The Chatbot Bootcamp : Build Your First Chatbot! | Sachin Bhatnagar | Skillshare

The Chatbot Bootcamp : Build Your First Chatbot!

Sachin Bhatnagar, Dad and JavaScript guy

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17 Videos (1h 26m)
    • Introduction to ChatBots

    • How do Bots Work

    • Introduction to BumbleBot

    • Setting up a Facebook Page

    • Chatfuel - A quick tour

    • BumbleBot Says Hi - Introduction

    • Downloading Assets

    • Setup and the Welcome Message

    • Favourite TV Show

    • Can you guess my favourite show?

    • My favourite movie

    • Ask a question

    • BumbleBot Says Hi - Marvel Facts

    • HelloBot - DC Facts

    • Handling Small Talk

    • Summary

    • Congratulations


About This Class


Chatbots are computer programs that can interact with humans through a simple conversational interface. They are designed to simulate an interaction with another human. Couple this with the fact that more than 90% of smartphone users spend most of their time in messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and you have an excellent opportunity to build highly interactive chatbot based services that can empower business and enterprise like never before.

Chatbots have emerged as fantastic tools for marketing and productivity which is why companies from Amtrak to Fandango and many more are embracing Chatbots and getting a massive boost in their business through pure customer delight, that translates into conversions.

In this first class of a multi-series course, we will understand what a chatbot is and then we'll build our very first and basic chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Throughout this course and subsequent classes in this series, we will be using Chatfuel, one of the most popular bot building platform for Facebook Messenger. 

In subsequent classes, we will gradually up the ante to create advanced chatbots that incorporate features such as Natural Language Processing, Databases, Webviews, Geolocation and more.


  • No coding skills are needed for this class.
  • You should be familiar with using Facebook Messenger.

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone who wishes to learn about conversational UIs and chatbots.
  • Marketing managers, Advertising and PR execs, seeking to create chatbots for their clients.
  • Web developers, Mobile app developers who wish to learn the basics of building chatbots.





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Sachin Bhatnagar

Dad and JavaScript guy

Hello, I'm Sachin. I began dabbling with Computer Programming & Graphics at the age of 14 on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer that ran the BASIC programming language.

During the early 2000s, I forayed into Computer Graphics & Visual Effects training and production. From developing world-class curricula to imparting training to over five thousand students in the classroom and over twelve thousand online, I've actively contributed to fuelling innovation, creating brand...

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