far away. Just grab a different ice, just like show you again. So on the cover of my hand, a push this bit sticks out normally. Hit my little finger. Hey, Okay, now that happens with your hand covering it. Then once I get a one of those to go a long way back on one to cover my hands that she gave what's called Pinky break. So What does that mean? As it comes Old way back. A slight angle. He hates my finger homes do that way. It's my finger. There's always eats and spectate I can't see anymore, but it's sticking out. The back on my little finger pulls down on it. Todd easy takes what's called a pinky break on a pinkie break, which are show a game we're behind May is where just the very, very tip of my finger flesh. So you can just let this much is in the gap. All that means is with practice you can hold deck. It looks completely normal, but from behind I've got a gap This couldn't break pinky break. So again, machine, my little finger clips revealed fish. If I go from inside, you can see come under click and in then I got my break. We've been using the other hand saving lives Do first time I've as you can see, it just This is just so you can keep track more easily. I come back so huh, trying to keep my hand out place. You can see it comes out. Think into the no. I know we hold the cards. You already told. My right hand looks a little sloppy in my left because I wouldn't often do it by hand. But it's worth being able to do at least a basic level with both. No, once. Now you feel like using the other message What you said where you want to say Okay, you want that they can play on square, so just you stick your finger in a little bit as you place the cards on top that will naturally still create the same break. Okay, Other hand. Spectators, goal. Okay, that they place the card, you go. The big toe watch with these is don't be jamming the whole finger in it will become really obvious. It's minimal. It takes practice because when you first doing it, you're gonna be a fundamental land tryingto stick a whole fingering because you know you have definitely control. Now you have. It's harder to give the impression of a nice, tiny dick which isn't being a Ghira, huh? So the spectator returns being on the way. That's what you're looking to get now. Once you've got that, I'll leave it face up so you can see. Then I need to control the card to the top or the bottom, depending on my needs. So in the simplest ways to above the break take some with hearts cut into the table Take some more government to the table Place the most half on top Their car is no top of the deck. Show you again I'm in a position Eri got the break Get some of the college, huh? Cut now Something to bear in mind. This is important. Don't just do it in to back it. I don't just go along with the rest of it's far too suspicious It's get seen through It's psychologically more convincing to do three Looks like a genuinely cutting the cards. All right, one Now, if you haven't got a table, if you are the kind of magician likes to do stand up magic I'll show you from both angles as well. How to do it Standing okay now what you then do is called undercut. So to a table is great If no why do you take some men? The rest they have to do to really? When you're undercutting because it's in your hands. If I was doing a stand up walk around kind of thing with my table. Why would Day, uh, is I've got my break. I would take some of the gods I could if I want, so I could take 1/3 packet the rest of the cards. That's hard to do. I'll show you give more over the shoulder. I'm basically cutting, if you but in my talk well, more Okay, that's called Double Undercuts one today. It's quite good to do if you've got Spectators who are paid to Careful you. It's not my preferred move. I do prefer if there is something invited cut table. I just think it looks more convincing because then what you do is shuffle the cards, you know. So when I shuffle, I can control the card using my thumb. If you've watched the video, where talk about how to shuffle cards, I discuss how you poll and then you shuffle from top. Well, if you want to control the card, do one your thumb, then do the rest on top. The card is now at the Bolton some tricks. I might want to repeat it that way. This is the standard way to really control one card. You just got well now. Of course, we ain't doing the trick. The calls upside down you, but And shuffle off. Now, if I want the card back at the top. So I want to shuffle us a few times to look convincing I would to keep it at the bottom. Just keep contact there and then contact a zebra. You sure found poured packet if I keep call intact. If I show you dirt, your angle, it stays at the bottom. So before speeding? No, don't worry about looking to Heidi. Yeah, it's nice if you do. I can if I take my time. But looking a little haphazard could actually be a bit more convincing. Do you think of great reduces like Tommy Cooper? He made a big thing of looking clumsy and make steaks. Doesn't this look nice and convincing and natural heights like that? That is still there. Now, why do it if I want it back at the top of the I dio few shuffles. You know, you mix up the deck. I'm talking to the Spectators. The lost one. I got it. It's not control. I'm not keeping it there anymore. I throw a top, but I'm gonna keep a slightly firmer grip this time because I want the last car to get cool and I throw on top. Yeah, I'll show you from with the call 10 or so paper package at this time. I'm not holding. Sorry. Peel for a great Now when you get to the bottom, if you can't quite get it cleanly If I've called couple, just do that now. If you do it quite smoothly, is hard to see. So if I turn it back, you got because back so nice Controlling a called so that lets go over the shoulder. Go through those beats again. Okay, we're back more over the shoulder. So that's just one store it once more just for those who wanted to see a different angle. We have a card selected four down with some place in push on angle. Was Yoon scene. It's not stuck outside is to get that side. I tried to make it look as straight as possible. Then I could take my break for the other side, pushing in. Okay, what my natural side does, that's it. Trying to clear the angles. You can see it. It's trying. So I was like push comes out. Do me. This would happen under the cover of your hand. Did you see? When I use my perfect side, I would just go into cover land. Get hold. She still you again? Okay, so we're back to you over the shoulder, troubling a card. So just to recap briefly, push. Try to make it look like you did it naturally. But while favoring pushing the opposite side first. So the card kicks out at an angle. Hey, stuff happens under the cover of my whole hand to get the pinky break, Show the other side. So let's do it that side And then without the politics first. So I kick now? No, probably I would be like this. Well, so you have got to see it. Yeah, and she cuffed when you got it with your finger. You tidy up, you square the deck, which is where you make you look tidy. Got my right to get the car back to the top of the deck. You're either 123 You do anything a volatile or anything like that, or that said you can heart from the bottom. So this might be easy to see now. So I've got my break. I made my hands. You saved them. Go well. Maybe two, maybe three. The double wonder cut you can only get away with just doing too. See, humans go. 12 It is quite smooth. Rest a table. Why waste to three? So once the cards on top what we do again? So never more angle. I got the call it on top. It's there for show. On the other hand, yeah, yeah, I want to keep it at the bottom. Remember, Keep contact with my fingers and my thumb. I want a packet toe hide their card. Okay. Even though it be the other way out. Still don't want it to be seen. I've got one card in his hand at this point because I want something on top of it. Then it looks like the other way I shuffled. Okay, The dirty angle again. Keeping at the bottom, going to get it back to the top. Pinch a little hard on the normal because it will help you keep hold. You realize hopes I didn't clock it. Just one pill drug again keeps it. They're harder without so there it is. One small stare. So talk just once more from the other side for any people. Hold cup. I appreciate that. I'm a bit. We had Ricardo hold him in my right when really, I should hold me my left because I'm right handed. Why just use cards this way? It's more comfortable. So fuel the same school wherever you find easier. There it is. No, some talk. They all know how to control cards on a basic level, and it's the most convincing level. It's still my preferred method for most tricks. Thanks for watching. 6. The double lift card sleight and magic trick: hi, Pretty. Now it's time for the double lift. Now. This is the most important move you're ever going to learn of. Nine. Stating that it's one that's the key to the vast majority of tricks is also the one that you don't want Lehman to know about. I don't say this lightly. You know what? I don't even want to perform tricks. It uses until you're confident with it because you did not want people to see what's going on. If you people see this move that it worried Mother streaks in some way. So what is a double lift? Let's assume we start with. They called, We put in. And if you've watched my controlling cards video, you're no about to control the car to the top. And then I spoke about giving a few shuffles. So the thing is, that's their card. Oh, no, it's no. Okay. Where is it? Away. It's back now. That would seize the bare bones of a trick, but you can see what I did. I showed different card, Mr Top called. In fact, I have to. That's what's called a double lift, sometimes referred to as a double toe attending on that technique you're using. Now, if you read books like the War World card Magic, which authority recommend, you're just starting out the method for taking a double lift along the shape. Today's the standard beginner's version. I actually prefer different method, but it takes more practice and is easy to do. If you've mastered this version, first I'm going to do is I'm gonna run my thumb up the back of the college now with in your hand you casually do it until you've got to and you get fuel for it. They'll. So I would sit there practicing just that so you can consistently get one from the top. So you've got two carts now. What? The books will tell you that typically to do this show, this is really good for camera. Already within a distance, it's know how I really like doing it close up because it looks a little unnatural to go. Here's the top card. It's fine if you're using off the deck, it doesn't look natural up close. It does distance work. If you're doing things for camera or for an audience further away, they top card. No. Then if I'm not close I don't show it with two. That way I would typically go use my thumb to knock it over. I think he looks a look nicer. It's also quite smooth. See, guy, you've done yet. But you go movie figured out to the side. Just do that because they you could be quite tidy. Official card? No. Oh, man, I've lost your car. Better do some magic. You get the idea because it's that the other way to get one talk about a lot more. What's wherever the shoulder. So that way, if you're doing um, a lot of card magic, you're gonna stop trying to get used to using your pinky a lot more you could do. It's called a pinky count, though. I want to 34 watches. 2345 It's worth being able to count with your pinkie to three. Up to about four or five. I do a couple tricks. I need to get four cards. The other hand. Definitely way got. Want to home? Score Pinky count when you do it casually. So you're talking to the spectator. You all you could kind of us to cover your hands. I would only do it while I'm gesturing and talking. So what was your card? OK, let's see if I found it very nice and dirty for you. Nice and clean. What's your card? OK, lovely. Let's see if I found it Nice. Clean C. Sometimes it's was practicing, as I said in a previous video with a cult is easy to remember. Want to? It's very important when you turn the cards. There's lots of methods that you keep close to nice and tight. So that's why that is considered the standard beginning version. Because I'm holding it all together. Where is I prefer up? Close this because I do that I tried in the cards. That is a double lift. So if I show you it is a trick and then we'll go over the shopper I talked through the whole day. So spectator chooses a card. Place it back in the day. We control it to the top. We give the cards a good shuffle. I've taken one from the top by mistake. It landed wrong. That's fine. I could work with that because my sky they shall card. It's not your card. Oh man, what we're looking for off the ice. Okay, there you go. Doesn't matter back. So the double lift standard method said you rubbing your thumb. That's easier if you plus in pressure to the top, holds it in place so casually do nice off beat moment. Don't do what they're looking at your hands. This is like a son. Then two cards practice just this practices for hours lift. See how I could see the to? That's what you want a spectator to not see. That's why that method is good for distance because they can't see the side. So I don't like up, Close said. It doesn't look natural. We field right next. One person they should call yesterday from the sides. Really risky sometimes. So therefore, I would do that. The other hand from the hands run show. Yeah, my finger on the back helps keep the cards together. It does give me a little more safety. So now let's go through one wife. Favorite tricks is called a transposition effect. So you've seen the basics already called Wife once used the ice again. Go one. No, I don't do Is with a few more flora, she cuts mixed in. This is what would go to effects with other cuts and shuffles and things mixed in. So I shuffled control. So the top stays at the bottom, just like the video. Now I would take a double. You can do it for the middle, which you call it a bit as well the corners back for practice. Why in the heart just go from there? That's not your car. Oh, no. Take care of the wrong card for May Put it between their hands. Great. They go, they go. They don't know to tell you that the king Oh, man. Okay, well, thats for another called this one. What card are the jack while want you to think of your car into simple message up psychic stuff. Now, I do this with a few fancy shuffles, Maxine, but we keep resentful. Now. We need to send a message to the day. Look, if your card, also called the excess space, is finding the spades and then if it's in their hand, it's white. He's found in, helped us out. That was good. If he wasn't it, they took over and they freak out. They will. Okay, because they thought they had the king. So that is a basic version of one of my go to tricks that uses a double lift. Practice it, practice it well. Do not perform it unless you're confident with it. That's where things like Pinky Count. Come in handy for a bit nervous about this. Sometimes you quite getting you clip a few. Sometimes you're gonna click three. Awful Likely. Quite nice, because you can my job again. It takes off practice with your dominant hand. They have it. That's the double. If the most important move, you're going to learn in card magic, traded with respect, use it. Well, I know. Get very free fall. Thanks for watching. See you next time. 7. Forcing a card tutorial and 'four simple questions' card trick: Hi, everyone today we're talking about was called forcing a card. So force a card is to get the spectator to freely select the card you want. Now there are lots of methods for this. I'm gonna take you through some of the begin in one state. I was going to show you a basic trick. I use a go to trick that uses a force if you have mentioned one of the videos but the rural road, pick up a copy or any of the harried rain books quite good as well, and they'll talk through lots of different tricks that use of force. I don't use it often, so it's good to have at least one does in case from doing a run of card tricks. And I want to show a different style of trick. So it's Noel sleight of hand, so first off, then you need a card. Go now for practice sake, let's use an easy one to remember the ace of diamonds. So it's a force now. Most beginning books talked about something called Across Cup Force. I don't like it, but I have seen it used to good effect. You would say it's a spectator comp cards. You've got the card you want on top. Okay, Now you put Jews magician. You put the other wanna talk like that, and then you talk to them For me, It's always your name. We get a favor. Card tricks. Been so much. Anything you like. Just peel a little bit of time before you. Okay, so we cut to this card. What card? Take it. Memorize it. Course is calling on one nays across cup force. Okay, you've got a card on top you got. I would get them to cut case or table covered carts for being okay. Well, lovely. That's a card, right? Bob Loblaw. Talk for at least 30 seconds. Now, if you don't want a free agent by putting your favorite called on top, that's fine. You don't have to do that. Make sure you know, ever cards on top so you could be showing the spectator. That's a nice every nice deck all mixed up. Well, the car to different. And then just leave somewhere for cards at the top. That you do that? Yes, You're right there. We all I can't. I'm then going to the moon. Another good message begins is called the Count off Force. So you say to spectate to choose a number from at 5 to 15 that you ate. Okay. 1234567 Pick them up. Place them back on the top. Now you give them to the spectator, you say that's how you do it. Now you do, Captain. A carts on may. Well, do it. No. 1234567 ID. That's your car. Have a look at it. Done. That makes it. It works is presently effective. The key there again is that you demonstrate first. So what that does is it reverses the order of the cards so free with 1234567 paper They can use any number they like. Put them back on top. The eighth card down is their card or the card Your force. 1234567 There's one other method I'll show you tonight a bit more caused. We use the same card vaulting memories wherever colonies on the Bolton cut the calls. Now I do in my hands with this one. So you're gonna need to get used to something called a swing cut or a kick cup. Just what? You was one hand to do this, so I'll show you. Don't you think that's sorry? One kick out like this? So you pick up maybe 1/3 of the deck half the day, whatever. With your index finger rest holding him. This grips times a little grip for any people getting ready in tow. Two fingers on the edge from the back. Free up this. I just I could just place them in hand if I'm trying to If it awkward place, these are talking. I take a pinky break right from doing it the other hand. I'll be okay now, because I've got that pinky break I talked about in previous video. I can then keep that position and I could say prospectus. I stopped riffle down with my thumb. They know that's the way I say. Stop. I'm gonna pick up from the break and show them that card. Any of these methods will work. It's called a riffle force. You guys say stop spot Doesn't matter where they say. They say I don't care to deal taking it from the right there. Stop. Lovely. There you go memorized it. Got it lovely. They just put the deck back on the table. I said, it's a shame you're using, for argument's sake, the cross cut force. Not as I said, Not what I use myself, but doubts. Do it. Actual card. Remember it for me. Okay. But under the neck, you give the calls to the spectate from they shuffle them. And I'm happy you're memorizing the card Ace of diamonds in your head. They give you the back. Now I do its called four little questions. It's occasionally asking him. Okay, so what's your favorite song? And as I'm going through, I'm looking for their card. Has to be there. I'm just gonna casually Katelyn what I'm talking about. Tell me their favorites. So Okay. Was that top 10 here? I just take a card and put it down. So I'm telling a story. It covers fat. I've moved cause around to get their call to the top. Okay. How old were you the first time you got kissed? Oh, well, she must be quite the queen. Oh, your life. I think we're good at sports winning competitions. Yeah. Oh, you must be quite a the favorite son, Jack. Uh, what's your favorite place called? Holiday. All that's brilliant. I mean, have you been they? Even at three times I asked four questions. 1 to 3. Anything you can influence, you can pre write them. I just have a few kind of go to classics in my head. Favorite song, first keys, Faith Holiday. Because everybody has an answer to those I take before cards. This works really well, right? So I want to do four things about yourself. And I use that knowledge to learn all about you. Everything. Now. Why do you recognize it? Your college? I'll see. 1234 Questions Tell me that your card was the ace of diamonds. Now I want only that the time is now for from the top. Okay. Forcing a card from the other angle Does matter which hand he goes you to take. You showed them to spectate. You memorize the top card. The cross cut four something we've covered to death. But they cut the cards. You put the other on top. You talk for 30 seconds to him about anything you like. You got this topology paper. Okay. The count falls which I do prefer much stronger. One. Pick a number. Any number they like, I'd say only safe from between five and 15. Don't just turn to pick any number, because if I pick 53 or something more than you've got, if they pick a number, that's wind in the deck. So 41 where it's going very long. Boring move. So 5 to 15 are 12. 123456789 10 11. Tough Doesn't matter, are reversed. The order. Now you do it gives cost a spectator. 12345678 Containing that's your card. Great, there's you call it. In short, your friends memorize it for me. And then when? If you do a force, what songs? You remember their card. Get them to shuffle the deck. Get them. It's so convincing. Yeah, they'll mix it all in the other one, I said about the powerful force. Sorry, the card I want. I've only glimpsed at the bottom card, and I've just gone carts. Jr with the other hand. So I called kick place in my hand pinky break and write a riffle with your thumb. They say stop wherever they like and you just simply go towards them. Show other hand. There is pinky break. Not so natural with my left hand. But there you go. We're forward. Thunk have this. They saw top helps, breaks everything. Stop shut and you can see the trick is pretty self explanatory once he forced apart, so they haven't. Thanks for watching. That's how you force apart on the spectator. 8. Hindu Shuffle, control and force: Welcome back. Everyone say we're gonna look at the Hindu Shuffle. A new shop was this. Now you might be thinking if you just started learning how to shuffle cards wide or one like this. It's a really versatile move you can use to just look a bit different occasion, which is never a bad thing. You can get to control in a cult, and you can use it to force a card. And it's really hard to detect is a force, even though it's one of the most begin of forces out there. So I'm gonna show you a worthy uses for it today on. Then, in the next video, I'll show you one of my favorite tricks that uses this force always so again ocean just from my ankle. Now the everything to remember with the Hindu force is the Hindu shuffles are is to not use it too much and not use it not enough. That sends contradictory. It's no why use every trick, but I use it in a couple of tricks, so that way it's not some suspicious move. It's also I something you want to use, um, in a flow. The movie a trick so I don't go. This is exclusively how I'm going to shuffle your cards. I might go. That will make some up, and then it will go a bit this way. Then we'll give it a riffle shuffle, and it just becomes into tightening. Okay, so let's look at it over short on. I'll teach you how it works. Okay? Welcome back. So let's look at the Hindu shuffle, then. First off, you can use middle finger and thumb to pull out a portion from the middle of the day. On the other hand, is just gonna cradle and slightly squeeze every time. Just lightly hold everything else. You play six, otherwise it gets a bit messy. They won't will come out tightly. So you want a slight squeeze, then you just placing on the top of the other hand, okay? No. The initial ations. You're gonna find some card slip and slide. You're gonna drop a few if you need to. You can always put your thumb on top to get some extra support. That's fine. So that's that. You could use this to force a car and to control the car. Man, The forces easiest. Let's look at my bottom card. So the jack of hearts force the card instead of pulling from the middle, you're gonna go from the top that you're going to change the motion slightly. So you've seen me going like this? Yeah, I might show it to the audience. Every time I do this first, I'm going to use the force. Argo Show show. Sure. Show on each time I'm showing a different card. Okay, So sure. Sure. Show show. If I'm gonna forces that are pulling out from the backwards I go from the told forwards. Okay, We'll also expect that you say stop stub shock Well again. So the Hindu False. So first off, you do normally to show them as many different cards as possible because then it looks nice and legitimate. They let go again. Then you say Stop, Stop. So the force, instead of pulling out from the middle, going on top, you just come from the top, dropping your hand. It's really hard to detective falls really hard. I had all sorts of people trying to burn me. If you're not familiar with that phrase, burning is when they stare your hands really hard on. We'll do later. You are talking about a different smaller problems. You're gonna get in magic now to deal with them. But as long as if you do a show first, so you show different card, show you for God, she different car. Okay, Now you say stop. Yeah, I'm not used to do it left out. And, um, is I want to make sure you see our practices one handed. So you go, What right? That's the Hindu force. Now to control the car five. Before we continue with the jack files. Just cause we're remembering that one controlling the card we've talked about before is had to get a card from the middle of the deck or the bottom of the deck to the top, or vice versa. Now, that's another reason I like this one for occasional use in a run of tricks because you're using the same movements being a different way. So if we put on top and we think for standard Hindus, you know, pulling off the top, yeah. Now get the rest of the cards. And as you go on top, you're gonna want a smoke break because fund a full speed. If I show you just to make. First we go one sure from often on top. So her natural that looks. You have to watch your Angola. But you might want to tip towards the person you're doing it. You don't want to see the sights you can't do it side on. So I would go towards them a lingua here, So it really simple as well Pack your did you have to put more on top, cleared your other hand thing or something. She's holding. The deck is going to crap just a small portion of the deck underneath. All right, You're not in this position, and then you use your holding hand. So I'm concerned my right finger and some pool cars on top. So you are now undercover of this packet holding this packet with their card on top. You do a run, and then when you're at the bottom, you just chuck until welcome to go with the other hand. The other hand, from honest, that gives you an idea what might look like. Especially if you ever wonder why I will show with you both. And it's not just for the different hand people out there. It's sometimes useful to see what it looks like when you first learned. Because I don't do this hand. So you're gonna is gonna look like how yours will look, So I'm gonna go backing off, or I'm gonna get Pakistanis. It's not smooth, but it's okay. Like last. Okay, Those people will tell from this angle as well. You're gonna get packet their second. As you go in and see this angle. You're gonna things you've got. What going on now? When I use my natural hand, I could do much Tidier, Much smaller portions, like off wanted to run. I want a few No, from you've got. If you ever get caught here, you know he hasn't quite landed any trip. We get out that there are ways to recover it. You just do a kind of revealed cult pocket routine, which I'll talk about that video, but take a practice. It doesn't matter. Cafe cozy and just stalking. And they just you can. There is pretty safe is a method. Even if you pretty stressed out, it's one from the top. I do a video color changes and reveals I love that. Okay, so that's the the main uses off the Hindu shuffle. Thanks. For what? You I'll see you next time 9. Chicago opener trick and loading cards to the deck for card magic: one day I'm gonna teach June my favor. Opening trick. It's popular with a lot of card magicians is called the Chicago opened version of Mutual is called Red Hot Month on, uh, pretty straightforward. You should like it. So I ordered for my copter spectator Say, choose a card. Anyone like, was it? And then I just right now I see May Don't know that calls, but they do like else, you know, be shy. Tell you why don't you blow a case of the day? You said you know the guy friend? Oh, no, You got me always a wet 10 well, let's see what the Texel. Now, we may not realize sometimes who the cards can get a little shy. So your card Who? That was pretty cool. Yeah, but I in your hands keep that safe for me. Okay, lets see if we could do I get for you. Right? Have another go say stop. Any time your life, okay? Lets you call, Have another go. Bone of a case of the day. Well, that was a good 10 God, it's try again. Uh, yes. Well, uh oh, uh, look cools the card that likes. You wanna go a bit shy? The blue card. It is in your hand. Uh, now, this trick always gets a really great reaction. So how's it done? I need to have the show. That's terrific. Well, really, really easy. Well, you need is a blue backed card from another day. It doesn't have to be blue, but he has to be a different color. No, Most magicians have a stack by school next. No, By the way, I learned this was to sign the both cards with initials. It doesn't matter what initials make it look as the same as possible. It's called a convincer. And then I put the card the red card on the bottom of the deck. So on the bottom of the day, I've got okay. They don't have to use my patter, all my jokes, but it gets a pretty good reaction if you're doing it for, like, a no old lady or so girls. About a few drinks you could do with a guy. It doesn't matter. I have done it. It's still, you know, you might tweak the wording a little bit. Uh, because I'm excited to an old rule. This is a boy. Tech colors rushed out of him. Look what you've done on. You get some old lady giggle. You know, Rex a few little bit cheeky. It is a really great reaction without being smart here. And it just makes him feel say they have a cot and it is free choice. They put it on the top, and you cut the deck. You said it's the blood kiss of the day block is make your jugs. Use mine if you like. Go through the deck. Now, this is to move as you get through to the blue. Just put that in the bottom half of the deck on top. That's important because you want the Arthur Ecology got signed at the bottom. Now you're gonna do a double lift Now. You probably saw me do. It was quite a sight. Strike double. There are lots of methods. Arms. You could just use a normal one. Yeah. You show they're called a while. Tiny back. Hold out ahead, called on top. Or if they're a table, but their hands on it, that's called to go. Keep that safe for me. So they're doing that. You do. The Hindu force. So I did a video already on the Hindu shall forward. How to use is a force. If you don't like that force, you can use any other bottle card force you like. But I find this one is a nice flow to it. I showed my card. Now the signature will help convince them it makes them go. What? They might even say something. Oh. Called Rejoined. You like from here? I do like to call it Restricts, Kartik. So I'm chuffed in the deck. Don't worry about it. Just remember that one for me. They might not say anything, but they will mentally note that it's assigned card. I'm not one done. Go right. Love keys this time, right? Let's see. Happens again If you want. You can give me shuffle. Don't have to. I don't often with this trick, You know? My kiss. Okay. And you go through. You gotta looking for the blue card, Actually. I mean, you need a slow death. I don't have another look. Yeah, but you should have changed like gold when I start getting on Libya, Huh? Your tricks going role, You know, of course. That called the Light. You'd want you might go blue is in your hand, isn't it, Michael? If they hadn't had the whole time his signed one, they will not think that you've got to five parts now. What college you use is completely irrelevant. If you do walk around or if you're doing a polity, we're gonna force multiple times, sign a few, keep a few in the about pocket. Okay? Different ones. Look for cartage about space on them saying nice when they're signed. Low numbers, a good And then what you do is you do different initials on each one. We dio Jupiter cooks and you have a few duplicates in your pocket. If you do walk around and you know this could be open our multiple times, then I wouldn't even have that card in the deck. I run my deck a little bit lighter. Say, three cards missing. Have those three sets of this in my pocket spread out. So if I was doing card in my pocket, I would probably have the miners in separate pockets. Well, doubt around different ways in my pockets. If I had sex of these, it would be my pocket like that. And that way. All you've got do is just sneak them out on the part of the deck as you're walking around with wedding or whatever, you're ready to go at the end of the trick. You just made college, guys, were you? Get rid of it. Keep your site for another guy. You got a few tricks from people. Were you going to do again? You could just load it straight to the bottom. Now, how do you load it to the bottom if you're being watched? To be honest, if people if you're walking around, you've got casual moment, you could be reaching pocket. Check for something. Description of bomb, and you just bring him out. Sorry, Cashley. Due to I've done in the bottom light for a certain trick. I like what people watching and they won't catch it. I've done it. Mine might want my finale tricks involved in the eighties. Put some cards on the bottom, if you don't. Naturally, Big, white, lightest. Don't Don't make a thing of it, so just do it. You're walking around. Do, do you? Yeah. Deck. Sorry. My voice is cracking. Just right. Jenkins for hand? Yeah, like a drink. Please. all lovely to meet you. You'll be fine. So, ladies, Chicago, on how to load a deck. What? That version school Red hot Mama, It might be like 10. The Glide sleight and 'design for laughter card' magic trick: part one. Today we're gonna look at a move called The Glide. This is one of my go to tricks. I'm gonna show you. It's called Design for Laughter. It's taken from the Royal Road. And even though it's a beginner's book is a really good trick. It's really solid. So first I'll show you a trick and then I'll talk you through. So you have a card selected. However you like to be in the hands from the table. Doesn't matter. Maybe Mars to called. No, I give God a few cuts. Shuffle like tell me for me to do it. Lots of different ways, Kind many would say, I would like you to do all the work. Stay, please. I'd like you to take about 1/3 of the deck will put them in the middle. Take half what's left to put my big. Okay, I'm gonna look at the bottom card. All three piles. I don't just see if I could figure out if it's you'll called. I don't need to say if I found it, so keep quiet. Okay, Queen spite. That's New York for diners, that's what. Six A space that's New York. Okay, so We had three cards and none of them were yours. Tell you what, Uh, pick a number for a night. 4 to 50 six kinds. We've got one three. Cool. Five. Okay, the first time. Could you tell us what your card is, Please? Okay. Well, okay. That's the drink. They will. They always always want to turn my life like district. It always gets a good reaction. Every time. It's really straightforward. You can use a movie called The Glide and Deployed. Is that part to see, isn't it? Even if you watched over my shoulders while like, this trick is very ankle safe. In other words, people, even if they're surrounded, may it work. So glad if I show you upside down is that I'm just pulling one card backwards to get to the next one, and I do it. It's changing that now. The key is to make it really natural. So I don't see a big motion. He's got that. You don't like it to put it back, Miles Just enough to be out to grab. So about that much. But she got the hand so holding it kind of amazing musing straddle grapes. So that's quite flout my hands facing down. And then, as I got close in motion, my hand will come down lower. Just find him holding the college to them. Many of these I want without taking the bottom card. Okay, the other hand. Now it's got through the whole world. We have a card selected however you like. It doesn't matter. 10 of diamonds. Put it back in the deck. Control it to the bottom six. Now at the top. Gonna shuffle off institution once I showed you before you get a few shuffles, same cape in at the bottom. If you're feeling confident if you know you could give you a riffle as long as you keep it at the bottom and don't, so don't show it the riffles optional. Then you put them down on the left. Your left. He cites spectate to think of that minimum like awful stuff. Pretty Okay. You have to complete free choice. You happy with your current CNN? Great pick up in that kind of style. Don't. Because with this hand like that, use your glide hand, become the riot pack, so I used my right hand. Okay. If you're a lefty, you could just alternate the trick. You could just from this side, that would be fine. You go to just remember where they call it is guys if you're Lefty and that's more natural for it. Well, great, My God, This way. So they called. It's not priced even. Let's dio So they think about third of the deck after deck. Show the card openly take you off the bottom pick the actual called Put it There. You want to have familiar emotions, what time you go to do your move? They used to this routine child place. Drop show. That's not your call place drop. So here's the May I show they'll go. Oh my God, you go. That's not your card. Now they start feeling smug because you were role. You don't need to know that college you've really done, you know, is at the bottom of this boil. That's no your card. They glide. We under cover, say, is a show. As I come down blind, take the next called Put it Down. It's like another called and I turn and go. So we had three cars. November your card. That's unfortunate. Well, then I'm saying, as I've gone. 123 The decks tidy have undone my glide. I put it back on the bottom turn. Just just talk. I don't know in the natural motion about I couldn't find your card. Well, that's another method we could use. So now I've shown them the bottom of the deck, so it all looks really clean. But they called his one from them again so far through the move portion again. Right? We're on the lost pit. Pick up. That's not your card, Lloyd. Take cold. Take another on Do the glide. Enough. If he's got a bit wonky, don't worry. You can quite quietly natural while you're going like that. Let's give a little naturally, pinky. If you can't just naturally tidy up our because they're looking here, they're not looking at this hand anymore or couldn't find your card back with show. Nah, pick a number from I go from 4 to 15. You could go 5 to 20. Doesn't matter. You want to get him to pick at least five. It gives a better show. Plus, you call it half one because the trick one. Very well you won't like I Aitken's okay. I ate take the bottom card. One good, Lloyd. 234567 for eight. Take their card. Now. Could you test the first time? What card were looking for the 10 of diamonds. Oh, they got They would be like what we saw. It was what? I will turn these cards nearly every time you do the trick on. Then they'll be like so that is using the blood. Now the glide is one of the most under used car moves. I use it. Really. This is my main trick using It's a beautiful move, the red streaks that can use it because he's not used very much. They're never gonna figure out seriously it. This is when people stare at my hands. I'm doing it really hard and they can't crack it. It's every cap. It's just that. But with your hands facing down for that car, yeah, you're trying to get the top one inches from rotating my hand to show do there. The other hand in group, I think that's the only, but you have to worry about them. See, is that little flash. But if you do it down low, they can't see that they never going to spot that look in Europe. If I move that you're on the cover of my hand completely. So there you are. That is, Oh, designed for laughter. She's in the rural road, one of the best card tricks I know, especially for beginners. But I still use it. Even. I know all sorts of fancy based. It served me well, when I'm sure. Always will. Thanks for watching. 11. Card springs and how to dribble the deck: hi pretty so that I could teach you how to spring Collins. It's classic flux. People love to see you. It's a big practice, but looks pretty cool even on camera. Sometimes it gets messy, but it's still fun. Move to practice. When did you two methods Today I have leading. Find it fun to do is well, so it's coming a bit closer. Okay? Called spring. There are two methods. Studio talking three. Both My preferred method is the diagonal corners method. You take your middle finger and thumb. You apply pressure squeezing to put kinetic energy into the deck. I think you release like that. So what's going on there? My other hand. My catching handed license spread. They had squeezes not giving. If they're gonna come out a bit to get its afloat. The squeeze the ends of my fingers thumb again gradually open while the rest continues to squeeze. So it's gonna look like this and then this. If you watch in priorities, they think you can see what I'm doing it. Now You gotta drop called when you do this a practice it sitting down. If your hands are tied, you can a lot quite bill up yet. You can use your index fingers to support If they used to it I need it. Looks tidy angle waas I would normally go so this kind of angle Dr you can do it. Shallot by the hand of my hand's gonna look more like yours would begin with It's gonna be yeah, no control. So that's what you would like to begin with. It doesn't matter. Thank you. Talk, squeeze. But with just folks looking to squeeze right get used to that feeling takes quality hand. It's tiring and then you'll see cars stopped to shoot. Remember this bigs have flourished. It's just for fun to make you look old. Squeeze keeps freezing but release at the ends because that would let those called out while keeping the resting place. If you just squeeze and release, please You see, they're just gonna drop. If you just squeeze, they go. But it's hard work. You've got to bend to the deck about doing this so occasionally. Tom live in practice The other life century cap. Black method. Well, better figure two opposite corner. Some this position Catcher's mitt Bend. Now The other method is the top of bottom method on the bottom. A few things on the top isn't the method I practice is up to you sandwich when you for which ones most comfortable. They're both equally valid Bend. Same idea they got you see, because this isn't my practice method, they are shooting all over the place. That's how yours will look to begin with. But with practice, you've got dio screen No, this hand. I'm trying to shame off the method. The final result. Okay. And when you saw it, you're gonna have this. You're gonna have a few shoot. That's friend. Live account Bend Doesn't matter. That's the two methods. Either think we'll talk. But the other thing was nothing on what you're covered and way of listening, watching you have to dribble cards. So if you're doing something by your contest pick accounts I stopped. If you won't do this, you do that by using finger and thumb. Figure on the top, slot down with pressure. Not too much, but it helps. That's how you Ribble cards off. Okay, Now that one, I should use it by the hand X. I like to hold the culture my right hand. I could do it. So that's him. Okay. These moves actually quite useful cues. I stop. They shall come. Take that. Remember, you can always use it as a means to return a call to a deck and free cigarettes. It's about controlling your cult and how you don't really want to do it. But you call back any way you like, because the methods for dealing quite involved so instead for more than to put car back. Big stop. Okay. Sticky card day. You don't give them a choice. Day go. But I'm gonna go do my bits and pieces control The card gets so they guys have to spring a card and how to dribble. Because thanks for watching. 12. False cut tutorial: triple and the triangle cut.: every. Welcome back. Today we're gonna look at house, be false. Carts are false. Count is when you cut the calls, but it keeps the order of the same at the end. So normally, when you see something on the table, that tape, I can't put him on top. Now, if you're doing a while walking around standing up magic, there are some brilliant false cuts. They work sitting down long as you're too close to the table, going a little space and to show you a couple of nice ones. My favor for general usage is stripping. And I'll show you something a bit more showy for Father's love. So that's coming closer. You can see more clearly and then we're going to the show, Okay, that the false cup, what's the point of it? The point of the false guys to keep whether card is here on top on a lot of false cuts. Actually keep the whole deck in the original order, which would be very useful if you're doing a trick where yourself in advance, say the top four cards on the deck forever razors, and you want to do a tree from a bomb on at the end. You have done some cuts in the trick. But you know, the rest of the deck is how you left it, so you might set something up at the bottom for a second trick depends on the tricks before me, for example, that's think was a good example. If you've seen the video idea on the Chicago I plan on the right hot mama, you could leave that set up on the bottom. And you could do is your second trick as long as your first trick doesn't disturb the orders. Those cuts always Avery good for distracting the spectator by making you look like you've really fairly mixed up the cards when you actually have. So my standard fall skies, the triple cut. Now I've seen some people argue against using this one. They say, Oh, you shouldn't do lots of fancy stuff for your heads because then the spectator won't be surprised when you confine my car. That's your opinion. They're welcome to it. I disagree because the point of magic is to entertain. This looks entertaining. Well, found that stuff. He's doing the cars. Doesn't he look cool At the same time it stays there. The point of it is really easy. You're making the illusion of cutting while returning back. No one doing is take packet the cards up with my index finger. I mean, this is called Biddle Grip for future reference. Kick your neighbors, go to Sweden. Car kick cup. I take it into my hand in this little bit here next week and then is like, come to get the next one. I clip it. Excite with my full finger and thumb. Next one. Next one. Next one again, Kick out place under grab grab place under Sandra on your grip naturally resets to this position of the end. What have the shoulders? Well, after I showed the triangle Cup. Now the reason I do three counts two is not convincing If you would straight with just one to they have a seat on Mal away. We're three. Don't quite quickly. And then you're going to something else. Didn't I love the German? Okay, that's do the pyramid on the triangle. You got one into that to and that you're gonna put that different angle. Okay. Sorry. One to, because it angles from forefinger. Grab. It's now in this position a good way description stuff. No one to grab. What's going on with my right hand. I want to I got to take this, which is company between those two fingers on my index on to free up these fingers, which that's me, Then grab Now He's then bit that you might find tricky. Now, as I turned back, my left index finger is gonna make contact with the back off the upper packet. I'm gonna rotate it. Great school swivel, Come. It's a place they make you apart My triangle Place your part they and then I collapse Collapse I mean this hand I just day that I use my fingers to kick it out My place the rest behind. So best speed one. My guys were all over the shoulder again for it. Okay, so first off cards. Now let's hope you see if I put that drug from the bottom When the queen atop the triple Cup from behind swing or keep cut so index finger, Kick it out. Grab for pain Leis underneath. Celia. Such easy. It's before we fall. It's one from the front. That's what your hands day behind behind original water. This joker Okay. Okay. I'll try to be the other hand as well. For you. 12 Right. On the other hand, kick, gram, kick full finger, thumb, full finger and thumb. Both finger and thumb. Put a bit of finger back. Come back. Swing. Well, I think. What? Three. What so and three. Let's did football cup. So now let's do the triangle Got Yeah, we'll leave it face up so you can keep track. However, one first I'll show you. They It looks like that stewing over Georgia. It's a few strong, it seems, Got on something. My hands in the way. Go through it from the front a few times and then come to the back angle. Just kind of polish up the moves we got what, into the hand to overlapping in the hand? No, just the different angles. Like easy to grab this bit transfers. It's my next thing. Reach Eva. Full finger and thumb. Reb. Yeah, I left it. Think it comes behind. This is the bit where you're gonna drop cards when you're first practicing this, we'll do that good and then put in its place. Just hold it. I put the other ones just hold them against. It's just a show. You can do a few angles. Who made a triangle cards collapse on top King kick and behind. Now the key. But these moves is to practice them a lot. So they really smooth and really quite quick. You don't go so fast that people think you just some kind of finger finger that you want it to be smooth and quick enough that they're not really gonna catch what's going on. And I do it normally when I'm talking to this spectator as well. So that was going on. I forget the car might be at the top, so you have it. That's a beginner's false cuts. So I use this before Triple Cup. Especially is one of my standard parts of any kind of control in the cards retain on. Like, if you watch what? You're not ready? My car coming. Control it on. What thing? Guy? I have a few shuffles forward. They got you. What do you think? You and they are not going to shuffle shuffle. So I'm mixing the field to a shuffling routine, all the while keeping it there. I would be found that useful. Thanks for watching 13. The Triumph card trick: hard one. Let's get side on a great drink. First, they choose a card when we give the decks and shuffles. Now the thing with magicians is we, like, tidy claim professional shuffles. If you have one. I really screw with a magician. It's really easy. You just do. It's called a sloppy shuffle. It really upsets them because they like aware Deck Nice, a professional cause when you do it like this, you have dealt with some calls this way. Sometimes that way, and some cuts back to back. A magician's height Day drives him crazy. That's why I came up with the move. That's my move. Do that. All the cards get back to know apart. For what? Okay, let's go over the shoulder, and I should have. This is called the Triumph. There's lots of variations of it is quite classic effect, and it's really straightforward. So as you saw, you have a card selected now off the so many tricks starting that way, I deliberately decide that one bit differently just to mix up. You can't give the spectator the deck of cards and tell him, Pick your faith for card, so don't be every trick the same wife try and a few methods the car has selected. Okay, then you just need to control it to the bottom. Now, the easiest way to do that, as I've discussed our videos, is to use pinky break and cut the table and then shuffle. Controlling one card. I remember I did the retaining a car to the bottom move one of now they and Retain. If you're a more in depth exploration of that, have a look at the video I did on controlling our card. If you want to see fancy methods of doing this looking to my intermediate course where I do lessons on something called the past maybe we back to you do a few shuffles, you might do a Flores. You want this one? The triple cut I have done in the beginner's course. You can see it and then you talk about all the while how magicians like shuffling cards and keeping them tidy and how it drives them crazy to do a sloppy shuffle. Then we could do it. You're gonna push a few? You're gonna turn your hand, push a few. Keep going. So you've done almost the whole deck When you get near the bottom, the one thing you have to do is get the last card. Put it on top here. That is what makes the trick work. Okay, Now, if you're using a well worn in deck of cards, they will have a natural bow to them, Which means in the middle, the opposite curves. If you're using a brand new deck or a fairly new deck before you do this trick, where you've got to do is give the deck a little squeeze. Okay, so just before you do the trick, if it's not curved, naturally squeeze the whole deck together. So all of them bed the same way. You can always squeeze the deck back afterwards. It doesn't do any damage, but anyway, so you've done you shuffle. You've gotten actually bow deck because they're broken in or you solved that problem, their cards on top. I'll show you the shuffle again. Okay, so they called it the bolt. Well, do this Nice. And Messi Messi of the better. They're called on top. Yeah, some calls end up from its back. Some end up back to front, and some end up back to back now that natural curve will make it easy for you to pick up the carts separate. If you practice you for a moment, you'll see what I mean. You show the back to back, you give it a moment and then you just bring the car back together. Now, as you say, I've flipped it. So they were like this. I've shown back to back and I'm not putting their card in the middle, as I've shown and I've rotated to put that there again. Front, Back, Back to front. Back to back. That flips Decker's I show it stole the deck. Go now I've got a special magic move. Click on display. They will see all the cards it out back in whatever they go. Wow! And their card is the only one I hope the other way. And that is sloppy shuffle version of the triumph effect. It's a cool trick. It's nice and easy and quick to learn and easy to remember. Give it a guy that thanks for watching 14. Injog shuffle card control sleight tutorial: Hey, today, looking at the in joke shuffle. Another way to control the card, right for beginners great for anyone is quite useful. Take make. Why don't you probably have you seen my video? Had to shuffle cards? Just take Sam further in job shuffling lets you retain a card at talk for the whole time you're doing it. So we've got the faults. That's pretty easy stuff that's going for the shoulder. And I took his route. Okay, the in joke shuffle. Now, this is one of the main ways to keep a card at the top. You gotta be careful with it. But once you get good with this movement smooth, it's very hard to detect. So if we take random cough, King of Diamonds practicing with the card face up we're doing is your as usual, taking a packet from the top. And then you're gonna run one card and place it. I've you seeing from behind. I've left it out, job backwards, and then I just run the rest off on top like that. And then once I push with my little finger, I end up with a guy like an exploit since go through it what? No joke. Now the rest of this needs to be a bit messy to cover up the rest. What is a douche from the front as well afterwards. And then I push as I tidy. That's when I do the push. And if I do it carefully, I am not with a break. Some break here now a practice. You can make that gap quite small. You can get it kind of a way down. But being because I'm worried about, then take packets until you get to the health. Just throw on top kind of speed. Okay? We're gonna go a bit faster. Can do. Why that, huh? That's quit. And in Jog Shuffle, it's a great way of keeping a card at the top. Walking, doing a normal overhand shuffle looks lice in the duty. The other thing you could do with it is use it to put your card a certain number from the top. So if you wanted to perform a trick that used color change or a double lift, well, some other kind of, um, or an ambitious retain, which I'll do a home video on down the line If I wanted to like ago. One on top, then my in joke, then Shuff wall, knowing that the card is one from the tall means. If it was the normal way out, why could do this guy Okay. Your car has come to talk. Let's put it back. So you all that for me? Push it in. Now we know the card is still at the top, but spectate Two things to cart in the middle, huh? With the call face down like you see there with practice. It doesn't have to be one card. Perfectly clear. A little package them, especially if your nerves were in a hurry. But ideally, one card often drop falls. We'll show, you know, just quickly from the front, in case you didn't make a lot of sense from the back. Okay? Being job shuffle. So still got where the card on top of it. Carter Times. Yeah, really hard to say. Even a a side angle with practice. You can hide it quite well. Yeah, so I just took one called, They know. Got another one. Shut off the rest. Be a little bit messy on purpose, then when it's fighting along top. So it's a great way to control the card. It's one of my main ways of doing it. What's called at the top. I feel that was useful for it. Thanks for watching. 15. Colour changes for ending tricks: Hi, everyone. Today we're gonna look at the color changes. I've probably talked about a couple of these into my other videos. The terms will show you an array of different ones you can use if you haven't already seen any to spice up the ends of your tricks. So first off ways they come a change. Find two contrasting colors and a color change lets you in front of the spectator. Change one card for the other. It's a nice visual way to end a trick they shall can't know. What card am I looking for? There you are. So what ones are what? That's a nice one of my go to ones is that one. It's called the Paintbrush. And as you see fresh ones to three change, it's very simple. All you do it easy. Take to cart. See, we've even to double left by now. So you've got double you got inside your car. They say no. One of the people. Okay, So most color changes were quite two cards? No, but most How do you get your double? It doesn't really matter. Could be quite effective. Just if you've gone from the pinky break method in the paint brush Coutant together 12 on the third. I push like that. That's what I do. Push. So I just come away with top That's called a paintbrush color change with Now are the good color. Changes include the shake change. So for the shape change, you'll need the cards back to back se. You've turned over the top card. You have got to get ready. Which is what you do that Come back. Thank you. Break under cover. Is that your card? No. Well, what about now? Now this one's really straightforward to you. Put your break under that car. See, I would never turn over the top cold. Is that your card? While they're looking at the guy? No. Get ready on top. Gang position, middle finger and thumb. Is your gonna shake the big movement? The big motion covers two small movement, which is your index finger, Tony. That's all it is. Okay, You could be done with either hand. One thing to consider is way your index finger is gonna finish at the end. I would miss. If you want it here, I would be like I flick it back out. LOL second so it looks like I haven't done anything with it. That's the shake change now, Nice variant of that which takes a bit more practice is this You've gone. Is this your card? Cool, Right. That steel on its same I d holding a finger and thumb, but with your other hand probably middle finger and thumbs while you're gonna bend. So the energy and the card will cause it to rotate. It's so quick, your I can track it. This one could take a bit Practice, especially from a date with either hand because you'll find one hand You naturally able to do this with quite well on. Normally you'd be holding the deck. So I say, Is this your car? Nine. Now, you notice at the end. I've got the decorator complacent on top. I'm sure they called a very useful thing to do, especially if you've just done a color change. Is a Charlier cut at the end because it hides any dirty work. You can't speak. They're looking at the card and you give the consequent shuffle off cause you don't want the same card on the top. They might ask to see it. So it's pretty cool change. Finally, the classic beginners color change is this slap change Now I don't before it pretty much ever. I did practice it because it's useful for finger strength. That is, we have to calls you back head. The reason I don't perform it is because it is so angle specific from where you are. I should look pretty cool on camera right now, But anybody hear anybody over here? We'll see all the dirty work. And if you even slightly off with your angle now, what is the angle? You're aiming it at the Spectators eyes like laser sights on top. I am with their eyes on they do snap. How did I do to snack? It's this motion. So you're holding it to account did from this angle because it's not really a thing you need the behind angle for I'm just kind clicking my phone on. Did you notice that will come off push, You'll get behind quite naturally. So you see that like that from like give me this angle. See how I tidy up behind now the problem with snap changes, maybe the angles. It's also the cleanup you're gonna have to dump site called Somehow a method that lets you is if you're gonna do it from this position instead, which is a better movie. It's still bad angles. Some people at the sides will always see what's going on, so you only ever do this move. If the person is dead in front of you, you could do it by holding the corners casually. Place everything on top. So what happens that method work two cards Given your move, little wave and then you're still doing the same thing you've only through. This one is it's easier to do tidy up, and it just looks a little cleaner again. It's not my preferred move. My preferred color changes and only the paintbrush. We're not sure this what's going on that one. So they have. It's a quick run down off color changes great waste When tricks on a great thing for beginners start phone practicing. Thanks for watching 16. 'Topsy Turvy' Trick using card fans and the Kelly bottom placement : Hi, everybody. Welcome back. So another trick. If we'd say in a couple of new moves to welcome where? Richard? The Investigator's course Now I'm currently making the intermediate course, So if you enjoy these videos, please keep an eye on that. Becoming up soon. The next lot. So look for intermediate card magic. There's one thing that you for the thought is missing from my course, and that's how to fan cards. So I'm just gonna teach you out to fan cards. I'm gonna teach you a trick that uses something called the Kelly bottom placement as well as a fan. So that way you could put together a few skills and start building your own routines. So let's start by looking at the trick. I show you a trick on, and then I'll take you through the stages of the moves in it. So by the end of this one, you should know quite a lot more. So you have a card selected show the white You also spectator to pick a number from away Teoh attain that? Say the five three for me said, you wanna Clancy shuffle maybe one of these as well or any other ones, you know, they shot you will take the top card. Doesn't matter what it is. What card were looking for. Do you remember? Is it this one? Straightforward? Okay, sell its game too. So this trick is built around something called Kelly Bottom placement. And it's pretty useful move. You have to speak to stop pick up the college sight in this group. Okay? So, essentially a little group, and then you get a kick out the car. The Kelly bottom place minutes where you use these fingers to go. Like this cake. A card that. Okay. Anybody use other handed, you would be like, Stop. That's your car. Now, I used to see my one hand. He's gonna be clear friend to stay one card. Now, what that lets you do is return to the deck. You can place it strengthens the bottom. So I'm gonna shown do that little movies quite hard to detect in place on the bottom. Now, with this one, you're gonna need to turn slightly if you watch the trick video. I came off to the side as I put it away, because if you're he, you do it. They're going to see you kick the card. See you guys. It was like turn over to whichever side you prefer. I do some under the cover of my own angle body. So I find it this week. Show that I come out. It's a joint. I'm turning kicking, relying They won't be out to sea as long as you turned your body slightly. If you've got mirror trout in that you're seen, see what I mean? Anything to turn a little bit. And then I found the deck. I'll take a whole death thing on the fine in a minute, and then I sexism pick a number from to detain, gives them if input they pick a number. That's a big five. I'm gonna retain whatever called at the bottom one three for And then if you do different shuffles, fairer shuffles anything fancy only say to them which, like another normal for something a bit fancy you simply revenge Do wear for a fancy shuffle you like or false? Cut what? Anything. Just make sure they don't see this card at the bottom. Don't flash. So you know, it's what I riffle. I kept it downwards and a few far off first and then the rest finish. It was really easy. I just came off on the top card. This guy's a joke. It is like came under the deck. I did the same caliber life. So they came under ago. Here, I'm placing. They're called under switching it. Which leaves just I called the end like that again for about. Look, I've got the card. I can bottom placed it. So let's we got here, fan my shoulder without a struggle, we got yeah, I turned fan Fan helps Kind of covered where you're placing the card it hired hides that you're doing something makes you look like you just being a showman. Instead, however, many shuffles respect toe once pertaining Wave called. They picked up the bottom to the community of hearts this time and then do a fancy shuffles . They want one. We have a card at the top. Commander kick switch. Okay, Hand. It would work exactly the same with my view. Better angle to see. Pick a card. You don't ever forward you Sean under. I don't if I could do a family this hand just about that shuffle weather cards, hopefully in the bottom. Carnival's Rwanda show. It's a quick trick, but it's a good one for practice. Those moves. So the kids got a basement one last time and then I'll explain the fan. Wonderful show. Do that really useful move you might remember to turn as you place it back so they don't see it, so it's a classic flourish is quite useful thing to do. So I've deliberate use of different decade carts today because this takes a lot newer. When you're learning fans, you'll find the old decks get dirty and sticky and a bit clumpy. So if I take out a deck of my main deck of mind, you see that I can do it occasionally. Mystics of Reasoning knew fuck all Rio deck out. They would all clumped together show you want me. It's an old cards. See how it doesn't fan nicely doesn't mean you can use old cards. It's just easy to learn this with your deck because they're smoother. So a fan first you're gonna take the deck. But between finger and thumb, I didn't move out. You can't do it at the base. You'll get a bigger fan if you do it further out. Good about here. You get noise. So, baby girl, I'm it. If you're shallow, it doesn't always come out. Whereas if you're here, you've got more of an angle. More menarche. Okay, Much bigger. Fan Julia, Twice. Don't get me wrong. I need the money. If you're just going on any family called and you do it shallow that aside, you do it. You're gonna want toe slightly. Step the deck. Okay. Stepping. It's when you move it to an angle. Somebody in his hand you can do on the other hand, of course, if you want on my don't ever practice these in my right hand. You know that think and most people do in their left. Push the deck. I was slightly and then you're gonna use your thumb to rotate the carts around just with this, but you don't do it flat. You're gonna of this kind of motion going on because you're going to start with full contact. By the end, you're gonna rode off because you don't want your not looking toe been caster. You don't want toe do that. You want to gradually have less cars coming because then you're leaving some behind, and it's it is just that motion. Their taste Qala practice is a neck, but it will come to you so slightly further out one or two things under May step in. And why can't you say I do like I kick it back towards myself? Circuit Big fan If you just from here, that's fine, especially if you're just doing saying pick a card and you want to go there you go choose one of them to the spectator. If you're looking for a big fan for showmanship, then you need to gave realized No, but you can. With practice, you can go right. The tip. Get a way around, almost especially to begin with, even if you just got so the semi circle, that's great. It's gonna be weird to begin with using you a deck. One of my favorite things to do is open a new deck, and I found it straight away. You'll see how smooth out. If you find this difficult, it might be that you're using a really old deck. Oh, no decent deck. One more about types of Khartoum. My video on the different brands and types and the differences Very exciting video that's used for second. They can't do the finger most people do death on. See, I'm just each time out here King. So I kick it. If I try and do it without my hand in the way the guy back my thumb, it's essentially doing that now. The amount of pressure upon this will affect the fan that you saw that that was really clumpy. Holding a bit too hard Accepts Toronto. Clear the angle for you. I just keep doing your you again that you get a feel for where in your hands you want it, how much of an angle you need on it. So the reason most people do them in the left hand is because that way they can show the corners of the cards regards with your lefty or writing. I'm a bit weird with my car handling. I'm technically left handed. Does a car person even? I'm a right handed guy. I just prefer to hold the cards in my right hand, so I naturally come across a If you hope because normally here you would just come up. You said that if you saw that, you would just be like in Spa's Ishan hold just keep going, Okay? You're gonna have good ones and bad ones. And that's how you fan carts. Just That's the hard bit. People struggle to get that slight motion. Such a recap it I'm gonna gradually come off so that why I leave cards behind and you just have a nice, smooth motion. What? So they go? That's the car fat. The Kelly bottom placement on a little trick called topsy turvy, I find it useful. Let me know in the comments box. I think there is one on skill. Schaff, you want to see any other videos in future? In this course And keep enough my intermediate calls where I look, a lots more moves and drinks and tips. Thanks for watching. 17. Hungry Monster cards trick and the Marlow convincing control: I have one. Welcome back. The trick today that combines cards and rubber bands. So you take a deck and we split the decade to We're going to use a rubber band to wrap up the dangerous half of the deck. Now, you just need to pick a card. Stop. Stop. This one, This one. This, like, remember? Is that for me? You got it. Great. Now we're gonna leave it sticking out for you. Do you Keep annoying it mill. Let's use because if I tried to steal that card, you'd know there is no way I could get that table push informed. There we got. So this deck of cards is a bit of a monster. It's a beast. Watch. We have to keep him strained all sorts of ways. Because on the wife eats cards like this, you you don't believe me. Go. We're gonna burn him like a baby or a little creature. But the count showed up. They go. You could also do it in the hands. Right? Let's go to the shop when I show you this one. It's cool. You'll like it. Okay, So this tricks a good one. I originally saw it in two forms. That's a tricky come Baikal box monster that uses a special profits while I love performance. And then this variation I saw Talk by J. Sank E accredited my dad if he created the owner. But it's a cool effect. So do you need a rubber band now? I use all these bright colored recommends If you're if you really get into magic, you might have some these that Joe Ryan flesh rubber bands, kind of a lot of rubber band magic, and these are really, really stretchy. If you haven't going to these, a size 19 office rubber band should do the trick. It doesn't look as flashy, but it does still work. And if you got the wrong man time, give it a go experiment. So first off, split the deck and 1/2 the bigger half you wrapped with a rubber band. If you're using strictly rubber bands, you need to double it, okay, and then you're gonna use a move you haven't done yet called the Marlowe Convincing control . It's one of my favorites or use in several tricks. You spread across right, I think stop and you lift and you're gonna do idea where I lifted up and went. Look at this card. I make a point of touching it with his hand Quite close. I see from behind now behind me to put my thumb on the next card over. And then I was, like, show case here, the shows I come down, I'm going to slide and switch. Okay, It's called Tamala Convincing control. Come up, show point in touch your thumb So your finger's gonna pull this card out is your thumb pulls this card forward saying motion is hard to detect cause you're gonna go up and then down. Now some people talk about having the cards out jobs automatically. Then this one, it is easier experiment with in front of America. I don't do it that way. I hold up a few because I think it's more convincing. It's harder to do slightly, but it is more convincing because all the car today I don't pretty quick with it, so you can do it where you just hold up, a couple out joked. But I prefer it. This car Okay, see what happens is I do the movie, even at this angle on what you're doing with their card. So do again show, as you do switch. It will clear the other cards on that. You can put it underneath the deck again because this is the only radio holiday. The trick show switch. You get clear 20 the day, slide it under keeping this now down. It's not their car to this is. And then, as I leave it out, I'm gonna put it out to the side. Like that angle. I want them to see it there the whole time. I think it's their card. Now. We contenders. You're doing this. Sorry. So if we go back, kick out tidy. Let's get a little pinky break. One card underneath. Can you see that? Just a time you looked one and then change it to a thumb break. You can do the trick without doing that, but he's just easier if you remember, because they never Satan. So now I've got your this monster cards. There is no way could still your card. Even if I put my hands together like this, you'd see it. Grab the extra card. Yeah, Spectators card is now mine. Of course like that on. Then I've got to turn my hand keeping it outside the audience with a rescue or risk kill. Yeah, I don't want to see I've added a card. So I've come in. There's no way I could steal your card even if I came like this. It's still there. My point. Distract the audience. So now we'll push your cardio. Okay, At this point, you've done most of the hard work. Now, what you gonna do with this hand? Keep it tidy. Don't flash the card. You're gonna do this, You gotta push off off. So I gonna do a swing cup poll? No stretch. Then you're gonna turn back on the front, place them underneath. I'll do again. So you keep it down so they don't see you've got their card. I've back over front and under. And then it's just showmanship. I like to talk about it being a monster. And if he and the cards So I think you always need this big How you dress it up. I do the little stories you saw. He's got your car. Every guy but the out. As you saw, I did it on the table to start a shot right off the day in the hands where it's good too. Wow! Job done. Now, if you're gonna do this trick with a regular day of regular up, a bandit will work. Okay? The main difference is this rubber band will not stretch as much. I tried it with it. She caught do the whole routine of these leads. Likely that? Like that one's OK. While I practiced with earlier, it snapped. If you feels like you're rubber bands don't stretch enough. Don't worry, just put it on. It's fine. Do you drink Markovitz a control switch? Kick out the card. Take your break. They're still thinking that's their card. There's no way I could still go kart Unification run beneath. It's still there. Push it in. See? It works. He's going to go. Careful, little flappy. Try any rubber bands you've got home or work. It will still work. Take half labor, Nava. So you still comes out quite nicely. So it doesn't matter if you've got flash rubber bands or just office ones. If you're looking at the office size 19 is that one play around at the different ones? You've got the school Highmore ever. That's a great fun trick. It gets great reactions. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching 18. Decks of cards, types and differences: Hi, everybody. Welcome to the first video in my car's on basic card magic. Today I'm going to talk about our fundamental not the moves or the slight sort of tricks, but actually the cards themselves, the cards you should use the Kardashian avoid and the differences between the different types and brands of cards. I'm gonna take this whole bit over my shoulder so you have to look at May, but you can also see my hands. The differences I tried to explain as many different major brands and styles of playing card is possible. If you've already got decks of cards, then you don't need to watch this. You're probably using a lot of the right ones. But if you're really new and you just looking to get started, this should just answer some of the questions I know I had when I first started. So let's go over the shoulder. Okay, so let's talk right. Decks of cards Now. First I'm gonna address a problem happens, especially if you're in England. That is the deck of cards you may have in an old role, or that your mums given you, or that you just picked up cheap in the supermarket, and that will be it. Take much like this, which will be a bridge dick. Okay, now these cardinals you gave my supermarkets Now in England, especially. This is the standard sub style of deck. And I mean, I'll talk about the differences between the brands and such, but really, you want to be using a poker size deck of cards pocus? Ise dek is slightly bigger. It's also the standard ferment magicians across the world. Now, if I compared them in the box, you can say that this take the poker size deck is slightly wider on ever such a tiny bit longer. Other things to consider with bridge take, which is they find for your very, very first starting off because it might be we've got existed. But the quality off them is really pull Avery plasticky. They're intended for just playing cards with not doing any awkward sleight of hand. College Street, whether you're inside so they don't last, and it's actually very hard to do certain maneuvers with them. Sorry, it doesn't say that's not going to give to them. You can see that we're just clumping together. It's really hard work to even just riffle the cards on when you go through this. But that hasn't been used that much. They don't separate Vory nicely. Okay, so that's a breach day. If you've got one to begin with, fair enough in time. You want to move on. Medications standard The magician standard. All these now I'm not advocating particular brand or advertising them like I don't take any revenue or anything like that. This is what most magicians use their called bicycle carts. They're made by the United States playing card company. You can get some on Amazon. You can get them in most Magic magic shops. They all play criticized. They're about 2 50 year deck each, maybe £3. You can get to pack. You could buy the big packet, switching China's breaks so these aren't too expensive. The quality is always very, very good. They handle very nicely. As you can see, they spread clean mistake I've been using for a few weeks, so they work it in. They are noise, the handle so savory, clear they look for a professional on because they're inexpensive. If you're doing tricks where Spectators to sign a card for which I would only use a Sharpie or a permanent marker. It run these nicely on. They're not expensive. So if you've done a few tricks on lots of the kinds of cars have being given out is kind of Mementos. Then you can always find another day. Just talked this one up, or put this deck assigned a space for a future day. So this is the standard, but they come in lots of different types. This is my favorite deck of cards they called Shadow Masters, and there are also a bicycle day. You can say they're a different color, their different style. Now you don't have to use takes like this. It's just that there's lots of options. And if you're just starting card magic, you're gonna go. You, him to magic websites or other websites looking for playing cards, and you just see lots of options now, these coast about three times as much as a role to three times as much. And these are good for if you start to get really committed to magic and you want to have a bit of different style. Otherwise there's not really any difference. It's mostly visual, so I would be using these. Now there are other brands. If you don't use bicycle, there's tallyho. There's be that's avatar, All of which will be a good quality that be consistent when you look at books fell in with a cushion finish means those bridge cards I talked about will just be a literally a layer of plastic all over it. These are coated, but they're tiny in your pockets. I kind of was like 20 bubbles you can't see And that's what means they spacesuit lightly. That's a bit of air says. You'd see. If they brand you, they will slide all over the place. So is all. Why would consider a standard day Now? I also recommend getting a card clip. I got this one just cheap online. There are lots of different styles and cases and all sorts you can use, and these are good because you can use them to protect your deck if I put a decade my pocketbook. Avery beating up for it quickly and looked tatty like this one. So this helps preserved box of bits. You look more professional, went performing. It also helps compress the deck. When Dex get used a lot, they start to get kind of slightly warped and state getting more, and this squashes them down. So they handle more like a new for longer called Klippel Car place that loads of types you could get. I just got this one online for achieving a fetching up to their really useful may help protect things in your pockets. Now, if you're really into card magic, you might sightsee other high end brands. For example, kings. Now, this is a nice tech. They have fancy jokers, fancy box, different banks. Now these are much more expensive than for becoming about £9 a deck. If you're in England, what's the difference? They are slightly different quality to a standard deck, slightly nicer. They make you stand out a little bit, but look very professional. This deck actually come to the couple of bonuses. They're marked, and they have a secret. Reveal hitting on one of the cards so you could do a trick using a method I teach in a later video called Of Force On. They reveal it using the Carter that has They're called him on it, um, somewhere on the king. So these are slightly high quality and make you look very professional because they're not just a cheap generic DEG. Is there much difference? I really no, I would personally say I do most of my practice with the standard day now. Other days you could get I've got a deck. This one's buying theory. 11. I've actually seen a couple of colors. This is what I call wedding Day. This is the kind of deck of cards to look ready. Premium they do cost about £12. I'm if I'm doing a formal occasion like a wedding, which have done a couple of this is the calendar cards I take from most of my tricks. I'll still have a cheap deck in my pocket in case I want to do anything when they get signed or written on a torn art in the love by tricks with ease because they look very professional. Therefore, when I'm a formal occasion, I look professional. We look for face card, Yeah, so if you can picture something a wedding walker of a nice steak like this, they go with your nice suit or tuxedo, and it shows extra level of effort and respect to the people whose wedding is and the other guests. So that's when I like a deck like this again. I don't use it for general practice. It's like when you've got you've got your work shoes and then you've got your fancy occasion shoes, The same kind of I d. Okay. And finally, this day, this is about a box of Knox. Now all the cards I showed you that I recommended are made by U. S P C C. United States Playing card company. Apart from this stick, this deck is made in time one by the expert playing card company. These are quite minimalistic style fancy box etcetera, which really nice for car destry and performance. However, it's different things for different people. I don't like them because they have a more plastic finish, which I don't like. I don't find them. It's nice on my hands. Ultimately, cards like football boots like you're gets harder if you're learning music. I don't owe personal style what you like, Holtzman Peak wherever you like. I think these are high quality card. I just don't like the finish on. I don't like the field. They all those really nice and make you look really good so to summarize, What's the difference? There are lots of types of cards out there, and I strongly recommend going into a magic shop and just asking if you can try a few decks behind accounts, they'll have at least the main brands open because they'll demonstrate tricks to people coming to shop and therefore the battle that you handle and try out a few basic decks before you invest money. I do strongly recommend getting your standard deck by multiple. Um, I met releases down to budget and your need on whether or not you're performing professionally. I hope that covers everything you need to know about cards. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the first of the tutorials. 19. Cardistry triangles: Hi everybody. Melissa Turiel, small flourishes with call-outs. We're going to learn how to my triangles will pyramids. There are three methods, from very simple through to the complex, the cuts, and even I'll teach you, they'll one handed. Oh, just a bare fun. Quantize, exercise your hands. So we're gonna go over the shoulder and I shy household M over K then. So three methods ranging from the simple to the more complex. So the simplest and the least fun is simply this. And it uses a moves that if you get into your car to straight your probability none. If you've just done to look at Florida, she's I C E is a useful maneuver, the zed grip, which is this. So to do that, rest your fingers, your index finger gets the end. You need to use grip and then take about a third of the deck. Certainly my moles of the half, but it'll do it with your thumb in the lift. And then with the old. And the next thing that I'm on the other hand, you're going to repeat the process, but resting against this end. Because all you do is that say you got up and then now signal narrowed format this angle, but you won't be asked to you that no matter what side of the camera. So I just do that from this angle and angle I just grab and place against. Let's say it's a silly quick one. If you call the stray or looking to into it's an OS stop one to adopt. Now my main method to do and it uses cuts. So by now you probably already know how to do a swing or a kick cup. Which is they said if you don't, you're going to hold the packet, the whole deck. You've gotta grab a packet and just push it out loud that resting against your thumb on the other hand. Okay. So you did that ones into the thumb on the other hand. And then again, but this time you're going to offset the angle as you put it in. I wouldn't do that one. So say I've just placed it at a different angle than pinched with my thumb. Really easy. See you guys. 12. Now, with your thumb and your ring finger, you gotta wrap the middle packet. Okay? Then your index finger on the other hand, is going to go against the advice of what would be the lost of the original egg. And it's going to spin it into position. And then you're going to just place this one on that. Now. Other again. 12 that bitch, unless it easy. Grab finger and thumb. Pivot the hand in next fit into road type, into position, then just grabbing place against. And then to finish the flourish, drop place. They kick out the bottom, put them on the top. Now that's quite cool to actually, we'll keep the top in place. It's a false cup. Pretty cool line. Let's just do move sped up. While hostile. Swing, swing, grab. Roads, height, pinch, place. Place. I'll say my hadn't told them. Kick out lot that place on top. Okay. Now finally the one-handed. So you're going to position this if you're doing Cianni icon. Okay, so you elevate stratum group. And then you take about maybe less small package bata cafe to breathe up veil as PASA. Okay. Pinch with the thumb against the body of the main deck and then just pull it back down and then you're in position. So very straightforward 101, it just takes a little bit of practice to get the pinch. And then they go one more time. 100 triangles. Fun, no flourishes just to make you look good for BEC, God's thanks for watching. Subscribe if you liked it and I'll see you next time.