The Challenge of Building Team Loyalty | Michelle Pascoe | Skillshare

The Challenge of Building Team Loyalty

Michelle Pascoe, Team and Customer Retention Specialist

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12 Videos (1h 11m)
    • INTRODUCTION: The Challenge of Building Team Loyalty

    • Lesson 1: It all Begins at the Induction

    • Lesson 2: How to Include an individual to be part of an existing team

    • Lesson 3: Organisational Behaviour and Cultural Fit

    • Lesson 4: Boss -v- Buddy

    • Lesson 5: Handling Conflict in the Workplace

    • CLASS PROJECT: Designing an Effective Recognition Programme

    • Lesson 6: How to engage your team to develop Loyalty

    • Lesson 7: Recognition in the Workplace

    • Lesson 8: Recognition of Team Loyalty

    • Lesson 9: Incentive Programs

    • Lesson 10: Team Loyalty Going Beyond the Workplace


About This Class

Just as important as Customer Loyalty, Team Loyalty ensures consistency in operations and service.  When a team is engaged and loyal to each other and management, the engagement with the customer becomes a VIP interactive experience that will have them returning and recommending others to your business.

The class project will have you designing an effective Team Recognition Programme.

This course will cover 10 key components that takes an individual and develops a loyal team member from their induction and is for business owners, managers and leaders in any organisation whether they are a team of two or two thousand.





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Michelle Pascoe

Team and Customer Retention Specialist

Hello, I'm Michelle and I live and breathe my passion for customer service, mystery shopping, and team motivation.

In 1994 I founded one of Australia's most respected training companies, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services Pty Ltd (OOPS). Now a thriving provider of mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, competitor audits, staff training and leadership development, career coaching and business mentoring. I've applied the very tips and techniques that I p...

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