The Character Design Course 2019

Rob Mcleay, Chief Tutorial Designer

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22 Lessons (3h 52m)
    • 1. Introduction to The Character Design Course

    • 2. Explore - An Introduction to Using Shapes and How They Can Explore - Make Your Characters Pop

    • 3. Explore - (Example 2) Converting shapes into 3D objects (Advanced)

    • 4. Explore - Introduction to Exploring Ideas

    • 5. Explore - Introduction to Exploring Ideas (Cont.)

    • 6. Explore - Introduction to Body Shapes

    • 7. Explore - Body Shapes Project

    • 8. Explore - Head Exploration & Challenge

    • 9. Explore - Face Construction with Practice Sheet Part Two

    • 10. Explore - Face Construction with Practice Sheet

    • 11. Explore - Introduction to Drawing Solid Hairstyles Every Single Time

    • 12. Explore - Beginners Guide to Expressions

    • 13. Challenge - It's Challenge Time! Pull Everything You Learned into One Amazing Project!

    • 14. Design - Introduction to Character Design

    • 15. Design - How to Create a Face Model Sheet

    • 16. Design - Learn the Skills to Design a Medieval Boy

    • 17. Design - Clothing Your Character Using Reference Material

    • 18. Movement - How to Use Squash and Stretch to add Fluidity to Your Character's Movements

    • 19. Movement - How to Use Anticipation and Action to Breath Life into Your Characters

    • 20. Movement - How to Use the Line of Action to Create Dynamic Poses

    • 21. Movement - What is Exaggeration and How Can it Make Your Drawings POP!

    • 22. Final Project - Create Your Own Character Model Sheet

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About This Class

Hello and welcome! Do you love to draw characters but feel frustrated at your progress? 

What will you learn in this course

Boost your visual development skills

Learn the craft of character design

Learn to use Silhouettes to create Imaginative Character Concepts.

The ability to drawing from memory!

Become a quicker drawer!

       " Rob provides a solid foundation for folks who are interested in creating and developing characters for sequential arts and animation. All the basics are explored here, with copious examples: simple shapes, line of action, appeal, etc.

One thing that sets Rob's tutorials apart from the rest is how several examples of the process of character design are shown. The videos reiterate several times that the first design isn't always the best - that one should continue to explore other design possibilities before settling on the final look and feel of a character. If you are interested in refining or creating your own character " - Stuart P


Have you ever tried to draw from memory but failed regularly?

In order to develop your visualization skills (drawing from the mind), your goal as a visual development artist is to draw your characters and environments in a 3-dimensional form.

In lecture one, I will show you:

  1. One really easy technique called the Isometric Arrow that will help you to draw a perfect 3D box every single time!

  2. How to turn a flat rectangle into a 3D tube (this will boost your arm and leg drawing skills!)

  3. One easy method that can help you to draw your character in multiple directions without reference!!

  4. How using shapes can 3x speed your drawing skills


In lecture two I will show you how to convert 2D shapes into 3D objects (Advanced)

  • create 3D objects from your imagination;

  • convert seven flat shapes into seven 3D objects!;

  • create arms and legs from just a rectangle!;

  • use the centre line to help you to turn a 3D object in any direction!

In episode three, I am going to show you the Introduction to Exploring Ideas

To create great and memorable characters you will need to learn how to explore and manipulate shapes.

I will show you:

  • a warm-up method to boost your hand-eye coordination immediately!;

  • why sometimes thinking too much can hinder the creative process;

  • how to quickly and confidently create 20 characters in 20 minutes!;

  • what a silhouette is and how it can drastically improve your drawings!;

  • how guidelines can help with the direction of your character!;

  • one neat trick on how to draw a solid looking mouth!

I'll keep going but you get the idea!


p.s. don't forget to rate and provide feedback so other like-minded artists can find these tutorials!

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