The Butcher of the Congo: Millions Dead | Mohammed El Issati | Skillshare
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11 Videos (30m)
    • Intro

    • Who is King Leopold II?

    • The Congo Free State

    • The crimes in the Congo

    • Recruiting Process

    • International Outrage

    • The System of Cruelties

    • Witness Reports

    • Edmund Dene Morel

    • Belgian Congo

    • Conclusion


About This Class

"If you don't read your history you are doomed to repeat it". Why are we constantly being reminded about important historical events, such as the Holocaust? We are constantly being reminded, so that we won't forget. If we forget we might go down the same route.

Unfortunately a lot of important historical events have been kept in the dark. I've taken the task upon me on informing as many people as possible about these events. This explains the name of the series I'm introducing: 'In the Shadows of History". This class will be about the Belgian king Leopold II and his colony, the Congo Free State. He is responsible for the killing of millions and the most insidious crimes of his time: Lynching, rape, murder, hand chopping, stealing resources, forced labour (slavery), ...

This is what you'll learn in my class:

  • Who's king Leopold II (background information)
  • The establishment of the Congo Free State
  • Help you understand the magnitude of his crimes
  • An idea of the crimes he committed 
  • The downfall of Leopold's colony
  • Belgian Congo

I would like to emphasise that I don't teach about conspiracy theories. I will only use confirmed facts and theories. Check out the PDF file for most of the sources.





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