The Complete Bitcoin Course | PART 3 | Technical Elements Of Bitcoin

Ravinder Deol, Certified Bitcoin Professional

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Bitcoin Is Cited As Being Open Source Software, Let Me Explain What That Means

    • 2. If You’ve Ever Wondered What Cryptography Is Let Me Break It Down For You

    • 3. Let Me Explain What Makes Bitcoin A Decentralized Network Over A Centralized One

    • 4. I Want To Introduce You To A New Term While You’re Here And It’s Smart Contracts

    • 5. I’m Sure You’ve Heard That Bitcoin Is Anonymous, But Just How Anonymous Is It

    • 6. Let’s Now Experience The Blockchain Together And Go Over Why It’s So Crucial

    • 7. If You’re Interested In Reading The Bitcoin Whitepaper It Can Be Accessed Here


Project Description

If you’re interested in reading the original Bitcoin white paper I’ll show you how now.

So to view the original Bitcoin white paper simply do as I do to find it. To start with head over to google, and simply search for “original bitcoin white paper”.

The site you need to look for is this one here, Simply click on the site, choose your language, and have a read of the white paper yourself. It really is as simple as that.

Now if you have any issues accessing that white paper please let me know. This is the last lecture in this part of the course, see you in the next part of the course.

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