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The Cakesadilla: The Ultimate Quesadilla cooked in three styles

teacher avatar Justin Trzaskos, Author, Cook, Wine Maker, Home Brewer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Pepperoni Pizza Cakesadila cooked in a pan

    • 4. BBQ Chicken Cakesadilla cooked on a grill

    • 5. Vegetarian Cakesadilla cooked in the oven

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


The Cakesadilla is my version of a Quesadilla only much taller. My wife, Irina and I published a book called Cakesadilla Cookbook which featured recipes and pictures of 20 different styles. In this class we will try three different styles. We will make a pepperoni pizza style in a pan. Next, we will make a BBQ chicken Cakesadilla this will include BBQ chicken cooked on the grill. This is a great way to cook several layers at once and is perfect for an outside summer cookout. Lastly, we will make a vegetarian style in the oven. In this section I will cook two styles of quesadillas and combine them into one Cakesadilla. After this class, you will be able to cook your own Cakesadilla in three different ways. Enjoy! 

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Justin Trzaskos

Author, Cook, Wine Maker, Home Brewer


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1. Introduction: I'm Innings Justin. Trust this, and welcome to my skill share channel. This is my first class. It's called cakes idea. Ultimate case idea. Cake City is much more than a case India, because it's many case India's. So in order to make cakes idea, you pile high your favorite case. It is my wife Arena and I made a book called Cake City, a cookbook where we have 20 different recipes that we made, some of whom were gonna feature into the class. Today we're going to be making cake Citius freestyles in the pan on the grill and also in the we're gonna be doing a pepperoni and mozzarella, also a barbecue, chicken on the grill and a vegetarian style in the oven. I hope you enjoy the class and hope you get some inspiration for your next cooking adventure. 2. Class Project: so the project for this glasses to create your own cake. Sadia. So here are some examples of ones that I have made. The first was a teriyaki pork on. Here's a Bison Chili cakes idea. This one is for Thanksgiving dinner, complete with cranberry sauce. On this we had on one of our birthdays. Cheeseburger Cake City is one of my favorites, and this was a Mediterranean style with chicken, dr tomatoes and olives. Here's Reuben and breakfast kicks a day, complete with bacon and eggs. Cuba's a cakes idea and also blue cheese steak. So make any kicks it here. You want a recipe, breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert like this? Moore's cakes, India Post on the Class A picture or a recipe and enjoy and create something great. I can't wait to see them. 3. Pepperoni Pizza Cakesadila cooked in a pan: for this segment, we're gonna make a pepperoni pizza cake. Sadiyah. The first ingredient we're gonna need is tortillas. So in this one, we're going to use corn tortillas. But feel free to use flour or corn. Your favorite butter mine is carry gold fresh from Ireland. Mozzarella cheese. Pizza's always traditionally have mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. We're also gonna Sprinkle on a little garlic powder. So this is what our cakes idea ingredients look like, and we're also gonna have a dipping sauce. Struggling is Marondera when a warm it up at the end of a dipping sauce. So first we're going to start sizzling some butter in a pan, and the trick of mine is to prep the shells. So the add butter and we put the show's down in pre bothering them. You don't want to add border too hot of a pan. Otherwise, the butter could burn. So you add water in mixed in with a shell and then put the shows one on top of each other, alternating. So the butter sides air touching, and then you can stack them up on the side receives you a lot of time later. It's easier than just spreading on the butter. So first step is to add the cheese. Try to keep it in the middle of the little spreads over on the side. It's OK. It was just fry up in the pan. You have some fried cheese on the side of the pan you can nibble on. I won't do your best to spread it evenly. Second shell on top of butter, side facing out. We're gonna press it together together. It's possible one loss. It should be sizzling up. Nice corn foot is to give you a little bit more of a crunchy shell, your prime of good in the flower, but I still in a flower fan. So how are we looking? Get in there. Um, Taking the shells impressed them together, so it's easy to flip and then all held together nicely. All the leftover cheeses sizzling on the side. Once you're here on a medium so you're not burning and it's a slow milking of the cheese. Let's try another one here. Pepperoni. It's better out as evenly as possible to do a little better when they're not holding a camera. On the other hand, and cooking with one hand, you probably get a little nicer. And I did. But just one example Town another snacking side out of trouble back in there. Flip it over a few times crispy golden brown, and we're gonna start a take city of stack. But sometimes it's nice to leave the spread out a bit. So I'm gonna move this aside because it couldn't get a little soggy inside. So moving to the side cool off a little bit before you pile on top of each other, sometimes helpful, especially when they're a little bit more side with pan. So again, we're gonna spread out. Or pepperoni more cheese a little bit second layer town a little longer going towards these a little bit less calories in the flour tortillas. It's like the reason you do this more just like the taste bad, and we're gonna add it to our stack. All right. Three layers were building our cake here a few once we get a chance. Here you go. Do it takes of this. Get it down, you hear? So what's people coming? Another. I got carried away. Get so carried away. In fact, what we're gonna do it slow mo formal His best build up some momentum. It's important that your sliding on the pan it's not getting stuck. Otherwise it won't flip. Well, all right, they flip there and we got ourselves in on a layer. Do a little better spreading out that she's You don't have one spot. That's just Oh, no pepperoni. So take your time. With that a little bit more, you'll get a better product. You know, this slowing all those this time too confident because you might just end up with keeps India on the burner, which starts stinking up your kitchen like here. Policy. If I guardian myself on a full 3 60 damage, that one pretty resilient. Okay, back to it. Nothing good. Ready for number layer Now. You could do this with just cheese if you didn't want to meet in there. And you could also do this with some other pizza toppings. One of my favorites. Black olives. So it had blocked off studies sometimes or mushrooms. There's a super fast motion. She's times we're out of mozzarella through into cheddar. Just be funny. She's ring again. So here we have our big stack. Try to cut it up. This is Chickie I used Siri to knife. If you can, don't rush through it. Take your time with it. Let the knife do the work and just go solely because it's really easy to start knocking it over, especially on this next step. And I'll show you what happens when you I'm not gonna all over once it's together, and this is a tricky part, so we're going to bring this somewhere. It's really easier to bring it altogether and chop it open. He gets the party, are going to. But here's a nice way to serve it up Mayor and their sauce in the middle. And there's put these on the edge, and this is a great snack to bring foreign are dirt or when you're having guessed over, and I hope you enjoy it and I hope you try it out and one up. A Zeke 4. BBQ Chicken Cakesadilla cooked on a grill : in this segment, We're gonna make a barbecue chicken cake. Sadiyah. So we're gonna need some ingredients to get started. The 1st 1 is cheddar cheese. As they say, cheddar is better. We're also gonna need some tortilla shells. So this is a pack of flour tortilla shells. You could either use corn or flour, but I prefer flower shells. I think there are a lot tastier. We're also gonna want your favorite barbecue sauce. In this case, I'm using Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce. So you wanna fire for a girl and start from chicken, in this case on using drumsticks, But you could use breast or tenders or thighs. Whatever type of chicken you want to use were used in some drumsticks today, adding on some barbecue sauce, you can't have too much barbecue sauce, so feel free to add as much as you want. You could even mix them in at the end once the chickens cooked and chopped up. Rest. Pretenders are a little bit easier for chopping up into small pieces, but these were good, too, so chop it up thin thinner than this. Even it's easier to spread around your shell, so go back to your grill. You want to start adding on some shells. This girl can fit five some bigger girls. You can probably dio seven or eight. I don't even do some on the top. You couldn't make a lot of Kick City is right at once. That's a really quick way to prepare appetizer snack very fast on the grill. The chicken is a little time consuming, but once you get to the kick City apart and goes quickly once you got your basically or a cheese down started Milton, you want your girl on low because as you'll see these, we're gonna burn in a few spots. They want to try to avoid it burning. Spread it out nice and evenly over the tortilla shells and cheese. Those were starting to look good, all set with the chicken and and add on some more cheese. Dad, the cheese on the bottom first, but then also on the top because you want to make sure the cheese gets melted to the show you want on both sides. No, at your second layer of shells. Press it down hard. Does he want these mixed in with the cheese? You don't push them together. Good. I could really before everywhere. Burnt a little bit up on that one girl, huh? A little hot flame there so that one on top doesn't turn anymore. Some of these shells are mismatched to sometimes you want to be careful. You're not using a huge just show a little shell if it did there. So that's their lesson on not what to do. What not to do, pressing together as you're going. But she's really melts and sticks a shell stuff flying out. You can also do a vegetarian option with some cheese and drives from the garden. We'll do one with cheese and chives and chicken, just to show you another option. A MI option anomie adoption. And we'll do one more regular with cheese and barbecue. Chicken. No, a few more options don't limit to what you can put in these things. We did a 20 recipes before on barbecued chickens, one of my favorite. So what turns it from a kick Sadiyah from a case city of That's how you pile it up. So sick is putting this ugly ones on the bottom face down. But your show side on top, so fancy side on top. See how many layers you could stack These things Hold your balance. According five levels here. So this kicks a deal. Looks like about eight layers. Barbecued chicken, some of its drive. And this is ready to feed A whole bunch of people. Hope you try it. And I hope you enjoy one. A petite 5. Vegetarian Cakesadilla cooked in the oven : So now we're gonna make a vegetarian style cake City is, and we're gonna do them in the oven. So the first ingredient we're gonna need is tortilla shells. How many's a combination of flour and corn? I'm using some Dubliner cheese by carry gold, Some brie from President Large Black Kahlo's artichoke hearts, which I'll chop up fine and some nice fresh garden tomatoes or from your local grocer and then chop those up. So they're in small pieces and so they could go on the cake studio. And now I'm gonna grade up some of my cheese. So this is the carry goals Dubliner Tree. It's not great enough. You can buy pre grated cheese, but if you don't have it, a cheese grater really doesn't take too long. Two great up enough cheese for making your cakes idea. We're also gonna use your old standby cheddar. I could never fail cheddar and some brie we're gonna caught up to. But for this, so nominee is my favorite. She's slaves, sir, so these will be nice than pieces of debris. Doesn't really have to go too much thinner or have to get chopped up in small pieces like grated she is because it's gonna melt right on there. So you don't always have to have the cheese super graded because you'll be ableto spread it out. So on one of the trees, I'm gonna try it with Pam spray and quote that, and then the other one, I'm gonna deal with extra virgin olive oil. I wanna put a generous amount on there a little too much, but I do want to show you next why? I'm going to be using a little more than necessary because we're gonna quote both sides off the tortilla. And here's the two things I used in each pan pan. So I'm gonna coat one side of the case idea shells with the olive oil. So when I put those on top later in the process, they'll already be pre oiled. And then for the bottom layer, I'm gonna push through the olive oil so it spreads it out all over the tray and in that way that both sides will be coated with olive oil, so that should take up most of it. That's why I put a little bit more down still a little bit more than I needed. But it's going to turn out fine. So I'm gonna set my oven for 3 50 and let a preheat while I work on the ingredients. So we'll start with a brief first and breathes a very multiple cheese. So that'll spread itself out a bit. Love, Bri. And we're also gonna add on our Dubliner carry gold that we graded up When you're working in the oven, you put him on at the same time so you have some more time to get the ingredients Just so you want spread it out Just how you want Try to get some cheese up to the edge does melt out to the edge but it is still good to get some on the edge to and artichokes. So this is gonna be kind of a Mediterranean style with artichokes and black olives and cheese. You can add a lot of places to these. I didn't add a lot of spice to this, but you can definitely add oregano, Garlic Um, you know, mix seasonings, displace up the flavor of it some nice delicious black olives and with that cheese is gonna be good. And on a cheddar cider one and some tomatoes some of these er cheese a little bit better than others. So again, when it's on the oven tray can really take your time and get him spread out nicely. And the cheese melts and moves the moves a bit as it is. And when you're precedent together, it'll spread out nice. So our oven's preheated so in a pop season. So here's your Mediterranean artichoke, two types of cheese and black olives going in, and our simple cheddar and tomato like that that have some heat. Someone sent my timer for 10 minutes and check it along the way. It's starting to melt, but definitely needs more time about halfway once the cheese is starting. Now I'm gonna take so I can add my second layer. A few spots are missing. Some cheese supposedly had a little extra, so I'm just gonna Sprinkle it on. The spots are missing. We want those shells to able to stick together, and I'm gonna add a little bit of black pepper. That was a little too is simple, so we'll do the other side now and put him back in the oven. But we're also gonna flip him so both sides can get toasty. You're in a few more minutes. One shows doing getting there, but it's still kind of oily on the top of that, so we want to give it some more time. They never go start to look more crispy now so can start burning in the oven to is had to be careful. It's getting closer, but it could use a little bit longer. Put it back in for a while, and I'm gonna put a non broil for a little while. To really get this outside crispy. I definitely wouldn't leave the room when you're on broil, the whole Kicks video process in there is pretty fast, so it's a pretty quick meal, and when it's done, have a nice home cooked oven ready meal that you can do very quick at home and looks great . And this is another eight layer kicks idea. So share with your friends and you're vegetarian. Friends will thank you. Hope you enjoy one of the team 6. Final Thoughts: Thank you for watching my class. Hope you got some good ideas on how to make your very own kicks idea. I look forward to seeing your recipes and trying them out myself.