The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!

Jackie Burgoa, MBA, MSF, Business Strategist, Digital Marketer, Growth Hack

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20 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. See My Results

    • 2. Welcome To My Course

    • 3. Grab Your Free 2016 Holiday Sales Funnel Toolkit ($4000 Value)

    • 4. Here Is The Secret Word You Must Embrace First!

    • 5. It's Important That You Do This First, Please!

    • 6. First Magic Ingredient Revealed Here - Data

    • 7. Second Magic Ingredient Revealed Here - Sales Funnels

    • 8. Third Magic Ingredient Revealed Here - Traffic

    • 9. Market Research - Your Secret Weapon

    • 10. Market Validation - Does Anyone Want Your Offer?

    • 11. Analytics - Turn Insights Into Action

    • 12. Automated Funnels - Introduction

    • 13. Types of Funnels - The Fastest Way To Your Customer's Pocket

    • 14. Generating Leads vs. Generating Customers - Secrets Revealed!

    • 15. Automation - How to Sell Your Customers, Over & Over Again!

    • 16. Driving Traffic - Introduction

    • 17. Traffic Temperature - Astonishingly, Almost No-One Does This

    • 18. Types of Traffic - Understanding This Is Critical - See Why!

    • 19. What To Use, When - The Money-Making Super Effective Way

    • 20. FREE Sales Funnel Access


About This Class

The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!


My Digital Marketing Automated Sales Funnel Have Generated as High As 4,117.4% Return on Investment and $16.87 EPC (Earnings per Click).


If you want to learn how to make an automated sales funnel and learn how to strategically drive traffic to any website, you might love this course!

You might enjoy seeing how the funnels I made have generated as high As 4,117.4% Return on Investment (ROI) and $16.87 EPC (Earnings per Click). This might motivate you to make your own offer or give you ideas on how to update your existing one! Naturally, having a website to send people to is just the first step. Getting visitors to arrive and take action is the second crucial step to getting a return. See how to make that happen using paid advertising on the top 3 websites in the world: Google, Facebook, and YouTube!

With this course being created in October 2015 and getting a huge update in March 2016, you can count on the information to be useful for you today! Take this course now to get lifetime access and answers to your digital marketing questions!

The goal of this course is to give you a bird's eye view of digital marketing and how all the pieces fit together. The goal is not to tell you "do this", or "do that." The goal is to help you think through the different ways you can apply these techniques in real life. In order to do that, you must first understand the basics.

+++The intent of this course is to help you see the why, the what and the how of digital marketing before diving into the nitty gritty of building marketing campaigns.+++

Get Started Here -->  The COMPLETE Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Blueprint!

Here are a few quotes from reviews people have already shared on this course that might help you decide if you want to give it a try!

  • "She makes complex concepts seem so simple."
  • "Your course has been incredibly helpful in gaining a much better understanding of how to go about promoting my business in a way that is highly effective."
  • "Great, thorough, and well-structured course!"
  • "If you are after an actionable how to guide this is your course. It even includes valuable resources to get you up and going easily with no fuss."
  • "Do you know what a "sales funnel" is? If not - you should take this course immediately and get the step by step guide to more customers, more buyers - and more profit!"
  • "Extremely informative giving me deeper understanding about the importance of market validation, the different types of funnels and how a marketer should promote its campaigns."
  • "Amazing course! I've recently graduated in Management and I'm looking to specialize myself in digital marketing. I am following a lot of courses on Udemy and this one is the best I have taken so far!"
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  • "I really enjoyed this course. She covered a lot of material and I am going to watch the entire course several times to make sure I fully understand the concepts so I can implement them into my own marketing efforts."
  • "I highly recommend this course to anyone with a product or service to sell and is new to digital marketing."
  • "Great course for any business owner, young or old, from anywhere in the world, who wants to increase business profits and wants to understand how digital marketing works."
  • "Course was simple and to the point, with good examples."
  • "This course explained everything I have been trying to figure out for myself for the past few years and how to automate it."

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING your business money....

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