The Character Design Course V1.2 (Updated 23 March, 2020) | Rob Mcleay | Skillshare

The Character Design Course V1.3 (Updated 14 June, 2021)

Rob Mcleay, Chief Tutorial Designer

The Character Design Course V1.3 (Updated 14 June, 2021)

Rob Mcleay, Chief Tutorial Designer

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23 Lessons (4h 29m)
    • 1. Promo Video Character Design Course

    • 2. Explore - An Introduction to Using Shapes and How They Can Explore - Make Your Characters Pop

    • 3. Explore - (Example 2) Converting shapes into 3D objects (Advanced)

    • 4. Explore - Introduction to Exploring Ideas

    • 5. Explore - Introduction to Exploring Ideas (Cont.)

    • 6. Explore - Introduction to Body Shapes

    • 7. Explore - Body Shapes Project

    • 8. Explore - Head Exploration & Challenge

    • 9. Face Construction with Practice Sheet

    • 10. Explore - Face Construction with Practice Sheet Part Two

    • 11. Explore - Introduction to Drawing Solid Hairstyles Every Single Time

    • 12. Explore - Beginners Guide to Expressions

    • 13. Challenge - It's Challenge Time! Pull Everything You Learned into One Amazing Project!

    • 14. Design - Introduction to Character Design

    • 15. Design - How to Create a Face Model Sheet

    • 16. Learn the Skills to Design a Medieval Boy V2

    • 17. Design - Clothing Your Character Using Reference Material

    • 18. Movement - How to Use Squash and Stretch to add Fluidity to Your Character's Movements

    • 19. Movement - How to Use Anticipation and Action to Breath Life into Your Characters

    • 20. Movement - How to Use the Line of Action to Create Dynamic Poses

    • 21. Movement - What is Exaggeration and How Can it Make Your Drawings POP!

    • 22. Final Project - Create Your Own Character Model Sheet

    • 23. BONUS #1 - Live Stream - Learn to Draw Corviknight

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About This Class

*******Update Log*****

14/06/2021 Updated Medieval Boy video

*******Update Log*****

23/03/2020 Updated course to meet Skill Share guidelines

*******Update Log*****

30/12/2019: Added How to draw Corviknight + bonus warm up and technical tutorial


Hello and welcome! Do you love to draw characters but feel frustrated at your progress? 

What will you learn in this course

Boost your visual development skills

Learn the craft of character design

Learn to use Silhouettes to create Imaginative Character Concepts.

The ability to drawing from memory!

Become a quicker drawer!

       " Rob provides a solid foundation for folks who are interested in creating and developing characters for sequential arts and animation. All the basics are explored here, with copious examples: simple shapes, line of action, appeal, etc.

One thing that sets Rob's tutorials apart from the rest is how several examples of the process of character design are shown. The videos reiterate several times that the first design isn't always the best - that one should continue to explore other design possibilities before settling on the final look and feel of a character. If you are interested in refining or creating your own character " - Stuart P


Have you ever tried to draw from memory but failed regularly?

In order to develop your visualization skills (drawing from the mind), your goal as a visual development artist is to draw your characters and environments in a 3-dimensional form.

In lecture one, I will show you:

  1. One really easy technique called the Isometric Arrow that will help you to draw a perfect 3D box every single time!

  2. How to turn a flat rectangle into a 3D tube (this will boost your arm and leg drawing skills!)

  3. One easy method that can help you to draw your character in multiple directions without reference!!

  4. How using shapes can 3x speed your drawing skills


In lecture two I will show you how to convert 2D shapes into 3D objects (Advanced)

  • create 3D objects from your imagination;

  • convert seven flat shapes into seven 3D objects!;

  • create arms and legs from just a rectangle!;

  • use the centre line to help you to turn a 3D object in any direction!

In episode three, I am going to show you the Introduction to Exploring Ideas

To create great and memorable characters you will need to learn how to explore and manipulate shapes.

I will show you:

  • a warm-up method to boost your hand-eye coordination immediately!;

  • why sometimes thinking too much can hinder the creative process;

  • how to quickly and confidently create 20 characters in 20 minutes!;

  • what a silhouette is and how it can drastically improve your drawings!;

  • how guidelines can help with the direction of your character!;

  • one neat trick on how to draw a solid looking mouth!

I'll keep going but you get the idea!


p.s. don't forget to rate and provide feedback so other like-minded artists can find these tutorials!

If you haven't done so already, check out my shorter course Drawing a Cartoon Dad-

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rob Mcleay

Chief Tutorial Designer


You are a prodigy cartoonist/designer that doodles and designs relentlessly late into the night and always that few minutes in the morning just before heading out the door to work, on the bus, at lunch, on the way home on the bus, on the toilet…


Hello, my name is Rob Mcleay,  founder of Mcleay Workshops, an online art and design school for people that can’t stop doodling.


Hey Rob, why should we invest our time and energy with you?

The solution to all your problems is right here!

I have brought my project making skills from the classroom to an online environment, giving students the chance to flex their drawing chops with over 100 studio-style projects to complete. 

For YEARS I studied the... See full profile

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1. Promo Video Character Design Course: I Howdy Rob here from the rub McLay during show. Over the next eight weeks, I'll be showing you all the cool stuff on how to draw The best cartoon character ever will be living at a draw. Facial expressions, my balls, heads, character bodies, putting clothes on those characters, making the move will around the place. And all sorts of really cool stuff will also be covering a few Pokemon characters as well, such as the Score Bunny and the Corvi Night Plus. At the end of each week, you'll be asked to complete a project. These multiple levels Super easy super medium in super super hard, and you could Smith those to the mentoring group, and I will personally mark them for you. Cool. Once you've completed this eight week course, then you'll be eligible to move on to the character design animation program. See you then 2. Explore - An Introduction to Using Shapes and How They Can Explore - Make Your Characters Pop: Yes. Hello? Welcome. It's Rob here from the road. McLay drawing show. Welcome. Thank you for joining me today. Um, you have reached the character. His own course, And I'm here to show you a few techniques, tips, trucks, methods. However, you want to look at it on how to draw well, how to draw characters. Well, um, this first part, it's part of my module. One explore election will section and you'll be gone through a few projects to help you to understand how to drawn three day, Um, we'll be covering how to convert a to deflect object into a more three dimensional form. And you can do this. The reason why we do this is so we can turn a flat Armand to mawr three damage alarm so we can turn the arm around in many different directions. Same goes for the hint. OK, we can start with a flat, two dimensional square or rectangle, and we need to learn how to convert it into more a three dimensional shape. So that's basically the just off this little decision this episode. I'm going to kick things off and begin by showing you a little tip little technique that's gonna help you to draw and isometric three D box consistently. Well, some make sure my Penis working. We're gonna call this the eso metric three deep box. Okay, No debate begins something with this. You need to think off an arrow. Easy, isometric arrow. Once you've got this heroin in Incheon, take it through to next age and drag the lines across something in that line here and then and drag it across and do the same thing with right inside. Super easy. And you'll find that distance from here to here, Here to here and so forth on the other side, Uh, have exact same spacing to the parallel to each other. We're gonna bring this bottom line straight. Backup Muslim is that when we drew in there and we'll do the same thing for the right hand side, we're gonna bring that lineup. Great. Now we're going to bring their right across, and they have a three d isometric box it. So we're gonna give it another shot. Word of a slightly sinner Jeremy. Well, it's a metal box which could make those two lines What shorter? Same processes involved here. What we're doing is dragging the lines across and keeping them parallel. We got there were this is a really great warm up exercise, that team to do Every now and then eso I'd recommend just giving it a bit of a quick guy. See how it works for you. I can't even get a little more trickier by looking through the books and drawing genocide. Do this by dragons Law and Sir gin and you go, you have the inside of the box. It'll come in useful on when you're during later on Go. All right, so of the three D boxes, another shape I want a cover is turning a flat rectangular shape into a three D tube. As I said before, this comes in handy, especially if you're during arms and legs and you want to move them around. We'll begin by during an el rectangle. I wanted to mess into a true but that there is my sin to lie. It's gonna help you to, um, put my tube into the direction I would like. So let's say I want to have my true place in their way, getting around than drawing a flat line like So does he or draw to Ebel's and you join. They met blocks up, back up, the ones it would like to see, and the other ones should fight up. Okay, I'm gonna try this with a slightly bigger shape. Two labels, no drawing. Keep them the same size. Unless you're working in perspective for me, shade in the open end and, Doc, analyze that. You need to make it a tube. All right, Now, this is we start developing into a there, and I'm or lake or whatever you want to do. Okay. Now, for this next part, we will be looking at turning this three dimensional ice image of box into a face. Okay, You can see down the board in there. I'm just circle that for you. That's what we're gonna focus on next. There's a three d box. I've edited the construction lines, and it's, um, IVs and the curves and details that's going to go into a three original going toe to toe ahead. No, this is really great techniques because you can have your character looking one way, and then it's very easy to turn this three d box around, so he's looking the other way, and this is what? I want you to get out of this little demo in case I get rid of this. Start again and we're going to turn three d box into a heads. Let's begin with your shape. Now, this is just one way to approach this technique. There's a couple of other methods, um, using just a circular form. So what you need to do is you to pick the best method at the right time for this one. The many methods that will help you to draw a character looking in many different angles. So what this will also help me to achieve Just is where? Toe identify shadow. Today, the sun is coming from this angle from behind the head. Okay. Gonna call that little light source? Everything on this side is gonna have a bit of a shadow, so just keep that in mind. The Knicks part we want to focus on is the direction off the face. Which way? Your character looking in on Ed and the centerline here and also an island that's gonna be a real simple character, only too much didato. I'll throw in some kids, but I want you to try and duplicate what I'm trying to achieve here. So since the line I line and this will help me to place the years so you can either add that that the facial features now we can do it after you add and the hit So I tender mix it up a bit. Throw but a hit in the inner. My check inaudible and when it suits may no right or wrong way, whatever feels good for you. But I tend to like to have the the hid the structure and wide any detail. Forget the eyes will sit on the island or around the area, and you need in the here you can see the character coming to life. You can also notice that I'm drawing in a very rough format. I'm not going perfect straight away. There's a very good reason why I do this. And that's to, um, helping helps me to draw quickly rather than taking all day to draw a piece of art. Don't take me an hour, so I do this by drawing shapes faced. So this is just a rough, a real quick, rough sketch of a of a young boy. So I'm just getting a feel for a safe. It say it's my, um She's my story. Okay, so that's That's an example of turning a shape three d shape into a face. Now, I mentioned the light source it before, So anything on the sidewalk hair, A bit of a shadow. So I'm not gonna get to bow down with the exactness, but you sort of get the idea off. Why? It's nice to have that three d box there. We've been just to know it. So you don't necessarily have to have that three blocks three blocks in the I get the point now where I don't need to put a dunks. I can just see it in my head. But for now, Eric, we start drawing. Just imagine there's a box there. I was raised. Cool. All right, well, that is this little de my under strict daily. You see what I'm doing? Boom with that. So basically what I want you to do is to have a go at drawing the I submit your books, the three D tube, and also to turn a three D box and your face. You will find your worksheet in your folder, Della debt. Put it out and I will see you. And the next episode 3. Explore - (Example 2) Converting shapes into 3D objects (Advanced): and greetings. It's Rob McLay here. Thanks for joining me again. This is a example to converting shapes and 23 D objects is just another small mini lecture that I'm going to. It's basically a follow on from an introduction to using three D shapes. So what we're gonna be doing our objective is to get some plain flat two D shapes and come off pop off the page and tournament or three d object. So by the end of this little mini tutorial, you should have a good idea on how to do this. And this is what you should be practicing with. Great. So in, really me show to a heavy 123456 Even so, they're all flats was to start off by showing how will approach each one individually. Um, it's a good idea to draw a sketch for. Draw a line for the center look, so this could indicate many things, such as a bone for an arm or a leg, or just a general direction of your shape. Um, now we continue eternal. These and two cans took hold hands or whatever you want a drink Beer. Kenya. Um, so The first thing you need to do is your overalls. Never trick here is to keep each oval the same shape. All right, So what I mean by that is you don't draw something like this and then squash it down. The in the That's not the same shape. The idea is to make sure that what do you draw up here Usual, The same at the end. Unless it's got a smaller end or you drawing in perspective. Then you just joined the lines up. Like, say, I always like to shade the Indian like this. Just indicate the end of the shape. I mean, I document my lines so we can see what's going on. Okay, Now try this method with the shapes. What's again? You're over and your other over this one slightly smaller on the India on. I'm just working off the actual to day shape Duck in your lines, shade. In the end, yes, no, I would recommend experimenting worth the thickness off the Zabel's. So you could particularly do one more round. Well, a lot thinner Lord pains on what you're trying to achieve. We will evil join both sides. Shade in the open end. This one's a little bit unusual. It's got a veteran, don it, and they once again, that may be for a reason. Now. The reason why I drew that seem to lines in just indicate which way the shape is hitting him. If you look at these shapes, that could potentially be anything. The most obvious is a can or a pipe. If you think about it, these could be parts of the arm or parts. The league this could bay with the bicep goes. This may be the forearm. This could be a thigh. This could be a thigh. This could be a start off calf muscle on a calf muscle, the bottom half the league and put the calf muscle on top. So there's many practical applications that you can use of. This method is it's a great way to draw from memory and also a great way to help you visualize scenes or characters or everyday objects. So have you enjoy this little position? Um, I would recommend going away and have a bit of a practice. There is an advanced version of this We need to do is, rather than spending a very short time like we just did. I would recommend spending at least five minutes on each tube. Really? Make something of it. An instance. For instance, we're gonna turn this into, um maybe you can with a sticker on it. Gonna take out time. Maybe the is a little cane. Um, no circular object there. We're gonna and some grooves remember shelter there and put some grainy, gritty material in the corner that way. But maybe it's a can appears earlier. I can appears here for that. Uh, maybe it's sitting on suddenly. Who knows? So you can see what we can achieve. Have we spend more than 30 seconds on the sketch is being five minutes on it. We just keep chipping away and you will find a little bit of magic. Come to your drawings. Take your time. The first part is a quick, rough sketch. The second part slot right down and really enjoy the process. Cool. That's it for May for decision. I'll see you in the next one row. About 4. Explore - Introduction to Exploring Ideas: Hello. My name is Rob. Thank you for joining me again. And this character design workshop. My name is Robert McLay is you? Well, we're off and I'm going to show you. How did your fantastic looking characters? But in order to draw fantastic looking characters, there are a few things you need to master if we get to that stage. So in the previous episodes we explored turning flat shapes and 23 D objects. Now, this is just one off the mini methods and techniques to help you draw well. So I'm just scratching the surface with what I know, imparting my knowledge to you guys and girls. So hopefully you got to take some of what I'm teaching and apply it to your own characters . So in this little session will be looking at exploring ideas. You can see a whole bunch of que tal characters and wear those shapes. I'm going to be show you that this is a process that can help generate hundreds of quick characters in the matter. Off a few minutes. What? I don't have hundreds but tins. Twenties, maybe 30 hard, good characters. Um also be touching base own silhouettes and how strong silhouette can please the eye and make a character look strong. Um, and they will finish off with maybe a few cold character design said we're working with the shape, so eso the first. But we're gonna focus on as exploring ideas we're gonna draw on the show method on how to camp come up with about 15 to 20 really quick fun characters and a really great warm up techniques as well that you can apply straight away. Sam's gonna hide you little fellas cool. The most important thing to remember at this point in time is not to think no thinking allowed. You're gonna put pencil to paper and to start drawing random shapes like I'm going to and want to go for a probably a minute or two. I would just go until I start getting sidetracked and you can follow me Toe just pauses video and try again later. You will get you know, I really love this as a warm up decision, especially if I'm feeling them a little bit dusty. My hand away. Hand eye coordination is a little bit off. I'm just filling up the page with random shapes. You notice I'm going over to two or three times with my shapes as well. That's just another technique that I will go over later on. But just it's important. Just drawing. Drawing one line. Most drill multiple lines. Remember, Uh, no thinking involved a lot about fling up spaces. Living, letting the mind wonder in my mind does wander constantly, especially during the day, sitting on a bus, listening to some really boring person. Talk about nothing. Okay, well, it must be in a minute. Cool. So what is really for For six minute no intently when 12 13 14 for the Inter considered a 20 yard shapes here, which we can turn into pretty much 20 characters When I crazy tough, I no, we just go back to the original worksheet, which will be in your folder. We're gonna look at this top part here or just circle it. These guys. Here's what we're trying to achieve a whole bunch of random little characters, as I see before. It's a really fun way to start off your drawer incision so hard you and you and you bring back you again and late. We can approach us a couple of ways we can just that throwing some eyeballs on, you know? And, uh, the mouths. You can also begin with your center lines. So, um, this will help you to character into your desired direction. So go over both Technics Ellis, that wedding in the guidelines No. Explain what I'm doing that seem to line basically the center of the face and a horizontal line that I'm bringing in cross is we My eyes will be sitting. Some people like to set their eyes on top of the line. Some people like to put their eyes on the line. There's no wrong right way. Whatever helps you to draw this, to go through and start heading in your construction loans. You'd also experiment without construction lines by just adding in random was like that. But if you want to do things properly in the future, you'll start to realize that these guidelines will be your friends. Also known is construction lights by no lots of things to remember. And you also see here that I do double strike, Um, because I know that my fair struck sometimes is not as good as I wanted to base our wall. Just double it up. Awesome. That's what I came up with. That one more Clear on. Oops. Get ready. Years. Likely loans. Uh, now a common theme that I see with new drawers. And we're doing this technical they always put seem to line bang in the middle, off every single shape. Try and get away from that. Um, Hammer's bring this into line to the side of the carrot. Comprende day. Let's go back to my work shit again. I played Hopefully you've printed yours That you can see here I wasn't trying to achieve. Now, these characters here, you can't see the rough lines. Don't worry about that. This would have been maybe a signal. Third, um, cleanup off what? We've just been doing so really, if I get my rid pain, Look, it's going gone. This is what would have bean before I cleaned up. These characters would have been God, lines all over the place. You get the idea, But the moment this is the cleanups, he wouldn't say that. And you also know it's my eyeballs are just black dots. It doesn't really matter up to you what you do there. Look, do you buy big started there All right. Now what? You have your guidelines and your on your characters on your blobs off blah business. Go ahead and start to enjoy. Jones is experiment with eyeballs that far apart. I won't. Was that close to get a and people's cool, right? So quickly ripped through all these. So I'm not gonna go through the entire shape, repose. Ah, collection. Because we will be here all day. So just to a few of them to be afraid to squash your eyeballs, taking the overbearing and Stimpy set of thing going on the you can end your eyeballs at the same time. You could, like, didn't know correct, no wrong or right way to do this part. Experiment with your, uh, eyelids. Also, you can start adding in Vibram eyebrows. They can help with expressions and we'll be covering facial expressions. Letter Roland. So don't get too worried about if you can't smashes outs right away. Okay? Last bets would be the news and the mouth move. Experiment with your nose or or sort two different noses. Big small circles describe for it, and we during the mouth. Hes a couple tip. I'm sure it's gonna shouting. It's gonna hurry. Are you looking at, man? If you look at that shape, they're just Drew. There's actually a c with a line going through it. If you do it the other way, it's Beck would see. Also, you can potentially start with a circle and chisel it out to get the perfect See everything that you drew or we'll have a shape associated with it. So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go through. And handsome eyeballs, a nose and your mouth to his cold shapes. A picture. You'll have 20 characters in 10 minutes ready to go the rough limit. Remember your paperwork. Oh, man. Are you talking about Willis? Oh, yeah. I'll get my head. All right. Important thing here is just to have a little fun. Relax, breathe, meditate. Enjoy the process. I'd love to see some your drawing. So I come and possum on my Facebook group. That's, uh, isn't Linker Andy somewhere. Thanks for joining me. I will see you on the next episode about 5. Explore - Introduction to Exploring Ideas (Cont.): How do you old? It's rob here. Thank you for coming back. This is the introduction to exploring ideas. Continued episode This is the second half to my 20 characters in 20 minutes. Video industry before is wrong, and a devil in further and model prices is from during a rough drawing rough character to a more cleaned up version. So, as you see here, I've reduced the A pass city on my land sketchbook pro. But if you don't have a template you can do, you basically did the same thing with a drawing board that's going opaque or a quick background so you can shine a light for the back but like window and put another piece of paper on rough during and re George of the same sort of practice central process. Now I did this for 15 years. I've never had tablet until about five years ago. So if I can deal, I'm pretty sure you can dot Coolio. So draw my character of door. My 20 yards chaps. I've started heading. I wasn't eyeballs. The facial features mouse Excedrin in the few arms. What I'm gonna do niks to choose two of these shapes and tenement to fully fledged characters. That's right. When a tomb into fully fledged characters, I despair mind. Before I started doing these 20 shapes, I had no idea what a character I was going to draw. So this just goes to show that this process is a really great way to generate inspiration within five minutes. Look at this. All these characters just just kicked out, and I had no inspiration this before. As difficult. So I'm going to reduce capacity and bring it right down and limits that working on two of these characters already chosen to already know what the sky here. Welcome, Jeff. Jeff is a trucker. He has just basically, he's he's come to a diner. He's popped off the tour. And Lupo Yeah, anything was. But some basic nose off to get a burger on the burger is a here, and he's pissed off. All right, so this is the This is the background of what inspired me. I saw this, Faysal, that that's definitely a Jiff. Trackage, If that's your truck. And if Jeff now I've got the face er wouldn't want to do now is to make my shape nice. I want to make it Sylhet and balanced lumps. What's a perfect pencil there? See, I did it. It's balances the balance shape now when I need to draw any construction lines because you've already got him to about refining your line with the Julia. Remember when I drew the mouth in the previous episode? Ah, a myth into drawing a great mouth is to think of a leader, See when he's about to open and shell something, just close it off for the line there and a tongue and shaded into indicate indicate a bit of dip. Said that 15 times cool is that in the ears and because he's a trucker, obviously is gonna have some side beds and right away triggers Head side bent. And he hasn't shaved for 30 minutes because truck is a really Heery and ever get the truck ahead. Cool Now, I haven't focused too much on bodies in this particular episode, but I'll be doing that in future episodes, but are quickly Jordan and now just using real simple shape here because he's mad. He's just jumping up and his arms are all over the place. Little hands like my hands look seriously, I care about hands, as long is they're doing what they mean to be doing. And it's Woodley, right? As leagues are going to be sideways, a off the ground, annoyed and defecate. Let's draw in the here that he found and the bigger that he was eating. Cool. He got that. Now this next character I'm gonna pull out from all these shapes. I'm gonna call hand bird chicken duck recounting burgeoning debt because he's a mixture of all three. And once again you want to make your shapes strong, balanced, strong and balanced. It takes a while. It takes a load. Drawing actually get to the stage of making all shapes look good. But what? You get your shades looking good. Your characters will look good forever. I trust you. Trust me, they will. Once again, I need to put your guidelines in your body. Got him. You know, this is still a rough drawing to May, but the Knicks won a world role. Will be a cleaned up version. When I started reading about a color is a little bit dim witted. Not too sure what's going on. Maybe he's a pit off Jeff, the trucker. You have to get the ground. Some dust look cool. Now, a little. A little trick of the trade. Bring these two fellows to give Arizona Lord trailer traders to add a shape behind the character to make a pop off the page. And this is what I'm gonna do. So you can use to say me that full basically any character that you drool, do you Okay? The habit just to recap Bone bone Tennis Star room. We sketched out 20 shapes. We added some guidelines and some facial features. It took us 5 13 minutes. Easy. Then we redraw it again and credit to unique and fabulous characters. Jeff the Tracker and Bird Duck Chicken. Amazing. So I hope you liked this episode and please join me in the next one. I'm sure you'll learn something new is there's rub out. 6. Explore - Introduction to Body Shapes: Well, hello. It's Rob here again. Thanks for joining me in this episode. Cold body shapes will introduction to body shapes. This is where we're going to explore different tops off bodies. And I'm gonna show you my thought processes on how I can construct these different types of characters. Sales can see here. The long characters large. Um hmm. Very tool. I've got a few characters here that sort of exerting, showing some sort of personality touches. Just seeing a UFO or absolutely confident. No one's going to spot it a mate, mate. So, yeah, there's a few things that we can cover today. Uh, but firstly, was going to a quick warmup around drawing these characters. And you can sort of follow me, Try and stick to about 10 to 15 10 to 20 seconds per body ship. As you can see here, this burger old detail. I've done that for a reason. We don't wanna put detail on until we were confident with their structure. We want characters how body shapes to be balanced, strong, energetic show personality. Although still that cost after you can only sort of achieve that. If you start exploring how characters stand walk, jump, turn around, etcetera. And it just takes a lot of studying of the human form, studying if ever. Illustrator studying characters on TV in just learning how characters are constructed by shapes Now they can bend and twist in tune to really make them life like, unbelievable. So that's basically it. So if this getting talked enough talking, I don't want to put you to sleep. So once again, I'm sort of just trace of my Karen drinks. It's a lot quicker for me to do that. However, you guys can just come follow me. Um, remember no, no longer than 20 seconds per character. I'm gonna be during the entire characters time and then moving over the next one and basically having a little chat about my thought processes and how I'm going to approach each one. So what you don't see in these sketches guidelines, so I'll put those into so they would have been probably underneath. The first picture I drugs is that would've been thes current ones. This blue picture shows say, would be a sick and pictures a second refined image that makes sense. Good idea to have a nice thick affect. Pencil don't press too dark. It's all about coverage. It's a good way to put it. No good way to start the haters with a circle. We enjoying arms links. You can start with that, a one liner like that, and then you could make him think it later on. So is good way to approach it. I'm putting the center line and this time to help me to place guide my character in a sit in direction, looking right. But this character's body could be facing left that's important here to look at how I drawer with my pencil, a trying get quite stroke, you trying rather a little bit at a time. I'm broad and flowing. Try and get in one strike, and that's just my personal preference. There's no right or wrong way to, ah, approach this purchase way of drawing, but there are easier ways to draw, and what you'll find is that the more you say someone draw Mawr methods you pick out from them. Now this is a cold looking down character and see how the way he's been to not going to show you, uh, pushed me a little bit more advanced his court aid line of action. Basically, it's an invisible line going through a body. It's one the end. I'll find another one. Here's another one. Consider it, Ah, backbone, but not a backbone, and you'll start to see more. These probably more. On the second more Joe started introducing the line of action and what it does. It just helps your character become more fluid and natural, relaxed. And in this particular pose, one thing that you will notice here is there a looks quite balanced. What? She looks quite balanced. Guidelines. Top of the head eyes looking at Woods. Let's go dentist Other one that I drew he with another line of action. And once again, line of action is slightly curved, indicating that the character's gonna slightly bend a bag. It's one hears. That's the angle of that. A lot of action. Begin with the head, the torso. Uh, anthee, Um, you joining tops? Carriages experiment with legs and how they stand. Now they set. Are they slightly bent? Other facing different directions. It's a character moving. Is he walking? Is she walking now quite like this ones? Because it's very simple. Got the guidelines looking. I was looking that way, but his body facing their way. So the heat is. I turned to look it this person, this person looking up a debt person, Insightful. You also notice in my hands a very basic instruction. This guy is just one big large fella. Go. Not one big large girl. If you need Teoh, draw a large atop character. Make sure that the torso is longer than other characters will be. He controlled a measure. The how maney he'd you've got across those wells, that sort of 3 3.5 and I'll touch on this ladder on and module to where we look out model shapes, character model shapes and how we keep things. Our model. All right, so you get the idea on, I'll probably just draw one more. So when it's your turn to attempt this, um, per this this tutorial we have to do this has kept a couple of, um, processes O r. Sort of try and stick to ah, repetitive method. The Mara pit of method is I'll throw in a a lot of action. I will drawer my guidelines, open the center line for in my Chester's focusing which way which way it's facing, Should I say, Um, my lines are thick and they very flowing like there is minimal, minimal detail, and I'm keeping this sketch toe under 20 seconds. Okay? And that, to me, is just a method of constructing a quick woman character. Your funds for being cool it it a team plight, webbed warren. And the quicker you get to the stage of your eye, correct at your career, the more find it starts to get more confidence you are and drawing in the bed of your shapes and your characters that Aaron shapes Look, the bit of the final image is going to look because it's always gonna look solid, balanced, full of personality. Believable. Cool. Pulis went up. It should see what's going on. So the habit. I just made these fellas up here. Do you have it? Didn't want to move. It looks pretty. This is phase one off playing room with body shapes. The Knicks sort of step or Anthony's advancement would be to have a go redrawing them again , but with a little bit more detail on alert about more finesse. And I'll show you what I mean. I just do one because I don't take it too long. Feel free to leave a comment If you want me to draw longer and these areas, I just give it paranoid that I'm rattling on too much. So come on, sentiment. A bit of a a peasant style 15th century character, which is basically the whole theme off today's workshop. I'm shaggy bad kids. It's another quick brass skitch. So I stand for my character and I've just used Would uses this rough, roughly drawn shape. That's a real strong balance Shit. I've just added in some detail, and I'm boarding upon this character and this is ah, probably draw another two or three times depending, um, on how feeling, depending on how much reference material have depending, Lois, let effect is involved. Some days I can just nail a character smashing out park. Sometimes it takes me a few attempts, but it's all good. It's all about the process and enjoying that process, enjoying exploring and really having a lot of fun with that. The This is what's that Dima staff, uh, already to the heaven, that is, um, introduction to body shapes. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you in the Knicks lecture rollouts 7. Explore - Body Shapes Project: Greetings all, Rob. Here. Thank you for joining me once again and played. You're still around and hanging out. I must mean that I'm doing something a little bit. Right. So just to recap on the previous lecture where we were, there was an introduction to exploring ideas. And we drew 20 carries in 20 minutes that this is a continue the continuation off that episode. So this is you can see there are three more shapes here that I had converted into three more characters. Now what I want you to be doing is to use those three shapes that I credit. Lift hands eight 123 And you're going to create your very own character from the shapes. Now, this is a worksheet that you can download, said it is in the folder. So please feel afraid of printed off and practice when you know from the computer. So what I want you to do is to through all those three shapes and put your own spin on it. This is what I mean by urine. Spin. Reduce that lad down. I would just draw on top of these shapes lips pressing the wrong ones. Who you the couple is in the middle of that cool. So character one I was gonna say aboard you got mine. Little version there. I want you to give it a shot yourself. Just point using the shapes that I've created. Maybe that is just ahead that have drawn my commander moustache. It's looking pretty close to Mr Potato Head, but I'm going to go down that way. I remembered about Chin. It is the more I read a suit to him that's important. Head had looked at my line work, kids thinking rough. It's not going for that really beautiful line. Perfect line. That it's for a for the next session is for when you want to refine your character, make it look perfect so you can add some color to our This is the wall about once again exploring shapes, heaven walking. I guess that's a real quick sketch. All that character comes in here, Why don't it's Your mission is to to this shape into something else. So we'll push that character to the side and credit new. One problem in this one here. No, What should I do with this one? Let's begin with his eyes. It was good to stop thinking about a story behind your character that will help you to come up with more ideas before was all about just spending off ideas just like that, without without Foot. But now it's a good time to start thinking about the personality, the background of your character, the character and what's his purpose. Let's just say we continue into a bit of a spy. It's like a French by for some reason. Get the idea. So this is just basically me point, a concept from a basic description of a character. Saiz. He's a spy. He's French. Great. There's give me two things I can work with. It's so defined my character a little bit. So when you go to design your character, come up with two or three aspects that will help you to create the character. So once again, he's a spike. But you want could be an underwater diver or maybe a circus run away, or a medieval boy, which, incidentally, is coming up very soon. Okay, let's have a look. This last character, interesting shape, so, as you see, have drawn into a bit of a any and No. 100 the millions or easy. Let's do my idea of an underwater underwater diver. What under order divers have Google's get dams and bubbles, Lots of water. It's purgative, really. 20 buddy, that being delirious aces floating alone going how this beautiful fish Beautiful. There you go. So you can see that I gave my characters and purpose. He is a underwater diver and he is going for a bit of a swim in the water. All right, says to recap, We've got Diala, Which brings over here. We've got a French spy from here and we've got stood here. Sure, why not? And they were based off my three ships. So your mission, if you just accept it in the words of mission impossible to give this a real good Cray. And hopefully I'll see you on the other side. Well done. See, on the next episode 8. Explore - Head Exploration & Challenge: everybody. It's Rob McLay here. Thanks for coming back This many session, it's all about hid exploration. That's rights. We've got 15 heads sitting here ready to draw no one to show you, uh, some cool little tricks. They're gonna help you to draw the shapes. Bidder. So what we have here a whole bunch of circles and a whole bunch of ovals, and you can see how strong help balance they look. And I'm gonna say one really great method that will help you to draw the perfect circle perfect oval every single time. So I'm just going to make sure and draw on top of this, uh, project. It's a little money to troll here. I'm gonna show you how to draw the circle. Has your paper circled? Hydro pivot table, increase this on. Draw every single I know. The key here is that has bean too long on each skitch we're gonna be drawing. We're gonna be heading the ground when we sketching three times. We're gonna be rotating three times like a helicopter. So, Ugo, three times in the year and then three times on the ground like this, you can't 123 circles in the air and 123 circles on the ground Get the idea. So it's like a warm up, um, ritual little pinking finger on the paper. But don't touch the don't touch. Don't touch the pencil on the paper. On the that right, there's rotate three times Lives. 123 and 123 There's Bessie. Six protections there. We'll give it another guy. 123 in the M 123 on the ground. 12 Good, but I hated myself. Three singles in the air. 123123 Now Ovals, Same process three times in the air, 123 In ground 123 It's like you're getting a warm up all rights rather than going straight for a single at this and just aren't once you're gonna go three times or six times. Basically, this girl getting 123456 123456123456 23456 and so forth. So the first thing that you need to go and try and does try attempt Azaz case of piece of paper and start drawing circles. Knievel's No thinking allowed. OK, so you wanna have about 15 to 20 cycles per hey, four piece of paper. That's a really good number. When we go, they only go really go graze. Hold its hard guys behind that. One day you'll see the effect. So this is quite similar to the original like show of introducing you to three D shapes, where we on the direction to exploring ideas as well. We we drew a whole bunch off shapes and then we converted them into cartoon characters is the same sort of principle. You get us out quickly, and then you started in the guidelines on the facial features or the were just the detail, and you start slowing down after that. But the first in the short passes a Z don't quite quickly. Right? Next step is to add your guidelines in your facial features. So if you've looked at the previous episodes of previous lectures, you'll see that I use guidelines to help me with the direction off. My characters are my faces. So a good technique to, um use or Tim Pletcher, I say is try and bring your guidelines over to the side to rather being directly in the middle, like so it's not wrong, but it's actually better ways of doing this. So you want to sort of break it up? Maybe Look at my guidelines here. What you'll see is that they're on the top right hand corner, looking up. They were looking their role in the same side for a reason. Someone get to practice during on one side for now and let Iran you can stop bringing them over to the other side. And I share what I mean by that. You bring the guidelines over to this side, and that's how you turn your face around. I'm gonna get re. Let's once you got your guidelines on, then you throw in your eyes. He knows in Jamal's now keep the nose. Keep everything the same just to keep it. Keep it easy for you guys. Otherwise you start flipping out of bed, go out too much, too many options. But if you feel confident, feel free to ads. Eyebrows. Open the mouth, uh, given different expressions, um, to scrub it crazy with if you feel you can All right, so let's have a bit of a looks key here so hard that won the and we're gonna going to rejoin them without it shouldn't make put that in the corner there so I can see what we're doing. Taking use as reference. Then we go cool light. Just make my panel, but smaller. Now I'm going to draw the carrot is looking the other direction simply by dragging over my guidelines to the other side. Like so heading in a couple of eyeballs nos in the mouth. And what you drawing these characters? It starts off thinking about Sorry when you join these faces. He started thinking about what sort of character take the bait if you haven't thought about it already. If this is just a brainstorming session, you can make it up. Aziz, you go. But if you're lucky enough to have a character in mind with a little bit of back story and that's gonna make life a lot easier, it all depends on where you're at. What stage your and Tim's your character development? No. Just go through and finish off full days. I recommend just having a copying these faces. First, practice your circles. All right, So you want 23456123456 Practices shapes different. Different sizes, different levels, different circles and to guidelines, keep it light from rough. Don't draw too dark at the moment. This is all about exploring on. Don't be afraid to make a lots and lots of lime works. You have become a master off drawing circles and oval straight away like this does take practice. But if you use this as part of your warmup technic, remember that if you're gonna be during for an hour, try and spend 10 to 15 minutes warming up. There's a really great warm up techniques to get into the mode of drawing hand eye coordination, working and this these little faces here that have drawn that. A Superfund, a drawer, super easy, super quick. And I think you have a little fun done. This is a woman. Then he's second creative, and you credit juices start flowing. What, you've got these these ideas than on your paper. So he added, What tennis? His character and to you. Can you guess what drawer? That's right, A little buzzy bee. There we go. Gimson, a love during buzzy base. There really fun to draw. He's a fool his face was going What? So they could be a little project for you? It's turned all these guys into, um, the buzzy bees. Initially, it seemed like a great project. There were hitting off toe. Little part. A little beep. I Well, I could get going on, but you sort of know what to dowe. Um, I'm gonna draw a couple more, and then we'll finish off this little cision. If you're feeling particularly skilful, have the face looking down. You went again. If you want your characters to pop off the page, you can add a little background to each each character, which be would be a drawing. How lovely that actually, I could do this all day. Family Abi's. It's amazing what you can come up with them from. Nothing I wasn't even thinking about during a family of base. But now, well, that easy. Cool. All right, so you'll find this worksheet in your folder. Feel free to download and print it out. She had the mates. I will see you in the next session. Believe we're looking at face construction, so that's always a always a winner, and we'll see the raw bounds 9. Face Construction with Practice Sheet: heavy. It's Rob here. Thanks for joining me once again. Yes. Um, this is ah, continuation from the previous episode. Off hid exploration, plus challenge. This is another he'd tutorial. Always looking like to begin with heads because that's the part off the body that people look at first, they were anyone to learn how banal it properly So the previous Listen, we went through hit exploration and, uh, head bit of a challenge to a few heads. So this is pretty. The Knicks did. We're going to really get down, down and dirty on learning how to draw a proper cartoon head suck. Here, you see a picture, a construction image, an image sorry appear shaped image right here, which is the shape that is used so we could construct this fellow right here. So I'm gonna break it down. The process on how got from shape to detail and what I'd also like to talk about two is the guidelines. They've probably heard this tune before. What you probably would have you'd have seen the previous episode, but already want to sort of get into this, uh, take Knake. Because if you can master guard lines on your face in any, actually, three entire body. It can help you to rotate your head or your character into any angle possible. So you may be stack withdrawing a character in the same post every single time. Or this technique will help you to turn them around. Basically 3 60 Okay, just take a little bit pregnant. So I'm gonna start off by 50 explaining a few things on a shrimp this image a little bit. Get rid of you. Uh, first thing to understand is that when you draw your guidelines on, uh was set for this head considered the shape that you're drawing on a three dimensional shape, not a flat shape. So this is what I mean. One, the shape here, if you consider a flat shape, is gonna be flat. How? Without with one on the right, If you consider that a three dimensional shape, you'll get over the surface. Flett three dimensional. So that's the first thing you need to master. So let's just quickly whip out tin random shapes and we're going to draw guidelines over these shapes. Aziz and Tim and three D objects. And she just started five. Finance Everyone in the room. All right, so for me, a page full of some rough circles And I Valls remember, we're going to turning these into faces. So the guidelines that we'll be using will be the center line, which is gonna tell us with the nose, mouth, chin, sit. And then the eye line obviously tells us where the eyes are going to sit. Got it. Okay. Lets him go here. Secondly, we're gonna be drawing the heads looking one way and in, and we're gonna next step. We're gonna turn looking the opposite way just by moving the guidelines, okay? To go through and just add a new guidelines. It seemed a lot. Now you want to consider where your eyes are going to sit. Now, let's just keep it simple for now, we'll have the eyes sitting at the top. Does he have curved that line? Because to me, the shape three dimensional. So here all the characters are looking up at the sky. Great. Now I'm going to reduce the a pass ity on this layer and I'm gonna show you how gonna turn the other way. So let's draw the shapes on again. One to three for five The trick here is to move the center line to the other side and your eye line. Remember to keep it to me and keep it. Three days. Almost forgot was going to say there. No. Well, characters looking in that direction. Brian. Corner top, Left hand corner, right hand corner. Doctor. Public. Think so, my friend, I want you to practice doing this and you want to spend a good hour Just working on this technique. Don't have any detail for now because the details is gonna confuse you. However, once you do feel like your comfort enough to jump in the insta adding your facial features , God forever flits edge. What I'm going to do now is I am going to draw this character. Oh, guilt. You know, Willie, draw Lillian Lillian who endure this character onto those four ships by ships. So I'm gonna draw him. And five different styles were not different styles, but just going over top of these shapes and drawing the head. So reality I'm actually drawing five different characters. Well, im doing is changing the shape of the heat. England in the nose and in the mouth. Remember the trick? I talked earlier on 100 mouths. Give us that episode That tutorial. What I'm talking about. Is it a good way to draw an open mouth? Is think off the letter C and then adds the back on it. Have you no eyes looking mouth? And the same technique applies here. You'll notice that my mouth a little bit angular. That's my style of drawing. And five go. Let's sit here ahead the years as well. No, it's being too long in each face. That would be the next drawing, Um, which I do very shortly. But I want to all five, because I'll be here forever. But what just want wanted to show you that how easy it is to construct a head. We're just manipulating a few lines. Possibly this could be a gang. Ambrose. There were brothers and just hanging out with each other, laughing at something silly, right on the shed for the mouth. Now it was good to throw in a bit of color with the cave of the mouth. This it adds a little bit of deep and his mind bumpkins cool. All right. So just ah, recap on what I've just drawn here rather than when you add in your guidelines, rather than having it as a flat shape and drunk through the shape well, guidelines you want to consider a zey three dimensional shape Enjoy around your shape starts a three dimensional shape. Ah, the guidelines. They will help you to draw. Place your eyes, your nose, mouth and chin. So it's a very good idea to practice your guidelines as much as possible. Great. That's the face breakdown. Ah, tutorial. Have you enjoyed it? And we'll see you in the next episode. 10. Explore - Face Construction with Practice Sheet Part Two: rob here again. Thanks for joining me. This is a can, a continuation from the previous lecture. Face construction with practice utilization of the practicing that you can work with. Um, what I'd like you to achieve in this with this practice shit is to have fun by just eating . Um, you're a mouth to the heads and the reason why I just want you to add mouths to the heads is because I want you to have fun with it. I've taken it all the hard work and this particular practice shake up a drawing. The character of drama here on the guidelines were on their war I want you to do is to add the mouth. So had them happy said having, talking, shouting, laughing, or have you want a dog? I just want you to add the mouth, but you can have a go at copying these exact faces. And I showed you how to construct the face and previously beside eso. It shouldn't be too hard now to go through and, um, copy these characters and then throwing on throwing your mouth sub just giving you some fun time, basically. And And another reason why I do it this way is because when it comes to drawing, it's it's good just to learn in increments. So here, you having fun with the mouth rather than trying toe get the characters hit perfect. Next practice, it potentially could be the head with noise, mouth and nose, eyes, nose, mouth, but has no here. So you just had their here and just have fun of just here. I guess that's the whole point around this practice sheet. So, um, draw are the type of one lays and just sort of show you what I'm trying to achieve. All right, So what's going on here? So choose your favorite character. You can even change the style of the character. Really Doesn't really bother me. Too much other. The main objective here is to be out, have fun drawing mouths. But if you want to change the character slightly, go for it. And I intend to do it. Change. My carrot is a tim into pirates for some reason, but because of the eye patch, my guess So you've got your your eyes and in your eyebrows. Um, actually, I think machine your eyebrows and he's he's carried this animal and then, you know it's now. Okay, let's destroy mouth open wide, You hear me shouting? And this is all I want you to do. Pin pizza. But fat illness, they were doing this scared to hear. So you be You'll be cupping this directly. You read it here. Got the eyes. Maybe is a little bit angry and perhaps credible. Funny nose and his mouth could be like in there. You know what? I started up for birth here. Birth. Are you getting the idea just to have fun with it? If you're a bit short on ideas are four mouths I would jump on. I think you got good. We got Pinterest you a whole bunch of resource and very confined. I would just type in for a search term. Facial expressions, Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney Animation. You'll find a ton, and you can just copy them when the ones you like the most and Adam to these faces, I would spend it. Now we're doing this, and I'll expected. Have fun doing it at the same time. Have a bit of some of these characters. Oh, man. What you talkin about, Willis? Because good. Yeah, Maybe him. Oh, Maybe it's jumping through the year. Whoa! Yeah, You sort of see where I'm going with it. Cool. What? I hope you will come up with some pretty decent looking characters with some great looking faces and mouths. Remember, I have lots of fun with it. And also remember that your first initial sketches should be quick. Real quick. Rule us were rough because you know you can go through and just Rachel them again. And Spain and a little bit longer on these carrot isn't given, like given the personality that they deserve. Little characters does if a personality they want to candy stick on Tim into a pirate are I'm a pirate and parts don't shave. Where's my was my sword? There's me so hurt here. Yeah, funny stuff. Coup or this is brought about a sea in next episode 11. Explore - Introduction to Drawing Solid Hairstyles Every Single Time: who? It's rob again. Yes, that's right. It's a another lecture, and this one is all about here. Styles. Yep, I I will be trying to achieve a few things in today's listen. Firstly, I want to talk in, discuss a really great technique off tuning. You're here and too easy to draw shapes. And I will also be touching on Straits versus curves, which can had a lot more for niece to your line work and probably touching on a couple of other tips and tricks just to help you to become a better here drawer. If there is such a thing and also your project will be located in the project folder. Just click on the button and it downloads and you can print that out, um, and draw with me if you like. So I've got about approximately 15 20 hints here. I haven't actually counted them do this little while ago, so we'll just get 15 to 20. We're gonna be starting off with drawing underneath the here first, and then we'll be putting out here on top as a simple shape and, as I said before, be utilizing Straits on versus curves straight on curves to make your head more believable and realistic. Cool. Just a couple of reminders on how to draw when you are sketching. I like to have a nice big pencil. So what? I mean, my fat pencils, something like that. It's a lot better than drawing with a real thin pencil like this. Drawing with affect pencil can give you a lot more coverage, and it's easy to pick up bits of looking lines in the future. See, I've got Well, I don't I'm gonna just just get right the middle there and just tied it up a bit more about a lot harder. If you got a real Filic unlearn like that. So our recommend having ah, a drawing of the pencil. An HB is pretty good along with a B, if you can, and when you first sketching out your drawing till your pencil. So you get a nice flat edge as opposed to a for the age and and you use that technique when you're starting out your picture. It's just a technique. There's no right or wrong way, but I find that this is a really good way to start. Cool. I'm gonna get within that put you, but by now, bring you back here. Are you doing? We're going to reduce that end my new layer, Coben eyes. So I'm gonna go through a few of these heads. Why shouldn't try and go through all of them? Um, it's gonna be a little bit repeated. A But I think it's a good thing because you can see the process every single time and practice makes perfect right about now. I would probably add a little bit of music, but I don't have any today, So you gonna listen to my soothing voice? All right? Don't just remember that when you are sketching your head is to keep a lot and rough movements of the fete pencil adding your guidelines. So do two or three at a time. So again, toe a rhythm because I just turn that that Claire off. Excuse me. Ltda. Drive Always today I'm doing a bit of teakettle. No is going to say it is a real rough lot Drawings. We're all scratchy for now on get to date out to perfect because it's pointless when you got your basin. You want to add in you here now? Well, if you look at the shapes would be looking for here. Just published back up again Those three hits that I drew the here that's on top of these shapes. Some of these heads are actually big volume. It's shapes. I'm gonna simplify it for you so you can see what I see just produce you as well. It's not for this. Q t. Just minimize that. The shapes that I see of these okay, see him? I simplified that nets. That idea behind today's listen is to look ahead. Oh, and try and simplify. So when you go to practice on a lighter on, have a look at these shapes and try and simplify each hairdo, they don't have to just use my practicing. You can go online and find a whole bunch of illustrations that have funky waiting here and do what I'm doing right now. So let's have a go at these other two. You see how have simplified it? I've avoided drawing lots of wispy lines for now. That is gonna be your style after you finished. This is just a way off starting your picture. Okay? Knows when he can see what I'm drawing some just going to pull it back up again. There we go. Once again, a simplified shape. I'm just go ahead and finish off the other ones draw on the base for your head. Which way is he Carried the looking at the new guidelines that edge a heroin once again. A simple shape. Easy. No, I mean, when Colin Shea Didn't we owe the correct word? Is good rain during? Yes. Okay, so I don't get the idea when I keep on going. I would highly recommend drawing with me if you can. But if you just like toe watch my soothing during strokes, then feel free to and if even done so really ready. Uh, why don't you go visit my Facebook group in its were a post. Oh, my better versions. Which I am I pre release versions of all my projects. So we want to get Tous room before ice, put him out alive. Just jump into my Facebook page. I remember it to avoid the wispy nous, the details. But now and there's another reason why you want to avoid the wispy nous. They say you want to to create a model sheets off your character, which is basically your character, many different poses and facial expressions. When you go first, go to draw the bottle sheet. You'll be creating your characters like this because it's a lot easier to turn a basic shape around as it is to a fully fully detailed, drawn image. If you're not too sure what, My God, what guidelines are, I reckon mean looking at the previous a lecture that I completed earlier and get familiar with how guidelines can help you to draw better, let's kill him. 00 all right. Now I'm gonna start explaining what straits on Kurt Straits versus curve Straits on curves means and how it can make your picture look a lot more stronger and balanced. Someone appointed examples. This would be a good example. It's kitchen. You're basically head guidelines. Now he's a straight He's a curve. His occurred is a straight try another one strike. This is actually a drawing principle that works most of the time, but you gotta choose when to use it to get its full impact strike good straight kids. It's commonly used when drawing arms and legs, which I think is gonna be have to be another election. Little that the weather going to run out of time looks. Where you going? Meet. Now you can see it. A little bit of a test them drawn. Here, pull it up against you. See what is drawer skull first. And here it's just remind me what to talk about. And that's what we've been doing. You want to give your here but a volume but of height from the top off your skull. And what I mean by that is we will skitch in your skull as it says he draws skull fist. Enjoy here. So we got out. Good strike. Now, if you look here, there's actually in Bolivar distance A little bit of a high defector prevent inch. What's an inch in this drawing? But a couple of centimetres? In real life, there's gonna be a bit about bit of a flourish around the area, so keep that in mind, makes the character look a lot more believable. Don't let your one more so I think you got the idea to about practice, so they just scale. These are guidelines and there's you here, slightly off this Go Cool. Hmm. I think coming everything. So we just kept off what we've drawn today been drawing here. Make sure you begin with the skull first or the base, which I've shown you here. Uh, when you're drawing the here, uh, capeman Simple and told them as basic shapes Keep the details to last and make sure to add a bit of volume. You here, God has got here underneath it. Basically, it's gonna grow up, and it's gonna get apt. So keep that in mind. Um, and I would also practices technique for an hour or so just to get you and I coordination, working and also to really understand this concept report, I think that's it. So I will see you on the next episode. We're about 12. Explore - Beginners Guide to Expressions: Hey, it's Rob here again would be like my injury. Well, look here. We are going to be focusing on expressions today. That's right. How deport um personality into your character's face in personality. What is personality? Well, it's a well, these, um, examples here. Angry, curious, happy Uneme breast worried, clinched really happy. Surprised expressions. So rather than having the same old expression every time you Joyal character, you should have the confidence after this lecture to be arbor to at least draw some real basic but fun expressions on your character's face. We'll be focusing on a few aspects of the face is going to be the I Brown's and the mouth. So it's quite easy to play around with expressions just by moving and changing how the mouth and eyebrows work together so well, let's get into it. Once again, I'm going to be, um, reducing the positive on this hair I'm gonna be drawing of my characters say you can see what I'm working on. Dedicated the, um, the end off these lectures after each module is going to be a project for you to work on to see if you've learned anything in my Lynch's Hartley Evil owned at least one thing, because if you haven't learnt anything, will be but worried. Just having some care. Morty. It's quite another if you first things first, if you remember in the previous election, and if you haven't seen the previous lecture, I do recommend to go into the previous lecture. But what I talk about is how to begin your head. And it's all about starting over the base and in your guidelines in ending a detail that's a step by step process. If you practice the step by step process, you will avenge. Become awesome just like me and killing. That's right. I am known as Mr Awesome to my students. Given this carrot in the middle. Yepes, let's begin with happy if you look at the, um, the qualities of happiness. The what makes a character happy? Obviously a smile. Okay, but you can quite easily like a character evil. I haven't had a smile but changing his eyebrows. That's very subtle, but this one here we go into create a hip looking face, eyes wide open, a nice big smiley face. No que. Here your eyebrows keep him high. The great thing about cartoons is that you can cheat. I know no drawing realistic paper. We know difference. Entering during roll PayPal and cartoons. People can be a little bit tedious sometimes because you can draw your eyebrows of the vice . And that's really boring. Truecar Turness. You know what I mean? I love pushing my eyebrows off the heat. It gives me a lot of freedom. Excuse me. This guy's got no here, right? My given some here now. And once again if you watched my previous episode, you will No, no, I draw here At the beginning, I started for the shape, basic shape Excite. And later on, I'll have my frizzy bits. Which of these things here cool that guys happy? It's made love to really happy. Now what's the difference here? That's right. The mouth is open. That's looking at an anticipation, um, expression going on, too. My eyebrows, uh, high mouth is open. Don't forget to add in your shadow in the mouth to give it dip and then we have a Let's go for the opposite. We'll see. Opposite of happy angry, there's two things have changed this picture on his demeanor. Firstly, his eyebrows. Secondly, his mouth Skitch in the shape of his head guidelines, and I'm gonna at his eyes to start off with a couple of round devils. How's mouth the trick here? That's ahead of that lip, coming up in a straight line toward the back of the mouth there because teeth gritted. So he's really, really frustrated. And obviously, the Eyebrows eyebrows kit adds a whole new dimension to a character's expression. If you don't want to use my characters, uh, as the practice run and you've got your own state of characters that you'd like to experiment with, I totally recommend using them. Get these facial expressions we have to do, is written off my character and trains blind more to yours. So if you're character is gonna similar hit like this, all you have to do is transplanted onto here. You know this guy? He's got the evil grin. He's got the angry eyes, but he's got the heavy, grim get the idea. So I mixed them up of it. Pence will get Fed, and there's that mouth evil grin. Let's go over to a surprised look. Just look at the shape of their head. I quite like it just pull it out. The quite nice to be got a nice shape for the basically hit the poll was everything together makes imbalanced once again the here as a big basic shape. Keep the detail out for now. Eyes, nose When she surprised my eyebrows. High peoples in the middle of the trick here is a little sea for the mouth. That's like a which has happened. What just happened? Surprised So this worksheet will be in your falter. I recommend to print it out and have a girl copping these faces. But it wasn't like you ever see before. It's too. Get some of these facial expressions import Amanti own character. T step more theory. These guys are worried, so mouth slightly open taste slightly clinched, eyebrows high looking over that way, maybe someone's following them. Who knows? Worried, And it might just do one more. You sort of get in the idea. Let's do. Unimpressed is one of my favorite ones. Looking at photos might carry. Yeah, right. It wasn't too happy about that. Unimpressed. What's again? I've been experimenting with the eyebrows and the mouth. So what? Tanks? Also I recommend funding. Your favorite illustrator were favorite in a medic are tonally favorite comic and seeing how they draw their expressions, you find the more cartoony the drawings are, the more expressions they will have versus, say, a X Men drawing, which is very stilted. I'm very dry. I would also recommend having look at Ren and Stimpy because those guys who drew those cartoons are absolute legends. So search for Ren and Stumpy online, and you'll know what I'm talking about. I'll just finish this off for police backup so you can see one more time what we've achieved. Let's go over what we've been changed. Oh yeah, So the main technique to take away from this lecture it's how to use Utilize your eyebrows and your mouth to really subtly change expression on your characters. Secondly, I want you to transplant my facial, which is on two your own character. That's right. We should experiment. I want you to practice. I don't want you to worry too much about the detail. For now, you want to try and keep each skitch under two minutes. We haven't even quicker. This will be a great warm up exercise to get into the mode of drawing, because sometimes it can be quite hard to get those inspirational juices flowing. Alias. We've all been there, so I think that's about it. For now. Have you enjoyed this lecture? Feel free to leave a comment or give me some feedback if you like this or not, and we'll see you in the next episode Very, very certain about. 13. Challenge - It's Challenge Time! Pull Everything You Learned into One Amazing Project!: Hey, it's Rob here again. Hey, thanks for joining me in the last lecture for module one. Explore. That's right. It's going to be a challenge. That's right. You're going to put everything that you've learned in the last 11 or so lectures. 10 Also lectures to create your very own Carter and character. So what you see here, a couple of nondescript basic shape guys or girls? Um, and you will be adding your own eyes. Mouth here knows legs to create your very own make a character. Now it's important that you think about everything that you blunt in the last few episodes . Five. Last year, eight lectures. Everything that I've taught has led to this ultimate challenge. That's right. It's a challenge. I've shown you tricks, techniques, methods on how to create a pretty good vice. I've given you starting points. I've shown you how to use shapes to credit face, how to use guidelines, how to turn here into shapes. So you should have enough skills and the toolkit to develop these characters. So I'm gonna rock into. I'm gonna show you how I approach it, and you can have go yourself afterwards or you can copy me as I draw fantastico. First things first is to reduce the A pass ity so you could see from hitting now, in creating your character. Best part of the body's down, off with is the head. So we're gonna draw both these heads. And what's it gonna look for? Some inspiration. Justo, Really? Um, do some serious damage to these these characters. This is the first check that you should be during head and the torso. He said not give it nice and simple. Now I'm gonna minimum. I should gonna bring this over, reduce the size taken, sort of get an idea of what's going on. So I've got a reference I grabbed off the internet. It is any of 1/15 century calm. A farmer slash peasant slash wondering fella, we're gonna turn, get use his clothing and pop it into his characters. Okay, so I get a basic shapes on Now. Um, gonna start getting in the construction. Lawrence. Yeah, hi. Lines just ahead and on what might destroy pose slightly and then add his his head scuff. You can treat the clothes the same way that you've treated everything else in this, uh, episode. and it's a break. Allow your clothing and shapes. Okay, when did the same thing for the other character? Mostly used the same type of clothing as well, just to speed things up the headscarf. It's a baggy clothing going on here, and it could be holding stuff. And and this guy can be holding stuff. Well, their nose, you've noticed uplift the face toe last. I just wanted to get the general essence off this character on to pay before I started going for the face. If you're comfortable with the clothing and for but were afraid to go and fresh off the head to this is a really great starting point for for you to attack. So just room for the steps again print out your challenge, which is up here Gonna be in your folder, Teoh. Have look at and to copy You wanna be's babe over top of it and reap and trace over and then age your character. Um, you can also think about inspiration. I quickly pulled that off the Internet, but I had a general idea of what I was trying to achieve. And there's some sort of medieval character. Well, what to heaven. I and I've used the close to place on my own characters for the challenge, and I left the face toe last. It's not. There's no right or wrong way to leave the face, but really, I wanted to get the essence of the character by drawing in the close to see if it felt right once I had the essence and then I would know completed up with the face. There's just one way off attending a quick character sketch, but we'll really given you the basic structure of the character we're doing is basically overlaying clothes and face in the face design. So I hope you enjoyed this last challenge. Expect some amazing stuff from you. Feel free, opposed to all your stuff on the area. Here we can do so or go to my website or Facebook page to post your drawings. I'll see you in the Knicks brand new module, which is I've gotten, but it's gonna be called model to design where we look at introduction to design. We look at a character called Medieval Peasant Boy. We focus on body shape and design as an introduction to model sheets with your face model sheet and we finish off with some clothing research and quite possibly a project. So we'll see you then. This is Rob. Signing off for a rubber clay drawing shot are about. 14. Design - Introduction to Character Design: Greetings. Greetings end more greeting. That's Rob here. I see you've made it to module to design intestine. Great work. Hopefully, we can have completed module one. If not, I would recommend popping over there because it's got a really great methods, techniques, tips and tricks on learning how to begin your characters. So in this module you'll be interpreting the personality that is in the briefing. Your also endeavoured to bring this to your character were working on the characters expressions. You're then loan joint in eggs and here in clothing. Finally, you'll be creating a face model sheet that will be used throughout the production process off moviemaking. Eso. You'll get a really good understanding on how to draw this character here and how to create , uh, turn the face around of those characters. There's plenty to do in this in this module. Hope you enjoy it. Um, just a couple of tips to remember when you're drawing, keep it light. Keep it rough. Usual flatted. Get lots of coverage going on when you're studying and drawing. Keep it within 10 to 22nd time frame to get the initial blocking out. The initial shapes down difficult to edge of guidelines a second. Happy to put your character and any different direction you like on save the detail toe. Very, very last. Okay, but when you do the detail, your slow right down. Okay, so that is the introduction. Hope you have. You enjoy it. I'll see in the next episode, Nick lecture about 15. Design - How to Create a Face Model Sheet: Howdy Doody is Rob here again? I'm gonna spend my tea. Green tea tree soothes the throat looks really good for talking like a radio anyway. So I see we've done lecture a medieval peasant boy, and you listen to the introduction to design. So now it's well about faiths model sheets and also how to deconstruct the medieval mid de evil boy's face against. That's basically the essence off the selection, so something that you may have not seen before is a model sheet. Will depends on, um, what's the research you've been doing recently? How about a model sheet, especially Face Moshi enables you to turn your characters heads around and multiple, um, directions. And also it is a reference guide for yourself. Or, if you're working in some sort of comic animation, all gaming industry or gaming company that the other illustrators will use this while the others were used to this model sheet to make sure your character stays on model canto. That's a you need to learn is how to keep your character on models days on model, which means basically, um uh, keeping your shapes, uh, in proportion every single time, keeping your eyes were nose your mouth. You're here the same. No matter which way your characters looking. So this is what today's lecture is all about? I get excited. Consume Pretty goddamn excited about this is is one of my favorite characters that have joined. It's pretty cool, but go so fiercely, we're gonna get rid off from River. Mr. Old Faithful moment meant faced mole shit. We're gonna put him up there so you can look at their get one will be doing that soon. Gonna work this guy Medieval bowl Once again. I was gonna reduce the A pass ity on this picture so you can see my thought processes and keep it all in context. Some things a lot easier for me to teach. This way you can see the correct methods on health to start. Ah, hit correctly. Comprende? A comprende? A c. Okay. Once again, keep your pencil nice. Have a nice that pencil. Viewed working on pencil and paper, which is absolutely fine, by the way. I drew on pencil. Better like 15 years before I even got a tablet. So if you're using pencil, I recommend when you get away, our recommends a B B pencil for your rough warmups tool. So the first thing to remember here is to consider the type of shape that the characters hit is going to be using, right, So you can look at it two ways. You can just draw one shape. We can break it into twos, and I show you how to break into two ships. So started for that circle for the he'd lots of God, like lots of rough lions drawing the guidelines. Now, this cool little trick is drawing the cheeks in the bottom half the face off the side of the head and just looping it around like so. And the ear sits around where that guidelines going to bay. So I'm just hard things you'll see. Will, that is No, we can quite easily just which I'll show you with these metal sheets. Duplicate this team plate. No, you got to try and keep the character in proportions. You keep the the shapes the same size rob that Hillary was. It's gonna get but confusing. Oh, yeah, when you look but with painful clarity is cool, right? So, um, now the next part will be the most obvious shape here. Will be the hat so you can start off with an oval and chisel it out. Like so remember to keep it rough and light. For now, lots of lines is better than one single line because you you got plenty more to choose from next. I would probably approach in the torso in the nick. Hey, have sort of drawn and Nick, but Water editor Torso. And it's capped off this. They're not gonna get too too worried about what's happening. It's all about the heat and moving it around in modern, different directions. Now it is looking pretty messy right now, but I want to start to refund the processing when it comes to drawing the the eyeballs. Excuse me when you're not. Committee would like to just have a shop shop shepherd paint. Sony's were in glasses, bring glasses wearing glasses. True the carrot. Never got a look. Not. And the news. He's all right out of the hate. Oh, okay. So I did a really great tutorial on here on the first. More joy truly remained. Chicken. Now, cool did the Here it is the stick plastic process. Um, how to start this head that was going through conducting up the lines once you're happy with your launching difference. That committing and really enjoying the process off. McKellen pretty. We get really with a looking good game. Come by, browse. Well, really Now, Once again, it's still a ref, Troy, but I am just fleshing it out. That's another William Burton Lippett. Did they call me? Let's get him too much fun. The It's about fleshing out your character. Coolio and I was a bit of a background toe to provide a bit of deep, lovely to a play mark. Is that real quick, rough sketch And then, obviously the Knicks time I draw this character, I will be redrawing it again and just going over there. And you know that you can use a different type of incompetent. So you go on the annual my cleanups pretty poor, but you just go through and and so 45 that and will eventually end up like this, Baron. Okay, so that's the first part off this lecture faced deconstruction. The Knicks part will be going to the model sheet and during the shapes, but just moving around slightly and changing the position off the guidelines and that where you got to come up the whole bunch off. Um, how much of faces to Warsaw to crazy things, but keeping in our model cold rides. So it's time to killing down and do their smart with sheets. Medieval peasant boy. Okay, 123456 minute Living a living faces to complete. So I am just going to in this, like some show you shapes that are used to construct the character's head within and you re seeing them before. Boehner showed the trick on how to how you change the direction off the character official with his hand and the ways looking cool. All right, remember the shapes involved. You need to get a pencil, but this I'm going to go through edl, the basic head, shape his chips for the medieval bullet and then go ahead and do the guidelines. Well, it is that I'm drawing the team blight template of shapes have identified what shapes he used to construct the head with a wand, doing, duplicating the shapes right around you Spend me, but well, baby, excuse my babbling, but I just really like talking and drawing at the same time. Never could do before some reason I'm smashing it. Good. Whoa! That's pretty easy, eh? So, frickin drawer circles and nobles look. So when you're having to go touring this character, I want you two to exactly the same process as to what I'm doing right now. Captain it, we're gonna add in the guidelines. We don't that Centaline there I look. Center line byline. Good morning. My lines start like my guidelines slightly, kid, because it's sort of going around the three D shape. If you're feeling too confident on drawing like that, you can just draw a flat line that helps. No, it's not. Not a prerequisite, but does help to visualize your character, especially drawing from memory in the one rejecting the idea. Right next step is dead in the head. Another head is just noble. So we need to do is to understand how big hat is compared with the other shapes off the head. So this is corporate portions. So the head is possibly twice a size off the top part off the head. Europe. So it wouldn't make sense. Was that good it because that's not in proportion to the rest of the heads, sir. That's how I quickly understand where there. I'm drawing to the creek size. I'm not doing any detail right now. The one to date dial. Just tell you had a drawer. Perfect. Ever. I'm pretty sure I did in the first listens. So you just rotate three times with six times three times in the year, Three tones on the ground. Creavy, baby. What? Do it. That's what you should have if you don't have that. I don't know what you doing, mate. And now we're going to be adding in the detail is reduced. The that's a bit. I want you to see the technique. You see the carrot underneath, Audrey previously. All right, so now you start drawing in the facial expressions. I don't want to use a pencil for this. I really like that one at the moment. So this is God. The books boys got glasses on. So you first will you draw in the all this Well, this much better growth ring heading away the eyes Circle, circle, circle, circle. I'm getting perfect circles is because I am rotating three times. Look at that. I hey, feel free to post your working my Facebook group. It's probably it's floating and the description somewhere. We're going to be here for ages anyway. It's how to get the idea, right. I won't go any further net and just focus on form or something. I'm running out of time. Um, on a chisel, out on ed in the noise in the mouth and chisel out the hex as I did before, in the previous little lecture. This is much better. Go ahead. And I've been drawing this pittle before. Kirky. Name name you the nikh. We're getting you and I So just fresh off with this one here on then permit one on you to do is to just watch this video another 12 times. Just getting just we know once or twice and just duplicate what I'm trying to draw head drawings. All about observing and copying. No, it's OK. He sounded to get the idea right. Just a re camp. We, during a face model shaped and I'm showing you the process involved standoff with identifying the shapes off the hit. So here we've identified two shapes, two circles or slightly slightly. Sickles was identified that het is another Overall, we've also identified how big the over rulers the headers compared to the rest of the face . And then we've gone along, ended the guidelines and the gun and finished off with the detail and what I did quite quickly. Once you get to the detail part, you slew goo. Okay, take your time. That cause that the part. That's the part that runs going to see at the end, but its first initial sketch taking time. Just go. Go ahead. Up so fast. It's been about 15 20 seconds on the head. Shapes were from out, but when you detail slow right down hate, this is Rob. Thanks for joining me today. I'm going to see you in the next lecture, which I believe could be all about body shapes and design. It sounds because rob out. 16. Learn the Skills to Design a Medieval Boy V2: Well, hello, Rob here again. Thank you for joining me. This is medieval peasant boys lecture. Before I got to this stage, I started off from this. That's why I started off with hilarious. And I won't go into that. So what you see here is basically my mock-up for this particular project. So I'll quickly rough out. There's actually another drawing underneath us. You can see two tops line work. You can see a sort of a grayish line would be. And here's some gray area there. And that's linewidth that I've actually loaded Pasi of just metal, but a lot of them dwell on top of that with the black line. So this is actually the second drawing of four. So I'm going to go through and draw each character once. But before I get to the stage, this will actually be more and getting things back to front, sorry, restart. This is actually going to be the first sketch and identifying the shapes. But three characters here, they're all slightly different. Bot been stocky, one, medium ones, medium ones, quite lengthy. So these have to reflect them and shapes. You'll notice that the heads are the same size, the heads of the same size. It's just the torso and the legs change, and also the arms that change depending on the type of character that you're trying to achieve. And then setup of this gauge. And it's going to go through too sketch and then it's going to go through to that sketch. Okay, so there's a stage 1, stage 2, stage 3. Got that. So as I've mentioned of what these illustrations, I'm going to go jump straight into it, but there's some, we're going to reduce this opacity. So I'm going to draw on top of these deployed joint so you can sort of get a better understanding of my thought processes. But I'll be basically setting up the shapes are and situation Callaway. And then I'll be going to rough sketches. And then I won't bother going into the final one simply because it does take a long time. And I might just keep that for a future lecture and clean up, but clamp does take a long time to master. So since this is Beginner, beginner workshop, a beginner series, we'll just bugs on his photo components and then we'll do an advanced version later on. Okay, First of all, I want to add in all the shapes. So the method I'm going to be drawing in is I've got a template style of drawing. So I'll start with the head, the torso, start with the head guidelines and go for the torso. Guidelines, HD guidelines, torso. Notice here that there are different three different types of characters or short, medium and lanky, so that it reflects the torso and also the limbs. I'll probably pop in the arms and legs now. So there's a few ways you can approach this at start off with a bone and a circle which represents the hand. This helps you to place your hands on the crate platinum, put your hands in the correct place. Try say the links will come 10k sinks that with a couple of bones as well in the feet can be just flat lines that represent the bottom of the bottom of the feet. To repeat the process for the second character. And the third character. This is what it should look like. And the arms and for the other characters, same process. Bones, and then circle sport the hands. The next most obvious part of the body owned or now is the head. It's the same shape, same size for each card. And look over here, you can see that look pretty much as m. Now, I can pretty much duplicate this process on any character I draw. So that's what you want to achieve. That's your ultimate goal. And it comes to drawing. There were holding him lake hopefully is no vegetarians or vegans watching me tonight. If I do apologize. You look at the shape that I've drawn. Circle. And I don't know what that is. This is that it's like a Y poking into a circle. And the fork you draw long gone through the circle of the hand, will get that pretty straightforward. I do recommend that you try and master this templated process. Because if you can master this and you can make your characters look balanced. And I'm Wab apportioned as well are your only way to becoming a fantastic artist. And let's get into drawing some detail. So once again, I'll just go over why I've got my image in the background. So you can, it's easy for me to teach this way. Makes it a lot quicker for me, but it also can, puts everything into context. So let's begin by finishing off for the shorts because even to draw nose and knit and just a couple of mana details for the clothing. Now when you see my line work that's quite flowy. Long strokes. I'm not the myth. Painful. I'm moving mine taught drawing to be that in mind. I'm just trying to get my structure looking good. Now the fun part. Okay. Well, they say she was told that list of fun the head a bit more so. And look at my paints, look a thick the line work is very good rays. And I explained this in Module 1 about using thick one, but it just gives you more to choose from when you got to clean up and clean up as this vision here. And I've got underneath best to clean up version. But for look at it later on. And I've drawn it. So Dr. kingdoms here, they always kinda fun. Just reduce my limb and we send it, send it to the detail that you want to get. You'd be wanting to gates a thinner pencil case so Shapin you paint, so get an HB is usually pretty good. Your eyes will sit on this guideline. Okay. That's why we draw the guidelines and boom, character stuff and come to the left. Now, we turn to aim for is that sort of rough linework. I love the stuff. You see that? C up just bicycle typically my line up. When you're drawing the legs finishing pillaging and thicknesses to each one. Because leaves and sticks are actually goes inflation and bone. I'm not getting too fast about making it look pretty. All about strong shapes, balanced characters. To show what I mean about balanced characters. Hit me up in my Facebook group and we can have a bit of a gnat her about it. And moist came for a chant that we show i i effect. Okay. And once you do that, then I would tend to, if you've got the option of having an iPad or a tablet or know that you can go through and just redraw it again and start refining your line work. Now we'll just do one character for now. And this is cleanups, not my strong suit as you can say, but a big deal. Pencil down. And you'll notice the income I finished drawing is a lot darker. This because it's a different, it's actually an ink pen on the iPad. At the moment I am using a pencil, pencil, or stylus. But the whole idea is that you've done your rough drawing now you just pick all the normal stuff. In terms of speed. The first part, you should do reasonably quickly. Here. I'm rushing because I get paranoid about making people board this pot here. You should slow down. So I would spend on a petulant this at least if you're a beginner, but 15 to 20 minutes that Russia and those 9 in Russian. Take your time. Now I'm going to give it my background. Now still consider this a rough cleanups. That's not my finished product, but because it's not getting on the next, next. And next time I'll redraw this character. It'll be looking like that style. But we didn't have time for it today because it was so much. Anyway, you just need to get this stage. This is our point 0 idea about this lecture is just to get to this stage are really beautiful. Okay? Okay, That's beautiful. That's it for this little mini lecture. I will see you in the next one, looking forward to rubber. 17. Design - Clothing Your Character Using Reference Material: greetings, Greetings grew Jing's flow. It's rob here again. Thank you for joining me. I'm wondering why I've got undressed open with flow of costumes. Well, in today's lecture, it's going to be about clothing. More specifically, medieval boy clothing or medieval peasant boy closing someone. I went to be going through the basics off political on introduction to costume. Good costume design. I had to come up with my dears to put clothing on to your character. It's gonna be fun. Um, we show you my thought. Probably ceases now. People had to have different ways of doing things. But, um, I think my ways pretty solid. Does always good to go in tow. A project with an idea off What? Your character, who your character is and, more importantly, the era that your character lives in, right. So as you can guess, my mentality is going guess. Medieval peasant boys program 15th 16th century. So there could be a pretty good place to start. So I just jumped on pier pen checkers Pinterest into such for medieval present man boy, or whenever you want to go for a number, is going to it would have a look see and get some inspiration. Basically, to help me to design the best costume about. Uh huh. So I'm gonna do some scrolling and look, to be quite honest, I'm pretty inspired right now. I'm just gonna just screenshot that when I opened it up and a sketchbook go, it's our from over there, and you could probably also see lips. Today's lesson. So what we're going to try and achieve today is first of all, finding using reference material too far to draw clothing. And then I'm going to go through the steps on gun from realistic right through to amore cartoony vibe, as you can see here. So I'm not here to It's been two or three hours researching clothing. Looked to be going us a primate. Two or three minutes. There were two or three hours from, um but I would say it's been two or three hours practicing drawing clothing. Okay. And, um, you see, you have got a couple of Mrs on how, um, interpret clothing. You can stop with drawing clothing perfectly and then simplifying it, too. Met your style. It's a brotherhood, different styles. And I'm gonna worry too much about that. I've got my style. You got your style. It's all about how to get to that star. So we're gonna work on that. Okay. So as I mentioned before, I did get some reference material, and I just draw a few of these illustrations, but I'm going to get rid of these a little bit smaller sequence or to get an idea what's going on. You go there. And you, my friend Kingo, handle about space management. And I'm gonna get rid of their one. That coat. I'm going to choose a couple of these characters thes thes men, peasant type characters. And I'm going to start drawing sketching the clothing I can fiddle on the screen. Karaki were a little Latin. What help? You can go down the able fellow. So let's just and this that with this on what happened? I got pizza working way term to be with me. Start with this guy here. Let's see what Damrell They go here and possibly that one there as well. Okay, triple a pencil when you begin your research, it's got here just to sketch quickly to get a feel for the clothing that your, uh working with and stole so drawing human human style figures. No, that's sort of next level stuff. So I'll be obviously creating for the two doors at hand drawer rural people. But for now, just be with me. If you do want real people courses, let me night. I'm sure I can work something out. We'll just try stick with one style off illustration today. And there was this gonna confuse the heck out of you is going to see here. I'm during this fella here, and, um but it was just understand. Understand the clothing, how it hangs? Um, you know the about. Okay. You basically observing this person's clothing? You're looking at all the looking at all the creases, the creme pose held, how the cloth hangs the color and you're pretty much stamping an image in your head treatment pencil Taking a photograph when you draw something. Taking a shot. Uh, camera shot. That is all my first initial sketches. You want to keep it quick because you're just trying to get the feeling for whatever it is you're trying to achieve. The late son go for the screen guy up in corn Here. See, I think our there. Oops, I don't think I'm drawing on that it was me to draw on that last name. One say I'm going to quickly sketching out now focus on in the structure and fist God ones , shoulders and belt. They've loved wearing the man dresses back. They don't know why, but free blowing you three blind Andras. It would be easy to go to the Tora where they would assume battle. Okay, so what we trying to achieve here as t understand the colors, the fabric the extra head owns decreases the shadows. You also in this particular stage, you're warming up. Well, you said given the hand eye coordination, working you really didn't too too fast about making it perfect. All right? Yeah, probably. Ah. 23 minutes per during, right. I'm gonna go and find a few more pitches. Alright, So I've just gone and grabbed a few more extra reference pieces. I was running up before, quite like her. These fellas here, um, one down. We're looking at this one and this one here once again, just getting just understanding how everything sort of hangs Got top here. These are also called thumbnail sketches. You may have heard of that technology before. That's basically drawing it around the same size as you thumb. Well, some no, that's going. He is interesting. So it's good looking it the creases you shall see show with the help of just stats increases in expands that in his hand pops that done there. And it also on this side, the flays level and comes in and so forth. And he's got a bit of about show what's going on there and also his main dress underneath. You can't discipline a shit on it and legs and all the slave boots, uh, calling. So the moment at the moan of just drawn three quick sketches off three tops off peasant peasants from the 15th century, and I'm building up sort of, ah, stock imagery in my head. And let's just say if I had the time with city for two or three hours and just draw this. But obviously we don't have hours and hours announce. You sort of get the idea. Um, you keep doing this and I would reckon mean probably an hour or two off research of drawing or different types off clothing related Teoh for things, entry, peasantry and and really get down in the details, for instance, for about this guy, he and look at that about in the glove. It is worrying. So let's just say I go. What do you think? I am going to draw chaste public area and I'm gonna focus on his belt soon. Pops up like that, comes and goes like another about here. See, I wouldn't have known that if I didn't have reference material. Probably have left all this out and to find it a bit more with a darker shadow. These companies, he's got a sword, sword, gold, DeJohnette handle his hand and a leader sheath that's being covered by his jackets. Okay, so and around, whereas about us is going to be clothing that lays. And I realize each other and fans out so you wouldn't have known this. Ah, unless you did your research. And that's why when you see, um, animated movies and the characters look amazing because the characters that designers would be starting like this, he has to get the idea. Um, let's get back to the project. Definitely produce, not the project. That's the project. There it is, and just it's bigger. You look, get really a cure. We goes kind of move off. Covers face, Kirky. Only one. Get the idea. So coming back to this systems up, there's the printout that you can download from the folder. I've done exactly the same process here. Got my reference in the middle, and I have sketched him out. Then I have simplified. I guess I reduced the amount off detail on it. So this is what I want you to do is to go for and obviously find your reference material. Secondly, draw for about an hour or two. Just practice getting start off with a two minute drawings. They got a five minute drawings and and when you got during your detail to slow right down to maybe trying to 10 minutes per drawing and in trying simplified down like what I've done here. So I hope you Blute, um, the basics to this interest. Clothing. So remember, it's all about inspirations inspired. If you got reference material, you can create some pretty believable characters. Cook. All right, we'll see. In the next episode, jump 18. Movement - How to Use Squash and Stretch to add Fluidity to Your Character's Movements: Well, Hello. Hello. He knew who. Welcome to Model three movement. That's right. Movement on this module will be using a personality profile to develop that the way your character moves and directs with the surroundings. Yes, you will then learn foundation during techniques and quick pose. Sketching through this tutorial will be covering a wall of the animation principles, almost them off most of the animation principles and movement. So the 1st 1 is quashing. Stretch its characters on A you'll need to learn the art off squash and stretch. Okay, Think of a water balloon being gently pushed in a downward motion on the table. The waiters have been evenly distributed outward. Then imagine of being lifted up again a little bit quicker. This is where the balloon stretches. That's right. It will attempt to regain its natural shape, but not before it squashes itself into itself. Cool. And that's that's washing stretch. So wouldn't begin with this cool little tutorial to see there. We've got four characters. They're all doing the throwing, jumping up and down, stretching the face questioning face. Um, basically the skins Theirry Luge in off white in volume in your drawing. So if you carried a civilian but flat. You want some more energy and more liveliness? Unbelievable. This is what you needed to learn, squash and stretch. Nothing you need to really keep in mind is to keep your volumes consistent, so we'll cover that soon. And new squash stretch can be used as a body weight. When your characters walking. So doesn't. This is slightly advanced stuff, so I try and keep it as straightforward as possible. But if you you need some or more advanced learning me up, you know cops, it's done. Just reduce the seal name would get into it. First of all, let's focus on these three bowls here. Ball one that sure standing still shape. It's just it's not doing anything that's standing still. No, if we related to this character next to him, he is has come to the top of his ax is probably. We just jumped off something, so it's just just jumped off. Something in the sequin here is that his body is that into straight. She's leaving about behind. So God lines here and this one, he's heading the ground. So, as you can see, the shape is keeping its it's mess consistently. The same is just stretching. Now the wrong lab doing it is this way. So you've got circle and then you do that. I'll certainly do that in case you're it. Now, here and here, the mess is the same. Two. Basic the volume of the shape, but here it's actually shrunk and got smaller. That is the wrong way. It's all about keeping these shapes, the mess and the volume consistent, and you'll see that North 34 characters. The volume is consistently the same. Okay, says the lore of physics and make your characters look believable. Yet that's right. So the first thing you need to practice is just drawing or just get rid of this. For now, these circles and these shapes and eyeballs one to put a ground there. Some make sense, but about a context in squash one two and squash Take you a while. Um, they say it takes $1000. Become awesome. Okay, so not the end of $2000 squash stretch, but before it sinks and you can be a little more trachea and you can draw the in between ones. And maybe it's a little bit circular and a little bit stretched, and when it hits, the ground is actually could be the same shape. And then in this course is and possibly you can even go the next it and squeeze it out like that in committing that going. But when you go and if the next one is going to be well, we will draw the eye. This is an AK you draw a circle atop because that's the highest point. It sort of stopped. Movies going been down. So when you think of a ball coming down and bouncing back up again, that's going to elongate. You can even kid but a little trick in and said, OK, but a little bit instead of it's the come back around again. And then and it's gonna do the same thing. Come back down, Mr. On the bottom one against this is the floor scores down, so we're gonna draw the halfway black. I want more squash, that coat. Then my friend is a squashed and stretched. It's basically how you do it. You can, but you gotta practice that. So I recommend and spinning an hour on this question Straits tutorial. Don't bring this back. Let's just minimize this model. Shrink it down. Sits in the corner, Taken sort of refer toa and we'll bring this guy back up again. Drifter Objector would draw. Each of these characters can just get into it. So character one, it's pulling through the year and he said the ground and he scores data, but okay, so everything else can stay the same. His arms, his legs Put this instance. However, it just depends on what you're trying to achieve. See these arms down the bottom here? They're actually following a a line. Oh, which is a lot of action, This one here. Okay, so we caught our the shape we're gonna be working with for the head and then it stretches in a competitive. This one here, standing, some standing still could be saying we'll just say stating Still makes it command. Surprised his mouth has dropped down, and now he's happy and Smalling and it's pushed out shakes, you see there. But the volume in this is the same. And last let's try a little doggy Cute. So hit embody And he's this is actually very good. There's no that's a very subtle, very subtle swash in stretch. But I believe you said, get the idea. Go away practices for an hour or two. Um, it's good to add life to your characters is gonna have believability, Um, and just adds another dimension to whatever it is that you're trying to draw, and you can even apply it to some other. Um, not really. It's more to do with live characters, so Yep. There you go. That's quashing straight ships. That's one part off movement. More jewel. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you in the next episode. Next. Lecture chairs bite. 19. Movement - How to Use Anticipation and Action to Breath Life into Your Characters: Hello. Welcome back. It's Rob here again. This new election is called anticipation, Action and reaction. That's right. Every movement he re movement prepares the audience with a major action that the character is about to perform. Okay, so you got anticipation, which is preparing an action, which is the actual movement off what the characters going to dio. So as you see here, we've got a couple of characters here. They are doing anticipation in action, and it sort of adds, helps to tell a story. That's why we want a learn this type of movement in your character. And he can apply this to any character. Um, with anticipation, you're about to do something. And then, um, with every and every action needs some form of anticipation. So this guy here that we have heading the ground with with thought I Pebereau, he's leaning back. That's the anticipation. And this is the action. Okay, um, this one here with God's standing sto. This is the anticipation. Oh, it's a pillow. And this is the action. Okay, So when you go through and look at my thought processes, how I go from start to finish, So we're going to basically draw both these two characters about here. I'm gonna just run through the process on how Teoh, um, draw them doing what they're doing. Okay. What? The first thing you need to do to figure out what you want your character be doing. So in this instance, he's heading the ground with his thought type. Uh, okay. So what is your character going to do? Think about that. So have ever live? Ever Think, um, when you go do your own, uh, character doing into special election? But for now, I'm going to go through that so step by step process now, most important thing here is your line of action. I touched on line of action and the previous modules, so I just read a go over to give him the time. Line of action helps you to plan the scene plan. Your character planners movement plan has always movements. So that a lot of action I see here is this That's a lot of action. And it is that line of action house into place. Uh, what gives me an idea of where to start? We would've place my shapes, OK? And don't forget your drawing. Checked for its not detail. That's why you don't see any detail on these characters. Now. I'll be always begin with the head and the torso. Okay. Did you guard lines? And because you want you want your character facing in a certain direction. Which, which way are they looking? So this guy's looking, going Oh, my God. Looking up there? I'm gonna go, Tonto, smashing down like that. Uh, next you want to draw in for this particular action pose? I'm gonna draw in the hemmer first because it's gonna help me to place my arms. So always drawer where I always draw the object, but the character is about to use. And here it is no arms. Yet their arms wakes. Now, readers, arms first legs versus entirely up to you. Um, well, we're gonna begin with links links because gonna provide a bit of balance for May. Well, starting off the balance process and the arms. So I did it for the shoulders, elbows, hand, shoulder, elbow, hand. Maraj, now drawing great parties is opposes. The prose is what's approach. Drawing great poses takes a little bit of time about have I got some really great techniques and I call them Basic Shape Guy, which I called. This guy's also basic shit guy on And, um, possibly in another tutorial, we'll cover basic shit guy and many different poses and what it does. It just helps you to create or supposes every single time. Um, but we'll leave that for another time. So we'll call this key frame one and this one key frame to. So if you're an animated, you'd have key frames, and you also have the in between but won't draw the in between today because it's just going to confuse the hickey out of you, I guess. O line of actions in there hid and torso. I can't got those in first. Now put my legs in. Actually, look at that. I just brought my rodent. Let's draw and the hem A. So you don't get to pretty with this. It's all about that essence off the pose. Now he's holding onto the handle of this again because that's the audience and some actions , drugs and special fix something, sending the ground really hard. What's gonna happen? You you can I just looking at way. So guidelines cool. This guy's leaning back then. Hey, boom smacks the hammer down. Lovely. All right. Said this. This work shape should be in the folder if you don't have it. But it's not just your luck. Give me a yell. Hey, where's the sheet? Longer and can deal email to you. Sorry. Money, human. All right, let's work on this other one. Hell. Acute kill. Oh, um t beer. Sure, it's a teddy bear. Now, as they see before, he's looking at his pillow going, huh? And then he realizes that the polite thing because of the cattle. So a lot of action line of action will on election do easy. So these two are quite similar in a long line of action went but one will be slightly curved and straight down. Head, torso, hid torso, head, torso. They look at these three shapes of destroying double three characters. The proportions are the same consistent. And I stretched it a little bit in this one here, but the mess the volume is consistent. You know, if I'm going to stretch it, it's gonna be but thinner now, little let's add in the guidelines. Looking down, he's facing towards the pillow. No, this one is probably gonna be looking up and then done here. He's You can't really see much, Okay? There's a very important day those guidelines, because it helps you to place the carrot helps you dry to direct a character in the scene. They were gonna draw the arms and legs. So drop those in it. No, because a little infection I'm drawn. That's happening to sort of drama arms, legs like elevated. And he goes on toe love in the color. All right, so that's another great example. So I recommend practicing that one. So on. Then you can also put your character on top off these fellas here. Okay, that would be a really good practice. Ish in a little project. Feuding blade. So just to re camp anticipation in action, every action requires an anticipation. So we go. The first example we've got Mr Hem are was the thought. I am a guy smashing the ground. But in order to do that, he's lifted a bag. Anything about to hurt? He's reaching, and he smashes it down in 61 That's Google. Teddy bear standing there looking at the pillow. Go. What's fellow and grab and hold and Huck. Okay, cool. And that is the end of anticipation. Action. I'd be enjoyed it. I'll see you next video about 20. Movement - How to Use the Line of Action to Create Dynamic Poses: in a robe here again. Thank you for joining me. This is line off action now. I've spoken about line of action previously before. The basic little on infection will give your characters a more flexible and dynamic pose. That's right. There's generally a curved line only used in constructing. Your character can make your boring poses come alive with energy. That's right. Super buckets, bucket loads of energy and believability and whatever ability. So, um, you'll see here. I've got a bit of a worksheet that will be floating around somewhere, and you also see the writ, the pink line. In case of that pink line, it'll was characters that is the line of action and that I tend to draw the line of action first from not too sure how and when and how I'm going to approach the character. So I draw the line and and that gives me a really good starting place to draw the rest of the character something to go break these dunker through my thought processes on how I approached something like this. Um, no, I've got a whole reference library, my head of poses. But if you're short on ideas, I totally recommend finding, um, an animated cartoon or characters online that are walking, moving, jumping, don't know what the hell hell they're doing and copying the opposes and trying to find the light off action. Okay about practice and copying, observing, rinse and repeats. And it's time for this fella here. So this guy, he's a scene, something special, not too sure what it is is turned around. What's that? So the first thing I went to draw is the line of action. Right now my body is curved, so if if I didn't have a lot of action, he'll be just boring old straight pose. But now I've got some direction. Which way is the body facing? That's a great thing about being a character designer. Is that you can You could do whatever you want you can you basically it facing right arms up, perms down the legs also sort of following that line of action as well. Keep your legs in this stage, keeping his wire frames some of the arms pointed during the detail. Now in the arms of just wire friends, their hands is just circles. It's all about getting it dynamic. Pose strong and balanced This guy here. We've just seen a dog potpie just about the jump over the dog purposes. And what dog poop on his fate. Line of action. Where you go is the hit torso. Now see room during your head torso. It's a tin plated way off drawing. It's a process. It's a step by step. So if you'd master that, then you want to get better at it. No, I'm one, and I'm to the reason why I've drawn them like this. But Lycan, yes, is that it's makes sure characters pose more interesting. So rather than having both the same in the same thing, we go one going up when going down and then the legs. Okay. Remember, we start off with a line infection and this guy okay, you've been tasked drawer character with attitude. Okay, that's easy, man. So once again, we draw in the line of action, but similar to the other one and in your torso and the remember to keep your arms and legs as wire frames. This is a co want so basketball dough or check or guilt came out, or we don't get what evenly called people stretch. This is a bit of a street. She won. So maybe is a ball there. He's just shoot. It comes and legs. Wire frames. The following. What? That's right. The line of action. I always like to headbutt a dirt, give a bit of realism. All right, Now this one here. Oh my God. OK, so he's hit a rock. He's not happy, Quite tricky. So let's have put in a lot of action flipping over and guess what? The head and the torso of following the line of action. And this is where you can sort of Mac around, experiment with with the arms and legs go the fate. Basically, they're just flat with with cave on it basic Shipka and one more to go running. So character is leaning forwards. Let's draw the line of arc. See the line one of action as an angle, and in here the torso is following the line of action, and then you're gonna add in your arms and legs. Given simple, get the there's no point in doing what's a detail. Now Kuo is looking awesome. So your mission is to basically go through. My carrot is off. Just sketched in and duplicate all the poses. We re watch this tutorial. It's a bit because it's just gonna reinforce your woman. Your practicing. You probably noticed that my sketches were quite quick. I am tracing every mind previous drawings just so it makes it easiest to conceive the in context. Um, but you should spend probably 30 seconds purse. Quick Skitch. Then once you've done your sketches, you can just tour of your character and do something cool with them in this. It's a bit about It's about playing around before sowing off. Hey, man lets him in. No, God will sell until of a sudden to write. Haven't gone away. Just focusing. Uh huh. All right. So end. Yeah, it's my character. Oh, come on, Stan. It's just seen something really interesting that he's watching. Let go, I jump. Okay, well, that's it for the line of action. I hope you enjoyed it. We shall see you in the next episode. Any questions? Feel free to hit me up on my website. My email address My a possible page My pager by Nokia 63 4 to G bell. A phone or seem Write me a letter through post catch you later. Bye. 21. Movement - What is Exaggeration and How Can it Make Your Drawings POP!: Howdy Doody Throw up here. Brooke, Is Rob here again? Hey, thanks for joining me again. This exercises lecture is all about exaggeration. It's a continuous continuum from three the module module margin, Wonder Module three movement. And it is basically another form off movement to give your character Ah, life. Give it energy. Um, And I think your character, um, go from said face to really awesome. I guess I'm gonna go for the process on out to exaggeration. To your characters, You can see here got 123 4566 examples here that I'm going to go just go through individually and go through my thought processes, and it's gonna use a variety of different techniques and methods. So some of them will be what I've already talked before and something probably I haven't taught, so you'll be learning them today. So let's get into it. I shall reduce this. What? Down here. Okay. So, exaggeration. Yes. Big word. Um, that's in any word, and it's just a great method. The great thing to have in your talk it, especially if you wanna be a character designer. Let's begin with this first basic shape guy here standing versus push. So the thinning guy pretty average right? It's a lot of action, but the push guy, same guy he's pushing up. I'm gonna just Oops semester Prism is a pencil. I'm just use the other pencil slightly curved. This is more strata. It's a slightly curved, and the subtle nous can just add, um, whole new element, whole new personality. Personally, to the character. Despite putting out a touch, it doesn't take much of the is. The head is. The torso is the head is the torso. They'll see you. I draw lots of lines. There's a reason why, because I can't get things perfect on one line. So see? Oh, it's horrible. So what I do is I just we're going multiple lines and then I will go through later and tidy it up. Su. That's example one. Then you notice here that my arms are pretty standard, really doing much. But on the second character, the push character exaggerated my arm movements right and basically exaggerated them a bit . No, my character has energy, so when you go to draw your characters, you can start with this particular character and then you can draw your character on top if you've got your own one, or you can just apply it directly to character that you've already pre drawn. Cooper T. Okay, let's move on to character number two. Walk, brisk walk, walk, brisk walk. MM, interesting ISS. We'll begin with what? That's right to the line of action and then a lot of actual here. So the other exaggerated his walks. Going from a it's going for a casual stroll. So I bet I move a little bit quicker because I'm gonna miss my favorite rugby game. That's right, or I'm so hungry. I'm off the makers to get a burger, right? So there's the head torso. This one here is following the line of action very subtle, but add to so much depth depth to that's walk. No, no destroyed leagues as why frames to the arms is boy frames for now. Because that's all I want you to be doing at the moment, I told you. Feel more comfortable when you get a bit of sickness, Remember to draw your shoulders at the shoulders north at the chest. Shoulders do not come from the chest, Then the most important thing here is the lakes wanted stretched up and one of slightly bent. Notice how my character looks balanced. Okay, well, these carriers have drawn here. They've the league's spread perfectly, the arms out wide, and he does not look like he's gonna fall over. Cool, right? Living on to carry them. Three. This one needs to look up. He's he's looking up in the first pose, but sick one. He's really looking up. So we'll have done here. Is once again added my a lot of action. He's gonna quite a simple shape to this character, but, like Bane, he's looking. He's looking, he's looking up. But is he really looking up? Oh, here we go. Now he's looking up exaggerations of just, well, very settled stuff of Just stretched a few things and pushed a few, but some pieces out. Okay, all right. Bahman Bomber. Okay. Have you seen the movie DeMann Demo? Well, this is not based on the story. He's just that need gone. Just hang in. Not too sure what's going on in my head, probably thinking about nothing, and right now he's just realized What's he realized? All too short, he's realized. He realized he's just a little bit more dumber. Okay, so he's exaggerated his pose. So is this head and these is torso is here. Use a bit of squash and stretch in this one. I have done a tutorial on this. If you've not seen it, he's gonna be so a bit of a standard face here. But here he's open his mouth, and he is officially exaggerated. Oh, yeah. Look at the fate following the line of action gay and is moving on to our Okay, So if you forgot toe that one there. Well, walk brisk, walk on a mission. You probably saw me missing that completely when you say something. Oh, you mean doorman now? Um uh, spread further and Lingzi ah sprayed water. Right? The and lost character. Okay, later. Now there's a slight Katie, but announces that to drink line down, but putting his armor. OK, do your homework, man, But this guy's going good on you when you did, you can see the difference here, right? This is just That's very subtle difference. It's slowly stretch, but a direct line. Yeah, brutalism too fast on making it perfect. Today is not about making things perfect. It's getting the essence essence down onto paper and then making it perfect later on. OK, the guy. That's exaggeration. I hope you learned a little bit once again until about practicing. Um, feel free to do a bit more research on the Internet. About what? Exaggeration. Don't look for other examples. Get a lot of reference material and try and see the exaggeration in these poses in him. Applying to your own one's cool. All right, it's been great hanging out with you are seeing the next episode chills. 22. Final Project - Create Your Own Character Model Sheet: Well, greetings that rob here. Hey, look. Obscene I received made us to module for which is the official project off the character die Course. Well, basically, what I'm going to get you guys to do is to design your very own character model sheet. Okay, so I've I've jumped onto my favorite reference website, which is Pinterest, and I've just search for model sheets. Character. Look what pops up. Billions and billions and billions. A bull shits. You may. This guy's classic your bed. So basically, a model sheet is a blueprint off your character. So let's say, for instance, you working for animation company or a gaming company, and you've been tasked to create a character. So what you do is you create and model shit and more shit is basically a whole bunch imposes that you created your character has got clothing expressions. It's got proportions. It's got a 3 60 turn around. And you passed this blueprint onto the animators who make sure that your character stays on model. So this is the whole idea about credit. Your model ship. Now, what I want you to do is to find a model sheet that suits a character that you've designed previously that suits your style, and I want you to, um, I would not save it somehow and let's have a look. This guy well said, Let's go here. There's 22 ways to approach is it can take on this screenshot it a lot easier. Some reason that one. Let me save get you going to these two waging approaches. If you've got a tablet and you're using some graphics, offer it such a sketchbook pro. You can bring it in to schedule pro and just create a new layer and more capacity. Andi Drawing top This is this is the beginners, the beginners way of doing it. So we should an example from a peon. She want pencils working. You're working. He's working. It's okay. Your character would be quite similar to Yogi Bear, the office of which one to go through head breaking down into basic shapes. What, you think domestic shapes are getting the idea. Instead of putting your G Yogi's face on there, you could be space on there. You've been a port your own character. Space on now what? This does it. Basically, it gives you a good starting point for beginners. So you you drawing the correct way When you get a little better, what you do, you will be doing this so high that and I'll bring your capacity backup but that come on a bit smaller, intimated toe advanced drawers will be doing this. They'll pick it up straight away. The word need to, um, the trace over the drawings. But you have to start somewhere. So don't be too worried about tracing ever drawings. You're practicing your learning over time, which get bitter drawing shapes in draw. You can copy it directly and just break it. Break down the character that you're copping, break it down the shapes and then and your character Tazi. Maybe he's got a big head. And because glasses on maybe he has a suit on. Okay, there's a little bit different, right? See getting idea. So your mission is to basically find a model shape with a carriage that you quite like then , with depending on what stage you're at in terms of your skill level, are the trace over it or, if you're more advanced, copy it, but just use the shapes provided by the character you're copping and and your character on top. So you're creating your own character by using someone else's poses. You're gonna practice us for a while, then over time you will not need tohave this toe work off. You can do it from your imagination. All right, get the idea if you want to. Short of heavily. Well, that makes sense and made sense to me. But if you're not sure, help me up on my Facebook group or leave a comment, let me know how I've done, and I'll be adding further projects to this particular course, so I'll probably see in the next one to keep chicken back. Cheers rub out. 23. BONUS #1 - Live Stream - Learn to Draw Corviknight: could you put nothing? Could you do is provide me some feedback from the platform. You know, How is the sound I was logging in? Was it easy? Was it hard? And and it all just Klebold information and figure it out. First, the house can yield away afraid to puppets and questions while this is all happening. Um, it is very cold, right? Let's talk about what we're going to achieve today. Broken this program into schools into three parts. Woman up. Very important to a woman number two technical techniques, uh, tips on how to draw well and third, Liam's against the Nazi. Thirdly, it's the project so well, possibly covered the construction images and which has brought in front of which is right in front of you right now. So we'll go over those and also take from the war. See how it goes. Just going back to technical. We're going to be covering the Sephia during a circle and turned into a three D shape and also looking at some light sources Okay with, like comes from and how that sort of a fix the shape itself and in the woman's will be working on Hannah draw a perfect circle. Firstly, And this cool Okay, article, basic shape man or basic ship guy, which is what I've used nor my warm oppositions. And it just teaches you how to move your character by using basic shapes. So if you're going to question, though, just have a nosy no questions. That's CO. It's for no one watching anyways. That's fine. So good is the testes team. I give the yearly of thousands watching. Right? So grab your pencils. I'm actually got some paper. Ah, good steak of paper. Don't worry about using rubbers. I don't use rubbers and warm ups only when you're finishing off. What's what's finishing off for your drawings is when you use robots. This is a pin. So on my seat up, firstly is on a You can see it on my I bet you continue on your pick Pencil in papers. Absolutely fine. Absolutely. For is this how we all started? I just use digital. Has many recording with him. Oh, yeah. Perfect circle. I want to show you what I mean by a tick. Sickle would happen by it. Pencil. Read it again. Oh, logical. It's person Empty music on Shelly. no. Was that something Will? No, just progeny. And was he doing there? All right. What? I want you to do the pain. So and I want you to land on your paper like a helicopter. And I want you to rotate three times before you hit the ground on your fourth rotation. You've hit the ground, You got another three rotations. We go. 123 456123456 123456 And just keep repeating the process and around around around. All right, I just work with me. So if you're watching, please chat. Say, simply because I have no idea what's going on, just joined. We're learning how we're destroying some warm opticians and is learning how to draw a perfect circle. Now I want you to try different shapes such as ovals. Any contentment and from singles. Toe ovals are and different sizes. So when I mean where different shapes is rather during the circle when they were doing drawing ovals and can draw the ovals on different angles. Squash him out in smaller circles so it doesn't really matter for a circle or unable. It's all about relaxing and getting warmed up. So the piece of paper that your drones between a four OK, I want to draw a whole page off, goes in circles on your A four sheet, and then I want you to turn it around. Find has joined the show out, fleeing with a stunned you, the 90 guy you're probably going. Or why my drawing with these circles and nobles and it's ah, pretty good question to ask. I get us all the time simply because every time you started, character is going to start off with a shape and journey. Most of the time it's going to start off with head, and most of the time the head is going to be a circle war ennoble. Okay, that's the reason why Hands great way to loosen up. I'm recording this bother. Why? So you can come back toward a leaded ICT and watch the entire recording, but it's hard to records. I guess you should have a page full of circles, a page full of ovals, all different sizes and shapes. I want you to flip it around, and once you do exactly the same thing, gonna do some magical Whoa, no, man. I'm going to do exactly the same thing. Gonna mix it up a bit. You can hear me. Would be funny if I go for some politician or you don't believe me. It was an ambient music. Got on there. Nothing like a bit of ambient music too. Get it right into the mood of Jordan. You'll find more. You put on paper, the easier it becomes. No. Who is it? Okay, so you should have two paces. The paper with lots of circles on them in lots of eyeballs. Hopefully. So that should be about 40 old circles and apples there to work with. Now, one I want you to do right now is to turn these into real simple faces. I'm gonna show you to do this by using construction lines or guidelines Another way. You like to explain it and guidelines. Happy to place the eyes, nose and mouth. And also how to put your face in a certain direction. Up, down, left or right. So let's just that with a super simple line, it's right down across. Okay, Just don't just there for a second look. Oh, marshy, um, of having their pronounce that correctly. Ah, too afraid of us questions, I believe you will. My very fist real life students and hope he enjoys is going to be fun. If you just caught up with maybe just arrived, I'm drawing a whole bunch of circles And I wasn't Like you said, I just buffalo with me If you can hear my ambient music, please go. I can hear your music. I'm just winging it. I don't know, do too many things at once I'll probably break it Sonoita circles And I Valls, I want you to add a new guidelines. I want you experiment with the way you place them. What we're gonna do is now add the eyeballs on top of the horizontal line. So very simply put a it will face like that. Get so what I want you to do is to go through all your circles in all your ovals. Edgell guidelines the ads, these cute Neue bull's nose in the mouth. Over time, you can start to develop your own characters, and you'll also be able to turn your characters hit around very easily. So I just go to this here, here and I'm I'm gonna make him look up into the right. We'll do that. I mean, huh? Okay. So enjoy the prices. It's been about five minutes on this. Watch me draw. No one can check. We just have a look. See anyone making where we got There's someone else to Is That must be your dad fired. Mm. You know, you made here. There's even great. Okay, anyway, if I move my screen away, I can do that. What's his coat trick, man. Uh, you are okay. Back to heads. When you're drawing your circles, you over was your guidelines. It's a really good idea to stop thinking about drawing lightly. So try not to draw like the Incredible Hulk. And I show you what the incredible Hulk looks like when he draws. Ah. Okay. Uh, okay, lets just move that. That's how the incredible help drawls, I want you to draw like you're drawing with 1/5 to control high Coors Light and keep it rough. No, it sounds like someone's mowing loans. Just put me up a bit. Now, if you're a fan of Gumbel Giant, we can get into watching those guys living out draw them in another upset. I'm just gonna get inquires is wonder becomes someone's more in the room. Right? What you can also do were these warmups is you can scan them a scene into money. All right? And I should how to do that at the end. I'll make sure doing it runs cheese. Hope Come down. You're funny. If you could just let me know how many hid you've done right now, that would be really useful. That pitch once you got about 10 heads what this created. I just wanted to go through and have a bit of an experiment. You have, um, puts me is on them. Can he day he committed a she lied notice. Um, think about the last character that you've drawn in trying Put him in the not so these days . One of my characters I'm going to go on and put the style onto a with the other shapes, but they will be slightly different characters. So what you're basically doing is you're developing Teen Carrick. 17 minutes, which is unheard off. So you doing really well? Got still more in the Lawrence. Creaky. Steve, we were Zinni closet. Why? Your ways of working the harm should be around team and you're reading this interesting. Alright, should have done team. Yes. So if you slow, don't worry about it. Take your time. It's car Co now if you look at my pain. Pizza peen, high pain. So what do you want? Cool. The It's duplicating a B or B two be repeat so and I'm sort of using the the sign of it. You must be one of the side of it to get a real thick. Or if the kage if he trying If you make your age too small, well, sharp, you're gonna get something like that. There's nothing wrong with that. You just don't get the coverage. But if he has turned your pencil, that's all right. So if you gotta know one pain so you just slightly angle and you get a nice thick side and it gives you more coverage. Okay, so keep that in mourning the drawing. You can also start to experiment worth some expressions. So let's begin with my browns. The eyebrows they're going to give your character, obviously, and expressions and personality, um, and just help, too. Add to your character's face. You can make them angry for evil we can make, um, a little bit worried for a little bit. No little bit go thing Cope was from right, missus. Let's just let's just look at this for a second and think this is quite a few characters theory. Quite a few characters. So we're gonna move away from this as a warm up. We've been going for 15 minutes correctly to move on. Plenty is don't playing today. We're gonna We're gonna do some. I was gonna do basic shape guy on decision, but I might just leave it for the Knicks. Won best chef guy will help us to Well, you character alone. Let me jump fly role, whatever is going to bay. Um, my have looked that into the station if you got time. So just looking at my notes of the moment, we're gonna look at, uh, turning your circle into a sphere into a three dimensional shape and putting a light source . So it's always a light coming from my face we're gonna do I'm gonna add some shed on the other side. So new piece of heaven, please. Andi, I miss him. What s so everyone? You piece of paper. What? Who pays for my longer. They Why? No hopes. So the software that I'm you know what's going on? Software I'm using on my iPad if you're drawing on iPad or or even standard android android device is sketchbook prone is actually free free sketchbook part I've never seen free. So Sofia, three dimensional on our let's draw the perfect circle Gin three. She's Benson 12 Tree cancer. Wow, that Let's think the if, currently, security shape today and now the light source is coming from this angle on a two d shape It would just be one flat shape, one place ship. However ah, three dimensional shape I e a severe Well, have more of a docket eerie down the bottom as opposed that Top solicitors say the sun lights come from this direction. Let's sort of in that point there anything on this side and area will be DACA get lost. The declining She you could Gosh, robot. How did you do that? It's amazing. Uh, but, um, Marsh, it's okay to be on paper. Uh, I started off on paper in space places stuff. Okay, so keep drawing on pavement. Just get nice, fat paintsil. So that's mine Three dimensional bull. Sophia, How did I get there? I want to show you for that So many times I see everything on three dimensional on. It's good to see things in three dimensional something because you want to be able to in your head tune your character around like so is your circle. Hes the trick. What? Why did was I mentioned that my lines go? Oh, something else It around the back and back in front again Take care in the front in around the back that you're severe So explain to explain it to you again That's from the front and the bank front back you drawing right around It's a rather sings circle as they flit Object posting as a three and three dimensional as a three dimensional form three day. This is great. Okay, so I would like you to smit this as part of your to be much. So please email it to me. Um and I play out of the oven. Is it's great for a guy yet? Not yet. Not yet. Not that you now I want you to draw a whole bunch of these three dimensional circles disappears. Prevent five would be good. We've got time manageable. Perfect. Sick. We go 123 and land on the paper. 456 Move from his shoulder. I moved from the arrests. Otherwise it's gonna be but net. That's how you get in tow. A three dimensional sphere. Think it. It's the lines are not straight. They have curbs and it just gives the illusion off roundness and three dimensional. And through the mention, shall I say once you sort of forget that but out I want you to change where the light source comes from. So let's just say, Well, put him over here and it's coming from the front. This time, everything on the other side is going to be It's gonna cast a shadow. Now I like to put a little bit of a noble the with the lights, heading it. Everything on this side is gonna be Oh, but it does take a little practice to figure this beat up boat. What I want you to do after decision as to just look outside, look for around things on a sunny day and look at the light. Had those objects we can even get your own like what's here and put a ball there indestructible. She just go Google bull with light on us. And I'm sure you better find some really great examples. Bengies. Now, there's plenty of ways to do you shading we rendering how you want to do it. We'll cover those over time. I can't do everything right now because I'm gonna go on our However I would, um rika means following May subscribing me subscribing Want to me and I'm jumping on board . I think I'll have another session coming in Gen racing what they want. Right? So Ah, that's in us to these warm ups. I'm not going to fence. Don't Don't make a perfect no point in making it perfect with the family because getting pretty woman he quotes of the windows because he went through my mind lawns. Oh, it's much better the market gate if you still with May se still with you. If not, that's all code. We'll keep going, right. Moving on its monness. Everything okay? So we've done our circles. It done else fear. Uh oh. Someone's subscribed. So you did You said subbed in yet? Um, we're gonna We're gonna marsh it because you requested. Um, something to draw. We're gonna go and have a look. At what? This character here that you requested, Okay. From what it is called, um, parking on it. But come on anyway. So you can download this from the platform you did bring about. You can download this Calloway from a platform printed out pregnancy it and send it to May . But I'm gonna show you how it got to the stage. Just minute. I'll just rejoice that down a bit more. All right, let's get rid of my life guy. I would have done here. When I'm looking at a brain. You character Ultron, figure out what shapes. Yeah. What shapes? Um, I'm going to use to construction construct the image with. And that's why I quote a construction image. Covino. That's right. Um, so the too many shapes that I see here after a hit and for the tour site so you can just see it of just minimized. I've just reduced it, but those are the shapes, and then you got the legs and the wing, so it's very important to identify those top shapes. Once you got this top shapes and then you can get all the details already. So once again, what were your first? It's gonna be a circle. Whoa! You know, draw a perfect circle. Now there's more Island. I've drawn the circle of war Singer on the island actually is probably island could be proved it more of an angle. But it's all about just getting things on paper and not worrying too much about the data council about proportions. That how maney heads, fed on the body, said, Why do this this hold? The entire body is three hits, including the hit 12 and three. Now you got a surefire way. Oh, keeping your character in proportion. If you don't do it this way, guess what's gonna happen. You may end up with something like this. What just happened? Okay, what has happened was that we didn't do our proportions correctly. Well, this could be a great little character, but it's not a call the night, is it? So this system go back to the original drawing three heads, So circle, circle, circle, and next part we've been looking at the torso and torso is everything from here down to your power bacteria, That is the torso. So constantly refer to their areas a torso and future episodes. It's the torso. Keep it light. You keep it rough because we're not gonna be using all these rough lines. You can draw over them. And then, um, if you got a light box, we got a window or whatever is gonna be you can trace over to make it a nice is this is just a rough drawing. Keep it, like, in a rough. And don't worry about mistakes. Don't use a rubber if using a river. All right, throw it out. I guess you got head torso, and they're gonna add in the wing. It's quite a similar shape to the torso. So we're gonna justo for it out later on. And the feet. So I've drawn in a couple of basic shapes of the feet. I'm gonna put toes yet how we've I've done the shapes for Will you place the toys? Now go in, place the toes. Well, the clothes Joey se I want to go to dark at the moment or to detail because we may need to manipulate and change Mariana. But okay, now let's get into the head. Well, you do Rima doing this. This is fantastic. And I believe my should give you baby you even him. I am during booking it. You one of the students watching this today is ah, his, um has been using my cut constant project book. Hopefully it looks it co And let's have a look at the head. I tend to leave the head toe probably halfway through until I've got the proportion. Correct. But I had the proportion correct. Everything else is gonna look funny. As good idea now to once you start getting the details is toe not have such a thick pencil to reduce it by the bringing about that or user h bay or something on it. I'm still using a B pencil. Um, just be with may. I'm getting my outlined sorted. What I'm doing here is I'm drawing the still await with the outline of the characters have down the shapes now, going as everything in the right place. So my eye does. This follows it around, it is. You can see that we start from the top. Go. Oh, yeah. Thanks much. Um, thanks, my woman. I'm gonna go around the outline or the silhouette of the carrot and make sure my shapes quick. See around here, there's a whole lot of, um, need of space, and we call that negative space. Okay, I'm just gonna add that him because it's gonna help me to place my, um, place the parts of the body or the wing in the right place. You see a bit of a look up here. There's a bit of a judge, Judge. Yeah. Okay, full it around. Now, watch carefully. Once again, just board up your line, Wick. Well, there's a bit of a hump there for the wing, like so we got that. No, I'm just I'm looking at all those negative shapes and you got the same thing here. So if you just blacked up main character and you had lying there, you'll see negative shapes. And I'll explain that a little bit later on. So drawing concept that we consider figure out as we go, and they were gonna come back underneath the tail. I'm looking too crazy about making it perfect, because I'm No, I'm gonna always adjust it. I'm quickly, quickly doing this. You don't. The whole point of drawing on this is to get over time. Try and get it done as quick as possible. But while you're so learning, taking time Yeah, I'm gonna just sketch out this and I'm gonna look at my negative space camera underneath. And these things that tell must be a bit of a wing part of the Nathan. Know what that is? I'm short something useful. And then, um, sort of getting a lot of detail come running. I'm going to get It's very bogged down on actual detail here. There's also the wing part underneath that comes up. It comes out right up to these must be some sort of wing up there up to his beak. My Yes, forget and double up to the top. I've just drawing the outline. Now, pull Would everything to get poet everything to get and they would go through Stop Reince detail for the wings and feathers. Now, once again, keep it. Keep a rough and light on quickly putting it in because I'm not going to do exactly what I've just joined. I'm gonna put a piece paper over top of it and read George again. And that's what I want you to do. No, let's have ago. Now This this originally was the God line. You know, I should go. It's completely wrong, isn't it? So there's gonna bring it up. Just a touch. It's okay to fix things up, and then we draw a line through it is my label there. There it is, all I should say. And Michael, uh, this figure, What's going on here of so many things? More detail on the drawing, the longer it should take. So But this first part, the planing, the structure of the proportions, the outline, um, it'll it'll ends up, and it helps you to create the best illustration. If, uh, okay, the wrist is all about placing the detail. And when I find is that giving this passing over the construction imagine reverse reverse for this. Given that to a student, um, I find that I can just lay them towards and you guys and smash it out quite easily. If you practice your drawing, um, this gets easier and easier, but you can watch my process. So because I think it's important to see other people draw at the same time. If you any questions, put him up on the screen. There are like it. So this is what you call a rough drawing and they go, I still knowing his Lewins. All right, all mostly What? Can you do it for me? Like all the other normal people? The road? If you have any other viewers, you can write something too, if you want. You think my hair. Okay. What? You got your left drawing? Um, this part should over time, you should be had to do this quite quickly. And we've been and drawing 20 minutes. So the idea is to is to be on a plane and during quickly, roughly probably in the right place. And then do this. There's two ways to do this in a digital format. I teamed Teoh, do this incredible at If you're destroying the pencil on paper, which is good. I've got a really cool drawing board that you may like. If not, that's OK, but I'll show you pictures later on from we've sought. It's going acrylic sheet along there. You could put a light underneath it. It's got some stands. And you can do exactly this so interesting that you know, I show you a little bit. Mm. Example. Well, it's boring. It's somewhere. No shawty letter. You know, I So we put a piece paper on top, off rough drawing, and we go through and we do. L lina. Now, why not my struggle to make it pretty? Not really mine. Really? My well, enjoy the most are like the rough stuff. What hope has returned. Thanks, man. Shit. I have started 46 minutes ago. It's vintage. It's not too bad. Innocent. Just the first. Listen now, when you drawing your line on you want to try to make it look like Mr Po? Come on here. Or Mr Not me not called me. Know it to get you along with looking like this, you have to be patient and take a deep breath going into a little bit because I don't be here all day. I want Oh, no, you like it. So I'm just reading messages. So that's what I'm getting myself. You could do it in one strike like this. We can do it. You can build up like that. And now we've done with a rough line work about just We're finding your rough drawing and this is how it's done. Believe it or not, you know, I could probably spend now with cleaning this up is. But this was courts called clean up an animation to him to clean up. However, not in time to spend cleaning this up because they're gonna wrap up pretty soon. So I'm going to about five minutes. You just sort of see my process, um, and trying to pick at it. But the great thing about this process is it. When I did my plane up, I'm not guessing. That's right. My shit. I was, uh, very angry at the mowing. Going one woman, because they could have waited till five o'clock. It's a what? What's your date up to? Machines? You. Is he watching? Um what? Do you have anyone else with you? Yeah, that's looking pretty good. The long you spend on something, the beer looks such a what I've lent if you spend five minutes on a drawings and look like a five minute drawing. But if you spent an error and drawing like and how has been spent on it, so I just keep that in mind, we need to join you. Clean it. We started notice things that are not quite right place, but that's okay. Doesn't matter. if it's not perfect, trust me of being there. The whole idea is to practice your technique, your drawing abilities, your getting to this point. Because at the end of the day, you gonna be designing your own characters, all right, and making lots of money off them. Right? So while that is generally the point I'm drawing, copying is good too. All right. I do recommend copping a lot because you can learn from artists as well. I copied a lot minerals younger, but now I tend to do my own stuff. I think for when I finished this very open fast forward, that's what I'm not too sure so much has just asked me what if you spend five whole days on illegal drawing illegal as soon it would look pretty awesome, I think. Imagine this. You could do a drawer whole city. So I'm gonna just move on to the coloring side of things For now, Um, I'm a big digital ad aside to a lot of digital drawing. However, if you don't have what I've got, you have your color pencils or you have prisma color or you have what you have. Okay, but I'm going to teach you how our drawers, um, using sketchbook prone using layers? No. Did you win the legal drawing? Russia? What I've done is I've just selected the mid tone off his character, and I will go and paint underneath the line, so But we're not gonna go into color theory today, because sounds, um sounds like the law. Margot is actually in the house. I'm not gonna go into color through today because it's up. It's up. That's a lot to take in. So I'm going to show you a couple of take snakes quickly so you can take it away and do what you need to do. I mean, she might just one more Just do this hopes. Imagine this is well cleaned up. Okay, this is an interesting sort of way to learn how to color. Um, why copying someone else's at work? Because you can see how they've utilised lunch. So, for instance, this part here down here because I haven't finished at may not make too much scenes, but sort of just having a look practicing. I'm packing lots coming from this done restriction. Everything on that side is gonna highlight the base, but is he before this, We're not gonna go into color. Today was all about constructing your characters. All right, so gonna wrap it up? Hopefully you can take something away from this. Um, Miss Lisa is mentioned earlier. It does taste. Listen, it's a bitter version. It's all about singing. My platform is gonna work. Well, if you've got any feedbacks. But you mentioned any feedback or the other person that had joined, I think gum. It was chicken finals that a couple people trying day was inspecting toe many people, but ah, a Nugent. Right? That's the one. I've seen you often your name up on my newsfeed. Rebounding, please. For afraid, Teoh Smith, your drawings to me in a war marking for you. And that we will just go from there, cell guys. And just to cover what we've just completed, we've done warmups. We did the circles. We did the drink faces on the circles. We did these fears. We put light sources onto them and we also done the projects with the construction. And now there's another construction received from the life of pits. And okay, Chad Marshall. Thanks for joining me sitting stuff, um, to moments ago. Um is the slough pits construction image? Please download that. Have a go at it and sent it to me and all market and we'll review it next time if you come and join me next time is the next ones in January? Um