The Complete Bitcoin Course | PART 1 | Practical Introduction To Bitcoin

Ravinder Deol, Certified Bitcoin Professional | Teachin

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Let Me Give You A General Overview Of How Bitcoin Works Before Delving Deeper

    • These Characteristics Are What Makes Bitcoin So Unique As A Currency

    • Bitcoin Can Be Divided Into Smaller Pieces, Here Are A Few Examples

    • Satoshi Nakamoto Is Allegedly The Creator Of Bitcoin, So Let’s Discuss Him More

    • Let Me Highlight The Range Of Bitcoin Wallets You Can Create And Own Here

    • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Before Moving Any Further You Must Create Your Own Bitcoin Wallet


About This Class

The Complete Bitcoin Course - is the only online course that lets you learn about Bitcoin right from the grassroots level, to actually getting involved with it by getting some Bitcoin of your own.

More About The Complete Bitcoin Course

You will be gaining a whole host of practical experience with Bitcoin, as well as theoretical within this course, and that’s going to start from the very first section. So you’ll be jumping straight into the deep end within the first part of this course.

Why Should You Get Involved With Bitcoin?

1. Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon in the short time it has been around, it serves many purposes with the main one being it is a currency that isn’t issued by any central governing body.

2. Bitcoin is an alternative investment which offers exponential returns, however the markets are volatile. It has a distinct advantage over other markets, that being it’s a 24/7 liquid marketplace.

3. By getting involved with Bitcoin you’re joining an ever growing ecosystem, which is at the cutting edge of technology. Remember Bitcoin can be used as both a currency, and an investment.

What’s Holding You Back?

Just to put it out there, by the end of this course you will have a full theoretical and practical understanding of Bitcoin. This is the only course on SkillShare that lets you learn about Bitcoin right from the grassroots level, to actually getting involved with it by getting some Bitcoin of your own. You can be assured you’ll have access to me throughout the course on-demand, as well as that I am a Certified Bitcoin Professional hence can answer any questions you have clearly.

I just want you to be aware that as the Bitcoin ecosystem evolves, so will this course. This course will give you so much ROI, as once you enroll it’ll always stay updated.

Remember, you’ll gain lifetime access to this course which includes all future updates free of charge.

Nothing Is Holding You Back From Joining The Bitcoin Ecosystem!

Go ahead, and click that ‘take this course’ button! Grab this totally risk free opportunity to join the Bitcoin ecosystem. I will see you inside the course!

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Very good class. Ravinder makes sure to explain every topic in the most understandable way.
it's good
Excellent Course. Informative and Engaging!





Ravinder Deol

Certified Bitcoin Professional | Teachin

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